Released as a Valentine’s day exclusive, this now out of print hot sauce by Jade City Foods is devoted to Biollante from the 1989 film. In a bit of creativity, the hot sauce syncs up very well with the character, actually featuring rose petals among the ingredients. This, combined with red bell peppers, give the sauce a fitting red tint. Meanwhile, the heat from the sauce comes from good old habanero chilis.

Now this review is tardy, very tardy. I was given this hot sauce as a gift from my best friend months ago, and wanted to do a few taste tests before giving my thoughts. Well a few taste tests turned into months, and here we are with this hot sauce now long unavailable. Regardless, let’s cover the heat, taste and overall thoughts of this sauce.


I’m liable to come off as a snob, but I do really enjoy spicy food and adding hot sauce or salsa to things. On the hot sauce side of things, that includes trying the full line of The Hot Ones during a season and having a generous helping of Habanero Hot Sauce by Yellowbird during workweek breakfasts (aka hardboiled eggs doused with hot sauce). My favorite hot sauce is the Cocoa Ghost by Queen Majesty, a blend of ghost peppers and chocolate.

Now the two hot sauces I just mentioned by name have SHU (Scoville heat units) of 15,580-54,530 and 71,000 respectively. While I’m not one to subscribe to SHU as an end all metric for how hot something is, these two sauces do give an idea of the level of heat I enjoy the most on an ongoing basis.

In the case of the Mutated Rose Hot Sauce, I was unable to find an SHU that could be associated with it. It’s listed on the bottle as a 7/10 on Jade City Foods’ heat scale, so was curious how hot it might be. My first heat test was on a freshly made tortilla chip, and I will attest tequila was involved which somewhat negated the results. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the heat, or flavor which I will cover below, but they were unfair circumstances. Trying it again on a tortilla chip during a different evening I did get a mild spice to it. On yet another evening I doused some white rice, figuring this would give a sense of the heat. My finding was that it was often a mild spice, but like a lot of hot sauces some bites were hotter than others.

Overall, I could get a sense of the heat but didn’t find it very hot. That said, I have a high tolerance, and the experience has me curious for their 10/10 hot sauces.

Taste: Shake It

When I first had the Mutated Rose Hot Sauce, as mentioned, tequila was involved. That said, me and my wife both tried it and were put off by the taste. It was very vinegary, reminding us of Tabasco.

The second time I tried it on a different night, I realized that a clear liquid had formed at the top, inside the bottle. Shaking it, we tried it again. The results were night and day. This time it had a nice spicy sweet flavor to it. The habanero taste is faint, but it is there which elevates the overall flavor profile. That said, while the taste was much better this go around after shaking it, the vinegar taste was still strong at times. It lost the comparison to Tabasco sauce at least, but as a result I would say this hot sauce is better suited for those who enjoy a strong hint of vinegar. That’s something that surprised me since vinegar is so far down the ingredient list, but at the same time vinegar does have a very strong taste while ingredients like red bell peppers and rose petals probably do little to mask it.

Biollante Mutated Rose Hot Sauce Review

Mutated Rose Hot Sauce Ingredients

The ingredients of the Biollante inspired hot sauce are as follows, and found in this order on the bottle:

Habanero, red bell pepper, rose petals, garlic, turmeric, agave, vinegar, salt

As a nice bonus for those who watch what they eat, the hot sauce contains zero calories. That’s a big plus for me, especially in contrast to some of my favorites which tend to have calorie counts in the 5-8 range per teaspoon (which adds up quickly).

Final Thoughts

Despite some issues, I enjoyed this hot sauce. I wish there was a bit more heat, but at the current level it’s much more accessible. I also wish the vinegar taste wasn’t quite so strong, which is my main complaint. Still, the creative approach to the hot sauce is appreciated. The fact that it actually includes rose petals is a really nice touch to link it up to the character.