Looking for a little monster themed Valentine’s fun? Toho International has released Godzilla themed Valentine’s Day cards online. Five cards were made available in total, depicting Mechagodzilla (Showa), SpaceGodzilla, King Ghidorah (Heisei), Biollante Rose and Godzilla (Millennium). Each artwork depicts the monster along with a saying.

The cards can be downloaded below, available in 1800×1800 in size once clicked so they can be printed off in good quality. …or alternatively, text or email the images to others as an e-Valentine.

Mechagodzilla Card

SpaceGodzilla Card

King Ghidorah Card

Biollante Card

Godzilla Card

As a side note, this is not the first time Godzilla and Valentine’s Day have crossed. In fact, back in 2004 there was a series of Valentine’s Day cards released in the United States back when Toho was trying an international push around Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). These cards were mostly based on production mock ups related to the Showa films, showcasing kaiju like Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Rodan and Mechagodzilla. There was an exception though as The Return of Godzilla (1984) was also depicted on them as well.

Looking at Japan, there have been a number of Valentine’s items released over the years. This is especially true for chocolate delicacies around the King of the Monsters. Nicholas Driscoll has reviewed a lot of these while in Japan, including the Godzilla Milk Chocolate BarsGodzilla Chocolate Disks, Chocolate Mini GodzillasChocolate Godzilla Illustration Blocks, Godzilla Chocolate CanGodzilla Poster Collection Chocolate and others. Suffice to say there have been a number of Valentine themed items around Godzilla over the years and the official Godzilla store has been a focal of these releases.

Thoughts on these or other Valentine’s Day items around Godzilla? Impressed by the drawing of Biollante Rose or enjoying the fact that Toho International didn’t hesitate to promote mostly a Heisei line-up for these cards? Sound off in the comments section below.