Author: Thomas Eckert | Banner: Matthew Williams

The civilians of New York City ran screaming in terror when one of the city’s many skyscrapers suddenly came crashing down. An avalanche of glass, concrete, and other types of debris smashed onto the streets, burying them along with dozens of people and vehicles. From out of the destroyed building came a terrible shriek that echoed through the Big Apple’s maze of buildings and paved roads. A large reptilian head erupted from the disaster zone; Zilla had returned to wreck havoc on one of America’s greatest cities.

His scaly feet crushed anything and anyone in his path. His clawed hands and tail carved into various buildings and reduced them to pieces. Many police officers tried shooting at the reptilian terrorist. The enraged beast simply crushed them underneath his powerful feet. Zilla shrieked out loud, claiming this city as his own.

His eyes then turned up when he sniffed something. He snarled in irritation when he noticed a small object raining near him. When it landed, the dinosaur-like kaiju sniffed it and opened his jaws, ready to crush it. That’s when the object opened up. The surprised Zilla shrieked when a beam of energy swirled in front of him. Before he knew it, a second kaiju was standing in front of him. Sent by his Garoga masters to conquer New York City, Wargilgar shrieked to signal his arrival.

Zilla stepped back, easily intimidated by this new beast’s size and appearance. Wargilgar spotted Zilla, and the two monsters shrieked toward each other. Wargilgar attacked first by snapping his pincers in Zilla’s face. He found the task to be difficult as Zilla dodged his pincers with ease. Zilla bent down and slammed his head toward Wargilgar’s chest. Wargilgar screeched as he fell on his back. With his foe grounded, Zilla advanced with his claws extended. He landed on top of Wargilgar’s chest and started hacking at the alien’s hide with his claws. Wargilgar shrieked painfully from the slashing claws. Before Zilla could do any further damage, the long-necked insect slammed his head into Zilla’s body. The lizard yelped as he went flying off his foe’s chest and into a building. The structure came raining down onto Zilla.

Wargilgar rose to his feet, chortling at his foe’s predicament. Within seconds, Zilla had been buried underneath an entire skyscraper. Wargilgar wandered over to inspect the damage. His pincers dug away the debris; expecting to find a crushed body lying inside the wreckage. When his digging ceased, he only found a hole in the ground. Wargilgar shrieked in aggravation. How dare his victim simply dig to safety! The ground exploded from behind him. Before he could react, Zilla’s jaws clamped onto his left leg and pulled him down. Wargilgar did his best to pull back, and it was working. Both creatures were locked in a game of tug-of-war.

Zilla then grabbed hold of Wargilgar’s leg with his forearms, increasing his strength and grip. His plan was working. Wargilgar released a shrillish cry, trying to pull backward. His two pincers clamped onto a nearby building. Holding on for dear life, Wargilgar pulled harder, surprising Zilla with a quick jerk. Pulled out from his hole, Zilla was vulnerable to attack. The space monster extended his neck out. Once he had a clear shot, he opened his mandibles and the double barrels inside them came out. Two shots were fired onto Zilla’s back with explosive force. The reptilian creature opened his mouth to scream in pain from the injuries on his smoking back. Wargilgar then clamped his pincer around Zilla’s throat and tossed him into the streets. The wounded reptile kept sliding until he crashed into an apartment building.

Wargilgar wasted no time and charged toward the downed Zilla. Zilla heard his foe coming and decided to bring out his best weapon. Wargilgar stood right near Zilla’s position, his mandibles opening. That’s when Zilla sprang back to life and fired his thermonuclear breath. His breath struck Wargilgar in the chest, sending the shrieking creature backpedaling in pain. With his chest smoking from the attack, Wargilgar opened his mouth and spewed out his own flames. Zilla tried leaping to the side to avoid them, but he wasn’t quick enough. Parts of the flames burned his skin, causing him shriek in pain. He landed on his feet, turning to face Wargilgar. Wargilgar fired his flames again, but Zilla successfully dodged by leaping over them. He planted both feet into Wargilgar’s face, knocking him down.

While Wargilgar crashed in the streets, Zilla landed onto the side of a building, scaling it with his claws. He looked down to see that Wargilgar had recovered. Wargilgar spotted Zilla climbing along the building toward its other side. He wasted no time in firing his double barrels. Zilla shrieked in pain as the attack ripped through the building’s walls, surprising him enough to make him lose his grip and fall. Wargilgar heard his opponent’s crash and raced around the building’s other side as fast as he could to find him. When he made it around, he spotted Zilla trying to stand. Wargilgar unleashed another fiery torrent onto Zilla, prompting a painful shriek from the beast. The biped lizard’s body was soon covered in burning embers.

Wargilgar expected Zilla to burn right on the spot. His hopes were shattered when another blast of atomic breath came raging out of Zilla’s mouth. Wargilgar’s legs and torso exploded with sparks, making the shrieking alien fall over again. Zilla’s eyes narrowed onto his struggling foe. Some of the flames on his body were dying, revealing burnt skin. Areas of destroyed tissue showcased bone and muscle. Zilla was still alive, but not in perfect condition. He needed to end this now.

He dashed toward Wargilgar with a violent trumpet. He landed on top of the orange-hued creature’s chest. Wargilgar moved his head up, but Zilla’s tail whacked it down. Zilla then slashed his claws into Wargilgar’s chest, hoping to tear him apart. Wargilgar quietly moved his head back up and spotted a perfect place to attack. His mouth opened and fired two shots right into Zilla’s left foot, blasting it to pieces. The reptile ceased clawing to shriek painfully at the loss of his foot before crashing off of Wargilgar. Zilla whimpered at his missing foot, then snarled as Wargilgar rose up. The two monsters locked eyes with one another. Zilla fired his atomic breath while Wargilgar attacked with his flame breath. The attacks struck into each other with enough power to create an explosion that sent both creatures flying from each other. Wargilgar smashed into a building while Zilla collided into a bus station.

Wargilgar’s pincers twitched. He groaned as he started to stand up. His body was badly singed by the explosion. Other than that, he was still in good shape. After a quick moan, he went to check on his foe. When he found his foe lying in the remains of the bus station, he couldn’t believe his green eyes. Some of his fingers and pieces of his tail were destroyed. The stub where his foot used to be was bleeding severely. His skin burned beyond repair. Zilla looked up at his opponent, too injured to attack. Wargilgar chuckled evilly before opening his mouth; Zilla’s eyes closed to accept his demise. Wargilgar fired two shots into Zilla’s head. The explosion of the reptile’s head caused Wargilgar to cheer happily. Victory was his. His masters will be pleased to hear how New York City will now be theirs.

Winner: Wargilgar