Starting in 2019, Playmates Toys began releasing figures around both the MonsterVerse and the Toho Godzilla films. Since then, they have published toys around the Showa series, Heisei series, Millennium series, Reiwa series and including figures for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). This has encompassed a wide range of different versions of Godzilla as well, including Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1968, Godzilla 1999, Godzilla 2004, Godzilla 2016 and the MonsterVerse version.

This post is a news roundup of the upcoming and announced Playmates Toys release for the “Classic Godzilla Titans” line.

March 18th 2022 update

A new battle set has recently been released. The set not only includes Godzilla 2021 and Kong 2021 with their respective weapons, but also a 3-piece diorama of the decimated city of Hong Kong, as well as a Fighter Jet and HEAV accessories. Additional information and preview images can be found below:

Story-in-a-Box: “City Battle”. As seen in the blockbuster hit Godzilla vs Kong

  • 6” Scale Movie Figures – Godzilla and Kong
  • Full scale Multi-Level Chipboard Diorama Play Environments
  • Also Includes Weapons and Other Accessories
  • SRP $24.99

*Click the thumbnails below for full-size images.*

February 21st 2022 update

A number of new figures have been revealed in the latest press release from Playmates Toys, to include their current and future releases for Spring 2022. Additional details can be found below. Special thanks to Playmates Toys for providing the information and images for this official reveal! The review images below can be clicked for full-size versions.


Building upon the success of the 2021 blockbuster “Godzilla Vs. Kong,” the MonsterVerse universe of action figures and collectibles will continue to expand in 2022 as the Playmates Toys lineup is now available at all mass retailers.

The Godzilla vs. Kong collection continues with 6-inch figures and 7-inch deluxe figures with sounds, while additions to the Playmates collection of Toho Classic figures include Rodan and Gorosaurus.


 Godzilla vs. Kong Deluxe Battle Roar Monsters – 7”

These larger figures feature roaring monster sounds. $14.99 SRP

·       Godzilla

·       Kong

New For Spring 2022.

·       MechaGodzilla

Godzilla vs. Kong Deluxe Battle Roar Monsters - MechaGodzilla

 Godzilla vs. Kong Basic Figure Monsters – 6”

 Six-inch articulated figures feature removable parts to show battle damage, and each come with accessories. $9.99 SRP

New for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022:

·       Supercharged Godzilla

·       Antarctic Kong

·       Battle MechaGodzilla

·       City Destruction Godzilla

·       Ferocious Kong

Supercharged Godzilla Antarctic Kong Battle MechaGodzilla

City Destruction Godzilla Ferocious Kong

 Classic Monsters – 6.5”

Popular Kaiju characters from the classic Toho universe and Classic Kong. $12.99 SRP

New for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022:

·       Rodan

·       Gorosaurus

·       Godzilla 2016

·       Godzilla Terrestris (Singular Point)

Rodan Gorosaurus Godzilla 2016 Godzilla Terrestris (Singular Point)

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August 8th 2021 update

New additions are coming to the line of figures from Playmates Toys with releases for Rodan 1956 and Gorosaurus 1968.

Godzilla Classic Titans

First up is the flying monster from Rodan (1956). Interestingly, this is the first figure from Playmates Toys not based on the MonsterVerse or a Godzilla film. Below is the description for the toy and images for the upcoming figure.


6.5″ Rodan is a highly detailed figure, with unique sculpting and articulation. 

Humans once again awaken a mighty creature, but this time it can fly at supersonic speeds! First-appearing in its title film in 1956, Rodan has become one of the most popular kaiju characters ever. Once at odds with Godzilla and then later appearing as an ally, it was this first form of Rodan that cemented the monster’s place as the “giant monster of the sky”.

Rodan 1956 Toy

Rodan 1956 Toy

Next up is Gorosaurus, based on his appearance in Destroy All Monsters (1968).


6.5″ Gorosaurus is a highly detailed figure, with unique sculpting and articulation. 

Sporting massive, powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth, Gorosaurus is a fearsome force to be reckoned with! As if the bite wasn’t enough, Gorosaurus also can rear back to deliver a devastating front kick that can knock down any opponent! This proved useful as Gorosaurus helped Earth’s monsters against King Ghidorah in “Destroy All Monsters.”

Gorosaurus 1968 Toy

Gorosaurus 1968 Toy

February 21st 2021 update

The line of Playmates Toys figures is continuing to grow, with more figures coming later this year. Godzilla Playmates Toys First Looks

To celebrate, Playmates Toys was kind enough to send us first look promo videos for two upcoming figures in the line. Below is a first promotional look at the upcoming Godzilla 1995, or Burning Godzilla, figure. The toy is part of their 6.5-inch scale and is set for a 2021 release, which has been rumored as coming this Spring.

In addition to Burning Godzilla, Playmates Toys is also providing a promotional video around their Jet Jaguar figure, from Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973). Similarly, this figure is 2021 release and also at the 6.5-inch scale.

Thoughts on the two upcoming figures? Have any hopes for what others might come in the future? Sound off in the comments below.