Included below is an interview conducted by Dillon Fisher with Bobby Curnow, editor at IDW Publishing who is spearheading the new Godzilla comic series. The interview was done in January, before the Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters title was widespread, so please keep in mind that it’s noted under the “working” title of Godzilla: Monster World below.

Dillon Fisher: Where did the idea for a new Comic series based on Godzilla come from?

Bobby Curnow: We’ve got some big Godzilla nuts here at IDW, and we’re always trying to figure out how to make comics about the things we love. It had been a while since the last Godzilla comics, so it was a no-brainer on our side!

Fisher: Just how long has IDW been working on Godzilla: Monster World? (from Idea to first issue)

Curnow: It’s been in active development for pretty much the entirety of 2010, in one form or another.

Fisher: How many of you guys are fans of the film franchise?

Curnow: It’s safe to say a co-workers of mine is one of the biggest Godzilla fans on the planet, and several more of us can be scientifically categorized as Big ‘Zilla nerds. So there’s lots of love for Godzilla at the IDW offices. I’m looking at a Space Godzilla action figure as I answer this!

Fisher: There has been talk on the IDW forums of possibly publishing Japanese Godzilla mangas. Is this true?

Curnow: As of this time, no.

Fisher: Will the comic be connected in anyway with the Legendary pictures 2012 Godzilla reboot film?

Curnow: Godzilla: Monster World is its own entity, with a separate storyline and continuity. There may be potential for comics tied to the film in the future.

Fisher: Are the other Toho monsters that you have listed the only Toho monsters that were going to be seeing in the series? or are there others you just havent told us about yet?

Curnow: The current monster list has a lot of names… those bad boys will definitely keep us (and the poor people of Earth) busy for awhile. Beyond that, all we can say is that we aim to surprise!

Fisher: Are the returning Monsters (including Godzilla) going to represent any certain incarnation of themselves, or are your artists redesigning them for the comic pages?

Curnow: There won’t be any substantial redesign from artists. We’re working closely with Toho to capture quintessential versions of the Godzilla monsters.

Fisher: Aside from the returning Toho Monsters, there are apparently NEW monsters coming to join the party… can you tell us a little bit more on these newbies to the kaiju world? maybe introduce us to one?

Curnow: Gotta keep mum on this, but we’re going to be sticking with some classic familiar faces to start out.

Fisher: What can you tell us about the plot of the ongoing series?

Curnow: Part of the fun of this series is that it starts in a pretty realistic world. What would happen if Godzilla actually attacked in our world, as we know it today? Besides a lot of dropped jaws and soiled pants, it’s hard to say… who knows what Godzilla’s next move would be and how the world’s governments would respond? Suffice to say, there’s going to be lots of surprises, and lots of explosive action straight from the get go.

Fisher: Are any Human/Alien Characters from the Toho series coming to IDW as well?

Curnow: Insert your favorite vague comic book editor innuendo here!

Fisher: Do you guys plan on staying canon with any of the three film sagas? (Showa, Heisei and Millennium)

Curnow: Godzilla: Monster World will have its own continuity- Godzilla has never been seen prior to issue #1 in this world. So we won’t be canon with any of the previous ages, but don’t be surprised to see elements, nods, and easter eggs related to a lot of films of the past.

Fisher: IDW told of mini series based on other Monsters… does this mean we will be getting things like RODAN comics and MOTHRA comics soon?

Curnow: While they won’t be full on spot-lights, our upcoming mini-series will definitely be exploring aspects of the Godzilla universe that we don’t see much of in the ongoing. So if you feel like you’re not seeing enough of your favorite monster, chances are we’ve got you covered in a mini down the road. Plus we’ve got ridiculously good talent lined up for these books… some of my favorite creators I’ve had a chance to work with yet. (and don’t worry- we will be sharing the ‘who?’ and ‘when?’ of those books in the coming months)

Fisher: The series was originally announced with a February release, Why has it been moved to March?

Curnow: Just giving ourselves a little more lead time to get the ball rolling smoothly and properly.

Fisher: A lot of Fans are wondering if Matt Frank is working on the Project… can you confirm anything?

Curnow: Matt Frank has helped out with an awesome retail incentive cover for the #1 issue.

Fisher: Godzilla has been in 2 different Comic Companies pages before… Both gave Godzilla drastically different attitudes. How will IDWs Godzilla act? Hero or villain? Animalistic or intelligent? Will he retain his symbol for tragedy?

Curnow: Like any good protagonist, Godzilla is going to be a dynamic figure- he may be a big rampagin’ monster, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a multi-dimensional character! It’s safe to say that Godzilla is going to start off as a complete unknown… humanity will not understand where he came from and why he’s attacking. Classic Godzilla speaks powerfully to man’s inability to cope with sudden, catastrophic tragedy- we aim for our Godzilla to keep this symbolism.

Fisher: Does IDW plan on releasing anything besides the comics? (figures, models, video games etc…)

Curnow: We’ll just be focusing on making the best comics possible.

Fisher: Are you targeting the series at more mature, or young audiences?

Curnow: I think it can appeal to all fans- there’s plenty of monster action for kids (no swearing or detailed gore), but lots of in-jokes and drama for more mature fans.

Fisher: Will we be seeing any future crossovers with Transformers, GI. Joe, Jurassic Park or any other IDW characters?

Curnow: It doesn’t look likely in the foreseeable future. We’ve got a heck of a story lined up, and will be happy to focus on Godzilla and his pals for quite a while.

Fisher: Will you be releasing any previews of the comic soon? (the first few pages of the first issue or something along those lines)

Curnow: We’ve just released some of the cover images, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did some preview pages sometime in the January/February timeframe.

Fisher: What do YOU think of the series so far? are you certain fans will be pleased?

Curnow: It’s always hard to trust an editor’s word on a project- we want you to buy the book!- but i’m legitimately having a blast reading the scripts and seeing the art come in. Eric Powell is definitely telling his own story, so I can’t be certain it will be every fan’s cup of tea… everyone has their own idea for what makes a perfect story. What I can say is this story really feels big and new- but perhaps most importantly- it also feels like classic Godzilla. Powell’s a big fan and really understands what makes Godzilla so appealing and enduring. If I had to sum up the book with one word it would be ‘fun’. Plain and simple.

Fisher: Is there anything else you would like everybody to know?

Curnow: I think you covered a lot of ground with these great questions. The only thing I would ask is for Godzilla fans to give the book a try and help spread the word if you like it (which you will!). And keep in touch… feel free to write to, or visit our forum at We want to hear what you have to say!