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  • Author: Joel Forsberg | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    It was the dead of summer in California, but the hot air was easily combated by the shade of the towering redwood forests. Hikers wandered the hills, photographers captured the scenery, and climbers rappelled down the slopes. Between the amazing weather and sprawling beauty of the landscape, it felt that nothing could ruin this beautiful day.

    Everyone in the park felt the earth spasm beneath their feet, dirt shifting and stones falling. The quake gave way to a fracture, which in turn gave way to a chasm. Tourists and massive trees alike fell into the ever growing tunnel, but only the latter hit the ground. Before the humans could fall any further, they were swallowed up by the creature within.

    Baragon, the subterranean scourge, burst from the ravine he had created. A mighty bellow escaped his tooth filled maw, its percussiveness rivaling that of the earthquake he had caused tunneling through the ground. For two weeks, Baragon had ravaged through San Diego, dining on all the tiny primates he desired; however, humanity was not so easy to surrender. They came with tanks, rifles and even missiles. They pelted the rampaging kaiju, stinging his crimson hide and forcing the crimson dinosaur to flee underground with a half-empty belly.

    Baragon did not appreciate his prey’s reluctance to be consumed. So he decided to snack on something that would not fight back; or, rather, something that couldn’t.

    The reptile followed his nose, and it had brought him here – the mighty redwood forests.

    As he finished announcing his presence, Baragon took notice of his surroundings for the first time and looked around in awe. Even on his hind legs, the canopy towered a hundred feet above the dinosaur. Back on Monster Island, he had used trees to pick his teeth. Now, the things looked like they could crush him!

    As he contemplated, Baragon moved where his nose told him to go. The dragon absent mindedly wandered through the forest, subconsciously hunting the mouth-watering scent. It wasn’t long before the feeling of cold water on his feet woke Baragon from his trance. He shook his head and gazed upon the river enveloping his feet, following the flow to find its source; a massive cascading waterfall, crashing from a high cliff. He grinned maniacally and pressed his scaly head through the water…

    It was more beautiful than he ever imagined.

    Behind the falling waters was a dark cave. The floor and walls were lined with thousands of white-yellow eggs, all taller than the tiny primates he feasted on before. His gaping mouth was filled to the brim with saliva as he stared upon his personal buffet.

    The kaiju shook his head and howled happily, then began moving toward his prize. But as he progressed, his snout bumped into something. Startled, Baragon snorted and pawed at his snout, rubbing the sore spot. It was strange. He had seen nothing there before.

    He looked up to meet a pair of brilliant yellow eyes staring back at him. Baragon froze in place. His mouth, despite being filled with saliva just moments ago, dried up on the spot.

    The creature in front of him let out a deafening screech as it tackled Baragon out of the cavern, forcing a squeal from the crimson dragon, who responded by slamming his paws against the creature’s back. But it had no effect; Baragon was slammed against a massive tree. The plant groaned in protest, and Baragon did the same. As his assailant hopped back, Baragon fell to the ground with a mighty crash, moaning with ache as he looked up at his opponent.

    Its body was covered in greyish scales, accompanied by massive, abating spines traveling from the shoulders to the end of its tail. Its long neck held a boxy head and dangling flap of thin skin. Large, prehensile arms were held against its sides, and powerful legs held it in an upright position.

    Zilla, the reptilian terror of New York, cried out, ready to defend his brood with all the might he could muster. Baragon hopped to his feet, and returned Zilla’s threat with a snarl. If this lizard wanted to give him an extra meal, so be it!

    Zilla charged forward at full speed, mouth agape and claws outstretched. Baragon, in turn, dug his feet into the ground, bracing to retaliate. The mutant jumped into the air, ready to crush his opponent underneath his dinosaurian feet, but Baragon was ready. The crimson wyrm left the ground and made impact with his reptilian assailant, clamping his jaws around the theropod’s neck. Zilla screamed as he was dragged to the forest floor, the impact bruising his frail form. The crimson kaiju released a cackle and began clawing at his floored opponent, blow after blow slicing through the irradiated reptile’s underbelly, causing Zilla to cry out once more.

    As the red dragon tore away at him, Zilla managed to get his legs positioned beneath the distracted dinosaur’s chest. Summoning all his might, he kicked up, pushing Baragon away and emptying the air from the burrower’s chest. The big-eared beastie gasped for breath and coughed, giving Zilla the opportunity to strike, snatching one of Baragon’s dog-like ears in his jaws, earning a squeal out of the kaiju as he tugged him along, testing the grip of his maw on the red monster. Tightening his grip, the false dinosaur swung Baragon through a group of trees, exploding their trunks and creating a pile of broken bark on the forest floor.

    In the middle of another swung, Zilla released his grip and sent his foe flew away, through even more of the towering vegetation and into the side of a massive overhang. As Baragon made impact, the redwoods on top of the overhang shuddered and shook, threatening to fall off. Baragon wheezed as he struggled to get up again, attempting to shake the blisters from his back. As he caught his breath, the burrower heard Zilla’s titanic footsteps coming closer, posed to strike once again. Panicking, Baragon realized he needed an advantage.

    While Baragon thought to himself, Zilla had gained ground. The radioactive lizard pounced, ready to drive his claws into the red kaiju, but instead was met with a cloud of dust and dirt. Zilla landed and stumbled, unsure of where the intruder went. Had it fled? Was it dead?

    Zilla got his answer when Baragon burst out from the ground behind him. The dinosaur found a foothold in Zilla’s massive dorsal plates and bit down on the reptile’s neck, forcing a scream from his foe. Zilla didn’t know why the attack seared his flesh, but it did – his flesh was being cooked!

    The titanic reptile bucked and flailed, desperate to throw this wily little monster from his back, but Zilla’s struggle only made Baragon hold on tighter. By a kaiju scale, his huge fangs were only inches away from severing the mutant’s spine.

    In a mighty show of desperation, the irradiated iguana kicked the cliff side, sending him and the red kaiju on his back flying through multiple redwoods. Baragon acted as a living piece of armor for his foe, inadvertently protecting Zilla from crashing into the trees whilst enduring the punishment himself. When the pair flew through a final tree, Baragon finally relinquished his grip. The subterranean monster was sent rolling across the forest floor and cried out when a boulder brought him to a halt. The pain from the splinters and stones in his back forced him into the fetal position in a feeble attempt to numb himself.

    An opportunity was available to Zilla, and he was not about to let it slip from him. The cold wind whipped against Zilla’s face as he charged forth, ready to strike. Just as Baragon regained his footing, the mutant pounced. Powerful arms wrapped around the red dragon’s head and neck, manipulating his movements and forcing him forward.

    Next thing Baragon knew, Zilla had rammed his head into a boulder. He felt the bones in his jaw and nose fracture, moaning from the pain. Bright spots danced around Baragon’s vision, taunting him as he pawed the air before him in a daze. He growled and attempted to face Zilla, but when he tried to turn, the reptile found himself stuck. The force from Zilla’s assault had stabbed Baragon’s horn into the stone. Stuck in place, the subterranean kaiju felt his rival clawing and kicking at his back and hind leg. If his skin wasn’t red before, it most definitely was now.

    Baragon grabbed a tight hold of the rock and lifted his haunches. Using his hind legs, he kicked Zilla in the chest, sending the iguana flying back. With his foe stunned, he began clawing at the boulder with his stumpy claws…

    After some struggling, Zilla managed to force himself back up. A quick scan of the area revealed that, where Baragon had been just moments ago, there was yet another cloud of dust. Zilla snarled and dug his feet into the ground experienced well with this subterranean ability. He knew what the small, red creature had planned.

    On cue, Baragon exploded from the ground once again, but Zilla was ready. The mutant lizard swung his tail, and it struck Baragon hard and true in the gut. The dragon struck another tree, but this one held its ground. The pressure felt like it would break Baragon’s back, the pain was so bad!

    Before he could even hit the ground, Zilla was on top of him. The pseudo-saurian’s legs pinned Baragon down while his mighty, four-clawed hands scratched at his chest and throat. Stinging pain resonated throughout the crimson reptile’s entire body, and his resulting squeals were enough to shatter glass. He had to think fast.

    Steam began rising from the mighty saurian’s belly. Zilla stopped his assault when a strange, yellow light began emanating from Baragon’s mouth. He blinked away the heat and light, unprepared for what was to come.

    Red hot fire blasted point blank into Zilla’s face, scorching his snout and drying his eyes. The heat was unbearable, and Zilla backed away with a roar of anguish. Rising back to his feet, Baragon continued his flaming assault, driving the spiny mutation back with his mighty beams, blast after blast striking the mutant’s face and chest.

    The final step drove Zilla’s foot off an edge. He just barely managed to balance himself and peered over his shoulder to the sight below. It was a massive cliff over a beach. Waves smacked against the sand, overcast by the rock face above. The fall was intimidating, even to a kaiju. Zilla let out a squeak of fear, then turned back to his opponent.

    Baragon was bloodied and bruised, but that maniacal smile still adorned his dog-like face. His nasal horn glowed, somehow amplified by his excitement, and he approached Zilla.

    This was the end. Zilla cried out, softly. A plea for mercy.

    Baragon’s chest inflated, puffing out as he took a massive breath. The glowing light once more took residence in his mouth…

    Zilla took another look at the drop behind. It seemed to almost grow deeper the more he looked at it. He looked back again, preparing to face death…

    But Baragon wasn’t there.

    Zilla looked around. Yet again, there was a hole in the ground where Baragon had stood. The iguana regained his footing on the solid ground. It felt so great to not be teetering over that cliff anymore, but the reptilian was bewildered. Why had the red creature spared him? The mutant checked around the area to make sure Baragon was not hiding in wait, playing with him; but his searches yielded no result.

    Zilla was bewildered. Nothing about this made sense to his reptilian mind!

    But then he realized.

    The eggs.

    Zilla cried out in a mixture of surprise and dread. His long legs moved faster than they ever had before, at speeds that had seemed impossible before. At first, the reptile tried to wind through the trees; but it wasn’t long before he gave up the delicate approach. The trees crashed and crumbled as he rammed through them, desperate to save his brood!

    Cold water splashed up on Zilla’s legs as he reached the river. As soon as he felt the liquid, he made a sharp left and made his way swiftly to the waterfall. He crashed through the water, splashing it all over the cavern.

    It was more atrocious than he ever imagined.

    Thousands of crushed eggshells were scattered across the cavern. Golden yolk was splattered on the floor and walls, and mangled parts of Zilla’s unborn were spread everywhere. The radioactive iguana shrieked in horror and ran in, trying to find any survivors, but there were none to be found. What few eggs that weren’t devoured had been crushed beneath Baragon’s massive feet. The dragon had massacred Zilla’s family; slaughtered them. They never stood a chance.

    Zilla let out a squeak of sorrow, mourning his children. He had brawled for them, bled for them, BURNED for them… But it was for nothing.

    In the middle of the cavern was the gaping hole where Baragon had came and left. Zilla saw this and let no hesitation plague him, jumping in immediately after the monster who had eaten his children.

    Baragon was in the middle of making his way to the surface. With a final strike from his shovel claws, he punched through the compact layers of soil. Light shone on his face, and he emerged at the edge of the forest. He couldn’t believe that trick had worked!

    He had considered killing Zilla. The putrid abomination had caused him excruciating pain, and probably hindered his hearing forever – plus, he may actually earn some respect from the kaiju back home. But as he prepared to blast that grey worm off the edge, Baragon had an epiphany. If he spared his enemy, he would have a steady food supply. He could track Zilla every year and eat his fill in delicious eggs. So, why not let it live? Baragon congratulated himself for such a thought, in whatever way ten-story monsters do. He was proud of his new found discovery, but after such a titanic battle, he was ready to retreat.

    The dinosaur took a step to leave, but was met with a fiery pain in his foot. He cried out, and turned to snarl at the source.

    The fire in the eyes that met him startled Baragon out of his narcissistic complex.

    Zilla had his boxy jaws placed in a vice grip on the red kaiju’s foot. Anger burned into Baragon’s soul when he stared at the father of his victims. He felt his heart beating hard enough to make him light headed. Maybe this idea wasn’t so great after all.

    Before Baragon could think anything more, Zilla launched from the tunnel and head-butted the murderer of his babies. Baragon felt his brain shake inside his skull as the lizard made contact and was knocked away. His grey matter was still bouncing when Zilla jumped and placed two well aimed kicks directly in Baragon’s snout, breaking bone and loosening teeth.

    Blow after blow, Zilla’s assault continued. Every bone in Baragon’s form was being broken and shattered, one by one, and he would not stand for it. The red dragon snapped out of his terrified daze, and pushed Zilla away. The hellfire in his belly awoke once again, growing bright enough to almost blind the lizard.

    Zilla couldn’t hesitate. Quickly, he spun around. His lengthy tail hit Baragon directly across the cheek, forcing the red dragon’s head to the right. The heat beam intended for Zilla burst from Baragon’s mouth, and exploded against the base of a particularly massive redwood. Baragon roared from frustration. Why wouldn’t this pest die!?

    The sound of creaking resonated through the forest, but in his blood rage, Baragon did not notice. Zilla, however, heard loud and clear. As Baragon let out a deafening roar, the theropod charged toward the distracted monster and leapt. His saurian feet made contact with the chest of the nest raider, who felt Zilla’s weight rest upon him. Then, with a final push, Zilla back-flipped off of the burrower’s torso. The blow sent Baragon somersaulting, but he was quick to hop back onto his feet.

    Zilla landed and observed the oblivious dinosaur. Baragon snarled. Determination to wipe that smug look of that lizard’s face consumed him!

    The creaking sound filled the forest once more, but this time Baragon heard. He slowly turned his head to the side, and was met with the sight of a gigantic tree falling on top of him.

    The trunk made impact with Baragon’s skull, crushing his cranium and shattering the horn atop his head. The scarlet saurian was forced to his knees, and then to his stomach. His scaly body sprawled on impact. Spasms plagued the corpse for no more than a few seconds, then halted.

    Zilla pointed his head to the heavens and roared in victory. The deafening cry was short however. Soon, he realized the cost of this victory. Somberly, he turned on his heel and fulfilled his march of shame back to the home of his personal tragedy.

    He pressed on through the waterfall and collapsed, tired and sorrowful. His forest territory had been massacred, his children eradicated, and himself almost killed. His depressed growl echoed through this graveyard he called home.

    And soon after that, a chirp.

    Zilla’s eyes widened and he frantically looked around. Was it his imagination?

    Another chirp. And another.

    He looked down to see a tiny hatchling, still covered in the slime of its incubator. It looked toward its parent and chirped yet again, hopping in its strange, newborn way. Zilla lowered his head to the baby and grumbled, and the little one responded by rubbing against his father’s snout.

    Zilla grumbled happily. Maybe this day would turn out alright.

    Winner: Zilla

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    K.W.C. // June 9, 2021
  • This article is an archived listing to all non-prose submissions for the Kaiju War Chronicles. Formerly the K.W.C. Animated Battles. (more…)

    K.W.C. // June 9, 2021
  • Author: Vincent Rodger | Banner: Landon Soto

    One hundred years ago, they fell; the Age of Heroes ended when the Titans suddenly appeared. They devoured those that could not escape, but those that did survive the hordes built three massive walls, preserving the lives of the few thousand humans remaining.

    Up until two years ago, the walls fell under siege, the small town of Mozen being lost in the chaos. The hordes poured in, eating the population like rats trapped in a cage. Those who witnessed the terror enlisted in the newly formed Scout Regiment, eventually finding a way to take back the home that they had lost.

    Overcoming internal corruption and traitors in the ranks, it felt as if a new era of freedom was finally blooming. The world had been so small to them for their entire lives, now it seemed as if humanity was given a chance to flourish once more. That was, if those that watched were ready to give this world up.

    Above the planet sat a colossal ship, gold in color, signifying that the warlords of Planet Mega had returned. They had waited for the age of heroes to fall and for the King of The Monsters to be destroyed; though it seemed that there was a domino effect. Once those that fought to protect the Earth had fallen to the hordes, Godzilla disappeared. The perfect chance to seize the planet as they sought fit had finally arrived, taking the planet and leaving the walls alone as they transformed the rest of the world.

    One eye laid on their face, the ears much larger than our own; their skin a dark red, fingertips resembling suction cups; their clothing looking like an astronaut suit, covered in blue and purple. The warlords watched from above as they had finally done it.

    “It seems that they have escaped the experiment zone.”

    “I was not expecting this result. What should we do?”

    “Send in Rhiahn. We have no need for Triax or Krollar for this mission. The boy will not survive our first wave.”

