Author: Dao Zang Moua, Andrew Sudomerski & Tyler Trieschock | Banner: E.J. Su & Dao Zang Moua

The Earth was dying.

Gamera felt the life of the planet slowly being drained from the pollution and destruction caused by humanity. Over time, Gamera learned as humanity polluted the Earth, new abominations and threats would awaken from their destructive tendencies. Destroying the forests unleashed the planet-eating, three-headed dragon, Desghidorah, from its seal, while oceanic contamination awoke kaiju such as Hedorah and Dagahra. Their wars created pollution and weapons strong enough to revive the Gyaos and even birthed their deadliest mistake: Godzilla. They created another weapon to destroy their mistakes and by killing the first Godzilla, a living Oxygen­ Destroyer known as Destoroyah drew breath. Their abuse of the planet had turned some of the richest of forests into desolate plains, which drove thousands of species to extinction.

Human ingenuity to create and survive was killing the very planet they lived on, and this final instance of human apathy was the last straw in Gamera’s eyes. He used to sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity. Now, they proved nothing more than just another threat to the Earth. The balance had shifted for the worse, with the deaths of several guardians of the Earth; including Battra, Manda, Varan, and even the goddess of peace, Mothra. He felt the life force of these beings disperse into the Earth with their deaths, sending energy back to heal the planet as their souls left the living world. Even the mighty Godzilla had been frozen in an iceberg in Antarctica years ago, like many others before him. The only remaining Kings of Monsters were his children and an ancient defender. With Earth’s guardians dying and evil rising quickly, it was time for a desperate last-ditch cure to fix the world.

A spiraling, serrated shell flew through the air toward the beautiful city of Okinawa. Below, missiles and planes attempted to curb his path as battleships fired skyward. Hours earlier, some populated cities in Indonesia were thriving; now they were mere ashes amongst the land. Gamera roared out as he entered the skyline of Okinawa, people screaming beneath him. With missiles tracking his position, he slammed through several skyscrapers, sending falling debris downward into the streets, killing hundreds. Missiles slammed into crushed debris, annihilating the remains of the buildings as dust clouds blew outward from the remaining impact.

Gamera’s presence dominated the airspace, destroying all the buildings he could, including a pagoda. The twirling shell came to a stop as the blazing blue jets of fire shot downward, incinerating the city streets and the citizens below. With a powerful roar, Gamera retracted his flames and landed inside the city. There was a reason he started near Japan. The island country was one of the largest consumers of mana in the present age, weakening the planet with each passing moment. The giant terrapin fired three blasts of superheated plasma to the surroundings, setting the city ablaze to purify the Earth of the plague. Each explosion lit aflame several miles of city, incinerating all life within its path. Life caught up in the ferocious blaze never stood a chance. From the ashes and the flames he created, Mother Nature would plow its seeds and regain what life it needed to survive. Gamera continued on destroying the city, firing his plasma fireballs in every direction, massacring all.

A multicolored ray struck the guardian of Atlantis from behind, forcing the turtle to stumble in his rampage. Gamera growled in fury as he twisted around, finding a large, metal destroyer flying toward him. More beams fired upon the turtle monster, only for Gamera to duck, letting the rays scatter off his shell and into the city.

Having gotten close enough for battle, the Super Mechagodzilla began to right itself, hovering in the air above the flames and debris below.

“Sir, we have him in our sights,” spoke one of the pilots as they began to analyze the ancient guardian.

“Alright men, he’s caused enough damage already, let’s take him out.”

Super Mechagodzilla roared a synthetic cry as it approached Gamera, when the nearby mountain exploded suddenly. A loud warcry sounded out as a Shisa-inspired golem rose from its deep slumber, awoken by the dying cries and pleas of its people. With one foe in front and one behind, Gamera decided to take care of the human machine in front of him first.

Taking in a deep breath, he fired off a powerful fireball at Super Mechagodzilla, exploding against the diamond coated machine. Two more fireballs splashed across the mech, bathing the machine in a monstrous blaze and unknowingly charging up the machine’s greatest weapon.

Thrusters roared to life and Mechagodzilla emerged from the inferno. From the machine’s maw, a Mega Buster fired at Gamera while it hovered backward, striking the monster in its chest. The turtle continued to trudge forth, brushing off the pain. Having forced his foe back enough, Gamera rushed forward and slammed his bulk into the machine, pushing it toward the oil refineries. By now, he could hear the thundering footsteps of another guardian rushing toward their location.

“The Plasma Grenade is at full power, fire!”

A port opened up in the robot’s abdomen, revealing a large lens that quickly started to flash yellow. Gamera noticed it and quickly tucked in his right arm, firing off his arm jet. The destructive plasma beam fired off toward the turtle’s head, only for Gamera to twist out of the way, tucking in his legs as he fell backward, igniting his lower appendages and taking off.

In the distance, the golden protector of Okinawa, King Caesar, watched the nearing beam. Eyes filled with rage at the destruction Gamera dispersed morphed to confidence as he immediately dashed in front of the surging power, allowing it to be absorbed into his right eye. The Plasma Grenade entered in its entirety in the orb and burst forth from the other. The reflected beam shot just below the now airborne Gamera and struck Super Mechagodzilla with amplified power, knocking the large machine into the oil refineries and triggering a powerful explosion. Gamera called upon the flames surrounding the sparking Super Mechagodzilla and coated his fist in fire. As the mech got up, Gamera performed an aerial loop and flew into the unaware machine. A fire coated fist smashed into the Plasma Grenade port, cracking the weapon’s casing. Mechagodzilla was knocked back by the force of the punch as flames covered its form, falling to the ground a kilometer away. A plume of dust billowed from the fresh crater while sparks coarsed across the now damaged Garuda.

“Sir, the left arm and the Plasma Grenade is damaged, any attempts to use it would destroy Mechagodzilla!” one of the pilots said as he flipped several switches. Another surveyed their damages. Screams echoed over the intercoms as the pilot of the Garuda cried in agony, the machine’s cockpit filled to the brim with fire. The flames covering Mechagodzilla began to dwindle as the mech got back to its feet, the Garuda still functioning, but its pilot painfully deceased.

“Johnson! Damn these monsters,” the head pilot spoke as he shut off communications with the Garuda. The analyst then began flipping other switches, taking control of the Garuda while the copilot fired off the Mega Buster. Gamera, standing upon solid ground once more, took a blast to his shoulder in order to get close enough to slash his claws upward, uppercutting the machine’s jaw. His arm slammed shut the head of Super Mechagodzilla, sending the Mega Buster firing out between the metal teeth in all directions, shattering the metal outward. Gamera then slashed his arm downward at the Garuda’s cannon, slicing into the metal rod and bending it to the side.

King Caesar roared out as he leapt into the air, prepared to roundhouse kick Gamera from behind, intending to bash the former guardian’s head in. Gamera tucked his head into his shell at the last second. Wide eyes of the golem signified the miscalculation as King Caesar’s leg struck the body of Mechagodzilla. The giant machine stumbled back as Gamera punched the machine in the chest, knocking it over. With one foe down, Gamera spun around and quickly slashed his large claws against King Caesar, which chiseled bits of rock and fur. King Caesar was quick to react and kicked off Gamera’s shell, knocking the terrapin into the fallen Mechagodzilla. Turning to face his current oppressor, Gamera’s head left his shell as he belched a blast of plasma against the golem’s scars, setting aflame the fur and destroying the golem’s stony exterior.

Why couldn’t King Caesar understand? Humanity could not be ignored any further. They were guardians, protectors of the Earth, and if the golem dared to stand his way of saving the Earth, it would burn in ash like the city surrounding them.

Mech and terrapin arose facing the other. Seeing an opening, Super Mechagodzilla fired off its paralyzer missiles and sent its shock anchors into Gamera’s arms. Bolts of chaotic energy channeled down the wires, electrocuting the turtle. Gamera screeched in pain as electricity coursed through his body while missiles bombarded against his back. This was a mistake, as Gamera allowed the high voltage electrical power to course through him, using it to fuel the thermal reactor within himself. Pulling his arms inward, Gamera slashed the cords with his elbow claws, then twisted around and fired one supercharged fireball at Mechagodzilla. Scorch marks ruined the diamond coating as the excess flames fed the fires around them. Gamera began to slowly absorb the flames into his body, not wanting his opponent to realize his strategy so quickly.

King Caesar patted its burning furs with one arm as it prepared to defeat this threat to the people it had sworn to protect. The golem ran and jumped on top of Gamera and started to rain hard blows down on the chelonian’s body. Gamera switched his attention to the golem and flipped it over his shoulder. A cloud of ash leapt into the air as Gamera smashed the golden lion’s back against the ground, causing King Caesar to groan in agony. Super Mechagodzilla took this chance to unload everything they had available on the two kaiju. Paralyzer missiles struck the area around the two as Gamera picked up the golden lion and used King Caesar like a shield against the onslaught. Missiles that went past the golem hit Gamera’s shell, doing little damage to the Atlantean guardian. As the onslaught died down, Gamera pushed the injured shisa toward the human machine and took to the skies, spiraling around the two. Super Mechagodzilla tried to take aim at the flying monster but first had to deal with the angry shisa which currently clutched its leg.

King Caesar used Mechagodzilla to lift himself back to his feet before the wrathful guardian flew toward them. Gamera slammed into both of them, using his shell to saw his way through King Caesar who lay atop the Super Mechagodzilla. Chunks of rock, shattered gems, and molten gold flew as King Caesar desperately slammed his fists into Gamera’s backside, trying to dislodge his fellow guardian. But such futile effort only widened the gash on his torso. He soon pushed against Super Mechagodzilla as Gamera broke through the golem, slicing him in half. Gamera did not stop, pressing on with thrusters roaring into the open air. Mechagodzilla tried firing off his Mega Buster, tearing the top half of King Caesar asunder before striking Gamera’s tough shelled plates. The beam chipped away at the terrapin’s posterior, but it was too late as the cracks on the Plasma Grenade became evident.

“Sir, the Plasma Grenade has been breached! The energy is flowing backward into our systems!”

The port to the Plasma Grenade crackled erratically as Gamera shredded his way into the mechanical doppelganger of the monster king, the metal glowing hot from the intense flames. With massive amounts of heat, pressure, and energy building up, the casing to the weapon cracked open as the backlash of energy set off in a fiery explosion, overtaking the city. The massive blast tore away the remaining buildings and killed what remained of the humans in its radius, expanding outward in a blazing sphere of energy.

Then, the flames seemed to implode. The dying sparks of the explosion started to twist and curl inward to the center as the smoldering remains of the city revealed itself. In the center of the crater where the refineries once stood, the flames and sparks gathered, growing into an orb of fire revealing molten pieces of Mechagodzilla and a severely melted head of the once defiant golem. A monstrous roar sounded out as the rejuvenated Gamera stood over his destroyed enemies. His shell was littered in cuts and leaking blood in some areas from Mechagodzilla’s assault.

He would have surely perished from fighting Mechagodzilla for too long if it hadn’t been for King Caesar taking the brunt of its assault. In a way, the golem did end up helping save the Earth. Regardless, the distraction no longer existed and humanity still resided on Earth. A long road of conflict remained ahead.

With confident green eyes, Gamera looked to the ash choked skies. A cloud of white smoke enveloped the guardian before he blazed a trail into the heavens heading northward, not noticing as a mysterious humanoid metal object began its pursuit after him.

“Madam Namikawa, Super Mechagodzilla is offline. Okinawa has fallen,” an operator said as he lost contact with the crew of the Super Mechagodzilla. “Gamera appears to be heading north, toward Kyushu.”

Standing above the room of operators stood a woman in a white uniform. She was the head of the Earth Defense Force, in charge of monitoring all monster attacks in her section of the globe. She watched the large map of the world above her lighting up with conflict as a small light on Okinawa dimmed into darkness.

“It seems Gamera truly sees us as an enemy now. One of our greatest allies has turned on us,” she spoke as several other alerts sounded out on the screens.

“Two objects breaking through the atmosphere. One is a giant mass of crystals while the other appears to be an orb of blue energy.” Satellite video of the situation appeared on screen as a crystalline beast fired three energy orbs toward Japan. The other showed a blue orb bursting through the atmosphere at high speed.

“SpaceGodzilla returns once more? Send Moguera and the Gotengo to deal with him. Meanwhile, try to intercept the other orb with Kiryu,” she ordered quickly and efficiently. “Any news on the Onagawa nuclear power plant and the disappearance of the Kusanagi girl?”

“Gyaos are swarming in that region, and there have been reports of corpses drained of all nutrients and fluids in the area. We still can’t determine what’s going on,” one operator said, showing the recent information of the mysterious accident. “We still haven’t found any traces of Miss Kusanagi since the incident.” An alert sounded out from one of the terminals.

“The blue orb has changed trajectory and is headed toward Gamera.” The screen revealed the change in course as the orb turned suddenly and shot offscreen toward Japan.

“If that is the case, then have Kiryu back up the others in destroying SpaceGodzilla before he has a chance to regain the tower.”

Gamera glared as he watched a cluster of crystalline energy slam into the ground near Lake Ikeda, a lake that the guardian Mothra once resided within. The explosion of energy had not only caught Gamera’s attention, but two other creatures that had taken residence nearby. Gamera had seen what these crystals had done since his awakening into this new age. Alien energy sapped minerals used to drain energy from both the outer cosmos and the planets they resided on. Looking back at the surroundings, he remembered days now past when there would be hundreds of trees and plant life around the lake. Now it was barely a grassland, with small patches of forest near the mountains.

Towering crystals erupted from the earth, draining the surrounding mana to self-sustain. A massive orb slammed into the turtle guardian from above, landing nearby as it cackled with an evil laughter. Gamera never hit the ground as his jets sprouted with flames, catching himself before the crash. He brought his head out to observe his enemy, prompting him to stop his jets and land on the ground with a thud. A forest of alien crystals grew around them as Gamera turned to find the massive blue orb. The sapphire sphere burst open, revealing the evil creature within. It was a large, bipedal lizard with hundreds of spikes covering its back. Upon its flat face resided massive, toothy jaws and psychotic looking eyes. Bemular, the evil space fugitive, had arrived on Earth to destroy all life.

As Gamera stared at the creature, he noticed a giant human running toward them, accompanied alongside a brown hairy humanoid creature.

More obstacles slowing his inevitable goal. Threats to be burned to ash…

Gamera roared out to the enemies in his path as he fired a volley of plasma fireballs. The large balls had eccentric trails of flames behind them as they soared toward Bemular. The space fugitive returned fire with a pale blue energy beam, firing it toward the plasma blasts. The beam struck one of the plasma fireballs head on, managing to detonate it just before it could strike their spiky, alien target. The other two soared past the reptilian space beast and struck the bodies of Frankenstein and Sanda, flooring the two humanoids down and setting their surroundings ablaze. Bemular stopped firing his beam after the fireball exploded, laughing maniacally at Gamera’s feeble attempt, only for the fourth fireball, hidden behind the first three, to soar through the air and strike his chest. The explosion sent Bemular backward into a crystal pillar. The explosion muffled the alien’s anguish filled wails while flames washed over his flesh.

The once proclaimed Guardian of the Universe slowly trotted toward the fallen Bemular, destroying several white crystals in an attempt to return the stolen mana back to the Earth. Each thundering footstep caused his shell plates to shudder, like the armor of a mighty general. Bemular rose to his feet and stood up just in time to see two other creatures run past him with smoking burns on their clothes and fur. Gamera stood and prepared for combat with the giant human and its hairy friend. He fired another fireball at Bemular to keep him still, blasting the space kaiju through the crystal it was against.

Sanda and his father Frankenstein had met up over the years and, through their love for humans, decided to stay nearby the lake to protect any settlements from other kaiju, especially the one residing in the lake. As soon as the crystals started spawning, they rushed out to find the cause of the threat merely to discover Gamera and Bemular. Two threats which endangered their home, and a pair which would regret the trouble they started.

Sanda grabbed one of Gamera’s arms and began to punch his fist against his foe’s chest, while Frankenstein pulled out one of the giant crystals. Gamera used his superior strength to push back Sanda and slapped the humanoid across the face with his claws. Gamera roared as Frankenstein approached with his crystal club. As he swung at the black tortoise, Gamera blocked the club with his left arm, shattering the crystal. Through the haze, Frakenstein emitted a squeak of annoyance, only to watch Gamera retract his left appendage into his shell. Human eyes widened in shock as white steam vented thunderously toward him, burning the human monster as he recoiled from the flames broiling his flesh. Gamera rushed him, slamming his shoulder against the burning human before he flipped the meager mutant onto his backside. As Frakenstein lay in a daze, the wary green eyes of Gamera discovered Sanda’s current location. The landscape quaked as the terrapin took a step to face the brown beast, fire burning within his jaws. After three fiery plasma fireballs launched from Gamera’s maw, the surrounding crystals burst into an inferno, with Sanda running at full speed to avoid the rapidly expanding blaze.

Bemular shook the dust off his reptilian hide as he arose, watching Sanda vanish into the raging fire and, more importantly, noticing Gamera, who’s back now faced him. Taking advantage of the distracted foolish creature, the cunning fugitive decided to charge. The distance between the two vanished as Bemular opened his toothy mouth to bite the turtle, merely for the guardian to turn, his gaze filled with animosity. Gamera slashed his claws and elbow spikes at Bemular, leaving a large gash in the space monster’s burnt chest and flooring him to the ash covered dirt. Just then, Frankenstein smashed another crystal into Gamera’s back shell, staggering the turtle. The mutated human emitted a war cry at his success and charged once more.

Frakenstein had seen creatures like Gamera before, following their greatest instincts. For Baragon, it was his gluttony, as for Gamera, it was his intense sense of justice to right the wrongs done to the Earth. An instinct which now led him to a path filled with human tragedy. As such, he would do all he could to prevent as many casualties against the humans as possible by killing the turtle.

Picking up a shard of the crystal like a knife, Frakenstein jumped up onto Gamera’s shell and tried brutally stabbing the terrapins’s neck. The discomfort made Gamera flail about as he smashed his back into several crystals, trying to dislodge his assaulter. Frankenstein held onto Gamera as he felt his legs being smashed against crystals, easily regenerating the damage. As they did so, Bemular fired his blue beam at the two. An explosion burst against Gamera’s armored abdominal carapace, disorienting the pair. Before mutant or terrapin regained their senses, Sanda rushed toward Gamera in the confusion and slid across the ground, kicking out the turtle’s legs from under him.

As Gamera fell forward, his senses returned. Immediately, he tucked in his legs and arched upward into the sky, with Frankenstein holding on for dear life. Enamored screeches echoed from the mutant before he jammed the crystal shard into the turtle’s shoulder as a holding point. Now airborne, Gamera spun upside down and grazed over the tops of the crystals that tore into Frankenstein’s flesh at the tips, which shattered as they flew along. After a grueling, serrated flight, the giant human released his grip on Gamera, the pain having been too much for the mutated human. As Frankenstein fell, Gamera flipped over and rained down a volley of fireballs onto the area, creating a raging inferno below him that destroyed both human settlements and crystalline towers alike.

Sanda watched in horror as his father fell from the sky onto the burning spikes below, impaled upon them to be roasted alive. He rushed forth to try helping his father out of his death, only for the intense flames to burst and sear his hairy body. Distracted as he was, he forgot his other foe until Bemular fired a beam at him, striking him in the back. Sanda staggered as he felt his shoulder burst from the beam. His left arm now useless, Sanda twisted around and ran toward Bemular with rage in his eyes. Along the way, he picked up a tree torn from the earth and started to force the log down his enemy’s throat with a rage he never felt before. Bemular struggled against his enemy’s strong grip, choking on the large log and tried vainly to fire his beam. Sanda quickly kicked Bemular into the nearby lake just as the tree exploded from the beam. As Bemular fell beneath the waves, Sanda went back to focusing on fighting Gamera, knowing his brother would deal with Bemular in the lake.

Gamera landed near the burning Frankenstein. The modern Prometheus stared weakly at the face-turned guardian as he felt his skin blister and his blood boil from the raging flames below. Grabbing the crystal jutting through his body, he tried to pull himself off the bloodied crystalline structure as Gamera charged a plasma fireball in his maw. Rejecting his fate, Frankenstein screamed at the turtle as it readied a strong blast. Just as he was about to fire, a small and shiny object knocked Gamera’s head to the side, sending the powerful fireball off course and destroying several giant crystals in its explosion. The small object then flew down near Frankenstein and started to grow, lifting the giant off the crystal. The raging inferno below wouldn’t help in the healing process so the robot grew larger in size, nearly as tall as Gamera, and flew the injured Frankenstein out of the inferno.

