Author: Matthew Williams | Banner: Matthew Williams

[Continued from Match 106]

A calm breeze blew by a small red monster, who stood a few steps away from the edge of a steep cliff, staring at the rising morning sun. Pigmon, the only friendly creature that inhabited the Lawless Monster Zone, was very relaxed due to the soothing weather. This was his favorite spot to rest at in a time like this, not just for its gorgeous view of the vast ocean, but of its significance as a sight of remembrance.

Standing next to Pigmon were three man-made wooden crosses, with noticeable lumps of dirt in front of each. Years ago, there had been a group of scientists that had visited this tropical-volcanic island to perform research. The team went missing, with all but one of the members perishing from the vicious creatures that lurked on the island. Pigmon knew that in one of these graves where the remains of one of his ancestors, who befriended one of the surviving scientists and was remembered by the Scientist Patrol for his heroic act in distracting one of the most feared monsters that roamed the Lawless Monster Zone. A fiend that had been brought down from his pedestal of power by the combined forces of the Science Special Search party and Ultraman, but would later rise again to threaten another group of researchers that made their expedition to this land. That time, his reign of terror would come to an end by a robot that had come to rescue the explorers, Jet Jaguar.

Pigmon would always remember that day when he met that friendly, size-shifting machine, who had saved him from that violent monster. But he wondered how many days have passed since he last saw it, and how it was doing right now. He hoped that one day, the machine and humans would arrive again, hopefully well prepared for the dangers that lied within the island.

After spending a few minutes watching the morning sun and accompanying the graves of the scientists and his own kin, Pigmon skipped away to return to the lush jungles, where he needed to be cautious like always.

The peaceful sounds of birds chirping echoed throughout the overgrown jungle, while Pigmon wobbled onward. The friendly creature moved at a slow but steady pace, being careful with his navigation around the carnivorous plant life forms, Suflan. The sentient plant life had been responsible for the deaths of many Pigmons and one of the first groups of scientists that visited this place, for their vines could easily entangle around their prey and use the large leaf located on the tip to suck the blood from them like a leech. Pigmon kept a good distance away from the Suflan, not bothering to pick up the empty food cans and the blood-stained coat that the murdered scientist once owned. After a few careful navigations to get around the killer plants, the friendly monster was able to make a safe escape and hopped away.

During his search for breakfast, Pigmon happened to stumble upon the spot that he tended to avoid, where the vicious monster lay buried within an avalanche that Jet Jaguar caused. Pigmon avoided that spot for good reason, for he feared that the beast would suddenly wake up at any time. Knowing the right decision, Pigmon turned around to waddle away.

But only after taking a few steps, Pigmon squeaked when he heard rocks tumbling down from the cliff. Looking back, he saw the piles of rubble collapsing, with a familiar snarl accompanying it. A voice that Pigmon and any inhabitants of the Lawless Monster Zone dreaded to hear, echoing from within. The stacked-up rocks and dirt were launched into the air, revealing the awakening ruler of the island, Red King. Pigmon made panicked, monkey-like sounds when he saw the towering creature rising out of its supposed grave, flailing his hands as he retreated away as fast as possible.

Red King didn’t notice the small, red creature, more concentrated in rubbing the dirt off his yellowish-green skin. The reptilian brute snarled in anger, remembering the day he was beaten for the second time. The day he was knocked out cold by Ultraman was embarrassing enough, but to lose to that colorful, humanoid machine was something he wouldn’t let go. He threw a tantrum by slamming his foot on the rocky surface beneath, shrieking in anger for how humiliated he felt. He now swore that he would resume training to become more powerful, and when the chance came if he saw either one of those two that defeated him, he would show no mercy to them.

Red King’s tantrum soon came to a halt when he heard a shrilling cry, coming from a mile away. He had never heard this sound before. Perhaps from a new monster that he never seen before? The only way for him to find out was to climb his way up to the mountain and see for himself. Red King moved onward to find the source of the sound, but on his way to the top, he discovered the carcass of a Magular. Another species of monster that roamed the island that Red King had only encountered once. That individual met its end at the hands of the SSSP and their advanced weaponry, but something was off about this second specimen. Red King noticed several bite and claw marks across the underground monster’s motionless body, matching nothing he had seen from any of the island’s other residents. It was as if the killer had tried to strip the carcass’ flesh, but was unable to tear through Magular’s rock-like hide. Not only that, but Red King’s nostrils picked up a foul scent lingering around, and it didn’t take the brute long to find where it came from.

