The original rematch revisited – a translation of Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla, as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658). Taking place sometime after the events of King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), the story introduces new human characters who get caught up in the inevitable grudge match between the world’s two most famous monsters. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

~ Joshua S.


Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla
Shinichi Sekizawa




This tale begins with the disappearance of a regularly-scheduled African passenger plane.

A search and rescue vehicle was immediately dispatched, resulting in the easy discovery of the lost passenger plane. The plane looked to be ensconced in the deep thickets of the jungle, laying crashed with surprisingly little damage. In such a state, could there perhaps be some survivors? …A rescue team was formed, and immediately set off for the site of the crash.

Amongst the rescue team was one Nomura, an employee of Nichio Products. He had been scheduled to return to Japan in the near future. Nomura’s successor to his position was to have been one Higashi. Higashi and his wife, and the two’s newborn baby, had all been on the downed passenger plane.


The rescue team, having arrived at the scene, assumed they would be able to quickly and succinctly declare that “there were no survivors.” However, Nomura noticed something unexpected. The baby was missing. When he mentioned this to the rest of the team, needless to say they looked inside the plane and searched the surrounding area, but could find no trace of the baby… So could it be that the child had not been on board the plane after all? No, the husband and wife were firmly grasping the baby’s clothing, even in death… If the child wasn’t there, it must have crawled off by itself, or been taken away by someone. It was unthinkable that a baby could crawl off into the jungle by itself, and if something had taken the child, it would have to have been a beast of prey or an inhabitant of the surrounding area… No matter which it had been, the baggage and such should have been correspondingly damaged and ripped apart, but there was no sign of anything of the sort.

At that time, Nomura sensed a momentary flash of light in the sky above him. Looking upwards, there, in the tops of the huge trees of the jungle, he spotted something sparkling, reflecting the light of the sun. Confirming what this was, he saw that it was the baby’s toy, caught on a tree branch…

It was decided that some of those from Nomura’s entourage would break off from the main group in order to continue the search for the baby. Mitsuko, the younger sister of the baby’s father as well as his colleague at the company, was Nomura’s lover. Thus, while of course respect for human life was important, it was not as though this baby was a pure stranger to Nomura…

In a sense, the search party was heading down a straight path, intertwined with the site of the crash of the passenger plane and that of the child’s toy, caught on the branch of a tree.


Elsewhere, in Tokyo, Mitsuko anxiously waited for word that Nomura had saved the baby. She was filled with a deep sense of worry for the safety of the child and her lover. With Mitsuko’s brother’s family having been lost in the airplane accident, Nomura’s safety was now the most important thing in her world… With such thoughts filling her head, she left for work with a deep weight upon her shoulders. During all this, the person who helped cheer her up in various ways was her friend, Yoshie.


Yoshie had her own significant other, a man named Tsukida. Tsukida thought of himself as a handsome man; in reality he was more of a laughingstock. He was a self-acknowledged ideas man specializing in modern and exciting trends. At Amusement Center KK, Tsukida’s place of employment, his subordinate Toyoichi was attempting to set up what was to become his pride and joy, Hinomaru Land, on the Seto Inland Sea. Tsukida was trying to think up some novel idea for the park, but just couldn’t seem to come up with anything.

Around this time, a report finally came in from Nomura to Mitsuko. The baby’s milk bottle had been uncovered…


The reality was this: one part of Nomura’s search party had gone through the overgrowth and made their way deeper into the jungle. One night during this process, Nomura became aware that an individual from the plains dwellers they had brought along was trying to surreptitiously run away. Grabbing ahold of their leader, Bunbuku, Nomura attempted to have the man tell him the reason why…