    With a subtle push of a button, one of the Mega-Monsters was unleashed. Flying toward the planet, the green-yellow space invader prepared to fight for his master’s will. The original and their brothers had failed in taking the planet, he would not make the same mistake.


    The Scout Regiment had only been around for two years, and they had already taken back the world that was lost to them, discovering a civilization forgotten by their own people. The city lay in ruin, overgrowth covering most of the buildings. In the death of civilization, the Earth made life. A rebirth.

    The hero of the walls sat on his horse, deep in thought as he looked around him. Skeletons of men, women, and children paved the streets, the air stentched of death and decay. He knew what a warzone looked like, this city was the last stand against some outside force; perhaps the Wraith Titans that he had faced before or something beyond their understanding. Either way, this is where this age ended.

    This place felt familiar to the young man. Something about it, made fear crawl up his spine. As if… A distant voice of the past was calling to him. He closed his eyes as a memory quickly flashed in front of him. A single man stood among the crowd, walking toward the threat that stood before him with his fellow gods. Eren could tell they were one and the same, wanting nothing more than freedom. The man charged forward as he grabbed a knife from his side and sliced his hand open, lightning surrounding him as he leaped forw-

    “Eren?” The young man opened his eyes. His longtime friend and comrade, Armin, had broken his concentration on the memory, snapping him back to reality.

    “What’s up?”

    “Nothing, you just looked like you were lost for a second.” The young hero smiled before turning away from his friend, marching forward on his horse.

    “It’s nothing, I promise. Let’s move forward, I’m sure the others are going to want to make camp soon.” The pair moved forward, catching up to their allies. A small group of soldiers stayed on their horses as a large portion of the group took to the sky, using their Vertical Maneuver Gear to move around the city. They made it this far without encountering any Wraith Titans, it was best to secure the area before they were ambushed by the mutations.

    Humanity had already lost so much to the abominations, the lower the casualties, the less heartbreaks. Armin jumped off his horse, walking over to something that he spotted in the distance. The young man reaching down and attempting to pick it up, only for it to not budge at all. “Come on you stupid hammer, is it stuck or something?”

    “Armin lift with your legs, not your back.”

    Armin turned around, seeing Eren watch as he approached. “I would like to see you try then, genius.”

    The hero of the walls approached the object. Taking in a deep breath as he attempted to lift it from the crater that it sat in. The young man attempting to lift it, only for it to not budge like before. “Perhaps someday I will be like you.” Eren let go, backing away before looking at Armin.

    “Eren, what the hell did you mean by that?” Eren stared at his friend as he thought about his response.

    “It’s as simple as it sounds, I am not like the one before. The first host of my Titan form. This hammer, it’s the last remnant of the old gods. Warriors that fought for this very planet’s protection, but failed, and the world was consumed by the Wraith Titans.”

    “How the hell do you know that?”

    “Because I have the memories of the original host of the Attack Titan. He was their leader. The best of them.” Eren looked up in the starry night sky. He sensed something was on its way and that it would arrive from the heavens, from the great unknown. He didn’t know why he knew this, perhaps his memories played a factor, but he did know that he would need to put his all into stopping whatever threatened humanity.

    If only he was still here. The gods had failed, but if that beast was still here, things could have ended differently.

    “What happened to you, Godzilla?”

    “Who or I should say, what the hell is Godzilla?”

    “A reminisce of humanity’s past sins made flesh. A beast of great power, a destroyer and protector that walked this planet as the gods once did.” Armin stared at his friend, puzzled by all this information. Had Eren gone mad from the Titan’s power? Or was he telling the truth? He always had faith in Eren and he had seen things that most people wouldn’t believe either. Perhaps his friend was simply telling the story of those thought to be gods. Either way, to learn that even those with god-like power had fallen to the hordes was a disturbing thought.

    “Eren.” The two turned, spotting Mikasa approach.

    “Don’t tell Mikasa what I said. I’ll tell everyone when the time comes but they won’t believe me.” Armin nodded, vowing to keep the secrets of Eren’s memories.

    “I’m done surveying the area. Hange and Sasha will be here any second. The city seems deserted and devoid of life. Eren, why did you want us to come here?” The young man paused his train of thought as he looked up at Mikasa. Either way, his answer was going to sound crazy. Might as well tell her a part of it before they arrive.

    “Because we are going to stop the threat from above.” Eren pointed toward the sky, the hero waiting on a response. Mikasa’s eyes widened as she approached, wrapping her hands around his own.

    “Are you okay, Eren?” The young man blushed as he stepped back.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. I know that the answer was going to sound crazy, just… Know that we are here for a reason.” Suddenly a red flare was fired, causing alarm throughout the Scouts. Everyone looking up as the flare illuminated through the night. Their commanding officer waving her arms in the air before pointing at the sky.

    “Hey! Something’s coming!” Hange yelled as a shape began to take form in the darkness. Eren grinded his teeth as anger began to build.

    “Find Sasha and Hange. I will need you guys to stay back a bit while I do this. Make sure the area is secure. Who knows what will come through the night out here.” The pair of childhood friends shook their heads before taking to the sky, rendezvousing with their allies.

    The beast had a garish yellow colorization to it, the three blades behind it spinning, granting the invader the ability of flight. One golden eye glowed in the darkness, multiple arms hung from his torso, each of them tipped with a single claw, and a head that looked like a flying saucer.

    The second Rhiahn had arrived to Earth. Through his eye, the Megan warlord observed the situation, spotting the boy as they descended. This was the current host of the Attack Titan? Passed down from generation to generation, the power that made it possible for the Megans to create the serum for the Wraith Titans from the DNA of the Jaeger Titans. Stealing a vial of the serum from the gods themselves, dooming them in the process.

    The Megan Warlord pondered for a moment before pushing a button and issued a command, “Rhiahn, destroy them all.” The Megan beast cried out in rage as it charged at Eren. The Scout Regiment not having time to absorb what was happening as worry ran through their minds.

    Eren looked up as he lifted his hand to his jaws and uttered a single word: “Tatakai.” A golden flash temporarily banished the darkness. The Mega Monster screeched, blinded and covered its eye as it backed away. Smoke rose from the blast point, the hero’s form now changed. Their size grew exponentially, their skin glowing red like embers on a campfire, emitting an aura of hatred from their body. Eren stood up, cracking his neck and knuckles before getting into a fighting position. The hero of the walls taunting the alien to attack.

    The Attack Titan had arrived, his eyes red with a burning rage for his enemy. Ready to kill the one responsible for destroying this world. “I will succeed where you failed… I promise.”

    The Mega Monster stared down at the demon of justice as it circled around him before charging forward, preparing to kill their target.

    As Rhiahn opened his jaws, the mighty defender of the Earth sprung forward and grappled his hands on the top and bottom of the creature’s jaws, forcing the maw to stay open. The Attack Titan released a roar of rage at the beast, declaring one thing…

    Tonight, it dies.

    The Megan beast clamped into the flesh of the heroic Titan. From inside the nape, Eren’s eyes widen as Rhiahn quickly overpowered him. The Attack Titan fell on his back, blood flying across the alien’s face and ground as Rhiahn devoured his arms in a single gulp.

    This is bad. Blood flew from the freakish alien’s maw before quickly charging, the Titan rolling backward before sprinting on his feet into the ruins. He needed to let his arms regenerate before the invader gained the upper hand. He had never faced an opponent that had outclassed him so much.

    Rhiahn made a sinister grin as he approached, the alien readied himself to kill his fleeing prey. The blade attached to him sawed through the buildings around him, reducing the ruins into rubble and killing those unfortunate enough to be underneath the structures.

    Armin sat on a rooftop, the young man observing the situation from afar, trying to process what he was even saying. “Well… I’ll be damned. Alien life does exist.”

    “I wonder what it’ll taste like cooked.” Armin turned at Sasha, a confused gaze on his face as he looked at the young woman. “What?”

    “Eating it was not the first thought that came to mind when proof of extraterrestrial life appeared in front of us.”

    “Do you think this will work?” The two turned, spotting their commander with a rocket launcher.

    “It’s better than nothing. We need to give Eren time to heal his wounds and counterattack.” The four looked at each other, nodding in unison when they suddenly heard a scream. The small group looked down from their position to find some new arrivals…

    Wraith Titans grabbed unsuspecting soldiers, opening their maws as they broke both body and spirit. Agonizing screams from the recruits filled the ears of the survivors, while the Titans’ smiles left a feeling of unease as they devoured their comrades. Blood splashed across their flesh as they swallowed their meals whole. Any other creature fought to survive, ate so that they could fight another day, but these abominations ate for another reason… One lost to time.

    Mikasa sprung forward at increasing speeds, the Vertical Maneuver Gear making it so that she could keep away from the giant humanoid’s reach as she spun and sliced their nape in a single swing. Blood covered her as the corpse fell down, steam rising from the wound.

    Others of their kind turned their attention toward the young woman, their hunger consuming them as they all charged forward. Mikasa gripped the handles of her blades as they approached, determination filling her mind as the giants came closer… Suddenly, one dropped to the ground mid-charge. Sasha stood over, firing arrow after arrow at the Titans. Most of them missed the napes and instead struck their shoulders or missed completely.

    “Dammit! Why are these things so hard to hit!? They are gigantic walking targets.”

    Mikasa took in a deep breath before taking to the sky, spinning at rapid speeds as she cut into the arm of an approaching beast before circling around and slicing their nape, dropping the monster in what seemed like an instant. Another reached out to grab her, only for the warrior to quickly dodge and then stab the mindless brute in the eyes. Mikasa quickly backed away as the humanoid swung forward, attempting to grab her in a blind rage. The young woman quickly stuck on the side of a building, looking up as Sasha fired another arrow, this time landing its mark.

    “SASHA!” The huntress looked down, spotting her friend. “You need to breathe and then release. Calm your mind. It’s the same as firing a gun, just make sure you make more hits than missing the target. You will run out of arrows if you aren’t too careful.”

    Sasha nodded as she grabbed another arrow, breathing slowly as she took aim before releasing, slicing into the nape of another Titan. The young woman jumped up in glee as she screamed on the top of her lungs. Mikasa smiled, not being able to hide the pride she had in her friend.

    From a short distance away, Armin and Hange charged toward Rhiahn, the blonde strategist looking back at his friends fighting off the swarm. Though they were fully capable of defending themselves, he was still worried.

    “Hey!” Armin turned his attention toward his commander, the weapon’s expert catching his attention. “Have faith in them. We survived Shikishima and Kubal, we can survive this.” She was right, they had faced incredibly low odds of survival before, and they survived each time.

    The young tactician nodded his head before returning to the task at hand, looking past Rhiahn and spotting steam rising from behind a building.

    Eren looked around the corner of his cover, spotting Rhiahn searching for him above the ruins before looking back down at his regenerating limbs. They were half way from returning, but he still needed more time. The hero of the walls began to get up when he heard the alien scream, filled with fury, as he heard the echo of an explosive burst reach his ears. The young man once again looked past his cover to see Armin and Hange distracting the invader.

    “How do you like that, you perfect specimen!” Hange loaded the rocket launcher once more as she took aim and pulled the trigger. The explosive struck the monster’s body, earning a groan of annoyance as he turned his head through the smoke.

    “Oh shit…”

    Armin attempted to slice at the alien’s flesh as he flew by, only ending in the blades breaking in his hand. His eyes widened as one of the blades bounced back and sliced into his arm, earning a pained cry as he lost momentum and began to fall toward the ground. The anchors lost their grip, becoming entangled in the process, leaving Armin little choice… Time seemed to slow down as the young man fell thousands of feet, his life flashing before his eyes. His childhood memories with Mikasa and Eren, the attack on the walls from the Colossal Titan, the small group of friends eating at the dinner table after training. He was at least grateful for one thing… “I lived a good life.” The young man closed his eyes and smiled as he embraced his fate…

    Quickly Eren leapt forward, one of his hands regenerating enough to catch his old friend. The pair looked in horror as Rhiahn lifted a claw above his head before swinging it downward, striking the building that Hange stood on…


    Rage quickly overtook the Titan shifter, putting Armin to the side as he jumped up and chomped into one of the arms of the alien. Rhiahn shrieked before swiping one of his claws across Eren’s eye, cutting into flesh and thrown to the ground, blood falling from his body as he collapsed onto his back. Armin quickly untangled the cords and used his gear to fly through the air, going to where Hange stood. He needed to make sure she survived.

    The Attack Titan screeched as he rolled to the side, aiming to dodge the extraterrestrial’s next claw swipe. The diligent warrior looked over to his other regrowing limb, the process of his healing factor was almost complete. Soon he could fight at his full strength. Eren put up his one fist as the monster charged forth, quickly ducking and, with all his strength, punched the alien’s underbelly. Rhiahn released a gigantic gasp as he felt the weight of the attack before the Titan sank his nails into the beast’s skin, keeping a grip before throwing the invader.

    As the Mega Monster flew, the blades which propelled it sliced in Eren’s shoulder, earning a roar of pain from the Titan shifter. Blood covered the propeller-like blades as Eren’s falling body collapsed, with Rhiahn crashing into a decrepit skyscraper.

    Steam rose from the newly made wound as his hand finally finished forming. The demon of justice stood tall, looking as the beast struggled to swat the rubble off of him. Eren scanned around the destroyed metropolis, looking for anything to find to gain an advantage when he spotted the hammer that he saw before. Perhaps he was strong enough to lift it now.

    From inside the nape, the young warrior smiled as he walked over to it. Grabbing the mythic item as he approached the downed alien. Rhiahn released a roar, the sound resembling that of an ear piercing cry and an animal gurgling in blood, as he finally was able to lift off. The last of the rubble fell from his body as he shook, turning to find his enemy…

    The cyclop’s one eye widened as the hammer was slammed straight into his eye, blinding the alien. Rhiahn unleashed a shrill of anguish, the cry sounding like a croaking frog. The sensitive organ was destroyed in an instant, purple blood flowing from the wound. The Attack Titan smiled as he circled around his enemy, glancing at a destroyed skyscraper.

    The demon dropping the hammer before lunging for the leaning tower, he wrapped his hands around the metal and began to climb it. The alien swiped at the air in all directions, using his speed to attempt to catch his smaller adversary, only to be met with chunks of decayed concrete.


    Armin panicked as he threw hunks of debris, attempting to find his commander and friend had only just begun, but that hope plunged for just a moment… When suddenly, he heard a thud before a scream. The blonde soldier turned around, his eyes widening as he saw his commanding officer struggling on the ground. A piece of rebar jutted from her stomach, coughing up blood as the wound oozed with ichor.

    The strategist began to breathe heavily, he had never removed someone with a wound like this. “Armin, hey, hey,” the blonde young man looked down, his superior officer, breathing heavily as she tried to keep a serious face.

    “I know that you are quite shocked right now, but I need you to man the hell up. You’re a soldier. You are going to see shit like this. I need you to lift me up and get this piece of metal out of me.” Armin snapped out of his trance, quickly putting his hands on her back and lifting her up. Hange cringed as the wound began to bleed, she felt the tearing of flesh before she was standing. The commander let out a gut wrenching scream as Armin kept her balance.

    “I’ll go get the others. You stay here for a sec.” Armin placed her on the ground as he took off, going to grab his other fellow Scouts.


    Eren stood on top of the skyscraper, the Titan shifter looking down on the alien. His burning red eyes of hatred scanned the beast’s position. He could feel the weight of the building giving out, he needed to make a move.

    The Attack Titan jumped forward, roaring with fury as the burning embers of rage reached the surface. The rogue hero brought his elbow up as he descended, slamming his bulk into the alien’s hide as his legs were sliced off from the spinning blades. Blood sprayed across the battlefield, the Titan’s legs crashing into the streets.

    Quickly, Eren wrapped his arms around the alien’s throat to keep hold, keeping a vice grip on them. The flailing alien began to slam into buildings in an attempt to free himself, suffocating from the stranglehold. The hero of the walls opened his maw and sank his teeth into the monster’s shoulder, ripping skin as if it were a pear. Purple blood oozed out from the wound, splattering against the ground like a rushing river. The alien screamed in anguish once more before managing to finally throw the attacker off with a violent heave.

    Eren rolled across the ground, managing to stop himself by anchoring with his stumps. The Titan shifter glared as Rhiahn attempted to listen closely for his prey. The Attack Titan roared as he crawled at speeds that caught the alien by surprise.

    The extraterrestrial swung at the direction of the roar, only to miss and strike the ground. It was no use. The Attack Titan finished his charge before leaping forward, opening his jaws before sinking his fangs into the Mega Monster’s throat.

