When it comes to soundtracks, I’m a fanatic. Both collecting, listening… and then storing. My mode of operation is to take most of the music I collect and then dump it onto my computer and eventually move my favorite tracks to my iPod. This leads to the Perfect Collection release of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (G-021), which frankly speaking had one of the worst track title jobs Toho Music has done to date.

In order to help people out in a similar situation, I have decided to create a better track listing for the two CDs. The basis for this is largely from the Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla Complete Tracks (KTCR-1301/2) release; consequently, this is nothing too creative and most anyone could have done it on there own… but consider this a way of cutting out “the middle man” for those who just want the list without having to create it themselves. As an added bonus, any track with a * means it was extended compared with what was found on the Complete Tracks CD or new.As a result of my habit, I’m very picky about track titles. I want them to be representative and unique. My favorite method of playing these tracks on my computer is to play them all from a giant play list, which is close to 400 hours of music, and just press shuffle. So if “M8” comes up as a track title, one can understand that it would be a little grating.

Anyway, let’s get this started. Below is a recreated track listing for Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (G-021):

Disc 1Fan Track Listing: Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (Perfect Collection)

  1. Prologue (M1 First Half)
  2. Main Title (M1 Second Half)
  3. Birth Island I (M3)
  4. Little Godzilla (M6)
  5. Birth Island II (M7)
  6. The Giant Claws of the Devil (M8)
  7. Yuki’s Theme (M11)
  8. SpaceGodzilla Approaches (M12)*
  9. Moguera Mobilized (54 Second Version)
  10. Miki and Little Godzilla (M15)
  11. Mischievous Little Godzilla (M16)*
  12. Suspense (Normal)*
  13. Miki and Godzilla I (M19)*
  14. Human Suspense*
  15. SpaceGodzilla’s Theme
  16. Miki and Godzilla II (M23)
  17. Miki and Shinjo (M24)*
  18. The Two on the Beach (M25)*
  19. Miki is Kidnapped (M25A)
  20. SpaceGodzilla (Tempo Up)*
  21. Miki’s Telekinesis (M28)*
  22. G-Force Theme (M31)*
  23. Godzilla’s Theme (Normal)*
  24. Suspense (Tempo Down)*
  25. Godzilla’s Theme (Slower Tempo)*
  26. SpaceGodzilla’s Frenzy
  27. Moguera Minor*
  28. Requiem (M51)*
  29. Epilogue (M52)*
    By: Isao Shigeto
  30. Echoes of Love (M53)*
    By: Date of Birth

Disc 2

  1. Godzilla’s Theme (10/28 Revision)*
  2. Godzilla’s Theme (Without Snare)
  3. SpaceGodzilla’s Theme (10/28 Revision)*
  4. SpaceGodzilla (Normal Brass Rising)*
  5. SpaceGodzilla (C-Start Brass Rising)*
  6. SpaceGodzilla (Horn in Front of C2)*
  7. M1 Second Half (10/28 Revision)*
  8. SpaceGodzilla Approaches (10/28 Revision)*
  9. SpaceGodzilla’s Psychokinesis
  10. Moguera Mobilized (42 Second Version)*
  11. Little Godzilla (Alternate)*
  12. Birth Island I (Without Shaker)*
  13. Birth Island I (Short Version)*
  14. Birth Island II (Long Fade)*
  15. Birth Island III*
  16. Crystal (M5)
  17. Crystal (M5 Without Horns)*
  18. The Giant Claws of the Devil (M8 Brass Rising)*
  19. Suspense (10/28 Revision)*
  20. Yuki’s Theme (Without Percussion)
  21. Epilogue (M52 Piano Raising Version)*
    By: Isao Shigeto Music for Assemble Edit
  22. Prologue (M1 First Half)
  23. Main Title (M1 Second Half)
  24. Miki and Mothra (M2)
    By: Sayaka Osawa and Keiko Imamura
  25. Radio Music*
    By: Katsu
  26. Miki and the Cosmos I (M9)
    By: Akira Ifukube
  27. Moguera Mobilized (M14)
  28. Godzilla Appears (M17)
    By: Akira Ifukube
  29. T-Project Initiated (M18)
  30. Space Warfare: Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla (M20)*
  31. Miki and the Cosmos II
    By: Akira Ifukube
  32. Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla I (M41A)*
  33. Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla II (M42)
  34. Land Moguera Burrows (M44)
  35. Moguera vs. SpaceGodzilla (M44A)
  36. Epilogue (M52 Alternate)
    By: Isao Shigeto
  37. Echoes of Love (M53 Alternate)*
    By: Date of Birth