The brute spotted a deep, cavernous vent a short distance away from the dead Magular. Falling in one of these volcanic openings would lead to a slow, painful death from the molten steam leaking out, and Red King was familiar of the dangers. But the foul scent seemed to drift from within the chamber, as well as several more unfamiliar scents. The trails of repugnant stenches made it seem as if demons had climbed out of the depths of hell and scattered about. Curious about this, Red King decided to follow one of the scent trails, which guided him across the valley to the broken body of Chandlar. Up at the top of his hill, Red King snorted when the gut-wrenching scent of the dead beast’s rotting corpse struck his nostrils. Lying in the exact same spot where he’d left it, the one-winged monster’s body had seen better days, with most of its flesh and skin rotted away. But for some odd reason, Red King noticed the corpse was twitching and shaking, which made him narrow his eyes.

Unsettling sounds of aggression was heard when the visitor of the Lawless Monster Zone revealed itself, climbing on Chandlar’s corpse while licking the disgusting blood off its face with its elongated, triple-forked tongues. Despite being smaller, the body of this odd creature was unlike any monster that Red King had ever seen. It vaguely resembled a black lizard with long frontal legs, but lacked any hind appendages. Instead, it had a very long, serpentine tail that could be lifted off the ground. What caught Red King’s attention, however, since he had been dubbed as ”the Skull Monster” at times, was the creature’s skull-like head that resembled that of a mosasaurs.

Unsatisfied by the foul flesh of Chandlar, it saw Red King as something that’ll control his unsustainable hunger. Not caring what the towering monster was capable of, the Skullcrawler released the same shrilling shriek that Red King had heard. Without hesitation, the lizard leaped high in the air before Red King could do something. The ruler of the island backed away when the subterranean fiend latched onto him with its coiling tail, attempting to deliver a nasty bite. But since the Skullcrawler was a small monster and lightweight, Red King effortlessly yanked the reptile off before slamming him head first against the solid rock surface below. The Skullcrawler shrieked from the painful impact and squirmed about before being kicked by its prey, but it instantly recovered its footing and hissed in anger.

The fearless Skullcrawler swiftly zipped between the bumpy creature’s legs to avoid Red King’s swinging fist and began hastily climbing the green brute’s bumpy body from behind. The ravenous lizard’s talons left shallow cuts in his back, but Red King ignored it and reached back, grasping the small fiend’s head. The hypervore shrieked as it was easily dispatched like last time and tossed to the ground, flailing its arms and tail in an attempt to flip over as it made one more cry that was the loudest it had ever spoken.

The cry, along with its life, was soon silenced when Red King slammed his left foot on its throat. Not only was its windpipe crushed, but the force was enough to make its spine snap like a twig, thus ending the Skullcrawler’s life. Red King snarled in disappointment as he removed his foot. The intruder was way too easy to kill, and hardly had a fair chance to inflict any real damage to him. This infuriated the savage giant, stamping his feet against the rocky ground as he sought out something to unleash his fury upon.

Climbing on the cliff behind him, another Skullcrawler shrieked before it swiftly lunged forth, biting down on Red King’s leg. The green skull monster shrieked loudly when he felt the raw force of the black lizard’s bite. Although not enough to draw blood, it did cause a minor stress fracture on his leg. Red King reached out to clench tightly on his ambusher’s tail and forcefully yanked the lizard away before throwing it to the side, in which he just happened to throw it at yet another Skullcrawler. The two lizards groaned when they lay on the ground before they both got up, letting loose vicious hisses in an attempt to look threatening.

Red King would have grinned if he could. If there were more of these famished monsters raiding his island home, then they could prove themselves as worthy opponents, not by raw strength but in numbers. Flexing his knuckles, Red King shrieked loudly before he made his first move, kicking a boulder at the two Skullcrawlers. The propelled stone struck one of the skull-headed lizards while the other dashed in, only to be struck in the chin by Red King’s lifted knee. The Skullcrawler whimpered from the force trauma to his lower jaw before falling on his side, where Red King lifted it up and mercilessly slugged the monster in the face.

