Author: Joel Forsberg | Banner: Tyler Trieschock

Farou Island was silent.

Where there once stood an expansive village, there was nothing but sticks and straw. What few natives were still alive cowered beneath rocks and fallen logs, hoping to be spared.

Outside, trampling their once mighty home was a towering, pitch-black monster. A female MUTO on the prowl.

She hadn’t meant to slaughter the tiny humans when she entered the island; but, when they started chucking the tiny sticks, the MUTO decided to break through their mighty gate and destroy the town below. Even though their weapons hadn’t harmed the insectoid, she wasn’t willing to see if the hostile primates had anything that was more able.

But man was not that which had drawn her here. No, the MUTO sensed something much more valuable here: Radiation. Her natural sensors guided her to the stone walls around the village, a built in geiger counter telling her where the sustenance lay.

When she reached the peak of her senses, the arthropod began chiseling away with her massive pick-like claws, actually making decent headway against the stone wall.

As the MUTO raised her claw to strike into the mountain once more, a loud cry sounded from outside the stone cage. Cheers and cries of excitement were heard from the hiding places of the villagers, for they knew their savior had come!

The MUTO let out a curious chitter. The roar was unfamiliar; not like anything her line of evolution had programmed into her brain. Not like anything from her time. What could lie behind those walls?

From around the corner, a giant, humanoid hand grasped the rock wall, fur covering all but the fingers. King Kong, ruler of Farou Island, had arrived!

The massive gorilla looked at the carnage at his feet, then to the intruder before him. Kong’s lips curled back in a menacing snarl. The MUTO turned to Kong and shrieked, shrill and loud, a feeble attempt at intimidation.

But Kong was not easy to scare.

Without even the thought of a pause, he snagged a broken log that was once part of the massive gate. The mighty primate lunged toward the MUTO and struck her across the face. A cry of pain escaped the MUTO’s mouth as the wooden club shattered against her her jaw. Her stumbling was an invitation for Kong, who attempted to grab the arthropod’s massive, knuckle-walking arm. However, before his mighty grip could latch on, the MUTO spun around and swung both of her arms upward into Kong’s chin, sending the gorilla onto his back.

Air forcefully left King Kong’s lungs when he hit the ground, and he groaned in pain. By the time he managed to refocus, the MUTO was about to impale him with her claw!

Kong rolled out of the way just in time. The claw pierced where his heart was just seconds ago. The MUTO growled and sent her other claw, this time at the Apes head, but Kong rolled again. When his evasion met its climax, Kong reached out with all four of his appendages: his hands took hold of the arthropods long arms, while his giant, thumbed feet grabbed her head and snout.

Despite the MUTO’s struggles, Kong held on. His feet began slowly twisting as he attempted to snap the parasite’s neck!

The MUTO had to think fast. With lightning speed, one of her smaller, secondary arms shot out and stabbed Kong in the thigh. The pain shot through his leg like venom, prompting Kong to cry out and relinquish his grip. The MUTO took her chance and swung all four of her secondary appendages up. The giant primate was sent somersaulting back, only stopping when his back struck the rock wall.

Kong groaned from the pain and looked up at his opponent, who had finally freed her arms from the sand. The arthropod roared a challenge and charged once more, ready to slay her two legged assailant once and for all. Kong, however, was not so enthusiastic about such an idea. With his right arm extended against the wall, he stealthily grabbed a loose boulder from the cliffside. Through one eye, the ape took aim at the charging MUTO.

As the arthropod galloped, Kong finally lobbed the giant stone. The MUTO’s charge was cut short when the massive rock struck her forearm. She tumbled and slid, rolling directly into Kong. Both monsters crashed through the stone wall and into the jungle outside, a mess of fur and legs with each trying to gain an advantage. Finally, Kong managed take the upper hand and kick his foe off. The MUTO landed on her side, the tussle having exhausted her completely.

Kong groggily rose to his feet, hindered by the wound in his leg, but undeterred. The gorilla started toward his fallen enemy, the MUTO trying hard to regain consciousness. In his final step, Kong pressed his foot down upon the MUTO’s front arm. With his other foot, he restrained the other mighty claw. The eighth wonder of the world squatted, positioning himself safe from the reach of the MUTO’s other arms, and pressed his right hand upon the insectoid’s head. The MUTO groaned, half in pain, half in sorrow, as the palm on her face began crushing her cranium…

A shrill cry sounded through the fog above and echoed around the island. Kong’s eyes shot toward the sky as he attempted to locate the source of the noise. Was it a condor, simply waiting for the death for the creature below him? Or something new?

The King of Farou Island got his answer when a coal black blur dived out of the fog, pushing him off the the Female and into the forest below. Kong grunted when he hit the ground, his mind racing like a horse as he tried to figure out what just happened. No condor could have done that. What kind of creature had the power to knock him over in one blow?

A cloud of dust rose as whatever had struck the mighty gorilla landed in front of the fallen Female. Kong pushed himself into a sitting position to get a better look at his new attacker.

The dust settled, revealing another MUTO. But this creature was smaller, lighter, and definitely had a few less appendages than his larger counterpart. Kong was confused as to how a miniature version of his foe from before could be so powerful.

Suddenly, the smaller MUTO took a wide stance and raised its head, attempting to be threatening. Kong scoffed, right up until a pair of massive wings uncloaked from its back, accompanied by a deafening screech from the winged monsters toothy beak.

The Female looked up at the newcomer through her drunken daze and whimpered in happiness. A male had heard her cries and come to meet his mate, and, in the process, saved her life; a knight in brimstone armor.

The two combatants wasted no time. Simultaneously, they charged, each ready to rip the other to shreds. As Kong neared closer, the mighty gorilla reached out to grab the insect’s throat. The MUTO launched over Kong’s grip with a flap of his mighty wings and batted the apes face with his massive arms, planting the blow directly in the ape’s nose and knocking him onto his backside.

Kong sat, dazed. He rose a mighty palm to his nose and tested the area beneath it with his massive fingers. When the hand entered his vision again, the tips of his fingers were painted dark red with his blood.

But before he could even react to the liquid, the MUTO had circled back. The arthropod hooked into the flesh of Kong’s shoulders with his pike-like claws, eliciting a roar of pain from the great ape. Kong’s cries only encouraged the MUTO, who dragged the primate along with his flight.

It didn’t take long for Kong to push through the pain, and his cries of agony were replaced by a hateful snarl. Kong took the MUTO’s arms and swung downward. Releasing a shriek of surprise, the multi-legged monster slammed face first into the ground with all six of his limbs of his limbs sticking up in a comical manner.

King Kong beat his chest with a howl of pleasure. He was the king of this island. He was the ruler of these lands! No puny insect could defeat him!

His victory dance was cut short when the MUTO caught him beneath the kneecap with a secondary claw. The king of the apes bent over with a moan of pain, positioning himself perfectly for the MUTO to kick him in the top of the head. Kong was sent rolling backward from the blow, but was fortunately stopped.

Or, at least he thought fortunately. When he looked up, the hulking form of the Female MUTO stared down at him. The giant primate just barely managed to evade a downward blow from the claws of the MUTO and jumped to his feet. Kong shot a glare at his revived opponent just in time to see her ally land beside her. The Female turned to look at her savior and cooed in appreciation, the Male returning with a soft cry of his own. When they finished exchanging pleasantries, the familiar creatures turned back toward their common foe.

Beating his chest, Kong roared aloud and charged again. The MUTOs returned the favor, with the Female charging forward and the Male taking to the skies. The gorilla and the female MUTO collided, arms interlocked, each pushing against each other. Kong’s prehensile toes gave him grip and he began gaining ground, the physical strain causing the Female to groan.

Luckily for her, the Male came to the rescue. With unrivaled aerial control, he dove down and spun around. As the winged insectoid flew backward, he hooked Kong’s mouth with on his arms. Kong was pulled away from the Female, stumbling with the momentum of his flying enemy to keep his cheek from being ripped open.

The Female let herself get reacquainted to the force of gravity without Kong’s weight on against her. As soon as she was stable again, the coal black kaiju charged again. The Male retrieved his claw from Kong’s mouth just before his mate slammed full force into the ape. Kong was slammed flat on his back, but this time he was ready. He used the momentum from falling backward to lash out with his foot and kick the parasite in the throat, giving him time to rise to his feet. The Female coughed as Kong rose, trying to uncrumple her trachea, but Kong lunged forward and wrapped his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her.

A panicked cry signaled the Male preparing another onslaught. The Female hoped her mate could get the great ape off her. Her wish was to be granted, but at the expense of the Male.

Kong released her throat at the last second. His instincts served him well, and he was able to snag the winged arthropods arms. The male MUTO gasped in response to the added weight. Kong hooted and hollered, pleased this strategy had worked, but his success didn’t last long. The MUTO turned abruptly and slammed Kong into the side of a massive cliff. Kong’s grip loosened and he fell to his knees. Right as he snapped out of his daze, the Female charged from behind and slammed him into the rock. Then, as he began to fall, the Male glided sideways and caught Kong across the face, somehow knocking the gorilla back onto his feet.

