In 1997, the domain GODZILLA.COM first launched to promote the very first American adaptation of the king of the monsters, GODZILLA (1998). In the months that followed, the site regularly saw updates, whether in the form of stills from the movie, audio clips of Godzilla’s roar, or even personalized videos and interviews featuring the cast and crew.

While the domain has since seen many changes over the years, several videos from the old website still remain, which are available for download below. As they were originally uploaded in .VIV format, the audio and especially video quality are less than stellar compared to modern media. Still, hopefully you will enjoy this blast from the past.

A very special thanks to the folks at Gormaru Island for sending in these converted clips!

GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Fan Suit Compilation

– Fans show off custom suits for the Toho monsters Gigan and Mothra Larva.


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Dean Devlin Message
– Producer Dean Devlin shares a message with the fans about what to expect from the new Godzilla. Warning, the audio has been adjusted but may still be loud!


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: What’s Your Favorite GODZILLA Movie?
– Fans name their favorite Godzilla movies.


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Why Do You Love GODZILLA?
– A number of fans describe what they enjoy the most about Godzilla.


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Roland Emmerich Interview
– A 2 minute interview with director Roland Emmerich, who describes his thought process behind the creation of the 1998 American Godzilla and his experience with Toho.


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Dean Devlin Dispels Rumors
– Producer Dean Devlin puts an end to rumors of Godzilla being a “she” and denies Godzilla trekking across America, rumors that originated from a 1997 article published by Newsweek.


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Dean Devlin Welcome
– Producer Dean Devlin welcomes fans to the new-and-improved “Phase III” version of GODZILLA.COM.


GODZILLA (1998) Website Video: Staff Welcome
– Harry Shearer, Matthew Broderick, Arabella Field, Hank Azaria, Maria Pitillo, and producer Dean Devlin welcome visitors to GODZILLA.COM.