Today I received a very nice surprise on my front doorstep (along with my sample of the Jakk’s Pacific Godzilla, which arrived a day early) from Warner Bros to promote the upcoming film Godzilla (2014).

Opening up the red box, I found the “Godzilla Survival Kit”. I must say, it’s a pretty cool promotional piece which is being sent out to press outlets. Really love the artwork on the box itself too and the mix of black and red is just beautiful. It’s somewhat unique as well as I haven’t seen this image in other promotional material for the movie.

Upon opening the box I found a wealth of content. This includes:
– A product sheet

– Godzilla T-shirt

– Godzilla Survival Kit tin

– Godzilla flashlight (with battery)

– Godzilla 2 pack chibi set from Bandai

– Godzilla Smash Strike figure from Bandai

– Snickers bar (the one thing I can’t preserve in the box)

All in all, it’s a nice gesture from Warner Bros and it’s very much appreciated! The t-shirt in particular is great, a $43 value so I’ll never wear it for fear something might happen to it. Thank you again Warner Bros!

More images are seen below. Part of that kit was a few pieces of paper as well showing off some of the licensed products. These range from toys to shirts and even costumes as well. This includes the chibi two pack as well, which is also featured inside the survival kit. This two pack both has Godzilla and one of his opponents as well, a MUTO. Most of the licensed items on these pages have been seen before with the exception of the Rubie’s adult and child size Halloween costume sets.

Stay tuned as we track the movie more and more leading up to its May release in the US in a few months.