In a move reminiscent of last year’s live action Godzilla vs. Hedorah short film, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hedorah’s debut, Toho has announced a new short film. This time the mini production will celebrate 50 years of the sickle clawed fan favorite: Gigan! Unlike last year’s anniversary release, this short will be a completely CGI created endeavor and is made without using traditional tokusatsu effects. In interesting twist this anniversary film will also serve as a sequel to a previous Godzilla fan film titled G vs. G. That short, with a minute version to be seen here, was made for and entered into a Godzilla fan film contest through Gemstone back in 2019. The short was directed by Kaminishi Takuya with the effects credited to Yamane Hikari.

Announced via a trailer uploaded to Toho’s official YouTube Channel, this new short is titled Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex. It will premiere at the 2022 Godzilla Festival on November 3rd of this year.

Uploaded alongside the trailer was the following description, translated from Japanese into English:

“A horde of Gigan that appeared in the previous work attacks the earth again. In addition, a red Gigan called “Gigan Rex” will also appear.
Will Godzilla be able to repel Gigan Rex, who boasts outstanding fighting ability?”

Keep your red cyclops eye on Toho Kingdom for all future updates to this and any other Toho news!

About Gemstone

Gemstone’s full name is “GEMSTONE Creators Audition” (GEMSTONEクリエイターズオーディション).  They are an audition project that leverages YouTube. The brand is jointly operated by Toho Co., Ltd. and AlphaBoat LLC.

Although focused a bit on Godzilla related activities, the brand is far reaching beyond a specific genre. They tout covering everything from live action to animation and encompass talent from actors, illustrators, singers, dancers and more. Their scope for their audition content branches out from professional to amateur.