Official Continuity Registry

Hello new user or long time fan of the K.W.C. and welcome to the Official K.W.C. Continuity Registry. Essentially, you may have noticed certain storylines or plot threads carried over from one match to another. Well, the answer to how far a certain storyline reaches can be answered here! Storylines, arcs and different universes are broken down below:

Listing Guidelines:

  • Each match is numbered in order of appearance from 1 onward.
  • If a match in a series is not created by the original writer, it is placed between the two corresponding matches in the list with a Roman Numerals in italics.
    • Example – 4, I, 5
  • If multiple. non-official sequels occur then it will be listed in order of appearance via Roman Numerals.
    • Example – 4, I, II, III, 5
  • Groups of Matches may be grouped into “Arcs” which feature one cohesive or ongoing storyline. This will be in italic and have a short description to describe the ongoing actions.


Bagan X Everyone Series:

Predestined Road to Destruction (1-5) – A collection of battles recorded long ago, recounting the tales of monsters great and tall–long before the advent of Bagan.

Bagan Vs. Everyone Arc (6-8) – An ancient draconic being of godly power awakens to the universe’s dismay, resulting in every monster challenging his newly claimed reign. 

Bagan Vs. Everyone: Fallout (9) – Bagan’s clash still haunts the planet, causing those who survived the battle to deal with the devastating consequences.  

  1. Match 13: Anguirus (Showa) vs. Kumasogami
  2. Match 15: Legion vs. Destoroyah vs. Desghidorah
  3. Match 14: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Gamera (Heisei)
  4. Match 38: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Ultraman (Universal) vs. King Kong (Showa) vs. Gamera (Heisei)
  5. Match 27: Kumasogami vs. Battra
  6. Match 50: Monster X vs. Bagan
  7. Match 51: Bagan vs. Everyone
  8. Match 56: Bagan vs. Everyone – Fallout
    1. Match 68: Bagan vs. Orochi (Heisei) vs. Utsuno Ikusagami
    2. Match 143: Destoroyah vs. Bagan
  9. Match 79: SpaceGodzilla vs. Grand King Ghidorah
    1. Match 89: Zone Fighter vs. Godzilla (Heisei) & Monster X
    2. Match 125: Grand King Ghidorah vs. Ultraman (Universal)
    3. Match 166: Bagan vs. Hedorah (Showa)
    4. Match 277: Gigan (Universal) & Megalon vs. Destoroyah vs. Gomora


The Monarch Scientists Expedition Series:

Prologue (1) – With the reveal of Monarch after the disaster in Hawaii and San Francisco, Monarch has had to rush further into their studies and searching of the now revealed giant lifeforms known as Titans in the world. With a new lead in the Bagan region of Myanmar, Monarch sends one of their higher level researchers, Shinichi Yamane, to inspect this area for leads on Titans yet undiscovered by man.

Sergio Island Expedition Arc (2-5) – Following rumors of Titan sightings near the island of Sergio alongside the various legends recorded by the natives of the past, Doctor Miya and his assistant Saki, a descendant of the ancient Sergio Islanders, set off with an expedition to research potential Titan Activity. Danger lurks however, as secrets and myths from the island start to reveal themselves, with dangerous entities slowly awakening.

  1. Match 313: Bagan vs King Ghidorah (Legendary)


Dogora Series:

  1. Match 153: Dogora vs. Mothra Leo
    1. Match 206: Bagan, Battra & Kumasogami vs. Dogora
  2. Match 215: Dogora vs. Colossal Titan


GodzillaWolf Series:

Alien Invasion Arc (1-?) – Godzilla’s greatest alien adversaries unite to bring the world under their heel, but they soon find that the Earth’s monsters are not as divided as once thought.

  1. Match 93: Mechagodzilla (Heisei) & Gigan (Universal) vs. Kiryu & Ultraman (Universal)
  2. Match 95: Monster X & Orga vs. Godzilla (Heisei), Godzilla Junior & Rodan (Heisei)
  3. Match 132: Gabara vs. Megalon – Round 2
  4. Match 136: Krystalak vs. Jet Jaguar (Showa)
  5. Match 138: Obsidius vs. Mothra (Heisei) & Battra
  6. Match 140: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Obsidius


Godzilla X Hedorah Series:

  1. Match 81: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Hedorah (Showa)
  2. Match 121: Kiryu vs. Hedorah (Showa)


Greyshot151 Series:

Xilien Invasion Arc (1-5) – Hoping to unleash a creature with near immortality, the Xiliens gather forces to invade New York; meanwhile, H.E.A.T. member Nick Tatopoulos discovers his own mystery in the pacific and the J.S.D.F. find a weapon long thought lost, forcing Akane Yashiro to return to active service. 

