Author: Matthew Williams | Banner: Matthew Williams

The Garogas were desperate to find a way to wipe out humanity and the last members of Peaceland, the Zone Family. Throughout their previous missions to conquer Earth, they had sent out specialized kaiju of their own creation, dubbed the “Terror-Beasts,” and had sent them to lay waste to the populated planet. But every time, their greatest arch-nemesis, Zone Fighter, would show up along with his family to stop them. Red Spark was the first to fall, then Destro-King, followed by Needlar. Each monster they had sent were defeated by Zone Fighter and the reformed Godzilla. Not even the two kaiju that were once controlled by the Space Hunter Nebula M, Gigan and the second King Ghidorah, stood a chance to defeat them. It was until the death of Grotogauros where the destructive alien race finally had it with this war, and had to retreat. And to that day, it was thanks to Zone Fighter and the Zone Family who foiled the Garogas’ plan of conquering the earth, where they were never heard from again.

At least, that was what the Garoga wanted them to think.

They had fled, but not nearly as far as humanity thought. A new fortress had been built on Mars, with three Terror-Beasts rebuilt to guard it. The bipedal insectoid Wargilgar, the beaked cyborg Spyler, and the drill headed Zandora. Resources were scarce for the Garoga in this solar system, forcing them to look for other methods of building an attack force. And years of watching the Earth from a distance finally paid off for them one fateful day in 1992…

In Japan, a battle between two titans was drawing to a close. A golden, bipedal dragon with three serpentine necks screeched at his foe, colossal fan-like wings kicking up heavy winds as his twin tails beat the ground. Opposite him was a black saurian, with bone-white spines jutting out of his back and running all the way down to the end of his tail.

The King Ghidorah currently battling was not the same which had terrorized the stars for eons. This was a copy created by people from the future, designed to wreak havoc upon Japan in the past to ensure it never achieved global dominance. But to the Garoga watching, hidden in the clouds until the perfect moment, that didn’t matter. What mattered was that he was the near-perfect image of the King of Terror.

The three-headed monster lunged forward, wrapping his center neck around Godzilla’s throat. The nuclear behemoth, far different from the one the Garoga had contended with two decades ago, clawed at his foe in an attempt to escape. The grip only tightened, crushing the saurian’s windpipe. Soon, foam began pouring from his mouth as blackness overtook his vision.

That was, until the spines on his back flashed blue, a moment before a wave of nuclear force erupted from Godzilla’s body in all directions. The Nuclear Pulse sent King Ghidorah flying back, smoke curling off his body as screams left his three jaws. Suddenly, the clouds above them parted, as a Garoga ship descended at rapid speeds. A tractor beam left its underside, surrounding the golden dragon in a shimmering field of energy as it lifted him off the ground.

Godzilla, taking in the leftover energy of the pulse, charged up another ray. Azure bolts of energy danced along his spines for a brief second, until he fired a ray with two purple spirals around it. The Spiral Ray slammed into the restrained dragon’s stomach, blasting away flesh and leaving deep burns. King Ghidorah howled for a moment until he went unconscious. The Garoga ship ascended as soon as it had descended, King Ghidorah in tow. Godzilla charged another ray to blast the ship out of the sky. The flying saucer disappeared into the clouds, which were soon parted by an atomic ray which struck nothing.

The three-headed monster was transported to the fortress, and placed inside a colossal chamber deep within. The room was filled with gas designed to keep the dragon asleep, as the scientists from a control room above the main chamber monitored their capture. As the Garoga think tanks discussed how to bend King Ghidorah’s will to their own, alarms signaled that the dragon was beginning to stir. As the Garoga rushed to up the dosage of gas, more alarms blared.

Six snake-like eyes opened, taking in a completely different scene to the one he had last been in. The wound in his stomach was healed, but he could tell not all was right. King Ghidorah flapped his wings, pushing himself off the ground and onto his feet. More slits in the walls opened, pumping more knockout gas into the chamber. Finally, King Ghidorah looked up to see the scientists.

All was silent for a moment as gears churned in the three-headed monster’s mind.

Gravity Beams tore into the walls, reducing them to rubble with ease. The Garoga turned to flee, only for a single ray to shatter the pane of glass they had been looking through. In an instant, some of the greatest minds of a galactic empire had been turned to ash. If his mouths weren’t preoccupied with spraying death and destruction across the walls of his prison, King Ghidorah would have laughed. He had just been freed of one group of masters, he would not succumb to another. Less than a minute had passed, and already the outside world as open to him.

King Ghidorah crawled out of his containment chamber, looking around his surroundings of the barren wasteland. Already, a sudden chill ran down the hydra’s spines and scales. The planet was too cold for his liking. He turned to see the base the aliens had built. Hissing in anger, he turned his wrath upon the greater structure of his captors.

In the Garoga Fortress, the Baron Garoga stared at the screen, displaying live feed of King Ghidorah’s rampage through the secret base. The hard work of his people, being torn apart by a creation of the lower race they found themselves bested by time and time again. Before he could scream, the feed changed and showed the hideous face of a Red Garoga, who served as a commander of the facility.

“Leader, we have begun the evacuation! And we’re awaiting orders!” The commander hastily reported.

“Very good commander, send in Wargilgar, Spyler, and Zandora to combat King Ghidorah!” The gold headed alien order.

“Yes sir!” The Red Garoga obeyed before cutting off the feed.

King Ghidorah continued his destructive rampage on the base, with half of it being reduced to a pile of debris. Three shrilling cries caught King Ghidorah’s attention. The heads of the Garoga creation turned to see where the cries came from, and saw the three Terror-Beasts already being released to combat him. Wargilgar shrieked loudly to show his intimidation, being almost as tall as the dragon. Next to him, Spyler cackled when he raised his claws, he was ready for this battle and was quite energetic for it. And then there was the third, undoubtedly the strangest Terror-Beast of all, Zandora. The drill head creature clapped his shovel hands while he emitted strange sounds that sounded like laughter, as if he was trying to taunt Ghidorah.

The mutant Dorat sneered at the Terror-Beasts, annoyed by the sounds they made. But since they were so eager to fight him, this would be a good time to test his ability to fight without a guiding hand.

Spyler and Zandora both charged in at once, combing their strength to ram themselves against King Ghidorah, ignoring the Gravity Beams that were fired by the dragon. The three-headed monster shrieked when he felt the two strange creatures tackling him, with enough force to cause him to stagger back. Spyler cried out when he continue his assault, swiping his pincers on King Ghidorah’s scaly hide. Zandora helped along by pummeling their foe with his shovel hands. The two heads of King Ghidorah reached down, biting down on Spyler’s neck and shoulder. The beaked monster cried out, clamping on the right head’s neck to force him off. All was naught as he was slowly being lifted. Spyler cried out to Zandora to do something and quick, but the left head of the hydra spat out a Gravity Beam on the drill monster’s back. Zandora cried out, patting on his scorched back as he limped away. Spyler squeezed the neck tighter, only for Ghidorah’s two heads to slam him down to the Martian soil.

The Terror-Beast cried out when his knees roughly landed on the surface of Mars, where he was promptly lifted up again. Wargilgar helped his comrade when he extended the double-barreled cannons out of his mandibles, firing explosive bullets on King Ghidorah’s exposed chest. The fused Dorat abomination groaned as his heads released Spyler. Wargilgar took a few steps closer as he fired another round from his cannons, which kept him busy. This gave Zandora the chance to ram the hydra with the red tipped drill on his oddly shaped head. The golden dragon cried out when he landed flat on his back, kicking in his desperate attempt to get back to his feet. Zandora laughed mockingly at the downed kaiju and gave him a good taste of molten hot steam that expelled out of the tubes on his neck. Miniature explosions emitted around the white cloudy vapors when they touched King Ghidorah’s golden scales, causing his heads to shriek in agony when they spewed their Gravity Beams at the Terror-Beast.

Zandora cried out when fell down, flailing about as until he flopped around onto his chest. He pierced the barren surface with his drill and tunneled his way down, shoveling the excess with its odd shaped hands. King Ghidorah was about to use his gravity rays on Zandora, but his attentions shifted to Wargilgar when he heard him moving in to attack. The Terror-Beast shrieked when his mandibles sprayed a stream of fire, scorching the golden hydra’s thick hide. King Ghidorah’s three heads cried out when they retaliated, the left head lunged forth, ignoring the flames as he clamped his teeth down on Wargilgar’s long neck. Spyler immediately got up when he heard his partner’s painful screech; he repeatedly brought his claws down on King Ghidorah’s left head several times until it released its ally. Spyler didn’t stop his assault; he swung his claw up to stun the middle head, as he grabbed a hold of the right head. Wargilgar chittered in glee when he lowered his head and began to chew down the Dorat mutant’s neck with his mandible, ripping bits of the tough scales.