Bunbuku said that they could not go any farther into the jungle. These hinterlands were a cursed place, where within the tribe of the plains dwellers entrance was prohibited from time immemorial, and those who broke this rule were said to surely be met with catastrophe. However, Nomura was a firm believer in modern science, and he had no interest in falling for antiquated superstitions. Attempting to calm the natives, they moved deeper into the jungle, where they came upon some mysterious ruins; the remains of a city ensconced in grass and trees, which they thought may have been an ancient African kingdom that had once flourished in the region…. And there, upon some of the weathered flagstones, they discovered one of the baby’s shoes. Nomura decided to continue the search using these ruins as his base of operations. Then, in the windless night… once again, the plains dwellers began to act restlessly. Asking Bunbuku what was going on, the leader replied that they had heard the voice of an evil spirit… Normura could discern nothing of the sort, but then it was said that Bunbuku and his wild bunch could hear from a great distance… but when Nomura concentrated and listened closely, was there not some faint sound he too could hear…? …Was that the sound of…?!

It wasn’t some indistinguishable noise. It was the wailing of a baby. Nomura flinched, and jumped up to spur his team on towards the place where the baby’s voice was emanating from. There, they ran into a mind-bogglingly huge wall hewn out of boulders. The wailing voice of the baby could be heard coming from above it.

Just then, they heard an unsettling rumble in the ground and a fierce roar, and from above their heads boulders began to rain down like an avalanche. Nomura and his crew escaped from the path of danger in a state of deep confusion.

When the sun began to rise, Nomura was shocked. There was no sign of the native inhabitants, who had clearly been overcome with dread the night before and had fled. Nomura had been abandoned.

But Nomura couldn’t give up and go home just yet. Even if he was all alone, he would need to rescue the child. So, pulling a wireless radio out from the baggage abandoned by the natives, he called up Kenya Airport to request a rescue helicopter – and all by himself, he headed towards the rock wall.


Nomura, climbing the rock face, perceived the same roar he had heard the night before coming up from behind him! …And then, the wailing of the child, crying as if in great terror!

Nomura, looking towards the jungle, was shocked. A giant pair of scissors was pushing through the jungle thickets?! It was cutting down trees, chip-chop, just like one cuts the blades of grass on a lawn… and then, he was finally able to see the whole picture… a gigantic scorpion.

The giant scorpion steadily approached the mountain rock wall…

Then, a separate roar emanated from the direction of the cliff.

Nomura, turning towards the roar, was shocked all over again.

It was, unmistakably, King Kong! King Kong grabbed on to the scorpion, and a great battle began. Then, having dispatched the scorpion, Kong returned to the cliff, and staring at a corner of its rocky surface, lowered himself into the emptiness. Having done this, the baby, which had been crying ceaseless until now, became perfectly quiet, and then even seemed to begin laughing…

Hiding himself in the shadow of the rocks, Nomura looked on at what was occurring.

Just then, the form of the great scorpion, which had been briefly defeated, began nimbly to move again, latching on to King Kong’s leg.

King Kong let out a shriek of “Gyeeeh!!” and as the great scorpion bent its body like a bow, its poisonous tail striking out at the base of Kong’s throat, Kong grabbed that lethal appendage with both hands, and a deadly battle of much greater ferocity than before began to play out.

Nomura, watching the fierce visage of Kong, suddenly heard another roar; the rotor blades of the approaching rescue helicopter.

Nomura grasped the baby, and standing on top of the cliff, shot off a rescue flare!

King Kong, immersed as he was in his lethal battle with the giant scorpion, had taken no notice of Nomura. Finally, King Kong smashed the scorpion with a great boulder, and victoriously beat his fists upon his chest — but soon his expression turned to one of surprise.

The rescue helicopter was lifting off along with Nomura and the baby.

King Kong peered at the cliff where the baby had been, and groaning sadly, began to lash out as if crazed with rage. Then, he began walking forward, faster and faster, in a seeming attempt to chase the helicopter.

Then, a few days later —

Nomura and the baby were riding in a passenger plane heading towards Japan. Looking down from his airplane window, the eastern shores of Africa at night sparkled beautifully.

Atop of one of those cliffs on the East African coast, King Kong appeared, moaning sadly as he began rapidly entering into the sea as if to further chase after the passenger plane.

And then, the form of King Kong finally disappeared into the moonlit ocean.


