Welcome to the GODZILLA CERTIFICATION EXAM Translation! Think you know Godzilla? Choose your quiz below and test your knowledge!


Beginner Level
5 pages with 6 questions each, 30 questions total.

Intermediate Level
6 pages with 6 questions each, 36 questions total.


Final Trial: Beginner
15 questions total spanning 2 pages. Focuses heavily on Godzilla (1954) and Shin Godzilla (2016).

Final Trial: Intermediate
15 questions total spanning 2 pages. Covers a little bit from each era in Godzilla’s history.

Final Trial: Super-Advanced
31 questions total spanning 4 pages. From Japanese rock stars to TV shows to cut content, anything goes with this one!


Staff Note

The text seen in the pages above are mock tests taken from the “Godzilla Certification Exam” Official Text (ISBN: 4800288606) study guide book. All the study material is available in this book, so if you have it, you’ll have an easy head start.

For a little more background info on the “Godzilla Certification Exam” itself, I’d highly recommend checking out Nicholas Driscoll’s article, a fellow staff member who attended the official examination. Participants had their results printed on special certificates, denoting whether they received a passing or failing grade. Sorry – no prizes given out here! However, you are welcome to take these quizzes as many times as you like to achieve different results… Maybe share the results from your first attempts, though?

Special thanks to Noah Oskow for his help in translating some of the questions and answers, to Andrew for his input and verifying the formatting of the pages, and to Wikizilla where many names and titles were cross-referenced!