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“You primitive insects are no threat to us,” droned the cold, emotionless voice of the being once known as Dr. Ted Hoffman. His once-human body hovered above the floor, now segmented and insect-like. His cold, dead eyes stared at the viewscreen before him. “And neither is your bladed beast. Our cyborg will make short work of yours, and then you will have only one option: Surrender to us or die.”

The being he was addressing did not find his ultimatum amusing.

“Enemy of the peace!” replied the young, human-like face of the Star Hunter Nebula M Chairman, pointing a finger at Hoffman. “Our plans have been in motion for some time now, and we will not let some foolish mutations stand in our way! Gigan will destroy your cyborg, and then you as well! And then we’ll see who surrenders to whom!”

“This conversation bores me,” Dr. Hoffman said. He waved his insect arm and a moment later his viewscreen deactivated, cutting off communication between the two aliens.

Thousands of miles away, two cybernetic organisms, both brought to life by technology from beyond the stars, approached each other. The Cedar Point Amusement Park, normally a locale of fun and laughter, was about to suffer the wrath of two warring alien empires. The ground shook as Cyber Godzilla rushed towards the point programmed into his circuits by his alien masters, every footstep threatening to topple the nearby roller coasters.

Moments later, a high-pitched shriek pierced the air as Gigan swooped down, dropping from the air and touching down on his feet. The tremors from his landing succeeded where Cyber Godzilla had failed, leveling a few of the smaller structures and rides. Striking a pose with his arms, brandishing the scythes they ended with, Gigan was ready to fight. Throwing his arms open wide and letting loose with a fierce, synthesized roar, Cyber Godzilla was equally ready. The two cyborgs stood there for a moment, awaiting their orders.

The order was given.

Cyber Godzilla immediately opened fire with missiles from the launchers housed on his dorsal fins. The projectiles blasted Gigan in the chest, knocking him back. The winged creature screeched, firing a blast of his Cluster Light Ray. Cyber Godzilla charged forward, ignoring the explosions going off around him. Leaping up through the air, the cybernetic Godzilla tackled Gigan feet first, sending him crashing into the Top Thrill Dragster. The towering roller coaster, second largest in the world, was instantly crushed beneath the two behemoths, sending metal shrapnel scattering everywhere. As Gigan tried to escape from the broken, twisted rails, Cyber Godzilla leapt onto his chest, biting and clawing at his face.

Freeing his left arm, Gigan swung it up and slammed the side of it into Cyber Godzilla’s head, knocking him aside. Just as the Nebulan cyborg managed to wrench himself free from the wreckage, Cyber Godzilla attacked again, this time unleashing an atomic ray from his mouth. The blue blast struck Gigan in the gut, charring the plating on his chest. Gigan shrieked and swung his scythe at the reptile’s head, intent on cleaving it in two, but Cyber Godzilla was too fast, easily dodging the slice and leaping away from the Hunter M cyborg.

By the time Gigan had turned around, Cyber Godzilla was already a good distance away, roaring at his foe, daring him to come and get him. The avian machine eagerly obliged, swinging his bladed arms around as he charged the cybernetically reanimated corpse. As Gigan approached, Cyber Godzilla hunched down and fired more missiles from his dorsal fins. Some of them were knocked away by Gigan’s scythes, but most of them detonated against his torso, eliciting chirps of anger with every explosion.

Nearing the cybernetic Godzilla, the heinous droid raised his right arm into the air and prepared to bring it down on his head, but the cyborg was quick to respond, unleashing his atomic ray and blasting the Nebulan champion directly in the face. His visor sparked, the leathery blue machine stumbled backwards, crossing his scythes over his face. A moment later, Gigan was slammed face-first into the pavement as Cyber Godzilla leapt onto his back and began tearing at his wings, shredding their crimson membranes. Gigan shrieked and struggled as he tried to dislodge the Leviathan cyborg, but Cyber Godzilla would not let go, tearing his claws through Gigan’s wings. While there was still enough of his wings left to use, the cybernetic fowl tried to take to the air. The motion caused Cyber Godzilla to lose his footing and topple off Gigan’s back, allowing the bird-like creature to rise into the sky.

Cyber Godzilla tilted his head upward as he watched the blue armored menace circle him above. He launched missiles into the air, trying to hit his airborne foe, but Gigan was too fast, easily avoiding them. Suddenly, he swooped down, diving directly at Cyber Godzilla. Taken by surprise, the mechanical Godzilla reacted too late, allowing Gigan to gash his whirring buzzsaw against the top of the cyborg’s head, sparks flying as the saw met the armor plating protecting the reptile’s skull. As Cyber Godzilla howled in pain, Gigan approached from the side, slicing the lizard’s neck and sending the cyborg crashing to the ground.