Tsukida, for so long tormented over what to propose as Hinomaru Land’s selling point, suddenly yelled out “this is it!” He was at an amusement park in the suburbs of New York. Tsukida had been gazing at a life-sized picture of a group of monsters from the last century the park had on display. They had reminded him that at amusement parks in Southeast Asia and Europe, such physical models of real beasts had been placed to great effect and popularity.

“But are there such things in Japan?”

“There are, but what I’m thinking of ain’t no concrete imitation. It’s the real deal.”

“The real deal? …What sort of real deal?”

“Of, you know, Godzilla… Godzilla, who sank and died in the waters off Atami… If I drag him up and displayed just his skeleton, it could be quite the thing to see… what about that for an idea, huh?”

Thus did Tsukida, talking to himself, create a deep impression of what his park could be.

Then, soon enough, when he sent down a diver to search it out, what did he find…?

There was Godzilla! There he was after all, sunken in a sandbank, rot not having set in at all. The reason for this was said to be that of recent, up until the changing of the Japan current, there had been a great expansion of the famously cold waters of Sagami Bay. In other words, the cold waters had served as a sort of refrigerator, keeping Godzilla’s body intact.


Hidden from view, the massive operation to raise Godzilla from the waters off Atami began. Strangely, this all went along as if it was par for the course. Just as in normal daily life, free from any oversight, Tsukida constantly advertised Hinomaru Land to great crowds of people.

As the crowds were stirring, the body of Godzilla, pulled upwards by the swarming cranes, emerged from the sea.

Veterinarians, dressed as if to go rock climbing, examined Godzilla. They confirmed the expected lack of breathing. Yet there had been firm directions from the relevant authorities, and just to be sure a strong tranquilizer had been injected, using what seemed like a pump, into the beast’s body. Then Godzilla was shipped by sea towards Hinomaru Land.


Thus Hinomaru Land achieved an unprecedented PR victory, although what seemed to be smooth sailing was not actually to be. There were those secretly planning to crush Hinomaru Land. These were a cabal from Amusement Center KK’s rival company, Amusement Development KK. For some time within the world of the leisure industry, Amusement Center and Amusement Development were in a position to split the entire business between the two of them, and as they had competed against each other up until now, it was natural that they would be in a frenzy and try to come up with a plan to try to squash Hinomaru Land.

Nomura had been repatriated to Japan holding his coworker’s baby, and he and his girlfriend, Mitsuko, had decided to raise the child together. Then, one day, Nomura heard something from a foreign telegram which somehow seemed to pull at his heart. On the coast of a certain Southeast Asian country, some children playing in the waters of the ocean had been overwhelmed by huge waves of unexplainable origin. It had been an exceedingly strange event, since there had been no earthquake or anything of the sort.

According to eyewitnesses, something like a small mountain had suddenly appeared from somewhere only slightly off the coast. This form had been seen two or three times before disappearing, heading off towards the northeast.


That monstrous phenomenon finally showed its form clearly in the Straights of Taiwan. The night in question there had been a full moon, and a passenger ship slid across the surface of the sea as it shone in the moonlight.

From the first-class deck, the wailing of an infant could be heard. The baby had been jostled from its slumber, and the child’s young mother was attempting to lull the infant to sleep while feeling the salty breeze off the sea.

As the mother casually look out at the surface of the ocean, her eyes suddenly went wide!!

Something? …was headed their way… and as she watched on, a monster stood imposingly between the breakers!

The mother let out a scream!

It was King Kong… King Kong grasped onto the passenger boat, seemingly searching for something.

The boat, rocking to the left and right, suddenly took on the manic appearance of a beehive.

Holding on firmly to her wailing child on the first-class deck, the mother trembled with fear.

The gigantic face of King Kong approached them. Then, he stretched out his arm …no, his fingers, towards them.

The ship pitched violently to one side…

The mother, sliding down the deck, reached out for anything to stop her fall – and in that moment, she let go of her child.

The infant tumbled into the sea …and King Kong, just as though he was scooping up a goldfish, plunged his great fist into the ocean, lifting the baby out of the waters and staring, eyes narrowed, at the child.

