Hey everyone! I recently sat down with clothing line owner Tony Kim to chat about the company’s line of Godzilla attire! Check it out below!


Chris Mirjahangir: How did “Hero Within” begin?

Tony Kim: I have been a hardcore fan of comics, sci-fi and movies since I was a little boy. As an adult I began attending comic conventions and it became my obsession for many years. Back in 2015, I realized that geek fashion options seemed somewhat limited. The only options at that time for men were black t-shirts and hoodies. So after searching long and wide, I came to the realization that maybe I could start something that could be birthed from my own fandoms. I prototyped a blazer at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015, then launched the company in 2016 at that same show. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride (especially during the pandemic) but it has also been very rewarding. Creating something of value for fans will never stop bringing me (and my team) joy!

Mirjahangir: How did you come in contact with Toho for the Godzilla franchise?

Tony Kim: The comic convention scene, while prolific, is still pretty small. A colleague connected me with the great folks at TOHO and we’ve been rolling ever since. TOHO is a fantastic company and they are awesome stewards of the Godzilla brand. I’m honored to work with them. Shout out to Chris and Rui!

Mirjahangir: The designs for the clothes are very unique. What inspires your designers when coming up with new designs?

Tony Kim: Godzilla has really stretched us as a company. Normally, our style is a little more subdued and subtle. However, Godzilla is anything but subtle! He’s a hero that deserves to be large and in charge. So for our first few pieces we opted to go more bold. With an infusion of Japanese streetwear, our vision is to bring an elevated sense of fashion for both old and new Godzilla fans. We still want to offer ‘everyday’ wear options but bring an aesthetic that is undeniably TOHO and Godzilla. When you are wearing one of our jackets, we want you to feel like you are the ‘King of the Monsters’!

Mirjahangir: Will the clothing line expand beyond shirts and jackets?

Tony Kim: Yes, we have done all kinds of styles including sweaters, jeans and dresses. While jackets are our sweet spot, we don’t want to be categorized in one fashion corner. Fans are diverse and like all kinds of things- so we want to reflect that.

Mirjahangir: Currently only Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah are the only Toho monsters included in the clothing line. Will other monsters be introduced?

Tony Kim: So glad you asked! For WonderCon this weekend, will be offering a new RODAN Jacket as an Exclusive. We sold out of the other jackets in our collection so those will also be fully restocked for WonderCon. New Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla designs are coming out soon too. Catch us at booth 918 at WonderCon!

Mirjahangir: Will any of the Legendary creations be introduced in the line?

Tony Kim: Possibly but we’re not there yet. The theatrical rights are a little more complicated and we have our hands full with the Classic Godzilla line.

Catch us at Hero Within booth 918 at WonderCon!
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