Author: Michael Allen | Banner: Landon Soto

[Continued from Match 127]

All was not well in the city of Kyoto.

At least, it wasn’t to Mothra Leo. The noble insect had been warned days ago that something would come to Kyoto soon. Something that threatened the world itself. Mothra Leo had been guarding the metropolis ever since, waiting for the time when he would have to defend Earth once more. Now, as he watched the sun set over the beautiful city, the divine moth knew it was time.

At Leo’s side was Mothra herself, chirping softly to her fellow divine moth. The Cosmos had warned the deity of the threat rapidly approaching. Mothra had instantly recognized who it was. Knowing that she could not do this alone, Mothra had contacted Leo and flew to Kyoto to defend the Earth. Soon, Mothra thought, she would have her revenge on the being who had slain her mother.

As Leo had predicted, the ground began to rumble. The earth shook as a hulking, red beast emerged. Shrieking in glee, the monster carelessly smashed through the forest, destroying a nearby temple. The sky seemed to turn red as he trampled through the city, the sunset signaling his coming. As he noticed Mothra Leo flap his wings and take to the air, the evil kaiju wasn’t worried of this paladin of light. Destoroyah cackled as he noticed Mothra fly as well. Soon these puny moths would be dead, and then, the rest of the world.

Destoroyah had arrived.

Instantly Mothra Leo took the initiative. As the divine moth’s forehead began to glow, he fired out multicolored lasers straight at Destoroyah, causing smoke to envelop him on impact. However, Mothra Leo didn’t stop there, as his wings shot out Jade Bolts at the Micro Oxygen beast as well. The noble moth then flew around Destoroyah, pelting him with Jade Bolts and Cross Heat Lasers until smoke covered the entire area. Mothra joined in, firing beams of energy from her antenna at Destoroyah.

As Mothra Leo cleared the smoke by flapping his enormous wings, however, he was shocked to see Destoroyah still standing, with only minor burns on his body. The crustacean beast laughed at his pathetic attempt, before flying straight at the insect. Mothra Leo was too shocked to react as Destoroyah slammed into him, sending him flying into a nearby pagoda. The Micro Oxygen beast arrogantly cackled as he watched the paladin moth struggle to get up. This might be even easier than he had previously thought.

However, Mothra quickly rammed into Destoroyah from behind, ready to defend her fellow moth. The insect deity grabbed Destoroyah by the head with her six small legs, and used her wing to slam him into the ground. The Micro Oxygen beast merely laughed in response, kicking Mothra in the head and sending the insect of light plummeting to the ground.

Destoroyah quickly flew back to Mothra Leo, kicking him away into another temple in the outskirts of Kyoto. As Mothra Leo got up, he chirped in anger. This beast was stronger than anything he had faced before, but he would not give up. Mothra Leo would fight to his last breath to defend the Earth, and he would slay this beast!

Mothra Leo flew straight up at top speeds as Destoroyah watched curiously. Was this defender of Earth retreating so easily? The Precambrian terror’s question was quickly answered as Mothra Leo began rapidly spinning, releasing multiple Jade Rings that hit their mark on Destoroyah. The flying beast screeched as the rings exploded on his body.

As Destoroyah screeched in rage, he flew up to meet Leo in melee combat. However, before he could reach the insect paladin, Mothra grabbed his tail from behind! The Precambrian terror quickly began to discharge energy from his tail, but Mothra was faster, throwing him into the ground by his tail. While Destoroyah was stunned, Mothra Leo assaulted him with more Jade Bolts, before ramming directly into the crustacean, sending him back.

Destoroyah roared in fury. Enough was enough. As the divine moth continued to push him back, Destoroyah grabbed Mothra Leo by the head. The noble insect chirped as Destoroyah slammed him into the ground again and again. However, Destoroyah had even worse things in mind, as the Precambrian beast’s tail began to glow and release energy into Mothra Leo! Mothra Leo screeched in agony as he felt his life force was drained. As he struggled, a green powder began to come out of his wings and envelop Destoroyah. The evil beast suddenly couldn’t move and felt pain throughout his entire body. Mothra Leo swooped back from the evil beast’s grip, and began to light up his chest. By the time Destoroyah had recovered, Mothra’s wings began to light up, and the deity unleashed lightning into Destoroyah’s body. As Destoroyah became distracted with her, Mothra Leo was now ready, and fired his powerful Mega Breast Cannon directly into Destoroyah’s chest, sending him careening to the ground.

Destoroyah slowly got up, his chest smoking and blood flowing from where the beam hit him. These moths had proved much more powerful than he expected. He had to end this, now. As Mothra Leo charged another Breast Cannon, Destoroyah took to the air, flying straight toward him. The divine savior fired the cannon, but Destoroyah maneuvered around it. Seeing what Destoroyah was trying to do, Mothra tried to ram into the flying terror again, only to be grabbed and slammed into a mountain.

Destoroyah quickly turned his attention back to the paladin butterfly, slamming straight into Leo. As the defender of Earth hastily recovered and began to fly backward, the Precambrian terror’s horn began to light up. Destoroyah’s horn made a sort of sword made of energy, and used it to slash deep into Mothra Leo’s chest. The insect squealed in pain as blood began to gush out, but he had no time to try to recover again as Destoroyah approached, punching the noble moth and sending him to the earth.

As Mothra Leo tried to get up again through the sheer amount of pain he was in, Destoroyah wasn’t finished. The living Oxygen Destroyer began to charge something purple from his mouth. Before Mothra Leo could react, Destoroyah fired his Oxygen Destroyer Beam onto him, burning through the noble kaiju’s skin. Mothra Leo screeched in pain and agony, to which Destoroyah replied with a sadistic laugh at the paladin’s misery. Mothra watched in horror as his relative was tortured by Destoroyah. She had to stop him!

As Mothra Leo fought through the pain and concentrated, he realized that he wouldn’t hold out against the evil kaiju for long. At least, not in this form. He knew what he had to do now. But first, he needed a distraction. Mothra supplied him with one as she pelted Destoroyah with antenna beams, to which Destoroyah responded by slamming her into a mountain with an Oxygen Destroyer Beam.

Destoroyah was finished with this creature. He knew he would have to kill Leo before he could counter. As he began to charge another Oxygen Destroyer Beam, he noticed that the plants and trees around Mothra Leo were drastically growing. Within seconds, he couldn’t see the moth in between the thick flora that surrounded him. Destoroyah thought nothing of it, and fired his Oxygen Destroyer Beam into the area where he thought Leo had landed. Once it was finished, though, through the disintegrated brush he couldn’t see Mothra Leo anywhere. At first he thought he had won, but then he realized that not even a skeleton remained.

As Destoroyah turned, he saw thousands of tiny, golden moths flying about. Others flew in from the overgrown plant life that had camouflaged them. The creatures quickly reformed into Mothra Leo in a burst of golden light that left Destoroyah dazed. As he regained his sight, he felt the earth split beneath his feet as Mothra Leo’s wings flickered with blue light. Within seconds, cascading beams of blue energy burst out of the ground, enveloping Destoroyah and getting a shriek of pain out of him. As the light faded, burn marks covered Destoroyah’s body, but he wasn’t finished yet. As his horn lit up, the Precambrian kaiju slammed head-on into Mothra Leo, his horn beam activating as it struck the noble moth.

Mothra came up from behind Destoroyah, slamming into him with her wings. Destoroyah punched the moth, sending her flying back, and readied an Oxygen Destroyer beam. However, Mothra began to send out reflective scales, causing the beam to bounce right back at Destoroyah! The crustacean was stunned, and gave Mothra a chance to cover him with antenna energy beams, giving Mothra Leo an opening to attack the distracted kaiju.

As he was sent upward, Mothra Leo charged himself with energy, activating his Excel Dash. Before Destoroyah could even comprehend what was happening, Mothra Leo flew in a circle around him at blinding speeds, making him dizzy. As the Micro Oxygen beast was stunned, Mothra Leo rammed into Destoroyah an innumerable amount of times at speeds of up to Mach 85. As his Excel Dash wore off, the paladin insect rained down powder in a circle around Destoroyah and chirped loudly. The moth used his Sun Strike as blistering emerald energy blasted Destoroyah from the center of the circle. With this, Mothra Leo was too enveloped in a glowing light energy.

When Destoroyah regained his senses, burned and bloodied, he saw that the paladin moth had transformed into a new form. Rainbow Mothra. Mothra watched as his relative transformed, ready to aid him in slaying Destoroyah.

Rainbow Mothra fired immediately, bombarding Destoroyah with Sparkling Rainbow Buster blasts from his wings. Destoroyah screamed in pain, and countered with an Oxygen Destroyer Beam. Unfortunately for Destoroyah, however, the Micro Oxygen was bounced right back by an invisible Pressure Field and sent right back to him! As the sadistic crustacean was sent stumbling backward, Mothra sent him forward again with antenna beams, before charging himself with electric energy. As Destoroyah turned to face Mothra, he was greeted by being rammed head-on, being electrocuted and sent flying back on impact. Destoroyah was in a pure rage now. He flew straight at Mothra, but was stopped dead in his tracks as multicolored energy rings surrounded him. Rainbow Mothra flung the crustacean kaiju toward him, before assaulting him with Jade Bolts and flinging him into a building in the city side of Kyoto.

As Destoroyah got up, he fired an Oxygen Destroyer Beam straight at Rainbow Mothra. As the divine moth was stunned, Destoroyah flew into him, assaulting him with punches and horn katana slashes before finally kicking him to the ground.

Destoroyah laughed as Rainbow Mothra struggled to recover, and placed his massive foot onto the paladin kaiju’s chest. Rainbow Mothra screeched in agony as Destoroyah increased the pressure, trying to crush the savior of Earth under his foot. Mothra tried to help by flying into him from behind, but Destoroyah saw it coming. Grabbing Mothra with his tail, Destoroyah briefly drained her life force before flinging her into Kyoto Tower, cackling as the structure collapsed under the benevolent deity. Cracking sounds were heard from Rainbow Mothra’s chest as Destoroyah laughed in glee. Just a little more, and Rainbow Mothra would be dead…

As Destoroyah tortured Rainbow Mothra, freeze tanks lined up behind the evil kaiju. The freeze tanks began to light up as they shot cold rays straight at Destoroyah, each one hitting their mark.

Destoroyah screamed in pain as the freeze rays hit him, and his body began to turn blue. The crustacean terror lifted his foot off of Rainbow Mothra to turn to the freeze tanks, giving him the chance to fly up and ram him into a building. As the structure collapsed on Destoroyah, Rainbow Mothra pelted him with Jade Bolts, Cross Heat Lasers, and Rainbow Buster blasts. Mothra joined in as well, showering Destoroyah with antenna beams and arcs of lightning from her wings. Destoroyah fought through the shower of beams assaulting him and managed to get back up. Rainbow Mothra’s abdomen began to glow as he readied an attack.

While he charged, Destoroyah saw what was happening. Rainbow Mothra tried to release Reflective Rainbow Powder to paralyze Destoroyah and hold him in place, but the insect of light was too slow. Destoroyah jumped backward, avoiding the powder. Mothra tried to hold him as well by grabbing his tail, but the Precambrian beast easily flung the moth away. By the time Destoroyah had charged Rainbow Mothra, he was already ready, firing his powerful Mineral Chest Beam at the evil kaiju. Destoroyah managed to dodge, and began to pound Rainbow Mothra with punches and kicks. As Mothra took to the air again, the first thing she saw was Rainbow Mothra’s Mineral Chest Beam coming straight at her. The flying deity reacted fast and released her reflective wing scales. The blue ray of energy bounced back and forth between the scales, heading straight toward Destoroyah.

Meanwhile, Destoroyah grabbed Rainbow Mothra and lifted him up by the throat, preparing to disintegrate his head with an Oxygen Destroyer Beam. Before he could fire, however, Rainbow Mothra’s Mineral Chest Beam from earlier slammed straight into Destoroyah’s back, making him screech in agony. Rainbow Mothra’s forehead then began to light up, firing Cross-Heat Laser beams at the evil beast point-blank, sending the Micro Oxygen terror stumbling to the ground. Rainbow Mothra then began to mutilate Destoroyah with Jade Bolts while Mothra scorched the beast with lightning arcs. Eventually Destoroyah rolled out of the way and stood up, his entire body turned black. Destoroyah turned and fired an Oxygen Destroyer Beam at Mothra, but the goddess reflected it with her scales. Destoroyah was sent stumbling backward, only to be knocked toward Mothra again by Cross-Heat Lasers, and finally sent falling face-first into the dirt by Mothra ramming into him at top speeds. Rainbow Mothra soon engulfed the evil kaiju in a fiery explosion with his Sparkling Rainbow Buster Blasts. When the two insects finally stopped their onslaught, Destoroyah was no more. Rainbow Mothra and Mothra both chirped in triumph, having finally defeated their enemy.

