Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Landon Soto

With a strange, reverberating cry, the beast made its presence known. The monstrous ogre stomped through the dark streets of Tokyo, swiping at buildings as it went. For years he had been eclipsed by the likes of Godzilla and other kaiju. Gabara decided it was time to leave his own mark on humanity. He was intent on destroying Japan’s capital in its entirety and would not leave until it was reduced to rubble. Finally, he would be feared.

Glaring at the orange and white landmark, Gabara decided that the Tokyo Tower would be the next victim of his awesome might. His cranial horns glowing with power, he approached the massive tower…

It was then that he heard the roar. It was a sound he had never heard before, and it was filled with anger. Gabara turned around to face the creature that had made the sound.

He saw stars as the skyscraper connected with his face, and was knocked flat onto his back.

Roaring triumphantly, King Kong beat his chest with his hands. He had arrived with the intention of razing the city to the ground, only to find some frog-skinned creature already there. He would not stand for this; he would not let some other creature claim his city. Ready for battle, the god of Faro Island closed in.

In an instant, Gabara was on his feet. Screeching furiously, the monster warned his attacker to stay away. Kong’s response was a negative grunt, and he punched a rather large chunk out of a building with his fist as he passed it. Gabara saw this, and responded in kind. Coursing electricity down through his arm and into his fist, he also struck a building, but thanks to his added power, the structure completely exploded, sending debris everywhere. Though at first startled by his foe’s sparking hand, Kong was unfazed and went on the attack once again.

Gabara leapt towards him and met his foe half-way. The two creatures clashed violently, each trying to get a hold on the other. Kong’s fist flew upwards, striking Gabara right in the face and causing him to stagger. Gabara lashed out and kicked Kong in the shin, who responded by reaching to grasp his injured leg. Before Kong could stand back up, Gabara grabbed his head and struck it with his own, knocking Kong over onto his stomach. Quickly pressing the advantage, Gabara began kicking Kong in the stomach as hard as he could. The giant gorilla cried out each time the bully’s foot struck his gut and tried to rise, but Gabara’s attack made it impossible. Again and again Gabara kicked, each time drawing out a cry of pain from Kong.

Suddenly, Kong reached out and grabbed Gabara’s foot. With a powerful twist, Kong sent Gabara flying off his feet and careening into a nearby building. Kong got to his feet as the building collapsed around and onto Gabara, burying the emerald ogre with tons and tons of rubble. Just as quickly as he was covered, Gabara exploded out of the wreckage and lunged for Kong, clawing at the ape’s face. Kong was forced to back away to avoid his enemy’s attack, but he quickly advanced again, grasping one of Gabara’s flailing arms. With a mighty heave, Kong flipped Gabara clean over his shoulder and through the air. With a thunderous crash, Gabara collided with the ground.

Rolling onto his back, Gabara growled in both anger and frustration. This wasn’t how his attack on the humans was supposed to go at all. This monkey was proving to be a real pain. Gabara decided it was time to put an end to his interference.

His horns began to glow.

Getting to his feet, Gabara once again leapt towards Kong. The gorilla god swung his mighty fist towards Gabara, but this time he managed to avoid the attack. Acting quickly Gabara was able to reach out and grab Kong by the neck with both hands. In an instant, thousands upon thousands of volts of electricity flowed from Gabara’s horns, down through his arms, and into his hands. The electric power coursed into Kong’s body, crackling over his entire form. With a cry that sounded uncannily like laughter, Gabara knew he had won.

Suddenly, Kong let loose with a laugh of his own.

Effortlessly, Kong knocked Gabara’s arms away from him, and let loose with a powerful punch to Gabara’s face. Sparking with electricity, Gabara was sent flying onto his back. Gabara panicked – did his greatest weapon just make his foe stronger?

Kong was on Gabara in an instant, hammering away at the creature’s feline face with his now supercharged fists. Despite his attempts, Gabara couldn’t block the gorilla’s assault, and was struck again and again, getting electrified with each blow. Kong suddenly rose from Gabara, and grabbed the ogre’s legs. With a powerful toss, Kong sent Gabara flying through the air. The beast crashed into a series of warehouses, reducing them all to rubble. Dizzy and bleeding, Gabara didn’t even have a chance to fully rise before Kong grabbed and tossed him again, this time by his head. This time when Gabara hit the earth, he didn’t get up so quickly.

He never got the chance, either, as Kong pounced upon him once again, and once again began pummelling the ogre in the face. Again and again Kong struck when suddenly, Gabara grabbed a nearby car and smashed it into the gorilla’s face. The ensuing explosion was enough to make Kong fall from his foe, allowing Gabara to get to his feet. His face bleeding freely now, Gabara began to run as fast as he could.

By the time Kong had regained his wits and made sure his fur wasn’t on fire, Gabara was too far to bother chasing. Kong decided to let him go, and grunted in satisfaction. The ogre should’ve known better than to mess with the King. Beating his chest triumphantly, Kong let out a cry of victory. He then turned his attention back to Tokyo, and wondered where he could find a blonde…

Winner: King Kong (Showa)