Irritated, King Ghidorah’s central head snapped at Spyler’s arm, forcing him to back off. The strange bird-like creature cried out when he grabbed his bitten wrist, where alien blood seeped from it. The middle head fired a Gravity Beam at Wargilgar. The long-necked insect shrieked angrily when he grabbed the right head again with his claws. Wargilgar was electrocuted by another gravity beam from the Dorat mutant, which finally got him to step back.

Wargilgar readied himself to exhale a gout of fire from his mandibles, but Ghidorah thought of a neat trick that he could do. Strong gusts of winds were made when the mighty dragon flapped his wings, blowing Wargilgar’s flames back at him and ignited against him as he screeched painfully. He immediately stopped spewing his combustible breath, but the damage had been done. Its body was now coated in a blaze before it was partly extinguished by the strong gusts. Spyler shielded his face with his claws, blocking off the cloud of dust and debris that were blown away, while Wargilgar squealed when he slipped and landed on his chest, crying out to get back up. Spyler tried to move closer, but it was so hard to do when the gale force grew stronger. King Ghidorah made it more difficult for him when his middle head spewed a gravity bolt at him, but Spyler barely held onto his footing when he rested on his right knee. The Laser Terror-Beast then spread his arms, unleashing a series of flashing lights from the orange sockets on his chest.

In a matter of seconds, King Ghidorah’s shrieked when his vision immediately went blurry the instant he gazed upon the tremendous lights. The three heads cackled and waved around as they couldn’t see anything. As if luck wasn’t on his side, the ground shook beneath his feet before it collapsed, having the Dorat mutant cry out when his feet and tail were stuck a tunnel that Zandora had created. Wargilgar and Spyler both recovered and narrowed at King Ghidorah, where they both slowly advanced to him, and began to stomp and kicked his heads. The irradiated hydra panicked as he couldn’t see properly, and flapped his wings to pull himself out of the open chasm. Zandora began to laugh as he held onto the blind hydra’s soles, tugging so that he couldn’t escape. When Spyler began to strangle the right head with his claws, Wargilgar slammed his foot down on the left head. King Ghidorah shrieked in agony when he felt his buried body being boiled up by Zandora’s emitting steam. Small bursts of sparks came out of King Ghidorah’s body as it began to dry up, causing him to writhe in agony, even when he was on a cold planet like Mars.

In a desperate effort to get out of the hole, King Ghidorah’s two tails flailed about until one of them batter Zandora’s back, raking his hide with the sharp spikes on the tip. The Earth Eating Terror-Beast cried out as his grip slipped away. Feeling that his legs were now freed, King Ghidorah’s central head fired a Gravity Beam at Wargilgar’s chest. The insect creature screamed loudly when he staggered back, then was blasted again when the central and left head combined they’re concentrated electric rays, making him topple down to the ground. Spyler cried out in shock when he tried to snap the hydra’s right neck, but like Wargilgar, he was met with two Gravity Beams that struck his belly.

King Ghidorah flapped his wings to ascend him out of the gaping hole, where he slowly managed to get his legs out. Zandora tried to reach for one of the two tails, but the three headed monster jumped when his wings carried him into the air, causing the tail to slip away from the Terror-Beast’s grip. King Ghidorah kept flapping his wings as he adjusted himself, as he turned around to fly directly at his enemies. Spyler spread his arms, his knobs fired up the tremendous lights again. Ghidorah prevented him from using that cheap trick when he fired his Gravity Beams, striking at the socket-covered chest. Spyler groaned as it staggered back, but when it looked up, the next thing it saw was the hydra’s soles.

With one single mid-flight kick directly at the chest, Spyler was easily lurched back as he cried out in pain. His feet made contact with the ravaging fire that engulfed the remains of the ruined Garoga secret base. King Ghidorah’s three heads cackled in malice, all unleashed their gravitational beams, creating a series of explosions that engulfed the Laser Terror-Beast. Spyler was then met with an electric bolt striking his face, as it was more than enough to have him slowly collapse on the burning debris, groaning before he went unconscious.

Wargilgar moved in to save Spyler, but King Ghidorah denied this when he flew by the Garoga insect, clubbing him with his two tails. Wargilgar crashed on the ground as he lay on his back, his head looked up to see the three-headed monster. He watched the soaring Dorat mutant making a left turn, assuming that he was going use his beam weapon again. Extending his double-barrel cannon and carefully aiming at the incoming hydra, Wargilgar fired the cannons as the rounds struck King Ghidorah’s chest. The hydra shrieked when he felt a fireball erupting from his chest, forcing him to roughly land on his feet, nearly tripping to fall flat on his chest. The heads leered at Wargilgar, wrathfully screeching at the orange-blue creature.

