If anyone called me punctual or timely, I would have to call them a cheat and a liar. Case in point this expose. A few months ago, it was an exciting time. As a resident of San Francisco, the new Godzilla film, Godzilla (2014), taking place here seemed a little surreal. Given the location, and as a major metropolitan area, I was braced for some nice advertising for the new film in the Bay Area. With my smart phone at my side, I set out to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Sadly, the ad campaign around San Francisco was, at heart, forgettable. It was almost all the same poster seen over and over again. It got major points for spread, as they were all over the city, but little points for creativity. I still snapped photos diligently, from running around downtown and marching up toward my work in North Beach.

Below are all the Godzilla 2014 San Francisco ads I snapped. Some have establishing shots to show where the location is. While I don’t find them terribly interesting in retrospect, save one alternate that I spotted, this at least shows how widespread the advertising blitz was.

April 22 – Outbound Muni at Powell Station
April 28 – Taken at Montgomery and Bush Street
April 28 – Taken at Kearny and Sutter Street (note this was a digital ad that the display was broken on, hence the green)
April 28 – Taken at Filbert and Columbus Avenue
April 29 – Taken at Bush and Stockton Street
April 30 – Taken at Fremont and Mission Street
May 1 – Taken at Montgomery and Pine Street
May 1 – Inbound Muni at Montgomery Station
May 2 – Taken at Columbus and Union Street
May 2 – Taken at Bush and Kearny Street
May 3 – Taken at Clement Street and 32nd Avenue
May 5 – Taken at Powell and California Street
May 5 – Taken at Powell and O’Farrell Street
May 5 – Inbound Muni at Powell Station
May 7 – Muni at Powell Station
May 7 – Union Square
May 7 – Taken at Stockton and O’Farrell Street
May 7 – Taken at Market and 4th Street
May 9 – Outbound Muni at Montgomery Station
May 12 – Taken at Powell and Sutter Street
May 12 – Inbound Muni at Civic Center Station
May 12 – At Civic Center Station
May 12 – Outbound Muni at Civic Center Station
May 13 – Taken at Stockton and Pine Street

As a side note, these photos were all taken before the film opened on May 16th. Before the next weekend rolled around the posters had, sadly, all been replaced by Edge of Tomorrow adverts.