Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

Japan had seen its fair share of bloodshed. It was in these lands that the samurai pledged their sword to the Emperor. It was in these lands that a magnificent, unmerciful army at the dawn of the twentieth-century arose. And it was in these lands that giants unlike any other dwelled. Untold legends emanated from all corners of the great nation. Rumors flourished in all shapes and sizes, proclaiming the existence of an entity of supernatural or demonic origins. But these ancient tales had all but been forgotten, until the advent of the kaiju. Those walking typhoons were engines of despair, meant only to tarnish the lands of Man and remind them of how small they were.

Yet it was Japan that received the brunt of these attacks. Its cities were always left in shambles. Millions of lives had been lost. In spite of its disasters, the support of the United Nations and the dedication of its people helped Japan’s economy rebuild itself, stronger than ever. Great cities that had been demolished by these nightmarish behemoths were reconstructed. Opportunities were made, allowing its resilient citizens to reach out and succeed in places nobody else could.

In Nagoya, a brilliant scientist took advantage of the boundless opportunities and designed a robot. Only, unlike any other robot, this one possessed a limited form of artificial intelligence. It was granted the chance to learn from its mistakes and adapt. Combined with the sophisticated technology that gave it life, the robot would revolutionize the world. It would be the first of many that would help mold a new future for Mankind. And yet, a sudden illness prevented its creator from revealing its existence. Emotions that were once nonexistent to it suddenly materialized. Since then, it had secretly sought to carry out its inventor’s wishes. It upgraded its programming, expanding its abilities and intellect. But it had no name, no clear identity. To change this, the robot recalled the earlier days of its construction, how its inventor cited his favorite machine and animal.

It recalled how a jet always captivated its inventor. To the deceased human, a jet helped accelerate his ambitions, for no matter the stipulations, it always managed to soar high above the clouds. And then there was the inventor’s favorite animal, the jaguar; a lone hunter that prowled the underbrush of South America. In a weird way, the jaguar’s lonely path and ferocious ambition was a reflection of the inventor’s life.

These circumstances lead to the robot’s identity: Jet Jaguar. Soon, Jet Jaguar would reveal its existence to the planet and prove that its inventor’s death was not in vain.


The mammoth skyscrapers of Tokyo glinted in the morning light. White clouds hung over the great metropolis. An azure sky could be seen beyond the clouds. In the eastern skies, the Sun extended its shimmering reach. Beyond the city’s boundaries, the large mass of the Pacific Ocean basked in the sunshine.

But the citizens of Tokyo did not share nature’s beautiful complexion. Satellites stationed in Earth’s orbit recently spotted an object in space. Its trajectory would allow it to bypass the planet’s ozone and fall directly into the heart of the ocean, thirty miles away from Japan. Fear consumed the minds of every man, woman and child in the region. They had survived natural disasters before, yet they never faced anything like this. What if the estimations were wrong? What if the object crash landed into the city? The damage would be astronomical! The loss of life would be devastating. How could Japan’s economy still operate, if its capital was wiped off the face of the planet?

These speculations and more led to chaos. Thousands of people clogged the streets, anxious to avoid the answer. Evacuations should have occurred weeks before to get everyone free, yet the object was spotted only days ago! It was impossible to evacuate the entire city, let alone the coast. But it didn’t stop the people from trying.

In the distance, a burning object harpooned the clouds. It fell from the heavens, emitting an orange-reddish aura. The intensity of its radiance blotted out the trail of black smoke left in its wake. It was as if the sky held a second Sun. Only the light faintly disappeared as it sailed into the ocean. Within seconds, its burning mass reached the bottom, and made impact. The resulting explosion was immense. Light brighter than a nuclear explosion ascended to the sky. Shockwaves forced a large mass of water to defy gravity. In unison, the boiling water rose up and formed a moving wall.

It departed on a direct collision course for Tokyo. Emergency sirens wailed out amid the packed streets. It was unnecessary. The screeching sound was not required to alert the masses of the imminent danger. Many believed that death was near. And yet, despite the odds, the people continued to flee. The urge to survive outweighed the fear.

