With a new Godzilla film, new snacks from FYE (@OfficialFYE on social media) are here! How are they? Read below!

Titan’s Blaze Habanero Hot Sauce

Tried on Kirkland Chicken Wings.

When the bottle label says “shake before use,” it makes sense. The sweet habanero, while hot, didn’t taste very good at first bite. It didn’t taste as “sweet” but almost – and this is the best I can describe it – “musty” (or maybe that’s just what sweet habanero tastes like). Once you get past that hurdle and become used to the taste, it’s not that bad. The heat DID stay with me for around 10 minutes after eating the chicken wings and I ate them with milk to make it bearable. Make no mistake, this is a really hot sauce and seems to be squarely aimed at those who desire a bit of heat with their meal.

Aside from the initial negative reaction on the first bite, the flavor has since grown on me and I like it better than when I started. As with all hot sauces, everyone has different taste buds and tolerances. Titan’s Blaze hot sauce lives up to its name and is very much worth checking out!

King Kong B.E.A.S.T. Dark Chocolate Peanut Bar

Kong Beast Bar is made up of Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Praline & Raspberry Pate De Fruit.

Very crunchy to the bite. The dark chocolate has a very rich and salty flavor to it. The peanut pieces that are in there don’t become those “extra pieces” that stick in your teeth after you’ve swallowed your bite.

The raspberry really compliments the dark chocolate and has a bit of a tangy taste. It’s definitely a chocolate bar that you’ll want to eat about two of before you feel satisfied. Because of the salty taste, make sure you have a glass of milk or water on hand since the salty taste lingers.

The packaging is pretty cool with the roaring Kong on the front and the pink background. I especially like the neon outline design of Kong’s roaring head in the lower right corner.

Godzilla Supercharged White Chocolate Bar

Godzilla Supercharged Bar, which is 35% White Chocolate & Stone Ground Coffee Beans.

REALLY strong coffee flavor with this one. The chocolate has a slight and very small granular texture while chewing, which didn’t bother me too much. Must be the stone ground coffee beans in the chocolate. Overall, the bar was just ok.

Like the packaging with the Kong Beast Bar, there’s a cool neon head representing Godzilla, which looks really cool. The rest of the bars have the same neon portraits, which again look really cool.

Skar King Shadow Titan Chocolate Bar

Moving onto Skar King’s Shadow Titan Bar, which is made up of Mole Blend, Toffee, Toasted Almond & Fleur De Sel.

Very nice initial chocolate taste, almonds are present when chewing. A little bit of a bitter after taste. Overall, the bar is a nice snack and something I feel would go best with a cup of coffee.

Shimo Sub Zero Destroyer Chocolate Bar

Finally, we arrive at the Shimo Sub Zero Destroyer Bar, undoubtedly the coolest name of all the bars. It’s made up of Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs & Peppermint Essence.

The weirdest bar of the bunch. With most of the ingredients smashed UNDER the bar, the tastes hit you in waves. Initially, I tasted bitter chocolate, then the slightly sour cacao nibs and then finally the peppermint essence before going back to the bitter chocolate flavor. When you try this bar, do it face down so the ingredients are on the top. With the bar being based off Shimo, I feel like the bar should have been white chocolate with a heavy dose of peppermint, but kudos to FYE for not doing what would be the easy route.

Frost Bite Freeze Dried Vanilla Ice Cream

Appearing as chunks of what I can assume are meant to look like chunks of frost are chunks of freeze dried vanilla ice cream to represent the new Ice Titan, Shimo. The ice cream chunks are a good size and pack a big vanilla flavor. As with all freeze dried food, it melts quickly when you put it in your mouth and the taste is quite nice and the vanilla flavor isn’t overpowering. I did find I needed some water to go with it since the vanilla flavor did make me thirsty. The chunks have a vanilla color with bits of white mixed in which looked interesting. Overall, it’s a nice, pleasant snack!

In the end, the latest food offerings are a mixed bag with the chocolate bars being the best of the bunch. Keep in mind that, while taste buds differ, I feel that if any of these items interest you, give them a shot!

Thank you FYE (@officialfye on social media) for sending everything over for review!