The crying child…

King Kong’s eyes took on a surprisingly sad sheen, but he set the baby down on the deck…

The passenger ship’s SOS was broadcast outwards, catching the attention of the American Eastern Fleet which was navigating the waters nearby, and the ships of the fleet immediately began firing upon Kong!!

King Kong, finding the attack obnoxious, let out a great roar, and grabbing on to the bow of a destroyer close at hand, began pounding the ship with all his might!

The destroyer, sucked into the waters, was lifted up horizontally, and sunk into the depths. King Kong followed suit, quickly diving into the sea, and was seen no more.


King Kong had appeared in the Taiwan Straight!

This news had enough of an effect to defeat any evil thoughts humans might have towards each other. In a frenzy, those camps in Asia amongst the Eastern and Western powers, which so recently at each other’s throats, came together in solidarity and incredible teamwork to participate in operations to search out King Kong.

And then, the report came in…

“King Kong had appeared in the Genkai Sea, and suddenly as we approached, he dove into the waves and we were unable to find him again. However, the direction at his time of diving led us to judge that he is likely heading to the Northeast at X speed, leading us to think he is likely aiming towards the coast in Kyushu”


Anxiety suddenly swept over the residents of the Kyushu region.

Then, the people began to argue the pros and cons of the return of this uninvited guest, King Kong…

Considering the nature of animal homing instincts, King Kong might have felt the need to return to the small Faro Island… Could that be the reason he was heading towards Japan?

Or had he previously learned how comfortable Japan was, and perhaps had felt like returning? The theories came one after another.

No matter how much people pondered this question, nothing truly believable came to mind. The only thing they managed to do was to increase their own unease.

However, Nomura had somehow managed to gain a flash of insight without doing any actual pondering.

Could it be that King Kong had connected with the baby, and was heading to Japan for that reason? When Nomura had spied the baby on top of the cliff back in Africa, he had felt that Kong’s eyes had told that story. The innocent, unselfish, guileless laughter of the small infant had pulled at the great ape’s heart.

That baby was now being raised by Nomura and Mitsuko… But if this was really the case, just why was King Kong trying to search out the location of that child? …Naturally, Nomura couldn’t make heads nor tails of it all. Although this entire idea was vaguely coalescing inside Nomura’s mind, he still felt the urge to reject the concept that Kong possessed some sort of supernatural, animalistic sixth-sense.

King Kong, imprinted onto the baby, was coming!

It was the sort of thing that no one would believe even if you told it to them, which is why Nomura told the extent of what he felt to Mitsuko. As could be expected, Mitsuko reacted with an expression that implied she didn’t believe a word he had said… but even so, she responded to Nomura’s desire to find some safe place to hide the child. They decided to leave the infant at Nomura’s family home in a village on the lakeshore of Lake Biwa.

The day came for Nomura and Mitsuko to take the baby to his family home on the shores of Lake Biwa!

A major event had suddenly happened at Hinomaru Land. A bomb had been planted on Godzilla by a cadre from their opposing company, Amusement Development KK!

There was an attempt to contain the explosion… but Godzilla’s entire body has collapsed over, and was now lying on its side on the beach. Even now, the people gathered around were astonished by the immortal power of the great monster, said to be deep in slumber.

No, that wasn’t all. Although only shallowly, its heart had begun to beat!! It appeared that the shock of the explosion had transferred some life back into Godzilla…

The surrounding people flew into a frenzy, absorbed in trying to replace a wire rope torn from Godzilla with a new one.

At that time, King Kong finally showed himself in the waters off of the Hachiman Ironworks… and then came on land!

The great chimney stacks, standing close together, were broken just like the splitting apart of wooden chopsticks. Wakato Bridge, the symbol of Kitakyushi City, was smashed down into the waters below by a single blow.

King Kong began to progress up the San’yo region from the Kanmon Straights.

It was not as though the humans were simply standing there looking on, transfixed by surprise. They tried to apply the special Soma bullet attack that had succeeded the previous time, but just as they did so, it was blown away by the strong winds of an approaching typhoon, having no effect. Rather, the anesthesia was conversely blown out towards the direction of the humans, resulting in them toppling over one-by-one.


Godzilla’s heart, which had begun to beat slightly, once again ceased its movement… Those involved with Hinomaru Land breathed a sigh of relief… If he were to suddenly come back to life, the situation would quickly turn bleak.

King Kong kept moving forward in the high winds of the San’yo region. At this rate, the metropolises of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe wouldn’t stand a chance, and with the previously effective Soma bullet having failed, the only remaining path left was to have Godzilla beat back the great ape.

King Kong island-hopped from Hiroshima to Shikoku, grabbing tightly onto high-voltage large-scale transmission towers, enveloped in electric sparks. He was storing up energy.

On the human side, by this point they were rushing about, frenzied, attempting to revive Godzilla via electric shock.

Godzilla’s neck, arms, core, legs, and tail were bound by wide metal rings connected to high-voltage lines. Then, the main switch was turned on.

Violent sparks flew into the air!! Electricity like lighting radiated outwards!!

The shock-treatment strategy ended… but Godzilla’s heart moved not even a beat.

King King finally drew near to the planned site of Hinomaru Land in the Seto Inland Sea.

Once again, the second shock strategy was put into effect! But still, Godzilla gave not a single sign of moving his titanic body… The strategy was attempted a third time… No, there was no longer even time to try again – King Kong was almost upon them.

People hurriedly fled Kong’s approach. On the deserted beach, Godzilla lay all alone… and King Kong headed towards him. Looking at Godzilla, he roared out at his bitter enemy! Next came the expected demonstration of beating his fits on his chest.

But Godzilla did not move… King Kong stared at his unmoving form, as if thinking “huh?” He began kicking tentatively at Godzilla, but still the great lizard did not move. He punched out at Godzilla’s head with his great fists….and still Godzilla gave no response.

King King lifted up a giant boulder which lay nearby with both hands. The electric lines were torn off, giant sparks flying outwards!! Godzilla’s great body was bathed in electricity…

King Kong smashed the giant boulder down onto Godzilla. He seemed to be trying to further hurt his downed opponent, like the heel in a pro wrestling match…

Seemingly disappointed by the unmoving Godzilla, King Kong let out a yell, and turning his back on his unmoving rival, began to victoriously beat his chest.

It was at that time… that the seemingly deceased form of Godzilla began to move its tail all at once… moving once again…

His closed eyes suddenly snapped open… and in an instant, his tail lashed out like a whip, battering against Kong, his back still turned!!

“GYAOHH!!” Before he knew what was happening, Kong was spun into the air, crashing down into the surf!

Kong quickly recovered, heading towards Godzilla with a look of intense rage in his eyes, only for Godzilla to let forth a great blast of atomic breath from his maw.

King Kong staggered backwards!

Godzilla drew his body up off the sands and rushed at Kong. With a splash, it began. But this first match would be called off due to injury – and the true battle would have to wait until the next day.


Here, it was the humans who proved to be a nuisance. With both giant beasts having decided on holding off their battle until the next day, and each moving off to do training by way of creating their own paths of destruction, things were not staying settled.

This was all to say nothing of King Kong, who had once again recalled the infant, and began heading out to find it again.


At this point, people could no longer afford to ignore Nomura’s claims of King Kong having imprinted on the child.

At that time, Nomura and Mitsuko had taken the baby from the shores of Lake Biwa and were returning once again to Tokyo.

Irresponsible public opinion had begun to angrily voice that if the infant had been removed from the picture, King Kong would never have come to Japan.

These words inspired a great deal of anger in Nomura and Mitsuko. The child was blameless… More than that, it had been its almost beatific innocence and purity which had caused King Kong to imprint on it in the first place… Could not that serve as some sort of warning to this world, so full of wicked and greedy people?

Thinking this, Nomura resolved to protect the baby no matter what – even more so from irresponsible public opinion than from Kong himself.