The robot hero Jet Jaguar gently placed down Frankenstein out of the flames for him to heal before turning to the enraged Gamera. He had been watching the ‘Guardian of the Universe’ for some time now, even before the turtle decided to erase humanity. He knew Gamera had to be stopped, this path of destruction he was walking would eventually lead to the death of humanity. As bad as humans could be, there were still good men and women in the world, those which held no responsibility for the sins of the many, especially the innocent children, so he would protect them. Jet Jaguar would stand against the fallen guardian.

The odds of success were miniscule, Jet Jaguar knew this better than even his opponent, but what choice did he have. As far as he knew, the current King of the Monsters lay buried in ice and the prince wasn’t old enough to deal with something as powerful as this berserk destroyer. Even with low chances of success to combat the guardian alone, Jet Jaguar took a fighting stance in preparation of his battle to stop Gamera’s assault on the world.

Gamera glared angrily at this robotic man, one he often witnessed while fighting the Gyaos. He knew that the small robot wouldn’t be able to hurt him, but now that he was just as tall as he was, it might be tougher. Gamera roared as he lumbered toward Jet Jaguar, the flames around him flowing around his wounds, melding into his flesh. Old skin was replaced by a new layer, a tinge darker and more rugged, a feat achieved through the manipulation of his chromosomes. This would be quick…

Gamera discharged three blasts of superheated plasma at the robot, who dodged the dangerous spheres with meticulous precision. As they flew past him, the robot warrior generated an idea within his processors. Jet Jaguar back flipped as Gamera fired a fourth powerful plasma blast toward him. The fireball struck a crystal and destroyed several others behind it.

Gamera’s eyes narrowed, growing annoyed at the defiant robot. It seemed he would need to get much closer to put Jet Jaguar down for good.

A plume of white steam enveloped Gamera before the terrapin burst from it, aimed directly at Jet Jaguar with his arms becoming wing-like fins. His sharp ‘wings’ smashed through several space crystals as he flew at the elusive robot, focused on nothing more than crushing another destructive byproduct of humanity.

Sanda ran over to his father and knelt beside the stagnant being. A furry hand rested on Frakenstein’s chest, gazing upon the destruction around them. His father’s wounds were grisly, but healing rapidly, which brought a sigh of relief to the noble gargantua. Relief morphed into rage as the ground quaked from Gamera’s flight nearby. Sanda snapped his attention toward the raging creature and tore a crystal out from the earth. A perfect tool to club the being which dared hurt his family.

Gamera slammed his wing into Jet Jaguar, knocking the colossal robot to the ground. Gamera’s jets were replaced by legs as he skidded across the ground, a dust trail forming in his wake. Turning around, Gamera found himself blinded by a sudden flash of light emitted from his enemy’s robotic eyes. Jet Jaguar took advantage of this opening and flew around the rogue Guardian of the Universe, discharging an icy blast of liquid nitrogen from a port in his mouth over him.

According to past research in his database, even with Gamera’s adaptability accounted for, it had been deduced that low temperature environments would force Gamera’s body into a state of hibernation in order to preserve his internal furnace. He tried to freeze the terrapin, even at an agonizingly slow rate, but he underestimated the gargantuan tortoise’s constitution. Gamera pulled in his icy limbs and head and spewed his fiery jets, slowly defrosting his body as he rocketed into Jet Jaguar, leaving scratch marks along the robot’s metal body. The jet flames heated up the metal in a faint, fiery glow. The robot slammed his arms atop Gamera’s carapace and flipped the shelled brute over, avoiding King Caesar’s unfortunate fate. The blow knocked the spinning guardian to the ground, tearing up dirt and foliage alike. Gamera’s disc-like form regained altitude and very quickly reared back to strike the robot hero once again, only for the machine to swiftly kick the turtles underbelly. Gamera lost control and was forced to land momentarily. Turning his head, he fired a ball of flaming destruction at the robot hero. It was just as the automaton had anticipated.

Having run the calculations in his head and analyzed various footage of the rogue warrior’s fights, Jet Jaguar swiftly slammed the palm of his hand against the ball of plasma. Instead of bursting; however, Jet Jaguar caught it with enough precision and speed that it allowed him to redirect the plasma fireball past his body, bedding its trajectory so it harmlessly detonated behind it. With Gamera shocked at the display, Jet Jaguar rushed forth, leaping into the air and retracting his legs. A double drop kick struck against the terrapin’s plastron pushed him back. Another flash of his eye beams blinded the turtle long enough for the robot to kick out his legs and slam him onto his back. Reaching down, Jet Jaguar grabbed onto the turtle’s wounds and began pummeling the turtle with his other fist.

The pain of having his foe jam his fingers into his flesh while simultaneously punching him in the face drove the guardian into a fury. With a ferocious swipe, Gamera knocked the robot warrior off his body. Jet Jaguar hastily recovered merely to find Gamera barreling into his body head first. Rockets propelled the monstrous turtle forward as they smashed into several crystals. Pulling his hands over his head, the robot slammed his clenched fists into the turtle’s shell, pushing his robotic body to its limit to dislodge him. This only angered the northern guardian further as he twisted their bodies, flying straight up. Claws grasped firmly into the metal man’s body, then Gamera flipped them back and allowed gravity to take its course, with propulsion assist. Jet Jaguar panicked as the two rocketed toward the ground, a cone of flames bursting beneath his back. Desperate to avoid colliding at such a high speed, he jammed his hand as hard as he could into the turtle’s neck wound.

Gamera uttered a pained screech as he felt his foe once more jam his fist into his body, though this time Jet Jaguar clenched as hard as he could on the muscles inside. He released his hold on the robot in order to try swiping the arm out of his wound. This played right into Jet Jaguar’s plan as he countered the oncoming attack and grabbed a hold of the arm. Twisting their bodies around, Jet Jaguar spun around as they fell. Finally, he released his hold on the arm. This focused all the centripetal force into the hand inside Gamera’s wound, tearing out muscle as the deviant guardian was launched downward. Jet Jaguar attempted to slow down, though the speeds at which he fell caused him to crash land, a massive crater formed in the ground beneath him. As for Gamera, he slammed into the lake’s surface, sending water cascading high into the sky as he disappeared beneath its depths.

Sanda watched the waters calm before movement caught his attention. The ground trembled as the brown gargantua neared the robot’s impact crater, wary of the newest arrival’s intentions. Dropping the chunk of muscle he tore off Gamera, Jet Jaguar waved at Sanda, showing he was a friend to the other giant. Sanda sighed in relief as Jet Jaguar gave a thumbs up before the robot took to the skies and started to vent his liquid nitrogen breath over the lake, freezing the top several layers thick to hopefully hold in Gamera.

This meager barrier wouldn’t hold long against the Atlantean creation alone; however, it might give him enough time to gather the allies he so desperately needed. A monster powerful enough to maybe stand a chance against the rampant turtle and the newest intergalactic arrival, SpaceGodzilla. Hacking into the Monarch Satellite System, Jet Jaguar quickly began searching for concentrations of radiation in certain patterns around the oceans. Luckily for him, there was a large focus of radiation in the Sea of Japan. Waving goodbye to Sanda, Jet Jaguar quickly began triangulating the location and flew off to find a King of Titans.

Gamera stirred as his brief stunned mind caught up with him. Turning upward, he noticed that the lake surface had frozen over. Growling to himself, plama gathered within his maw merely to see something stirring beneath him. Looking down, he noticed a green version of the brown haired giant attacking Bemular. The alien fugitive was evading the smaller kaiju, taunting him with quick swipes of his claws. Around the two were a large amount of crystals, lighting up the dark underwater environment with stolen mana. Tired of this alien creature, Gamera jettisoned toward the two and slashed his right elbow spike across the space monster’s abdomen.

Bemular screeched out in pain as he felt something slice into his tough hide, blood shifting the color of the water red. Turning his head, he noticed Gamera rushing toward him with his arms ready to strike once more. Opening his maw, the space monster was about to fire his pale heat wave only for Gaira to kick him in the back. This allowed the turncoat turtle to slam his fist into Bemular’s body, twisting him enough for Gamera to bite onto the cut. The terrapin then used his clawed hands and started to push Bemular away from him, twisting his head side to side as he did so. The space criminal screeched in pain as Gamera began tearing a chunk of flesh out of his side. In response, Bemular unleashed his pale heat wave against the turtle’s body, wavering him off.

Gaira wasn’t one to let up on an opportunity; however, he quickly swam up and grabbed hold of Bemular in a full nelson. With the monster in his grasp, gargantuan teeth sunk into the alien’s neck, causing the space criminal to writhe in pain. In his panic, Bemular’s beam struck violently into the surroundings. Vicious mud exploded while the thick ice above the trio cracked.

Shaking his head to eliminate the disorientation, Gamera returned his attention to the two battling titans. Furious eyes gazed to the space beast as plasma formed within his maw. The water surrounding Gamera swirled and bubbled while flashing red, coating the entirety of the fallen guardian. Gaira and Bemular continued to thrash until the ominous glow caught their attention. A low growl reverberated through the water. Run or die. The two screeched in unison merely for the swirling mass to birth a circular ball of destruction.

Gaira grinned in amusement and held the alien in place. With such tiny arms, Bemular struggled helplessly in the gargantua’s grip. The fireball struck Bemular square in the chest, detonating upon impact. Bemular roar of agony was drowned out by the concussive shockwave of the blast. His chest tore open, turning the water which poured into the vacuum a stark red. Gaira meanwhile flew backward through the water from the fiery blast, scorched, broiled, and surprised by the sheer power of the blast.

How could he burn underwater?

Bemular’s torched hide and visibly shaken body gradually reappeared to the annoyed guardian. How resilient was this thing? Gamera roared out with fury as he rushed toward Bemular, prepared to tear it apart with his bare hands.

Seeing the pesky turtle rushing toward him, Bemular emitted a mocking cry. Did the guardian think he was finished? Before Gamera could realize its intention, Bemular twisted his body around and tail-smacked the chelonian in the face. Blinded momentarily by the attack, the alien fugitive continued his brazen rush forth and slammed head first into Gamera’s abdomen. Each following blow caused the turtle’s vision to blur slightly as the two thrashed about in the ice cold water.

From the nearby darkness, a humanoid beast gazed upon the wounds he sustained and in ravenous hatred, Gaira roared out in anger. It wasn’t enough that the turtle tried to steal his prey, but it dared to challenge him, to hurt him in his domain! Gaira burst through the water and brought his knee up. The green appendage slammed it into the Bemular’s face before flipping onto his back and pushing off to attack the guardian. Gamera roared at the green kaiju as Gaira growled back. Gaira swam toward Gamera and tried to swing his fist only for Gamera to swiftly block with his arm. Gaira countered by opening his hand and pulled himself toward Gamera biting onto the giant turtle’s scaly arm. Gamera felt the pain but having his flesh torn apart several times before by several Gyaos hurt more than this green abomination trying to eat him. Gaira bit and tried to tear a chunk out of Gamera while kneeing him in the chest. Gamera decided to stop messing around and grabbed Gaira with his other arm. Tearing him off with his full strength, Gamera held the thrashing gargantua by his arms and opened his jaws. A brilliant, orange light burned into existence.

Gaira panicked in terror.

Gamera aimed for the humanoids’s head.

Bemular fired first.

A blue beam struck the back of the Atlantean guardian’s head. Gamera’s maw closed in response, allowing Gaira to gaze into the rage filled eyes of the being which clutched him. Gradually, Gamera tossed the gargantua away and looked on through the water to the space creature that continued to pester him, to defy him. This could not continue any longer… plasma rocketed from the guardian’s maw before it struck the impaired abdomen of Bemular. Water rushed past Gamera as he watched blood, organs and other vile fluids pour out, but the terrapin never looked away. He was in no mood to allow even the chance of mercy.

In his final moments, floating to the muddy basin of the lake, Bemular weakly laughed. He had done his part, distracting such a powerful protector of Earth. Soon, the several strong presences he felt approaching Earth would arrive and surely finish what he started. His masters would be pleased…

Bemular’s stagnant corpse placated the fury the terrapin felt. Remembering Gaira, Gamera turned his full attention to the humanoid, wanting to know if the green gargantua still wanted to fight. From the dark surroundings the green beast lurked in, Gaira growled, but found himself glaring at Bemular’s burnt corpse.

He couldn’t win, that fact was as apparent as the rotting flesh on the other intruder. No matter, he could fight later, maybe even with his family, but for now he would feast and heal.

Sensing the hostility at an end, Gamera’s green eyes looked to the ice covered surface. Not wanting to waste his energy, the guardian swam over to the outer perimeter of the body of water he resided in. Reptilian claws dug into the outer walls of the lake. Every swipe marked a step closer to freedom, an escape to the hasty prison created for the guardian. As the turtle dug through the soft earth, he could feel the presence of others fighting underground. They posed no threat to the Earth, even buried hundreds of meters below the surface, this was as clear as day to the terrapin, but would they be peaceful to an intruder? Thinking of Gaira, Gamera breathed a heavy sigh of cautious hope. As he struck the dirt in front of him to continue, the tunnel he traveled through collapsed. Gamera fell forward, breaking through a cavern’s wall and landed between two horned kaiju.

Gomora and Baragon glared at the terrapin that fell between them. Each possessed numerous bruises upon their reptilian skin and wide eyes in shock of the new arrival. They had been fighting over who would gain domain over this cavern due to the crystals shattering the border between their dens, but that fight would have to wait.

Gamera stood upright staring at the large underground cavern of glowing crystals which imbued the subterranean area in a marvelous multi-colored light. Hatred filled his eyes as the protector of Earth saw the crystals slowly stealing energy from his beloved planet and from the cosmos the longer they stayed embedded. With righteous fury, Gamera unleashed a fireball at the cavern’s ceiling, shattering a large swath of the parasitic formations, but destabilizing the ground.

Gomora and Baragon roared in panic as fires enveloped the cavern and snapped at the aggressive invader. Seeing the danger Gamera possessed to their homes, Baragon screeched at the tall turtle before he jumped at him. As Gamera was preparing to fire a volley of fireballs, he felt the smaller creature head-butt his back, knocking the tortoise forward slightly. Twisting around, Gamera turned to face Baragon. Green’s eyes narrowed in frustration and the guardian cried out for the small dinosaur to cease its aggression. Baragon’s movement immediately stopped and he stared at the war hardened, threatening face of Gamera. Realizing the mistake he made, Baragon started to back up. Seeing Baragon backing off, Gamera turned to continue his destruction of the crystals only for Gomora to slam his horns into the turtle’s chest, launching the guardian backward.

Steam vented from Gomora’s nostrils. Reptilian claws smashed together with confidence while an eager smirk formed. First this turtle broke into his home and now it wished to destroy it by causing a cave in? Not a chance! The red runt would have to wait. First, he’d crush this stupid turtle!

The two slammed into a wall as Gomora tried to pierce the tough shell of Gamera’s with his horns. Not wanting to test the limits of his plastron, the turtle monster grabbed hold of Gomora’s two larger horns. The terrapin started to lift Gomora up by his horns only for the dinosaur to fire a quick burst of his Super Oscillatory Ray at Gamera’s right shoulder. The beam shattered through shell and flesh alike as the earth behind him exploded outward. In return, Gamera discharged a small, concentrated blast of plasma point blank at Gomora’s face, breaking off one of his large horns with a sickening crack.

Gomora shrieked in pain at the loss of one of his horns as he backpedaled from the fight. It was then that Baragon rejoined, gathering courage to fight, having smelled the blood dripping from his enemy. Baragon fired his Magma Heat Ray at Gamera, striking the bleeding shoulder. The blood seemed to ignite causing some pain, though the flames quickly went to work converting into flesh. Gamera ignored Baragon and slashed his elbow claws into Gomora’s bumpy chest, sparks flying from the impact as pieces of armor were chipped off. Gomora fought back in kind, slashing his own powerful claws against the turtle’s shell, spreading his own sparks. The subterranean dinosaur then ducked under one of Gamera’s arms and slammed his shoulder into the turtle’s chest plate, knocking him back against the wall once more. A crack started to spread upward toward the rooftop as Gomora continued to batter Gamera against it. Each punch slammed the turtle further into the cracking wall. Baragon, seeing this, fired his heat beam at the dirt above, loosening it as he backed away, quickly tunneling underneath the two brawling giants.

Gamera slammed his fist into Gomora’s chest, knocking the subterranean dinosaur away, roaring out as he started charging up another plasma blast. It was then that he noticed the ceiling of the cavern was beginning to crumble, dirt and rocks falling around them. Gomora cracked his neck, prepping to charge once more merely to notice the collapse as well. But to the two titans, neither showed any sign of backing down and unleashed their signature energy attacks against the other. A sparklingly flash briefly illuminated the destabilized cavern before it and the monsters vanished into an avalanche of darkness.

Sanda carried his wounded father through the destroyed crystal battleground, but his pace quickened as the ground began to tremble. Large fractures tore open the grass-covered scenery and large swaths of land sunk into the void. As Sanda lunged into his cavernous home, the quaking seemed to fade. A relieved breath parted from the worried humanoid who placed his father down and lit a fire for the less hairy giant. He stared out at the sunken gorge as the earth started to shake once more. From the dirt rose the battle scarred Gamera, roaring out to the heavens above. An orange glow overtook Sanda’s brown fur and the landscape trembled. A great blaze swept across the ruined land, destroying the remaining crystals in a sea of unending fire. Within the torrent of hellish creation, Gamera soared off into the heavens, leaving the kinetic inferno behind.

Knowing that the humans would be in danger if he did not pursue, the brown gargantuan made his decision. Sanda gazed upon his wounded father, emitting a pathwork of grunts as an apology for leaving him behind. He picked up a club-shaped crystal and took off after Gamera. Running at full speed, Sanda barely noticed the furrow trailing his movement.

Gamera flew toward Fukuoka through blackened sky. Beneath his flight, the guardian noticed the land turned black from poison alongside melted crystals and skeletons. The crystals held no power within and seemed to be covered with some type of black sludge that coated the landscape. It was not SpaceGodzilla, but another abomination that wished to use the Earth’s harvested power to their own end. A creature coated with corrosive, black sludge that would be harder to kill than any he faced so far in his journey. But the stain on the planet would be removed…

Gamera picked up speed while he followed the path of destruction, passing by several abandoned cities destroyed by sulfuric mist, littered with thousands of human skeletons. Disgust grew within the guardian until he began torching the cities of their filth. Humans may have created such destruction, but such a grueling death even made Gamera wince. Great fires burst into the sky, wiping away the poison before it and its creator eventually reached the crystal fortress of Fukuoka.

The city was surrounded and covered with the crystals creating a serene, beautiful display. The path of corrosion went through the wall of crystal, having been melted down and drained of their energy. Gamera flew onward hearing the sounds of battle echoing through the crystal coated city.

When chaos struck Japan, the JSDF unleashed everything in its arsenal to combat the threat. The crew of Moguera, the Gotengo, and the pilot of Kiryu were the instruments of the nation, expecting to fight the threat which endangered their homeland. To their surprise, it was not a single monster which threatened the nation, maybe even the world, but a rapidly growing army under the control of a single, malevolent being…


In the heart of Fukuoka, a massive crystal rose from the ground, surrounded by crystalline towers siphoning energy from the Earth. The fortress’ creator, SpaceGodzilla, had returned to Earth after his rebirth in the outer cosmos, being drawn to the planet due to his Godzilla genes, as well as the two monsters forged by his crystals in the Earth’s crust. After awakening his creations, he allowed his two crystal brethren to wreak havoc against mankind and they would be the ones to fight humanity’s approaching mechanical creations. For a moment, SpaceGodzilla considered crushing the tools of man with his crystalline brethren, but why lower himself to such a menial task? Instead, SpaceGodzilla stealthily departed away from the nearing incursion. He had far more important items to attend to.

“Akane, my crew will take on the purple one,” Akira Yuki relayed as he piloted Moguera toward the purple crystalline monster known as Krystalak. Yuki and his team took aim as they started toward the mutated abomination.

“Alright then old man, Kiryu and I can handle the rock creature,” Akane, pilot of Kiryu replied. From within the Mechagodzillla, Akane felt the rattle of the machine’s descent. With the Griffons rendered useless due the electrical waves SpaceGodzilla gave off, there was no operational choice but to pilot Kiryu from inside. And no better pilot for Kiryu than her to face such a calamity from such a limiting control position.

“Fine, I guess I’ll take care of the bastard clone,” Captain Gordon said sarcastically within the cockpit of the Gotengo. He and his crew, consisting of both humans and Mutants alike, flew off toward SpaceGodzilla to wage war.

The cyborg Mechagodzilla touched down in the outskirts of the city with a climatic thud. A shroud of dust enveloped Kiryu, allowing only its golden eyes to be visible from the outside. With those sensors Kiryu detected, a half kilometer away, the elemental creature codenamed Obsidius.

