Author: Kenneth James | Banner: Christian Salabert

[Continued from Match 95]

Godzilla led Rodan, Anguirus, and Gabara – against the ogre’s will – towards Tokyo. Already visible above the city was the Vortaak Mothership, the Xilien Mothership floating nearby as well, much to Godzilla’s surprise. The King of the Monsters hadn’t expected such an alliance to ever occur. The aliens who invaded the Earth, his territory, were often solo attacks with no connections between them. Before he could march forwards, the sea floor before him burst open, sending the Monster King falling backwards into the surf. He quickly arose from the water to see the colossal form of Megalon make himself known. The huge cockroach-like being clashed his drills together in threat and let out a loud roar of challenge.

Godzilla was about to roar in return, but Gabara suddenly jumped in front, roaring and ready to fight, surprising Godzilla, Rodan, and Anguirus. He looked at Godzilla and patted his chest, telling him Megalon would be his opponent. Godzilla, though confused, nodded and roared, inviting Anguirus and Rodan to follow him towards Tokyo to intercept the invaders.

Gabara wasn’t entirely certain why he’d jumped at the opportunity to pound the Seatopian deity to a pulp, but for some reason, he felt like he owed Megalon a beatdown. Sure, Gabara felt that way about a lot of monsters. Being a bully was just his nature. But for some reason, the very sight of Megalon infuriated him. It felt as if they’d fought before and that fight ended without a true winner, but to his knowledge, they’d never met before… Gabara didn’t really care and wanted to vent this unknown anger by beating Megalon’s face into mush.

Megalon, having been sent by his masters to help in the invasion, ignored Gabara and turned to try and strike Godzilla in the back. This was a big mistake, as it gave Gabara the opportunity to come up behind him and wrap one arm around his head, taking the other and beating away at Megalon’s skull. The beetle beast screeched in surprise as this happened and tried to break free, only for Gabara to electrify his fist and grind it into Megalon’s forehead, humiliating and hurting the guardian of Seatopia.

Finally, Megalon bashed Gabara in the back with one of his drills, knocking him forwards. The simpleminded kaiju was now enraged and ignored his original orders so he could take out his rage on Gabara. Charging lightning into his horn, he sent out a powerful electrical beam, striking the toad-like brute in the back. Screeching in pain, the heinous beast jumped, patting the point of impact to try and make the stinging pain stop. Now mad, Gabara spun around, roaring in fury. As Megalon tried to fire another attack, the wart-covered cretin leapt forwards, tackling the insectoid brute into the water. Megalon roared in pain as the water shorted out the electrical blast, shocking himself with his own attack. Gabara quickly wailed on the Seatopian deity with his fists, each earning a loud screech. His strategy was quite simple: Hit Megalon until he stopped moving. It was a sound strategy.

Megalon finally retaliated with a sphere of napalm from his mouth, which exploded in Gabara’s face, sending the brutish monster screeching in surprise as he toppled backwards, clutching his face in pain. Megalon rose to his feet, charging forwards and bashing the ogre in the head with his drill-like arms repeatedly. Gabara, after taking a few blows and becoming slightly dazed, managed to catch one of the attacks. Electricity crackled through his hand and into the metal arm, electrocuting the deity through his own weapon. Megalon quickly jumped backwards, screeching in pain as he shook his arm to try to recover from the shock. The warty toad quickly got back to his feet and charged. The insect-like kaiju prepared to block, only for Gabara to stop short and drive his thumb into the enlarged compound eye. Screeching in pain, Megalon staggered back, shaking his head to try and clear his vision. Gabara capitalized by grabbing the long, star-shape horn, rearing back and driving his head into Megalon’s.

Both monsters staggered back, shaking their heads. Gabara clutching his skull, not having thought his attack through. However, to his pleasure, he had managed to inflict more damage on Megalon than on himself, busting the giant insect’s forehead open, yellow blood trickling out. Gabara screeched in glee and charged, trying to punch Megalon in the jaw, but the guardian monster fired another napalm bomb, striking the brute in the chest, sending him reeling back. The rhinoceros beetle charged forwards and stabbed the toad-like fiend in the shoulder with his drill, drawing a small trickle of blood. He then bashed Gabara with his drills, dazing him. Before the greenish beast could recover, he was sent falling backwards with a blast of horn lightning. As the bully-like kaiju tried to rise, Megalon blasted him several more times with his horn lightning, shocking him badly. The enormous beetle leapt on him, pounding away with his drill hands, making sure not to let himself be caught again. Gabara, realizing he was in dire straits, grabbed Megalon’s legs and shocked him to drive him back.

Gabara got to his knees as Megalon tried to swing his arms down on his head and brought up his arm, hitting Megalon right in the groin. The insect beast screeched in agony, falling to his knees, allowing Gabara to punch him in the jaw, breaking off some of the teeth-like projections on his mandibles. Before Megalon could recover, Gabara grabbed his horn and rammed the guardian’s head into his knee cap repeatedly, enlarging the cut on the insect’s head. The Seatopian guardian reeled backwards from the impact and tried to counterattack with another napalm bomb, but Gabara managed to dodge. He prepared an electrified punch in retaliation, but for some reason felt that wouldn’t be a good idea, once again experiencing a strange feeling that this had happened before. This hesitation resulted in Megalon shooting another napalm bomb. Gabara managed to catch it and realized it, screeching in surprise. Knowing it would go off any second, he threw it back, to his surprise, right into Megalon’s mouth!

Gabara quickly covered the segmented mandibles so he couldn‘t spit the bomb back out, causing the bomb to explode inside. Roaring in agony, Megalon ran in circles, smoke pouring from his maw and fire burning his insides. After getting a good laugh from the comical sight, Gabara ran forwards and grabbed Megalon by the head, electrocuting the giant insect and not relenting. After several minutes, leaving the head blackened, Megalon was released, battered and badly hurt. Angered that he was being humiliated as he was, the Seatopian deity revved up his drill and prepared to impale Gabara’s head.

Screeching in surprise, Gabara ducked, causing Megalon to miss. The dual drilled beast kept trying to stab his drill hands into Gabara, who dodged as quickly as he could. In his panic, Gabara threw a blind punch as hard as he could to try and stop the infuriated Megalon. His fist made contact with something hard and the attacks suddenlyn stopped. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw the drill inches from his face. Gulping, Gabara looked up at his opponent, seeing his fist had nailed him right in the temple. After a few moments, Megalon fell backwards into the surf.

Gabara looked down at Megalon, waving a hand in front of his face. Getting no response, he kicked Megalon in the side. Realizing he’d knocked Megalon out cold, Gabara laughed and roared in victory. He then remembered the others were ahead and turned, seeing Godzilla locked in battle with another foe nearby. Gabara did not want to make the Monster King angry at him. He’d gotten his butt kicked more than enough times for that.

Gabara turned and headed forwards, leaving an unconscious Megalon floating in Tokyo Bay.

Winner: Gabara

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles