A translation of Yoshio Aramaki’s draft God’s Godzilla, as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658). Submitted in 1979, this short but bizarre draft starts off with some author’s comments before jumping straight into the story. For future reference, The Null Space of the Continent of Mu (ISBN: 4396320957) is a book authored by Aramaki. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

~ Joshua S.


God’s Godzilla 神々のゴジラ
Toho Movie Draft by Yoshio Aramaki


(1) If, for example, Tadanori Yokoo were to be installed as director, he should aim to create a new Godzilla product.  This new Godzilla would wipe out the image of a grotesque future Godzilla, and I believe that this Godzilla must be both aesthetic and modern.

(Modernity) Previous Godzilla → (up-to-date) New Godzilla

Finally, this New Godzilla will be developed for the future (the 21st century), and should carry forward with it a sense of post-modernism. The circumstances involved should see us strive to imitate characters such as Tarzan, King Kong, Frankenstein, Fantômas, etc., whose images have continued to thrive and to be shown from generation to generation.

(2) In order to accomplish (1), we must most likely engage in the following discussion…

(A) We must thoroughly recognize the discrepancy within the grotesque, i.e. between supernaturalism and surrealism.

If we do not uphold this recognition in regards to the script, screen layout, and the creation of characters, we will not be able to create this New Godzilla film.

(B) Having a sense of the cosmic.

The staff shall be trained to be able to immediately allow 4-dimensional images to come to their minds.

Horizontal and diagonal thought as well as reversals in thought are already behind the times.

We must take our thoughts to warp speed.

A big jump

We shall make a huge leap!!




For the story, the simpler it remains, the better it will likely be.

At precisely the moment of World War III (Middle East = a struggle for energy resources in the 1980s)

Visitors from outer space that, since time immemorial, we have called “gods” have come to visit Earth. They’ve appeared before us to issue a warning.

However, these gods possess a true essence that cannot so easily be shown, and thus they do not show themselves.

This is because they are consciousness-based galactic life-forms, or, in other words, they’re something like a form of mental energy.

Their starship, which has come here from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, arrives in the year 198X and heads towards a newly discovered dinosaur-shaped figure found amongst the Nazca Lines in South America, letting out flashing lights as it does so. (In regards to the spaceship’s approach path, employ the Aramaki theory. “The Null Space of the Continent of Mu”)

Thus is Godzilla resurrected.

This Godzilla is not an ally of justice. In other words, he is a malevolent god, a god of destruction, a being akin to the Hindu god Kali.

Just as Kali is a dark god, this Godzilla is truly dark.

Thus, the final days of judgment as recorded in the Book of Revelation has begun. Could it be that the great prophecies of Nostradamus are coming true…?

The countries of the world, with the UN at their center, are all running wild in an attempt to create countermeasures, but Godzilla remains invincible.


The gods send down a humanoid who goes by the name of Jesus, Son of God. Godzilla is being manipulated by this humanoid.

Their relationship is akin to a Jungian schema.

The humanoid is the Superego, and Godzilla is the Unconscious (the Node).

So, based on this composition, humanity is the Ego. Thus, humanity (the Ego) is, unbeknownst to themselves, under the binding spell of the Superego.

(In other words, the giant dark Godzilla of this film is the Unconscious given flesh, and the humanoid (Jesus) is the Superego given flesh).

These people who have been put under this binding spell are afflicted by nightmares and hallucinations.

The spaceship destroys Earth’s Van Allen radiation belt. Thus falls down the “formless great ball” as prophesied by Nostradamus…

The spaceship sends the various cities of Earth into chaos. A torrential downpour continues unabated. Coastal cities are destroyed by Godzilla’s tsunami attacks.

The war is heading towards a decisive loss for humanity.

“Behold, your future!!”

An image of humanity’s future is projected using the open skies above Giza in Egypt as a giant screen. Upon the screen squirm our mutant descendants…

The voice of the Son of God, Jesus (the Humanoid), reverberates. His form is golden and shining. He stands at the very peak of the Pyramid…

Godzilla crouches down, Sphinx-like.

The Humanoid ascends on a stairway of light towards the heavens…


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