While there are many spicy options out there with Godzilla’s name on it, one that stands out is the Godzilla Ghost Pepper Ramen, which was sent over by FYE.com for me to check out. Below are instructions on how I cooked the noodles.

In addition, FYE sent over a Godzilla Ramen Bowl and Godzilla bamboo chopsticks. The bowl itself is pretty sturdy with Godzilla in Hokusai style art on it. Although it says “dishwasher (and microwave) safe” on the bottom, I get the feeling the art will rub off in time so hand washing is the way to go. Also, FYE also sent over some really cool Godzilla bamboo chopsticks, which are reusable and come in a pack of 5 pairs. They’re gonna last you a while.

Godzilla Ghost Pepper Ramen:

Godzilla Ramen Bowl:

Godzilla Chopsticks:

Ok! Onto the noodles!

First, I preheated the water to get a good boil going.

Next, I put the noodles in and hit the timer for 3 minutes to follow the directions on the package. You can have the noodles in for longer if you like them less firm.

After the 3 minutes, I took the pot off the stove and poured the water out. It says to drain the noodles but I found this approach to be nearly the same.

I then dumped the noodles into the ramen bowl.

Once the noodles were in the bowl, I took the Ghost Pepper sauce packet and poured it in.

I then stirred the mixture with the noodles.

The noodles were firm and absorbed the Ghost Pepper sauce perfectly. They were VERY spicy and I found my sinuses clearing a little. They weren’t overly spicy to where it was pure torture but they brought a good amount of heat. Overall, I found them to be quite enjoyable! We’re in the colder part of the year here in the USA, so it’s nice to have a snack like this to warm you up! The noodles come in packs of 5. At $15, some might feel that they are be a bit pricey, but I recommend giving them a shot at least once.