Before he could make his next move, dirt and debris shot up to the air when Zandora emerged from the subsurface and quickly drew out his hands that sprayed out molten hot steam. The three heads of the mighty hydra screamed in agony when they felt the miniature explosions and sizzling vapors that burn through their faces, forcing him to jerk his heads back and rear up, tall enough to tower over his bizarre enemies. King Ghidorah flapped his mighty wings to create winds that were almost as powerful as a hurricane’s, and although they were powerful enough to blow the emitting steam back at Zandora. The severe burning white clouds, along with their explosive properties, didn’t seem to cause any harm on the Terror-Beast’s hide, nor was it strong enough to push him away. Zandora chuckled when he slowly moved closer to the dragon, still firing his steam from his shovel-forehands. But King Ghidorah soon got him to stop by firing the Gravity Beams, which had the subterranean Garoga weapon wildly wave his hands and cried out.

Wargilgar got up to his feet and charged in, repeatedly firing his mouth cannon. Four rounds managed to land a direct hit on the three headed monster. King Ghidorah shrieked in pain by the explosive rounds that left burn wounds on his hide, but then he shrieked louder when Wargilgar rammed his ant-like head on the wound. The Destruction Terror-Beast began to chew through the scales, but it was a fatal mistake for him when the central head of the three-headed dragon looked down and opened its maw.

The Baron Garoga watched in disappointment when the screen showed Wargilgar’s long neck blowing up in chunks of flesh when the central head spewed gravitational lightning, causing the head of the Terror-Beast to fall while the body collapsed. The golden alien banged his desk with his fist when King Ghidorah let loose a sinister cackle. He had no other choice. He didn’t want to send in any more Terror-Beasts and have them go to waste, but he would only send in one, just to save what was left of his secret base. He then gave his order to his henchmen.

”Deploy Jikiro!”

From the side of the Garoga Space Station, a red rocket was launched as it made a beeline toward Mars. The Baron Garoga was putting his hopes into one of the strongest Terror-Beasts that his people had ever created. Should he fall, then his plans for vengeance on both the Earthlings and the Zone Family would be delayed.

With Wargilgar dead, Spyler now a burnt husk, Zandora was now the last of the trio. The Earth-Eating Terror-Beast cried out a furious shriek when he charged in, lowering his head as his drill spun at rapid speeds. King Ghidorah swung his three heads to the side, ramming them against Zandora and knocked him down on one of the buildings of the Garoga secret base. The structures were flattened as the creature made a weaken cry. Despite lacking any eyes, his drill-shaped head tilted up as if he were looking back at the towering kaiju that stood before him. King Ghidorah cackled at his fallen enemy and slammed his foot down on Zandora’s chest to crush him. Zandora cried out when his tubes sprayed steam, which made the dragon retreat to avoid any further injury. Zandora’s groans turned into laughter when he got up, lashing out his shovel hands to whack King Ghidorah’s chest.

The hydra stepped away from Zandora, folding his wings to shield his heads when the strange creature sprayed more steam onto him. King Ghidorah could feel his wings burning away as they were about to dry up. It seemed like Zandora wasn’t going stop his molten vapor spray anytime soon. There was one thing that he could do, and it was going to hurt a lot. Bracing himself to endure the superheated steam, King Ghidorah unfolded his wings that he used for defense, where his three heads were being scaled. The hydra made his last attempt to turn the tables around when he spewed Gravity Beams at Zandora.

The Terror-Beast cried out when he stumbled back, but he wasn’t going let a mere bolt stop him from continuing the fight. Zandora sped forth and slapped King Ghidorah’s central with his shovel hands, the right head sprang up like a snake, nipping at the alien’s wrist. Zandora cried out when he wrapped his other arm around the neck of the dragon, which had the left and central heads fired their beams at the Terror-Beast’s bizarre looking head.

Zandora let go of King Ghidorah as he fell on his back and felt his aching waist. The mutated Dorat mercilessly refused to let him get back up to have a chance as his heads kept shooting out electric volts. Zandora didn’t make another sound when he felt sparks and explosions bathing his body. It didn’t take long, for the Terror-Beast exploded into several chunks that rained down everywhere, with his damaged red drill landing next to the severed head of Wargilgar.

