Hello to all! Hope for the best that all is going well. However, to cut to the point, we have announcements to present for the coming future of the K.W.C.

First off, there isn’t a TypeForm Survey this time around, just general announcements. Those will be saved for the end of the year for the Awards and Feedback Surveys. But nevertheless, here are some of the new additions forthcoming to the K.W.C.!

New Combatants:

  • Mefilas (Reiwa) [Shin Ultraman (2022)]
  • Zarab (Reiwa) [Shin Ultraman (2022)]
  • Zetton (Reiwa) [Shin Ultra Fight (2022) + Shin Ultraman (2022)]

You can find more in our “Announced, but no Matches” thread for publicly announced Combatants.

New Updates:

Mothra (Heisei) and King Ghidorah (Heisei) will be formally brought back as available Combatants for writing. However, on top of that, several characters will be converted to “Universal”, all who are listed below:

  • Anguirus [Showa + GFW]
  • King Ghidorah [Heisei + Showa]
  • Hedorah [Showa + GFW]

Beyond that, look forward to the next K.W.C. Match coming… Tomorrow! In the meantime, we’ll see you by the year’s end!