Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert

The crew did some last minute system checks as Mechagodzilla neared its target. Once again the Earth was threatened by the combined forces of Seatopia and Star Hunter Nebula M, and it was discovered that they had constructed a base of operations on Birth Island, and had even begun work on a new Godzilla Tower. The UNGCC was uncertain as to why the allied invaders hadn’t protected their location better, but they were not about to ignore this opportunity. Thus, Mechagodzilla was launched to eliminate the threat.

Soon Birth Island was within sight and seconds later, so was the base. Getting itself into position, Mechagodzilla landed a few hundred yards away from the base. Bringing its weapons online, the mechanical titan opened fire with the Mega Buster. The rainbow colored blast hit the building and leveled it in a massive explosion. The incomplete Godzilla Tower soon followed.

The mechanical titan paused and surveyed the area. The mission was a success, but it was too easy. It was almost as if it was a…

Mechagodzilla was thrown backwards as the ground underneath it exploded. Something suddenly hit it from behind as it flew back, causing the machine to instantly topple onto its face.

Firing its rockets, it returned to its feet just in time to see Gigan land. Clanging his scythes together, the cyborg let out a shriek. Suddenly, the ground behind Mechagodzilla exploded into the air. The mighty machine turned around just in time to see Megalon rise from the ground. The monstrous beetle roared and waved his drill-like arms as if to say, “Come get some.”

Mechagodzilla rocketed towards Megalon, who braced for impact. Before the anti-kaiju mecha could attack, the beetle thrust his drills forward, gashing the robotic saurian in the chest and sending it staggering backwards. Gigan attacked next, leaping at Mechagodzilla, his scythes outstretched. This time the crew was able to react, firing the Mega Buster. The beam struck the metallic beast in the chest and blasted him out of the sky. Before he crashed to the ground, Gigan flapped his crimson wings and swooped down, landing on his feet.

Megalon attacked again, swinging his arms around and repeatedly striking Mechagodzilla. After a few blows, the machine was able to grab its foe’s arms. Activating its eye beams, Mechagodzilla let the yellow blasts hit Megalon right in the face. Shrieking in pain, the insect toppled to the ground. Gigan let out a screech and fired a blast from his visor. But the beam had the opposite effect, as he soon discovered when a port opened in his foe’s stomach, letting loose with a powerful Plasma Grenade blast. The massive golden beam hit Gigan directly in the chest, sending the cyborg rocketing backwards, unstopping until hitting a nearby mountain.

Megalon again pounced onto Mechagodzilla, hacking away at the machine’s back. Bending over, the robotic saurian fired up its booster rockets, the force of which sent Megalon crashing to the ground. Turning around, Mechagodzilla opened fire with its eye beams and Mega Buster. The Seatopian deity cried out as the beams washed over him repeatedly, flailing his arms and legs around. Megalon cried out again, and his limbs went limp. Mechagodzilla ceased firing its beams and raised its arms, powering up the Shock Anchor.

Gigan, meanwhile, had regained consciousness and got to his feet. Aiming his arms at Mechagodzilla, the avian alien launched his grappling hooks from the base of his scythes. Before the robotic saurian had a chance to fire the Shock Anchor, Gigan’s wires had wrapped around its legs. With a mighty tug, the alien weapon pulled the robot’s legs out from under it, and Mechagodzilla toppled face-first to the ground.

Megalon managed to rise and screech furiously. His cranial horn glowing, the insect fired several lightning bolts at the downed machine, each blast throwing sparks upon impact. Megalon followed up by spewing a ball of napalm from his mouth, showering Mechagodzilla with flames upon detonation. Gigan began to reel his grappling hooks in, dragging his foe towards him. The buzzsaw on Gigan’s chest began to whir.

Once again Mechagodzilla activated its booster rockets. The mechanical Godzilla immediately lifted into the air, pulling against Gigan’s wires. The cyborg screeched in frustration as he tried to keep Mechagodzilla in place. Megalon hopped up and down, clapping his drills as he watched his foe and his ally play tug of war with the grappling hook’s wires. The more Gigan pulled back, the more power his foe diverted to its rockets. Harder and harder they pulled, until the inevitable happened, and…


The wires snapped right in the middle. Gigan toppled onto his back while Mechagodzilla shot forward into the sky. Megalon rushed over to his ally in an attempt to help him get to his feet. Mechagodzilla was able to stay in the sky and land safely on its feet, facing its foes. With a digitized shriek, the mechanical defender fired the Plasma Grenade. The golden beam crashed into Gigan, then Megalon, knocking both monsters flat. When they tried to rise, the anti-kaiju mecha fired the Grenade again, sending them skidding across the ground.

Pressing its advantage, Mechagodzilla opened fire with its eye beams, Mega Buster, and paralyzer missiles. The quartet of weapons assaulted the two monsters again and again, engulfing them and the terrain in huge explosions. The two became shrouded in a huge cloud of smoke and dust as Mechagodzilla poured on the attacks. When the duo’s cries ceased, their attacker paused. The dust finally began to clear…

Shrieking wildly, Gigan flew directly over Mechagodzilla’s head. It turned, expecting to see the cyborg ready another attack. Instead it saw him, damaged, and in some areas on fire, flying off into the sky. Within moments, Gigan had disappeared. Mechagodzilla turned back to see what had become of Megalon, but all it saw was a large hole in the ground.

The machine stayed still for a moment, but no further attacks came. With a loud shriek, Mechagodzilla announced its victory. Taking to the sky, the machine returned to base, its mission a success.

Winner: Mechagodzilla (Heisei)