A complete translation of one of the earliest available drafts for 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla: Final Wars Completion (ISBN: 4798631353). Though this early proposal differs from the final product in many ways, it’s easy to see just how many of the same beats it hits even this early in the movie’s planning stages.

Starting off this article is a brief breakdown of the earliest manuscripts and the dates they were completed, then following the proposal translation are snippets from other drafts, namely the monsters that were considered to appear and a brief rundown of the final battle in each draft. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

~ Joshua S.


Work Flow from Planning to Script Completion
・January of ’03: The planning department and the picture planning liaison committee (picture planning committee) at Toho Films each begin the planning of a Godzilla film to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
・August of ’03: The picture planning committee presents three works: “GODZILLA THE50th” (a SF-fantasy work), “50th Anniversary Godzilla Plot” (a “real simulation” work), and “Godzilla, King of the Monsters ~Counterattack of the Xiliens~”.
・Autumn of ’03: The aforementioned three titles are whittled down to Wataru Mimura’s “Godzilla, King of the Monsters ~Counterattack of the Xiliens~”, with further plot writing beginning.
・Dec. 19th, 2003: Manuscript for “Godzilla, King of the Monsters ~Xiliens Attack~” completed.
・January 5th, 2004: “GODZILLA50” manuscript completed.
・February 16th, 2004: Review manuscript printed.
・March 31st, 2004: Preliminary draft script printed.
・May 18th, 2004: Final manuscript completed.

“Godzilla, King of the Monsters ~Counterattack of the Xiliens~”
-An All-Out Fully Decisive Battle Between Eight Giant Monsters!!-

【Wataru Mimura】
11 pages in total
Manuscript completed on August 13th, 2003

This script represents the plot for Godzilla: Final Wars during the early stages of its development, according to Wataru Mimura, the individual who had become the primary writer for the various films in the Heisei Godzilla series.
This script was written as a Godzilla film based around the theme of “sci-fi invasions,” featuring the Xiliens, who have pulled the strings behind a number of monster attacks in order to carry out their invasion of Earth. The proposed films also features the activities of Leroy Gilbert and Shinichi Ogata, who are trying to prevent all that. Keep in mind that while the title of this script is “Counterattack of the Xiliens,” which may make the work seem like a continuation of Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965), nothing within the actual content of the script itself makes even passing reference to anything related to this previous film.
A total of eight monsters appear in the script, with the new monster, Keizer Ghidorah, being portrayed as being born from a metamorphosed King Ghidorah who had been bathed in particles of light.
As human characters who appear in the script, these start with Shinichi Ogata and Miyuki Otonashi, as well as Secretary-General Naotarô of the United Nations alongside Commander Namikawa, with Leroy Gilbert, captain of the Eclair of the Earth Defense Force, serving as a prototype for Colonel Gordon in the final film, although they do have some differences in terms of characterization.

〈Appearing Characters〉
Shinichi Ogata (27)
A lieutenant in the Earth Defense Force. In charge of artillery on the Gotengo, the lead undersea warship. Well-versed in overall hand-to-hand combat.

Miyuki Otonashi (25)
A young scientist at the Earth Defense Force laboratory. The lover of Ogata. A beauty with a keen mind, she’s nonetheless a go-getter who’s hard to dislike. She is captured by the Xiliens.

Leroy Gilbert (48)
A colonel in the Earth Defense Force. Afterwards, a commodore. Captain of the undersea warship the Eclair, the second ship of the Earth Defense Force.

Naotarô Daigo (62)
Secretary-General of the United Nations. The airplane he was riding on was shot down by a kaiju, but he narrowly avoided death by being saved by a UFO. In reality, his body was in fact taken over by an Xilien during his rescue, and he is in fact now the supreme commander of the Xiliens.

Akiko Namikawa (60)
Supreme commander of the Earth Defense Forces. In reality, an Xilien, and a commander ranking only behind Daigo himself. She infiltrated the Earth some years prior, carrying out their plans to invade the planet.

Yuichi Shirai (50)
Colonel in the Earth Defense Forces. Captain of the Gotengo. Body has been taken over by the Xiliens.

Fairies that serve Mothra, who inhabit Infant Island.

〈Appearing monsters and mecha〉
King Ghidorah
The most powerful killer kaiju in the cosmos.
Keizer Ghidorah
The ultimate evolved form of King Ghidorah.