    The alien shrieked in agony as blood filled his enemy’s maw, the experimental life form swiping at his attacker with his claws. Attempting to free himself from the Titan’s grasp when Eren quickly wrapped his hands around the alien’s neck, applying pressure before using all his weight to throw them down to the ground. The pair crashed through the streets before the demon was thrown off Rhiahn’s back. Blood rushed from his face as he crashed into concrete, a large splat echoing through the area before he got onto his back. The hero stared at the wounded invader, the beast struggling to move.

    The Titan crawled close before grabbing the top of his head. The hero growling as he shoved his hand through the sensitive organ, blood spraying onto Eren’s body as the dying alien let out an ear piercing cry of anguish.

    The Megan Warlord slammed their fist into the side of his chair, frustrated by the fact their weapon was defeated by a much weaker foe. “My lord, what is your next order?” The alien turned toward his helpers, pondering on his next move before smiling.

    “Prepare the other Mega Monsters.”

    From above the battle, Mikasa, Hange, Sasha, and Armin watched as their friend began to rip through the skull, pulling out flesh and covering the streets in gore before Eren stopped. The young man rolled on his back.

    “I kept my promise…” Steam rolled from his flesh as he exited the Titan’s nape, falling on the ground unconscious. Victory was his on this day, but he was lucky. And eventually… Everyone’s luck runs out.


    -Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean-

    Fish swam by a gigantic cave, minding their business as to not disturb what lied inside. A green goliath of ancient legend remained, staying within his own exile.

    The world had gone to hell, but Godzilla had stayed in solitude. He was no longer the King of the Monsters, but a beast that had caused too much pain, too much suffering.

    The radioactive saurian looked from inside the dark cave, his red eyes glowing through the ocean. snarling as he saw a rather large animal pass by his home. The nuclear behemoth was hungry, he needed to feed.

    Quickly, the animal launched from the cave, opening his jaws as his prey took notice of his presence. Their eyes widening as the last moment of their life slowed down…

    Winner: Attack Titan

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // May 30, 2021
  • Authors: Andrew Sudomerski & Matthew Freese | Banners: Dao Zang Moua & Matthew Williams

    In the darkness of the night, the crisp and tender winds kept him company. How long it had been was lost on him, for he had wandered the ends of the Earth in utmost patience. The elder wizard clutched the demon sword at his side, one he had struggled to procure from the blessed shrine of Amaterasu’s White Bird of Heaven. Walls were blood soaked from those that protected the Sword of Dark Clouds, a task deemed impossible for any feeble fool that dared to try. The spellcaster, the warrior, and the priestess laid upon the defiled grounds, drenched in their own blood.

    Tsukinowa stepped away from the sacred temple, altering his appearance to fit that of the former priestess’ guards that resided there. He knew that, even if he was of Orochi’s lineage, he could not wield the sword as Tsukuyomi could. Certainly, only the Lord of the Moon could wield it, as the blade was salvaged from his dragon’s flesh and forged by the moon god’s almighty power. Its destructive might could bring about the end of the world, but only when held by its progenitor.

    “Tsukuyomi, surely destiny will guarantee your return to the mortal world,” Tsukinowa spoke aloud, even if no one heard him, “For your ambitions reach as high as the stars the gods placed. And it is those great heights that’ll bring the world to ruin.”

    Tsukinowa spotted a swath of guards rushing up the hillside and bypassed them without being spotted. Even if he had been found, they’d be none the wiser to truly know what happened. As he vanished between the darkness of the trees, Tsukinowa could only think of the great victory that was to come, one that would make him a worthy successor to his predecessor.

    Now, it was a matter of waiting.


    He sat alone in the stone-cold room, only surrounded by the comfort of magic candles and the Moon God Mirror he had reconstructed. Stored in its sheath was the deadliest weapon known to the world, yet one thought forgotten to time. He continued to pray, awaiting to serve his Master once more. But that time wasn’t now, for destiny had not foretold of His return. For the time being, isolation would be more than sufficient.

    Gunkanjima was, in many respects, isolated from the rest of Japan. Although it had long since become a tourist spot, very few were permitted to enter at a time–and even so, that time was limited. For this place harbored many demons; a stute reminder of Japan’s horrendous war crimes and forced child labor during the Second World War. For Tsukinowa, it was a convenient hiding spot from the public eye. Yet even he had to be careful, lest he risk exposure in an untimely fashion.

    The billowing wind aimlessly threw loose paper and debris across the desolate floor, flung into the open air surrounded by buildings. For countless human lifespans, Tsukinowa vanguarded the legendary Sword of Dark Clouds with his clearest intentions; to return it to its rightful wielder as to bring an end to all of it. And to those who tried to steal it from under him were punished by his wicked spells.

    Among his daily prayers for victory, something pricked in the back of his mind, a presence on the island. An odd one, seemingly not man or beast. He gazed into his mirror, a relic which allowed one to see things from miles away as if they were in the very room.

    Yet this was unseeable. Only a haze of blue lights flickering and swaying. ‘What in my lord’s name?’ His eyes widened as he tried to parse out this information. “Damn it,” he cursed beneath his breath before leaving the room, staff held before him in anticipation.

    He crept close to a wall near the shore, each step measured to make minimal noise. Once he had been the advisor to a great emperor, feeding him lies to further a foul agenda. He had never needed to skulk about like a common criminal, he strode through the finest halls with unceasing confidence. But he swallowed his pride, he would never need to lay in the shadows again when this all came to fruition.

    Suddenly, a pale light shined from around the corner before him, startling him. He suppressed a gasp of shock or, when his head was clear a second later, a scream of wrath. ‘What the hell is this!? On all nights, it’s this one?’ He internally shouted, before putting his back to the wall.

    Even a man who had seen as much as he had in his long life was absolutely baffled by the sight awaiting him.

    A blob of luminous azure sparkles waving back and forth, hovering above the ground. Tsukinowa gently stepped towards the anomaly, mind racing as he considered the situation. His mirror had not deceived him, the nature of the entity was just so odd that he had not believed the truth until it stared him in the face. No one was nearby, and if the shimmering gelatin lighting up the night was not drawing attention, his words would not either.

    “What are you?” He spoke calmly, trying to learn as much as he could. “Why are you here?”

    Was he even talking to a lifeform? It had done nothing to suggest it bore a mind, much less one capable of understanding his words. He saw no reason to keep speaking to it if it would do nothing, and thus he turned and began to walk. The plan was as it should be, this minor distraction aside. He was genuinely tempted to just blast it into dust for interrupting him.

    “You…” an echoing voice chimed through Tsukinowa’s head, causing him to whip around and look at the blob as it shifted with conscious movement. “Speaking to you requires a different… frequency than the other residents of this planet.”

    “What do you want?” Tsukinowa ignored the statement, seeking answers as soon as possible.

    “We are Yog. We are all of one mind and of many bodies, the pinnacle of evolution.” If the entity had any reaction to Tsukinowa’s scoff, it did not reveal it. “Instead of being bound to one form like the rest of existence, we may become whatever body we desire.”

    “Then why have you come to me?” The wizard found himself clutching his staff harder than he was before, whether out of fear or anger he did not know.

    “Unfortunately, in our current form we cannot actually do much. Cannot enforce our will. We need a powerful body to make our own, to act as the unstoppable emissary of Yog. That… is where you shall come in, holder of mysterious and awe-inspiring power.”

    Tsukinowa flinched. Did this thing mean the Sword of Dark Clouds? Did it truly seek its divine power? But without a body, it could not possibly wield it. Wait, this Yog needed a powerful body to…

    When the blob of sparkling lights lurched forward, Tsukinowa was paranoid enough to swiftly reply. From his staff came a bolt of lightning, illuminating the darkness of the night as it carved Yog into two pieces, large swathes of their body being reduced to lifeless vapor in the wind. The two remnants rolled back, unmoving beyond a subtle swaying.

    “You seek to become a god!? Yet you fall so swiftly before even my might. A true god like my master would rend you asunder with all the effort of crushing an insect!”

    “God… such a limiting term.” One of the clusters of Yog lunged backwards, diving into the waters below. Almost immediately, the same light emanated by the space amoeba intensified drastically from beneath the waves, making the wizard stumble back in shock. “Prepare yourself. Behold our true power and see if your ‘divinely gifted’ strength still compares.”

    Long he had waited for this day. A chance for reckoning, an opportunity to prove his might. Tsukinowa planted his magical staff into the wedge of the stone, keeping it firmly in place. Clasping his hands together, the soothsayer uttered a series of indecipherable hymns from a language lost to time.

    “O powerful moon, lend me your strength; O souls of the damned, conglomerate into a being of wickedness; for you, I present an offering,” Tsukinowa invoked as he transferred his conscious goal into the minds of the collective spirits. “Eliminate this threat, and the prized possession shall be yours for the taking.” Almost as if they had heard him, Tsukinowa listened as the wails of the dead responded in kind.

    They graciously accepted.

    Tsukinowa’s eyes shifted to the stormy skies. Rumblings off in the distance came ever closer, swelling under that of a dark cloud. The storm flashed with erratic lightning, draping the sky in a sheet of condensed vapors. Torrents of heavy rainfall poured over the broken island and the two living beings that stood there.

    Tsukinowa was drenched, his long, shaggy hair matted together rather uncomfortably. The being that called itself Yog, on the other hand, was seemingly unfazed by the presence of rain, as the droplets passed right on through. Even so, Tsukinowa couldn’t help but grin when he saw a similarly pale green light opposing the Yog’s creation.

    “Space fiend, let me show you that your pitiful attempts will be for nothing!” the servant of the moon haughtily proclaimed.

    “If that is how you feel, then by all accounts, allow us to demonstrate,” the alien virus retorted in kind. “With that power, we can save this world, Tsukinowa. We can save all planets from self-destruction by assimilating them to the will of Yog.”

    There was no saving these mortals. They had to perish, so his master dictated. Breezing past them, harsh winds rolled along the ocean, tossing powerful waves in their wake. All the while, green and blue lights pulsated as the oceanic seas prepared to give birth to twin abominations not of this world.

    Their bodies gestated in the aquatic environment.

    The first among them illuminated in a pale blue light, coated in viscous smear that encased the mata mata turtle. Its body contorted unnaturally, its chromosomes manipulated and altered by the alien virus. The shell split open with each molt, growing larger and larger in the process. Growth accelerated exponentially, protruding new teeth and fresh armored ridges for the battle to come. Its eyes shined a vacant sky blue, sneering at the ethereal entity that would oppose the will of Yog.

    Lime green light clashed with the brilliant blues of the Yog transformation, serenaded by the evil of the moon. Screaming souls of the damned were magnetically drawn to the celestial core, giving shape to the great sea beast that lurked within. At first it began in an embryonic state, but the more wisps absorbed into its very being, the quicker it grew in size and mass. Its scales hardened, formed more defined features, manifesting into a horrid eidolon of the deep. Uttering pained shrills from the cavernous trenches, the half-fish, half-beast monstrosity gleamed with spite and wicked intent.

    The light died down as the two sea beasts reached full conception. Kamoebas’ sky blue eyes faded and revealed those of an animal, with a glint of intelligence. Kaishin Muba’s eerie presence was still visible in the ocean depths, its orange eyes and green crystal ball piercing the darkness.

    Kamoebas challenged the sea god with a muffled shriek. Kaishin Muba happily obliged in a hideous gurgle.

    Swirling water displaced as the sea god began to move, fluttering its fins to swerve amidst the oceanic skies. Leaning its upper torso front facing, Kaishin Muba lunged towards the rugged terrapin, outstretching its tentacle clusters. Kamoebas retracted its head into the catacombs of its shell, though the malevolent spectre’s constricting appendages grappled with the sea turtle’s forearms, pulling the rocky giant deeper into the waves.

    As waters splashed against the island from the giants’ movements, Tsukinowa kept his smug grin. “Can you truly say that your overgrown turtle stands a chance after what you just saw?”

    Yog remained silent as death.

    Kaishin Muba’s teeth scraped against the rocky shell of its foe, leaving shallow grooves but not much else. Its tentacles squeezed the entrapped limbs of the mutated turtle harder, intent on breaking bone.

    Kamoebas’ head shot from its shell out like it was attached to a spring, teeth clamping down onto one of the tentacles restraining the Yog-beast’s legs. Slime coated the limbs, making it difficult for Kamoebas to find solid puncture for its teeth.

    The mutant quickly released its bite and retracted its head back into its shell to avoid the gnashing jaws of the supernatural leviathan. Kamoebas’ head then rocketed back out, bashing the top of its skull against the side of Kaishin Muba’s face. A surprised shriek left the demon, its tentacles loosening enough for Kamoebas to escape and begin to swim away.

    The wizard found himself laughing. “It’s already running away? You picked a real warrior for your champion, I don’t even think I needed to summon Kaishin!”

    “How foolish. The fight has just started and you already make such a bold claim.”

    Kaishin Muba surged through the waters after its target, howling and gurgling with wrath. What was immediately obvious was that the fish-like demon was far faster than the turtle, the distance between them closing in a matter of seconds.

    Kamoebas swiftly retracted all its limbs into its shell, stopping its retreat a moment before the bulk of the spirit beast crashed into it.

    Tentacles flailed all across the shell, bashing and constricting as the leviathan searched for a weakness. The howls of the coalescence of lost souls echoed throughout the water.

    As tendrils snaked along the underbelly of the shell, trying to find any opening they could, one of the forelimbs of the mutated matamata lashed out from its tunnel. Claws dragged across a slime-coated limb, failing to draw blood but still earning a growl of pain from Kaishin Muba.

    The foreleg was already back in its sheath before the several tentacles that whipped towards it could strike. Kamoebas’ head launched out, jaws clamping onto the tip of a tentacle. Its grip held firm as it retracted its head once more, carrying the tentacle into the shell.

    Kaishin Muba’s growls turned into screeches as it tried to wrench its limb free, but the turtle’s grinding teeth continued to wear down the flesh. The demonic leviathan rushed forwards once more, aiming both combatants at the rock wall of the nearby island. Its pace quickened as it felt blood began to leak.

    Gunkanjima shuddered as one hundred sixty-four thousand tons slammed into its side.

    Kaishin Muba’s scream of hatred and anguish made Tsukinowa’s hands rush to his ears.

    Ichor leaked from the end of the severed tentacle, staining the blue waters. Kamoebas was partially embedded in the stone, its body shifting as it tried to dislodge its pointed back from it. The ghostly leviathan backed away, staring at its wound.

    Lime-green fluid floated up from it, transfixing the entity. This pathetic creature had actually harmed it, made it bleed. The lifeforce of the dead was leaving the demon due to a simple turtle.

    Kamoebas had wriggled itself free, and was now attempting to haul itself onto land, its front legs upon solid ground. Yog could already tell that the water held no advantage for it, but upon the land it could begin to make gain.

    The water suddenly shifted, the waves churning around the mutant. Its loose grip grew even weaker as the water beneath it lowered into a whirlpool. Kamoebas looked back to see Kaishin Muba on the water’s surface, glaring daggers into the Yog-beast’s soul as its tentacles waved beneath.

    Kamoebas fell back into the waters, causing a wave to wash over the streets of the island. By the time it reached Tsukinowa and Yog it was not even ankle deep, leaving the two unbothered.

    “Did your creature just manipulate the waters themselves?” Questioned Yog.

    “Of course. The power of my lord makes all things possible, fool.”

    Yog made no comment after this, but the wizard could tell something was coursing through its gestalt mind.

    Kaishin Muba descended back down, submerging itself as it approached the flailing Kamoebas. The leviathan was done playing games.

    The gem upon its forehead glowed emerald green, channeling the power of evil and of the dead. A thin beam of energy raced forth, raking across the mutant’s shell. Explosions detonated across it, sending shards of the armored plating flying. Before Kamoebas could fully comprehend what had happened, another shot of the Water Mirror Ray sent cracks crawling across the shell as the triangular peak was blasted off.

    A turtle’s shell was as much a part of their body as anything else on them. Despite the inorganic look, it was still made of bones and carried countless nerve endings. Were it not for the warping of its genetics, Kamoebas would have likely already died from this alone.

    The Yog-infected creature raced forwards, screeching as it suppressed the agony flowing through it. Another strike from the pale blast tore off a large piece from the side of the armored carapace. Keeping its head in the confines of its shell, the mutant terrapin locked onto its target. With each passing second, the monstrous turtle was stripped of its natural defenses to the ethereal laser.