King Ghidorah’s three heads cackled now that the trio had fallen, his burnt wounds began to cool down by the Martian air. Although his wings were damaged, they were still functional whenever he needed to take off to the skies. The hydra turned to face the remains of the Garoga’s secret base as he resumed on his destructive rampage.

However, for the Futurian creation, his victory was short lived when he noticed a missile falling from the sky. King Ghidorah’s central head was about to ready his Gravity Beam to shoot it down, but the object erupted on its own, several hundred meters above the surface of Mars. A thick light gray cloud of smoke shrouded the air, as a large object fell through. A huge parachute was deployed so that it would soften the impact when it touched down. The entity appeared to be a robot, built for combat and destruction, obviously indicative by the Gatling gun seen on the right hand. Arguably said to be the strongest creation the Garogas had invented, the Magnetic Terror-Beast Jikiro was ready for combat the moment he gently landed on the ground.

The machine detached his parachute and made a metallic screech when he raised his arms. King Ghidorah shrieked back at the new threat, but Jikiro responded by firing rounds from his Gatling gun hand. The robot showed no emotion when the mutant Dorat shrieked painfully from the barrage of light bullets that pierced his hide, but he ceased his fire when King Ghidorah fired Gravity Beams at him, as sparks busted out of his tough armor. The draconic wings flapped as they carried the dragon to the air. Jikiro watched King Ghidorah flying directly toward him, all three of his heads shrieking madly. Jikiro aimed his right barreled gun hand as his tail lit up a bright golden light. Jikiro fired the Lightning Ray at the incoming threat.

King Ghidorah crash landed as he shrieked in agony as he felt his aching limbs go numb after bracing through the lightning bolt that was as powerful as his Gravity Beams. Jikiro screeched when he moved closer to gaze down with his crimson robotic eyes. The machine lifted his left hand while he waved his right arm. Then King Ghidorah’s body was lifted a few feet in the air without even moving a muscle, as if he were being levitated. The golden dragon was being drawn toward Jikiro, as his chest made contact with left hand like a piece of metal being connected to a magnet. King Ghidorah’s three heads tried to tear through the Terror-Beast’s armor with their jaws, but not even the strongest bite could leave a single dent on the metallic hide. Jikiro made another metallic cry, when his gun-hand fired a shot of lightning up close to King Ghidorah’s waist. The hydra was freed from the magnetic forearm when Jikiro shoved him away with a mighty heave. The dragon stumbled back before falling flat on his chest and groaned as blood seeped out from the wound that he received below his ribcage.

Jikiro screeched when he stepped closer to the injured mutant, aiming his gun hand. But just then, King Ghidorah’s central head lifted up and fired a gravitational beam at the Terror-Beast’s head. The eyes of the robot flickered for a moment when he shrieked, stepping back as King Ghidorah rose up to regain his footing. No matter how painful his injuries were, he wasn’t going surrender to the Garogas and let their war machine best him.

The bionic Terror-Beast pulled a huge pile of debris with his magnet hand and caught it as he slowly marched toward King Ghidorah. The Garoga war machine cried out when he swung the pile of metal and concrete at the hydra’s right head, leaving behind a few scrapes on the scaly skin. King Ghidorah cried out angrily when he fired Gravity Beams at Jikiro, causing a shower of sparks and flares to burst out for each electric bolt that lanced the robot’s armor. Jikiro screeched when he took minor damage, as he quickly drew out his right hand, rapidly firing light bullets like an assault rifle. King Ghidorah cackled when the destructive rounds pelted against his golden scales. He used his still functioning wings and took flight, passing by Jikiro as his tails raked against his metal hide.

Jikiro prevented King Ghidorah from flying any farther when he turned to use his magnetism, and once again, the three headed monster came to halt before he was pulled backward. King Ghidorah’s scaly back was stuck with Jikiro’s magnetic hand as the machine constantly pummeled the three necks with his right hand. King Ghidorah tried to pull himself out of the machine’s grasp, but even with the significant height difference, the magnetic power that it wield made it impossible to do so. With a great amount of strength, Jikiro threw the shrieking mutant to the side, only to be pulled back to him with his magnetic hand. This, however, gave Ghidorah a vantage point where he reached out and sank his teeth into Jikiro’s left arm. The machine reacted to the dragon’s attempt to tear away his magnetic hand by firing lightning into the dragon’s chest, separating the two.