Xilien / Xiliens
The location of their home planet remains a mystery. Their physiology resemble that of lizards. Other than their necks, their limbs resemble those of humans in both dexterity and size. They stand between 2-2.5 meters tall.
Their true form is that of an unsettling black gel, and they have the ability to take over the bodies of other living creatures. While they are controlling the bodies of others, their own bodies contract and are placed in a small capsule. If the body being used is killed, the Xilien inside simply discards the body.
The “Zap Gun,” which appears in the midst of the film, is a weapon which is able to kill only the occupying Xilien as it possesses the body of its host, leaving said body unharmed.

The Xiliens’ UFO
With its pyramidal shape, the ship is made out of a material resembling transparent crystal.

The Gotengo
The flagship undersea battleship, the pride of the Earth Defense Forces. Constructed in Japan. It can, of course, travel on the surface or under the sea, and can even fly. Its most notable feature is the cutter drill located on the ship’s prow. Additionally, the ship is equipped with a freeze cannon, capable of freezing anything – or anyone.

The Eclair
An undersea battleship and the 2nd ship-of-the-line. Constructed in France. Called the most beautiful amongst the three undersea battleships. Equipped with a UV maser cannon.

The Rumbling
Third undersea battleship of the line. Constructed in America. Equipped with UV hardening resin for the Godzilla Sealing Strategy.

As a result of the 1954 appearance of Godzilla, nuclear testing became more frequent. This had a knock-on effect, with giant monsters having since appeared across the world, one after another.
The UN has set up the Earth Defense Force in order to face down these kaiju, engaging in battle after battle.
Amidst all this, even now (2005), the Earth Defense Force is moving forward with its plan to seal away Godzilla in the deep waters of the Pacific.
Godzilla, lurking on the floor of the Pacific, is bathed in a carbon polymer UV hardening resin, frozen in a moment by the power of the powerful UV rays of the maser cannon.
Lured from sea and sky, Godzilla gradually makes his way into the operations area of the sea.
On alert are the three state-of-the-art undersea battleships, the pride of the Earth Defense Force: The Gotengo, The Eclair, and The Rumbling.
The first to attack in the Gotengo, armed with its high-strength freeze cannon, with the low temperatures making Godzilla’s movements sluggish.
The operation continues, with the Rumbling training its UV hardening resin cannons on Godzilla, bathing the monster in resin.
Godzilla, blinded, flies into a blind rage, roaring forth with his wrathful atomic breath. The fiery beams smash into the Rumbling.
Seeing this, the captain of the Eclair, Colonel Leroy Gilbert (48), immediately engages. He orders the output of the UV maser cannon raised to its highest threshold. As a result, the Eclair’s power system receives serious damage, and the ship becomes unable to move, but the Godzilla Sealing Strategy is able to pulled off successfully – if only just barely. Godzilla, covered in the hardening resin, sinks into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Then, one year passes.

Colonel Leroy is promoted to commodore based upon his sterling success in the Godzilla Sealing Strategy, and now works at HQ.
One man looks upon Leroy with dazzling emotion. This is the gunnery chief of the Gotengo, lieutenant junior grade Shinichi Ogata. Someday, he’d like to become a decisive battleship captain, just like his hero…
Ogata is currently in a relationship with the young scientist Miyuki Otonashi (25) of the Earth Defense Force laboratory.
Ogata, arriving at a hotel lounge, which was to be their meet-up spot for a date, sees a stylish foreigner who’s planted himself in the seat next to Miyuki. This man happens to be Leroy himself.
Leroy is great friends with Miyuki’s father, and has known her since the time she was born.
“Ogata, I’ve heard about you from Miyuki. Now, the question is, how well do you know her? Try telling me one of her weak points.”
“If you want me to speak to her flaws, I could tell you about any number.
First of all, she’s conceited and selfish, attention-seeking, and she throws her money around. She’s ambitious, and lusts for fame… Of course, none of these things are bad enough to be any real bother to me.”
“Well now, you do seem to know her well. I agree with you on every point, but…”
“What’s with you two?!”
So says Miyuki, of whom they were speaking, taking offense at both of their statements.
“But it would appear you haven’t perceived her most glaring flaw. Which would be,
that she’s simply the worst judge of men.”
“So, that means that I have to evaluate the quality of her lovers in place of her parents.”
A bitter expressions crosses Ogata’s face.
At that very moment, an emergency summons of DEFCON 1 (battle readiness) comes in.