    Coming within reach, Kamoebas launched its head from the safety of its body as it tore through the oceanic skies, trailing with riptides and bubbles. Extending its neck to the equivalent to its total body length, Kamoebas opened its jaws and clamped onto the exposed gills that aligned the sea demon’s neck.

    The hideous fiend gargled as green blood oozed from the gills, its facial fins sparking with magical energies to retaliate. Yet before it could discharge, it felt an abnormal tug from its chelonian opponent. Rather than being dragged towards the body, it felt as if…

    Before the wicked abomination knew what hit it, the colossal armored body of Kamoebas sailed through the watery abyss, being pulled in by the head. Within a second, the mutant slammed its broken shell against the leviathan’s chest, jabbing it with jagged armor. Kaishin Muba screamed as it was hurled back with tremendous force, blood flowing from severe lacerations and its neck gill dislodged under Kamoebas’ maw. The mighty fish-beast collided against the seascape, erupting with a blast of disheveled earth, temporarily stunned from the heavy blow. It felt its lifeforce seeping from the torn gill and snarled viciously.

    Spitting the unnatural gill aside, the mutant terrapin turned and lunged forth, swiping with waving limbs and gnashing jaws. A tentacle cracked against its carapace, ripping away another chunk of the organic fortress upon its back and exposing flesh beneath.

    Claws scraped against the armored chest of Kaishin Muba, the extendable neck of Kamoebas reaching for the fish demon’s throat once more. The spirit leviathan’s own jaws shot down, crunching onto the skull of its target. Teeth worked their way through skin and grinded against bone, earning a hellacious screech of agony from the mutant. Even Yog’s influence could not shut down pain of this magnitude.

    One of Kamoebas’ claws sank into a wound on Kaishin Muba, widening it and spraying forth more ichor containing spectral essence. Instead of opening its maw as anticipated, Kaishin Muba only bit down harder from the pain. Its jaws slid forth, ripping the skin off of the mutant’s face. One eye was punctured, a spray of fluid being all that remained of it.

    Spitting out the foul tasting skin, the water god looked back at its foe to see Kamoebas pulling its head and limbs back into its shell. A Water Mirror Ray to the front of Kamoebas’ armor shattered it like dry wood, revealing the degloved skull of the Yog-beast, limited facial expression locked into pure terror from the residual animal it once was.

    Tentacles wrapped around the throat, pulling with all their might against a pathetic struggle of resistance from the battered turtle. The neck extended further and further, skin peeling away as Kaishin pushed it to its limits. The legs flailed futilely, accomplishing nothing.

    A sick, cruel grin decorated Kaishin Muba’s face as the neck no longer stretched, reaching its limit at the length of Kamoebas’ body. A limp, pathetic groan escaped its jaws. And with one last pull, Kaishin Muba ripped Kamoebas’ head clean off, a spray of blood tainted with blue lights spewing forth.

    The howling winds and falling rain were joined by a boisterous laughter. Tsukinowa looked back to the gelatinous being next to him, awaiting some cry of sorrow or rage-filled roar. But none came.

    “Have you been paying any attention?” Tsukinowa’s eyes widened. ”You have done nothing to us with the destruction of Kamoebas. Unlike you and your kind, we are not confined to a single form. It would be accurate to say that you destroyed a uniform of us, not our actual selves.”

    “And what of it? You know that you cannot best me as you are now, so what’s stopping me from blasting you into ash?”

    The sparkling lights in the mutant’s blood suddenly flew from the cloud, taking Kaishin Muba off guard as they entered its wounds. The leviathan bellowed as an awful sensation flooded its form, the pale blue light of Yog shining out.

    “Because it would do nothing. For you have given us a new, far better uniform to wear.”

    Kaishin Muba emerged from the water, fidgeting and letting loose grotesque gurgles, as if it were fighting with itself. Hellacious screeches spilled from its parted jaws, aimlessly discharging a ghostly laser into the watery surface. It swished and threw out its tentacles, contorting the vast body of water into vicious riptides and tidal waves, trying to fight against the spectral virus hijacking its body. In the end, the wild fish-beast came to a pause and fell deathly silent.

    The old wizard nearly fell over in terror. His creation had fallen into the hands of the enemy. Did this Yog know no limits for what bodies it could control?

    It looked towards Tsukinowa, the once blazing orange now a soft sky blue, then let loose a scream before discharging a Water Mirror Ray which lit up the night.

    With a burst of adrenaline the warlock hurled himself out of the way, the ground where he had just stood being turned into boiling stone. The Yog cluster he had spoken to was erased without a word, uncaring of its physical destruction.

    As a building behind him was incinerated by a cluster of explosions, the cacophony still not drowning out the deranged howl of his own creation, Tsukinowa prepared himself. “Then the time must be now,” the soothsayer muttered. Standing upright, he glared at his stolen familiar and firmly thrust his staff into the concrete. Crossing his hands in prayer, he uttered the incantation to complete the ritual.

    “O Kaishin Muba, spectre of the deep, take my offering,” he proclaimed, keeping his mind focused, “For the one I offer you resides within you now! The star-dwelling one shall be your sacrifice to take to the other side!”

    The Yog-possessed Kaishin Muba’s facial fins sparked to life, raising its tentacle clusters to command the waters. A monstrous tidal wave pulled from the surface, prepared to crush the wizard under its tremendous weight. Yet before it could do the deed, the sea demon halted its attack. The wretched green cretin began to illuminate in golden light, feeling its physical presence being erased from this plane of existence.

    The wall of water immediately collapsed, dispersing the giant body into the ocean, only violently splashing against the concrete barrier of the island. Kaishin bellowed one last time, more so Yog than the beast or its souls, as its body dissolved into nothingness. As the souls escaped back into wherever they had once been, the alien amoeba found itself being pulled apart at the molecular and quantum level.

    This was impossible! A being of this magnitude just fading away like this defied every law of physics. Confused and terrified at what their science-oriented minds could not comprehend, Yog was erased by the magics of Kaishin Muba’s dispersal.

    Tsukinowa breathed in deeply, trying to regather himself. He would recommence the ritual for his master, he needed to. Shakily getting to his feet, shivering from the bone-chilling cold as every inch of him was soaked, he began to hobble back to his chamber.

    Rest sounded so alluring, but not now. Rest could come when Tsukuyomi returned, when the old warlock’s goal in life was fulfilled. Until then, he would work himself to the bone in order to appease the rebel god and bring about his reign.

    Miles away, their shared mind felt the disappearance of their other aspect. The mission to capture the mysterious power on the island humanity called Gunkanjima had been a catastrophic failure, and at the same time they had made a powerful enemy.

    The conglomerate conscious saw few options, and each one carried its own risks and rewards. If what Tsukinowa said and if what they had gleaned from his mind were any indication, then the time for subtlety and subterfuge was long gone.

    Now was the time for action.

    Winner: Kaishin Muba

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // May 20, 2021
  • Author: Joshua Reynolds | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

    The whole planet was in ruin. It took less than a week for them to tear through every defensive line and obliterate the world’s defenses. Now their masters were doing the cleanup, rounding up survivors to be processed for whatever means they wanted. The beasts that accomplished this were starting to be collected. Monster X looked over to the side, crimson eyes blazing as he watched his strange, bizarre looking partner get sucked up into a vortex of energy and pulled into the innards of massive, golden-hued, triangular spaceship. He then looked forward, seeing the twin suns through the thick clouds of smoke that blanketed the sky like a dark flood.

    How many worlds was this now?

    The alien weapon tried remembering. He could visualize his prior conquests, but there was never a beginning. He couldn’t even remember a life before this violence. All he knew was the blinding light of being dispatched, the days of carnage as he and his vicious comrades raided worlds and the swirling colors of being particlized and returned to his masters.

    What a life…

    Monster X looked up as one of the flying ships descended from the churning black clouds. He sighed, a thick cloud of mist escaping his jaws as the beam of light shined down. His body quickly began to atomize and swirl, becoming one with the light as he was sucked up into the bowels of the spacecraft… And all for the war beast went dark.

    A screeching sound made Monster X become active. He could hear the frenzied voice of his commanding officer barking orders in his head. How long was it since the last conquest? It felt as if just earlier in the day, but it couldn’t be. Without warning, Monster X was dispatched. The light that exploded in front of his eyes began to illuminate a new, blue world. However, carnage had already broken out. He was being sent in as reinforcement.

    The skeletal creature felt the softness of grass and soil underneath his feet. He could smell an unrecognizable scent of the sea, enjoying it. But he could also smell the burning of life, the unforgettable scent of war. Then he heard it. It was the roars of some of his comrades. Monster X turned around. Again he was partnered with the one known simply as the Visitor, a grotesque alien creature with additional, spear-like appendages bursting from his back. The other was a feline, white-colored thing with a field of razor-sharp crystals protruding from its back, this one he knew as Krystalak.

    Then he heard unfamiliar sounds. He turned to the side, spotting why he was summoned. This planet had beasts of their own it seemed. Challenging the alien forces was a bipedal, lion-like golem. Thick plates of armor clanged underneath dense fur. Ruby eyes flared in the sunlight and King Caesar’s floppy ears stiffened and stood on end. The other was a much simpler thing in appearance. It was but a generic dinosaur, only much taller. A dull green in color with a large, triangular head, tiny arms and a long tail that slapped the ground.

    “Monster X, team with Krystalak and Visitor. Kill King Caesar and Gorosaurus, quickly!”

    The words of the unseen master echoed in Monster X’s mind. The creature snorted, charging forth at the pair of enemy fighters. Just as he closed the distance, the ground in front of him sunk into a pit. His foot was caught, being swallowed up by the swirling dirt. Another monster suddenly erupted upward, Baragon. The subterranean kaiju howled, his maw parting and breathing a stream of burning fire at the skeletal titan. The flames washed over his body, smoldering his black flesh and exposed bone. The alien howled, pulling his leg out of the pit while Baragon lunged forward, jaws clamping on his wrist.

    “And that one too!”

    Monster X tried to focus despite his master barking obvious orders directly into his head. His free hand came up, skeletal fingers wrapping around Baragon’s cranial horn. The alien nightmare snarled, focusing all of his might while the subterranean dinosaur tugged and thrashed like an oversized pit bull. After several moments, a blast of crystal shards struck Baragon’s side. The beast was forced to relent and fell away, limbs kicking with bits of glass-like crystal stuck in his mid-section between his right, front, and hind limbs.

    Monster X climbed to a stance and looked over at Krystalak. His bizarre partner snorted before turning his cold gaze back to Gorosaurus. The giants charged one another. Falling onto all fours, the inorganic life form ran like a feline. He jumped, clearing Gorosaurus’ head and landing behind him. Just as the green dinosaur turned, the alien’s mace-like tail of crystals smacked the side of his face. Gorosaurus was sent crashing down with a thud. Krystalak wasted no time and leapt, coming down with razor-sharp claws. Trenches of crimson were carved into the reptile’s scaly hide, but the alien underestimated the dinosaur’s jaws. Gorosaurus’ maw opened and his head lashed. His jaws clamped shut on the elbow of the alien, triangular teeth cutting into the weird substance that made its skin.

    Seeing this, Monster X’s eyes flashed with light. A quick burst of golden energy was shot forth from his four crimson eyes. The beams struck Gorosaurus’ head, instantly causing him to release the alien.

    However, Monster X didn’t have time to see what followed. His guard had been left down. King Caesar took advantage. The living legend moved with the speed of lightning. His limbs a blur, he hit the skeletal kaiju numerous times with precise strikes to the face, chest, and stomach. X stumbled back, bringing up his arms to protect his face. However, King Caesar lunged upward with his knee, driving it straight into his gut. Instantly, every bit of air was forced from his body. X gasped, coughing while he hunched over. King Caesar leaped up and came down, driving his elbow into the back of his exposed neck. Once more, X was sent crashing down with a horrible sound.

    King Caesar bellowed his victory to the world, but suddenly his head was engulfed in a faint blue glow. His hands came up to the sides of his head, grasping at each side of his face. His mouth parted, but nothing came out. His eyes tried reflecting the attack, but whatever it was, it wasn’t the typical energy attacks he faced. Not far away, the Visitor stood tall. Its oblong head tilted forward, pulsating the blue light that was crippling King Caesar’s mind. The earth defender collapsed, gripping the sides of his head in utter pain.

    Suddenly, the Visitor ceased the attack and straightened back up. The bizarre thing once more looked down at X. The skeletal kaiju snorted, rubbing the back of his neck in pain. Before long, Baragon rushed in from the Visitor’s side, spewing a stream of burning hellfire that blanketed it. The alien’s strange flesh broiled, charring black before Baragon pounced. The Visitor’s many spear-like limbs acted with a mind of their own, protecting its body and swatting Baragon away like a baseball. The earthbound guardian flew back with a painful howl, vanishing into a cloud of churning smoke.

    At the same time, Krystalak’s body catapulted from the opposite side of the battlefield. While he crawled to his feet, Monster X spotted Gorosaurus standing, hunched up with his tail beating the ground anxiously. Krystalak landed on his back, rolling like a ball for several dozen yards before recouping and jumping back to a stance. The alien’s tooth-lined maw opened and a concentrated blast of alien power mixed with shards of crystal erupted. Gorosaurus leaped to the side, dodging the attack. Looking to join the attack, Monster X spread his arms and readied another volley of his destructive beams. Mere milliseconds before he could fire, King Caesar launched another surprise attack, striking the side of X’s face with his foot.

    The impact caused Monster X to spin just as he fired. His bolts ripped through the smoky air before finding an unexpected, unintended target: the Visitor. The alien war monster was taken by surprise and thrown back, a blistering explosion engulfing the front portion of his strange body.

    “You worthless moron!” X could hear his master screaming in rage.

    Monster X fell, protecting his face as a powerful stomp from King Caesar came down on his mid-arms. Krystalak howled, turning his attention away from Gorosaurus. He fired upon King Caesar with his weapon. A spray of sparks and shards shot from the guardian’s side, pushing him off of X. Pressing the assault, Krystalak charged. He ignored X, indirectly stomping on his chest region while pushing King Caesar back.

    Monster X wheezed, struggling to regain himself as his master continued hurling insults directly into his brain. He decided to remain lying, his head hurting from the impacts and the constant yelling he had to suffer from the Xillian leader. His head rolled to the side, watching on as King Caesar, Gorosaurus, and Baragon battled his teammates the best they could. Gorosaurus attempted his notorious kick, but the Visitor’s many limbs deflected the attack and sent him flying away. Once more Baragon lunged, this time at Krystalk, but found nothing but pain from balls of crystals launching from the alien’s whipping tail.

    Then there was King Caesar. With the skills of a martial arts master, the guardian was besting both aliens with his skills, delivering swift punches, kicks, and chops to various parts of their body. X’s crimson eyes focused, watching the Earth monster carefully. He had never seen something of their size using such maneuvers.

    “Get up and help your comrades you piece of-“ Monster X slammed his own fist into the side of his head, causing a temporary glitch that silenced the voice.

    The numbers King Caesar faced were too much. Just as he pushed Krystalak down, the Visitor’s spear-like limbs lashed out like demonic snakes. Two hits tore into each of his shoulders from behind. King Caesar howled in agony as the alien lifted him off of his feet, keeping him in a crucified state in midair via his spear-like limbs. The thing’s bizarre cranium pulsed and his crippling brain spasm attack erupted. King Caesar’s mouth opened wide to scream, but no sound came.

    At the same time, Krystalak had crawled back to his feet. He spotted Gorosaurus and Baragon charging in, but his maw parted and tail loomed over his head like a scorpion’s. A barrage of energy and crystals were fired at the dinosaurs, pinning them down in a blanket of razor-sharp shards that clung to their hides like glass.

    “If you do not get up, I am going to leave you here after we absorb all of this planet’s resources!”

    X snarled, eyes looking up at the smoky sky and seeing brief glimpses of the blue heavens. For but a moment that seemed like an eternity, he was transported back to the hundreds of worlds he helped conquer. How many had skies like this? How many did they leave in a perpetual state of ugly death after? He then looked at the ground, seeing remnants of the civilization that sprawled, the forests that surrounded it and the mountains in the distance. It was all so familiar. Soon it’d all be barren, nothing to exist but dust. His crimson eyes then looked back at Krystalak and the Visitor. The alien war monsters were cruel. They enjoyed what they did. They were bred killers, baptized in combat in the name of the Xillian Empire. X, however, just wanted it to end.

    Monster X began to climb to his feet. “Finally!” the leader’s voice shrieked in his mind. The beast struck the side of his head, once again causing a temporary glitch. Then he extended two of his fingers. The sharp nails of his fingers tore through the dark flesh between his skeletal armor. He knew it was in there, but he had no idea how deep. As he tore through his own skin, dark fluid starting to flow down the side of his head and neck, the voice came back. The leader cursed, demanding to know what he was doing and ordering him to stop.

