An interesting and very tasty treat sent over for review by FYE is the Godzilla chocolate mochi.

I wasn’t familiar with mochi and in my research, I learned that you have to be a little careful when eating. Make sure you chew thoroughly. Even on the back of the box, in red text, a warning reads “in order to avoid choking, please chew and swallow carefully”. For those who don’t know what mochi is made of (like me, prior to this review), it is a Japanese rice cake which is made by pounding glutinous rice into a sticky and tender cake.

First, let’s look at the box which features Godzilla 1989 on the front and an enlarged photo of the chocolate mochi. I like the art quite a bit here, but the best I feel is on the back of the box with Godzilla walking into what I assume is the sunset. It’s very dramatic.

Ok, now onto the mochi. Covered in what I assume is powdered sugar, the mochi sits in a plastic tray and eight are included in the box (I ate three prior to taking photos). The powdered sugar largely sticks to the mochi and didn’t get all over my fingers, which was nice. Biting into the mochi, there’s a sense of coolness and then the chocolate flavor hits, it’s quite nice. The gelatin holds the chocolate in and it holds its flavor.

Overall, it’s a nice treat and runs about five dollars before tax and shipping. I do wish there were more for the price, say about ten or twelve pieces. Eight is too low. They are worth checking out and are a tasty treat!