Winter’s Wrath Arc (6-10) – Freed after the Xilien incursion of New York, Cameron Winter sets his sights on vengeance and power, corrupting everyone and everything to attain his lofty goals. H.E.A.T., Zone Fighter, Godzilla and more are dragged into his deranged actions, setting the stage for a dramatic clash with the world in the balance.  

Cataclysm of the Monsterverse Arc (11-15) – Two tears in space and time ripple above the ruined island where Cameron Winter’s vengeance proved bittersweet, forcing Audrey Timmonds to venture forth and attempt to save Nick Tatopoulos. But this new realm contains its own history and dangers where Legendary titans roam and even greater clashes may endanger the Earth.

Cataclysm of the Titanverse Arc (16-20) – As Audrey Timmonds searches for Nick Tatopolous in a universe of legendary monsters, Monique Dupre leads another team in search of Zilla through the other tear. The new world is filled with ravenous humanoid titans bent on consuming all life; a plague brought about by a man named Kubal, whose menace enshrouds the planet with a colossal grip.

Cataclysm of the Gods Arc (21-33) – Legendary creatures have entered from the dimensional tears, but the world continues blissfully ever forward as all try to find their new purpose. While human and kaiju alike savor peace, a primordial evil frozen for eons, stirs from his cells of ice. A prophecy is born. Human and kaiju alike begin to fall into death’s embrace. Can the strength to combat such divine power be found, or will the Earth become barren: a perfect world?

  1. Match 135: Godzilla (Heisei), Godzilla Junior, Anguirus & Gabara vs. Iris
  2. Match 137: Jet Jaguar (Showa) vs. Ebirah (Universal)
  3. Match 146: Zilla & Jet Jaguar (Showa) vs. Gaira (Showa) vs. Gyaos (Heisei)
  4. Match 151: Kiryu vs. Desghidorah
  5. Match 164: Zilla & Kiryu vs. Megalon, Gigan (Universal), Monster X & Orga
    1.  Match 116: C-Rex vs. Ebirah (Universal)
  6. Match 167: Cyber Godzilla vs. C-Rex
  7. Match 177: Zone Fighter vs. C-Rex & Cyber Godzilla
  8. Match 184: Zone Fighter vs. Legion
  9. Match 198: Krystalak vs. Rodan (Heisei)
  10. Match 200: Cataclysm of Winter
    1. Match 144: Battra vs. Titanosaurus
    2. Match 161: Rodan (Heisei) vs. Dagahra
  11. Match 211: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. MUTO vs. Skullcrawler vs. Mechani-Kong & Orga
  12. Match 225: Legion vs. Mechagodzilla (Heisei) vs. Grand King Ghidorah
  13. Match 245: Mothra Leo vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah vs. Megaguirus
  14. Match 263: Ultraseven vs. Zone Fighter
  15. Match 275: Cataclysm of the Monsterverse
  16. Match 311: King Ghidorah (Heisei) vs. Zone Fighter vs. Ganimes, Gezora & Kamoebas (Showa)
  17. Match 315: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Colossal Titan
  18. Match 375: Zone Fighter vs. Colossal Titan
  19. Match 387: Gabara vs. Gomora vs. Gyaos (Heisei)


Dimensional Earths Saga:

Shin Earth Arc (1-X) A subsidiary of the Greyshot Series, the Dimensional Earths Saga explores the apocalyptic universes opened by SpaceGodzilla from Match 200. Learn as the forbidden secrets of dying worlds are unveiled, all pointing to a gloomy, inevitable end. The question remains: will there be victory? Or will something worse spawn in its place?

  1. Match 211: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. MUTO vs. Skullcrawler vs. Mechani-Kong & Orga
  2. Match 275: Cataclysm of the Monsterverse
  3. Match 344: King Ghidorah (Legendary) vs. MUTO


Orga X Mothra Series:

  1. Match 102: Orga vs. Motha (Heisei)
  2. Match 179: Battra & Mothra Leo vs. Orga


MoarCrossovers Series:

The Road to Cataclysm Arc (1-10) – The great defenders of Earth are drawn together by the call of a mysterious force, but differences in beliefs and natures push the boundaries of trust. In the background of these trials, an evil beyond time plays its shadow war across the globe through the sin and greed of Man, and if not stopped, will ensure that all paths of the future lead to the way of global destruction.