    And then X found it. His nails scraped something metallic. Like tweezers, his fingers gripped it and pulled it out from his head. Upon exiting his skull, the voice ceased entirely. In the distance, X could see the alien war ships looming. And he knew that hotheaded leader was watching. Holding the circular, metallic device in his hand, Monster X crushed it with a fist…

    He reached the Visitor first. Without being noticed, Monster X charged his former ally. He grabbed the base of his bottom spear limbs, yanking with his might. The sudden impact caused the alien to lower his catch of King Caesar and cease his brain spasm attack. The beast was confused at first, but soon screamed in agony as the joints of his spear limbs were destroyed at the base. Monster X had fired point blank, shattering the area where the limbs attached to its body. The alien fell, allowing King Caesar to slide off of his spears.

    Upon hearing the Visitor’s cry of pain, Krystalak looked over. He was quickly smacked across the face by one of his partner’s limbs. The feline-like thing bellowed as he hit the ground with a thud. X lifted the limb like a spear, but Krystalak was fast to act. His mouth parted, shooting the weapon with his mixture of crystals and energy. The spear-like limb shattered in X’s hand.

    Krystalak’s tail snaked around his ankle, tripping him up while he recovered. With sheer malice in his eyes, the crystalline titan hissed. However, without its constant barrage, Baragon and Gorosaurus closed the distance. The two saurians pounced on the war beast from behind, pinning its body to the ground while thrashing its cream-colored hide with bites and slashes.

    X turned away from Krystalak and back to King Caesar and the Visitor. Both monsters were crawling back to their feet. The guardian looked at X confused, but then nodded. X returned the gesture, slapping the ground with his own tail as he approached from the side. The Visitor spotted X first and launched his remaining limbs, but his former partner ducked and delivered a stiff, swinging blow to his head. The impact caused the alien to spin on his heel, directly into a mountain-shattering kick from King Caesar. Bits of the alien’s teeth flew in every direction while he was thrown aside, completely unconscious by the impacts.

    Krystalak’s cries of pain came as he struggled to crawl away from the marauding dinosaurs. He reached up, begging his former ally to help. X snorted, remembering how Krystalak merely stomped on him without a care.

    Unnoticed by the warring monsters, the Xillian’s fleet of triangular ships zoomed overhead. With beams of light, they reclaimed their wounded beasts. The Visitor was sucked back into the ship. Krystalak, still whining and bleeding, was taken second. The ships remained in the air for a few moments, their pilots no doubt unsure what to do about Monster X. X crossed his arms and energy surged in his crimson eyes. He prepared to fire, but just before he could, the space craft vanished at light speed, heading back into the recesses of outer space.

    Baragon and Gorosaurus were unsure and glared at one another. King Caesar, wounded and sparking from his shoulders, nudged Monster X. The former invader looked over. The two giants starred at one another for what seemed like hours, possibly communicating by some unknown means. After a solid minute, King Caesar nodded and looked away. Monster X’s tail slapped the ground…

    Finally, it was over.

    Finally, he had found a true home…

    Winners: Monster X, King Caesar, Gorosaurus & Baragon (Millennium)

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to Digiwip for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, Facebook, Twitter, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // May 10, 2021
  • Godzilla & Kong. A titanic pairing not on the big screen together in nearly sixty years returns with a climactic clash available in theaters and the comfort of your own home. Does Adam Wingard’s vision for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) succeed in capturing the spirit of the 1962 original? I’d say it does and even exceeds expectations in a few areas but not without a few stumbles.


    Movie Reviews // May 4, 2021
  • Author: Dan Rogers | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

    The sun was high above Solgell Island. The skies were clear. The isle’s native flora was in bloom. It would have been one of the most picturesque days in this island’s history were it not for the horrible pained screeches that could be heard from all across the island.

    Toward the center of the island, a Kamacarus had wandered too close toward the valley of Kumonga and now found itself entangled in the arachnid’s webbing. It called desperately to any member of its kind for assistance. It was shrieking for what felt like hours, yet its calls went unheeded. The eight-legged behemoth slowly crawled over to its victim. The mantis desperately attempted to break free of the webbing, clawing at the ground and fluttering its wings, but only found itself further entrenched. The predator was upon it now. It let out one final screech, as it felt something puncture its body. The mantis felt its limbs stiffen and lock into place, as its energy slowly drained from its body. It slumped on its side, as its bright orange eyes dimmed.

    Once the arachnid was sure that its prey was paralyzed, it began clearing some of the excess webbing so that it may get closer to its prey. The spider positioned itself atop its victim, and began spraying webbing upon it, gently rotating the frozen insect with its legs. Before too long, the mantis was encased in a web cocoon, perfectly preserved for the next time Kumonga hungered. The spider left its perch atop its food, and began crawling back to the center of its valley, so that it may lie in wait for the next unfortunate creature that wandered too close to its nest.

    A low rumble made the spider stop in its tracks. It slowly turned toward the noise. The earth began to rip and a mound of dirt began to rise from the opening. The spider was no stranger to battling burrowing creatures, so this would not be a challenge. If anything, this monster would simply serve as another meal. Kumonga backed away, taking a strategic position atop a rock, ready to fire web at its subterranean opponent as soon as it breached back onto land.

    To the spider’s surprise, it was not met with a large beetle or fire-breathing reptile, but with hundreds of scorpions. They were roughly a tenth of the spider’s size. They were hardly a meal. As they didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the spider, Kumonga did not feel the need to chase them off. It stayed atop its perch, studying these unfamiliar creatures that had wandered into its valley. They were a blue-ish black, with red accents adorning the center of their bodies. They seemed to be wandering around aimlessly, manically scurrying across the ground. Kumonga wondered what could have compelled these creatures to approach its home.

    The spider’s question was answered almost immediately, as one of the scorpions found its way over to the cocooned Kamacuras. The small scorpion turned around and called for its brethren, who all began to skitter over. Once they had all reached the petrified mantis, they began attempting to move its body toward the mound of dirt they had emerged from. Kumonga realized that it must have been its prey’s cries that brought these scavengers to its home.

    And now, they were stealing its meal.

    Kumonga fired a web into the air, the sound causing the small thieves to drop its food. They scattered, running in all separate directions. The brown and yellow arachnid jumped into the air, landing atop its food. It lifted its leg and repeatedly slammed it against the ground, crushing its foes. The spider must have crushed twenty before they regained composure and all started to head back toward the mound of dirt they had emerged from. Kumonga would not let them get away that easily though. It knew it could not kill all of them, but it could ensure that they would learn to never approach its home again.

    The spider leaped off of its food and began approaching the disrupted earth, making sure to step on as many scorpions as it could. Once Kumonga had reached the mound of dirt, it began repeatedly stabbing its leg inside of it, attempting to further frighten the intruders off. Suddenly, the spider felt a shock of pain as something clamped onto its leg. It felt its body leave the ground, as a giant claw burst from the pile of earth. The claw released hold on Kumonga’s leg, sending the spider soaring through the air. The spider let out a fearful screech, before landing on its back. Kumonga was dazed, but had the presence of mind to flip back over to view its attacker.

    The mound of dirt began to shake, slowly revealing a larger scorpion. It had the same appearance as its smaller kin, a blueish-black with red accents covering the center of its body. It snapped its claws and let out an enraged shriek. Kumonga, still reeling from the throw, roared in response.

    The scorpion quickly skittered toward its opponent. Kumonga realized that its opponent was much faster, and this would be a battle that would have to be done from afar. The spider leaped backward, creating a much larger distance between the two. The clawed creature, unwavered, continued its approach. The brown and yellow arachnid fired a blast of web, which covered the scorpion’s body, stopping its approach.

    Kumonga cautiously approached its webbed opponent. Normally, the spider would be certain that this would be the end of the battle, but this creature was unfamiliar. This had to be handled carefully. Once the spider stepped a little more closely, the scorpion fired a strange brown liquid from its tail. The spider jumped backward, but some of the liquid splashed onto its front left leg. Kumonga’s skin began to sizzle, as it roared in pain. It desperately began rubbing its leg into the dirt, trying to find some relief from the pain. Unfortunately, it did not notice that its web began disintegrating.

    In a blink of an eye, the scorpion was upon Kumonga. Its claw clamped down on the left side of the spider’s body, holding it in place. The spider let out another wail of pain. With its free claw, the scorpion began repeatedly hitting the face of its opponent. Kumonga’s vision began to blur from the flurry of blows. The scorpion opened its claw it had been pummeling the spider with, ready to snap it down on its opponent’s head.

    The spider’s vision began to return, only to watch helplessly as its fate rushed to meet it. With its last burst of strength, it shot web at the claw, forcing it shut. The scorpion let out a grumble as it attempted to reopen its grip, but the spider’s webs would not budge. It released the left side of Kumonga’s body as it took its other claw in an attempt to peel off the webbing.

    The spider, taking full advantage of the scorpion’s frustration, fired another blast of web, causing both its claws to stick together. Its stingered-opponent let out another grumble, as it attempted to pry its claws apart. It slammed them repeatedly on the ground, but Kumonga’s webs would not give way. The spider regained its footing, and began to approach its struggling opponent. It fired more webbing at its opponent’s legs to prevent it from escaping.

    It was a hard fought battle, but it appeared as Kumonga was the victor. While the scorpion could still fire its acid at the spider, it would merely delay the inevitable. The spider stared hungrily at its opponent. The spider felt pride in defending its home from this invasive species. It clicked its jaws in preparation. Kumonga proved itself to be the dominant force on Sollgell Island, and that’s the way it would always-

    Kumonga felt something pierce its abdomen, and suddenly rip back out. The spider turned away and began to stumble, slowly losing control of its legs. Kumonga had been too busy considering its stomach to notice that its opponent’s tail was still free. The scorpion lifted its tail and sprayed the brown liquid onto its claws, causing the webbing to melt away. It did the same to its legs, freeing itself from its opponent’s trap. It let out a triumphant roar.

    The spider turned to face it, but it just could keep its footing. Its body crashed to the ground. As it watched its opponent slowly approach it, it could see its kin slowly begin climbing out of the dirt mound they had escaped into. Kumonga felt its limbs stiffen and lock into place, as its energy slowly drained from its body. It slumped on its side, as its bright blue eyes dimmed.

    Now, Kumonga would be the meal.

    Winner: Ts-eh-GO

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // April 30, 2021
  • Authors: Vincent Rodger & Matthew Freese | Banner: Landon Soto

    -Hiroshima, 1964-

    Dr. Bowen and his colleague Dr. Togami had been studying the leftover scales of Godzilla from his battle with Mothra, trying to find out how Godzilla’s unique radiation worked. With that knowledge, they could learn more about his biology. So little was known about the mutant, that any knowledge would be a breakthrough in the scientific community, for Godzilla was an anomaly to life itself. His unique mutation granted him a regeneration ability and his famous “Atomic Breath.” (more…)

    K.W.C. // April 20, 2021
  • Author: Andrew Sudomerski | Banner: Matthew Freese

    Torrential rainfall pounded against the ruthless waves, churning riptides in their wake. In this place, there was no light, for a perpetual storm raged across the endless sky. Blotted darkness cast its shadow, reaching to the great horizon. Erratic lightning struck the violent ocean, acting as the only illuminating source in this treacherous void no sane man would travel.

    Howling winds shrieked at an untapped volume, a deafening wail no mortal earth-dweller could hear. Yet in spite of the fearsome gale, an ethereal light brimmed in the depths of the storm. Alluring blue hues gestated above the vast ocean, warping the space around it. It tore apart at the seams, revealing an infinite pool of unstable reality. Contrasting the crimson hued bolts emitted from the storm clouds, the portal ripped apart with sky blue electricity and emanated its own artificial cloud. Pulsating with jubilation, a wrathful beast was soon to emerge.

    Swooping in from the other side of the wormhole, a ferocious wyvern spread its wings out in the presence of the raging wind. Turbulence proved to be cumbersome for the dragon, but its skill and maneuverability could perform optimally in such harsh conditions. Several flaps of its mighty wings fought against the grazing wind, traversing the expansive skies. The wyvern’s natural senses guided it through this unfamiliar territory, following the swirling path of the clouds. Destructive hurricanes such as these held a natural-born pattern, one that required a skilled eye to notice. Using this, the wretched serpent navitaged onward.

    As it presumed, the raging storm died down the closer it approached the brimming veil. Certainly, the sun had longed since dipped behind the horizon, for the sheet of light was illuminated by the rays of moonlight. When the vicious dragon tore through the layer of rainfall, what it found was nothing short of a beauty that remained undefiled by foreigners. The winged serpent slowed to a steady flight, basking in the sight of the arcane island.

    Moonlight shone upon the natural beauty of Skull Island, with jutting rock formations, steep mountains, and canyons alike. The shining gleam from the foliage rustled with the nocturnal animals that roamed the night, yet it remained relatively undisturbed. Above the highest peaks, glistening lights of wonder descended from the skies, teeming with a spiritual presence. The aurora borealis gave the island an alien green hue, further complimenting its majesty.

    Primal slits locked onto a vaguely familiar shape that caught its attention. A village, and at its heart a smoldering fire from a ritual long passed, which led to the sight of an axe. The spiked blade was embedded into the ground, the calcified hilt reaching for the sky. The select few natives stood in prayerful silence as the rest slept comfortably for the day to come.

    At the perimeter stood an erect wall of protruding spikes, soaked in bloodied ichor. In the darkness of the night, lizard-like goblins rammed their lithe bodies against the wooden pikes, all in the vain attempt to satisfy their hypervoristic appetites. What a disgusting view.

    Furrowing its brow, the draconic beast’s maw fermented an orange blaze…

    Aloft on the highest peak that towered over the rest of the island, Kong gazed at the starry display. He had long since outgrown this peak, becoming too large to sit comfortably to observe its otherworldly beauty. This was his first hike in many years, simply revisiting to reconnect with the far heavens. He reached his large, furry hand to the sky, trying to grasp the stars themselves. It felt within reach, yet it remained so distant all the same…

    His sage eyes, carrying an ancestral wisdom passed down through the generations, gleamed at the sight of the sleeping village. They were his people, the only thing on this island he needed to protect, an oath he must fulfill. For what would be left if they perished? He had lost his parents in battle, a jaded memory that stung like a wasp. He refused to lose more of his family, no matter the cost.

    He tracked to the outermost walls of the Iwi village, noticing the voracious scavengers trying to pry the wall apart. While their efforts were ultimately futile, he did not take kindly to their presence. An embedded hatred from millennia of war and conflict between the Kongs and the Skullcrawlers. A seething growl escaped his lips. Then almost as if by divine punishment or happenstance, a trailing cluster of compacted fire soared directly at the foul cretins–but at a grave cost.

    An eruption of blazing flames unfurled at the point of impact, rising to the air like a fiery mushroom cloud. The Skullcrawlers caught in the blast were incinerated without a moment to spare; those caught in proximity were blown to bits, scattering their limbs and bony armor all over. Likewise, the once fortified gate had been demolished by the fierce burst of fire, leaving the Iwi village completely exposed.

    It didn’t take long for the mythic beast to notice the perpetrator, following the approximate trail of where the fireball had originated. Sailing the nighttime sky, a fearsome winged wyvern entered Kong’s sight. Adorned with sharp ridges that protruded from its body, the wicked beast soared the skies as its domain. The membranes that stretched across its wings were dressed in distinct patterns, an intimidation display for those who saw them. Attached to its theropodic frame, the wyvern beat its massive wings, circling around the scorched earth below.

    Kong grimaced at the danger his people were in. Rising to his thick, stocky legs, the mighty guardian king scampered down the mountainside, opting to take the quickest route to the endangered natives. Much to his bewilderment, he witnessed the fire dragon descend upon the wreckage–snapping at the lesser Skullcrawlers and shredding them apart with its razor fangs. However, the gaggle of skull-faced cretins marched into the former safe haven, seeking to consume all in their path.

    As he came to the mountain’s base, Kong pushed his large body into a gargantuan sprint. Heavy rumbling was felt throughout the island, disturbing the native fauna from their humble slumber. The mighty Kong aimed for the village, seeking to protect those retreating from the stampede of lizard-like fiends. Gushing a booming roar, Kong let his presence be known.

    Coming to a gradual halt, the monstrous man-beast skidded to a stop, acting as the sole blockade between the Iwi and the voracious goblins. Bringing his massive foot up, Kong stomped on an entire troupe of Skullcrawlers, splattering under his heel. The earth shook under his godly retribution, a stark reminder of his integral role on the island.