Mechanical shrieks emitted from Jikiro’s mouth when he used his magnetism again. But all of a sudden, King Ghidorah’s three heads shrieked in fury when he burst in with speed and slammed his towering body against the heavy robot. The two behemoths toppled down the surface of Mars, with Ghidorah being the first to get up on his feet. The three-headed monster took a few steps back, cackling as he fired golden rays at the downed machine that was slowly pulling himself up. Despite his armor being fairly durable, Jikiro was beginning to take some serious damage from the beams that kept striking him.

Jikiro fired another round of light bullets, in which Ghidorah took notice and used his folding wings to shield himself. The Terror-Beast ceased his rapid fire and aimed his magnet hand behind while he waved his gun hand and began to pull something. This time, it was Wargilgar’s headless carcass. The machine caught the body and hurled it toward King Ghidorah while he unfolded his wings. The three heads shot out their beams at once, incinerating the hurled Wargilgar corpse into smithereens.

Jikiro then tried to pull the charred body of Spyler with his magnet hand, but all the sudden, a gravity ray burst out of the jaws of Ghidorah’s central head, tearing through the left arm. Sparks rained out of Jikiro’s shoulder stump, as the destroyed limb landed on the ground. The situation was dire. Without his magnetism, Jikiro was now left at the mercy of King Ghidorah’s wrath; the Garogas hoped their ultimate weapon of destruction would be spared. With his Gatling gun-hand now the only functioning weapon left, Jikiro used it to fire lightning. King Ghidorah didn’t stop when he was electrocuted by the robot’s last weapon. His left head spewed out ray as Jikiro fired another bolt.

The two beam weapons struck each other and triggered a massive explosion in the center between the titanic creatures. King Ghidorah took flight and shot through the thick smoke, surprising Jikiro by slamming his foot at the machine’s dragon-like face. Jikiro waved his remaining arm when he staggered back, where he was then raked again by the sharp spikes on Ghidorah’s tails when he passed by. As the bioengineered dragon steered himself, Jikiro turned to face the incoming threat, where his gun hand unleashed another high voltage bolt. King Ghidorah shrieked loudly when he was struck. It made his limbs feel numb again. But he had to press on as his three heads combined their golden rays to block Jikiro’s second use of his electrical beam.

The Magnetic Terror-Beast kept firing his Lighting Ray for as long as he could, but within a second, it was being pushed back at the combined gravitational beams. His systems started to overheat, smoke lingered from the Gatling gun hand from overuse of the voltage weapon. Soon, Jikiro was overwhelmed by King Ghidorah when the electric-like beams tore through him and finally made contact with the right hand.

A feeling of crushing defeat overcame the Garogas when the screens showed a large detonated explosion on Jikiro’s last arm, shattering it into dozens of pieces of fire and steel. The Terror-Beast emitted a static screech as smoke and sparks came out from the stumps of his shoulders. Jikiro looked up at the cackling King Ghidorah, who was ascending high in the air. Without his weapons, Jikiro was now completely helpless in this battle that was now a loss to the Garogas. The three heads of the golden dragon open their maws as they fire their Gravity Beams at the doomed robot, piercing through the mildly worn out armor.

And thus, the Magnetic Terror-Beast Jikiro was engulfed in a huge fireball that put an end to him. The damaged head hit the ground, having now suffered the same fate as the previous incarnations of the machine. Only this time, it was from something the Garoga could only blame themselves for. King Ghidorah’s three heads made a haunting, triumphant shriek before they kept firing their rays at the remaining structures of the Garoga’s secret base. The Baron Garoga could do nothing other than watched and witnessed. The abducted creature that had almost been theirs tore through everything, until one of the stray Gravity Beams struck the camera that was monitoring the whole scene, cutting off the feed.

The Baron Garoga stepped out of his office, moved toward a large window that showed the vast space and Mars, where he could then see replica of the real King Ghidorah from afar. The mutant had finished his destructive wrath and left the cold planet to head straight for the blue world they had tried to dominate countless times, Earth.

“We wanted a new Ghidorah, and we found it.” He contemplated what this meant for his kind, their plans of dominating Earth now even further away. Then, another thought came to him. “I do wonder, what will you do when you reach Earth? Shall you merely wander, your lust for destruction satisfied here, or will you fill the vacuum left by the first Ghidorah’s passing?” He turned away from the window, ready to try and bargain for more resources from the greater Garoga Empire.

Winner: King Ghidorah (Universal)