However, it seemed that the two insect deities had celebrated too soon.

Rainbow Mothra was suddenly covered with small creatures. They looked like the creature that the divine moth had just slain. The Aggregate Destoroyahs all assaulted the noble kaiju together, piercing his hide with their claws and scorching him with their Micro Oxygen Rays. Rainbow Mothra frantically thrashed about and fired his beam weapons to try and dislodge them, but only succeeded in causing more collateral damage. Eventually, Rainbow Mothra split into thousands of miniature golden moths, each one fleeing into the deep forest to recover.

The Aggregate Destoroyahs now turned their attention to Mothra. The insect goddess chirped in fury, taunting them to attack. And so they did. Each Aggregate charged Mothra, only to be blasted back by an antenna beam or arc of lightning. As one Aggregate came in from behind, Mothra swatted it away with her wing, before throwing another Aggregate into the first. A few tried to fire their Micro Oxygen Rays, only for it to be bounced back by reflective scales. Mothra would fight to her last breath to defeat these monstrosities.

And yet, Mothra could only hold out for so long on her own. At this rate, she might actually end up fighting until her last breath.

Mothra fought for as long as she could, blasting Aggregates away with antenna beams or shocking them into submission with lightning. Whenever one would get too close, Mothra would blow it away with a strong gust of wind from her wings. Eventually, though, the benevolent butterfly was overwhelmed. As they attacked in a large group, Mothra couldn’t keep them all away fast enough.

One fortunate Aggregate was able to jump onto Mothra’s back, striking her repeatedly with its sharp pincers. By the time Mothra had shaken the tiny terror off, even more had gotten to her, slashing and biting the moth. Mothra tried her best, but couldn’t keep them all off of her as they covered her in wounds.

In moments, Mothra chirped weakly, laying in a pool of her own blood.

As the Aggregates approached to finish the deity off, however, Cross Heat Lasers burned their bodies and caused them to pause. As they turned, they saw Rainbow Mothra, recovered from his wounds and ready to defend his fellow defender of Earth.

Rainbow Mothra started by knocking back a few Aggregates with his Jade Bolts. He then fired his Sparkling Rainbow Buster Blasts from his wings at a sole Aggregate. The poor thing was completely obliterated. Soon Rainbow Mothra had turned the battlefield into a light show, showering the Aggregates with beams. Without the help of Mothra, though, Rainbow Mothra that not even his power could defeat Destoroyah. Unfortunately for the butterfly, he was right. After a few moments he was sent plunging into a lake, staining the water red. The Aggregates hastily followed, eager to finish the paladin of light off.

As the Aggregate Destoroyahs advanced on Rainbow Mothra, he began to glow brightly, and unleashed an energy pulse that knocked them back. They then saw that Mothra had transformed yet again, this time into a more aquatic form.

Before they could react, however, Aqua Mothra swam toward them at incredible speeds, knocking each Aggregate into the sea floor. As the last one was slammed into a rock, Aqua Mothra rammed into it, killing the Aggregate and spurting blood into the water. Another came up from behind, but the aquatic moth reacted quickly and swatted it away with his tail.

Aqua Mothra quickly took the offensive, knocking back every Aggregate that attacked with his tail or ramming into them. As one charged, Aqua Mothra dodged and slammed his tail into the small kaiju, sending it careening into another Aggregate that had come up from behind.

The Aggregates decided to change up their tactics at this point. One came up behind Aqua Mothra and engaged it in melee combat. As Aqua Mothra was distracted, the others charged their Oxygen Destroyer Beams. Unfortunately for them, Aqua Mothra was prepared. The aquatic insect had dispatched the previous Aggregate sooner than expected, and was able to notice the Micro Oxygen Rays headed toward him. Aqua Mothra quickly raised a Pressure Field, turning the Aggregates’ beams against them.

As the Aggregates were stunned by the attack, Aqua Mothra’s antennas lit up. Soon, a V-shaped beam was hurled at one of the injured Aggregates, incinerating it. Aqua Mothra soon bombarded the group of small devils with these Crecsent Dash Beams, quickly gaining the advantage.