    Fearing the wrath of Kong, the Skullcrawlers diverted their gluttony from the pesky humans to the great god-beast. Clamping their serrated teeth, the flock of lizards tried to tear a piece of flesh off the mountainous primate. With a flick of his wrist, Kong swatted the diminutive reptiles like pests. The tremendous force of the giant’s hand shot the ravenous predators onto the swampy water, shattering their bones from the impact.

    After picking off the freakish ghouls, his wrath stared at the dragon that initiated this insurgence. Beating his chest with his fists, Kong boomed a deep bellow, proclaiming his status to the enemy.

    Kong, King of Skull Island!

    Slurping another of the hypervores into its jaws, the wyvern locked eyes with the magnificent deity. Shrieking a hellish screech, the beastly dragon returned the favor, spreading its wings out in an impressive display.

    Rathalos, King of the Skies!

    Flapping its membranes, the Greater Rathalos leapt into the air and circled around, tracking the man-beast’s every movement. Kong likewise vexed his frustration with a grunt, ready to throw down with this colossal invader.

    Fierce slits narrowed in on the beastial biped, flexing its talons. Compressing its wings, the vicious wyvern extended its claws in eager savagery, screaming as it dove toward the legendary titan. Raising his muscular arm in defense, Kong braced for the incoming strike, steeling his resolve. Like a bird of prey, Rathalos inevitably collided against the massive wall of shaggy fur and rough flesh, tearing its bladed talons into Kong’s musculature.

    A booming cry resounded from the mighty guardian of Skull Island, feeling the gushing ichor pour from the gashes left by the wyvern’s talons. Blood splattered against the swampy waters as Kong clasped onto the winged serpent’s hind legs, engaging in a violent tussle. Twirling around, Kong swung the ruthless tyrant into a nearby cliff face, its head carving a trail in its wake.

    Flapping ferociously, Rathalos tried to break free from the towering ape’s clutches, only instead to be overwhelmed by Kong’s brute strength. Heaving the squirming dragon over his shoulders, Kong slammed the vicious reptile into the odorous swamp, erupting in a splash of roaring tidal waves from the sheer impact.

    Without giving the extradimensional invader a chance to retaliate, Kong swooped his mighty hands around Rathalos’ beaked jaws, prying them apart. Another round of talons slashed at Kong’s gut, while its powerful wings slapped against the gargantuan ape. Yet before the pivotal moment, a sudden surge of dizziness overcame the guardian beast. A light-headed ringing disrupted his concentration, losing his once firm grip over the crimson dragon.

    Taking the chance, Rathalos slipped from Kong’s grasp, whacking the gorilla-beast in the face with its clubbed tail as it took to the skies. The hairy ape-man was thrown off his balance, sluggishly collapsing into a nearby mountainside. Erratic breath overtook the mighty king, trying to intake enough oxygen to remain conscious. Bringing his hand over to his wounded arm, he pressed against the gash with his pads. It stung, irritating the mighty ruler, but it was necessary. He held his blood-covered fingers to his face, struggling to focus on the abnormality present.

    Using the moonlight above, Kong saw his blood was an abnormal color. Rather than the crimson ichor that would leak from injury, what stained his hand was intertwined with a deep purple. The sensation felt vaguely familiar, recalling his many spats against the Mother Longlegs that injected him with their bambooed spurs. In that moment, it clicked to what this was.


    Its potency was far more intense than that of a Mother Longlegs, however. This was evident as he struggled to rise to his feet, stumbling over himself to maintain balance. Even so, he couldn’t back down; not in the face of this invader from beyond the storm. Gritting his teeth, Kong pushed on, grabbing hold of a large boulder nearby. The side-effects from the dragon’s poison made it difficult to determine spatial distance, but Kong knew he had to try. Catapulting the boulder with a heaving throw, the large rock soared through the night sky.

    Rathalos was quick to swerve out of the line of fire, allowing the boulder to harmlessly sail until it crashed onto the rocky shores of the island. Keen eyes observed as Kong readied another boulder, showing clear signs of fatigue. The beaked wyvern snorted, content with letting the poison do the rest of it. The more he fought, the more he would inevitably wear himself out. Then, he would be easy pickings.

    Shifting trajectory to the highest peak the great ape came from, Rathalos perched atop the mighty cliffs that peered over the mountains of the island. Snake-like eyes glared at the mighty Kong, who in kind responded with immense vitality. Kong unleashed a warbling cry, beating his chest in a display of dominance. Rathalos likewise returned the favor, screeching with a howling blast of air, claiming supremacy in their fight.

    Yet in their war cries, aside from disrupting the harmonious ecosystem with the swarms of the feathered and reptilian avians, sinister cackles responded in kind. The source came from neither Kong nor Rathalos, but instead the devils that dwelled beneath the island. Popping out of their dug holes like varmints, the Skullcrawlers emerged en masse, the hordes split between devouring Kong and ascending the heavenly mountain to confront the faux demon.

    The King of the Skies boomed another hellacious roar, so loud and pronounced that it popped the auditory receptors of the Skullcrawlers closest to the fearsome dragon. But even the momentary delay of the horde didn’t stop the army of fiendish lizards from swarming the magnificent reptile. Gnawing at its crimson scales with their inward curved teeth, the Skullcrawlers tried to tear it piece by piece. Yet the hard scaly armor made it nigh impossible for them to pry it apart, only irritating the draconic beast at most.

    An irked growl rumbled from its jaws, twisting around and trampling the insignificant pests. The lizard-like ghouls were splattered into paste under the dragon’s tremendous weight, smearing their mangled corpses along the rocky perch. A swing from the large barbed tail skewered the bone-faced cretins without remorse, leaving them shish kebabed against the bulbous tip.

    Scissoring with its beaked snout, Rathalos plucked the ravenous hypervores off its body, crunching their miniscule frames between its bony fangs. Reptilian eyes kept a passive eye on the ancient primate, seeing him struggle with the pests all the same. Kong tore the pint-sized lizards with his massive fingers, crushing their bodies in the process. As Rathalos slayed the horde under its might, a booming roar from Kong caught its attention.

    But it wasn’t what it expected.

    In tandem with the bellow, the shadowy shape of a large boulder blotted out the glimmering moonlight. Rathalos grunted in frustration, realizing the ape’s tactile thinking and taking advantage of the situation. Nearly the size of the dragon’s head, the boulder slammed against its crest-like crown, smashing it against the nearby rockside. Emitting a guttural growl, Rathalos clumsily rose to its feet as the reptilian swarm continued their relentless siege.

    With a vexing exhale, misty green gases slipped between the gaps of its teeth. Parting its mandibles, a sudden rush of incendiary smoke flowed from organic exhaust ports located in its lower jaw. The back of its throat illuminated with a fiery light, acting as the trigger to ignite its most lethal weapon. In a snap, the gases erupted into a stream of superheated flames, washing over its area of influence into a torching hellscape. Charred rock withstood the searing heat, though the gluttonous Skullcrawlers popped and melted into fleshy slag and stripped bone. With a clean sweep, the Greater Rathalos purged the mountainous cliffside of the pests–leaving only Kong and the residual Skullcrawlers on the slope to deal with.

    Crushing one of the many devils under his heel, Kong’s attention was diverted to the mountaintop, focusing on the explosive burst of fire and the plum of pitch-black smoke that came from it. Anger flowed in Kong’s veins, his territory–his home–being defiled by this invasive hunter and his enemies. So when he saw the dragon peer down the mountainside, the two titans locked eyes.

    The fearsome dragon screeched with malicious intent, brewing flaming heat in its maw. Flapping its gargantuan membranes, Rathalos lifted its massive form, several of the still-living Skullcrawlers falling onto the scorched mountaintop. Gliding from the peak, the crimson wyvern spewed an endless wave of sweltering heat upon the droves of ghoulish lizards. Their frail flesh blistered under its fiery wrath, and their calcified faceplate barely held under the torrent of fire. The mountain of the far heavens burned with a hellish light, tainting the sacred grounds and purging the devils that dared to climb its slope.

    Snorting his building rage, Kong braced his bulky arms around his head, shielding it from the living hell that was inevitably due to arrive. As Rathalos flew overhead, hellfire accompanied the winged demon. Scalding fire washed over his thick fur and rugged skin, eliciting a godly scream from the indigenous deity. Though Kong fared far better than the diminutive devils, the blistering pain proved to be relentless and overwhelming for his poisoned state. With the stress coursing through his body, so too did the poison kick into high gear, forcing him to lose breath.

    Even through the suffering, Kong persevered. As the inferno died out, the ape-beast kept himself supported by the nearby rock wall, trying to maintain consciousness. Glancing at the village, he found that the dragon had reduced even the nearby Skullcrawlers to cinders–incidentally saving the village in the process. Likewise, laid the scepter embedded in the heart of the settlement; his best chance at beating this monstrosity. However, before he could even move, Kong was suddenly pelted by successive bursts of coalesced flames, erupting into plumes of fire upon impact. A resounding scream echoed across the island as the guardian god succumbed to the wicked wrath of the Greater Rathalos.

    The burning flames combined with the lethal poison was what finally brought him down. Losing consciousness, the mighty king slumped to the ground, crashing with a splash of swamp water. His eyes closed, unable to muster the strength to keep them open. Seeing this from above, Rathalos circled the fallen god, awaiting the moment of his death. The winged serpent cried a victorious shrill, its dominion almost guaranteed.

    That was, until another roar emanated from deep within the island.

    Rathalos recognized it without a shadow of a doubt. The screech originated from another member of its kind, indicative of extradimensional subspecies across different universes. However, this did not leave the lethal dragon with any semblance of joy; rather, a primitive territorial urge. No other Rathalos would claim this island as its own, and having taken down the apex predator, the wyvern would be sure to do the same with this intruder.

    Swooping over the lush jungles, Rathalos unloaded a payload of condensed fire, setting the dense foliage ablaze. The native wildlife and florofauna scattered from their midnight sleep, fleeing for their feeble lives from the all-consuming flame. Yet the call continued to emanate a pained shriek from a distance, echoing from the heart of the island. Perhaps it had been injured by the native protector? Then disposing of it would be easier than anticipated.

    Finding itself honing in on the source, the mighty dragon hovered a graveyard, littered with bones which told of an ancestry that had long since perished. Upon hearing the resonant cry of the lesser Rathalos, the wyvern scanned the surrounding skies for it… And found nothing. Snarling, the fire demon churned gaseous mist that ignited into a searing blaze. Pumping out one fireball after the other, the Greater Rathalos bombarded the valley of the fallen gods into a fiery hellscape–hoping to silence it once and for all.

    Decayed bones shattered from the kinetic force, then reduced to charred stumps in the aftermath. The anguished souls cried out in misery as the land of the dead became defiled by torching flames. With the screeching silenced, Rathalos descended upon the burning landscape, hailing another screech of dominion. Frothing at the mouth with stewing flames, Rathalos reared up and unleashed a fiery display into the night sky, illuminating the darkness.

    This island had been besieged by the King of the Skies!

    A rumble caught its attention. Ceasing fire, the vicious wyvern peered at the ground below it, then it heard the noise; the cry of Rathalos buried beneath the ground… Then a sinkhole collapsed in on itself. Without giving the fire demon a chance, a bleach-colored skull emerged from the pits of hell, lunging straight for the dragon’s neck. The cry it emanated was one of Rathalos, yet its visage was anything but. The enlarged Skullcrawler clamped its curved teeth into the armored neck, applying as much pressure as it could.

    More of the two-legged lizard’s body slipped out of the subterranean tunnels, firmly gripping Rathalos’ torso with its claws. The lithe tail coiled around the dragon’s legs, binding them together. The crimson wyvern tried to take flight, but he added weight brought the magnificent reptile down, restrained by a ghoul that the Iwi natives refused to speak its name:

    Ramarak, the Devil of the Underworld.

    Left to the vile mercy of the underground monster, Rathalos squirmed under the giant Skullcrawler’s clutches, losing precious oxygen and strength in the process. Its winged claws battered the hypervore, yet no gash deep enough could pry the devil off it. Time was a wasting; the beauty of the moon veiled by torrent clouds of despair. Trickles of water evaporated against the scorched earth, followed by more in the process. If the dragon didn’t act fast, death would certainly come for it.

    Running low on options, Rathalos’ maw began to glow…

    Rain poured from the rolling storm, the dark heavens filled with illustrious red lightning. Exhausted eyes peeled open, stirring from his bout with unconsciousness. He twitched his fingers, numb from the poison that spread throughout his body. He could barely feel the rainfall bounce against his skin. Once blood circulated back into his arms, the mighty titan heaved his colossal mass until he oriented himself in a sitting position.

    Taking in and exhaling deep breaths, Kong oxygenated his blood to maintain consciousness. He brought his hand up to his forehead and rubbed against it, relaxing his overloaded nerves. After a time, he regained the strength needed to stand on his feet, cascading swamp water and raindrops rolling off his furry form.

    Peering over to the village, Kong sloshed through the rippling swamp before entering the riverside, crushing the corpses of Skullcrawlers on his way. At the heart laid an ancestral weapon, one forged in the midst of countless wars amongst titans, acquired during his escapades beneath Skull Island, where the devils resided. However, he saw miniscule movement out the corner of his eyes, and from the foliage came the Iwi tribe. In solemn prayer, they remained drenched in silence. In that moment, Kong felt the hope of his people and their belief in him.

    Kong nodded in understanding, then reached down and grabbed the calcified hilt. The residual radioactive stimulated the Royal Axe upon contact, which was revived in a reddish glow from the handle before the embedded spike illuminated a bright blue. Pulling the weapon out of its earthy altar, Kong did not proclaim a challenge; rather, he sluggishly moved in stride to where the demons of the sky and earth were fighting, hoping to fulfill the wishes of his people.

    Ushering a guttural cry, Rathalos exhaled a ferocious burst of searing flame in desperate hopes of freeing itself. Washing over the gluttonous dweller, Ramarak’s skin blistered and popped from the sweltering heat, forcing the deranged reptile to uncoil and release its hold. Scampering away with fumbled footsteps, the fiendish lizard scowled at the burning wrath of the flying wyvern. Tortuous and unbearable, the enlarged Skullcrawler cut through the flames with its serrated tail, thwacking the angular jaw of the Greater Rathalos with a bone-cracking smash.

    A freakish yell echoed from the skull-fiend’s throat, immediately sprinting into a stumbling charge. The rain stung its melted skin, but the disgusting fiend pushed on. Grunting from the sudden whiplash, the crimson wyvern heralded a rage-fueled scream, spreading its powerful wings out in an intimidation display. Standing its ground, Rathalos baited its enemy, waiting for the gap to be closed. In eager anticipation, Ramarak shrieked in gluttonous delight. But before it could once again attempt to pry the carmine armor, a swift and sudden twirl had the Rathalos’ barbed tail clobber the ravenous predator, throwing the fiend off-balance and near the outskirts of the boneyard.

    Slamming its serrated tail to regain equilibrium, the massive Skullcrawler quickly tried to reorient itself, but the winged enemy would give no such time. Rathalos charged headfirst into the lizard’s side, pushing it farther inland and grinding foliage in their path. Splintered trees crunched under their tremendous weight, their bark embedding into the crack of their armor or the outermost layer of flesh. Yet this did little to deter either monster, who only sought to conquer the other for dominion over the island.

    Ramarak paused, suppressing its urge to feed. This creature wasn’t going to be mere prey; rather, a fellow apex beast able to compete with its might. Focusing its eyes on the prize, the deranged lizard opened a mocking cry to the crimson wyvern, awaiting what it would do next. Almost as if following through with that taunt, Rathalos charged and heaved its body into the air with powerful flaps, but kept low to the ground. Outstretching its talons, the flying wyvern sought to rip the skull devil’s face clean off–its intentions made clear with a shrilling warcry.

    Poison-dripping claws bare and outstretched, the transdimensional dragon swooped over the grounded Skullcrawler, digging its claws into the bony faceplate in an overpass. Deep grooves embedded into the calcified armor, trickling with purple ooze over the vacant false eyes. Though such a fierce strike was unable to inject the toxins into the voracious ghoul’s bloodstream, the subterranean reptile could feel the strength behind its talons. This foe was nothing short of dangerous.

    Yet the instinct to kill it was all the more enticing to the devil of the underground.