The lava golem trudged its way through low hanging structures, setting them ablaze with his radiant body heat. Upon seeing Kiryu, the mutation tilted its head, gurgling in confusion at what landed in front of him. The twin-masers from Kiryu’s maw striking his armored abdomen clarified its hostile intentions. Golden, electrical energy washed over the golem as it angrily roared out at Kiryu. Its maw opened up unnaturally large as it belched up a beam of magma toward Kiryu, striking its shoulder mounted rockets.

“Tch, it seems Maser artillery doesn’t do much against it,” Akane remarked as she recoiled within her chair, sirens blaring around her. “Firing shoulder launchers!” she yelled, pressing several switches before flipping a lever.

The melted, shoulder mounted rockets burst towards Obsidius, cracking its tough exterior in explosive flashes. The obsidian monster gurgled with utmost rage, smashing its fists into the ground and tore the street apart, throwing rocks aside. As the volcanic menace lunged with slashing claws, Kiryu dodged and slammed his shoulder into the creature, knocking it into a nearby dilapidated building with a crystal spire jutting through it.

The fallen Obsidius growled, obscured from view by dust and debris. Kiryu began to open fire upon Obsidius’ location, bombarding it to kingdom come. The moment the assault came to a stop, Akane noticed the large hole left in the ground and began to search around for any potential attacks. A few short seconds passed before the ground began to shake. The street behind Kiryu burst open as Obsidius tore up from below, leaping high into the air. He landed on Kiryu’s back and grappled the cyborg from behind, energy seemingly flowing through him. Alarms blared within Kiryu’s computers as Akane noticed her power supply draining at an alarming rate.

“It seems to have some form of energy absorption,” she noted, preparing emergency maneuvers.

Kiryu began to spin, jets firing at max capacity. The two spiraled, causing Obsidius’ hold to slip as the two gradually began to ascend. With a lurch, Obsidius attempted to get a better hold on Kiryu’s body, only for the cyborg to grab hold of its outstretched arm. With a powerful tug, Kiryu tore Obsidius off his back and released him, sending the obsidian monster tearing through several buildings and wreckage in a daze. By the time Kiryu had reached where he was, the obsidian monster had already returned beneath the ground.

Moguera moved in toward the purple crystalline creature known as Krystalak. Eye beams fired at the agile opponent, washing over its spikes and seemingly sponged by its mineral biology.

“Stupid ass crystals,” Yuki said with seething breath. He moved closer to the creature, which seemed to circle the drill mech. Krystalak leapt into the air and slashed its claws against the tough metal exterior of the mecha. Latching on with one hand, he attempted to knock over the machine, sparks flying with every swipe. Twisting one arm toward Krystalak’s chest, the port popped open as a Spiral Grenade Missile launched out, tearing into the crystalline flesh. The explosions tore chunks from the creature as it moved to distance itself from Moguera. Energy built up in Krystalak’s body as it prepared to retaliate against the mech.

“Fire the Plasma Maser Cannon!” Their beam fired just as Krystalak fired its own, both colliding with a shower of sparks and shattered crystals as they struggled to overcome one another. The stalemate was quickly broken as Moguera rapidly fired his Plasma Lasers, striking Krystalak head on, causing the Plasma Maser to consume the purple monster. Krystalak screeched out as it was knocked through a crystal wreckage, burying it as Moguera sped forth on its treads.

Across the battlefield, SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona beam at the slimy creature attacking his crystals, only for his beam to break into electrical surges upon impact. Hedorah turned from his cosmic feast these crystals held and found himself facing a similar creature he had faced once before, though different. SpaceGodzilla fired another Corona beam at Hedorah, only for the same electrical sparks to occur to the space slime, doing the smog monster no harm. Hedorah seemed to mock SpaceGodzilla, laughing at the monster’s attempt to harm her. Her species were the pollution eaters of galaxies. Over time, they had developed an immunity to all forms of radiation, including the cosmic radiation this creature was utilizing. However, this immunity gave her species a newfound taste for objects that hold this cosmic energy. A gurgling laughter came from the smog monster as it fired an eye beam at the Godzilla clone. The beam was reflected off a crystalline barrier and shot off back at the slimy monster, singing some of the flesh dry. Acidic smoke rose from the burn wound, which seemed to soothe the pollution monster’s pain.

SpaceGodzilla stared at this creature warily. His beam did no damage to the slime creature. Trying a different tactic, SpaceGodzilla gathered energy to his hands and slammed his fist into the space slime, his fist sinking deep into the muddy flesh of Hedorah. Hedorah’s extraterrestrial shrills reverberated as she felt energy sparking through her system. SpaceGodzilla, in turn, screamed as his hand dissolved from within the corrosive body of Hedorah. Pulling his hand out, he found it had been reduced to the crystal muscle with bits of bone. He could move it, though it would take a while to heal. Missiles suddenly bombarded SpaceGodzilla from behind, irritating the beast. Turning his head to face this pest that would dare attack him. With his attention diverted, Hedorah fired a ball of sludge. The acidic muck splattered against part of SpaceGodzilla’s crown and left eye. The space beast yowled in torment at the feeling of his eye dissolving rapidly. Hedorah fired more sludge at the crystal clone, inflicting tortuous agony as one of its shoulder crystals melted, revealing some of the components that made up the space demon’s muscular system. The sludge burned and melted flesh, revealing an energy sac beneath the left shoulder crystal, slowly melting its way through.

“Don’t fire beams at him, they’ll just be reflected back!” Gordon hollered, holding his katana in one hand as he sat in his chair. “Instead, let’s drill through that bastard and bombard them with the missiles.” The Gotengo flew as SpaceGodzilla sent bolts of energy at Hedorah, singeing the creature’s flesh. As the airship grew closer, SpaceGodzilla swung his tail upward, striking the Gotengo with its crystal cluster. The club-like end struck it in the side, knocking the Gotengo off course. The machine deployed its missiles, striking the area around both monsters, shattering nearby crystal spires, and consuming them in bursts of flame.

With a sudden lurch, Hedorah launched herself onto SpaceGodzilla, slamming into the reptile’s chest. Skin sizzled as the crystal menace felt the corrosive muck that made up Hedorah’s body being forcibly poured onto his body. Hedorah cackled as it released more sludge onto her foe, grabbing hold of the two crystals with her arms and dripping more of her acidic sludge. SpaceGodzilla cried out as his spines began to glow. Corona beams fired out of his maw, only to be met head on by crimson energy bolts, igniting a massive payload of toxic smoke as more missiles exploded around them, having been corroded by the smoke.

Though the space monster didn’t need to breathe, the corrosive effects of the smoke were another matter. Skin began to burn around the monster’s face as smoke built up further. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the sludge monster, SpaceGodzilla began to rapidly absorb energy from the surrounding crystals. A massive burst of electricity exploded around his body, essentially tazing the smog monster, sending it flying back from the assault. The damage had been done however, as much of the reptile’s frontal flesh had been stripped to muscle. Much of his chest and face were now crystalline muscle, blood, and sludge dripping from his wounds. SpaceGodzilla started to float in the air as he sent several of his crystals airborne, screeching madly with anger.

Hedorah turned to face the alien beast. This creature actually managed to damage her. With how much it resembled that other beast, the smog monster had thought it wouldn’t be capable of any electrical attacks to dry her out. Gurgling out in anger, the smog monster watched as the crystal reptile began to rise into the air. Blinding flashes began to flicker in the sky, mesmerizing the pollution monster. Within seconds, the reptilian beast had morphed from giant lizard to crystal cluster. With no flesh covering his torso or face anymore, his entire body appeared to be an assemblage of white crystal and red muscles, slowly regenerating the corrosive burns of Hedorah’s sludge.

With a loud screech, he focused all his telekinetic might into his floating crystals, circling around the smog monster. With a thought, all the crystals began to turn to face the smog monster before sparking at the ends, becoming crystalline missiles. Crystal spears stabbed into Hedorah’s body before bursting open with cosmic power. With Hedorah skewered, malevolent eyes shifted to the human-made creation. He had not forgotten about the pathetic humans….

Crystals changed direction in midair and soared toward the Gotengo. The machine in response fired off various blue lasers from atop its hull, destroying most of the crystals heading their way. The drill spun rapidly as the Gotengo burst forth, intending to slam into the massive crystal beast, forcing an amused cackle from the interstellar being. A single Corona beam tore into the right side of the human warmachine, spearing it and sending it crashing into a nearby building. In an act of superiority, SpaceGodzilla raised his hands and levitated into the sky, gazing down upon all the worthless beings within his domain. With a flick of his claws, a Gravity Tornado engulfed Hedorah and dragged the alien muck across the city, slamming it through buildings and crystals alike. As SpaceGodzilla roared out in glee, he heard a loud whirring echo reverberate through the sky.

A spinning saucer, engulfed in azure flame, came into view of SpaceGodzilla, inducing a fierce glare from the space monster. The unidentified flying creature flew circles around his domain, as though searching for something, before SpaceGodzilla realized its target as it flew over toward Fukuoka Tower. With a warcry, the crystal monstrosity released the smog monster from his control and flew at full speed toward the oncoming monster. Just before Gamera could slam into the tower, SpaceGodzilla slammed his crystalline spines into him, tackling the turtle and slamming into the ground with an earth-shattering crash. Reverting to his bipedal form atop the fallen saucer, SpaceGodzilla fired off a powerful Corona beam toward the downed turtle.

The orange ray at first flew toward Gamera’s abdominal armor, merely to twist in midair and detonate inside the appendage port of the guardian’s right arm. A painful cry called out as Gamera fired off his hind jets and took off back into the sky, performing a rapid one-hundred eighty degree turn. SpaceGodzilla’s eyes went wide. Without hesitation, a crystalline shield generated in front of the interstellar menace, only for Gamera to slam through the barrier, shattering the artificial barrier into millions of pieces. Blood violently ejected from SpaceGodzilla’s jaws as Gamera’s shell struck his chest, yet the doppelganger anchored his feet, skidding backward, and regained his composure. Crystalline claws grabbed ahold of Gamera, only for the terrapin to eject his head and arms to grab ahold of SpaceGodzilla. Telekinetic power clashed against fiery thrust, with neither showing any sign of yielding. Focused completely on Gamera’s impudent defiance, the crystal tyrant never heard the engine of the Gotengo flare to life behind him. Pain shot through SpaceGodzilla’s body, causing him to scream to the heavens with anguish. Blood and crystal rocketed into the air behind the Gotengo as the machine drilled into his lower back.

“Keep it up!” Gordon ordered, pressuring the giant until the drill seemed to stall, overcome with muscle and crystal. “That’s deep enough, now, fire the Absolute Zero Cannon!”

A blue light flared from the wound and drill as ice began to overtake the monster’s lower body. Solid flesh cracked as it froze, spreading throughout SpaceGodzilla’s legs like an infection. The loss of feeling momentarily took SpaceGodzilla’s attention until the top portion of his body began to give. With an ear-deafening shatter, the top half of the crystal tyrant’s body tore as Gamera won the battle of force, flying over the Gotengo before slamming the remaining stump of SpaceGodzilla onto the charred Earth.

Crimson blood and strange, alien organs flowed out of the aghast tyrant while he looked at the frozen lower part of his body shatter in the distance from the Gotengo. His gaze gradually shifted as orange light drew him to Gamera’s maw, which channeled immense mana, the very energy he targeted the Earth for. SpaceGodzilla cried out before Gamera unleashed his pent up energy, causing the tyrant to vanish beneath a torrent of flames.

Heavy breaths parted Gamera’s jaws before a high pitch squeal reverberated through the city, drawing the terrapin’s glare to the embodiment of toxicity as fires raged below him. Trudging over the fiery rubble, Hedorah screeched once more to Gamera, ready to continue its battle for supremacy over the fallen tyrant’s fortress. Such goals mattered little to Gamera at this point. This creature created pollution, harming the planet far greater than its food source. Like the ashes of the clone beneath his reptilian heels, Hedorah would be nothing more than black residue…

Gordon scratched the right side of his face with his thumb as he decided the best course of action to take. SpaceGodzilla was no more, but that mattered little with the two threats approaching each other, ready to begin their brawl.

“Let’s leave this to the monsters now, we have a tower to destroy. Again.” Gordon noted as the Gotengo departed for safer space.

Gamera slammed his fist into the smog monster’s gut and charged up a plasma ball. It was then that Hedorah slammed itself against the terrapin, sending Gamera to the ground, choking the guardian on a liquid death. Globs of acidic ooze flowed over Gamera, but an orange glow quickly illuminated from within the black stream before multiple plasma fireballs burst from beneath the muck. Violent explosions tore Hedorah entirely to pieces and launched chunks of her body across the landscape. Gasping for air, Gamera pulled himself up from the poisoned land, shaking off the acidic muck still singing his flesh. The black, poisonous body of Hedorah fell onto smoking earth, merely to slither away, amassing in a virulent pool. With a flash of colorful light, Hedorah returned to her final form, cackling with glee.

Gamera roared out at the endurant creature, only for red lightning to discharge from Hedorah’s eyes. The poisonous ray burst across the turtle’s arm, sending blood flying. The stabbing pain enraged Gamera further until a monstrous rolling sphere smashed into Gamera from behind, stopping the assault of Hedorah, who looked with intrigue.

Gamera felt the large rock ball roll up his shell and into the air, powerful masers trailing behind and scattering across his shell. Turning up, he fired another plasma ball, striking Obsidius head on. The explosion tore small chunks out of the creature and coated it in flames. Obsidius charged Gamera, intending to smash his way through the turtle that would dare hurt its master. Gamera was ready to destroy this rocky creature when another crystal creature slammed into him, with explosions rocketing off its chest. Soon, Gamera found himself surrounded by Kiryu and Moguera on one side and all the others on the other side.

“Command, Gamera has arrived in Fukuoka,” Yuki hollered into his headset as he took sight of the monsters before him.

“SpaceGodzilla should be your main priority first. You can deal with the rest afterward,” a feminine voice retorted.

“Negative, SpaceGodzilla’s no longer a threat,” Gordon answered over the radio.

“Well alright, one down a lot more to go,” Yuki sarcastically replied.

“Negative,” Akane asserted. “I’m still picking him up.”

Yuki audibly sighed into his radio. “Okay, then where is-”

A shockwave of power attracted every monster and man as pieces of rubble and crystal ascended into the air. The flames which once acted as SpaceGodzilla’s tomb gradually parted, revealing a floating stump of the tyrant in a vortex of cascading green energy. Even as a torso and with half his body unimaginably burned, its eyes still glowed in arrogance, determined to make all submit to his tyrannical wrath.

Crystal missiles rained down upon the two mechs and Gamera. Gamera shrieked in pain as the crystals shattered against his shell and flesh, but nevertheless charged through the blasts, sucking in nearby fires. Kiryu began to fire its own wrist mounted masers at Obsidius, the beams of which did little to halt the creature as it charged at Gamera. It caught up with the shelled warrior, only for the giant turtle to grapple with the obsidian golem. Obsidius opened its mouth, building up with lava, but Gamera fired first. A powerful burst of plasma ruptured through Obsidius, vaporizing the beast’s head as molten fluids leaked from its body.

Krystalak shrieked at the loss of its more stupid brethren as he jumped high into the air. He curled into a ball of crystalline spikes as SpaceGodzilla used his Gravity Tornado to launch his minion at his enemies. Krystalak flew at Moguera, only for the machine to fire its Spiral Grenade Missiles into its rotating form. The creature detonated in a large explosion, disconnected from his master’s gravity tornado and collapsed onto the ground below. By a miracle, he was weak, but alive. Though that proved to be short-lived as Moguera crushed its head underfoot, grinding with its heavy treads.

Enraged eyes watched Krystalak fall until it spotted a human warmachine flying toward his prized possession, Fukuoka Tower, the very thing supplying him with the energy he needed to maintain his husk-like form. A reptilian hand outstretched toward the structure and a white, crystalline wall coated the building from every angle. A sadistic smirk overcame the tyrant while interstellar energy sparked within its maw.

Did the pathetic beings of this world really think he would allow them to so easily destroy his tower? Even reduced to his paltry state, they were lesser than him, weaker than him, and most importantly, less intel-

Gordon relaxed within his chair as Fukuoka Tower neared.


The Gotengo struck the landscape at high speed, burying itself and cracking open the land it tunneled through. In seconds, the warmachine burrowed through the foundations of SpaceGodzilla’s pride, allowing it to topple leaving the tyrant stunned.

Watching the fight from nearby, Hedorah decided it best to join the carnage and changed into her flying form. Toxic fumes enveloped Kiryu and Moguera, forcing the respective crews to shut every port or face a poisonous end. As they sealed themselves off, Hedorah’s sulfuric mist began to eat away at the metal exteriors of Kiryu and Moguera. Thinking her foes suffocated, Hedorah shifted its attention to Gamera who shrieked as toxic mist began to eat at his flesh. Fire channeled into Gamera’s throat, but before it could unleash his fury, Hedorah’s chemical trail touched open flame. The mist ignited, turning the gas into a monstrous cloud of fire. Hedorah gurgled in pain as the ball of fire overwhelmed her flightpath, sending her crashing in front of Kiryu. Belching a gurgled cry, Hedorah lifted itself up, merely to come face to face with an overwhelming blue light from Kiryu who was charging up its ultimate weapon, the Absolute Zero Cannon.

“Shit!” Akane shouted as Hedorah launched forward into the partially charged bluish orb of icy energy, freezing over Kiryu’s metallic body. Corroded metal and circuitry were revealed as the frozen Hedorah had rendered Kiryu unable to move.

“I can’t move!” Akane relented as her eyes noticed a green tint illuminate her screens. Kiryu moved its head around as it struggled in its bindings to discover SpaceGodzilla floating toward it, Fukuoka Tower hovering above the interstellar mutation in a massive Gravity Tornado.
Blood dripped from the tyrant’s open rump of a torso while SpaceGodzilla’s eyes twitched in an obsessive rage. He wouldn’t stand this defiance any longer. If they wished for his prized tower, his enemies would die from it!

Just before SpaceGodzilla could summon a new wave of crystals, several golden beams struck his back as Moguera began to move toward them.

“Hold on Akane,” Yuki yelled, moving Moguera forward as his other two crew members fired off their mech’s weapons. SpaceGodzilla bellowed in fury and shifted his malevolent gaze toward the approaching mech. A Corona beam burst from his maw, twisting through the air until it struck Moguera from behind, a whirring sound reverberated behind the tyrant. SpaceGodzilla twitched his fingers and unleashed a burst of his gravity toward the approaching terrapin, throwing off course with a flick of his hand. Gamera slammed his rotating shell into the landscape, launching charred rubble while SpaceGodzilla gazed down upon all with rage-filled eyes.

A high pitched cry rattled the heavens. It dared all to attack.

Akane’s lone voice responded, “Fire everything we got!”

“Tch,” Yuki snorted, “then fire everything we got at that son of a bitch!”

Without a moment’s notice, the Gotengo and Kiryu fired its homing rockets and mounted maser cannons at the immortal abomination, which only served to irritate the menace. Moguera provided backup, blasting a set of Spiral Grenade Missiles from the cone-ports within its hands. Before they could even reach him, the space fiend erected a crystalline barrier in front of itself. SpaceGodzilla felt his stump being sewn together, a trait inherited by his despised progenitor. Bone and mineral muscle slowly reconstituted his lost body, but even that wouldn’t be enough. He’d need more time, but his ambitions far surpassed the need to evade. This was a fight he knew he’d finish.

His evil eyes glanced at the battlefield and recalled where Gamera had fallen. He hated him for being one among many protectors of this wretched world, yet he felt something different when compared to the others. A righteous wrath that matched his own dark heart, something he had failed to notice until recently. Even so, Gamera fought for the Earth and the protection of life that thrived on it. Perhaps if he had been aware of this earlier, then maybe he could’ve swayed the rogue guardian to put the humans in their place. When his eyes failed to locate the chelonian, he grimaced. As he continually deflected the all-out assault with reactive barriers and warping gravity tornadoes, he peered his eyes above him, where the Fukuoka Tower hovered.

And with it, Gamera.

SpaceGodzilla reached out with anguished screams as he bore witness to the shelled warrior twirling like a saucer. Even under the pressure of SpaceGodzilla’s Gravity Tornado, Gamera shredded the conduit with his spinning form effortlessly, stealing one of the last things that gave the alien reptile the edge in this fight. With Fukuoka Tower’s destruction, he felt his immense influence fade. His Gravity Tornado ebbed in strength, unable to support his repairing body. By the pull of gravity, he fell to the ground below, under the line of fire from humanity’s greatest weapons. His spines punctured the soil of the Earth and was left at the mercy of a ruthless guardian. As SpaceGodzilla looked on, there was a twinge of fear in his soul. He knew his time here had been cut short.