As he began to bombard an unfortunate single Aggregate, the others came to attack in a group. Aqua Mothra saw it coming, however, and began to fire Cross Heat Pulser Beams in rapid succession, burning and knocking back many of the oncoming Aggregates. Another tried to fire a Micro Oxygen Beam, but it was once again deflected by a Pressure Field.

Unfortunately for Aqua Mothra, he didn’t see the next attack coming.

Eventually, one lucky Aggregate was able to latch onto Aqua Mothra from behind. Aqua Mothra struggled, but allowed the others to attack as well. One decided to bite deep into Aqua Mothra’s skin. The paladin kaiju screeched, but it wasn’t all. The Aggregate then was able to inject Aqua Mothra with Micro Oxygen. The Micro Oxygen instantly began to flow through Aqua Mothra’s body.

It was then that the struggle for survival began.

Aqua Mothra blasted an Aggregate out of the water with his Cross-Heat Pulser beams, before smashing another into a rock with his tail. He quickly summoned a Pressure Field to reflect an oncoming Micro Oxygen Ray, but it was only able to block the attack before vanishing. Seeing that he was beginning to falter from the Micro Oxygen flowing through his veins, the Aggregates once again attacked as a group. This time, Aqua Mothra couldn’t fight them off as easily, shedding blood as he was scratched and scathed by their sharp claws.

Suddenly, missiles bombarded the Aggregates, sending them reeling. Aqua Mothra quickly finished one off with a Crescent Dash Beam. The moth watched as submarines began to move through the water, firing missiles at the Aggregates. Aqua Mothra was relieved to have a new ally, but was quickly proven wrong as the missiles were sent at him as well. Aqua Mothra was caught off-guard and hit, actually being damaged because of his weakness.

As the submarines continued to fire, however, the Destoroyah Aggregates turned on them, snapping them in half with their pincers and breaching their hulls with Micro Oxygen beams. As they turned to Aqua Mothra, the aquatic insect swam backward, leaping out of the water. As he emerged from the water, Aqua Mothra left an aura of blue light in his wake.

Aqua Mothra continued his tractor beam, pulling the Destoroyah Aggregates ever so closer to him. As they finally reached him, the noble butterfly let out a bright energy pulse, knocking the Aggregates back and transforming back into Rainbow Mothra.

As Rainbow Mothra waited for the Aggregates to resurface, a bright flash of purple light came out of the water. The defender of Earth prepared his Pressure Field for the inevitable energy attacks.

What he wasn’t expecting, however, was a full-on assault.

Destoroyah flew out of the water, headed straight for Rainbow Mothra. Surprised, the divine moth didn’t get a chance to react as Destoroyah stomped him into the ground. As Rainbow Mothra looked up, he saw that Destoroyah had turned back into his final form. It looked as if he had completely healed, too. Rainbow Mothra immediately lost morale as Destoroyah grabbed him by the neck with his tail. The demonic crustacean then flew across the city, dragging Rainbow Mothra along.

Rainbow Mothra felt immeasurable pain as Destoroyah shocked him through his tail, but he wouldn’t give up. He had to win, for Earth’s sake. As Destoroyah threw Rainbow Mothra into a nearby building, his wings began to light up with energy, and the freeze tanks from before shot out more freezing rays…

Destoroyah was hit by both the freeze rays and the Sparkling Rainbow Buster at the same time. The crustacean screamed in pain as a chunk of his chest was completely blown off. As he turned to face the freeze missiles, Rainbow Mothra blew a hole in the Precambrian terror’s back with his mineral chest beam, and began to charge his Cross Heat Lasers.

Unfortunately for Rainbow Mothra, that didn’t work out.

Destoroyah quickly grabbed Rainbow Mothra by the throat with his tail, choking the noble paladin. He then began to drain his life force, causing screams of pain from Rainbow Mothra and sadistic laughs of glee from Destoroyah. As Rainbow Mothra began to charge his forehead, freeze tanks once again lined up, ready to fire on the crustacean.

