For years, fans have used their Godzilla series figures expand their imagination using home video cameras still cameras to create brilliant pieces of art in the form of short films and photography. These forms of expression have been spread across the internet for a long time… until now. This fan Godzilla videos and photos 2013 editorial will be the home to YOUR photos/short films that you have created using your Godzilla series figures this year. YOUR work, on the world’s biggest Godzilla website for all to see and enjoy!


  • Nothing dirty/racist/homophobic/violent (gory stuff with blood etc) etc.
  • All submissions subject to approval
  • No Toho licensed music in the videos
  • Only ONE photo/video embed code per person so choose your BEST OF THE BEST photo/video
  • Submission by embed code ONLY. If you have a link to more of your work, please provide it
  • Each submission will receive name credit so please include that in your email
  • MUST be Toho/Godzilla related

This is NOT a contest. This is for you to show off your creativity!

Email me your submissions at:


Now onto the photos and videos submissions. Each of these will have a time stamp for when they were initially submitted. Note that these are not correlated to when they were published on the site, though.

July 1, 2013: Sean O’Leary

“Moguera Family Reunion”

July 2, 2013: “asb”

“There goes that pagoda again.”

July 2, 2013: Alexandre Sousa

Stop motion video:

July 9, 2013: Hesperia Productions

Godzilla vs. Knifehead video:

July 9, 2013: CMDM Studios

Godzilla rampaging downtown:

July 29, 2013: Sean Whighan

Sean has submitted some cool shots of Godzilla figures in various poses from the films, taking particular attention to detail for The Return of Godzilla (1984). His complete Flicker album of the various photos can be found here:

Fan Godzilla Videos and Photos 2013: Sean Whighan

Fan Godzilla Videos and Photos 2013: Sean Whighan

Note that the cover photo for this article uses an image by Sean Whigham as well.

September 5, 2013: Hesperia Productions

Here it is, Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim

October 24, 2013: ‘leventa24’

“It’s not much, but I thought I’d give a shot to submitting a picture.”

November 17, 2013: Steven, ‘GreenAiden555’

Here is a diorama I made.

Article first posted September 5th, 2013.