The second Skullcrawler pounced on Red King’s back, forcing him to release its bruised packmate. The latched-on reptile lashed out with its whiplash tongue, wrapping it around its intended prey’s neck and squeezing in a constricting grip. Red King shrieked and swung his body around to try and remove the tiny naga-reptile, but the Skullcrawler made it even more difficult when its tail snaked around the green brute’s left arm, pulling it away so that it couldn’t reach its binding tongue. The other Skullcrawler ignored its aching jaw and lunged in to attack, by biting down on Red King’s tail and shaking its jaws roughly.

Red King coughed and gagged as he tried to breathe. He could feel the elongated tongue squeezing his neck so hard that it cut into his windpipe. But no matter how hard it constricted, it would never weaken his strength. Red King’s right hand slowly reached out to the tongue and clenched onto it for a second, before he suddenly pulled away, ripping it in half. The Skullcrawler made an agonizing scream as the organ was shredded like paper and it collapsed to the ground, flailing and screaming. Red King chuckled at the suffering devil, tossing the yanked tongue aside before he twirled around, tearing the other Skullcrawler from his tail with the momentum and flinging it away, where it crashed into the Chandler carcass.

Rage and agony fueled within the wounded Skullcrawler’s mind as blood gushed from its jaw. The reptile knew that it was weakened without his tongue, but its determination to feed overrode the instinct to flee. As its pack mate crawled off Chandler’s body, both creatures rushed in at the same time, releasing high pitch shrieks from their jaws that revealed dozens of jagged teeth within. Red King swiftly turned around, whacking the second reptile’s skull-face to knock it aside before faced directly at the other, catching the Skullcrawler as it tried tried to pounce on the fanged giant. Without any effort, Red King easily slammed the Skullcrawler down on the hard surface of granite, throwing up chunks of stone and clouds of dirt with the impact. The black lizard shrieked from the harsh impact, its ribs cracking under the intense force of the blow.

Red King, being the sadistic monster that he was, pinned the injured Skullcrawler with his foot and grabbed onto the tail. The gluttonous devil scrapped the rocky ground with its taloned forelimbs in the desperate attempt to crawl away, but its lightweight body was unable to slip away from the fifty-five thousand tons of Red King’s sole. After a few tugs, the green skull monster cried out in victory as the pinned Skullcrawler’s long tail was ripped off, snarling with cruel glee as he listened to the worthless monster’s cries. The second Skullcrawler got up and recklessly zoomed in without caring, springing up and extending its claws as its jaws opened for the kill. Red King quickly jerked to the side and wrapped his arm around the ravenous predator’s neck, shrieking as he used his favorite technique to finish off his opponent. Being a smaller creature that he was, the Skullcrawler felt his neck being crushed without resistance in the chokehold, only able to make a weakening wheeze that soon turned into gurgle when foam oozed out of its jaws, stained to a bright red color by the blood that gushed out of the stump that once was the lizard’s tongue.

Within seconds, the second Skullcrawler met his end from the suffocation and blood loss. When his lifeless body was tossed away, Red King then ended the other’s life by kicking the injured creature’s chest, shattering the rib-cage completely as one of the broken bones punctured the heart. The tailless Skullcrawler lay on his side, lifting his head to make a weakening groan before its movements ceased.

Red King’s fists pounded his chest and he roared loudly. The fight was still a little too easy for him. As fun as it is to crush these annoying pests, it was too easy to overwhelm them. Despite their crafty tactic of trying to suffocate him, they hardly had a chance.

If only they were about as tall as he…

Soon enough, Red King got his wish, when he heard another shriek from another one of those skull monster wannabes. However, it sounded a lot more different than the other three that he slaughtered, having a deeper voice that carried a more threatening tone. Red King turned to face the Skullcrawler that made the cry, narrowing his eyes when he saw it.

The fourth Skullcrawler revealed itself, standing taller than before. Although she was a few meters shorter then Red King, the subterranean beast was way taller than the previous three. Like the monitor lizards it resembled, the naga-reptile flickered her forked tongue to pick up particles in the air, before looking down at one of her deceased smaller relatives and suddenly lifted it up with her prehensile tongue. With no haste that showed her kind’s sickening and gluttonous true nature, the big Skullcrawler gobbled up the tongueless lizard without chewing, gulping the entire lifeless body down whole. The Skullcrawler cackled when she gazed at the disgusted Red King, who swept his tail as he emitted an intimidating shriek.