Destoroyah, seeing the freeze tanks ready to fire, tossed Rainbow Mothra in front of the tanks, laughing like a crazed maniac. Rainbow Mothra acted as a meat shield for Destoroyah, taking the freeze rays and crying out in pain. The noble moth was unable to stop the Cross Heat Lasers, and ended up wiping out the entire military squad.

Rainbow Mothra knew he couldn’t hold out for much longer. Destoroyah was simply too much. He would have to turn into his final form to defeat him. Rainbow Mothra quickly distracted Destoroyah with his Jade Bolts and Cross Heat Lasers, and chirped to taunt the living Oxygen Destroyer.

Destoroyah, of course, fell for it. He quickly charged Rainbow Mothra, flying straight toward him as he prepared a horn katana strike.

When Destoroyah was as close as possible, Rainbow Mothra unleashed all of his strongest attacks at once. Destoroyah was left bleeding profusely on the ground. Rainbow Mothra hoped that this had been enough to temporarily take out Destoroyah.

He was wrong.

With burns all over his body and blood pouring out of him, it was a wonder that Destoroyah had been able to endure the hit. Destoroyah got up, screeching in fury. This moth would suffer before he died. Destoroyah flew straight toward Rainbow Mothra, dodging Jade Bolts and Cross-Heat Lasers. Eventually Destoroyah reached the righteous moth, battering him with punches and kicks. Rainbow Mothra struck Destoroyah in the head with a Cross-Heat Laser, incinerating his face, but the Micro Oxygen beast fought through the pain, biting Rainbow Mothra in the head and drawing blood.

Destoroyah knew that he would have to kill Rainbow Mothra now, or it would all be over. Summoning all of his strength, the evil crustacean uppercuts Rainbow Mothra, sending him into the air. Destoroyah flew after him, slamming both fists into the top of Rainbow Mothra’s head and slamming the butterfly into the ground. Rainbow Mothra chirped in pain, but this was only the beginning of Destoroyah’s brutal onslaught.

With his confidence regained, Destoroyah’s brutality increased as well. Destoroyah turned around, grabbing Rainbow Mothra with his tail. As the moth of light began to choke, energy discharged from the tail, draining Rainbow Mothra’s energy as well. After slamming the noble insect into the ground, Destoroyah flew just meters above the ground, dragging Rainbow Mothra across the ground and smashing him into buildings.

Soon Destoroyah was done with his fun. The Precambrian creature flung Rainbow Mothra into the air. Too weak to fly, Rainbow Mothra let himself fall. Before the butterfly could touch the ground, however, Destoroyah caught Rainbow Mothra.

With his Horn Katana.

Rainbow Mothra wailed out in agony as the energy sword pierced his body. Unknown to Rainbow Mothra, he had been saved as Destoroyah hadn’t pierced any organs. Soon, however, Rainbow Mothra would wish that it had, as Destoroyah sent him into the air with his Oxygen Destroyer Beam before kicking him into a building midair.

Before Destoroyah could end Rainbow Mothra’s life, however, something scorched his hide. The flying crustacean was shocked to see Mothra, her antenna beams ending as she chirped defiantly at him. Her eyes gazed briefly at Leo, watching it ascend into the sky and vanish into fathoms of time. She held no fear of Leo abandoning her and deep down knew she needed to buy time, and that she would surely do.

In an instant Destoroyah was back up, flying straight at Mothra. The giant moth easily dodged the attack, and used her antenna rays to slam the evil kaiju into a building. Destoroyah got up as Mothra blasted him with arcs of lightning from her wings. As the Precambrian terror fired an Oxygen Destroyer Beam, Mothra reflected it with her scales, sending it back at Destoroyah and scorching his skin.

Destoroyah was at his limit. He could barely contain his fury. Screaming in a bloodthirsty rage, Destoroyah rammed straight into Mothra, sending the insect flying back. The living Oxygen Destroyer followed up with an Oxygen Destroyer Beam. This time Mothra wasn’t ready, screeching in pain as her flesh was singed. Mothra began to charge her body with even more energy as Destoroyah flew toward the deity. As the two collided, a huge electric shockwave burst through the city, cracking open the land and unearthing an ancient yet familiar entity.

The first thing that Destoroyah saw when he woke up was the rising sun. He must have been out for a while. No matter, soon the moths would perish within his claws and the world would be Destoroyah’s.

