Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert

It was a quiet day on Monster Island. Zilla had found an area on the island to call his own and had decided to build a nest. He immediately began to dig a large ditch in the ground but before too long he heard a loud, screeching roar. The mutant lizard looked up to see Gorosaurus growling at him. Gorosaurus was angry – this was his territory. The allosaur raised his head and roared into the sky, then charged. Zilla roared in retaliation and dodged the dinosaur’s attack. Gorosaurus ran past the ditch, but turned and roared at the intruder. The mutant roared at his attacker, letting him know he had no intention of backing down. The allosaurus nodded approvingly. He’d been hoping for a fight. The two reptiles charged.

In mid-charge, Zilla leapt into the air, soaring high over Gorosaurus. The oversized dinosaur turned to face Zilla as he landed and charged again. The mutant lashed out with his claws, slashing Gorosaurus’ face. The allosaurus roared angrily as blood dripped from the slashes. Zilla prepared to attack again, but Gorosaurus reared back onto his tail and let loose with a powerful kangaroo kick, sending Zilla flying backwards and into a pile of boulders. The giant reptile clutched one of the rocks in his claws and tossed it at Gorosaurus, bouncing it off the dinosaur’s snout. Slightly stunned by the blow, Gorosaurus allowed Zilla to return to his feet and pounce. The two beasts toppled to the ground, with Zilla screaming at his foe, demanding he stand down. Gorosaurus roared his defiance and lashed out with his legs, sending Zilla crashing to the ground once again.

Gorosaurus rose to his feet and advanced, but Zilla was not without tricks of his own. Spinning around, he whipped the dinosaur’s legs with his tail, causing his foe to stagger. Then he unleashed a powerful burst of gas from his mouth, causing Gorosaurus to take a step backwards. With his foe distracted, Zilla immediately began tunneling into the earth. Before Gorosaurus could stop him, he disappeared into the soil. The allosaurus immediately began scanning the area for any sign of his opponent. He sniffed the air but could not pick up the creature’s scent. Suddenly, the ground behind Gorosaurus exploded as Zilla emerged, leaping high into the air as he went. Landing on Gorosaurus’ tail, he drew a cry of pain from the dino-beast and sank his claws into Gorosaurus’ back. The theropod shook violently as he tried to dislodge his foe.

Zilla withdrew his claws, and as Gorosaurus turned to face his foe, Zilla lashed out, his maw open wide. Snapping his jaws shut, the mutant beast bit down on his opponent’s snout, drawing blood. Gorosaurus shrieked out as Zilla’s teeth pierced his flesh. He tried shaking him loose, but that only worsened the bites. Despite all of Gorosaurus’ hollering, Zilla kept his hold. In a last-ditch attempt to free himself, Gorosaurus simply dropped to the ground. The ploy worked, wrenching his snout free from the iguana’s mouth. When Zilla bent down to attack again, Gorosaurus reached over and bit Zilla’s leg. He reared his head back and cried out in pain.

Gorosaurus released his toothy grip and rolled onto his back, again lashing out with his powerful legs. The blow staggered Zilla backwards, allowing Gorosaurus to rise to his feet. As he readied himself to strike again, Gorosaurus tasted blood. His blood. This was unacceptable.

Just as Zilla was about to reach him, Gorosaurus reared back and landed a kangaroo kick to Zilla’s face. The mutated reptile crashed to the ground, but before he could regain his bearing, Gorosaurus was upon him, locking his jaws onto his neck. Zilla began to panic, striking out wildly at Gorosaurus with his claws. The allosaurus grunted in pain as he felt his foe’s claws slashing his neck and torso, drawing even more of the predator’s blood, but this time it did not concern him. He had to focus on the task at hand. Keeping his jaws in their deathgrip, Gorosaurus readied his neck muscles, and then…


Zilla’s lifeless form went limp. Gorosaurus opened his mouth and let the deceased kaiju slump to the ground. Roaring victoriously into the heavens, Gorosaurus let everyone within hearing range know of his power. He began feasting upon his latest kill.

Winner: Gorosaurus