    Bursting into an immediate sprint, Ramarak pursued the airborne dragon, the latter who was making a gradual ascent. Parting its cone-like jaws, the Skullcrawler shot a lithe tongue from its fleshy sheathe and wrapped it around the base of the spiked-tipped bulge on the dragon’s tail. Anchoring itself to the ground by slamming its tail and burrowing its claws, Ramarak readied itself to use all the strength as its disposal.

    In an instant, the fleshy tether halted the winged dragon’s flight path, coming to an abrupt stop. Trying to keep orientation in the sky, the Greater Rathalos flapped its mighty wings to maintain airlift, feeling the weight of its foe being dragged with it. The two great beasts vied for supremacy and entered a temporary gridlock in a conflict between land and sky.

    Before Rathalos could regain full control, a rumbling that overpowered the drowning rain caught both of their attention.

    The fire demon quickly located the source, and was immediately both infuriated and confounded by the sight before it. Rushing to battle, with a bluish bioluminescent axe acting as the sole light source, the large figure used a small ledge as a springboard. Soaring through the air, the bipedal ape brought the glowing axe up, screaming in furious determination.

    Then bringing it down, Kong cleaved through the membrane of the dragon’s right wing, shredding it apart with an atomic afterglow.

    Rathalos struggled to stay afloat, yet nothing it could do to remain airborne as it made a gradual descent until it crashed into the dense jungle below. Ramarak was quick to uncoil and retract its long tongue, peering at the sight of its ancient arch nemesis. Crashing with a tremendous explosive impact, Kong clumsily landed onto his legs, taking a moment to regain his breath. Rising to his feet, his fearsome eyes scanned the ravenous lizard and the wicked dragon, clenching the battle axe.

    The sleek reptilian shifted eyes from the fallen dragon to the weakened god, astutely noting Kong’s exhaustion from his bout with the invader; a toll that would cost the apex guardian his life. Shifting gears, the devil of the underground maliciously bolted for the weary king, eager to consume the carcass that awaited after the fight.

    Firmly anchoring his feet into the wet earth and spreading them apart, Kong readied his weapon. Swinging in a lateral chop, the azure hue blurred as the blade nicked the narrow snout, chipping bony fragments. Though this did not stop the relentless killer, who sought to use the opening before it to pounce against the large figure of Kong, toppling the hairy giant onto his back. The only barrier that kept the ravenous ghoul at bay was the bony handle pressed against the fiend’s neck. Slobbering jaws snapped shut directly at Kong’s face, resisting the vile demon with waning strength.

    However, when push came to shove, the gluttonous appetite of the Skullcrawler proved to be too much. In an effort to protect his face, Kong released his grip on the handle and blocked it with his scarred arm, allowing Ramarak to clamp onto the wounded limb. The seminal reminder stung with a burning sensation, as the poisoned blood dribbled into the maw of the wicked lizard. Kong felt the pressure, screaming in agony as the bite pressed against his firm muscles.

    Then off in the distance, Kong saw a hellish light soaring right for them.

    A massive fireball collided against the scrawny hypervore, tossing it off with an explosive blast that dispelled the rain. The result forced the skull devil to release its grip, lacerating Kong’s arm in the process with its curved teeth. Using his strength, Kong propped himself up and traced the source, finding Rathalos in the distance. The crimson wyvern’s yellow eyes gleamed from afar, screeching in utmost fury as droplets pelted its draconic form. Slamming the claws of its damaged wing against the earth, the Greater Rathalos vexed its frustration as its mouth glowed with an orange blaze.

    Pelting one after the other, the winged wyvern belched a burst of superheated spheres at the apex guardian, who could only react by blocking the incoming blasts with his arms and axe. The first came with an explosive ring, charring the calcified handle and the ape-beast’s thick fur. In the brilliant flash, Kong sealed his eyes shut as he endured the scorching blaze of Rathalos’ wrath.

    The second came as quickly as the first, hurling into the great behemoth at astounding speed. A monstrous, booming cry resounded from the beastly deity, one heard across the island. This triggered an awakening within the battle axe under Kong’s possession, an ethereal blue glow emanated a brilliant light, almost as if responding to his will. Taken aback by the events that transpired, Rathalos shot one more burst of fire to see if its suspicions were correct.

    Realizing the onslaught had ceased, he took the brief moment of levity to observe the battleaxe’s newfound power. With an assured grunt, the mighty king rose to his feet, regaining his breath. Instead of pulverizing the man-beast in a flurry of searing fire, the entire sphere was instead annihilated by a swing of the atomic axe. Resulting, in turn, was a sight nothing short of majestic; a rigid cleaver that trailed with the eccentric trail of an ancient lifeforce, with the core of the Royal Axe brightening like that of a blue sun.

    No matter the case, no matter the cost, the fearsome scream of the Greater Rathalos made its fury known. Lowering itself to the ground, the fire-breathing wyvern made a mad-dash toward the colossal primate, rapidly closing the gap between them. Baring its vicious fangs in a sneer, the bellicose dragon howled in fierce contempt.

    Responding in kind, Kong charged into a heavy sprint, armed with his enhanced weapon. Meeting head-on in their stampedes, Kong readied to bring his axe down, but Rathalos was quicker to the draw. With a hasty twirl, the clubbed tail swooped at the behemoth’s feet, toppling the island god mid-swing. A resounding thud echoed across the trampled tropical forest, with Kong on his side. Willing to take the risk, Rathalos used this chance to lunge toward the fallen beast and tore into his furry hide with its beaked maw. An agonizing bellow emanated from the god-king, who retaliated with a slash from his charged battleaxe.

    The dorsal ridges found themselves embedded into the scaly hide of the crimson dragon, instantaneously crackling from the tremendous overcharged force of atomic energies. Sweltering and expanding in an instant, the explosive blowback threw the gargantuan wyvern off the mighty king, left with a massive crater in its side. A thunderous yelp made it clear of the Rathalos’ dire situation as it mercilessly rolled and flipped over, crushing all the foliage in its path. When it came to a skidding stop, the ferocious dragon weakly got back on its legs, disoriented from the blast that occurred. Not only did it hurt to move, the great dragon could also feel its armor rattle as if it had been fractured. Even in its damaged state, Rathalos would push on; and wouldn’t stop until it claimed superiority over these apex predators.

    Kong was likewise in a similar predicament. While the burst was more than enough to toss the Rathalos off him, the encompassing explosion left his head ringing and his fur singed. He also felt the axe missing from his hands, only noticing it out of arm’s reach. The Royal Axe no longer glowed with the majesty it held, drained of the power it needed to sustain function. His numbed body made it hard to move, but he tried to crawl to where his weapon laid.

    Then, a pair of claws pressed against his weakened form.

    One against his elbow joint and the other on his head, Ramarak asserted its dominance over the downed guardian. Though it desired to kill Kong, the enlarged Skullcrawler instead crawled over his body and smacked Kong’s face with its serrated tail. Ramarak eyed the legendary scepter with a sickening curiosity, knowing full well what it intended to do. Its flexible and lithe tail coiled around the calcified hilt, clenching it tightly. Though awkwardly imbalanced, the Skullcrawler wielded the battleaxe as its own, the dorsal blade only emitting a faint glow. With a sadistic sneer, the ghoulish lizard cried out in mockery.

    Kong would suffer dearly.

    The great ape’s eyes widened at the horrific sight before him, panicking and screaming at his nerves to move. Pushing his mass to the side, the legendary ape rolled just in the nick of time–with the atomic cleaver scraping a small chunk of flesh and hair. Kong winced at the pain, but he knew stopping would certainly be a death sentence. For every time he pushed, he would barely avoid another handle strike from the axe-wielding Skullcrawler as it dug into the wet earth. All this came to a close when Kong found himself pressed against a massive cliff face, leaving him nowhere to move.

    A cackling cry of pleasure, Ramarak raised its tail above its body–eager to execute the heraclean behemoth once and for all! It emitted a deep laughter, one reminiscent to that of a Kong’s vocal patterns. A mocking taunt to the fallen king, for his title would be usurped!

    Kong watched on, falling into a pit of despair. He had failed his people, defending his home from wretched devils that came to defile it… Yet, in a stroke of fate, the mammoth reptile froze in place. Stomach-retching gurgles foamed from the depths of the demon’s disgusting throat, upchucking bile from partially digested meals. The tail fell limp, losing its grip as the axe handle slammed into the mushy ground. Its equilibrium was thrown in disarray, barely able to keep itself planted on its two forelimbs.

    Not wasting this second chance at life, Kong heaved himself off the ground, keeping a firm posture as to remain imposing. Yet before he could dive in to retrieve the battleaxe, a piercing scream closed in on the two. Kong saw the limping Rathalos barrel through the wreckage, the fierce determination in its eyes. The winged creature leapt atop the vulnerable Skullcrawler, pinning the wobbling fiend under its weight.

    When Kong tried to move, without even looking, Rathalos retaliated with a swing of its barbed tail, smacking him directly in the ribs, hurling the giant to the ground. Overtaken by the poison and exhaustion, Kong collapsed under his weight, barely holding onto consciousness. However, seizing the opportunity, he clutched the hilt of the axe and limped away–hoping the wyvern wouldn’t take heed.

    The subterranean devil squirmed at the mercy of the vicious wyvern, whose talons were pumping toxins into the malnourished flesh of the gluttonous reptile. Adding insult to injury, the sharp jaws scissored into the shoulder joint of the predator’s right arm, tearing at the frail flesh. Even when encountering bone, the strong jaws were enough to crush it with ease, and continued until the entire limb was severed from the body.

    Time passed as the tyrannical dragon tortured the horrid pest. Then, with wings spread out, the Greater Rathalos proclaimed to this world’s heavens, awaiting the deaths of the island’s apex predators. Then, the gases flowed from the organic exhausts, the back of its throat glowing in an orange blaze…

    The rainfall drowned out the dying shrieks of Ramarak and the heavy footfalls that sloshed through the mud. With the demonic dragon occupied with the deep-dwelling devil, the colossal beast used this chance to refuel his ancient weapon with a nearby source. The axe flickered a dim light when he closed in on the charred boneyard, more specifically the massive entranceway excavated by the large Skullcrawler.

    Muzzling the axe into the edge of the complex catacombs, the dorsal ridge began emanating a glow, soaking in the radioactive presence that laid beneath the island. As it recharged, Kong sagged in the heart of the boneyard, feeling only the hardened glass from the immense heat and the ashen bones. Water drenched his singed fur, the island god feeling uncertain how long it would be before the dragon would track him down.

    However, his exhausted eyes saw the remnants of his fallen forefathers–blackened and shattered from Rathalos’ rampage. A sting unlike any other irked the mighty god-king; not from the poison that flowed through his veins, but the fury that raged in his heart. Seeing his parents desecrated long after their deaths awakened the traumatic memory of their dying moments. A child mourning the loss of his family amidst an ever growing conflict; a child isolated to be the lone ruler of a forsaken island, where God didn’t finish creation. He was left time to mourn, patching the torn scars from the past.

    When he finished processing, he saw that the axe was at ready capacity to carry on the fight. Pulling it out of the ledge, Kong trudged to where the Rathalos had been, provided it was still there…

    The beast indulged in the cretin’s misery, but never once did it let its guard down. Its mouth brimmed with immense heat, but the target wasn’t intended for the poisoned devil. Turning around, Rathalos unloaded a hellish blaze that streamed from the back of its maw. Confirming its suspicions, the large frame of Kong was illuminated by the fiery fumes that rushed to consume the primal nephilim. Baptized by hellfire, Kong’s bellowing screams resounded across the island, the relentless onslaught ongoing. However, the searing flames were parted at a single point, splitting like a fork in a river against the radioactive axe.

    Sluggishly charging in for one last hurrah, Kong boomed a mighty roar as he marched on, readying his weapon. Seeing its combustible flames shredded by the ancient axe, Rathalos could only watch in predestined horror its final moments. As the atomic source began to overcharge once more, Kong swung it down directly at the dragon’s head.

    Then, a massive burst of fiery destruction overtook the landscape.

    Consumed in a growing mushroom cloud, the island fell silent. In the midst of the carnage, a limping Ramarak–carrying itself with only one functional arm–wheezed and fumbled toward the first corpse it could find. Its flesh was scarred with nasty boils, yet its demented mind lived on. Flickering its tongue, it found the slumped body of the crimson wyvern that had invaded the island. The headless stump was all that remained, its body busted and armor shattered from the aftermath. However, what the creature couldn’t find was its arch nemesis.

    Suddenly, Ramarak received an answer–with an unceremonious hack into its neck.

    It felt the intense heat steam off the dorsal ridge, but that was all it could register before its perceived world was turned upside down. For the last twenty seconds of its existence, it saw its headless body spastically twitch and contort as it violently keeled over. Its eyes intensely focused on the bipedal hominid, registering only hunger and hatred… And finally, Ramarak was consumed by a darkness unfamiliar to it, one unlike the dark subterranean tunnels to the Hollow Earth.

    Succumbing to the poison corroding his bloodstream, Kong limply staggered back to where the Iwi village resided, in hopes that they could cure him of these ailments. Taking one last glance upon the burned and ruined battlefield, he saw something in the distance. The storm warped unnaturally, with unstable tears in reality that struggled to sustain form. He grimaced, but proclaimed one thing to the threat that was soon to come with a booming bellow.

    He was King Kong.

    Winner: Kong (Legendary)

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    K.W.C. // April 10, 2021
  • Authors: Matthew Freese | Banner: Matthew Freese

    Humankind was terrified. Just recently, they had discovered that they were no longer on top of the food chain. The whole world witnessed the aftermath of a clash between titans, unable to see the actual battle due to the EMP waves output by the two fallen giants. They saw an absolute behemoth dip into the waters, its size making all other known animals look puny in comparison. But that wasn’t all. Leaks were released onto the internet, revealing a whole island filled with megafauna, ruled over by a bipedal ape almost as tall as Godzilla. Humanity’s greatest minds raced to figure out how to deal with the situation, how to calm the people down.

    Any plans they had were dashed to pieces when flying saucers descended, capturing the two in tractor beams and pulling them away to unknown places. There were expectations of broadcasts being taken over and replaced with a declaration of invasion. But none came, leaving humanity in the dark as to the fate of the titans. To many, this silence was almost worse than the alternative.

    But the aliens who had stolen Earth’s champions had not come to invade, not yet at least. Perhaps soon in the future, but they had other plans for now.

    The Vortaak mothership was a colossal vessel, a black and green saucer large enough to hold an entire city within its walls. Streamlined buildings filled the interior of the ship, jutting up in perfect uniformity, some ending with pointed tops. It accommodated the millions of inhabitants upon it well as it sailed toward whatever planets its masters deemed fit to conquer. There was only one major setback it encountered, boredom. The same scenery every day with barely any change was almost oppressive. So, the rulers of the intergalactic conquerors saw fit to put up entertainment to keep the masses from plunging into ennui-induced chaos.

    And what else would entertain a war-obsessed culture than blood sport?

    Grand crowds gathered near the center of the city, surrounding a circular zone with no buildings aside from several evenly distributed across the edges of the space. Thin pillars supported blocky dishes with arrays of lights within. These controlled the force field surrounding the arena, ensuring that the battle would not spill out into the crowd.

    Displays explaining the two combatants were scattered across the crowd’s gathering area. This fed into the fervor of the event, igniting many arguments throughout the masses about who would win between the two kings.

    “Kong is a thinking animal, doesn’t matter what fancy crap Godzilla’s got!”

    “One atomic breath and the ape’s dead!”

    “Better reach, better upper body strength, better strategy!”

    “Kong’s gonna get torn apart. Godzilla’s got claws, and armor that Kong can’t break!”


    “No, you’re wrong!”

    The endless bickering of the crowd revealed their long-withheld desire for conflict, spilling forth in an earsplitting echo of pent-up aggression. These conversations only made things more annoying for those few who wished to just see the fight, uncaring of who stood victorious at the end. Then all took notice as one of royal blood made herself known as speakers buzzed with life.

    “My loyal subjects,” intoned the feminine voice of Vorticia, the queen of the pale skinned aliens. “It is time for the show!”

    A beam of light shone down from the ceiling of the mothership, transporting in the first combatant. “Feast your eyes upon Godzilla, the alpha predator of the primitive planet Earth!”

    Cheers and jeers echoed at the sight of the scaly colossus. He looked around, his tail dragging across the steel as he tried to understand what was happening. The leviathan shook his head, confused. One moment he had been sleeping peacefully in the ocean, the next he was in this strange, cold place.

    “And his foe, the ruler of Skull Island, Kong!”

    Another beam of light descended opposite Godzilla, making him stumble back, eyes widening. A gigantic, bipedal ape was there when the glow faded, looking just as confused as his “foe”.