At the top of Tokyo Tower, a brave reporter and his cameraman served as the eyes and ears for the rest of the world. The reporter intended to make a statement, but the distant impact sent violent tremors throughout the region. Even Tokyo Tower wobbled in its stead. The metallic beams struggled to keep the structure stable. The impact disabled all forms of communication, leaving a global audience pondering the fate of the most technologically advanced city on earth.

As the cameraman tried to get the feedback, the reporter leaned over the rail, faintly spotting an aberration beyond the city limits. His eyes squinted, focusing on the strange phenomenon. After a brief pause, the reporter’s eyes widened in shock. Horror comprised the reporter’s visage. His mind accessed its memory banks, recollecting one of his earlier assignments. Months before, the station had sent him down south, where he witnessed a tsunami – up close and personal.

The reminiscence of a large mass of water sucking up helpless people flashed before his eyes. He nervously tapped his cameraman’s shoulder. Fearlessly, the cameraman kept calm, and pointed the camera. He wasn’t recording live, but it didn’t stop him from capturing this unbelievable spectacle.

It happened in a split second.

Millions of gallons of water slammed into the city’s edges. Skyscrapers specifically built to withstand earthquakes remained solid, yet the windows were instantly shattered. Waves of water flooded the buildings, wiping them clean. On the streets, abandoned cars, buses, and innocent people were swept away. Those lucky enough to be stranded on rooftops watched helplessly as their city became an extension of the ocean.

Miles away, a lone figure hovered above the churning waters. In recent weeks, he had been following this object, praying he could stop it before it ever reached Earth. But alas, he had failed. And now, the planet was in great peril.

Ultraman squeezed his fists, contemplating the future.

Light glinted off his silvery armor. Crimson strands laced portions of his body. His round eyes sparkled with benignity. Attached to his chest was a pearl, the source of his great power. But could even he be powerful enough to defeat his assigned target? Beneath the boiling waves, an abomination of life was manifesting. Its demonic birth bleached the waters into an inky black facade.

Ultraman gaped closely, spotting six red, glowing eyes. It wouldn’t be long until the beast was ready to wage war upon life itself. But a sudden thought occurred to the humanoid giant. What if the demon wasn’t strong enough yet? He had to take that risk. For the sake of the planet, Ultraman was forced to take offensive action. As he formed the shape of a cross with his hands, energy was channeled directly to his vertical palm. Without further delay, destructive energies shot out, striking the churning waters below. An underwater explosion shook the seas. It was then that a horrible, gut wrenching cry rattled from beneath the water.

It was too late. The creature was surfacing.

Ultraman recognized its hideous features. It had a humanoid posture, but the similarities between it and a human ended there. A skeletal carapace covered portions of its body. Bony skewers jutted out its shoulder and backside. A row of two horns pointed out of its head. Its black flesh interlaced its bulky arms, legs, and abdomen. Its tail ended in two separate tips that flailed wildly. Six red eyes glowered out of their sockets, focusing on Ultraman. A pair of eyes was stationed on each of its shoulders. The other pair was tucked inside its face. As its mouth parted, revealing the seemingly bottomless pit of its throat, a terrifying roar vibrated the sky.

Monster X was ready to fight.

The air had been warped around its grotesque shape. This scourge of the stars was able to manipulate the gravity, binding it to its will. But the extent of its gravitational power was limited. Knowing this, Monster X revealed its other abilities. Bolts of light, guided by gravity, rippled out of its six eyes. The six projectiles stabbed into the unsuspecting Ultraman, scalding his glossy armor. Though the pain was excruciating, he already carried a heavy burden, one that outweighed the damage. The spaceborne hero swiftly flew directly at Monster X, eager to test it in a physical confrontation. Toxic smoke escaped the demon’s jaws, robbing the air of its oxygen. It had secretly sought such an encounter.

Now Ultraman would pay the price.

Ultraman’s closed fists hurtled at Monster X, but each one was caught by the alien’s hands. Feeling the abominable strength of his foe, the guardian kicked Monster X’s ribcage, hoping to find a weakness. But the thickness of its armor left Ultraman’s kicks futile. In retaliation, Monster X released one of its foe’s fists, allowing it to take a swipe at the gigantic hero. The destroyer’s claw slashed Ultraman’s chest, cutting ribbons of armor from its foundations. A loud yelp escaped his hollow mouth.