Thrusting at full speeds, Gamera brought his head and flippers out, eyes filled with animosity. He loathed SpaceGodzilla for being an enemy of the Earth, to pillage her resources for his own gain. He was no different than the humans, and therefore had to be put down. As the fearless fighter descended, his body shedded the outer layer of skin, revealing pitch-black armor under it. Jagged skin protruded from it, even harder now than it was before. Even his once green eyes were overlaid by a transparent yellow membrane.

His mouth churned with radiating light, visibly swirling within his tusked maw. Spitting several fireballs in rapid succession, the blasts of high plasma detonated against SpaceGodzilla’s form before he could even generate a photon shield. His pained cries echoed as he felt his fragile body being torn asunder, his scales blistering and popping under the intense heat. Out of the corner of his compromised eyes, he saw the jet stream retract, replaced by Gamera’s legs as the rogue guardian went into a freefall.

A few moments later, SpaceGodzilla’s stump of a body shattered from Gamera’s sheer weight. Every bone, rib, and crystalline muscle cracked and fractured under the Atlatean’s might. As if calling upon the flames that tortured SpaceGodzilla, they accumulated into his hands, encased in fire. SpaceGodzilla tried to retaliate with measly blisters of shoulder lightning, but did little to phase the wrathful hero. Like a sword of fiery righteousness, Gamera plunged his right hand into SpaceGodzilla’s left crystal spire, igniting an explosive blast that consumed them both.

The turbulent shockwave displaced the crews of the Gotengo and Moguera, with only Kiryu holding its ground. They could only look on and watch the horrifying sight before them.

“Whoever dies first, we finish off the other one,” Gordon stated bluntly. As if it wasn’t apparent who that would be.

“Shit, get ground, now!” Akane shouted, noticing activity from her monitor. She saw Gamera over the broken SpaceGodzilla, swiftly plunging his other, fiery hand into the alien threat and its congruent shoulder spire. Another cataclysmic boom roared from the distance, with a destructive wave following suit. Again they had to endure, with the Gotengo nearly losing its functionality. Then, it all became quiet…

…From the massive crater, SpaceGodzilla was little more than a shell of his former self. His skin now stripped to crystal muscle and bone. His eyeballs had long since been vaporized, yet he could still sense his surroundings. He didn’t need eyes to see what was coming to him next. He reached out with his skeletal hand, pleading for mercy against a wrathful god. Gamera shared no such sympathy. Gestating flames in his mouth, Gamera simmered the killing blow. And with one last discharge, Gamera brought an end to the extraterrestrial menace, detonating the stump of a body in an explosion of crystal, flesh, and flames.

Gamera tensed up as he stood in the burning wreckage of the city, absorbing the flames around him to assist with his healing. His eyes glanced at the three human-made mechs, trying to recuperate from the aftershocks. He was starting to tire from the constant fighting, but the energy he was absorbing from these crystals helped with his fatigue.

“Hey, see something different?” Yuki noted, “Gamera, he…”

“If past research has shown us anything,” Akane pointed out, “Gamera can manipulate his genetic material, much like the Gyaos. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been adapting this whole time.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Captain Gordon interrupted, “All ready to fire upon Gamera.” Without missing a beat, the now freed Kiryu stood on the opposite side of Gamera. Just before they could open fire on the once renown Guardian of the Universe, three burning figures fell from the night sky into the city with resounding thuds, with laser beams tearing through the landscape. From the craters, rose the heroic forms of Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Zone Fighter as they clutched unseen wounds. Ultraman’s color timer was already starting to flash red as he stood up, while Zone Fighter’s buckle was yellow, having expended some of his energy.

A large, golden orb floated down toward the city, as three giant triangular ships detached themselves from the mothership. A loud screech was heard as the mechanical beast known as Gigan hovered in front of his alien masters, followed by the levitating Monster X.

“Nice to see you cattle again,” the arrogant voice of X said as a video image of his face appeared in the three mechs compartments.

“How did you survive the explosion?” Gordon blurted aloud, seeing the golden orb in the sky.

“Did you forget we have teleportation on board our ship?” He raised his arm, sending the three triangular pieces of his ship out to do his bidding. “This time, I will enslave your race with my recreated army of monsters.”

The alien vessels shot out beams of energy as they released Xilien controlled kaiju into the city for battle. The kaiju summoned had many of the same creatures the Xiliens had in their last invasion, such as Kamacuras, Ebirah, and Rodan. However, there was another monster which surprised the three crews as it cackled evilly, its three golden heads glaring around as it flew above the Xilien ship.

“Like the new addition?” X asked grinning evilly as he saw the look on his enemies faces. “We found it at the bottom of the sea, though we couldn’t quite get our M-Base into its cells, we did manage to find its microwave control signal.”

“King Ghidorah,” Akane said as she moved Kiryu toward Moguera. The three heroic alien defenders backed up toward their human comrades. Gamera knew he couldn’t take down all these kaiju by himself should they all attack at once, but he would give them hell nonetheless.

All the surrounding kaiju began trying to provoke their enemies as they awaited orders from their master. As the Xilien transport ships reconnected, the enormous mothership was encased in its force fields. With a smirk, the Xilien gave the command.

“All of you, annihilate them!” X shouted at the top of his lungs. Rodan was the first to charge forth, aimed straight for Ultraman. As the alien hero readied to grapple with the flying reptile, the ground burst open in front of him. Rodan swerved to the side as Gomora roared out, demanding a challenge. With a swipe of his claw, he knocked Rodan to the ground, the pterosaur screeching in pain as it struggled to get up. Seeing Gomora about to stomp on him, the pterosaur’s horns crackled with purple lightning as he shot off a Uranium Heat Beam, striking the dinosaur in the chest. With his foe staggered for a moment, Rodan quickly flapped back into the air and circled above.

Gomora screeched as he saw the oncoming horde of creatures. Ultraman walked over to the ancient creature, greeting it as an ally. He had once faced one of these species before and lost to its powerful strength. This time, he would try to fight with one of them. That was his thought as he posed next to the prehistoric monster. Gomora thought otherwise, as it turned and grabbed Ultraman with one hand, slamming the alien into the pavement and stomped on him.

Ebirah scurried toward Gamera and the others, alongside Rodan and Kamacuras. Monster X and Gigan rushed to face Zone Fighter and Ultraseven in combat as their opponents readied for the oncoming fight, Ultraseven detaching his Eye Slugger from his head. The two of them flew into the sky to fight their opponents, only for King Ghidorah to join the battle. The golden beast fired its gravity beams around the city wildly, striking everything in his view. The Gotengo flew up after the alien heroes to assist them in their fight as they fired several missiles at the giant kaiju above them.

Kamacuras crashed into Kiryu as it dug its sharp claws into the mechanical dragon’s partially corroded armor. Kiryu’s left arm grabbed onto Kamacuras tightly, holding the insect close as it tried to fly away from the mech. Kiryu’s right arm unlatched its maser turrets as it turned into a drill. The drillbit pointed at the giant insect, prepared to gore it, Rodan slammed into the machine from behind, sending it falling onto the mantis. Kamacuras shrieked in panic as it tried to move out from under the giant machine.

Rodan tauntingly screeched as it flew toward Moguera, with Ebirah rushing from the opposing side. “Let’s slaughter these beasts,” Yuki barked as Shinjo fired a Plasma Laser Cannon at Ebirah, striking the lobster in the eye. Uranium heat rays struck the mech from behind, causing them to stop their assault on Ebirah. Twisting their body, Moguera attempted to fire another beam at the flying reptile, only for Rodan to soar over the mech’s head, slamming his sharp, armored chest across its face. Before he could try to peck out the eyes of the machine, Rodan was forced to flap backward as a plasma fireball flew past the two. Turning his head, he saw Gamera flying toward him at full speed, with a rage-filled roar.

Having already kicked off of Moguera’s face, the avian monster flew toward the shelled beast, ready to do battle with the triphibian creature as he readied to slam his bulk into Gamera’s body. What he didn’t expect was for Gamera to bite down on his neck just before the impact. Blood seeped out of Rodan’s neck into Gamera’s mouth as the pterosaur clawed at the giant turtle, flapping violently to try and dislodge the turtle’s bite. Gamera clamped his jaws tighter around the pterosaur’s neck as energy crackled in its horns. Rodan aimed at Gamera’s arm as he fired his Uranium Heat Beam, striking Gamera in the face, causing him to release his bite. As soon as he was free, the flying dinosaur quickly flew up to recover from their brief, but lethal scuffle.

Meanwhile, Ebirah was struggling against Moguera, the mechanical creation holding the advantage due to its treads and ranged weaponry. Plasma lasers pelted the mutant lobster’s tough shell, Ebirah forcefully covered his face with one claw while rearing back the other. Ebirah then slammed his large claw into a building, sending a large chunk of cement and steel toward Moguera. It harmlessly bounced off its metal exterior, clouding its visors with residual dust. More cement-enforced chunks pelted Moguera as Ebirah flung large pieces of asphalt their way. Plasma beams fired at the chunks, tearing some to pieces, but not enough as it struck the machine head on. One last hurrah from Ebirah came in the form of a structurally sound building which it held in its claws, tossing it at Moguera. This alone knocked the machine over upon impact, with Ebirah chirping gleefully as it rushed toward the fallen mech, which struggled to get up.

“Come on, don’t do this you asshole,” Yuki cursed, as he and his crewmates had to hastily reboot Moguera’s systems. Ebirah reached his target and started to slam his claws onto the machine. Ebirah clamped down one of his pincers onto one of Moguera’s arms, where the Spiral Grenade Missiles were launched from, and began to dent and warp the metal frame, sealing it shut. Ebirah continued to smash his claws onto the machine until it suddenly began moving. The machine stood upright, knocking Ebirah off it as it fired its Plasma Maser Cannon at the giant lobster. Ebirah screeched in agony as it was shredded by mechanical might, pieces of shell and lobster flesh scattered about. Amid the assault, yellow gravity beams assailed Moguera’s metal armor, tearing its weakened frame asunder. King Ghidorah slammed its feet into the mech as it smashed the machine into the ground. The Moguera crew started to panic, except for Yuki, who glared at the golden dragon that stood on them.

“Take this, you piece of shit,” he muttered, pressing several buttons which fired Spiral Grenade Missiles at the golden dragon, irregardless of the other port’s condition. As one missile drilled into the tri-headed monster’s chest, the dented cone exploded outward. The explosive force of the missile knocked the dragon off as the second missile detonated, tearing apart scales and meat from the dragon’s chest. As Moguera stood up, it found Ebirah’s claw stabbing through weakened armor, its power beginning to fail. King Ghidorah rose to its feet and screamed in a mad rage, firing bolt after bolt of gravity beams into the machine. The dragon ensured that the mechanical giant would never rise again.

Kiryu drilled its hand into the body of Kamacuras, the insect hammering away at the Mechagodzilla’s head. The mantid screeched and wailed as Kiryu opened its mouth, firing intertwined maser bolts point blank onto its oblong head. Kamacuras felt its life slipping away, taking one last swipe of its claw, smashing one of the machine’s eyes. Pulling its rotating hand out of the dying insect, Kiryu tossed it away, turning to help Moguera. Akane saw she was too late as she witnessed King Ghidorah tearing apart Moguera with its gravity beams.

“NOOOOOO!” she yelled in an anguished scream, flipping levers and switching gears as Kiryu charged up its boosters. Bursting in high velocity, the mechanical dragon accelerated at maximum capacity within a few measly seconds. King Ghidorah never knew what hit it as a glowing Kiryu rammed into it, hurling the draconic menace off its feet. King Ghidorah crashed through some of the remaining crystals of SpaceGodzilla’s fortress, grinding to a halt on its backside. Kiryu fired its maser cannons onto the three-headed terror, King Ghidorah crying out in agony. The super monster returned fire with its gravity beams, knocking back the giant mech and damaging the metal plating. The two escalated into a beam battle, with neither side giving out.

In dire need of an energy resupply, an invisible beam fired from one of the JSDF satellites in space. Having the fuel the cyborg needed, Kiryu’s spines started to glow as it absorbed energy being sent to it through microwave rays to recharge its fuel supply. Unknown to Akane, the microwave energy was disrupting the control over King Ghidorah, distracting it and destabilizing its beams. Kiryu then surged with power, the maser tearing through the jagged beams and scorching the three headed dragon’s center head.

Ultraseven blocked with his Eye Slugger, using it to defend against Gigan’s chainsaw arms. The mechanical cyborg squawked as it pressured the boomerang-blade against the Ultra, firing his Cluster Light Ray that sent the alien agent reeling back in a pained shout. Ultraseven leapt back and brought his hands to his head, firing his Emerium Ray from the flashing forehead gem. The beam struck Gigan in his chest, knocking the cyborg alien back. As Gigan regained composure, the Gotengo fired several missiles at the mechanical beast, which the cyborg dodged with insane speed.

Nearby, Zone Fighter was fighting against the Xilien monstrosity, Monster X. He swiftly dodged a gravity beam, which left a shallow crater where the Meteor Man once stood. Zone Fighter noticed the skeletal monster descend to the ground, immediately bursting into a sprint. Zone Fighter reacted in kind, mustering his energy and broke into a dash using his Meteor Jet. Monster X realized far too late as the Zone hero slammed his fists into the draconic humanoid’s chest. Still in extreme speed, Zone Fighter rapidly threw out a series of swift punches against the Xilien creature, each Meteor Punch cracking like a shotgun blast. Every strike cracked the bony armor covering Monster X’s body, with the occasional hit to the face, then buried the skeletal creature under the rubble through sheer force alone. Leaping off the space monster, Zone Fighter turned to help Ultraseven in his fight against Gigan, when gravity beams struck his back, plunging him into a building.

Ultraman and Gomora were locked together, trying desperately to push the other back. A look of panic came over Ultraman’s face as Gomora’s horn began to surge in bright red. He was about to fire his beam, that was until a fireball struck between the two, just as Gamera crashed down past them. Turning around, Gamera screeched and bombarded the humanoid alien and Gomora with fireballs. Ultraman clasped his hands together and fired a stream of water, with the plasma exploding from the instant contact with the freezing cold water jet. A burst of steam clouded Ultraman, who rushed out of the steam. He saw a second fireball right in front of his face and blocked with his arms, knocked to the ground with flames burning around him.

Gomora charged Gamera and slammed his tail into his foe’s tough shell, only stumbling the turtle on his feet. Ultraman weakly stood up and fired his Specium Ray at Gamera, striking the triphibian in the side. Gamera wailed as the beam knocked him into a building, bringing the whole structure down on him. Even against a downed opponent, Gomora tried to take advantage of this and threw his tail out against Gamera’s plastron. However, Gamera grabbed ahold of Gomora’s tail and jet flames flared from the leg ports, flying into the sky, taking the dinosaur with him. Ultraman felt his power waning greatly, and wanted nothing more than to escape into the atmosphere to recharge his energy. Though his wounds would still weaken him to less than the usual three minutes. He struggled to stand any longer, however, and fell to his trembling knees.

“Yes!” X clapped gleefully, watching his monsters taking down one of the human-made machines. He watched as the airborne Gamera dropped Gomora into a large, burning building, and at the chaos reigning around him. Before he could bask in his eventual glory, a loud, reverberating roar tore through the burning city and stopped all the fighting, attracting X’s attention. Many of them had heard that roar before, and for some it brought rage. Others felt relief, for a vanguard of the Earth could finally put an end to this madness. Gamera felt tired, angered when he heard the roar. Of all the great beasts, it had to be him. Gamera retorted with a violent war cry in response, landing several blocks away from the bulky monstrosity, only to realize something was off.

“How did he get so fat? I was only gone for a couple years!” X complained as he stared at the alpha predator of an ancient past.

Godzilla stared at the lifeforms around him, with Jet Jaguar on his shoulder. Some he knew from ancient times, such as Rodan, Ebirah, and even Gomora, as he had fought their kind before. Then he noticed a creature similar to the false king that fought him for his title of alpha, alongside several alien lifeforms. The two that really attracted his attention were Gamera and Kiryu. One had the faint scent and look of a Godzilla and could feel its soul inside, wanting release from its metal prison. The other was full of powerful energy, almost resembling the planet’s very own life essence coursing through it. There was something else about the armored warrior that bugged Godzilla, as though a memory from a far off time, long forgotten, from the days of his youth.

Godzilla barked a challenge as he charged through the burning wreckage of a city. Gamera screamed in return, charging toward the ancient one. Jet Jaguar flew off, heading to assist Zone Fighter with his fight against Monster X. Gamera and Godzilla collided against one another, trying to push the other back, with neither budging. Gamera’s strength matched the sheer size and weight of the ancient Godzilla as they pushed. Much to his own surprise, Godzilla felt himself beginning to be pushed back. Gamera kicked Godzilla back, knocking him through the destroyed wreckage. Godzilla growled back, headbutting Gamera and knocking the giant guardian back. Gamera recoiled from the blow as the larger kaiju quickly moved in and slammed his fist into the turtle’s gut. Gamera felt the pain as he slashed at Godzilla’s chest with his elbow spikes, leaving small slash marks across the giant creature’s natural armor. Godzilla reeled back from the blows, an old memory springing to the forefront of his mind. He remembered now. This creature and he had fought before, long ago when Titans ruled the Earth. This would be a fight he would mostly certainly enjoy.

Kiryu stopped moving as its eyes dimmed. Akane struggled inside the control room within the mechanical cyborg of the first Godzilla, then several errors appeared on screen.

“Damn it, Kiryu’s going berserk now of all times,” she uttered a curse, the room around her fading to an alarming red, her communication system shut off, only showing feed from the battle outside.

King Ghidorah was puzzled by his opponent’s mysterious ceasefire, but tried to take advantage of it with a flying kick to the machine. He never noticed the red lines going down its eyes, turning a crimson red hue. Just as King Ghidorah closed in, Kiryu ducked under and grabbed onto the tails of an imitation, pulling the dragon to the ground. The three-headed monster shrieked, hitting the ground with a heavy thud. It heard a synthetic roar, one similar to Godzilla, come out of Kiryu’s maw. Maser beams fired out against the back of King Ghidorah mercilessly, scorching the golden hydra’s scales. King Ghidorah tried to fly into the air, but Kiryu had other plans. Tightening his grip on the dragon’s tails, he hoisted the dragon into the air with his enhanced mechanical strength and slammed it on its back behind him. He then started to spin, making sure that all of King Ghidorah’s heads grinded against the broken buildings and ground multiple times before he tossed the dragon away. Kiryu screeched as he rushed toward the other Godzilla, seeing competition in it.

King Ghidorah crashed violently down upon the landscape merely to realize it wasn’t on any rough surface, but two living creatures. Golden wings brought the hydra upward while the two beings beneath its bulk jumped upward. Jet Jaguar’s robotic body staggered on its feet while Zone Fighter trembled on his weak legs, but both knew their new target and in unison, the pair burst forward. Jet Jaguar’s right arm and Zone Fighter’s left formed a single, powerful strike which slammed against Ghidorah’s chest. The center head roared out in pain while the other two heads reacted out of pure instinct.

The flailing heads slammed against the heroes, with the center one biting into Zone Fighter’s shoulder. Jet Jaguar tried to help his ally, only for gravity beams to strike his chest, tearing into metal and damaging his internal power source. He was knocked away, sustaining battle-damage. King Ghidorah flapped his mighty wings and flew into the air, with Zone Fighter in his grasp. The Meteor Man tried to slam his fist into the dragon’s head, only for his arms to be caught in the maws of the other flailing heads. He tried kicking his way to freedom when the dragon’s twin tails wrapped around and snared the legs together. The two side heads began tearing through the Peacelander’s flesh with their teeth as the center head seemed to give an order to the others. Zone Fighter then realized the danger of his position as golden light began to emanate from each head. His screams of pain could be heard through the destroyed city as gravity beams shot directly into his body, tearing through his arms and shoulder, blood leaking from his wounds. He fell back toward the Earth as King Ghidorah and the recently composed Monster X both fired their gravity beams at him from above and below, blasting the Meteor Man and engulfing him in a giant explosion. Zone Fighter’s charred body plummeted to the ground with an eruption of soil and debris. He laid on the ground, bleeding out in pain, but forced himself to maintain his giant state, wanting to die fighting to the last.

Jet Jaguar got back to his feet, only to witness his fellow hero being blasted from both ends. Despite his robotic appearance, an emotion belaying his happy smile began to fill the robot’s mind. It wasn’t until he found himself dropkicking Monster X that the robot realized it was anger. Monster X roared out as the colorful robot hero landed in front of him. Within seconds, the two were at each other’s throats, trading punches and kicks that sounded like thunder. Each hit was filled with immense power on both sides. Jet Jaguar punched his opponent in the face, cracking part of the armor as his foe returned in kind with his own punch, denting the robot’s metal body. Each strike Monster X unleashed were wild and powerful, metal bent from his punches and tore off revealing inner circuitry with every slash.

However, unlike his enemy, Jet Jaguar had a much more powerful mind. Each of his hits were accurate and precise, hitting the same spots multiple times until Monster X’s chestplate cracked apart, revealing black, bleeding flesh beneath. The Xilien monster roared out in pain as Jet Jaguar thrust his fist into the creature’s body and grasped a hold of his black heart. With a powerful squeeze, Jet Jaguar tore out his foe’s heart, blood spurting out of the wound. Monster X gasped as his body began failing him. With what little life remained, he fired off one last Gravity bolt, striking the robot in his exposed chest. The beam managed to strike the robot’s powersource, shattering it. Jet Jaguar felt his processes overload as he rapidly grew larger, his power now unstable before it exploded, tearing off an arm and leaving him just as dead as his enemy.

Gomora stood groggily and picked himself back up, recovering from his fall. He suddenly realized that Gamera had to still be around, searching for the turtle, only for a metallic-looking being to crash next to him. It was a war-torn Ultraman, brought to his knees, trying to escape. Unlike his cousin, Ultraman needed to recharge his energy within a three-minute time limit, and he was currently on his last dregs of power. If he hurried, he would be able to make it past the atmosphere with barely a second to spare. He never got the chance as an orange beam surging with power struck him in the back. His light blinked rapidly as he turned around to see Gomora firing his Super Oscillatory Wave at him. Feeling his life slipping away, he sent the last of his remaining power toward the sky, slowly creating a marking written in a language unknown to humankind. Seeing the writing glow brightly, his eyes dimmed as the giant known as Ultraman died. The beam tore a hole through the dead Ultra, stripping down to the red flesh underneath.

Gomora roared triumphantly as he killed the Ultra and turned around, itching to fight another foe. Then just as abruptly, something slashed across his face, spraying blood and cracking his nasal horn. Kamacuras revealed its injured body, wanting to at least take out one monster with it before it bit the dust. It flew past Gomora’s injured body, slashing his claws across the dinosaur’s head and body, leaving various cuts scarred throughout.

Ultraseven cried out for his dead cousin as he saw his torched body. Turning toward Gomora, he threw his Eye Slugger through the air and watched as it sliced off Gomora’s other horn, leaving only his cracked nasal horn remaining on his head. Ultraseven was enraged, yet blinded by his hidden distress as the crafty Gigan slashed his chainsaw arms across his back, taking advantage of the Ultra’s momentary state of weakness. Ultraseven turned to face the mechanical beast, only for gravity beams to sear into his back. King Ghidorah made his presence known with his death filled cackles that echoed through the air. Ultraseven caught his returning Eye Slugger, wincing in pain as he scanned the two enemies surrounding him. Even if it cost him his life, he would completely annihilate both King Ghidorah and Gigan before bringing an end to the Xilien’s cruelty. He knew that’s what Ultraman would’ve wanted.

Gigan screeched in delight as two chest slots opened. Two circular cutting disks darted out, aimed squarely at Ultraseven’s neck. The Ultra quickly deflected them with his Eye Slugger, knocking them off course. It was then that he realized they were similar to his weapon of choice as they flew around behind him and sliced through his side. Clutching his wound with one arm and the Eye Slugger in the other, Ultraseven screamed and flew at Gigan, intending to slice the cyborg apart. Gigan screeched in return, as he too flew at Ultraseven with his chest saw revving. Meters away from each other, Ultraseven threw his Eye Slugger and fired his Emerium Ray at it, accelerating the boomerang even faster. Thinking quickly, Gigan tried to swerve out of the way, only for the blade to slice through his right arm. Gigan’s mechanical wail emanated from him, overcome with the sudden jolt from the lost arm. The severed chainsaw fell and sliced into King Ghidorah’s wings, leaving multiple punctured holes within them, causing the dragon to lose air stability and plummet. Ultraseven crashed into the injured Gigan and slammed him against the force field that covered the Xilien mothership.

“Send out the fighters!” X ordered, teeming with frustration at the mere thought of losing a second time.

“What’s wrong, can’t handle losing again?” Gordon said with a firm confidence as his face appeared on the Xilien leaders screen. The Xilien commander sneered at the cocky face of the captain.

“Alright, kill the idiot in charge of communications, and how the hell do you keep hacking into our communications systems?!” Gordon smirked, silently mocking the irritated Xilien.

“I have talented people under my command, unlike those beneath you who are… well, not.” The video feed disappeared, resuming to the battle below. The Xilien commander pulled out a laser pistol and shot the nearest Xilien to him. “Should’ve killed him sooner,” X grunted with a snort.

The mothership’s two hatches pulled apart from atop and under the globe-shaped vessel, dispatching hundreds of thousands of combat drones at once. Under the will of the Xilien figurehead, their turrets discharged rapidfire lasers against Ultraseven, knocking him off the Xilien cyborg. Ultraseven generated a fortified shield to block the narrow lasers, which unfortunately allowed Gigan time to recover. The sociopathic cyborg grinned with its metallic beak, revving its chainsaws in eager anticipation.

Gamera slammed his fists into Godzilla’s chest, sending the colossal beast barreling back. Godzilla held in his pained cry as he felt his ribs crack before he heard the roar of another Godzilla. Turning to the side, he had little time to react as several maser beams slammed into his face. Kiryu roared in a berserk rage as he continued to fire his energy attacks at the elder Godzilla. The maser cannons on his left arm and in his maw fired at several distinguished weak points, to which Akane had targeted on behalf of the berserk cyborg. Though she had lost control of the mech, she could still try not to die by helping to target the other monster’s weaknesses. Concentrated maser fire struck the Godzilla-type creature in his gills, causing them to rupture and bleed profusely from the assault. Gamera joined in the attack, firing his own enhanced plasma fireballs at Godzilla, knocking over the radioactive beast. Gamera didn’t care whether this Godzilla was a genocidal monster like his other brethren or a defender of the planet like the second Godzilla who had died long ago. He had joined this fight, and Gamera would finish it.

As the former Guardian of the Universe came closer to the fallen Godzilla, maser beams struck the wound in his shell. Gamera shrieked in pain as the destructive maser energy tore into him. He twisted around and saw the berserk Kiryu, eyes searing with bloody tears as it roared out to him. Flames from the surroundings mystically flowed around Gamera, seeping into his wounds and gradually rejuvenated. Kiryu fired more masers at the turtle-beast as Gamera retaliated with his fireballs. One of the fiery orbs struck the beam, while another zipped under and hit the chest of the cyborg, which recoiled from the sudden impact. Gamera rushed the stumbling mech, prepared to hack and slash the berserk cyborg. Kiryu’s synthetic screech cried out in defiance, striking back with its own metallic claws, the maser turrets on its arm dismounting for mobility. The giant terrapin slapped Kiryu across its chest, sparks flying from the cyborg. Kiryu responded by slamming his claws into Gamera’s face, slashing one of Gamera’s eyes. Gamera backpedaled as he clutched his bleeding eye, though Kiryu would give the rogue warrior no such chance to recover. With heavy, mechanical footfalls, Kiryu marched on–prepared to put an end to this.

Godzilla stood up groggily and held his bleeding gills. He hadn’t expected for such a powerful beam to strike at his soft spot like that. He scanned his surroundings, trying to take in the chaos. What he did notice was the weakened Zone Fighter struggling to get up. Staring at the humanoid curiously, he watched as it summoned bracelets to its wrists and aimed them skyward as small beams continuously pelted at the humanoid giant. His arms were clearly wounded, but the Meteor Man held fast, even with what little strength he had left.

“Meteor Missile Might!” the alien warrior shouted, firing his signature attack at the oncoming drone swarm. Several booming explosions scattered through the air, destroying a vast majority of the aircrafts, clearing out the first wave with relative ease. Zone Fighter then redirected his signature weapon at the injured wing of Ghidorah, shredding it in a blazing inferno. Weakened and tired from the mass invasion, Zone Fighter collapsed to the ground as the light on his buckle died off. His body fell limp, no longer having the energy to return to human form as King Ghidorah finally crashed to the Earth. Godzilla knew that the alien warrior had sacrificed its life to protect this planet, and he would return the favor by killing King Ghidorah.

Gomora fell onto his knee, panting heavily as he delivered a decisive blow against Kamacuras’s injured body. Even if the insectoid left gashes and scars across his form and took one of his eyes, Gomora remained triumphant. However, it was not to say that it didn’t come at a price; for the loss of his two horns made it difficult to conduct his oscillation energies. Nevertheless, he would continue the fight. Surging his Super Oscillatory Waves, the subterranean dinosaur unleashed his most devastating blast at the strange, alien sphere in the sky, shredding through the armada and barriers in the process, only to be stopped by the final layer. Yet fate would not allow for Gomora to have this victory, as the pressure from intense usage finally snapped it off, causing the oscillation energy to backfire into Gomora’s face.

With a miserable whimper, Gomora was blasted back and collapsed on the ground, bleeding and struggling to stand. He heard a small chittering beneath him, opening his eyes only to see the claw of Kamacuras slicing at him. Limply, he lifted up his arm and caught the insect, pulling it close and falling down, squashing it beneath his bleeding body. It was then that Gomora died of blood loss and exhaustion, finally putting an end to that pest.

Amidst all the fighting, barely anyone noticed as Baragon slowly dragged the remains of Ultraman underground. He had followed after Gomora and Gamera to feed on the spoilers of battle, only to find several meals among the city which could keep him fed for weeks. Like a prairie dog, Baragon stood upright for full visibility, observing the bloodied and fiery battlefield. Only a mad cackle distracted Baragon, promptly followed by a jagged gravity beam to the face.

The golden dragon had noticed the smaller creature trying to scavenge for the dead and decided to drag it into the fight as well. Baragon cried in pain as he was knocked out of his burrow. Righting himself on his two hind legs, Baragon screeched in fury as he stared at King Ghidorah’s injured form. The primitive beast processed that if he could kill the dragon, then he would have an even bigger meal to feast upon later. Baragon leapt at the dragon, slamming his horn into its damaged chest and pierced the shredded membrane, followed by spearing his nasal horn into the muscle-bound chest. The three-headed monster cried out, but was quick to snap back as it bit down on the smaller creature. Using its powerful neck strength, the hydra lifted Baragon out of its chest and spun around, tossing it toward the injured Godzilla.

Godzilla knocked aside the smaller dinosaur as blue energy finished coursing through his spines. Sucking in air, Godzilla fired his atomic breath at Ghidorah, screeching from the intense heat. Unlike the other Godzilla it had faced, this one’s atomic breath wasn’t just pure power and energy. Instead, it washed over his body, snaking its way into the hole caused by Baragon. Screeches evolved into an unspeakable shrill as the hole in the dragon’s chest boiled until Godzilla came to a ceasefire. King Ghidorah wildly fired his gravity bolts with reckless abandon, striking everything within eyesight, unable to think straight. Godzilla and Baragon braced for the aimless blasts, shredding everything around them. That was not to say that they didn’t find their targets; for one beam bombarded Baragon, while another struck Godzilla in the groin, forcing the alpha predator to fall in pain.

Baragon fired its Magma Heat Ray, hitting the hole in King Ghidorah’s chest, applying insult to injury as it shrunk from the heat. Godzilla got to one knee and fired his own beam alongside Baragon’s, combining into a mixture of cool blues and hot reds, and converged on the three-headed monster’s chest. King Ghidorah felt like he was burning alive from the fused beams, struggling to press on. A flurry of gravity beams shot out front the heads, as all three of its brains popped from the heat that sweltered in its body.

At the opportune time, Baragon leapt forth and knocked the dragon over, tearing into the left head. Godzilla came second and stomped on the right neck, gripping the center head tightly. Pulling with all his strength, Godzilla tore the head off King Ghidorah’s body in a bloody mess, as Baragon succeeded in tearing open the left neck, happily chewing the flesh within. The right head shrieked in panic as the two dinosaurs killed off the other two heads. It tried desperately to free itself, but the crushing weight of the armored saurian was cutting off the blood circulation to its last remaining brain.

Finally, a violent, deafening crack of the neck bones ended its life. With the last head falling over, Godzilla heralded victory to the sky, indifferent to Baragon gorging itself. Looking at the small carnivore, he growled to see whether or not it would join the battle with him. The simple creature ignored him and continued eating. Turning around, Godzilla went to deal with the artificial Godzilla and the rogue guardian.

Ultraseven struggled against Gigan. The mechanical fiend may have only had one double chainsaw hand, but it utilized it to the greatest extent it could. Gigan slashed toward the weakened Ultra, his chainsaw blades revved excitedly, a feeling that matched its wielder. Ultraseven blocked it with his Eye Slugger, which now had several chips from the several clashes they had in their aerial duel above the city.

He was feeling weak from the constant fighting he had gone through, both in space and now, having killed several alien beasts who had been under the control of the Xiliens previously. Ultraseven quickly focused hard on Gigan as he held the creature still with his Ultra Psychokinesis. Gigan froze in the air, struggling to move his body. Seeing Ultraseven channeling energy to his hands, Gigan quickly fired his Cluster Ray at the space agent. Ultraseven expected for this to happen and started throwing small energy beams from his hands, countering the scattering beam attack. He followed up his assault as the small shuriken like beams struck against Gigan’s armored body, generating small, but painful explosions. Gigan screeched out, wriggling in the Ultra’s telekinetic grasp, feeling the attack slowly breaking his armor apart. He fired his twin razor disks from his chest panel in a panic, forcing the Ultra hero to dodge and stop his torturous assault.

Gigan felt his body finally be freed from his opponent’s psychic attack, taking a brief glance at the damage sustained. It was badly dented from the explosions, and his chest buzzsaw had some of its teeth missing. The cycloptic kaiju released a cackling shriek as it quickly flew at Ultraseven, who had successfully destroyed one of the razor disks. Ultraseven turned to face Gigan, who flew by with his buzzsaw active. He sliced across Ultraseven’s shoulder, slicing into his solar panel protectors. Gigan laughed as he flew past, only for the second razor disk to fly into his eye, blinding him.

Seeing Gigan struggling with its damaged eye, Ultraseven placed his hands together, firing his Swirl Beam to conserve energy. It struck the mechanical beast in its legs, severing them in a large explosion. Gigan released a shrillish cry as he started to fall, black fluids leaking from his missing legs and arm. Ultraseven turned to face the Xilien mothership and prepared to charge into it. Just before he could fly off, the double-bladed chainsaw jammed into his leg at the knee. They started grinding, a showcase that Gigan still had some fight left in him. The saws tore into Ultraseven’s left leg, scattering blood and flesh about the air. Gigan then twisted his arm sideways, snapping Ultraseven’s leg, causing the Ultra warrior to fall toward the battlefield. Chirping happily, the light in Gigan’s eye diminished for the last time as he fell to his final resting place.

Ultraseven felt his energy draining, his beam lamp flashing rapidly. Usually, he would have reverted to human form with an injury like this, but with all the threats around, he couldn’t risk it. He tried to stabilize himself in the air, managing to stop his descent just meters from the ground. Looking to his leg, he saw it was cracked sideways at an odd angle and was bleeding profusely. A purple beam struck him in the back, knocking the Ultra hero to the ground as Rodan rejoined the fray, having sat on the sidelines with Ebirah as the two went to assault the weak alien. Ultraseven pulled out his Eye Slugger, knowing that if he was to die, he would die fighting.

Kiryu ducked under Gamera’s swing and slammed his shoulder into the turtle, knocking him back. Gamera fired his plasma fireball, detonating against Kiryu’s face, causing one of its eyes to melt and short circuit from the explosive impact. Its face was now scorched and glowing hot as Kiryu roared out in anger. Akane growled angrily as she struggled to help the Mechagodzilla fight. She couldn’t escape due to the doorway being melded shut.

“I don’t know what the hell’s gotten into you,” Akane vented, seeing at just how much had changed with the former guardian. “But you’ve done too much harm to humankind. Please, just die already you stupid turtle!” Firing the maser cannons at the corrupted Guardian of the Universe, they sent him reeling in pain from the attack. Suddenly, several missiles struck Gamera from the pitch-black posterior, while some made their mark on his head. From the air came the Gotengo, which was smoking from an engine loss.

“You doing alright there?” the surly man asked with a confident smirk, with the communications systems finally rebooted.

“Could say the same about you, Captain,” Akane retorted, taking solace in their brief exchange, “I need you to break the latch on Kiryu so that I can escape.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Gordon replied in earnest.

“Kiryu is operating on its own, so be careful,” she warned him.

Kiryu moved in and kicked Gamera into a large building, the still-standing structure crumbling onto the wounded warrior. From within the cockpit, Akane noticed that the nearby flames were pulled toward the fallen guardian, seeping through the cracks. She recalled the documents from Gamera’s first appearance and his ability to manipulate fire. “No wonder he’s been able to keep it up for so long.”

Beyond the screen’s field of view, she heard the whirring from the Gotengo. She had hoped that Kiryu would allow them to do what needed to be done. Unfortunately, things wouldn’t pan out in the way that she wanted. Before Gotengo could try to free the pilot, Kiryu twisted around and shot the machine down with a maser beam, sending the airship plummeting to the ground.

“Kiryu, no!” Akane cried out in anguish, trapped within the confines of the mechanical cyborg. Before she could mourn the loss of her comrades, the radio flared to life.

“We’re still alive,” Gordon crackled over the comm links, projecting a video signal to Kiryu’s monitors. He had sustained some injuries from the crash, but knew he would be all right. Akane sighed in relief, only for gravity to go sideways, almost sending her flying into a wall. She muttered a curse under her breath, knowing full well she would have to endure the conflict of colossal monsters duking it out, with her fragile life on the line.

Kiryu found itself engaged with the monstrous titan, only to be slammed onto the broken asphalt by the powerful hands of the elder Godzilla, who had returned with full intention of dismantling the cyborg to free the trapped soul within. Kiryu opened fire, pelting the armored saurian with the electric streams that emitted from the cyborg’s mouth. Yet against the titan’s rocky flesh, it only charred the outermost layer, giving the King of the Titans ample time to lunge his stocky foot into Kiryu’s face. Such force caved in the metal that reinforced the machine in addition to ripping the entire head from the body, disconnecting the thick wires and spinal cord from the rest of it, with the mechanical dragon’s blood red eyes fading.

Sturdy claws picked up the limp machine, his senses guiding to the damaged metal on the cyborg’s form. Chewing down with his incisors, Godzilla tore the metallic armor wide open, shredding the mechanical shell that hosted the skeleton of its species. His spines ignited with a blue light, mustering his atomic power to finally free the soul trapped within.

Yet before he could discharge his signature weapon, in an act almost like that of a divine sign, the sky lit up with an illumination that brightened the battlefield. Many of the combatants stopped fighting, including the recent arrival of Sanda, who was prepared to engage Baragon. Godzilla stared at the symbol in the sky, finding that the emblem Ultraman had created finally was complete. It resembled a sun with a large cross, and eight wavy diagonal lines. Angelic singing could be heard in the air, calming those who heard it. Even the irritable Xilien commander sat in his chair and listened to the song. Ultraseven knelt on his broken leg, even as he and the two Xilien controlled kaiju stopped their attacks momentarily.

When the choir faded, a loud chirp was heard from the sky as from the smoke and clouds burst a rainbow colored moth. Mothra Leo, the son of Mothra, had arrived. The strongest Mothra chirped, having been called to action by his mother’s insignia. Looking around, he saw the devastation brought about by the various creatures and blasted Godzilla with divine recompense, stopping him from killing the human that was still trapped within her confines. As the alpha predator was hurled into a nearby building by the multi-colored tri-beam, the son of Mothra saw the one creature that served as the root of the problem. He saw Gamera rise from the rubble, feeling his soul being corrupted by the spite he held, which was already altering his appearance.

“I thought that Mothra retired?” Gordon said aloud, trying to gauge an answer from someone who would know.

Mothra Leo was devastated when the last Mothra died protecting the Earth, just as his mother died protecting him,” a voice rang in his ears, causing Gordon to look around. He noticed the equal amount of confusion stirring his crew, assuring Gordon’s sanity.

However, with the coming destroyers in recent years and the attacks of the Gyaos, he had decided to return to the fight,” a second voice said before fading away. Though he never saw the origin of the voices, Gordon knew that it was most likely the fabled Elias.

“Sir, we’re picking up a distress beacon,” one of them said, “It’s Yashiro! She’s alive!”

“Then what the hell are we waiting for?” Gordon barked furiously, “Deploy a Mutant agent and get her the hell out of there!” Without hesitation, one of the Mutant humans did as the captain instructed to a T. Deep down, Gordon breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t sure what kind of miracle had happened, though maybe it truly was Mothra that brought much needed hope in these trying times.