However, before he could do anything, a gentle cracking attracted his attention to a white cocoon made visible from the fractured earth. The cocoon began to crack and eventually combusted in a ball of energy. From it emerged a reborn Leo in a form that surpassed all others.  Rainbow Mothra’s wings turned razor sharp, and his body gained gray armor covering it. Soon, Mothra appeared next to the transformed insect as well.

Armor Mothra had been unleashed.

Armor Mothra began with an Armor Heat Laser. Destoroyah screeched in pain as his flesh smoked and sizzled on contact. Destoroyah muscled through more of them before meeting Armor Mothra up close and personal. What Destoroyah didn’t know was that Armor Mothra had gained a new weapon: his wings.

Armor Mothra was hit by multiple attacks, but slashed Destoroyah’s arm open with his razor-sharp wings, causing the latter to squeal in agony. Destoroyah fired an Oxygen Destroyer Beam at point-blank, but it had little effect. Soon enough, Armor Mothra sent Destoroyah reeling from another Armor Heat Laser.

This was an outrage. Destoroyah would not stand for any of it. He would kill these insects here and now. Destoroyah rammed straight into Armor Mothra, but it had little effect. Armor Mothra responded by incinerating the floral pattern on the evil kaiju’s chest with his Armor Heat Laser. Destoroyah backed up, only to be rammed into Armor Mothra again by Mothra. Armor Mothra finished by slicing Destoroyah’s left wing off.

With his flight disabled, Destoroyah knew he had to end this battle fast. As Mothra held on to Destoroyah’s back and discharged electricity into his body, the Precambrian beast grabbed Mothra with his tail. At the same time he picked up Armor Mothra by the throat, and his mouth began to glow purple.

Destoroyah fired his Oxygen Destroyer Beam as he discharged energy from his tail to drain Mothra’s life essence. As the purple ray of doom impacted with Armor Mothra’s abdomen, it slowly began to melt. The paladin’s armor was strong, but still couldn’t hold out against the Oxygen Destroyer Beam.

It was at that time that Armor Mothra noticed Mothra’s struggles becoming weaker, her eyes beginning to go dull. Destoroyah must have known too, as his horn began to light up with orange energy. It was at that time that Armor Mothra had to make a decision.

Armor Mothra flew away from Destoroyah’s grasp, the Horn Katana cutting through his armor like butter. The wounded moth came from behind Mothra and sent his wing down, severing Destoroyah’s tail from the rest of his body. The Micro Oxygen terror screeched in agony as blood gushed out from the stump where his tail used to be. Armor Mothra chirped in rage. Destoroyah would pay for this.

As Armor Mothra prepared to finish Destoroyah off, the evil crustacean readied his horn katana. Armor Mothra flew forward, knowing that Transcending Fate wouldn’t work, but trying anyways…

Armor Mothra flew into Destoroyah and the Horn Katana slashed him. Armor Mothra roared weakly before collapsing, blood spurting out of his wound. The evil terror wasn’t unscathed either, however. Destoroyah’s horn had been snapped clean off from the attack. Destoroyah laughed in sadistic triumph, only to come to a horrifying realization.

Destoroyah’s remaining hand was beginning to crystallize.

Panicking, the Micro Oxygen terror tried to split up to avoid his fate, but soon found out that he couldn’t. The crystallization was affecting him on a molecular level.

For the first time in his existence, Destoroyah felt fear.

As his entire remaining arm turned to crystal, Destoroyah roared in fear. The crystallization suddenly stopped as it reached his chest. Suddenly, all of his crystallized body exploded in a grand ball of fire, and Destoroyah shrieked in pain. Destoroyah began to gush out blood from his wounds. He knew he couldn’t fight these two any longer without dying. Screeching in fury, Destoroyah retreated into the forest.

Days later, the citizens of Kyoto found Armor Mothra and Mothra. While still alive, both guardians were severely injured, and would take years to recover. The residents would forever remember these two’s sacrifices to both Kyoto and the world.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean, Destoroyah rested under the depths. How had he not won against such puny insects? Destoroyah knew that he couldn’t return to the surface until much later, but until then he plotted his revenge as he healed his wounds. Soon Mothra Leo would die by Destoroyah’s claws. Soon Mothra would suffer the same fate as her mother had before.

Soon, the world would know true fear.

Draw: Mothra (Heisei), Mothra Leo, Destoroyah