Monster X carefully observed the wound it had dealt. Its nostrils caught a familiar scent. As light seeped out of Ultraman’s wound, a roar of satisfaction rumbled out of Monster X’s maw! Desperate, Ultraman held up his right hand, commanding the sunlight to help forge a spinning, energetic disc. Ultraman chucked the Ultra Slash across Monster X’s face, barely puncturing its armor. Steam hissed out of the newly made scar engraved upon Monster X’s face.

It had been injured.

Monster X probed its wound, wondering if it was really there. As its fingers caressed the tiny fissures on its visage, the space demon unleashed a chaotic roar. In all the years of its planetary invasions, it had never been wounded! Now a wave of vengeance took possession of this engine of annihilation. Without a shred of mercy, Monster X plowed its fist into Ultraman’s face. The sheer concussive force knocked him out of the air and sent him reeling into the ocean.

A large splash vibrated the watery surface. Beneath its murky exterior, there was no sign of Ultraman. Victorious, Monster X spotted Tokyo in the distance. It sensed millions of people, utterly helpless. A surge of excitement propelled Monster X toward the metropolis. Thousands had already lost their lives in the flood. But could the survivors withstand the murderous ambition of this demon from the stars?

Lost in the depths of the Pacific, Ultraman’s gleaming eyes served as the only source of light. His life force was rapidly diminishing. Even a brief encounter against Monster X took its toll. Never before had Ultraman fought such a diabolical creature. He had fought many kaiju in the past, and always emerged victorious. Either he’d have to contact his intergalactic family for assistance or turn to Earth’s inhabitants. He knew there were powerful forces lurking in all corners of the world. In fact, Earth was famous for its mighty kaiju. While its citizens were oblivious to the existence of other intelligent life forms in the universe, it was not the case the other way around.

Ultraman would have to seek terrestrial assistance. But time did not favor the celestial warrior. The fate of a city and its inhabitants hung over his shoulders. While he preferred the chance to rejuvenate his strength, Ultraman knew he was needed. An azure-hued glow sparkled out of the color timer. It summoned the last bit of energy he had left. But was it enough?

Atop the tilted Tokyo Tower, the reporter nursed the bleeding cut on his forehead. The galloping waters had nearly demolished the marvelous structure. Yet its sturdy shape survived. But the reporter and his cameraman experienced difficulty. Had it not been for the protective railing, the cameraman would’ve unwillingly taken a one-way-ticket to a watery grave. Fate intervened for both of them. And now, they were ready to address a worried world.

A dark shadow disrupted their train of thought.

An ominous beast made its presence known, just as the cameraman started recording. Nobody was fooled. Monster X’s malevolent appearance furnished its desires. Not that it had any intention of hiding it in the first place. In the past, Monster X found that whenever its victims experienced that one state of emotion known as fear, it made the kill all the more sweeter.

It was relieved to learn that even these primitive earthlings were capable of building large structures. Demolishing them brought great pleasure.

Monster X’s malicious jaws issued a horrifying roar. As sunlight glistened off the flooded streets of Tokyo, the bringer of death made landfall. It embedded its feet into the watery streets, forcing water to rise above its waist. Strangely, the light that cradled the sky faded. An unexpected state of twilight enveloped Tokyo. It was as if light itself couldn’t be shed upon this walking nightmare.

Ruby red eyes gazed at the nearest skyscraper. Demonic power crackled within. Bolts of gravitational light flared forth. Walls were instantly torn to shreds. Windows that were not shattered by the thrashing waters melted. The heart of the skyscraper had been obliterated. Broken shards poured out of its wrecked husk, pelting the flooded streets.

Eventually, the entire upper half of the skyscraper broke away.

Monster X howled in delight. These structures were easier to destroy than it had originally thought! At this rate, the entire city – no, the world – would become a smoldering graveyard in no time. A reflection on the irrigated surface showed Monster X discharging another barrage of gravity bolts.

Its destructive campaign did not go unnoticed. The Japanese Self-Defense Force had been ordered to help find refugees. It was a joint task accompanied by other countries. But nobody had anticipated the arrival of a kaiju. Retaliation would’ve proven impossible had the political parties of the nation triumphed. But the figureheads of the military were dedicated to preserving what lives Tokyo had left. And yet, a quagmire stood before the Japanese Forces. Launching an attack of any kind took time, money, and manpower.

Monster X wasn’t going to wait.

The kaiju had a twisted strategy. At times, it would simply demolish buildings by using its gravity bolts. But when it tore a building apart with its bare hands, shocked onlookers went pale. Gigantic creatures like Godzilla, King Kong and Rodan destroyed buildings only if it was in their way. Monster X, however, purposely sought them out for the insidious joy of dismantling it!

Thick smoke draped a portion of the city, robbing its occupants of the opportunity to see their destroyer. Only violent ripples in the corpse infested waters managed to warn them of Monster X’s whereabouts. Those that had managed to climb to the rooftops to see Monster X in the flesh wished they had not. Not only did they find the kaiju unappealing, but the moment they were spotted, it attacked them directly without restraint.

For over forty-minutes, Monster X cut a swath of destruction. A trail of rubble was left clogging the murky roads. To the kaiju, the flood was only high enough to soak its ankles. As it treaded toward the nearest skyscraper, its bulk fractured the underground pipes. This process had been frequently occurring ever since its initial assault. Contaminated liquids tainted the water, poisoning anyone who touched it.

Suddenly, a strange sound rattled the sky. Monster X probed the heavens, spotting a glittery object. Its aerial mass resembled that of a humanoid. Only its silvery skin glinted in the fading sunlight. Up close, its artificial head strangely curved upwards, mimicking that of the tip of a sharp instrument. Multifaceted colors coated its robotic exterior, giving it a non-threatening appeal. Its dark eye sockets possessed no lens of any kind. But it was not without the ability to see.

Monster X considered Jet Jaguar with mixed reactions. At first, it thought Ultraman had returned from the dead, which would’ve given Monster X the benefit of killing him again. This new foe, however, seemed fragile. If it broke easily, no fun could be had. Now that he thought about it, having a playmate to grapple with was refreshing. The horror contemplated the thought of chucking the giant robot into a nearby hospital.

In fact, a duel between the two titans would inflict more collateral damage than one could hope to accomplish alone.

Like Ultraman, Jet Jaguar did not need a propulsion system to fly. The full extent of its abilities would no doubt stun Monster X and its vast global audience. But as Jet Jaguar slowly descended from the sky, its artificial mind recalled its prime objective. It programmed itself to depart its secret headquarters, fly over to Tokyo, slay Monster X and prove to the entire world that its inventor was a genius. Achieving a place in the hearts of the people was also a remnant of its objective.

Jet Jaguar’s descent made the waters spawn miniature waves. Empty eyes looked upon Monster X. The robot’s sensors scanned every inch of the demon, searching for a weakness. It closed in on the cut that scarred Monster X’s face. The injury was recently sustained. Other than the cut, no other weakness could be located. Jet Jaguar’s sophisticated sensors were able to determine the density of Monster X’s carapace. Only a high-powered energy weapon stood a chance at breaching it. Jet Jaguar possessed no offensive attacks of any kind. A strategy had been formulated, but it was too risky. A physical confrontation would have to suffice.

Monster X was the first to make a move.

Strands of gravitational light departed the menace’s eyes, rushing over Jet Jaguar’s armor. The gravity bolts heralded a combination of burning energy and concussive force. Its impact completely knocked the mechanical warrior off its feet. Sparks sizzled out of its penetrated wound. Its computerized innards had been vaporized. Shocked onlookers helplessly watched as Jet Jaguar sank beneath the flooded streets of Tokyo.

Monster X howled manically. This new opponent was easier than the first that denied it! But it suddenly dawned on the bloodthirsty beast that if its new playmate was already destroyed, then its dismantling of Tokyo would become another boring conquest. Determined, Monster X waded to where Jet Jaguar had fallen. The murky waters stopped it from spotting its enemy’s corpse. Monster X dipped its hand into the water, touching only the solid road beneath.

Jet Jaguar jumped on Monster X from behind, wrapping its arm around the gruesome creature’s throat! A surprised grunt screeched out from the destroyer’s maw. It thrashed around, hoping to dislodge its unwanted passenger. But Jet Jaguar tightened its grip, applying enough strength to completely cut off the airflow to Monster X’s lungs. Only it soon became apparent that the living nightmare didn’t need oxygen to operate. Jet Jaguar felt Monster X clasp its demented claws around the robot’s arms. With unbelievable strength, the creature from the stars pulled the aspiring hero off its backside and hurled it into the closest building. The machine’s weight flattened the structure and those who were hiding in it.