However, on the other hand, there were those leery people who believed that perhaps the child really was what Kong had come for. It seemed plausible.

Speaking of Kong, did he really have the ability to track down the infant despite having no idea where it was, when the child was not like some ball directly in front of his eyes? Based upon the academic postulations made by such people, it came to be the baby was flown to Kagoshima in Kyushu in the middle of the night.

If King Kong was truly pursuing the infant, and he did have the unlimited detection capabilities to track down the child, then it was surmised that this tactic should prevent him from continuing on to Tokyo — which he was nearing closer to by the hour — by having him again switch directions.


Nomura and Mitsuko, holding the child, headed off to Kagoshima in the dead of night onboard a military transport aircraft…

As this happened, people were watching King Kong’s behavior with rapt attention… however, Kong did not halt his progress.

So King Kong wasn’t actually interested in the child…? The people began frantically attempting to set up defense operation for the national capital region. It was at such a defense strategy meeting that a report came in that the transport plane carrying the infant had safely arrived at Kagoshima Airport… just in time!

King Kong halted his progress on the spot. At last, groaning mournfully, Kong did in fact turn around, heading in the opposite direction… Although, to be precise, rather than heading perfectly in the opposing directions, he was actually heading towards Sagami Bay in order to gain access to the sea… it was in fact by this method that he could most quickly head towards Kagoshima Airport.

Elsewhere, Godzilla had made landfall in Shikoku, and appeared to be lying in wait, watching eagle-eyed.

As far as King Kong was concerned, the tactic of using the infant as bait and somehow getting Kong to leave Japan had been decided on, but an effective plan for Godzilla was still needed – up until now, all attempts at putting such operations into effect has ended in failure. In a last-ditch attempt, they had no choice but to plan out a similar baiting strategy. If Godzilla’s great rival, Kong, was to appear, he would surely serve as bait to draw in Godzilla. Even if they could not control Godzilla’s fate, they could draw him out into the Pacific Ocean. In other words, this would be like momentarily changing the course of a typhoon.

And what method would they use?… They would manufacture a gigantic rubber facsimile of King Kong, and using it as a decoy, they would additionally pump the decoy completely full of high-yield, powerful gas, and provided all went well, this gas would blast Godzilla into atoms.

Thus, the King Kong facsimile, hanging down from multiple helicopters, was flown into the skies above Shikoku!

Sure enough, Godzilla set forth, seemingly remembering his last titanic battle with Kong at Fuji-Sanroku.

The helicopters gradually drew Godzilla out into the Pacific.

Godzilla dove into the sea accompanied by a great plume of water.

Suddenly confused, a helicopter pilot let out an exclamation of “huh?”

In an instant, Godzilla had appeared extremely close at hand, kicking off a huge wave.

At this rate, the helicopters would be in danger. “Cut the ropes!” Obeying the commanding officer’s orders, the ropes were cut, and the helicopter unit just managed to escape…

The King Kong facsimile lay spread eagle among the waves, floating on the ocean surface.

Godzilla, not aware that this was a mere decoy, drew close, and just as earlier, when he himself had been at Kong’s mercy, began beating the decoy on the back of the head. Stretching out his tail, he began lashing out with it, slamming the decoy time and again. Yet the Kong decoy simply bobbed up and down, floating on the waves. Godzilla, vexed by the situation, let out a great roar and suddenly bit down on the decoy!!

And with a huge blast, the high-yield gas erupted!!

The ocean surface was blasted outwards, setting forth walls of water and torrents of spray! Following the blast, it seemed like Godzilla had disappeared — as though erased from existence…?


Nomura and Mitsuko felt that keeping the child in Japan was simply too dangerous, and although they were trying all possible methods to get the infant overseas, no country had offered them asylum. They had been told that if they were to receive entry then King Kong would surely be arriving hot on their heels. But no matter what they said, the fact remained that the baby was blameless. Nomura continued to run around, attempt to convince various countries, all in vain.

Even in the Japanese domestic sphere, there was a tide of public opinion stating that the baby should not even be brought back to its home prefecture, and thus the child could not even be moved from Kagoshima itself.

On that day, King Kong arrived at Kagoshima, and reaching Kagoshima Airport, began rampaging and destroying the airplanes parked on the tarmac.


Nomura put Mitsuko and the baby in a car, attempting to take an overland route to Fukuoka… However, moments before they could do so, something strange had occurred.

Godzilla had appeared, breaking through the crust of the caldera of the dormant Mount Aso. Godzilla, who had disappeared in a blast of seawater, had tunneled under the earth, reappearing in the dormant volcano’s caldera!!

What was unlucky was that Godzilla had appeared in the direction of the alpine roads which Nomura had taken to avoid the public gaze, preventing their car from moving any farther ahead.

Just as he was about put the car in reverse, King Kong approached from behind.

Nomura put the car in reverse and slammed his foot as far down on the pedal as possible, fleeing. Alas, the car stalled, and Nomura led Mitsuko, holding the baby, away on foot… and as Nomura and the others collapsed, hiding in the shadow of a cliff, King Kong drew near…

Mitsuko, seeing Kong’s approach, lost consciousness… It seemed that they had come to the end of their road.

King Kong began peering towards the cliff!! Just then, Godzilla’s tail, slicing through the air, slammed into King Kong’s face!

King Kong tumbled downwards as though hit by a knockout punch!

Godzilla, as if announcing his victory, let out a body-shaking roar.

King Kong moved to make a fierce counterattack.

Godzilla, attempting to head off this attack, bathed Kong in his atomic breath.

A battle the likes of which would never be forgotten began to play out on Mount Aso.

This was a brutal contest on a grand scale. Both beasts fought fiercely, and none could know when or how it would end.

Nomura urged along Mitsuko, who had regained consciousness, and the two fled with the baby.

The mortal contest between King Kong and Godzilla continued.

Nomura and the others took flight! And then, suddenly, a great earthquake!

“Ah!” Nomura and Mitsuko tumbled off a cliff into a valley… their rapid descent was saved from a grim end by overgrowths of vegetation, but as they looked around, the infant was missing… Hearing the wail of the child from further up the cliff, they realized that the baby alone had not fallen and was now all by himself on the cliff.

Nomura tried desperately to climb the cliff face, but in vain. Just as this was occurring, the dormant volcano, perhaps shocked awake by the super-heavyweight grudge match between Godzilla and Kong, erupted with a great roar!

The expelled magma, its heat reaching thousands of degrees, oozed towards the child.

Nomura and Mitsuko, using a detour, ran up a separate path in attempt to reach the top of the cliff, only to find their path blocked by the lava.

The infant’s life was like a small flame in the path of the wind.

Yet what saved the child, ironically, was Godzilla and King Kong. Godzilla’s atomic breath dissipated the magma approaching the child.

King Kong placed the child on top of his great fist, and stared at it fixedly.

The child stared back innocently… and finally, King Kong placed the child back in a safe place, and returned to his grudge match with Godzilla.

Nomura and Mitsuko ran to where the baby lay, gathering him up into their arms…

As the giant earthquake shook the area where King Kong and Godzilla fought, a new volcano emerged, erupting in a massive volcanic blast. King Kong and Godzilla were enshrouded in smoke clouds as the ash turned day into darkest night. Nothing could be seen…

At last… as the smoke cleared, both King Kong and Godzilla had disappeared.

Could they have fallen into the new caldera and melted away? …Or had they perhaps been blown asunder by a concentrated jet made up of the volcano’s massive explosive energy?

To this day, no one knows…

Perhaps someday, in some form, the truth will come out, but as of this moment, no such evidence has come forward.

The issue was how this all had unexpectedly exposed the ugliness of human society. As far as this went, Nomura and Mitsuko just couldn’t find it in themselves to hate King Kong or Godzilla… As the volcanic ash fell down upon them like snow, the two held the baby close, as they would for all time thereafter.


The End