Godzilla King of the Monsters is a unique item. Originally released on Wonderland Records in 1977 and re-released on CD in 1998 by Golden Drive Records, Godzilla King of the Monsters is an audio drama consisting of two stories. The cover of the 1998 CD copy that I have features the famous Herb Trimpe cover artwork from Marvel’s comic book Godzilla King of the Monsters issue #1. These stories are roughly thirteen minutes in length and clearly aimed at younger children. My CD copy also features a track called Godzilla Vs. Gomi (Monster Music Mix) which is a bizarre remix of dialog and sound effects from the stories set to a music track and I personally didn’t like it.

Godzilla King of the Monsters Wonderland Records ReviewThere isn’t much to these two stories beyond what a brief summary can provide. Both stories feature different casts of characters, none of whom are memorable, and the only carry over from both stories is Godzilla himself. The first is entitled Godzilla Vs. Amphibion and features Godzilla fighting a creature called Amphibion in the Bermuda Triangle. The second story is entitled Godzilla Vs the Alien Invasion. Godzilla arrives in Lake Michigan to battle mutations that were unleashed by an invading force of aliens. Honestly these stories feel exactly like the kind of plots featured in the Hanna Barbara animated Godzilla series and the Marvel Godzilla comics. None of the classic soundtracks from the Toho films appear, but there a good number of decent sound effects. From the ocean waves to the sounds of military craft.

The Godzilla featured in here also mirrors those previous incarnations. People are at first frightened by Godzilla but after seeing him engage Amphibion and the alien mutations, quickly consider him to be a friend to humanity. Surprisingly the roar used to depict Godzilla is the original one from Gojira (1954). A much more aggressive roar than one would expect to hear from the more heroic Godzilla in these stories. In the first story Godzilla is called a plesiosaur. A four limbed marine reptile that resembles a sauropod dinosaur. Godzilla obviously resembles a Tyrannosaurs Rex more than a plesiosaur so why not go with that description? I couldn’t tell you especially since in the second story Godzilla is described as both a two legged plesiosaur and an ancestral Tyrannosaurs Rex! I have to assume that the writer or writers just pulled names out of a dinosaur book to sound credible. Unfortunately this approach was a complete failure and is laughable.

In the end Godzilla King of the Monsters is pure camp, with a unique charm to it. Obviously as a Godzilla fan the strange descriptions for Godzilla are annoying but when looking at the time that this was created it feels like it belongs right up there with The Hanna Barbara cartoon and Marvel comics. Its cheesiness is its charm and if you can find it I’d recommend at least one listen, but feel free to Skip Godzilla Vs. Gomi (Monster Music Mix).

1. Godzilla Vs. Amphibion
2. Godzilla Vs. The Alien Invasion
3. Godzilla Vs. Gomi (Monster Music Mix) [1998 CD only]
4. Godzilla Vs. Gomi (Reprise) [1998 CD only]
5. Bonus Track [1998 CD only]