Rainbow Mothra hovered above the two as Gamera rose to his feet. Gamera knew this guardian, that this Mothra was one of the best in the modern world. He had defeated threats to the planet such as Desghidorah, Dagahra, and even the mighty Grand King Ghidorah once upon a time, while he was waging war upon the Gyaos. Even in spite of the respect he held for the rainbow lepidopteran, Gamera roared to the godly moth with a simple, decisive warning: stay out of his way.

Mothra chirped for the disgraced guardian to stop its attacks on humanity, trying to reason with him. Gamera growled at the powerful moth as flames gathered toward his face, using it to restore the wounds he had sustained. In tandem, he began to molt with an even harder layer, reinforcing his skin and armor to endure what had yet to come. His skin became pitcher than black, and the transparent lens over his eyes completely took over with xanthic, glowing eyes. Heralding a nightmarish roar, bearing the guilt of his traumatizing acts, Gamera was prepared to battle to the death if he meant he could see his mission through to the end.

Leo cried out to Gamera, even if his feelings couldn’t reach the former guardian’s heart. Deep down, he knew something had to give, but until he could find out what that was, he was given no choice but to fight the Earth’s closest ally. All the while, the rest of the kaiju resumed their respective battles, ushering chaos once more.

Godzilla stood up and stared at the giant moth above him. He knew that this was the creature that attacked him, even if it was one of her descendants, he wouldn’t hold back to those who didn’t know their place. Both creatures coincidentally fired their respective attacks at Rainbow Mothra, who easily dodged the fireballs and projected a pressure field to redirect the flames of Godzilla’s beam toward Gamera. The atomic fire burned into the terrapin and forced him back. Seeing that the humans had picked up their comrade and escaped into the ground, the vanguard of prosperity flew above the two and unleashed his reflective rainbow powder, paralyzing and inflicting stinging pain on the two monstrous powerhouses.

The hurricane force winds slowly forced the two toward the harbor, with Godzilla issuing another burst of atomic flames, only for the energy to reflect off the powder. The energy coursed through the powder and struck both kaiju, bringing them both more pain. Fueled by his suffering, the black tortoise blasted a plasma fireball into the cloud, causing it to explode and hurled the two titans in opposite directions. Gamera landed in the harbor while Godzilla landed on the dock near Fukuoka city. As Godzilla stood, Ultraseven was tossed into him, causing the ancient reptile to turn to see Rodan and Ebirah approaching them. Even though this being was alien to his world, something told the alpha that the humanoid was not one of the invaders who sought to pillage the Earth. Roaring out to the two pawns, Godzilla stood protectively in front of the alien protector, threatening them to make the first move.

Rainbow Mothra relentlessly bombarded Gamera with an array of Mineral Chest Beams, winged jade bolts, and Cross Heat Rainbow Lasers. Gamera’s haunting screech resounded in irritation and fury as the beams pelted him repeatedly. The Atlantean creature tucked in his legs and rocketed toward the moth deity, grabbing his body and slammed the moth into the ocean, wanting to take away his challenger’s advantage. Gamera roared at the moth, commanding it to leave, or else he would kill him without hesitation. Rainbow Mothra shined in divine illumination, blinding Gamera for a moment before he was dragged down into the ocean against his own will. Gamera stared at the phenomenon that swam around him, just as fast if not faster than he could. The usually dark harbor was lit up by several glowing crystals when a sleek insectoid shape darted through the water.

Aqua Mothra chirped at him, expressing a strong desire to talk it out with the corroded Guardian of the Universe. Gamera expressed little interest, but gave Aqua Mothra the space to speak, who issued Gamera a warning to leave humanity alone. This triggered sweltering rage as the Atlantean guardian unleashed a vented scream underwater. For as much as he respected the Mothra’s strong sense of nobility, he was naive to the destructive ignorance of humankind.

The dark warrior quickly sped toward Aqua Mothra, his yellow eyes piercing the darkness, and fired destructive plasma fireballs. Aqua Mothra barrel rolled around them and retaliated with his Cross Heat Pulsar beams, which bounced off Gamera’s carapace and were sent skyward as the turtle slashed at the aquatic moth. His claws barely missed as Aqua Mothra zipped by, only to curve around and speed back to headbutt Gamera, firing his V-shaped Crescent Dash Beams. They struck Gamera in the chest as the succeeding headbutt knocked the giant turtle back into some of the underwater crystals, destroying them. Gamera tucked in his limbs and ignited in a burst of evaporated ocean water from the flaming ports, spinning toward Aqua Mothra and grazing on the divine moth’s side. Mothra chirped in pain, the grinding shell generating sparks against his tough chitin. Leo zoomed through the aquatic terrain, putting distance between himself and the rogue guardian before turning to face Gamera. With another speedy dash, he slammed into the turtle-beast as the two continued their clash in the ocean.

Godzilla kept a close eye on the oncoming threats, keeping tabs on their whereabouts. Rodan circled above, ready to strike, while Ebirah stood with claws ready. Ultraseven grumbled from exertion, who could only watch as Godzilla charged forth, echoing a deafening roar that trailed for miles. This prompted Ebirah to engage, in turn cueing Rodan to dive down. The two landlocked monsters crashed into each other, Godzilla grabbing hold of one of Ebirah’s claws and body, with his foe managing to clamp down his other claw onto Godzilla’s arm. The ancient superpredator snarled at the every-increasing pressure applied by the powerful vice grip, which clamped down harshly on his rocky skin. Ebirah was shocked as he felt himself being pushed back by the large reptile, squeezing harder in an attempt to free his other claw. Grunting, the alpha predator began to lift his foe to slam him, but Rodan’s intervention prevented that from happening with a close-ranged sonic boom.

Losing his grip on Ebirah, Godzilla redirected his attention at the flying dinosaur, who was swooping around to meet him head-on. With claws outstretched, Rodan began to claw and peck at the mighty Godzilla, with the latter trying to swat the aerial monster to the ground. This distraction allowed Ebirah to rush forth and tackle the monster king’s legs, knocking the dragon onto Ebirah’s shelled carapace. With the legendary giant down on his belly, Rodan’s horns crackled and unleashed his atomic fury upon the dragon’s back, firing a swirling purple beam. Godzilla screeched as the burning hot energy struck his body. Ebirah mustered everything he could and shoved the gargantuan heavyweight off of him, who landed with a resounding thud. As Rodan continued to pelt the dragon god with beams from above, Ebirah charged forth and stabbed his face-protrusion into Godzilla’s gut.

The combined might of the lobster’s claws and the searing beams from the atomic pterosaur irked a pained cry from the Titan king. Igniting a blue flare from the tip of his tail, atomic energy built up along his dorsal spines, his ancient eyes locked onto Ebirah. Opening his maw, he tried to fire a beam, only for the lobster to clamp down on his neck, clogging the energy at its source. Blue fire burst out of his gills, torching the chelae and forcing Ebirah to release his hold. Atomic flames shot violently out of his mouth, his throbbing head feeling immediate relief. The ruthless display struck Ebirah across the face, boiling the crustacean alive. With a quick sweep, the atomic fire clipped one of Rodan’s wings, hurtling the great dinosaur into the devastated ruins of Fukuoka. As the fires stopped, the monster king slowly got to his feet. Ebirah reeled back and screeched fiercely, prepared to continue the fight.

Nearby, Sanda held up the fragmented crystal, eyes locked with the bloodied body of Baragon, who glared at the gargantua with animalistic intent. Baragon stood on the dead, partially eaten body of King Ghidorah, mouth bloodied as he warned Sanda to stay back. Sanda raised his crystal club and grunted back in a taunting manner, waving the dinosaur to attack first. Baragon took the bait and fired his Magma Heat Ray at Sanda, only for the bigfoot to use the crystal as a shield. The red beam struck the crystal, various lights reflecting off it, dampening the heat that it emitted. Sanda charged toward Baragon, tearing through the heat ray and leapt at the subterranean scavenger. The Baranosdragon stopped his beam attack and jumped high into the air, well over Sanda, which led Sanda to bash his club on the corpse of the dragon.

With cumbersome speed, Baragon twirled and slammed his tail into Sanda’s back, sending the gargantua stumbling forward, tripping on one of the busted heads. With his foe off balance, the dinosaur bit onto Sanda’s leg, who cried out in anguished pain as he awkwardly twisted around and swung his heavy club at the dinosaur’s face. Unable to withstand the brutal blows, Baragon released its bite and hopped back, clutching its face with its claws and ears. Sanda stood up and brought the blunt crystal upon Baragon’s covered face, sending the creature careening back into the carcasses of Gomora and Kamacuras.

Baragon tumbled over their corpses and righted himself, unfolding its ears and barking at the brown giant. He began to rush toward Sanda, as the gargantua ran toward him in turn. Before the two collided, Sanda swung the crystal that he dragged with him, hoping for a solid blow against the scavenger. However, the dinosaur leapt over the club, which displaced the air in its wake, and fired his heat ray into Sanda’s face, setting him aflame. Sanda cried in pain as he dropped the crystal and patted his burning head. The subterranean terror took advantage of this and knocked the brown gargantua on his face. He bit into the bigfoot’s shoulder, tearing out flesh and swallowing it. Sanda screamed in pain as he felt himself being eaten alive by the same species of dinosaur his father had once confronted many moons ago. Swinging his legs about, he managed to kick one of Baragon’s legs out from under him and twisted around, elbowing the dinosaur in the nose.

The underground monster found itself off its prey, licking its mouth to clean off the blood. Yet Sanda was on the move, not giving Baragon a chance to recuperate. The brown gargantua clung onto its back as Baragon thrashed the gargantua, who stubbornly held onto him by the ears. Sanda struck the dinosaur in the head, triggering him to spontaneously fire his heat ray. Curious, Sanda hit the same area again, with the same results. Realizing this may have been a pressure point, Sanda verified with a third smack to the head. Consistent and successful all three times. Seeing some potential in this, he kicked Baragon on the side that spurred the dinosaur to charge forward, trying to dislodge his unwanted passenger. Seeing as they were en route to encounter Ebirah, Sanda hit the spot on Baragon’s head, causing the dinosaur to discharge its beam and scorched the large lobster on the back.

Even when the armored carapace diffused the flames, the residual heat made it feel like it was being cooked alive. Ebirah’s shrills resounded from the massive crustacean, smacking Godzilla one last time before diverting its attention to the interceptors. With Baragon’s reckless charge closing the gap, Sanda leapt off of the lizard and slammed his fist into Ebirah’s thorny head, something he immediately regretted doing. Pulling his fist back, Sanda held it tenderly, noticing blood from his shredded flesh. Its exterior was simply too hard for him to penetrate, at least with his raw strength. Ebirah lunged at the brown gargantua, who had to swiftly evade the sharp claws that the lobster possessed, some narrowly coming close to slicing him open. Sanda shouted at Baragon, trying to urge the dinosaur with the promise of fresh meat. Baragon retorted with a shriek, only to be met by a thwack in the face from Ebirah’s tail. The subterranean monster acted on its impulse, which earned the wrath of the Baranosdragon.

The alpha predator’s eyes glanced at the dinosaur that had helped him against Ghidorah, who was preoccupied with the monstrous shrimp known as Ebirah. However, he heard something slicing through the air behind him, twisting around, preparing a heavy payload of his own. With a sluggish twirl, Godzilla swung his tail high as it struck Rodan, sending the pterosaur through many buildings, one after the other.

Rodan thrashed on the ground as he tried his hardest to get back up. He noticed Godzilla slowly walking toward him, his spines still glowing. Rodan righted himself and stood on the ground, staring at the vastly larger foe. He screeched out at the giant creature, who opened his maw to fire his breath attack. Just before he could discharge it, Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam into Godzilla’s mouth, misdirecting the giant’s head upward and hurling atomic fire into the sky. As the atomic flames illuminated the sky in a blue glow, Rodan flapped his wings and took to the air, maneuvering out of the way.

Under the waves, Aqua Mothra and Gamera were tattered with cuts and wounds, their eyes filled with a fierce determination. Bursting forth amid a cloud of boiling water, Gamera propelled with his back-jets at the aquatic paladin, his elbow claws on prominent display. Aqua Mothra chirped back, who too sped toward Gamera, energy coating his spinning body. When the two passed each other, Gamera’s muffled cries resounded in the oceanic environment as he felt his shell crack and his arm crossed with lacerations. On the other end, Aqua Mothra’s wings had fallen prey to Gamera’s claws, part of it shredded and leaking blood into the bay.

The rogue warrior knew without a doubt in his mind that, even if he could combat against the son of Mothra, the aquatic terrain was simply not working in his favor. Accelerating up the slope of the seas, Gamera emerged from the surface as he took to the skies. His yellow eyes brightened, noticing that Leo was quick to pursue. The moth god altered his appearance, changing from his sleek, aquatic state into the rainbow moth, with most of his wounds rendered nigh invisible to the untrained eye.

Tucking his limbs into his outer shell, Gamera spun around at tremendous speeds. Fire erupted from his ports, spiraling around him. Effortlessly commanding the air, Gamera’s disk-like state soared through the dreary skies, prepared to ram himself into Mothra Leo once more. Before he could, the Rainbow Mothra suddenly scattered into thousands of crystalline moths, which left behind a cloud of reflective powder. Unable to stop his momentum, Gamera flew right into it, with the searing flames igniting the scales in a catastrophic explosion.

Rainbow Mothra was quick to reform above where the blast had occurred, observing any trace of Gamera. As if to answer his question, a sudden fireball erupted from the blackened smoke, just grazing the holy moth’s wings. With a few, quick powerful flaps, he extinguished the plasmic fire, but noticed something… Off. Gamera started to eject his plasma fireballs in more frequent fashion than normal, yet none of them seemed as dead-set deliberant as they had been just moments before. Mothra saw Gamera gestate another fireball, absorbing the residual explosion to supercharge it. In preparation, Mothra generated his pressure field to deflect the oncoming blaze, only except it never trailed his path. Instead, Gamera shot it to Leo’s port bow, igniting an explosion amongst the clouds. This caught him off guard, but in a few moments, he saw why. A burning carcass scattered into several hundred pieces, with the rest of it falling to its inevitable death.

Even with Gamera’s terrifying visage and dark heart, there was one enemy who would always remain the absolute threat to the planet; the culmination of human ignorance made flesh.

The Gyaos.

As though that were the catalyst to start a war, the screeches of death overtook all other sounds. Golden light filled the night sky, hundreds of sonic beams lanced toward the ground, almost as though the heavens themselves were unleashing their wrath. Their beams struck all the monsters with no discernment, the living and the dead fell victim to the supersonic rays. They even pierced the barriers of the Xilien mothership with little effort, with only the densest layer diffusing the sonic rays.

Many of the living monsters took their own approach. Rainbow Mothra upheld his field, deflecting the Sonic Scalpels into the sky, slicing several dozen Gyaos into large chunks. Godzilla felt the beams sear into his armored hide. Ebirah and Baragon were better equipped with their hard carapaces, though even they were subject to the fury of the sonic beams as they bore into them. Sanda and Rodan dealt with the matter poorly, rendering their flesh with relative ease and eliciting pained cries from them.

Gamera retaliated with several subsequent bursts of plasma blasts, even as his body deflected the Sonic Scalpels that illuminated the skies. Each fireball found a target in the dense cloud of Gyaos, sending several of the ravenous beasts to a fiery death. Yet something irked Gamera in the back of his mind. A familiar feeling he had thought long lost to him. One he hadn’t felt since he went on a warpath against humanity. He had to dismiss it and refocus on the real threat at hand. Screaming a challenge, Gamera followed the Gyaos that dove into the broken city, prepared to bring an end to this eternal cycle once and for all.

“What the hell are these insufferable creatures?” X shouted in annoyance, continuing to view the carnage from his monitor. The Gyaos continued to tear through the mothership’s barriers, each ranging in various sizes. Some were human-sized, others as large as buildings. Nevertheless, they shared the same characteristics throughout; triangular heads, deadly claws, strong wings, and nasty, slurping maws that craved nothing but sustenance. Some pecked and slammed their thin bodies into the shield, while others continued to fire their Sonic Scalpels. Several of the beams struck the same spot on the force field managing to pierce through for an instant causing a small explosion within the sphere.

“It matters not, this is the perfect opportunity to add onto my army.” X held out his hand and tried to force his will upon the Gyaos around him. When they continued their assault, X looked confused and once again attempted to bring the birds under his control. It was then that he realized that these creatures, with only a single chromosome forged through years of genetic research in their DNA, had no M-Base for him to control.

“Insufferable earthling pests! Rodan! Ebirah!” In that moment, he came to an abrupt realization. “Hold on, I’m really left with just these two? Nevermind that, kill these insignificant birds!” Without missing a beat, Ebirah and Rodan, even in their injured state, did as they were told and made their advance against the Gyaos horde. His video drones scanned for the Gotengo, nowhere to be found aside from a burrow in its place. Not only that, he took note of the alpha predator and especially the alien agent, Ultraseven. The Xilien grumbled in disdain. “This isn’t for you. The sooner this is over with, the sooner I can claim this planet for myself.” That was his only confession, one that would go unheard.

Under the whim of their new orders, Rodan screeched to the blackened sky, dodging several sonic beams. He fired multiple Uranium Heat Beams, sending several Gyaos plummeting to their doom. Others evaded the heat rays with swift, sinister grace, lurching in to feed on the radioactive pterosaur. Yet Rodan was quicker to the draw, accelerating at supersonic speeds to outpace the ravenous birds.

Ebirah, Sanda, and Baragon found themselves swarmed by the bloodthirsty avians, which screeched and taunted the lowly kaiju. Ebirah witnessed Rodan outpacing these monstrosities, an order from the Xilien controller. In this very instance, it was in best interest to cooperate than destroy each other from within. To the best of their ability, they would ward off the Gyaos horde. For every one that flew in, Sanda would crush them with his crystal club; another deep-fried by Baragon’s heat ray; and yet another found itself entrapped in Ebirah’s crisis scissors, snipping them into considerable lunks of disgusting meat. Unfortunately for them, much like the mythological Hydra, for every one Gyaos slain, ten more would take their place. Nevertheless, even against the odds, they fought alongside one another, being careful to cover each other’s blind spots.

Among the endless swarm, a significantly larger Gyaos swooped by and landed with efficient accuracy. It silently lunged for Baragon, who had been preoccupied with dealing with the smaller meat-eaters. Only Ebirah noticed this, and took action to ensure their survival. Swatting one last Gyaos out of the air with his claws, Ebirah scurried along and intercepted the giant Gyaos. Its blood-curdling cry caught the attention of the others, but even they couldn’t provide much help. The crustacean knew he was going at this alone, but if it served for the greater good, then he’d die for it.

This ‘Hyper Gyaos’ fired a narrow laser beam at the lobster-shrimp, whose armor barely withstood the full brunt of its might. While it had partially deflected off his carapace, the sonic lance bore into his exoskeleton more than it did resist it. Even under duress, Ebirah tried to brush aside the pain in favor of simply injuring the large carnivore. The Hyper Gyaos evaded, making Ebirah’s movements slow and sluggish by comparison. With a flap of its wings, the Hyper Gyaos brought its talons to the forefront, raking the crustacean’s outer shell. Using this moment, Ebirah clamped his claws over the Gyaos’ left leg and pulled it toward him. He applied pressure, stacking it on as the Gyaos flapped with its powerful wings, dragging Ebirah with it. Still within reach, Ebirah used his other claw and reached for the winged demon’s neck, holding a vice grip onto it. Like scissors, they snipped the wicked creature’s head off, landing with a thud. Its whole body collapsed and was left for dead, Ebirah proclaiming a miraculous and triumphant screech. The lobster moved off the Hyper Gyaos, only for another two of its brethren to swarm the fallen carcass and consume it in an act of indifferent cannibalism.

The Gyaos army cast their evil shadow over the corpses, feasting on their remains. They picked apart the dead without conscious thought, slavering for more. King Ghidorah’s beautiful body was torn asunder; Kamacuras’ rotted carcass pleasured the grotesque fiends; Gomora was shredded and consumed down to the bone; even the remains of Ultraman and Zone Fighter were ravaged by the voracious predators, their taste like nothing of this world.

Ultraseven felt true rage at his comrades–his friends–being violated by these ravenous birds. But with his leg shredded from Gigan’s last attack, he couldn’t do much. He was at least grateful for the presence of the ancient Godzilla that stood by, blasting down the Gyaos that dared tried to have them as part of their twisted buffet. Seven stood up, holding the shoulder of a heavyweight to keep himself up. The flying death swarmed over them, only to be met by a fiery demise or slashed apart by Ultraseven’s Eye Slugger. Even those that tried to employ their slicer rays ended with them being deflected, courtesy of the boomerang-blade’s sharp curvature, even with the damage it had already sustained.