All of a sudden, Anguirus appears in Paris, starting to rampage.
Anguirus destroys the Arc de Triomphe, bends the Eiffel Tower, and turns the beautiful cityscape of Paris into a conflagration.
And it’s not just Paris. Rodan has appeared in New York, mowing down the Statue of Liberty and tearing the Brooklyn Bridge asunder.
Varan has appeared in Shanghai, smashing the Oriental Pearl Tower.
And lastly, Baragon has appeared in Tokyo itself, wrecking the Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku.
Of course, the Gotengo is launched immediately, facing down Baragon. In Paris, the Eclair takes on Anguirus.
All of these crises are being watched over in minute detail at the Earth Defense Force HQ in Odaiba, but no moves are made to assist New York or Shanghai. These cities fall into a panic.
Just as it seems that the kaiju will be allowed to rampage as they please, four pyramid-shaped UFOs come flying to Earth. These UFOs are transparent, like crystal, with numerous rays of light trapped within. They shine beautifully, in an eerie way.
At last, one each of those four UFOs fly through the skies towards Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, and New York.
The UFOs shine beams of light upon the rampaging monsters, and each kaiju stops in its tracks, as if frozen. Then the UFOs capture the monsters within their transparent hulls. Strangely, despite the fact that the UFOs are transparent, nothing can be seen of their interiors.
The pyramids then enshrine themselves within the ruined cities of Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, and New York, whereupon silence reigns.

The captain of the Gotengo, Colonel Yuichi Shirai (50), orders attack preparedness. Ogata, as gunnery chief, locks on to the pyramid. Just as he is about to press the firing button, Akiko Namikawa (60), commanding officer of the Earth Defense Force, orders the attack called off. She says that none of the military may lay a hand on the UFOs. The reason being that the UFOs are saviors who have rescued Earth from a precarious situation.
But someone is glaring directly at commanding officer Namikawa.
And that someone is Leroy.

One week after this series of uproars, the humans of Earth remain in a state of heightened chaos. Of course, part of this has to do with the appearances of the monsters and the UFOs, but also because Naotarô Daigo (62), the secretary-general of the United Nations, had been aboard a commercial jet knocked from the sky by Rodan during his assault on New York. Daigo was considered the leader of humanity, and the ongoing crisis is the exact sort of time in which his coolheaded decision-making would have been most needed.
However, Secretary-General Daigo had in fact been rescued by the UFOs, his life saved miraculously from the grip of death. Daigo, having revealed himself on the center stage of world events, gives an address to the whole of humanity.
“The UFOs belong to the Xiliens. They saved my life. It is they who have rescued our Earth from destruction at the hands of the monsters. We Earthlings must hold a feeling of true gratefulness towards them. They are our allies, and their heartfelt desire is to deepen their friendship with us.”

But Ogata can’t accept this explanation.
The timing was just too perfect. Four kaiju start rampaging, and the exact same number of UFOs fly in – it was too convenient for him to accept. He could only assume they were plotting something. And yet, most of the people of the world have accepted the Xiliens as something like saviors.
The UN begins to develop an Xilien peace treaty negotiation project.
Miyuki directly consults Supreme Commander Namikawa, and is appointed to the negotiation team.
“Why does a mere scientist like yourself have to be part of all this!”
Ogata yells out, without even realizing it.
“Hah, I have my own thoughts on that. Ahh, even so, I felt so flushed. Wonder why they’re always so stingy with the air conditioning in the Supreme Commander’s room!”
Miyuki said these words as though she had not a care in the world.
Her participation in the negotiation team only stirred up more anxiety in Ogata.

Just around the same time, a larva is hatching from one of Mothra’s eggs on Infant Island in the Pacific south seas. This hatching is occurring much faster than anticipated. The Shobijin mutter to each other, uneasy.
“Mothra perceives something… Some kind of threat…”

At that exact same time, Godzilla, sealed on the ocean floor of the Pacific, begins to awaken.
Amongst the mass of the hardened polymer resin in which he has been entombed, Godzilla eyes begin to glare most uncannily.

Now then, as the day on which the official negotiations between the Earth and Xiliens sides drew near, the four UFOs amass in Tokyo, amalgamating together. The center of the amalgamated pyramids collapse inwards, looking like a giant cubical building.
In the delegation are a number of big shots on the Earth side, not least amongst them Secretary-General Daigo, as well as Captain Yuichi Shirai of the Gotengo and Miyuki.
Just as they are about to set off for the conference…
Ogata, overcome with dark premonitions, desperately pulls Miyuki aside, and she, at last, tells him her true feelings.
“The truth is, I want to look into the Xiliens’ secret power that allows them to cure any disease.”
In actuality, many of those with incurable illnesses nearby the Xiliens’ UFOs had experienced miraculous recoveries.
“I mean, if I can uncover the nature of that miraculous power, I’d get stinking rich. It’s not like I want to spend the rest of my days as some researcher focused on fighting monsters. Curing the illnesses of all the sick people around the world would direct the global spotlight right on me. I’d be showered in applause, and buried under a mountain of cash until the day I die…”
Miyuki is living in a fantasy world, as usual. Ogata is shocked, unable to find the words to reply. Miyuki boards the delegation’s car in high spirits.
One other person watches on as the delegate’s car heads towards the UFOs: Leroy.

As the first group of negotiation delegates enters the UFO, their eyes open wide as they view the spectacle awaiting them. The Xiliens look utterly humanoid, with no physical differences from humans. This commonality seems like it should help ease negotiations. The delegates all nod in unison. The Xiliens, smiling, give the delegates a warm welcome.
Unseen by the Xiliens, Miyuki picks up a fallen, black, egg-like object, and sneaks it into her bag.

Upon returning from the talks with the Xiliens, Miyuki immerses herself in 24 straight hours analyzing the black egg.
Testing the egg on animals with incurable diseases results in each disease being cured, clearly as a result of the power of the black egg. Miyuki is overcome with delight. On the other hand, Ogata, whom she has ordered to assist her, finds the foreign object increasingly terrifying.
“Miyuki, we need to stop. This isn’t the sort of research that we can conduct all on our own.”
“Don’t be stupid, to the bold go the spoils! And this is going to make us rich. That’s just common, historical sense.”
The two get into a massive argument, and eventually Miyuki kicks the gloomy Ogata out.
Then, that very night, Miyuki has a dream. A dream of drowning in a bottomless, pitch-black swamp…… She awakens, covered in sweat, to find that the black egg, which should have been on the laboratory testing bench, has disappeared.

Human forms, draped in the dark of night, approach the Gotengo, stationed at the Earth Defense Forces HQ in Odaiba. It’s Leroy and his subordinates. They take down the guardsmen and board the Gotengo.
Ogata hears that the Gotengo has been stolen, and rushes towards headquarters.
The Gotengo, which has ignored a stoppage order from the Earth Defense Forces, takes on damage. As the ship begins to submerge, a giant explosion occurs, and the ship goes down to a watery grave.
Ogata is deeply shocked by the theft of the warship he belonged to, which has now been sunk to the depths. And the mastermind of the that plot had been Leroy…

The system monitoring the sealed Godzilla begins transmitting data that display some abnormalities. It seems that Godzilla may be awakening.
The Eclair is immediately called up from European HQ and ordered to confirm Godzilla’s status. Colonel Shirai takes command based on seniority, and both Ogata and Miyuki are brought onboard, serving as technical supervisor and strategic planner for the Godzilla Sealing Operation, respectively.
Colonel Shirai sits expressionless in the captain’s chair. Ogata feels this lack of expression is quite unlike Shirai.
Amongst all this, a stormy mood pervades between Ogata and Miyuki. Miyuki is feeling doubts about Ogata. She feels sure that Ogata, who was against her research, must have been the one who stole the black egg. If it was indeed Ogata, this would be far from an unfounded suspicion.

Around that time, at the provisional UN HQ in Tokyo, Akiko Namikawa, Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Force, was engaged in confidential talks with Chairman Daigo.
In reality, these two are Xiliens intent on invading the Earth, with Daigo holding the position of supreme commander, and Namikawa being vice-commander.
Godzilla, sealed away by the Earth Defense Force, was the most powerful monster on Earth- No, he was a monster powerful enough to rival King Ghidorah, called the most powerful monster in the cosmos. How heartening it would be to have this Godzilla as a pawn in their hands.
“With our scientific ability, we have nothing to fear from the likes of Godzilla. You need only wait.”
Saying this, Namikawa takes on the operation from Daigo.

When the Eclair arrives at the region of the sea where Godzilla lays, sealed away, Shirai reverses the polarity on the UV maser cannon, and orders the beam set on the mass of resin in which Godzilla is entombed.
“Captain Shirai! What are you doing? If you do that, the seal on Godzilla will be…!“
Ogata attempts to belay the order, but Shirai coldly stares back at him.
Just then, the Gotengo smashes through an iceberg that had been floating nearby. The Gotengo had disguised itself as an iceberg using its freeze cannon.
The Gotengo rams into the Eclair, preventing the firing of the Maser cannon.
Colonel Shirai, level-headed, like an entirely different person, orders the Gotengo sunk. Ogata is against this, but none of the rest of the crew listen, only shooting Ogata cold glances in response.
It’s then that Ogata sees it. That there is something inside them that is not… human. Monsters, with lizard-like forms.
“What the hell is that?!”
A creature had flown onto the deck when the Gotengo crashed into the ship.
Could this be the true form the Xiliens? Had the Eclair been taken over by these aliens?
Ogata, attempting to flee, grabs Miyuki’s hand, but Miyuki stands dead still. Rather than go with Ogata, Miyuki speaks instead to Shirai, her voice cold and uncaring.
“We’ve got him.”
This single statement shocks Ogata to his core.
Miyuki also feels half-confused over her own actions. She can’t understand why she’s pointing a gun at Ogata; and yet, she can’t bring herself to lower the gun’s muzzle. It is in this moment that she first begins to perceive it: she has been taken over by an Xilien.
Ogata had been worried about Miyuki, but now his only choice is to run. Ogata attempts to flee the interior of the Eclair.
While Ogata lurks in a hiding place, a humanoid Xilien and lizard-like Xilien argue amongst themselves. It seems that one or the other had committed some blunder. During the argument, the lizard-like Xilien uses some small apparatus, like a hand camera, and shoots the humanoid Xilien with it. The humanoid Xilien collapses, and a black, gelatinous something seeps out from the body. A black gel also seeps out of the lizard-like Xilien, which leaks into the humanoid body, possessing it. Then, it puts the body of the lizard-like Xilien into a small capsule (this is the black egg), and the humanoid Xilien says the following, seemingly satisfied:
“Hah. This sort of body does feel quite a bit nicer on this planet.”
It would seem that the apparatus can kill the Xilien possessing a human body without killing the host body itself.
Ogata hurls himself at the Xilien, knocking it down, and steals the apparatus.
As this is going on, the Eclair floats off of the ocean surface, and begins to levitate in midair. Simultaneously, Ogata, who has come out to the deck of the ship, no longer has anywhere to run. Prepared to die, he dives into the sea from the Eclair as it flies into the sky.

As the Gotengo and Eclair are in the midst of facing off, Godzilla breaks free of the resin solution in which he was ensnared, finally winning his freedom.

Namikawa, informed that she had let Godzilla get away, releases Anguirus, Rodan, Varan, and Baragon from within the pyramids, preparing for battle against Godzilla.

At Infant Island, the Mothra larva has begun to construct a cocoon.
The Shobijin feel a deep sense of shock as they perceive something.
“Something extraordinary is heading this way from outer space……!”

Ogata, passed out, awakens inside of the Gotengo. When he was jumping from the Eclair, he’d grabbed all the lifejackets close at hand, with these acting as a cushion, absorbing some of the shock of impacting the ocean surface.
Leroy and the others had seen through the Xiliens’ ruse and grasped their true plan of invading Earth, and had gathered likeminded allies in order to steal the Gotengo and prepare a counterattack. Ogata approves of Leroy’s actions.
Leroy orders the pursuit of the Eclair, stolen by the Xiliens.
However, Miyuki is still onboard the Eclair. Ogata firmly believes that something of humanity is still left within Miyuki’s body. He must save her, no matter what.
Ogata goes after the Eclair’s engine room, incapacitating it, and while receiving a scolding begins constructing his plan to save Miyuki.
The strategy will be a very difficult one to pull off. The chance of success seems to stand at around 10%, if that. Ogata tells the following to a concerned Leroy:
“Please, let me take care of it.”

The dancing of the islanders on Infant Island has reached its climax.
The Shobijin and islanders pray, their hearts as one, begging “You must hurry, there is not a moment to wait…… This world is in peril, o Morthra, awaken, fly forth…”
As they say these words, light begins to emit from the cocoon, and Mothra pushes her way outwards, flying out into the sky, her wings triumphant in their rich coloration.

Godzilla has appeared in Tokyo Bay.
The UFOs head towards Godzilla, blasting him with rays of mysterious light, attempting to take control of the monster. However, the rays have no effect on Godzilla. The beast seems to sense the intentions of the aliens, and begins to push on directly towards the UFOs.
“For Godzilla to be this formidable…”
Daigo orders Anguirus, Rodan, Varan, and Baragon to take down Godzilla. Just to be sure, he calls forth an asteroid that had been kept in wait in the Kuiper belt (the asteroid belt out beyond Pluto). Said asteroid is, in fact, King Ghidorah.
The four monsters encircle Godzilla, hoping to block his path, and his battle with the four beasts begins. When confronted with four fellow kaiju, even Godzilla is forced to go on the offensive, but, slowly, he puts forth his awesome power, driving the four others back.
Simultaneously, King Ghidorah breaks through to the Earth’s atmosphere. Ghidorah plunges down, immediately aiming for Godzilla.
But someone appears to obstruct King Ghidorah’s path: Mothra.
Mothra intercepts Ghidorah, immediately pushing the other beast back.
In Tokyo, two battles unfold – Godzilla’s land-based battle against the four kaiju, and Mothra’s skyward fight against Ghidorah.

At the same time, the battle between the Gotengo and the Eclair begins anew above the Pacific.
While the Eclair lets loose tremendous cannon volleys, the Gotengo carefully targets the enemy ship’s engine, closing the gap between them.
Leroy’s masterful commanding of the ship allows them to gain the advantage.
Ogata is at last able to take over the engine, and lets loose the maser cannon.
The blast destroys the Eclair’s engine, just as planned. All at once, its speed falters. The Eclair attempts to flee, heading towards the cubicle UFO.
Just as it seems that the Eclair is about to crash into the UFO, the gigantic battleship is swallowed up inside of the UFO. It would seem that the interior of the cube is extra-dimensional.
Leroy makes his decision.
“Our ship must give chase. Leave the rudder as is; straight ahead!”
The Gotengo chases after the Eclair, disappearing into the cube.

Outside of the UFO, the contest rages on.
The tremendous aerial battle between Ghidorah and Mothra end with both grievously wounding the other, and the two titans tumble towards earth.
Godzilla fells the finale of the four kaiju he was facing.
In a moment, a silence takes hold, as if all movement has stopped. Amidst the quietude, Godzilla lets loose a roar.

Inside the UFO, the Eclair has ceased all movement.
Ogata and Leroy disembark from the ship, with the “Zap Gun” in hand, leaving to explore the interior of the UFO.
The Zap Gun is the general name used for the apparatus Ogata stole from the Xilien. The workshop onboard the Gotengo has manufactured copies and provided them for its crew. With the Zap Gun, they can save those humans who have been possessed by the Xiliens.
Ogata and Leroy find Akiko Namikawa, turning the Zap Gun on her and demanding her surrender. However, the hard muzzle of another gun is then pressed up against Ogata’s backside.
“Put that thing down.”
It’s Miyuki. Ogata’s prospects have suddenly experienced a total reversal, with Ogata and Leroy now being the ones being held up.
“Miyuki! Wake up! Miyuki!”
Ogata calls out to her desperately, and a conflict begins deep within Miyuki. Inside of Miyuki, a power struggle is being carried out between her human part and the Xilien part.
“Give it to me!”
Namikawa, fed up, take the Earth Defense Force gun from the convulsing Miyuki, and points the weapon at Ogata and Leroy.
“Thanks to you two, my plan has gone completely awry. I’m going to make you take responsibility for what you’ve done.”
Ogata, prepared to face his death, yells out Miyuki’s name one final time. In that exact moment, Miyuki’s eyes display a sheen of her original self. Just as Namikawa pulls the trigger, Miyuki rushes her bodily. Miyuki takes the bullet in her shoulder.
Leroy immediately picks up the fallen Zap Gun, chasing after the fleeing Namikawa.
Ogata rushes over to the fallen Miyuki.
“Miyuki! Hold on!”
Miyuki has passed out. As she does, a black, gelatinous substance seeps out of her body, forming into a lizard-like Xilien, which proceeds to pounce on Ogata. Ogata picks up the Zap Gun, and shoots the Xilien down.
Miyuki, held tightly by Ogata, says the following in a voice so quiet it’s almost imperceptible.
“I’m glad… I’m able to die as a human…”
“Don’t be stupid, it’s only a scratch. Humans don’t die from something this small.”
Ogata can’t help but laugh at Miyuki’s usual hyperbole.

Namikawa exits the UFO, arriving at the location of the collapsed and prostrate King Ghidorah. Leroy, who has chased her down, points the Zap Gun at Namikawa and screams.
“Halt, Namikawa!”
Right in front of Leroy, Namikawa musters the last of her strength, and yells out.
“I will never surrender! I’ll continue moving forward, into the future!”
Then, she stabs at her own chest with a small sword. Having done this, innumerable particles of light begin to expel from her body, which then pour down upon the corpse of King Ghidorah. Shortly thereafter, King Ghidorah’s body, having absorbed those particles of light, begins to undergo metamorphosis, and then stands tall once again!
Its form is now more savage than before, and vastly more powerful. This is Keizer Ghidorah, the very king of the entire Ghidorah tribe.
Keizer Ghidorah heads towards Godzilla.
The battle to the death between Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah begins.

The Gotengo breaks out from within the UFO. Ogata is sitting in the captain’s chair.
“Gotengo, commence takeoff!”
The Gotengo flies out from the UFO.
Daigo, observing how poorly things are going, orders the UFO to depart the Earth.
The UFO no sooner lifts up than Godzilla bathes it in his atomic breath, destroying it.
As the UFO comes crashing down, Daigo presses some sort of switch.

Suddenly, a great earthquake begins. An apparatus set up by the Xiliens starts up, and an ancient volcano lying dormant in the deepest reaches of Tokyo Bay comes back to life.
A volcanic island appears in the very center of Tokyo Bay, and begins to spout lava.

Keizer Ghidorah uses his overwhelming power to drag Godzilla towards the billowing explosion of smoke coming from the new island.
He intends to drop Godzilla into the fiery maw of the caldera.

On the Gotengo, Miyuki awakens with a start.
“I understand. The Xiliens are weak to cold. Commander Namikawa’s room and the UFO both had the heat on so high. So, perhaps, Keizer Ghidorah is also weak to cold…”
“I see. Alright, we’ll use the Gotengo to bring true winter to Tokyo!”
Ogata orders the immediate preparation for the firing of the freeze cannon.

The Gotengo shoots blasts from the freeze cannon into the skies above in rapid succession. The surroundings freeze within moments, and the rays fall back down to earth mixed with snow. Before their very eyes, Keizer Ghidorah seems to lose his strength as the cool saps him of his vitality.
This reverses Godzilla’s prospects, and at last he defeats Keizer Ghidorah. It is Keizer Ghidorah who tumbles into the caldera in the volcanic mountain. The volcanic island lets loose a massive eruption. Amidst that pillar of flame and the unseasonal snow, Godzilla lets out a great, victorious war cry.
Ogata and Miyuki, having disembarked from the Gotengo and reached solid land, watch on with Leroy as Godzilla leaves Tokyo Bay.
This battle truly proved that Godzilla is the king of the monsters. Will the day when humanity defeats Godzilla ever come? Perhaps, perhaps not…
An uncertain Leroy says the following to Miyuki.
“By the way, it seems like it’s at last time for me to step down from a certain duty I’ve been burdened with. If I keep on looking for someone better, there’ll be no end of it. I suppose this level of man is good enough for me.”
For a moment, Ogata looks back at Leroy blankly, but soon enough he is all smiles and contentment.




〈Godzilla 50th Anniversary Project〉 -All Toho Monsters Appear!!-
“Godzilla, King of the Monsters ~Xiliens Attack~”

【Wataru Mimura】
12 pages in total
Manuscript completed on December 19th, 2003

Mothra Larva
King Caesar
Giant Octopus
Monster X

Monster X is referred to as “The Guardian Beast of the Xiliens” as it arrives on Earth, initially taking the form of a super-high energy body. However, Monster X is a singular entity and does not possess the ability to transform. Mothra also does battle with Gigan. Upon defeating their respective foes, Godzilla absorbs the energy of both Monster X and Gigan.




【Wataru Mimura】
70 pages in total
Manuscript completed on January 5th, 2004

[Monster Cast]
Mothra Larva
King Caesar
Dagora [Giant Octopus]
Monster X (Kaiser Giant Dragon)

A mysterious object descends from the sky above Tokyo, then metamorphoses into the form of Monster X, the strongest of all the monsters from Planet X. At some point during battle when Godzilla is biting into its neck, Monster X grows two additional heads. When this proves not to be enough, Monster X takes to the skies with a pair of wings, but is brought down when Godzilla’s atomic ray burns its wings away. Following this, Monster X grows a powerful arm wielding a giant sword, and the alien monster is revealed to be a chimera composed of various other monsters. Godzilla is overwhelmed by Monster X and is stabbed by its sword, his energy being drained. However, Monster X’s three heads begin convulsing and vomiting “poison” following the energy absorption process, and Godzilla finishes off Monster X with a powerful atomic ray.



GODZILLA 50TH “Godzilla: Final Wars”
Review Manuscript

【Wataru Mimura, Isao Kiriyama】
160 pages in total
Manuscript printed on February 16th, 2004

Mothra Larva
King Caesar
The Zilla
Dagora [Giant Octopus]
Monster X (Keizer Ghidorah)

The giant three-headed monster Keizer Ghidorah descends onto the battlefield and battles Godzilla, using its left and right heads almost as if they are hands in close-quarters combat, as well as utilizing its wings to cover ground quickly and outmaneuver Godzilla. As Keizer Ghidorah starts to overpower Godzilla, biting into his body and lifting him into the air, Mothra tackles Keizer Ghidorah from behind and reflects its gravity beams by shielding herself with her wings, the rays rebounding to the ground and causing explosions.

Gigan appears and does battle with Mothra, cutting off several of her legs and temporarily taking her out of commission. Keizer Ghidorah strangles Godzilla with one of its necks while Gigan cuts into him with his chainsaws, but Mothra returns, ramming into Gigan, while Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah resume their one-on-one match. Mothra releases her scales while Gigan fires small spinning saws from his chest and a diffused ray from his eye, the ray causing an explosion and engulfing Mothra in fire. However, the spinning saws return and decapitate Gigan, while Mothra’s fiery body rushes through Gigan, causing his body to erupt. Mothra then douses herself by flying into the nearby ocean.

As Godzilla continues his fight, Keizer Ghidorah’s abdomen opens and countless tentacles fly forth, piercing Godzilla and absorbing his energy. While Godzilla is able to fire his ray and cut them, more tentacles appear just as quickly, pulsating as they rob him of his power. Suddenly, Godzilla’s spines shine and his eyes glow white, causing sparks to scatter as if overloading the tentacles. As Keizer Ghidorah attempts to retreat, Godzilla grabs the tentacles to prevent his foe’s escape, but is blasted in the face by gravity beams, burning one of his eyes. Godzilla retaliates by biting at the base of one of Keizer Ghidorah’s necks and blasting one of the heads away. His spines burn a pale color before he releases a much more powerful atomic ray, destroying Keizer Ghidorah as its body is pushed into the stratosphere.



GODZILLA 50TH “Godzilla: Final Wars”
Preliminary Draft Script

【Wataru Mimura, Isao Kiriyama】
152 pages in total
Manuscript printed on March 31st, 2004

King Caesar
The Zilla
Monster X

As the dust settles following Godzilla’s battle with Hedorah and Ebirah, Monster X appears, being a size larger than Godzilla. Both monsters trade blows as Gigan and Mothra enter the fray. The battle plays out similarly to what occurs in the movie, though there is a scene where Mothra deflects Gigan’s diffused ray by closing her wings, causing the ray to rebound and explode on the ground. After besting Mothra in close combat by cutting off some of her legs, Gigan slashes away with his chainsaws at Godzilla who is being bound by Monster X. Mothra interrupts the tag team, slamming into Gigan, and the rematch ends as it did in the previous draft, the fiery Mothra extinguishing herself by diving into the sea.

After nearly being blasted at close range by Godzilla’s atomic ray, Monster X reveals its true form, becoming a four-legged, three-headed beast. The two fire rays at one another and at one point have a tooth-and-claw exchange before dashing at one another, Monster X emitting gravity beams right before their collision and catching Godzilla off guard. Monster X then bites Godzilla with its three heads and starts absorbing his energy.

Captain Gordon and the others witness Godzilla’s struggle and use the Gotengo to fire a G-Maser, bathing Godzilla in G-Particles and powering him up. Monster X is overloaded by the power and releases Godzilla from its grasp, attempting to back away, but one of its necks is grappled by Godzilla. In response, Monster X fires gravity beams at close range, blinding Godzilla in one eye. Godzilla proceeds to blow away one of Monster X’s necks with his ray. Suffering, Monster X manages to escape Godzilla’s grasp and flies into the sky. Godzilla roars angrily and the air begins to distort, his spines glowing a pale color as he fires a powerful atomic ray at the fleeing Monster X, who is pushed up into and explodes in the stratosphere.



“Godzilla: Final Wars”
Final Manuscript

【Wataru Mimura, Isao Kiriyama】
171 pages in total
Manuscript completed on May 18th, 2004

King Caesar
Monster X
Monster X II

The dialogue between the human characters and the Xiliens was revised. Otherwise, the final battle is nearly identical to what occurs in previous script, to include the scene where Mothra douses herself in the sea, and Monster X continuing to be referred to as “Monster X” even after transforming.