The two titans stared off at one another, seemingly understanding one another for how much they are alike. Both are dubbed as “skull monsters” with their skull-shaped faces and their sadistic nature to attack and kill any living beings they come across, with the shared preference to any creature within their height range. As much as they were alike, they saw the one thing from within each other that set them apart – their ideals.

Red King is a violent monster, infamously remembered by many for how ruthless and destructive he is. But the only reason he chose to be a merciless beast is to prove himself as the strongest, always challenging anything that he sees to prove he is the best, hence why he had killed so many for satisfaction and not usually for hunger. The alpha Skullcrawler, and many of her lesser kin too, were merciless killers, always stalking any prey they find before instantly going for the kill. But instead of having the same goal that Red King wished to achieve, they hunt only for food, much like any other wildlife predators in order to survive. However, their extreme metabolism required immense amounts of food, forcing them to always keep on consuming, making them just as dangerous, if not worse than Red King. Much like a king cobra preying upon rat snakes, cannibalism on smaller Skullcrawlers is common for the bigger ones, as well as fights between one another over carcasses.

Red King flexed his knuckles while the mature Skullcrawler scraped the ground, with both savage beasts letting loose a battle cry. They charged forth and slammed against each other, grappling onto the other as the two reptile wrested for dominance. The alpha Skullcrawler grabbed hold of Red King with her serpentine tail, wrapping it around the green lizard’s waist as Red King grabbed the naga’s neck, pushing the armored head away to keep those gnashing jaws at bay with one arm as he wrestled to break free from the constricting tail with the other. The weight of the alpha Skullcrawler forced Red King to the floor, but the green bully refused to submit, viciously pounding her skull-face with his fist. The giant Skullcrawler then snapped at Red King’s right wrist to loosen his grip and swiftly crawled away from the brute, with her tail still wrapped around his body. The Skullcrawler turned on the spot to swing her loosening tail and toss Red King, watching as her enemy was sent hurtling through the air before crashing to the solid surface of granite.

Red King made pig-like squeals when he landed on the ground, flinching from the collision for a brief second before he started to stand, but in the time doing so, the big Skullcrawler had already moved up close to him. The hungry monster’s open jaws bit down on Red King’s bumpy neck, driving a loud shriek of pain out of the giant as rows of sharp teeth sank into his hide. Blood spilled out across the bumpy skin of Red King, who screamed loudly from the intense pain. The agony was worse than the time where the first Chandler bit his arm, an injury which took several months to make a recovery from that. In a desperate attempt, the bipedal, saurian-like beast slugged the skull-headed freak as hard as he could, ignoring the pressuring pain when the jaws chewed deeper. Despite that his powerful punches were unable to cause a crack on the bony head, he was able to get the Skullcrawler’s toothy grip to loosen. Red King’s gripped the blood-stained jaws, slowly forcing them apart to release his neck before he shoved the lizard away. The Skullcrawler shrieked angrily and tried to snap at his throat, but Red King rolled to the side to avoid getting bitten again.

Just as his prey was about to rise up again, the naga’s tail moved around and yanked Red King’s leg, causing him to trip and fall again. The king of the Lawless Monster Zone shrieked again when the Skullcrawler’s tail dragged him back, but just then, Red King reached out to grab his opponent’s leg and pulled it out from under her. The big Skullcrawler cried out as she fell, slowly being dragged closer to her enemy.

Red King gave the Skullcrawler a wrathful glare, his crossed eyes staring at the frightening eyes of the intruder of the island. Despite his bleeding neck, he still had plenty of energy left to continue the fight, determination pushing aside the pain coursing through him. And since the wound could take a long time to recover from, he decided to make sure that the reptile would regret coming here in the first place. Letting loose a wrathful scream, Red King repeatedly beat up the Skullcrawler with his fists, growing more and more violent with each punch landed on the dense skull head and the durable, charcoal-black hide.

As a concussion began to develop in the Skullcrawler, Red King held onto her head with one arm while he reached the tail that was binding his leg, but the limb jerked back and knocked the brute off his feet. The alpha Skullcrawler shrieked and shook her head, but Red King was able to get back up and kicked her, causing the hypervore devil to roll away before the green giant could recover. The mature Skullcrawler let loose an angry scream as she jumped in the air, only to be knocked back in midair when she was slammed by Red King’s bulk.