Unfortunately, a sonic beam lanced into Seven’s already torn leg, dropping to the ground and clutching it in his hands. Godzilla realized this and lifted his hulking tail until it was well off the ground. Then with a mighty heave, he twirled around with a strong, but swift tail slam. Whatever Gyaos foolish enough to be in proximity had their heads, ribs, and wings shattered under its tremendous weight; even the ones out of reach were still afflicted by the air displacement, tossing them from the skies they reigned over.

Godzilla came to a stop, his head throbbing and his vision blurry. Even if he didn’t focus on them, Godzilla’s dorsals flared a bright blue; an intimidation display. But not all heeded his warning, insteading firing their Sonic Scalpels at the large fins. Though they merely chipped at his rocky scales, the stronger variants left scars along the back spines, which leaked with atomic fumes.

Much to their surprise, a winged beast came to their aide. Spitting a flurry of consecutive heat rays, Rodan swooped in and sliced the anorexic wyverns with his wings, while others were torched alive by his Uranium Heat Beam. Seven jolted in surprise–Rodan was among the Xilien monsters. Was it mere coincidence, or did the Xilien commander realize the severity of the situation? His answers came when three others showed up–two of which was already familiar with through documents. Baragon, Sanda, and Ebirah. Seven placed his hopes on the latter thought as he picked himself back up, pressuring his right leg to hold his weight.

A powerful chitter boomed across the dark heavens as Rainbow Mothra effortly blasted the heathens to kingdom come with an array of forehead lasers and chest beams. For the first time, Seven could cling to the faintest sense of hope, one he had hoped would carry them to the end.

For united, they could bring an end to the darkness.

Gamera fought alone.

Killing Gyaos was nothing new in his repertoire of accomplishments. It was his mission, his birthright. But with that came an emptiness. Perhaps because Gyaos reproduced so frequently from human demolition, he didn’t feel like he was saving the world from anything–just suppressing the inevitability. To deal with a problem, it must be pulled from the roots. That was what happened with the ancient civilization of Atlantis. What will happen with modern humans. Deep down, a question troubled his conscience; even if he eradicated the surface humans, would that ensure the survival of the Earth? Would another human-like species take its place, be it from Earth or beyond? He had to repress such thoughts until he only felt nothing but apathy. There was no room to be swayed; he had a mission to accomplish and uphold.

If humanity met its end, so would the Gyaos. Then peace would finally return to the Earth. That was his last hope.

But was it the right choice?

He buzz-sawed through several Gyaos with his serrated shell, spilling their hideous guts; another he clamped on its neck with his tusked jaws, then blasted it apart with plasma energy. More he fired down from the sky, engulfed in fire and brimstone. Even as the Gyaos tried to cut into him with their Sonic Scalpels and ferocious appetites, the black tortoise felt nothing of it. Yet in his mind, the nostalgic feeling came washing over him again. What was this? A promise from a time long past? Or something he once held meaning to? He wasn’t sure, but couldn’t let it cloud his judgment.

Just as it seemed this nightmare wouldn’t end, Gamera’s blank, yellow eyes flared when he saw a cluster of demon birds emerge from the clouds, almost like a sphere. And with it, that feeling called out to him, reaching for his stone-cold heart. Killing whatever stood in his path, Gamera pursued the massive Gyaos horde–for perhaps it held the truth he had sought for so long.

The four giants surrounded Ultraseven, protecting him from the oncoming swarm that threatened to devour them. Even if the odds were against them, faith would pull them through. Godzilla and Baragon, despite the latter’s injuries, sprayed the dark skies with their luminous heat rays. Sanda, still regenerating his wounds, clubbed more Gyaos heads in, leaving them bloodied, mangled pulps. Ebirah assisted the brown gargantua by smashing and slicing the fiendish wyverns without mercy. Even in his weakened state, Ultraseven leaned against a nearby building for support and made use of his telekinetic prowess by tossing the Eye Slugger, dismembering many of the Gyaos it came in contact with.

Mothra fried the ravenous demons with a quick pulse of winged lightning, leaving smoking bodies in his trail like flies to a bug zapper. Yet even his agility and swiftness was imperfect, as a couple of Hyper Gyaos body-slammed him from above, tearing into his fuzzy abdomen with their talons. Mothra was quick to discharge more jade lightning and electrocuted the demonic scavenger, though Mothra bled yellow pus from the claw marks left behind.

Deep down, Leo was grateful he wasn’t the only one fighting this army. He was quickly reminded of Rodan’s presence, who crushed the heads of several Gyaos by the sheer force of his sonic booms. Even more felled by the might of the pterosaur’s Uranium Heat Beam, with only the more evolved variants withstanding the blast.

Still, Mothra didn’t forget about Gamera. While he was more than grateful that everyone shared the same enemy at the moment, he wasn’t sure what to expect by the end of all this. Would he have to fight Gamera if he refused to listen? He didn’t want to. But the value of human life was too precious to put to an end, and Gamera threatened that right to life. Hopefully, by the end of all this, there would be one last chance to negotiate and put an end to this reckless feud.

Rodan stood strong against the hideous monsters, banking a hard left to avoid the oncoming lasers. Even if they chipped his wings or his talons, the atomic pterosaur remained steadfast in his combat against this blight. His binocular eyes took notice of the disturbed clouds above, with an enormous cluster of these pests following suit. Regardless of how he felt, his master deemed otherwise. The Gyaos had to be stopped, and he had no say in the matter.

In a matter of seconds, the second wave of darkness dispersed, replenishing the numbers nearly back to where they were before. In the center of this was a new figure shrouded by dark clouds, a creature different from the Gyaos, yet led them. Before he could fully register what it was, two red lithe tentacles darted from the shroud and aimed straight for Rodan. Faster than even the speediest Gyaos, Rodan couldn’t even fire a Uranium Heat Beam as the tendril pierced through his spiked chest with ease. He was taken aback by this sudden attack, only for a second one to constrict around his neck, snapping it without a second to spare. They receded back to their wielder, tugging Rodan’s mangled corpse with it.

As Gamera closed in toward the creature in the sky, he cursed its existence. Blue membrane made violet from the light of the flames revealed themselves as a silver armored creature with crimson flesh, which slowly floated down from the clouds and smoke. One of its two spear-like arms stabbed into the dead monster of the sky, draining its essence into itself. Discarding the husk for its subjects, Iris, the Ryuseicho, hummed a divine cry, quickly encircled by several Gyaos.

Several plasma fireballs flew out toward it, only for the Ryuseicho to slap them away with its tendrils, killing many Gyaos and setting the broken city ablaze. The others swarmed the relentless Gamera, who spared no mercy to the drooling fiends. As he breached Iris’ personal space, the crimson angel channeled two different energies into its tendrils. In one, the staple Sonic Scalpel inherited from the Gyaos lineage; in the other, crackling purple atomic energies forged from Rodan’s lifeforce. Both simultaneously discharged from the clamp-like tips, puncturing the black shell of the rogue warrior. The Sonic Scalpel tore the outer shell, whilst the false Uranium Heat Beam seared the open wounds. Gamera elicited an agonizing screech and lost his aerial momentum, dropping from the sky.

With light bursting from its posterior, Iris revved its own rockets and propelled itself toward the falling Gamera, unsheathing its spear-hands to gut the tortoise. Just before he could, several multi-colored beams struck him against his silvery shell and halted the otherworldly entity in its place. Focusing its attention on this new threat, Rainbow Mothra emitted a high shrill, who showed disdain at the Gyaos progeny. Mothra sensed the great evil that dwelled beneath its angelic surface, but there was something within it too. But that quick blast was the only assistance he could provide to Gamera, as Leo found himself overwhelmed by the Gyaos horde beckoned by Iris’ command.

In that time, Gamera had reoriented himself and charged straight into Iris, plunging his tusked maw into the crimson bird’s abdominal region. With all his might, Gamera shoved the false god through sheer force alone. However, Iris was quick to redeploy two of its tendrils, pelting his shelled body with an array of sonic cutters and uranium beams. The black tortoise remained steadfast until one of the beams struck him in the cranium, forcing him to let go. Iris prepared its blades once more, though Gamera had different intentions in mind. Tucking his limbs into his shell, they spurted fire as he began to rotate. The shelled warrior made his descent–with Iris in hot pursuit.

The sonic cutters weren’t ending.

The advantage they once held came quickly crashing down on them. An ensemble of Gyaos coursed through the apocalyptic skies, many of which flooded onto Godzilla, trying to rend his armored skin. The King of the Titans boomed a deafening howl, swatting the pests with his claws and tail. Spurts of atomic fire torched those that came from the front, but even then their numbers proved too numerous, even for the mighty alpha predator. An obvious indicator as his back produced more nuclear fumes, all from the damage sustained on his spikes. The giant behemoth lumbered away, distancing himself from all the others in order to purge himself of this blight.

Baragon felt more scalpels slice into his hide. He was tired, weary, from the constant torment his body had to endure. Not helping matters was his depletion of his Magma Heat Ray, a weapon that had proved useful until now. It wore on his energy reserves, making him hungrier than usual. He wanted to run, but even his primitive mind knew the Gyaos would just follow him and eat him alive. So it was better to fight and die than death by humiliation. Yet it was an action he regretted, with a plague of Gyaos swarming over Baragon, stripping him of his flesh.

Sanda barged in and tried to tear them off his ally, beating the devil-birds with his crystal club. The partially eaten Baragon discharged a heaty ray, with the illuminating horn scaring off the smaller Gyaos that were still light sensitive. Both fought their very best, that was until several sonic beams disarmed Sanda from his primary weapon of choice. Shouting in pain, the gargantua was stunned from the shock before picking up his dismembered arm. He shoved it into the severed point, letting his regenerative power mend and reconnect the tissue. Because of this, there was little he could do to assist his ally, as Sanda’s face grew pale and had no choice but to watch Baragon be eaten alive.

Ultraseven felt his life force being drained away, witnessing everything they fought for fall apart. But even so, he would continue his sworn duty. Even with locomotion limited, Seven relied on his telekinesis to control the Eye Slugger, slicing apart the flying embodiments of death in rapid succession. But even he knew his end drew near, given his poor condition. His eyes glanced around, noticing Ebirah struggling with this second wave of Gyaos. He also saw Sanda and what remained of Baragon, a grotesque sight to behold. Seeing as Sanda had the best chances, Seven shouted at the brown gargantua to flee. But the hairy man didn’t respond, almost as if traumatized. He empathized with him, but again tried to get his attention. When it didn’t work a second time, he had no choice but to demonstrate with his own life.

With his Eye Slugger still under his influence, Seven pressed off the building he had been using as support. Mustering all his strength, Ultraseven flew into the horde of Gyaos. Their teeth and claws hacked and slashed him, even dismembering the shredded leg that bled white plasma. Crossing his arms into an L-shape for what would be his last time, Seven fired his illustrious Wide Shot with all the power at his disposal. The supercharged ray eviscerated the demonic cretins, twisting his body around to eliminate as many of them as he could. The dark skies illuminated in a sunburst of light, for those caught in its explosive path. Even when golden beams speared his body, Seven pressed on. He screamed in rage, emptying his entire reserves in the process. The ray slowly began to fade away as the beeping green gem on his head lost its light. Ultraseven’s eyes went dim and fell from the sky, his Eye Slugger losing its telekinetic handler and slamming into the ground.

Even with his arm finally reattached, Sanda was slammed by some of the larger ones, knocking him to the ground. Even when he tried to use his weapon, it merely cracked under the pressure of the Hyper Gyaos’ teeth, reducing it to a mere stub. This was not turning favorably for him, leaving very few options at his disposal. His regeneration was the only thing keeping him alive, though this was also torturous for the bigfoot with each painful tear and bite.

He looked ahead, trying to stave off the starving beast with his bare hands. Ahead, he saw the cracked Eye Slugger embedded into the ground, just within arms reach. Reaching out, he screamed as a large Gyaos slammed onto his arm, breaking it. The Gyaos taunted him as it charged up a sonic beam, teasing him the fate of death by slicing it off. Sanda released an agonizing shriek, but the Gyaos firmly pressed on his chest, with full intention to finish off the gargantua. Accepting his fate, Sanda closed his eyes and prepared for the worst. He heard the beam fire and flinched, only for nothing to happen.

Looking up, he saw that Ebirah had somehow clamped his claw around the Gyaos’ neck, causing the beam to misfire. Ebirah cried out in pain as he slammed the ravenous beast to the ground, cracking its neck, and subsequently knocking off all the Gyaos on the brown gargantua. Having saved the hairy man, Ebirah proclaimed a screech before falling over, curling in like that of a shrimp.

Sanda thanked the shellfish, only for it to seemingly ignore him. Going over to the lobster, he found that the creature had died from its substantial wounds, as the sonic beam had weakened his arm enough to sever the claw. Mourning quickly for the creature, he patiently waited for his severed arm to reattach. When it did, he picked up the fallen claw and placed it on the stump of his crystal club, picking up the nearby Eye Slugger as well.

Before he left, a couple of familiar cries caught his attention. Sanda was shocked to see who they were, and welcomed them graciously. Equipped for battle with the remnants scattered on the battlefield, the three of them charged into battle–putting their lives on the line.

From inside the Xilien mothership, X rampaged in heated rage, killing whoever stood in his way. All he had for five straight minutes were undefinable mumbles or outbursts of swearing that put sailors to shame.

“Damn it! These stupid creatures ruined everything!” X shouted as the last of his monster armada had finally died. It would take him months to remake the army and rebuild Gigan. Yet his attention became focused on an emergency alert that notified him of something amiss. Suddenly, the foundation of the mothership began to waver.

“What’s going on? Get us off this planet!” X demanded with a pouty stomp.

“We can’t!” one of the Xilien soldiers informed him. “The engine room has been compromised!”

“WHAT?!” Shoving the agent aside, X glared at the drone monitors himself to see what he meant. What he saw was nothing short of the worst case scenario as he saw Gamera and another lifeform locked in combat, shredding through the many facilities of the mothership.

“How did they–” X cut himself off, not even bothered to finish that statement. With a simple command to rewind the footage, X saw exactly what had happened: Amidst their air battle, the strange tentacled monster possessed the same kind of energy as the Gyaos, only except it had the power to puncture the last barrier. When it had ripped open this temporary hole, the two beasts bypassed it and continued their battle in the mothership. At this realization, X’s face went pale.


Their colossal bodies rummaged through the last home to Xilienkind, tearing through the many chambers without much effort. Many of the alien visitors either fell to their deaths or were torn apart by the rampaging monsters. Eventually, the two of them burst through a large wall, made of bright red, seemingly biomechanical veins. They entered a spacious passageway to continue their fight, regardless of the Xilien fighter drones that immediately swarmed them.

Still tucked in his saucer-like form, Gamera plunged into Iris, grinding against the phoenix’s abdominal region. Though it did little to saw into Iris’ outer shell, that strange feeling completely washed over him. In that moment, he realized what it was… But even with this knowledge, he knew he couldn’t stop. But now his heart, his quest, had been split in twain. What was more important? His destructive ambition to destroy all mankind, or his selfish desire to save the last speck of hope he’d cherished?

Their fight once again took to the walls, grinding against it until the veiny enclosure caved into itself. Taking this new path, Gamera and Iris were quick to find themselves in yet another spacious domain of the Xilien mothership. Within it, a massive generator circulated with energies only comprehended by Xilien science.

“No…. NO…” X cried out in frustration, not a soul uttering a word for the sake of their lives. “Not the shield generator!”

“We’re trying to deploy forces, they’ll be there–” the Xilien subordinate was shot dead before he could even finish. X seethed in an all-encompassing fury. Not another word.

Gamera swerved around the dashing tentaclancers, evading the various beams they shot from their tips. The dark warrior retaliated with several bursts of plasma fireballs, each of which Iris either dodged or retracted its lithe limbs to deflect into the Xilien chamber. The longer they fought, the more devastation they wrought unto the generator, destabilizing the source of the mothership’s protective fields. Gamera mustered more of his plasma flames, channeling it into high plasma before discharging it. Iris moved out of its path, but the destructive fireball lodged itself into the reactor, igniting in a tremendous, electromagnetic explosion that consumed them both.

Even visible from the outside, the blast ruptured from the port quarter on the lower hemisphere, and with it the shields dispersed into particles of light. The Gyaos that had been swarming the mothership realized they could finally dispose of this alien presence and began to fire their Sonic Scalpels at once. Hundreds of yellow beams tore the spacecraft asunder, washed over by supersonic energies. Without the barriers to diffuse the rays, more Gyaos joined the fray in the destruction of the Xilien mothership. They sliced it apart without caution, the ship sparking rapidly as it fell apart, glowing with energy.

In the command hub, X could only grimace as the room began bursting at the seams. Explosive blasts killed his crew and brought the walls around him crumbling down. “I won’t die alone, I promise you.” With a loud and terrifying scream, the Xilien commander uttered his last words, promptly being consumed by a great light.

Under pressure from intense flames, the Xilien mothership was brought to utter annihilation. Bursting with destructive fire, the last-ditch effort of the Xilien warlord was a self-destruct sequence, in which culled the numerous Gyaos that swarmed it. Every last one of them were engulfed in a fiery demise, leaving only charred skeletons in their way as the golden sphere went down in a blazing ball of glory, lighting up the night sky.

The moth god flew through the ravenous Gyaos swarm, firing all of his arsenal. Mineral Chest Beams, Jade Bolts, Sparkling Rainbow Busters, and Cross Heat Rainbow Laser beams tore into the Gyaos, annihilating many of them while he did his best to protect his back and wings with his pressure field, deflecting several sonic beams aiming at him.

Rainbow Mothra did his best in eviscerating as much of the horde as he could. He could feel their evil, ravenous hunger, and it disgusted him. He fired various attacks into the flock of wings, killing several of them, but he was starting to tire from constantly having to protect his wings from the sharp sonic beams these creatures would constantly use. He spread his paralyzing powder around as much as he could, with the beams deflecting themselves around, slicing apart those unlucky enough to be trapped within the cloud of scales.

Soon, Rainbow Mothra had broken through the cloud cover to see the brilliant full moon above him. Hundreds of screeches were heard in the distance as the moth turned toward the sea. His compound eyes scanned across the horizon, where the sunrise would be, simply covered in blackness. It was said the wings of a thousand Gyaos could blot out the sun, but the millions coming forth would cover the land, truly bringing this world into the shadow of evil. It would take them nearly half an hour to reach their location by the moth’s estimates, though he knew that it would be a miracle for any of them to survive the oncoming war.

As he continued to spread his bright scales into the clouds around him, Rainbow Mothra had a feeling that he would die tonight, but he would fight to the end doing so.

The King of Titans was struggling as he wrestled with the Gyaos that swarmed his ravaged body, though his concerns were with the others trying to survive the neverending onslaught of Gyaos. His broken spines released rampant energy, though much to even Godzilla’s surprise, this had a benefactor in place. Channeling his atomic power, Godzilla distributed it through the shattered spines and unleashed a sunburst of nuclear energy, atomizing the Gyaos on his back and sending the other ones packing. For the first time in a while, Godzilla could breathe again, though his wounds proved too severe. His rocky exterior was slashed and torn apart, bleeding from the gashes left by the hungry pests. Attracted by the scent of blood, Godzilla had no doubt they’d try again to eat him alive.

With another wave of the nuclear pulse, Godzilla brought an end to even more of the horde. Yet compared to the thousands that plagued the skies, his contributions were minute by comparison. He stumbled around, his energy had drained considerable since this war began. He watched in disgust as their brethren were quick to devour the dead with no regard. Mustering his power, he fired his atomic breath and burned them all, with only a select few of the cannibals taking flight. Flames coated the infighting Gyaos cooking them alive while powerful waves of burning hot atomic power pulsed out from behind, tearing asunder those unfortunate enough to be behind the king.

Reserves ran dangerously low, and with only a few steps, the Titan king collapsed among the littered corpses. Next to him, he had mistaken the creature for a Gyaos, but rather found it was the brittle corpse of Rodan. His tired eyes gazed upon the fallen warrior, who seemingly had gone unnoticed by the disgusting birds. The pterosaur’s neck had been snapped, and his beak foaming with filthy froth. Godzilla took his mind off the frail dinosaur, instead focusing on resting and fulfilling his primary duty. Before he shut his eyelids, unusual activity flashed out of the corner of his eye.

Even in its anorexic state, Rodan’s body began to glow with a radiant light. Every fiber of his being scattered into golden scales, dissolving his physical form until there was nothing left. In what was supposed to be his death, Rodan found himself clinging to life. And now, no longer a thrall for the Xilien empire, Rodan could decide his fate. This was his decision to choose. His sparkly remains embraced Godzilla in a warm cloud, energizing him with a surge of newfound power. Godzilla felt new life run through his veins, his scales flaring a crimson hue.

