It’s been months since updates have stopped for Godzilla: Defense Force. That said, the game is still quite available. So for those still playing the game, or those just starting, here is a Godzilla: Defense Force card tier list. This should help players decide what cards to focus on or what cards to play.

This tier list is “end game”. That’s being defined as after a player reaches about a dozen stages into the Moon and has a large number of artifacts. This tier list also assumes the player is using card stacking. The trick involves clicking the mission tab, pausing the game to let G-cells regenerate to full, and then clicking the card selection to choose new cards to play. Afterwards the trick can be repeated to play even more cards. Using this allows players to utilize 6, 9 or even 12-15 cards at a time depending on the level of the DNA Computer.

If you choose not to do this trick, the tier list is pretty much limited to the S tier as these are the best cards to formulate a three card combo from. That said, even if you do card stack, it can be time consuming and not efficient for easier bosses. In which case it helps to know what cards to focus on so you can play as few cards as possible to achieve victory, speeding your run. This tier list is focused on that as well.

S Tier: Godzilla '67, Keizer Ghidorah, Godzilla '03, Destoroyah Perfect Form

S Tier: Godzilla ’67, Keizer Ghidorah, Godzilla ’03, Destoroyah Perfect Type


Godzilla ’67

Duration: 20 seconds
Attack +360%  (+180% for each additional level)

This is the top card in the game. All the best combos include Godzilla ’67. Credit belongs to the fact that it boosts all units with an attack power that’s unmatched by any other card in the game.

Keizer Ghidorah

Duration: 20 seconds
Plane Turret Attack +300%  (+150% for each additional level)

This game is all about multiplying all boost cards with type specific boosts. Essentially the game works like this: if you mix Godzilla ’67 with Godzilla ’02 the “all damage” boosts are seen as similar and add together. However, if you mix Godzilla ’67 with Keizer Ghidorah the damage boosts multiply instead, granting a huge attack boost to all turret and plane units. Essentially the “all modifier” type is considered different from the unit specific modifier, making mixing the two a priority for card combos. This works for attack, critical damage and production speed. Of these, attack boost is the most universally beneficial and Keizer Ghidorah leads the pack for type specific damage cards, being based on the two best unit types in the game.

Godzilla ’03

Duration: 20 seconds
Production Speed +120%  (+60% for each additional level)

Dependent on your artifacts, for most of the late game Godzilla ’03 is part of an incredible three card combo with Godzilla ’67 + Keizer Ghidorah. This is because the production speed modifier works nicely with the multiplied damage of those two titans. Not only that but the boost is visible on the listed DPS, which can help certain elements like the money generated by the Shobijin ’66 ally.

Destoroyah Perfect Type

Duration: 20 seconds
Plane Turret Critical Attack +1000%  (+500% for each additional level)

While the game features considerable focus on the skill attack cards (the hologram cards), the true end game is critical damage. This is an end game only investment, though, as unless your first two artifacts are the FM Missile and the Tracer Bullet the benefit will take a long time to materialize. When it finally does, usually with maxed card levels, the player will generate huge damage that will melt opponents. Destoroyah Perfect Type is the most important card of this playstyle. His damage actually multiples with the Tracer Bullet artifact, unlike Godzilla ’01, and he is the only four star card in the game that boosts turret critical damage. If the player has a high level FM Missile and Tracer Bullet, Destoroyah easily becomes the third best card in the game and functions as part of the best three card combo with Godzilla ’67 + Keizer Ghidorah. In fact, the only reason why he’s not above Godzilla ’03 is because he requires those two artifacts to be at his peak.

A Tier: Godzilla ’00/Godzilla ’68, Godzilla ’01


Godzilla ’00/Godzilla ’68

Duration: 30 seconds
All Critical Rate +24%/+20% (+12%/+10% for each additional level)

These cards help with the all important critical chance. As a player moves more into a critical playstyle, and starts to do larger card combos, either of these cards can play a key role in making those critical hits land all the time. Of the two, Godzilla ’00 is flat out better as at level 7 this card reaches a +96% critical chance. However, both cards can easily hit 100% when combined with the FM Missile artifact. So if for some reason the player prefers the Godzilla ’68 card, they can use that instead with the same result as long as they have that artifact.

Godzilla ’01

Duration: 20 seconds
All Critical Attack +1000%  (+500% for each additional level)

Godzilla ’01 is the only all critical damage card in the game. This means he can combine with Destoroyah Perfect Type for some lethal damage output as their modifiers multiply together. So why is Godzilla ’01 so much lower than Destoroyah? The reason is the Tracer Bullet. For some reason, this artifact seems to multiply with Destoroyah but works to add to the boost of Godzilla ’01. This results in a dramatic performance difference in combos with and without Destoroyah that use this artifact, as can be seen in the data we compiled here. That said, 6th best card in the game is still a great position to be in when doing six card combos isn’t that much effort.


B Tier: Mothra ’92, Star Falcon/Moonlight SY-3, Mechagodzilla ’74, Godzilla ’02


Mothra ’92

Duration: 30 seconds
All Attack +360% (+180% for each additional level – caps at level 6)

For those looking to go beyond a six card combo, Mothra ’92 stands far above other options. The greatest benefit is the huge duration that this card lasts, at 30 seconds. This makes it easy with the DNA computer to even reach a duration that covers the entire match against a Godzilla. The damage boost it gives to all units, while below Godzilla ’67 due to capping at level 6, is also sizeable. Sadly, this card is very hard to get. If you don’t have it, no worries, the Godzilla ’02 card can be used instead in a nine card combo.

