Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla (2002) will receive its first ever wide release in the United States. Showing across over 450 theaters on November 3rd 2022, the movie will be screened in celebration of Godzilla Day in a one day only special event presented by Fathom Events and Toho International. The film will be screened in it’s original Japanese language and will feature English subtitles.

In addition to the now 20 year old rematch between Godzilla and one of the most popular incarnations of Mechagodzilla, the theatrical event will also see the screening of a never before seen featurette. Direct from Japan, Toho International’s Chief Godzilla Officer Keiji Ota will give a message to all Godzilla fans as part of the feature. Details as to what this featurette and message will be about are unknown. There are quite a few things happening for this year’s Godzilla day, though. That includes the announced Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex short and a revival match between the Showa Gigan and Godzilla 1954. So while it’s unknown, it’s safe to say fans will be in for a treat!

Once again this screening will be a one day only event. So fans who want to attend this event are encouraged to buy their tickets now at Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (Godzilla Day) Fathom Events.

What to Expect From Past Fathom Events

I myself have been to two Fathom Events screenings of Japanese releases in 2019. One of these was a Toho film, Lupin III: The First (2019), while the other was Kadokawa’s KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson and found both to be very fun theatrical experiences. Both began with a short interview piece with either some of the films voice artists or production staff that were specifically made for the U.S. theatrical release. The KonoSuba one had the two leading voice artists talking about the shows popularity in the United States. As for Lupin III: The First, it had a member of the production staff express his excitement at the film receiving a theatrical release in the United States as that movie drew many inspirations from beloved American cinema such as the Indiana Jones series alongside the original Japanese manga source material.