 About a mile away, Pigmon squeaked as he felt the ground shudder from the Skullcrawler crashing into the ground and make another haunting shriek. The friendly monster was full of anxiety, but not because the most feared beast of the Lawless Monster Zone was back. He was being watched. During the battle between Red King and the invading Skullcrawlers, Pigmon had encountered one of the skull-faced monstrosities – a smaller one roughly about the size of a bovine, which was currently after his own blood.

Pigmon couldn’t handle it. The eye contact with that horrific monster was just about as scary as being spotted by Red King. That moment when he gazed at the creature’s face, it made his pulse race, feeling like he was about to die at any second. By some fortunate or dumb luck, Pigmon was able to get away from the Skullcrawler, but he knew that it wouldn’t give up that easily. He knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance to fight it, but he knew that someone else would…

Pigmon looked around while he kept waddling, looking to see if that two-legged devil was still after him. When he turned around, he saw it, approaching from a few miles away. As an act of cockiness or foolishness, Pigmon waved his hands and emitted his monkey-like cries, taunting the predator that it couldn’t catch him. Seeing the mocking creature standing there like a sitting duck, the Skullcrawler immediately went after him, emitting that terrible cry that would scare off anything smaller than it. Pigmon instantly skipped away as quickly as his legs could carry him, constantly making panicking noises. He navigated through the trees, hoping that they would get in the monster’s way and slow it down. But even as a newborn, the small Skullcrawler easily shattered through the trees, closing in on its fleeing prey. Soon, the hideous being extended its whiplash tongue and lunged to wrap around Pigmon, dooming all hope of survival for the friendly monster.

When Pigmon was about to be lifted and pulled into the nightmarish view of the Skullcrawler’s mouth, something latched onto the predatory monster’s neck. It was a vine tendril of a Suflan. The Skullcrawler’s tongue released Pigmon and tried to tear off the plant’s appendage, but several more vines of the living organisms reached out and wrapped around the lizard’s limbs to make it impossible for it to escape, like how an octopus would easily restrain its prey’s movements. Pigmon got up and looked at the struggling Skullcrawler, listening to its unsettling screams as the leaves of the Suflan began to suck away its blood. Pigmon sighed in relief that his idea had worked. He never thought that the most dangerous plant in the island could unintentionally saved his life.

The friendly monster hopped away, leaving his pursuer to slowly die by the tendrils of Suflan. But as he advanced forward, he heard two similar cries of those skull monsters from afar, making him aware that he was far from being safe.

Staggering back after getting tail whipped, Red King’s bumpy back was slammed against the wall of a cliff, causing it to shake with several rocks falling on him. This was exactly what the green-skull monster wanted. Even though this big Skullcrawler was far tougher and smarter than he thought she would be, it was something that would provide an exciting challenge. Red King quickly moved aside when he saw the two-legged freak springing in the air, chuckling when he saw her crashing against the solid wall of rock.

Red King quickly stomped on the Skullcrawler’s tail, pinning it down while he reached out to grab the lizard’s neck. Red King constantly roared to reveal his savage nature as he repeatedly slammed his enemy’s bony head against the smashed-up cliff, enjoying the peril cries of his enemy. Above the edge of the tall rock, a smaller Skullcrawler crept up, looking down at the alpha being dominated by Red King. Remaining silent, the lesser lizard jumped off the cliff and grasped onto the green monster’s head. Red King backed away and shrieked in surprise, but quickly recovered and pulled the small Skullcrawler off. Bringing the squirming creature closer, he bit down on its neck. His teeth tore through the glutinous fiend’s charcoal-black skin and snapped the spinal cord as he started to gnaw deeper, silencing the squirming Skullcrawler instantly.

Red King tossed the lifeless creature aside, getting a little sick of the crafty devils that continued to interrupt him. But with how small and frail they are, he had nothing to worry about asides for the big one. Red King turned to face the alpha Skullcrawler, where once again, he was surprised by the tall bonehead as she jumped in to attack. Red King was brought down and pinned to the ground by the naga, making the same pig-like squeals when his bumpy skin on his chest was pierced by the Skullcrawler’s lethal claws. The hypervore predator hissed with delight, pleased that she could finally end this battle and take down her latest prey, which was sure to satisfy her for a long time. But even through his movements were restricted, Red King still refused to let this creature take him down, as he raised his left hand to grab his enemy by the throat. The Skullcrawler screeched in annoyance as she was pushed away, unable to reach her living meal’s throat with his jaws. Red King tried to keep the creature away, but with the Skullcrawler weighing down on him, it was but a matter of time before his strength would finally give in. He would need to find something to get this monster off, and fast.

Thankfully, luck was on Red King’s side, as he looked down and discovered the severed arm of Jet Jaguar. After all this time of being isolated in this barren no-man zone, it had remained intact, despite having a few dents here and there. Not hesitating, Red King reached out and grabbed the metal arm. Upon grappling the appendage of the heroic machine, Red King gave out a loud scream and he slammed it at the Skullcrawler, striking her right eye.

The Skullcrawler rolled to the side after being struck by the metallic limb, making a painful screech after receiving a black eye from the punch, which seems to fuel her anger just as much as Red King’s. The two skull monsters soon recovered and rose, continuing their vicious clash that just wouldn’t end.

As the two giants resumed their violent battle, Pigmon cried out in fear as he was cornered by the cliff, watching two lesser Skullcrawlers move closer. One of them moved in for the kill, but the other shoved it aside as it tried the same, the overwhelming hunger felt by both lizards refusing to let them share the meal. The two hypervore predators glared and hissed before they instantly attacked one another, with such feral behavior seen by Komodo Dragons whenever they fight over carcasses. The first Skullcrawler bit down on his rival’s neck, only to lose its right eye as it was clawed in the face, which only made the starving creature viciously shake his attacker. Pigmon took his chance to sneak away from his stalkers, seeing that they were occupied with killing each other. As he rounded the corner, unfortunately, he came face-to-face with another Skullcrawler, far larger than the pair behind him.

The naga opened its jaws and roared loudly, but was then interrupted when the steep rock face next to the duo burst, shrieking when it was rammed by something else. The two Skullcrawlers halted their fight while Pigmon fell from the rumbling vibrations of the ground, surprised to see the Skullcrawler’s ambusher was a Magular, a subterranean inhabitant of the Lawless Monster Zone. The friendly monster was confused. He thought the thorny devil-like creature had been neutralized long ago, but it seemed that the rocky reptile was not the only one of its kind. But this wasn’t the time for Pigmon to think about it. As he got back up, Magular chewed on the Skullcrawler’s throat, his dark-gray teeth and tusks spearing through the dense hide. Blood spilled out of the punctured throat and the maw of the hungry monster as its jugular was cut off, resulting in a painful death. The remaining Skullcrawlers watched Magular, who stood up and screeched in triumph. Before the duo could do anything, they were crushed when another Chandlar landed on them, easily crushing them to death.

Magular faced the winged creature, and then looked at the left as another tall, but still young Skullcrawler made a beeline for them. The two beasts of the Lawless Monster Zone gazed at each other briefly, seemingly agreeing on forming a brief truce, so they could bring down something just as dangerous as Red King. With Magular dashing in and Chandlar taking off to the skies, Pigmon quickly retreated away as the two giants took care of the intruder of their island home.

The alpha Skullcrawler cackled as she caught Red King in the grasp of her lengthy tail, spinning around to drag the monster across the rough terrain before flinging him afar, watching as he crashed down at the entrance of the jungle. The green kaiju groggily got up and rubbed his aching head, now having lost all his patience with his enemy, especially when he saw three more of the lesser skull reptiles approaching. He didn’t want to do this since they were easy to kill, but since he was getting tired and in bad shape, he had no choice but to use his secret technique as his last resort.

As the alpha and her lesser subjects moved closer, Red King pounded his fists on his chest, concentrating as heat energy channeled through his palms. During this, he spread his arms as they combusted in an explosion, taking the lizards by surprise. Flames leapt across Red King’s fists, with no sign of discomfort from the bumpy beast as he smashed them together. When the lesser Skullcrawlers charged in, one of them was instantly killed as Red King swung his fist into chest, shattering the ribcage when the colliding fire fist triggered an explosion. The second Skullcrawler wrapped its tail around the gremlin-like creature’s leg, but ended up having his entire spine shattered when Red King brought his burning hands down, swiftly killing it like the first. The third Skullcrawler foolishly bit down on Red King’s hand, only to scream in agony as the flames charred the insides of its mouth. The green skull monster almost pitied the savage devil as he flawlessly twisted its neck. It amazed him how reckless these creatures were compared to him, if they thought biting down on fire was a smart decision.