  1. Match 252: Ultraman (Universal) vs. Kamacuras (Universal) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Kumonga (Universal)
  2. Match 259: Bemular vs. Godzilla (Legendary)
  3. Match 339: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Ultraman (Universal)
  4. Match 372: Ultraseven vs. Mechani-Kong


Monster X Versus Series:

  1. Match 64: Monster X vs Gorosaurus
    1. Match 158: Gorosaurus vs. Varan
  2. Match 154: Monster X vs Gabara
  3. Match 175: Godzilla (Heisei), Anguirus (Showa) & Rodan (Heisei) vs. Monster X


Mothra X Hedorah Series:

  1. Match 21: Mothra (Heisei) vs. Hedorah (Showa)
  2. Match 217: Mothra (Heisei) vs. Hedorah (Showa): Round 2


Seatopia & Space Hunter Nebula M X The Garoga Army Series:

  1. Match 145: Megalon vs. Zandora
  2. Match 195: Megalon & Gigan (Universal) vs. Jikiro, Spyler & Wargilgar


Tomzilla Series:

  1. Match 83: King Kong (Showa) vs. Zilla vs. Ebirah (Universal) vs. Hedorah (Showa)
  2. Match 108: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Dogora
  3. Match 130: Kiryu & Zilla vs. Orga
  4. Match 133: Mechani-Kong vs. Baragon (Universal), Kumonga (Universal), Titanosaurus & Gigan (Universal)
  5. Match 150: Godzilla (Heisei), Gamera (Heisei), Zilla, Mothra Leo & Jet Jaguar (Showa) vs. Iris, Gyaos (Heisei) & Dagahra


“Super Heroes” Series:

  1. Match 25: Ultraman & Jet Jaguar (Showa) vs. Monster X
  2. Match 40: King Caesar vs. Jet Jaguar (Showa)


“Bumbling Buffoonery” Series:

  1. Match 23: Gabara vs. King Kong (Showa)
  2. Match 30: Gabara vs. Megalon
  3. Match 35: Anguirus (Showa) vs. Red King
  4. Match 41: Red King vs. Gabara


Vincent Rodger Series:

Titanic Paradox Arc (1-?) – When the Futurians manage to grab the corpse of their clone of King Ghidorah after his brutal showdown with Godzilla, Emmy is forced to find another ally to bring back in time and protect the world from her former colleges for the future of this altered timeline that they themselves created.

  1. Match 301: Attack Titan & Ultraman (Universal) vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah
  2. Match 317: Attack Titan vs. Rodan (Legendary) vs. Kiryu
  3. Match 370: Siege of Skull Island
  4. Match 390: Impact of Tokyo’s Future
  5. Match 398: Anguirus (Showa), Godzilla® (Showa), Godzilla® Junior, Gaira (Showa), Sanda & Utsuno Ikusagami vs. Desghidorah


The Showa Alternate Universe Series:

Villainous Arc (1-?) – It has been only a few months since the duel between Mothra and Godzilla, the nuclear behemoth returning to exact his vengeance upon the country. King Ghidorah never arrives, changing the course of Earth’s history. Will Godzilla continue on the path of destruction and hate? Or will the course of history go back on course?

  1. Match 331: Frankenstein vs. Godzilla (Showa)


Xilien X Futurian Series:

  1. Match 18: Gigan (Universal) vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei)
  2. Match 129: Gigan (Universal) vs. Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah


Godzilla vs. Bagan Series:

  1. Match 190: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Bagan
    1. Match 399: Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Bagan – Round 2


Sora no Daikaiju Saga:

With the downfall of King Ghidorah in Boston, Godzilla has cemented his place as Earth’s unquestionable ruler—but even kings can make discoveries they shouldn’t have. In his bid to inspect a strange phenomenon amid the ruins of Janjira, the Alpha Titan instead uncovers an enemy unlike any he’s ever faced. Humankind is but a bystander as ancient forces vie with all their primal might against a sky horror 86 million years old, hurtling down to terrorize the world. Alas, it is said that even the greatest villain is the hero of their own story…

  1. Match 306: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. Rodan (Heisei)
  2. Match 395: Godzilla (Legendary), Mothra (Legendary), MUTO, Skullcrawler & Behemoth vs. Rodan (Heisei)