Kong’s stumbling gave way for the Female to ram him once more. This time, however, she pinned him in place. The Ape slumped down. He would have hit the floor, but the Female had him stuck in place.

Kong couldn’t win. One on one, the ape could handle himself quite well, but the combined might of the two MUTO’s was too much. He couldn’t fight them, not together.

That when it happened. The clap of thunder echoed through the air, perking Kong’s ears. When he looked up, the repeated flash of lightning met him.

An idea flooded his mind, immediately followed by determination. As the MUTO prepared to clamp her jaws on his throat, Kong grabbed her smallest arm and pulled it clean off. The grey arthropod cried out and stumbled away, and Kong immediately began scaling the rock wall, catching the attention of the male MUTO. The winged arthropod launched into the air, but not unnoticed. Kong heard the mighty flaps of the MUTO’s wings and formulated a plan.

The MUTO attempted a head on assault merely for Kong to leap into the air, allowing the MUTO to fly into the rock wall below him. The prehistoric parasite squealed as he smacked face first into the crags, followed directly by Kong kicking down with both feet, right into his spine. Next thing the Male knew he was slamming on top of his downed partner, sending them both to the ground.

Kong hooted and pounded one fist against his broad chest. After establishing his dominance, the ape continued to scale the rocky wall. His agile hands wrapped around roots and crags, then pulled his bulk up. This process repeated until he finally reached the top.

Kong pulled his leg over the ledge and looked up. The thunderstorm was still there, but beginning to weaken. Kong didn’t even think;  he simply thrusted his fists into the clouds above, electric energy crackling and traveling down his arms. The initial shock did hurt, but after that it was smooth sailing.

At the base of the mountain, the monster power couple awoke. After both making sure the other was okay, they began to scale the mountain. The Female used her massive arms to climb up, while the Male simply soared into the sky. Naturally, he was the first to arrive at the top, and his arrival came with a dire prize.

A sudden strike hit underneath the MUTO’s jaw, quick and powerful. But the force of the blow was not the only thing that harmed him. Crackling electricity surged through the Male’s veins, shocking him in both meanings of the word.

Kong let out a hearty laugh as he watched the insectoid monster stumble about in confusion. He soon landed another punch on the Male’s face, followed by another in the opposite direction. The Male was stunned by the electricity, but obeyed his natural instinct to get away. A flap of his mammoth wings lifted him backward and into the air, but Kong was not done

Kong snagged the MUTO’s secondary arms with lightning speed. Thousands of volts of electricity traveled up the insectoids limbs, causing him to screech in pain. Smoke rose from his charring from, joining the grey clouds above.

King Kong let out a another series of victory growls. This creature would be roasted within its shell; a fitting meal for the ruler of Farou Island!

Suddenly, the vascular patterns around the MUTO’s body began pulsing. The pulse started out steadily, but grew faster and faster by the moment. Though his torrent of voltage continued streaming into the MUTO’s body, Kong’s eyes shifted from bloodlust to fascination.

What was happening? Was this a symptom of death for this creature?

Suddenly, the Male slammed his massive primary claws into the ground below. A strange, vibrating pulse erupted from the space where it had landed, washing over Kong. The force stumbled him, but he kept his grip tight.

But something was wrong. The blue energy no longer crackled around the insect’s hulking form or around Kong’s fists.

Kong gulped in fear. It wasn’t just his super charged fists that were deactivated, but some of the electrical energy he had stored over his lifetime. He felt frail and weak.

The male MUTO cackled in amusement and jumped into action. His fanged beak closed on Kong’s shoulder, forcing a loud roar from the ape. His massive wings began pounding against the air and with surprising strength, he lifted himself and Kong off the ground. Kong squealed in surprise and proceeded to beat his massive fists against the winged creature’s back. It was in futility however, and the MUTO let himself fall on top of the ape, snapping Kong’s ribs and stressing his spine. Kong gasped at the pain of his foes weight. For such a frail creature, it packed a punch!

By the time Kong had finished that thought, he was already falling once more. His broken bones were forced farther into his organs when the MUTO fell upon him again. The ape wheezed, trying to think of a way out of this situation while the Male lifted up once more before the flying MUTO slammed Kong down again, breaking one of the apes ribs, sending it upward and piercing his flesh. Kong felt the bone split his flesh and screamed in anguish. He wasn’t the only creature to scream in agony as the rib flew up and stabbed the flying arthropod in the stomach, causing him to surrender his grip on Kong’s shoulder in exchange for a wail of his own.

After finishing his cry of pain, Kong uprooted a tree and swung it hard across the MUTO’s face, forcing the overgrown insect off of his chest. But Kong knew the arthropod was resilient. He didn’t have much time before the MUTO would be upon him again. The ape king forced himself to get up despite the pain in his ribcage and ran for the precipice.

Unfortunately, for both him and the female MUTO, she had just begun to climb over the edge. Kong collided into her at full speed, sending both combatants off the edge. His mammalian cries of terror mixed with her reverberating cry of surprise. The two kaiju pounded away at each other, each not wanting to be the one who died before they hit the ground.

The fall seemed to last forever. The Female’s claws pierced Kong’s back while he pounded at her face and shoulders, each hoping to land a lucky blow before the ground landed one first.

The female MUTO heard a desperate screech. Before she could look up, she felt something hook around the middle portion of her powerful arm and pull. The Female looked up and saw her soon-to-be mate, struggling to carry her massive weight. A groan escaped his massive jaws as he tried to carry his mammoth partner, flapping his huge wings with more urgency than ever.

The sudden stop of Kong’s assailant caused him to slip. He began falling, but reached out just in time and grabbed the MUTO by her secondary arm. The arthropod chattered in pain from the extra pressure on her limb. Kong, not wanting to depend on his foe for stability reached out for the rock wall with one of his massive arms…

So the Female cleaved his other one off.

Without his grip on the parasites arm, Kong plummeted toward the earth, roaring all the way down. His remaining arm flailed as he fell, while the other held tight to the MUTO’s limb. When he tried to grab onto the rock wall, the stones scraped and cut his fingers, tearing up the flesh and forcing him to recoil.

Another roar escaped his mouth, this time filled with hate instead of fear. The desire to kill the monsters above him swelled within his gut and clouded his mind!

With those final feelings, Kong crashed into the floor. Dust exploded from the impact zone, rising into the air and coating the area.

The Female looked down, curious as to what would greet her. When cloud dissipated, she almost wished she hadn’t.

Kong’s back was bent upward unnaturally. His massive arm was contorted in such a demented fashion that even the MUTO felt sick. The apes pink tongue dangled from his lifeless jaws. The life in his eyes had disappeared, but the burning hatred lingered.

Finally, the Male dropped his partner to the ground, and she landed harmlessly. Her winged carrier, however, was not so gracious. His lightheadedness from carrying the Female caused his landing to be drunken and unstable.

When he began to fall, the Female was there. She placed her head beneath his chest and pushed him up, helping him regain his footing. When his legs were properly placed once more, the Female rested her head on his wing and let out a heavy breath. The fight had been long and grueling, but thanks to the Male, she survived. Without its assistance, her head would be nothing more than a puddle on the ground.

After the long embrace, the Female lead her winged partner back to the village. The Male chirped in surprise when he saw where Kong and the Female had broken through the rock wall. Embedded within the stone was a thin layer of glowing green rock. His mouth watered as he got closer to the radioactive substance, hunger boiling within. As soon as he arrived at the wall, the pair sprung forward and began snapping up the green shards of radioactive rock. They gorged themselves until it was almost impossible to eat more, clearing the area of the poisonous emeralds. By the time the nucleavores had filled themselves, there was still chunks scattered across the landscape. They hadn’t even gotten to the walls yet!

The sound of tiny marching caught their attention. They looked down and were greeted by a crowd of the tiny primates that had assaulted the Female previously, holding a massive barrel. The Female lowered her massive head, facing the humans with a low chatter. Most of them stumbled back, but the brave few holding the barrel stood their ground. They slowly set down the barrel and kneeled before the monster.

The Female stood her ground with a suspicious growl, examining the contents of the barrel. Behind her, the Male shifted nervously, ready to attack if things went sour.

Hesitantly, the Female leaned forward and stuck her tongue in the barrel. Her red patterns pulsed with excitement when she tasted the liquid inside. The radioactive material might have been filling, but this new substance was like a drug. She wrapped the front of her jaws around it and tilted her head, downing the juice.

Upon seeing this, the Male trotted forward. The primitives brought forward another barrel, which he chugged.

Collectively, the humans brought their faces to the ground, then back up; a show of worship.

The couple stood before their newfound servants, slowly realizing what was happening. With the death of Kong, these people would need a new protector. The MUTOs, upon tasting the sweet berry juice, desired more from the humans. It was a perfect symbiotic match.

As a wave of drowsiness from the soma berries washed over them, the MUTOs observed their new domain. The Female rested her head upon her partner’s as they both lowered themselves to the ground to the sound of a rhythmic drumbeat, played by the natives below.

The kaiju’s dreams were filled with visions of what they would do with their newfound territory.

Winner: MUTO


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