Now he would fight back. Now was the time to rise.

They tumbled and fell from the air, their descent into a living hell.

Trailing with fire and smoke from the destruction of the Xilien mothership, Gamera slammed against the falling Iris, taking him down to the ruined city below. The two titans fought for supremacy, in the end rupturing the earth from their combined masses when they landed on their feet. They wrestled from where they stood, Gamera doing his best to claw at Iris, while the other tried to stab the other. Soon enough, Iris had managed to stab one of its tendrils into Gamera’s side, driving it deep into the monster’s inner workings. The Atlantean creation kept in his pained cries, grabbing hold of the tendril and bringing up his other arm. A quick slash of his elbow spikes sliced off the sharp tentacle-lancer, forcing a panicked hum from the crimson phoenix.

He had to kill Iris. It was his given duty.

Asagi flashed in his mind.

Iris opened its remaining tentaclancers, each pelting Gamera with the false Uranium heat Beams. It scorched his skin, forcing Gamera to backpedal.

Why was she still here? Why didn’t she perish like the rest of them?

Pincer-like tips smacked Gamera around, but the terrapin went in for a decisive slash. It was blocked by Iris’ spears, rendering it useless.

There was already blood on his hands. He was too far gone now to stop.

The two tussled, with Iris’ enhanced strength giving him the upper hand. Gyaos flew overhead like vultures, eager to consume the fallen.

He couldn’t possibly be redeemed.

Gamera’s shell backed up against a massive crystal tower, a residual sign of SpaceGodzilla’s presence. Pinned between a rock and a hard place, Iris speared both its arms into Gamera’s palms, impaling them to the crystalline wall. Its other tendrils charged uranium beams, prepared to fire at any moment. Gamera roared in defiance, even as the beams grew ever so brighter.

Suddenly, they dissipated. Iris wanted to ensure that Gamera would suffer. Altering the energy source to its hereditary Sonic Scalpels, the Ryuseicho bore its narrow lasers into Gamera’s tough exterior. Green blood profusely poured from the wounds as Gamera caterwauled from the agony. Iris savored every moment he could, at least before he showed Gamera what would be Gamera’s undoing.

The mythic crimson beast recalled its revival, for human evil had made it manifest into the world once again. By supernatural chance or a mutagenic birth among the Gyaos, Iris quickly rose through the ranks and regained the strength that its predecessor had, even if it couldn’t recall the human host it so desired. Regardless, it laid waste to the Onagawa nuclear reactor, lowering the mana levels and allowing the Gyaos to thrive in such conditions. At first, they tried to eat and attack him before he forced them to learn their place by slaughtering them, draining their power into himself. But it was also at the reactor that Iris found something else, one that substituted nicely in place of its original target.

That something was what it would show him.

Iris hummed tauntingly to Gamera as the guardian felt his energy being siphoned, adding to the red devil’s array of powers. Iris unfurled its yellow core, revealing an unconscious woman with a restored magatama tied around her neck. She was held by several tentacles as Iris taunted the guardian. Iris knew that many of the Earth’s most powerful monsters had a weakness. Just as Godzilla had his son he would die for, Gamera had Asagi. The first modern human to bond with him had left a lasting effect on the turtle’s mind and Iris intended to take advantage of that.

Even his blank eyes transformed into an emotionally-driven scowl, at last destroying the wall of apathy that had driven him up to this point. Gamera’s furious howls echoed across the battlefield, but Iris was sure the Gyaos would keep them at bay. The phoenix enjoyed every second of it.

Deep down, Gamera always held Asagi in a special place, even long after he had severed his connection with her. His mind traveled to dark places. What would she think of him now that he was destined for hell? His anxiety drove him to the point of maddening cries, now lost on the true intention of his mission.

Was it for the world? Or for her?

After so long, Iris finally found a suitable host to reach its maximum potential. At this point, she was no longer a necessity, for the fusion had already been completed. Gamera refocused on the issue at hand. Even with the mental scars this would leave, he had no choice but to make a vital decision.

He had to save Asagi.

Gamera’s leg rockets burst to life, torching the Ryuseicho’s spiked knees and reduced them to cinders. Unable to withstand the heat, Iris pulled out its spear absorbers. Even with this immediate wash of relief, Gamera swung his pierced hand at the gene snatcher, placing a firm grip on Asagi’s prison. Not wanting to have its innards torn out, Iris willingly released the woman from its grasp. It didn’t matter, as she had fulfilled her purpose. All that was left was a shell of a young woman who outlived her usefulness.

Iris backpedaled from Gamera, leaving the two be. As Gamera pulled the dying flames into his body, Iris quickly looked around for anything it could use. Its glowing orb took notice of the decayed Ultraman that laid next to it. This would do nicely. It stabbed the dead hero’s body, siphoning whatever lifeforce it could extract. Feeling the power of Ultraman flowing through it, another of Iris’ tentaclancers channeled the Specium energy into it. Conjuring its array of powers, the legendary phoenix was ready to destroy its enemy once and for all.

Suddenly, a boulder smashed against its armored back. This nuisance it nearly dismissed, until all three of them rang their war cries. Iris turned and saw not one, but three hairy humanoids making a mad dash for itself. Sanda wielded the claw of Ebirah and the Eye Slugger of Ultraseven, prepared to end this fight; Frankenstein refurbished himself by stripping the armor off of the cyborg Gigan, with a lance made of crystal and tipped with the alien’s double-bladed chainsaw; and Gaira, who wore a helmet made from Gigan’s cranium, ran confidently into battle with no need for surplus.

Each went for a different tactic, with their own methods in mind. Sanda and Frankenstein circled around the vermillion bird, weapons drawn and ready to fight against the lithe extensions. Gaira, meanwhile, opted for a straightforward approach. Ramming his scaly, seaweed body against Iris, Gaira pressed his weight against the ancient lifeform and tried to gnaw at its core. Iris was quick to guard its yellow center with its spear-hands, but had to compromise balance as it took a step back. Beneath the upper beak that once belonged to Gigan, the green gargantua’s eyes were filled with a fiery spirit, even as Iris regained its footing and anchored itself to the ground.

Sanda had to contend with two of Iris’ pincer-tipped tentacles, clunking the red crustaceous arm of Ebirah against the nigh metallic limbs. With the other, he had to be more precise with the use of his fallen comrade’s Eye Slugger, miraculously deflecting the other tentaclancer when they got too close. That was not to say every hit was perfect. More often than not, Sanda found himself skewered by the metal tips, tearing his rocky skin open, each ecliciting a yelp or a cry. Nevertheless, he continued on, fighting for a future for his family.

Frankenstein felt fortunate not having to compete with two, as only one of the tentaclancers had pincers attached to them. The other had been previously severed, Frankenstein had assumed that was Gamera’s doing. He thrusted the makeshift chainsaw at the lone tentaclancer, keeping the tendril at bay. He had hoped to shove the weapon into the creature’s body if given the opportune time. When that time came, he’d be sure to stop the apocalyptic threat that clearly surpassed Gamera. He still felt resentment toward him, but he trusted his offspring’s sense of judgement. A creature that could compete with the rogue guardian had to be stopped, no matter the cost.

Iris gazed at their feeble attempts. Such foolishness. If there was some special trick they had, it failed to see it.

Gestating within its fluorescent orbs, smaller tentacles ruptured from Iris’ chest region, strapping around the green gargantua’s neck. Gaira started choking, releasing his grip and tried to pry the constricting coils with his fingers. Perfect. Lowering its spear absorber, Iris lunged it into the green gargantua’s abdomen, which came out the other side. Gaira could only choke out a shriek before it became muffled gurgles. Energy siphoned into Iris’ body. Although such a fool held no power to harness, the life energy acquired was more than enough of a vampiric treat.

Sanda howled upon seeing his brother fall victim. Without a thought, the brown gargantua tossed the Eye Slugger at the phoenix’s compromised leg. The bladed boomerang embedded into the Gyaos-spawn’s thigh, Iris releasing its hellish shriek in response. It retracted its smaller tentacles as Gaira’s blood helped him slip off the hand-spears. Iris’ orb flared, commanding the tendrils to go all-out. The two that faced Sanda opened wide, forming super-compressed heat in their openings. With only a second to spare, Sanda held Ebirah’s claw in front of him, which had to take the brunt of what came next. False plasma fireballs discharged, bombarding Ebirah’s claw in the process. It barely held, with Sanda taking the rest that came with it.

Frankenstein grimaced, being unable to save either of his offspring. But he did the one thing he could. Aiming the chainsaw blade at Iris, Frankenstein charged with reckless abandon–he needed to land this hit. The chest, the legs, it didn’t matter. All he needed was a well-placed strike, but Iris wouldn’t allow that. For the sole tentaclancer harnessed the power of Ultraman, casually firing into Frankenstein’s makeshift armor. Even if Gigan was made of sterner stuff, it barely held under the raw might of the Specium Ray. Rupturing shattered armor and blood, Frankenstein yelped, but pressed on. He came so close… That was until he was strapped by the nub of a tentacle, coiling around the arm that held his weapon. With a swift and merciless crack, it snapped the mutant human’s arm, forcing him to relinquish his determined grip on the chainsaw-spear. With assistance from the claw-tipped tentaclancer, they hurled the broken and bloodied body of Frankenstein like it was nothing.

With a wicked gaze, Iris jeered upon Gaira, who remained unmoving. Turning its back on them, Iris resumed what it was originally set out to do. That was until he casually noticed the brown gargantua.

Blood leaked from Sanda’s jaws, his stamina all but gone. Before Sanda could react, a final white-hued sonic beam burst through his charred, but furry abdomen, spearing him like a lance. It was then the mighty gargantua felt his wartorn body finally fail him, falling without resistance in the shadow of Iris. It was then the battlefield fell near silent…

Sanda’s, Gaira’s, and Frankenstein’s sudden harsh but steady breathing alerted the Ryuseicho the trio needed a final blow. One tentaclancer summoned Ultraman’s specium ray. Another channeled Rodan’s stolen power, burning the landscape around it while the final focused supersonic energy to form its signature weapon. Iris bellowed a final cry, instructing the gargantua’s that their attempts were all in vain merely for the heavens to screech in defiance.

Iris’ tilted its head backward and gazed into the darkened sky to discover Mothra Leo dive bombing its position. The tentaclancers which once charged to vaporize the gargantuas turned upward, unleashing three rays toward the incoming guardian. Orange, yellow, and white energy struck their target, yet instead of Leo, the beams flowed around it like water, deflected by the moth’s pressure field. With the beams surging around him, Leo flapped its wings intensely to push itself forward, but the distance proved too great as the pressure field finally gave way. Fire and sparks cascaded around the guardian, its sight hazy but still focused squarely on Iris. Its chest flashed an emerald glow, the last vestiges of its power summoned to vanish the evil presence’s grasp upon his world, but the shadow struck out too fast.

Two tentacles swung outward and with immense force, striking the dazed guardian with a climatic shockwave. Iris kept up the momentum though, pummeling Leo’s battered body through rubble in a circular path around itself. Dust filled the air along with Leo’s anguish filled cries before Iris’ tentacles slipped off the moth’s form, allowing the guardian to slide to a halt near the gargantuas, a land now encompassed in fire.

Rubble around the humanoids began to rage in a blistering inferno. Crumbled buildings liquified into a crimson paste while a leviathan of ancient origin wandered into Iris’ view. Veins lined the arrivals body, flowing with nuclear energy as its body glowed from the fires coursing across his frame. The burning form of Godzilla let loose a warcry to Iris. He would be its end.

Iris retracted its tentaclancers, allowing them to hover just behind his own head. An overwhelming, arrogant bellow boomed in response from the demon. It held only one meaning. Proceed.

Flames snorted from Godzilla’s nose before he charged forth, alighting the ground beneath his monstrous heels. With his allies close he couldn’t risk a pulse, so he’d have to burn the abomination into ash! Godzilla bellowed a roar which shook the thick clouds above before he turned and swung his tail like a whip. Iris brought up his left, scythe like arm to intercept, tanking the full blow. Even with the deflection, superheated winds bathed the Gyaos mutation leaving no doubt he needed to avoid a direct confrontation with the titan. Iris stumbled back and as Godzilla faced him again, a variety of rays burst from his tentaclancers, hoping to force the king to kneel.

The earth violently parted, a drill the source of the destruction as the Gotengo arose from the cavernous depths below. Its sensors prioritized the first battle, snapping to Godzilla and Iris before optical camera’s spotted the source of the chaos standing alone in a deepend crater, Gamera. Gordon held no remorse as weapon systems came online. His eyes focused on the battered fallen guardian of Earth, ready to blast it to pieces with his prized vessel for all the sins it enacted, but the sight of a young woman barely moving in Gamera’s open hand caused him to yell, “Hold fire!”

The roar of Gotengo’s engines caught the attention of Gamera. Yellow, distraught eyes glanced at the incoming warmachine. The rage which coursed through him, the anger at humanities constant failures urged him to destroy it without a second thought, but for the safety of Asagi, he allowed it to land nearby. The terrapin took a step toward the Gotengo and gently placed Asagi beside the vessel, watching humans run toward her position to secure her safety. Gamera continued to watch Asagi from afar, but a withering cry from Godzilla brought a renewed fury to the guardian. He couldn’t stand by any longer, and only he could end the chaos of the night.

A threatening snarl echoed from Godzilla’s fiery jaws before he smashed his right claws against Iris’ head. The demon recoiled backward a single step, his face smoking and sizzling from the brief hit making his next move all the more dreaded. Iris retracted his right arm, swinging it outward before he thrusted it forward with all his strength. An deafening cry of anguish followed.

Iris’ right arm speared through the legendary beast’s armor with ease, but even as organs were shredded to nothing, the appendage which accomplished the damage morphed in seconds into nothing more than black ooze. Molten blood of Godzilla, mixed with the liquid remains of Iris’ arm, spilled from the fresh wound while both monsters retreated to tend their wounds. The Ryuseicho held his stub of a right arm close, withholding the urge to bellow in anger and hoping Godzilla would fall, but the leviathan smashed his right foot down, defiant even with such a mortal wound.

Great swaths of fire churned deep within Godzilla’s maw. His spines cascaded with nuclear power, enough to vaporize the demon where it stood, but as two reptilian hands grabbed the titan’s spines from behind, Godzilla quickly realized something was amiss.

Gamera’s wary eyes narrowed. If any monster possessed the power to overcome the shadow before them, Godzilla possessed it, but Gamera would not allow such a fate to befall the mad guardian. It was his rival, his mission which drew the shadow from the Earth’s depths and only he would send him back! The fires coursing across the leviathan’s body blew backward, enveloping Gamera who began to glow. The veins within Gamera’s skin illuminated crimson while his body entered a critical state of being unlike any he held before. With fire surging around his eyes and power cascading across his body, Gamera swiped Godzilla aside and charged at Iris, ready to end their fated duel once and for all.

Iris panicked and brought two of his tendrils to stab the turtle only for Gamera to bring his elbow claws to bear. Energetic deflections from the claws sent the tentacles rocketing away, allowing the fallen guardian to move in close. Using every ounce of power in his reserves, from the crystals of SpaceGodzilla to Godzilla’s stolen power, the Guardian of the Universe concentrated it all into his maw, compacting it into a single, glowing hot, white plasma blast. Iris could feel the heat emanating from Gamera’s maw scorching his flesh but paid it no mind. If he were to die again, he would take the source of his hatred with it. What other end could there be? With his remaining tendril, Iris rushed it between him and Gamera and fired as his rival did the same. A white light unlike any the world saw before exploded outward, wiping out the surrounding Gyaos as it overtook all within the desolate city. The forceful winds knocked Rainbow Mothra into the harbor just as the flames overtook the air above the waters themselves.

As the flames and light began to dim down, the world was silent. A massive crater now took the place of the city, with no trace of either monster inside. From the edge of the blast, a mound of dirt and rubble began to shake and shudder, blue smoke rising from beneath. With a loud crash, the rubble burst open, revealing Godzilla roaring out in pain. His body was covered with burns and wounds, his back trailing with blue smoke with the loss of his remaining dorsal plates. He then began to look around at the destruction before him. Everything was burning and crumbling to pieces.

At the epicenter, where the two would have stood, remained nothing but glowing hot bedrock. Aqua Mothra burst from the waves and flew around the air as he took in the damage. Frankenstein, Gaira and Sanda, awakened from the cataclysmic detonation, warily gazed down the steep sides of the feature. As the final five monsters began to move closer, the ground began to shake and shudder. From the molten bedrock arose a burning Gamera, one arm lying limp at his side while his skin cracked and fractured. Pieces of hardened flesh, of visible trauma molted off of the victorious guardian’s whole body as he roared of his survival. When the light of the rising sun finally struck Gamera, it revealed not the nightmarish figure he had become, but the guardian he once was.

“What the hell happened?” Gordon asked as he saw the six remaining kaiju stare at each other. Before any could answer, alerts began to sound out on several monitors causing the men overlooking the radar to visible panic in their seats. “What’s going on over there?”

“We’re not sure, but the radar system… it’s… it’s picking something up,” the radarman yelled as the screen slowly began to turn red. Static filled the room as one of the monitors slowly filled with the image of the Commander, holding a weapon in hand as panic ensued behind her.

“-ain Gordon, can you read me?” She spoke with a sense of urgency in her voice.

“I hear you alright,” he responded, the beeping of the radar looming closer.

“Good,” she said shakily, the sound of the building shaking echoing around her. “I am sorry about this, but I don’t believe you will be coming back alive this time”. This caused the captain to snap to attention for once. “Nearly half an hour ago, we got several reports from other countries that thousands of Gyaos were seen flying over their borders, all heading toward Japan.”

The beeping echoed in the silent room as the radarmen began to realize the true meaning of the red band filling their screens. Dust and building debris fell around the commander as the screeches of Gyaos resounded. She looked around in concern, several mutants behind her shooting at the roof as she turned to finish her message.

“We cannot send you any reinforcements as the entire force is currently fighting off Gyaos on all sides of the country, I truly am sorry, but it has been an honor.” With that, the screen cut out, showcasing the horizon where Captain Gordon could already see the violent flapping flickering across the sky.

“Well then,” he said standing up, his voice now broadcasting across the battleship. “You heard the woman. If we are going to die tonight anyways, we might as well go out fighting.” Holding his sword up, he pointed toward the horizon. “Rise up men, it’s time for war!” With that, various Mutants began rushing throughout the Gotengo, some heading off to arm themselves for battle while others headed toward the hanger for fighter jet deployment.

Aqua Mothra chirped to Gamera, warning him of the oncoming horde of Gyaos heading toward them merely to hear a grunt of acknowledgement. Gamera echoed another grunt for the moth to leave this warzone, wanting at least one guardian to survive the coming onslaught and repair the damage unleashed upon the planet. The Earth needed someone like Mothra Leo who could revitalize her mana, something Gamera could never do. The ground quaked beneath Gamera as Godzilla came into the guardian’s view, giving him a glare only reserved for those he wished to kill.

Siphoning his energy. Attempting to kill him. Godzilla displayed the anger of such acts upon his face while he stared at the terrapin, but as he closed his eyes, he let the emotion fade. With a simple nod, he signaled he would stay, if only to ensure the turtle would not die so he could clash with him personally. With what seemed like a smile, Gamera nodded before turning and looked at Leo in its Aqua form and the humanoids watching from afar. Gamera made no roar to convince the others to leave, but summoned pure plasma into his jaws. This fight was theirs alone…

Leo uttered a chirp of disappointment, but knew it could not stay. Reverting to its rainbow state momentarily, Mothra flew over the two giants, releasing particles of energy that seemed to revitalize Godzilla and Gamera as well as the ground beneath as flora began to grow rapidly. Bidding the two luck for the oncoming fight, Leo transformed back into his Aqua form and flew off toward the sea with the gargantuas roaring in support as they spirited just behind.

Gamera silently thanked the moth for accepting his request to help the Earth recover her mana. As the Shadow of Evil overtook the Rays of Hope on the horizon, Gamera could feel a pulse of life through his bond with Asagi’s faint presence in the back of his mind. He and Godzilla would most likely die fighting the Gyaos, but they would show why they were two of the strongest defenders on the planet.

He would show the world why he was the Absolute Guardian of the Universe.

Winner: Gamera (Heisei), Godzilla (Legendary), Mothra Leo, Frankenstein, Gaira (Showa), Sanda


A very special thanks to E.J. Su for again, creating some fantastic artwork for the K.W.C. We were excited to have him return in force for our three-hundredth match and he definitely delivered! In regards to his previous work, I would highly recommend checking out Godzilla Legends #4 or the many Transformers comics he is credited for including Revelation, Devastation, Escalation, and more. By all accounts, follow him on his DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram to list a few. Lastly to see the unaltered banner, you can check out the image below.
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