Star Falcon/Moonlight SY-3

Duration: 20 seconds
Plane Turret / Vehicle Turret Production Speed +100% (+50% for each additional level)

The production speed effect of these cards multiply with Godzilla ’03 for a huge production speed boost. This not only increases damage output but also visible DPS. While this is not as optimal as mixing damage boosts or critical damage boosts, it does still hold a large benefit and makes the B tier for that reason. Of the two mentioned here, the Star Falcon is the better card. However, both can be hard to get and the Moonlight SY-3 is a good substitute. That said, you should use one or the other but not both. The reason being that increasing production speed too much slows down the game, making it hard to combo cards which can result in a negative effect. It’s also why Godzilla ’99 isn’t in the higher tiers.

Mechagodzilla ’74

Duration: 20 seconds
Vehicle Turret Attack +300%  (+150% for each additional level)

Not only is Mechagodzilla ’74 a great card, but he’s unlocked early in the game in London. As a result newer players looking for a good long term investment can feel safe putting card powder into the original Mechagodzilla. As for why the card stands out, it’s similar to Keizer Ghidorah but boosting tanks and turrets. The turret is the optimal part, adding to Kezier Ghidorah and then multiplying with the all damage modifiers, although the tank part can help when progressing in the game.

Godzilla ’02

Duration: 20 seconds
All Attack +300%  (+150% for each additional level)

Unlocked in Sydney, this card can give players the first taste of the power in adding all attack modifiers with type specific modifiers. While it’s great as a growth card, it’s also a safe long term investment as if you are playing a nine card combo and don’t have Mothra ’92 then this is your card. If you do have Mothra ’92… well then this could be your tenth card, and it’s for that reason that this makes it into the B tier is that level of utility.

C Tier: Mothra '04, Mothra Leo, Titanosaurus, Cretaceous King Ghidorah

C Tier: Mothra ’04, Mothra Leo, Titanosaurus, Cretaceous King Ghidorah


Mothra ’04, Mothra Leo, Titanosaurus

Duration: 16 seconds
Plane Turret / Vehicle Turret / Troop Turret Critical Attack +375% (+187.5% for each additional level)

This is known as the “pushing your luck” trio. Essentially you probably don’t want to do a card combo that’s 10 or more cards often. It’s time consuming and at some point it’s more efficient to time travel than keep struggling out wins with gigantic combos. …however, some times you just really want to beat the opponent you are up against, regardless of how long it might take. In those scenarios, these three are your best bet to get a ludicrously long combo as their boosts to turret critical attack damage will have the most impact.

Cretaceous King Ghidorah

Duration: 16 seconds
Plane Turret Production Speed +35% (+17.5% for each additional level)

Don’t have the Star Falcon or the Moonlight SY-3? Don’t worry, a lot of players don’t as they are hard cards to get. For those players that don’t, Cretaceous King Ghidorah works as a poor man’s substitute in the normal nine card combo to get a type boost mixed with an all boost around production speed.

D Tier: Mothra '01/King Ghidorah '01/Mecha-King Ghidorah, Rodan '64, MOTHER/GX-813 Griffon

D Tier: Mothra ’01/King Ghidorah ’01/Mecha-King Ghidorah, Rodan ’64, MOTHER/GX-813 Griffon


Mothra ’01/King Ghidorah ’01/Mecha-King Ghidorah

Duration: 20 seconds
Vehicle Plane / Troop Vehicle / Troop Plane Attack +300%  (+150% for each additional level)

This is mostly a “growth tier”. These are cards that aren’t optimal, but it recognizes that even toward the end game you will be in situations where your most powerful unit is not a turret. In fact, it takes getting to around stage 29 or 30 on the Moon before you can max a turret on New York ($1.77xx for the final upgrade to the Railgun Tower). Consequently, you can have your most powerful unit actually be a plane, a tank… or even a troop. In those cases, these three cards can be used to swap out either Keizer Ghidorah or Mechagodzilla ’74 in your combo depending on the unit type.

Rodan ’64

Duration: 13 seconds
Turret Production Speed +25% (+12.5% for each additional level)

Poor Rodan. Before allies came into the game, he actually saw a fair bit of use. He combos really well with Godzilla ’67 + Keizer Ghidorah while their total G-cells were 8, which is the max. This made him efficient for using quick three card combos on easier opponents before you have to start card stacking. However, with allies that can boost the number of G-cells to 9 or increase regeneration, Rodan ’64 becomes a dark horse pick only for those looking to use an ally that generates Moonstones or produces money for a bit longer in a run.

MOTHER/GX-813 Griffon

Duration: 20 seconds
Troop Vehicle / Vehicle Plane Critical Attack +1000%  (+500% for each additional level)

Again, you have to reach stage 29 or 30 on the Moon before you can max a turret on New York. As a result, you might need a card to replace Destoroyah (Perfect Type) in your card combo. This is where the MOTHER or GX-813 Griffon come into play. They can boost other units to help fill that gap. …the only problem is that these cards are very hard to get, resulting in very few players actually using them when they need them.

F Tier: Skill Attack cards, everything else


Skill Attack cards

It’s easy to rag on the Skill Attack cards, aka the hologram cards that summon a monster to attack the opponent. To be fair, though, they do have a use as the player is initially progressing in the game and are quite powerful at that stage. The main problem is they don’t synergize with critical attack, which becomes the end game strategy. In addition, there are a lot of skill attack cards. It feels like the player is constantly getting a more powerful one, which makes them bad investments even in the short term.

Everything else

Any critical chance card that isn’t Godzilla ’68 or Godzilla ’03 is worthless. In fact, there are a lot of useless cards in the game that the player will never use. Others might serve a one time or several time use, like the Ultrasonic Wave Generator or King Ghidorah ’64, but the player will quickly outgrow them and never look back.