Monster X proceeded to mercilessly rupture Jet Jaguar’s outer hull with a barrage of claw swipes. Sirens sounded off, alerting the defender of the situation it was in. Jet Jaguar tried shielding itself with its arms, but Monster X’s fists nearly shattered them. The robot had calculated that a few more devastating hits would bring about its demise. This alien’s fiendish power forced the mechanical marvel to play all its cards.

Both of Jet Jaguar’s hands managed to halt one of Monster X’s fists. Tendrils of golden light emitted out of the destroyer’s ruby orbs. It heralded the departure of its deadliest weapon, meaning the aspiring hero would have to act quickly. In a matter of seconds, it activated what it had up to that point never attempted to do. Jet Jaguar was a robot that had absolute control over its robotic body. Its inventor sought to grant his creation the ability to control its molecular structure. For years, Jet Jaguar had secretly been amassing knowledge. Its encyclopedic archives rivaled that of the greatest minds the world had ever known.

And yet, even the robot was skeptical. Until now.

The polarity of Jet Jaguar’s mass greatly increased. Jet Jaguar’s fingers rapidly extended. Its inner circuitry made the preparations necessary to meet these erratic changes. Monster X, surprised by this sudden occurrence, backed away. Its demonic eyes curiously watched its foe grow to twice its original size! At that point, Monster X stood up to Jet Jaguar’s waist.

The robot caught a glimpse of its reflection on the glassy exterior of a skyscraper. It was an unprecedented event. Atop Tokyo Tower, the reporter excitedly spoke into his microphone, explaining to his global audience about the robot’s sudden move. The cameraman captured every single second of this amazing battle. While both humans were hoping that Monster X would’ve retreated, it was not the case.

Monster X had never laid eyes on an entity larger than itself. The idea of retreating was a distant alternative in the abysmal mind of the alien. Instead, the cruel beast deemed Jet Jaguar a greater challenge. Bolts of gravitational light lanced out of its crimson eyes. The steel colossus shielded itself with its massive wrist, the gravity bolts ravaging the arm. It could not amputate it, but the destructive energies were able to splinter its metallic properties.

Jet Jaguar lost all sensation to its wrist. It fell to its side, dangling limply. A shower of sparks sprayed out of the injured arm. Even though the damage was immense, Jet Jaguar considered it a minor setback. In retaliation, the towering robot caught Monster X completely off guard. The defender lunged forward, ramming the invader with its shoulder. The physical force sent Monster X reeling to the diluted streets, a large splash accompanying its descent into the water.

But the battle was not over.

Monster X rose out of the contaminated waters. Rage invoked its unfathomable wrath. Gravitational light eagerly fluctuated out of its demonic eyes. The destructive energies warped the gravity of the area, forcing the waters to rise into thin air. Building debris was randomly dispersed in all directions. The demonic titan from the stars had searched the cosmos for a worthy challenger. But when an unworthy speck managed to topple its esteemed majesty, it would receive only death!

Jet Jaguar calculated its next action, but not even its advanced cybernetic mind could think fast enough to dodge Monster X’s wrath! Bolts of gravitational light streaked forth and harpooned the metallic sternum. Unlike its previous attacks, Monster X consistently fired a chaotic stream of force that tore the watery ground beneath it to shreds.

Not even the larger Jet Jaguar could withstand the intensity of Monster X’s power. The robot was helplessly blasted backwards, forcing its feet to engrave trenches in the submerged streets. It was a futile attempt to gain enough leverage to retain ground. But Jet Jaguar felt the mass of a skyscraper shatter against its back. Steel, glass and granite instantly fell apart. The miraculous machine had completely demolished a skyscraper within a second, and its unwanted ride wasn’t even over. Yet another skyscraper met its end by the reluctant robot. Then another was reduced to rubble.

Finally, Monster X’s demonic power faded and relinquished its hold over Jet Jaguar. The damaged robot bypassed the flooded streets as it fell into the earth. Alarm systems blared within the cerebral cortex of Jet Jaguar’s artificial mind. Its sturdy armor had prevented Monster X’s gravity beams from punching a hole straight through its body, but it had still penetrated the chest and fried the internal circuitry. Repairs could be made, but it would take time.

Time was not a luxury the killer of worlds granted.

Monster X stampeded across the district. Violent ripples unraveled the waters with every step it made. Buildings struggled to stand. But it was Jet Jaguar that was struggling to live. It knew that if Monster X scored another fatal blow, its journey at bringing greatness to its inventor and finding its place in the circle of life would be over. Instinctively, a trait which baffled Jet Jaguar’s calculative thought process, the robot sprinted away. Monster X increased its speed. The space between the two giants decreased.

Jet Jaguar realized its increased size was slowing it down. With every running step the giant machine took, the water kicked up high above its head. Cracks splintered the unseen earth, unloosening the grip nearby buildings had. This action only intensified as Monster X grew closer. It was then that Jet Jaguar was on a direct collision course for a hotel. It quickly scanned the structure, searching for life. It detected several humans. But, there was not enough time to divert its direction.

Sacrifices would have to be made.

Monster X thrusted its claw forward, intent on shattering Jet Jaguar’s back. But Jet Jaguar instantly shrunk its size! Monster X’s claw cleaved only a mirage of what was no longer there. A human sized Jet Jaguar flew straight into a hotel. Monster X immediately spotted its smaller foe and reacted. As the robot flew through a window and down a barren hallway, a monstrous hand dismantled the walls behind it! Only the hand did not postpone its demolishing process. Instead, it trailed Jet Jaguar, hoping to catch it in its palm and crush it utterly!

Fragments of splintered granite and glass accompanied the devilish claw. But Jet Jaguar flew fast enough to fly out the other side of the hotel, unscathed. Upon escaping the structure, it rapidly lunged upwards, while increasing its size. Jet Jaguar had reached its normal titanic size with only a few seconds to spare. It decisively placed its only functioning hand on the hotel’s rooftop, flipped backwards, and completely evaded Monster X from noticing its acrobatic stunt. While the cruel creature was busy tearing the heart of the hotel apart, Jet Jaguar made its presence known. After landing behind Monster X, the robot quickly clasped its hand on the alien’s unarmored elbow. All power was diverted to Jet Jaguar’s single working arm. Before its foe could react, the miracle machine applied enough pressure to break the demon’s bulky appendage!

An unfamiliar emotion invaded the consciousness of the demonic alien. It was an emotion that it enjoyed inflicting upon others, but never felt. Even when Ultraman slashed its face, it couldn’t feel the damage that had been dealt. It was wounded, yet the pain that normally accompanied injuries did not follow.

Monster X was stunned. Jet Jaguar backed away, expecting a brutal counterattack, but it was not given. Monster X merely turned around and inspected its lifeless arm. It then gazed at its enemy, realizing it too had a severed arm. What should’ve been a painful howl was in fact a fiendish laugh. Jet Jaguar tilted its head in surprise. It did not expect to hear laughter. In all the years of its wretched existence, who could’ve predicted that when Monster X felt pain for the very first time it would… laugh?

And what a horrible laugh it was. It was a sound that could only be described as the soothing lullaby of death incarnate. A chorus of dying jackals, melded with cackling crows, shaped the disturbing laughter of Monster X. Only a demon could laugh with such a maniacal tone. Jet Jaguar watched in a complete state of shock as Monster X reached for its broken arm and snapped it back into place. The skeletal joints immediately connected and regenerated the damage.

Monster X lashed out, grazing Jet Jaguar’s face with the swipe of its claw. The robotic hero’s toppling mass was caught by a skyscraper. It shook loose, but it supported the clinging robot. Jet Jaguar quickly scanned the building, sensing thousands of refugees. These people had nowhere else to go. Before the machine could react, it detected a disturbance in the air.

Gravity bolts spewed forth, bombarding Jet Jaguar. The artificial warrior could’ve avoided the projectiles, but it would’ve destroyed the building and its inhabitants. Chunks of metal were flayed from its foundations. Jet Jaguar released a digitized groan. Not even its dense armor could take anymore of this punishment.

Monster X repeatedly fired its gravity bolts. Every impact cost Jet Jaguar a piece of its body. From the dusty laboratory of its inventor, it had come. For so long, it yearned to be a hero. It never imagined that the price to pay would be its own existence. Yet sure enough, it was a price Jet Jaguar accepted.

But it was not to be.

Ultraman blindsided Monster X by hurtling his feet into the demon’s skull. Not even the destroyer of worlds could remain upright from such an impact. Monster X once again felt the damp depths of the flooded city. Its putrid smell failed to stir the beast. But the fact it had been physically dominated erased the pleasure it felt. Instead, Monster X leaped out of the water and levitated in midair. It spotted Ultraman standing between it and the wounded Jet Jaguar. Chasms of light sparkled wildly around Ultraman’s color timer. An inner light burned brightly, rivaling the intensity of the Sun. Such power could only be compared to that of a wielder of divinity.

Monster X scowled bitterly at its resurrected adversary. If it represented the darkness of life, it proudly accepted such a token of honor. Monster X harbored no morality, not even to its fellow comrades of bloodshed. It killed because it yearned for the chance to spill blood, be it innocent or tainted.

Jet Jaguar scanned the brave warrior that risked his life to save its own. Common sense allowed it to perceive Ultraman as an ally. Jet Jaguar’s scanners detected great power emanating from him. It was a prelude to Ultraman’s offensive strike. The robotic hero struggled to rise, eager to assist its comrade in battle. Its right arm hung uselessly at its side. Sparks and smoke flowed out of its wounds. Monster X’s power should’ve mutilated the robot, yet it still stood, fully operational. It had the option to increase its size and mass. In doing so, its strength would at least rival the intergalactic demon. But exchanging speed for strength was not a wise move. Jet Jaguar’s lifeless arm could vouch for that.

It appeared that an alliance was a necessity.

Ultraman peered at Monster X, knowing that the spawn of perdition wouldn’t hesitate to attack any longer. To prevent such an action, he crossed his arms, and had his right arm placed in a vertical position. Celestial energies spewed out of Ultraman’s vertically aligned hand, carbonizing Monster X’s grotesque head. An amalgam of sparks and light engulfed the nightmare’s upper body. Yet it silently stood, taking the full fury of Ultraman’s onslaught.

Monster X had indulged in Ultraman’s pitiful games long enough. Bolts of gravitational light rapidly flowed into the hero of the stars. Multiple explosions ruptured Ultraman’s armored figure, bringing him to his knees. Monster X sprinted at its downed foe, forcing the water to part in its wake. But before the warrior of light could be crushed, Jet Jaguar leaped in-between them, and blindsided the alien by plowing its metallic gauntlet straight into their foe’s lower jaw. Not even Monster X was able to remain standing. The impact of the strike unleashed a shockwave that shattered any window within a four mile radius.

Even the lens of the camera cracked. The live-feed was not disconnected, however. As the unfolding battle continued, the reporter informed the whole world of the unsaid alliance between the giant robot and humanoid fighter. Just then he received a report about the JSDF preparing to launch a missile strike on the alien creature recently identified as ‘Monster X’ for strict military purposes.

Jet Jaguar jumped on top of Monster X and pounded its submerged visage with a volley of fists. With every punch, gouts of water sprayed upwards. A fiendish claw shot out, impaling the metallic sternum. Jet Jaguar ceased its physical assault. It watched helplessly as the murky waters crackled with a golden-hued glow. Gravity bolts ensnared the wounded robot and sent it reeling into the closest building. Monster X levitated out of the water, instinctively drawn to Jet Jaguar. It reached out, determined to crush its mechanical skull with its bare hand. As it reached out, Ultraman chucked a shimmering shuriken into the destroyer’s arm. It struck in the area where Monster X’s skeletal carapace was not present.

Holy energies splintered through filthy flesh. It minced its elbow joint, completely robbing it of all sensation. Black blood and mangled muscles spurted out of the ravaged arm. An indescribable pain hollered out of Monster X’s jaws. At long last, this wretched beast discovered the true purpose of pain. It felt no pleasure of any kind.

Ultraman remedied the situation. He took up the same pose he had taken countless times to eradicate evil. Celestial light departed his vertical hand and tore into Monster X’s exposed injury. It shredded the demon’s arm, ripping it from its foundations. The demon’s severed arm dropped into the filthy waters, further tainting its makeup.

Monster X roared in frustration as it realized it had one arm left. The fact that it could not move that arm made the situation worse. It nonetheless focused its attention solely on Ultraman. Strands of golden light bolted out of Monster X’s eyes, delivering enough concussive force to topple the warrior of light. Ultraman’s fallen body fell upon an abandoned hotel. Jet Jaguar dazedly watched Monster X levitate out of the water. With its arms disabled, Monster X couldn’t resort to a physical confrontation. It had only its projectile at its disposal.

And it didn’t mind resorting to such an endeavor.

Jet Jaguar analyzed its condition. If its foe scored another direct hit, it would become obsolete, permanently. The robot configured the most suitable strategy. Only it involved Jet Jaguar retreating, leaving Ultraman to fight alone. If it chose such an undertaking, the longing to bring honor to the memory of its inventor would never come to pass. Choosing to ratify its first strategy, Jet Jaguar personally selected the alternative.

Streaks of shimmering gravity ruptured Ultraman’s body. A red blinking light emitted from his pearl-like gem, signifying the decline of his life force. Acknowledging this fact, Monster X took the necessary step to continue its onslaught. Golden bolts ravaged Ultraman, engraving smoldering holes in his wracked frame.

In areas not covered by water, military vehicles moved into position. Large metallic tubes, each harboring ballistic missiles, were strapped on top. Targeting computers focused on Monster X, awaiting confirmation from its human tacticians to fire.

Jet Jaguar rapidly shrunk its size. It had no intentions to see Ultraman die this day. After shrinking down to the size of a small bus, Jet Jaguar took flight, propelling itself to Monster X’s fearsome jaws. But the selfless act did not go unnoticed. The fiend ceased torturing Ultraman, preferring to focus on the robot. It concentrated on Jet Jaguar’s small size, readying its malevolent power.

A command was given.

Atop Tokyo Tower, the reporter and his cameraman heard a distant sound. It sounded like multiple gunshots, albeit louder. Monster X paid no heed to the rattling sound. It only desired Jet Jaguar’s destruction. But its lust for death blinded it from humanity’s intervention. Dozens of missiles sped closer to Monster X, planting their metallic tips into its armored hide. Balls of fire consumed multiple areas of Monster X’s figure. These conventional weapons failed to harm the demon, but the hypnotic glows of the explosions helped conceal Jet Jaguar as it entered Monster X’s mouth undetected. It proceeded to go down the foul throat, entering its sternum. Jet Jaguar was immune to the putrid smell, but the black fluids clogging its mechanical joints and staining its paint spoke louder than words.

A popular phrase among Mankind polarized the conception that beauty was in the inside, not the outside.

For Monster X, beauty was nonexistent both ways. It groaned erratically, sensing the intruder that invaded its insides. Ultraman watched on, recognizing Jet Jaguar’s intent, while also praying Monster X did not renew its attacks on him or anyone else. From within, Jet Jaguar’s size increased exponentially. It clasped the destroyer’s ribcage, holding on tight. As Jet Jaguar grew bigger, its space became smaller.

Monster X’s aggravating roar marked the beginning of the end. It felt its organs being pushed against its bones. Arteries were punctured, causing internal bleeding. Its black heart had been severed. Soon the brain could no longer relay commands to the body. Monster X’s cells could not repair the damage fast enough. Bones tore out of black flesh. Monster X writhed in pain, seeking death. Only in death would this pain stop.

Jet Jaguar’s pointed head broke out of the ravaged chest. In a savage display of strength, Jet Jaguar extended its arms and legs, rending Monster X in half. Both segregated parts fell into the contaminated waters, warping it with its putrid blood and vile makeup. The mechanical hero landed next to Ultraman. In unison, both examined Monster X’s torn configuration, knowing victory was at hand. Jet Jaguar offered the only functioning hand it had. After a slight pause, Ultraman grabbed it, cementing their newfound friendship.

In this land, new opportunities were being made everyday. But on the beginning of this day, two foreigners revealed themselves to the world. At the end of the day, they emerged as heroes.

Winner: Ultraman (Universal), Jet Jaguar (Showa)