Dread crept through the alpha Skullcrawler when Red King looked right at her, feeling a bit intimidated as her gaze lingered on the blazing hands and how they killed off the smaller members of her kind. Seeing that her enemy was now too dangerous to bother with, the hypervore hunter began to make a retreat. Red King didn’t tolerate the creature’s cowardliness. She didn’t deserve to live, not after all the struggles and injuries he went through from their fight. Red King cried out and kicked a nearby boulder, sending the huge rock high into the air before it fell, diving directly at the back of the fleeing Skullcrawler. Red King listened to the shrill cries of the alpha as it impacted, cackling as he moved closer to the squirming lizard so he could end the battle.

As the Skullcrawler regained her footing, she didn’t have the time to evade or counter the fiery uppercut from Red King, in which she felt the merciless brute’s incinerating punch strike her jaw. The big Skullcrawler screeched in agony from the force of the explosion, causing him to shrill achingly, leaving the titan wide open for Red King to finish her off in whatever way his twisted imagination came up with. The ruler of the Lawless Monster Zone decided to make the giant Skullcrawler suffer by pummeling him with his explosive fists. With each punch delivered, the Skullcrawler cried out in agony from the blasts. Not even her thick hide or dense skull armor could aid her in enduring the humiliating torture.

Red King delivered a powerful uppercut to the hypervore predator’s gut, causing her to regurgitate a stream of blood and stomach bile, along with the digested remains of the deceased Skullcrawler that she had devoured. The alpha couldn’t withstand much longer, her legs trembling in fear and exhaustion. But she couldn’t lose. The need to consume was overwhelming.

Red King’s eyes narrowed in disgust when the tall Skullcrawler opened her jaws wide and let out a weak, but fierce roar. Deciding it was time to finish her, Red King briefly concentrated his aim, channeled the fire that coated his right fist, and thrust it directly into the invader’s mouth. A loud cracking boom was heard when an explosion sets off within the Skullcrawler’s cranium, bits of burning bones and flesh thrown into the air and scattered around. The vision blackened instantly for the prideful and mighty alpha of the invasive Skullcrawlers, who made a faint wheeze before Red King shoved her away and watched the naga’s lifeless body crash onto the ground, no longer making any sounds or movements.

Red King ceased the flames emitting from his hands and looked around, not seeing any more of the skull devils approaching. The victorious skull monster roared in triumph. His fight may not be quite as satisfying as he hoped for with those smaller devils being crafty but frail, but the brawl with the big one and the injuries he received did made the fight feel at least worth it, and being another step of progress to become the strongest kaiju on this planet.

Red King looked at the side, snarling when he heard the victorious cries of Magular and Chandlar, as they too had managed to beat another Skullcrawler. Magular moved away and he picked up another Skullcrawler, dragging it into the hole he came out of, while Chandlar began to feast upon the dead lizard in front of him. Red King snarled at the giants that were like the ones he fought in the past, but did not rush in to attack as he usually would. He was feeling too sore to fight anyone, and would need to wait for the next few months so that he could make a full recovery. Red King limped away to the mountains, where he would hide so that he can heal his wounds. In time, he would rise and resume fighting to become the strongest of all.

Miles away, Pigmon could see Red King’s figure disappearing into the mountains. As much as he feared him, he was glad that he won this grizzly fight. He would much rather have Red King roaming around then having the island being raided with the frightening Skullcrawlers, who would have eaten everything should the green lizard fall. Pigmon then skipped away, leaving the ravaged area so he could go somewhere far more peaceful and quiet.

Deep in the seemingly bottomless vent, a series of shrilling shrieks echoed within the depths, as if the opening was like a gateway to hell where savage demons thrived. Should Red King have come across this, it would have been a hint that there were still more Skullcrawlers roaming down in the depths, slowly tunneling their way to a more suitable location with plenty of food to fill their empty stomachs. Should these devil-like lizards reach to the lands of civilization, humanity could only hope that Ultraman would come to defend them from the gluttonous swarm of the Skullcrawlers.

Winner: Red King