Jakks Pacific has revealed their, rather expansive, Godzilla King of the Monsters toy line to coincide with the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. The toy line hits in April, in advance of the May release date of the movie in the United States. Items range from 6 inch figures, to giant 20 inch or 40 inch figures and even an electronic Godzilla mask. The 6 inch figures also come with a military vehicle, which are an Osprey Helicopter and an Argo Jet.  The entire line will be a Walmart exclusive. More info to come.

Check out images of the line below. Click the thumbnails to see the larger version images. Huge thanks goes out to Jakks Pacific for sending over these great images!

6 inch Rodan

6 inch King Ghidorah

6 inch King Ghidorah

20 inch Godzilla

40 inch Godzilla

Godzilla Mask

Godzilla Mask

Godzilla Mask

Godzilla Mask


The following toys are collection packs. Each contains a backdrop, a Godzilla figure and a figure of one of the other monsters from the film: Rodan, King Ghidorah or Mothra. Please note, though, that one of these sets contains, potentially, a large spoiler for the movie. As a result, please view the remaining toy images at your own risk.

Rodan pack

King Ghidorah pack

Mothra pack (spoiler)

Godzilla figure packs (spoiler)

Excited for the Jakks Pacific Godzilla King of the Monsters toy line? Have a favorite figure of them? Feel free to leave your comments below talking about the line. Also, note that due to the spoilerish nature of one of these toys, expect comments might similarly also spoil this and read at your own risk as well.

February 16th 2019 update

As shared in an article on Business Wire, the JAKKS Pacific’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) toy line is expected to make its full debut at New York Toy Fair. The event starts today and lasts until February 19th.

While the majority of toys have been previously revealed, price details are now available.

3.5-inch Monster Battlepacks – $9.99
There are three sets available featuring Godzilla and King Ghidorah, Godzilla and Rodan, and Godzilla and Mothra

6-inch Monster Figures – $14.99
Includes the monsters King Ghidorah (with destructible city and Argo Jet accessories) and Rodan (with destructible city and Osprey Helicopter accessories)

12-inch Godzilla Figure – $19.99
This articulated Godzilla figure stands 12 inches tall and is over 20 inches long

Godzilla Electronic Mask – $24.99
A mask that growls when the mouth is partially opened, or roars when fully opened with additional lights

24-inch Godzilla Figure – $59.99
The largest figure this line has to offer, this “giant size” Godzilla has numerous points of articulation and stands 24 inches tall with a length of over 36 inches


The line will be launching worldwide exclusively at Walmart in April 2019.

Note: original story from January 10th, 2019

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