Landing a few meters away, the Nebulan machine shot off another burst of his Cluster Light Ray, surrounding Cyber Godzilla with explosions. As the zombified cyborg writhe about, Gigan held out his arm and fired his grappling cables, lassoing them tightly around the cyborg lizard’s throat. The bird-like automaton reeled his cables in and dragged his opponent through the amusement park debris. Once Cyber Godzilla was within reach, Gigan gave slack to his cables once again and kicked his foe hard in the gut, sending him hurtling through the air until the cables tugged hard on his throat, bringing him harshly down to earth. Reeling Cyber Godzilla in again, Gigan chirped with evil glee, firing up his trusty buzzsaw once more.

As he was pulled along the ground, Cyber Godzilla found one of the rails of the Top Thrill Dragster in his claws. Rising up to his feet, he slammed it down onto Gigan’s face, bashing his visor. The Nebulan beast staggered back, momentarily blinded by Cyber Godzilla’s sudden attack. The reptilian cyborg ran around behind Gigan, pulling the grappling cables against the blades of his buzzsaw and slicing through them, effectively freeing the cybernetic Godzilla. As Gigan turned to face his foe, his chest was struck by an atomic blast, knocking him backward.

With his foe distracted, the reptilian zombie charged and leapt into the air, ready to force him to the ground once again. But Gigan was ready for the tactic this time. As soon as Cyber Godzilla was within reach, the blue machine bent down and brought his tail forward. Snatching Cyber Godzilla’s snout in the clawed, metallic clamp his tail ended in, he used the momentum from his foe’s leap and sent him soaring into the air, crashing down hard. Gigan turned and laughed at his opponent’s suffering as Cyber Godzilla struggled to regain his wits and get back to his feet, only to collapse back to the ground. Marching up to the fallen cyborg, Gigan gave him another hard kick, sending him skidding across the pavement. Flaming debris was sent flying through the air as Gigan nailed Cyber Godzilla with another Cluster Light Ray blast, withdrawing an injured cry.

Weakly, Cyber Godzilla managed to lift himself to his feet and snarl at Gigan. The scythe-armed cyborg responded by opening twin compartments in his chest and shooting off dual razor discs, sending them hurtling at Cyber Godzilla. The reptile managed to avoid the first, but wasn’t as lucky with the second. Briefly throwing sparks, the disc hit its target, sending Cyber-Godzilla’s mechanical arm crashing to the ground.

The lifeless green eyes of Dr. Hoffman stared in disbelief at the scene unfolding on his viewscreen.

“Gigan is defeating our cyborg?!”

But despite the damage he was sustaining, Cyber Godzilla was only down, not out.

Turning to face Gigan, the reptilian cyborg roared fiercely and charged, surprising his foe. Gigan swiped his right scythe at the approaching Cyber Godzilla, who easily avoided the attack, leaping clear over the head of the fowl machine. As the bird-like cyborg turned to face his opponent, he was caught completely off guard as Cyber Godzilla lunged forward, tackling Gigan to the ground and sinking his fangs into the alien creature’s neck, actually piercing his metallic skin. The shrieking cry of the Nebulan warrior became warped as the cybernetic Godzilla tore into his throat, sending chunks of armor plating and circuitry falling to the ground.

Just as it seemed that Cyber Godzilla would bite his way completely through the neck of his foe, he was suddenly struck in the head by one of the scythes, sending him careening to the ground. Cyber Godzilla got back to his feet just in time to watch Gigan do the same, his head bobbing up and down as it tried to sit on a neck that was no longer complete. Gigan’s beak opened as he tried to shriek at his foe, but no sound came out. Striking a pose with his arms, Gigan stepped forward, ready to finish his foe before he became damaged any further.

Cyber Godzilla’s eyes narrowed as Gigan approached. Bending down, he sent a volley of missiles at the cyborg. Before Gigan could react, they all detonated inside his open throat, destroying what was left of his neck and sending his head toppling to the ground with a thud. As the headless body began to fall, Cyber Godzilla marched up to the cyborg’s severed head. He watched for a moment as his foe’s beak and mandibles twitched. Roaring fiercely, Cyber Godzilla unleashed his atomic ray, roasting Gigan’s head until it was charred black.

Looking around, Cyber Godzilla scanned what was left of Cedar Point, awaiting further instructions from his masters.

Winner: Cyber Godzilla

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles