A collection of quick reviews for the 2nd wave of Hot Sauces from Godzillafoods.com.

Varan “The Unbelievable” Hot Sauce
Mango flavor comes through and tastes really good. The heat that accompanies it isn’t too bad. A bit more lime juice that I would have liked but overall, pretty good!


Orga “Absorbing Horror” Hot Sauce
Blackberry is really flavorful, then….heat. It comes in from the right side of the throat. Then the left. Then, the heat fills in and takes over the tongue. Slight sweating happened along with a little eye watering.  “Absorbing Horror” is a name well earned!


Biollante “Mutated Rose” Hot Sauce (Valentine’s Day 2022 Exclusive)
I really didn’t take much out of this one and I could barely taste any sauce. The sauce didn’t pour out easily and I had to do a bunch of dabs to get the sauce out. The sauce not coming out easily for sure had to do with – for lack of a better term – “spigot” interrupting the sauce flow. What I did taste was a very sweet flavor that I can’t place. But, no heat whatsoever.


Hedorah “Dark Gaesous Nebula of the Orion” Hot Sauce
Ok, so this will sound weird, but the first bite actually made me think of Hedorah and I thought of a burnt tire for the smell. Very faint though. It’s a very pleasant sauce with lots of flavor and a little heat. Nothing overpowering and, honestly, one of my favorite sauces in this line. The agave I tasted really added to the overall flavor.  This is a great sauce for a relaxing snack.


Baragon “God of the Earth” Hot Sauce
Holy **** that’s hot! Hiccups, sweating, burned tongue, eyes watering, runny nose, sides of the mouth burning. I couldn’t taste anything but pain with this one.  If you’re gonna do this one, have some milk nearby to help kill some of the heat. The effects of the sauce lingered for a little while with heat remnants on the roof and sides of my mouth. I didn’t even go back for a second bite to finish the chicken wing off. The aroma is quite nice, however. It’s like a spicy garlic/vinegar mix.

The label does warn you that it’s a painful experience, so this one is for the REAL hot sauce lovers.


Anguirus “Killer of the Living” Hot Sauce
KINDA hot but not overpowering at first, but then the heat goes right to the top of the tongue. The habanero taste was familiar, but I wasn’t sure what activated charcoal was supposed to taste like. I think it was just to help make the sauce have a dark green color, although I could be wrong. Overall, a pretty good taste!


Gigan “Cybernetic Slasher” Hot Sauce
For this one, I cooked up some salmon and and tried the sauce with it and on some fast food nachos.  Below are my on the spot notes:

Gigan sauce cooked with salmon

After cooking
It has the hot sauce flavor. Has heat to it. Really brings out the lime flavor. It really brought out the salmon flavor, too.

I tried the sauce again on Del Taco’s 3 layer queso nachos.

On the chip with jalapeño, it really amplified the heat thus giving me a few hiccups. It had that great lime flavor and then BAM! The ghost pepper hit! Kinda loosens  up the nose, too, if you know what I mean.

On chips with no queso sauce/beans, I was able to get a good taste of the lime this time around. While the sauce was extremely hot at times, I quite enjoyed it!