What an age we live in that a hot sauce dedicated solely to Gabara from All Monsters Attack (1969) doesn’t feel that strange. Released as part of Jade City Foods third line of Godzilla hot sauces comes this one based around the antagonist of the 1969 movie. While “deity” might be a bit of a stretch for the warty demon, one can appreciate the company’s continued ingenuity with the concepts matched to the characters. For example, what better vector to represent Gabara’s electrical powers than something with a “jolt” of caffeine from coffee?

Ingenuity aside, how does this hot sauce fair in terms of heat and taste? Well, without giving away too much, the company has certainly produced more appealing hot sauces around Godzilla.


This hot sauce ranks a 7/10 on the heat scale for Jade City Foods, and is defined as “pretty hot” on the bottle. Personally I didn’t find this sauce very hot when added to food, causing the heat to get a little lost much like the flavor (more on that in a bit). To really get the heat I had to drown food or lick the hot sauce directly, as in not added to anything. As for the purpose of drowning food, sadly this one is fairly watery. I wish more of their hot sauces had a dipper, as so far the Biollante Mutated Rose Hot Sauce is the only one I’ve encountered that has one. It would really help better control how much one is adding to their food for the more liquid based ones like Gabara’s here.


“Cold Brew Hot Sauce”? Suffice to say the description combined with the almost barbeque sauce-like look of the sauce certainly is intriguing. After having a lot of the sauce, the best praise I can give it is that at least’s it got a unique flavor to it.

To be frank, it’s got a rather complex taste, one that’s dramatically altered by the food it’s used on. Unfortunately for a lot of food the flavor gets a little lost. Now normally I only try these hot sauces with a few food items, but with this one I wound up trying a large array of dishes. The reason? The flavor kept getting lost. In fact the first I tried was a taco, and the flavor wasn’t apparent. I had to apply a huge amount to the taco to taste it, and that had the inverse of effect of not just overpowering the taco itself but making it taste way too salty.

Gabara Malicious Dreams of the Electric Deity Hot Sauce Review

Next up was a test with some tortilla chips, and this was the best food item I found to combo it with. While I used a bit more than normal on the chips, the flavor came through. What coffee flavor there is, though, is very mild. For this particular one I tried it with my wife, who picked up the apple vinegar right away. Overall, though, she classified it as kind of a hickory taste, which I agree it’s almost like a barbeque sauce at times due to the way all the ingredients mix together.

As mentioned I tried the sauce with a variety of other foods, including both a potato hash and a chicken bake. What I was amazed is how often the food item overpowered the flavor. Cooked carrot? Overpowered it. Cooked brussels sprout? Overpowered it. Chicken? Overpowered it. That said, it worked really well with the potato hash and I was actually able to get a faint sense of the coffee.

Chicken Bake

Now one thing I will say that my trying the sauce with a lot of food items and also highlighted that this hot sauce is prone to overstay its welcome. In fact, I got pretty tired of it by the end of my several days of taste testing it over and over again.

Malicious Dreams of the Electric Deity Hot Sauce Ingredients

In terms of the contents inside the bottle, Malicious Dreams of the Electric Deity contains the following ingredients and placed in this order on the bottle:

Habanero, red bell pepper, cold brew infused apple cider vinegar, coffee grounds, agave syrup, paprika, chili powder, garlic, carrot, onion, salt

Malicious Dreams of the Electric Deity Hot Sauce

Like the Mothra Queen of the Monsters hot sauce, there are quite a few ingredients in this one. That’s probably not too shocking (pun not intended) considering it’s got both the apple vinegar and coffee flavors that it’s trying to balance. In terms of the health info on this hot sauce, it’s the same as others reviewed so far. That means 0 calories but it does have 100mg of sodium per teaspoon.

Final Thoughts

The hot sauce boasts a unique flavor, but my impression soured the more I tried this particular one. Of the ones I have tried, it joins the Biollante hot sauce as one I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. Everyone is going to approach these differently, though, and to be frank I at first liked the taste before growing tired of it. I could see it maybe serving a good purpose if you have friends over often and do hot sauce chip tastings, as both the odd flavor profile and smaller dose of this hot sauce is probably the perfect use case for it.