A translation of the planning proposal Space Super Monster King Ghidorah, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Completion (ISBN: 4798621765).

Reportedly just one of many submissions for 1991’s Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, the idea was for staff members to bring to the table their own unique story themed around the battle between the two titular monsters. The proposal below, dated January 14th of 1991, was done by Shinji Nishikawa, while other confirmed submissions include authors such as Shinichiro Kobayashi, Takeshi Narumi, Takayuki Oguchi, and Haruhiko Mae.

As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

~ Joshua S.


Space Super Monster King Ghidorah
Shinji Nishikawa


In the 23rd century, Earth’s radio telescopes pick up the powerful electromagnetic waves given off by a mysterious heavenly body approaching the Earth. Compared to those powerful electromagnetic waves, the physical object itself was the sort of thing that could only be observed by optical telescopes if mounted on an astronomical observatory, which led it to be thought that this must simply be a minuscule heavenly body – observation-based rumor had it that the object was possibly a black hole, or perhaps a neutron star. However, the most important thing of all was that it was headed in a straight line directly for Earth.

In order to investigate this mysterious heavenly body, a recon vessel christened Shiratori – meaning Swan – was launched from earth, rendezvousing with the object in the region of Neptune’s gravity well. It discovered an asteroid, less than 100 meters in diameter at its widest extent. At such a size, it simply didn’t seem to be the sort of planetary body that could put forth such terrible energy as had been observed back on Earth… But as they watched, the asteroid seemed to suddenly glint with light, immediately emanating an incredible power, like magnetism or gravity. The asteroid began pulling Shiratori closer and closer. Then, suddenly, Shiratori crashed into the asteroid, its form scattered across the stars.

Sensing danger, it was decided back on Earth to pulverize the asteroid with missiles. A missile was sent out with more than enough power to destroy an asteroid with a diameter of a single kilometer… but the small asteroid was completely unharmed, only slowing down slightly to change course. It should have been enough to assure the Earth could avoid disaster, but… Shockingly, the asteroid again shifted course, its trajectory once more pointing towards Earth, its speed now starting to accelerate. It was almost like it had a mind of its own… The asteroid had already entered Saturn’s orbit.

The Earth, realizing the immense importance of the events then unfolding, dispatched a powerful space fleet to turn Jupiter’s gravity well into a defensive line. Even if by some chance they were unable to destroy the asteroid, they would employ a strategy in which they would change its trajectory, knocking it into the incredible pull of Jupiter’s gravity. The operation went into effect; by applying a huge amount of firepower against the asteroid, the fleet pushed it into Jupiter. The asteroid disappeared, swallowed up by the methane clouds. Just as everyone believed the story had drawn to a close, an unbelievable event unfurled. Shaking free from Jupiter’s mighty gravity, the asteroid began rising once again. This shouldn’t have been possible, even with a powerful rocket engine. And of course, there was no way the asteroid possessed such a thing. There was only one imaginable possibility… “anti-gravity.”

An asteroid that could freely manipulate gravity and anti-gravity… People became overcome with an unfamiliar terror. The space fleet’s attack began anew. Under a blaze of firepower far outstripping the ferocity of the earlier attack, the asteroid was suddenly engulfed in flame, becoming a sphere of pure red heat. Just then, three pillars of fire emerged from that ball of flame, beginning to transform into the shape of three long dragon necks. Then, one after another, more individual flames transfigured themselves into legs; a tail; wings. The titanic three-headed monster, King Ghidorah, had shown himself. In an instant, King Ghidorah destroyed the space fleet, setting a course for Earth.

Could it perhaps be that King Ghidorah himself was that demonic planet, “Nemesis,” which causes the mass extinction of Earth organisms every 26,000,000 years? When faced with such raw power, could humanity do nothing but wait to be extinguished? A battle was about to unfold between the Earth Defense Forces and King Ghidorah, which would be played out in the orbit within Earth’s gravity well. And just then, deep on the ocean floor, a dark shadow began to stir…