    Kong jolted his head from side to side, scratching his head with his long, fur coated right arm. Where was he? This wasn’t his beautiful home! Where were his people?

    The giants kept their distance, scanning the area as they slowly began to walk around the arena. Murmurs filled the crowd, some yells rising. “Well, it appears as if our combatants aren’t in the mood to fight.” Both titans were startled by the voice, frantically searching for the source as it had come from all directions. “It appears as if they’ll need some motivation,” Vorticia added with a sinister tone to her voice.

    The gloved finger of the queen pressed down on a button on the panel before her, which lit up with a harsh green.

    Suddenly, the two tensed up, locking eyes with each other. Kong started pounding his chest, roaring in intimidation. Godzilla sucked in air, rearing back before leaning forward and letting loose a powerful bellow which made many of the Vortaak cover their ears. They charged, sending tremors through the metallic floor.

    Godzilla lunged forward, jaws open. The guardian of Skull Island ducked beneath the bite, then jabbed the alpha-predator in the chest several times. The king of the monsters swung his claws at Kong, landing only a glancing blow. Despite this, it still tore open flesh and stained the mighty ape’s fur with his own blood. Roaring in pain and rage, Kong swung a haymaker into the side of Godzilla’s face, knocking out several teeth and cracking some others. The alpha-predator spit out a glob of blood, glaring at his foe. Godzilla slammed his massive, elephantine foot against Kong’s stomach, sending the ape reeling back.

    Using the brief respite, Kong looked around the arena for anything he could use to gain an advantage. Nothing within the arena itself could be used as a weapon, nor was the flat, neutral terrain favorable to him. But if he could escape into the city, he might be able to…

    The ape’s train of thought was cut off as Godzilla shoulder tackled him hard, sending the ape rolling end over end. The guardian of Skull Island gasped for breath, the impact having knocked the wind out of him. The booming thud of his reptilian foe’s footsteps motivated him to climb to his feet, then run in the opposite direction. Getting to the arena’s bounds, Kong reached out toward the crowd. The ape’s fingers hit a previously invisible barrier, now glowing bright green where he touched it. Kong roared in pain as his hands were assaulted by powerful shocks, sending him reeling back as smoke curled off his fingers. Unfortunately for him, he did not feel any stronger, meaning his ability to absorb electricity was not compatible with whatever this was.

    Godzilla lunged forward again; claws outstretched. The mighty ape ignored the pain in his chest and fingers as he locked grips with his foe. Both fighters pushed against the other, their feet scraping against the ground. They were both locked in a stalemate, neither budging. Kong opened his mouth, baring his sharp canine teeth, before lunging forward. Godzilla roared in agony as the ape’s teeth tore into his left gills, the pain throwing off his focus enough for Kong to overpower the alpha-predator and throw him forward.

    The guardian of Skull Island spat out a chunk of bloody meat as his foe hit the ground, denting the cold steel beneath. Kong took a second to catch his breath, before bending down to grab the saurian’s tail. Pulling hard and straining, Kong lifted his foe off the ground. The guardian of Skull Island swung Godzilla’s body into the wall of invisible energy, sending a pulse of light flying along the perimeter. The alpha predator bounced off, slamming into the floor once again. Kong tried to lift him once more, but the saurian flicked his tail out of the ape’s grip.

    Godzilla got to his feet, deeply growling. Kong took up a fighting pose, beckoning the alpha-predator to come at him. The king of the monsters noticed the blood still staining Kong teeth, causing his snarl to intensify the more time passed. Godzilla charged forward, causing the mighty ape to brace himself for another clash of strength.

    Godzilla stopped, turning swiftly. Kong had barely any time to react as his foe’s whip-like tail came toward his shoulder. Kong shot his right hand up to catch the appendage. The eighth wonder of the world screamed in agony as the end of the alpha-predator’s armored extremity tore into his palm, the force behind it nearly shattering the bones in his hand. Blood poured from the ape’s palm, staining the black metal and the saurian’s tail as it retreated.

    Godzilla’s hand slammed shut around Kong’s throat, before the saurian lifted his foe into the air. The king of the monsters locked gazes with the guardian of Skull Island, his eyes narrowing. Godzilla roared at the top of his lungs, causing Kong to flinch as his ears were assaulted by the noise. As the guardian of Skull Island’s ears rang, Godzilla slammed him into the ground back-first. Kong was unable to focus on anything, the world becoming a blur and his ears still overcome by the noise. His surroundings solidified when something heavy pressed down on his chest, now revealed to be Godzilla’s foot. The alpha-predator grunted as he raised his leg, before stomping on Kong’s sternum. The mighty ape roared as he felt his ribs cracking from the blow. Godzilla raised his foot again, ready to break Kong’s ribs this time. The eighth wonder of the world swiftly rolled out of the way, leaving the monster king’s foot to harmlessly hit the ground. The king of Skull Island sprung up, jabbing his fingers at the saurian’s eyes, causing the leviathan to stumble back, howling.

    Kong ran to the opposite side of the arena, then stopped to catch his breath and recover as best he could. Godzilla’s eyes shot open, his sight returning to him. The guardian of Skull Island roared and taunted his foe, beckoning him to attack. The king of the monsters prepared to charge, but stopped. He had lived more than long enough to know when he was being lured into a trap. So, he stood in place, staring. He silently dared Kong to make the first move, but the ape refused to budge from his place as well.

    The audience watched, baffled. Some waited with baited breath for what the two colossi would do next, others slowly grew more angered as time went on. It hadn’t even been a full minute, but for the more impatient members of the audience, it was an eternity. They began booing, and even though they weren’t even a majority of the crowd, the sound of displeasure still echoed across the stadium. Both monsters tried to ignore the incessant noise, focusing on the other. But the annoying whining got to one combatant before the other.

    Kong roared at the crowd, but they still booed and booed. The guardian of Skull Island began pounding at the floor, releasing a great, clattering racket. Noticing his foe was distracted, Godzilla began rampaging toward the mighty ape. The crowd’s whining stopped, leaving Kong to hear the booming sounds of his foe’s charge. The eighth wonder of the world reacted quickly, preparing himself. Godzilla groaned, why had they stopped the moment he began running?

    The king of the monsters closed the distance between the titans, his claws bared and ready to shred. The guardian of Skull Island lunged forward, dodging his foe’s claw swipes. Kong wrapped his arms around Godzilla’s waist, shocking the alpha-predator, before heaving him upward with all his might.

    The audience cheered and shouted as Kong lifted Godzilla above his head, before stepping backward to the wall. The mighty ape thrust his foe back, earning a cry of agony from the alpha-predator as his back was slammed into the forcefield. Powerful shocks rocked Godzilla’s body as he was forced against the shield, the barrier unbreaking. Kong held with all his might, fearing the consequences if he let go. The king of the monsters spasmed and writhed as alien energies flowed through his form, a tortured scream leaving his ancient jaws. Fighting through the pain, Godzilla moved his claws to where he believed his foe to be, his own vision too blurry from agony to be certain.

    Godzilla felt fur, then felt flesh as he moved a little further down. Squeezing, he dug his claws into the flesh, drawing blood. Kong roared as his shoulders were shredded, the pain causing him to drop his foe. The booming sound of all ninety thousand tons of alpha-predator hitting the ground followed. The guardian of Skull Island backed away, clutching his shoulders to halt blood loss. Godzilla climbed to his feet, groaning in pain. Neither he nor Kong could see it, but the audience behind him could see the full extent of the damage dealt.

    His lower back was charred, scales and skin peeling off from the heat. Smoke curled off him, and the alpha-predator shook from the suffering. Not a single spine was broken, but some appeared to have light cracks in them. Pain wracked his form, but pain soon turned to burning rage.

    A loud crackling sound hit Kong’s ears, sending chills down the ape’s spine. The audience oohed and awed as brilliant azure light started gathering in the jagged spikes on the alpha-predator’s back. The light began travelling up the spines, more and more slowly filling with the omen of destruction. Wisps of atomic power leaked from the cracks, poisoning the air. Unfortunately for Kong, this wasn’t nearly enough to stem the tide of toxic doom about to come his way.

    Kong lunged forward, his hands aiming for Godzilla’s jaws. Before he could grab and shut them, a violent geyser of azure radiation poured from the maw of the alpha-predator, the mighty ape barely keeping his fingers from getting burned off. The audience screamed as a blue glow was cast over them, some in terror, others in excitement. Godzilla swung his head toward Kong, aiming the atomic breath at him. The eighth wonder of the world tried to roll out of the way, and though he avoided it, Kong fell on his back prone. Before he could get up, the alpha-predator stood over his body, staring at him. If looks could kill, Kong would have died then and there.

    Godzilla unleashed his atomic breath straight down toward Kong.

    The guardian of Skull Island threw up his arms and crossed them, the nuclear geyser crashing against his makeshift shield. The ape’s screams of anguish were drowned out by the deafening roar of the atomic breath, the fur on his arms being vaporized on contact, his flesh not faring much better. The blast ended as soon as it had begun, leaving Kong to writhe. Most of the hair on the front of his torso was gone, leaving burnt skin visible. His left arm, the one which he had put in front, had visible muscle charred pitch black where the beam’s epicenter had been. His other arm had horrific third-degree burns scarring it.

    The azure glow faded from Godzilla’s spines. Pulling a foot back, he crashed a kick into the ape’s side, sending the still writhing ape rolling away. Coming to rest at the base of one of the towers, Kong breathed in and out rapidly as he tried to regain equilibrium. A heavy drum beat echoed, snapping him back into reality as Godzilla approached. The island king’s mind raced to come up with a plan to survive.

    The alpha predator loomed over his foe, the corners of his mouth curling up. Kong noticed the structure beside him and smacked his fist against the base of the tower, sending cracks crawling across the steel. Chunks of it fell as the tower shuddered, leaning toward the two.

    There was an odd, electrical sound which echoed, like something being shut off.

    Godzilla observed the structure, tilting his head. Kong grabbed it, lifting it up and hammering the wide top of the tower into the leviathan’s face. It exploded on impact, forcing a cry of pain from the alpha predator.

    Kong got to his feet as Godzilla stumbled backward. The guardian of Skull Island paused, realizing that he had slipped his fingers past the point of the barrier to grab the tower.

    He stepped out of the arena’s boundary, unopposed. Scores of aliens were crushed beneath the ape’s feet, causing a mass panic. The screams of terror shook Godzilla out of his stupor, now surprised as everyone else at Kong’s escape. King Kong tore off the top of a building, tossing it at the alpha-predator. The chunk of alien metal broke as it crashed against his face, causing Godzilla to groan in pain. Growling in rage, the king of the monsters charged toward his foe, trampling the rubble.

    Massive dents formed with each footfall as the alpha-predator rampaged toward the guardian of Skull Island. Extraterrestrials not already trampled to death were reduced to paste. A booming roar left his maw as he closed the distance, Godzilla swinging his claws at Kong. He reared back, but the talons still scraped away flesh. Both colossi stumbled slightly from the uneven terrain, but they kept balance. The mighty ape swung a haymaker at his foe’s gills, the result being a choked sound of agony as the wound from the earlier bite bled further. Using his foe’s pain to his advantage, Kong circled around, spotting a particularly cracked dorsal spine. Gripping it with one hand, the ape began punching it with his other. Godzilla was still dazed by the punch to his gills, snapping out of it due to a great snapping noise.

    He swiftly turned around, only to scream once again when his own jagged scute was rammed into his chest, the make-shift shank going between his armor plates. Kong ripped it out, ready to stab the king of the monsters again. Godzilla punched Kong across the face with all his might, sending the ape flying back into the arena. Blood poured from the wound, staining the saurian’s scales.

    Kong groaned as he laid on his back, the sounds of panicked crowds still ever present. Godzilla stared at his foe, waiting for the ape’s next move. The guardian of Skull Island searched his surroundings, for anything he could use to win. His eyes drifted further into the city, seeing a massive, blocky building.

    That would work.

    Forcing himself to get up, Kong ran into the city. Godzilla waited for his foe to approach, only to grow irritated as the ape ran past him. Turning to face his running opponent, the alpha-predator’s spines began glowing.

    The ape reached a structure as tall as him, with a width that nearly matched. He crouched, grabbing it near the base. He strained and grunted, feeling it shift, but the foundation held strong. He growled, trying to move his hands to get a better grip, but stopped when a familiar noise sounded. Turning, Kong barely rolled out of the way when a stream of atomic fire raced toward him. The blue energy seared through the base of the building, then swept over the ground chasing Kong.

    As the structure fell forward, the nuclear beam faded. Godzilla stomped forward, claws swinging. The ape barely dodged the strikes, then shoved both hands out. As the leviathan stumbled back, the ape turned and grabbed the fallen building, straining to lift it up.

    Godzilla shook his head side to side, eyes shut. When he opened them, he was greeted by Kong leaping toward him, swinging the colossal structure over his head. The panel-like building cracked in half as it smashed into the leviathan’s skull, massive chunks of it falling upon impact. Red liquid poured down the leviathan’s body. Azure light began to climb up Godzilla’s spines as he grabbed the halves of the building, pulling it out of Kong’s grip and tossing them aside.

    The mighty ape lunged forward, his hands grabbing the king of the monsters’ jaws. He could now see the gaping wound on the saurian’s skull, blood flowing from it like a river, bone being visible. Instead of trying to shut his foe’s maw, the guardian of Skull Island instead pulled it further open. Godzilla’s atomic breath continued climbing to the surface, ready to finish this battle once and for all.

    Godzilla’s jaws broke, causing twin flows of blood to leave the outskirts of his mouth. The alpha-predator’s atomic ray followed, firing above Kong’s head. The ray hit the eighth wonder of the world’s fingers, burning them to the bone. The pain made both colossi go unconscious, limply collapsing. Neither was dead, but neither was in any condition to fight.

    Far away, massively safer than her people, Vorticia and her parliament watched. Instead of aggravation and hatred at the destruction and death, she smiled. People could be replaced, buildings rebuilt. But creatures with such power and ferocity were invaluable. Pushing a button, she spoke to her military commanders.

    “Remove Godzilla and Kong’s implanted devices and replace them with the mind control devices.” She released the button, leaning back. They would serve as excellent attack beasts, practically unstoppable. She pushed another button when a new idea came to mind. “Chart a course for Earth once the two are under control. Let’s see what else the planet has on it for us.”

    Draw: Godzilla (Legendary), King Kong (Showa)

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    K.W.C. // March 30, 2021
  • Authors: Patrick Alan Green & Connor Clennell | Banner: Landon Soto

    San Francisco was sent into a panicked frenzy as the once beautiful city suddenly became a primal warzone between two of the most savage beasts to ever walk the Earth…

    The thunderous roars of the mighty King Kong shook the metropolis to its very core as he fought for his life atop the city’s landmark bridge.

    Citizens evacuated their vehicles, looking to flee the swaying bridge as fast as they could. Kong loomed overhead, wrestling against a horrible winged-beast, a ferocious griffon, known to some as the dreaded Black Moth.

    A wake of cars and trucks were slung all across the bridge as Kong shoved his opponent backward through the vacant traffic, making his way to the edge. Black Moth let out a defiant roar, her eyes fixed on Kong as she sank her fangs deep into Kong’s shoulder, halting the great ape’s push. Kong let out a shriek before grabbing the beast by her front legs and tossed the hybrid animal over his shoulder with a powerful judo-like throw, slamming the predator to the pavement with tremendous force. The entire bridge swayed from the impact.

    Kong fought to keep his balance as he carefully watched Black Moth crawl back to her feet. Kong beat his chest and lunged forward, grabbing the feral beast by her snout and bottom jaw and forcing her back to the ground. Kong was on top, pinning the griffon beneath his weight and battering the feline’s face as she struggled to escape his clutches.

    For a split moment, it seemed the fight was to be finished instantly. Kong grabbed her gnashing jaws, pulling them apart with his incredible strength. Black Moth thrashed wildly, sensing she was inches away from death, she dragged her claws down Kong’s face, causing the Faro deity to lose his grip for a moment. That was all she needed.

    Black Moth shook her head violently, sending the beast-god flipping head over heels backward, crashing into a series of vacant vehicles. The sound of crushed steel echoed as Kong crawled to his feet, scratching his backside as he dislodged hundreds of tiny metal splinters from his flesh. Kong fought through the pain, which only enraged him more. Pounding his chest boldly, he attempted to intimidate an enemy that would not be terrified.

    Black Moth leapt forward as Kong moved back promptly. He cautiously circled the mix-mash creature, waiting for her guard to lower. His eyes glared at his opponent’s throat, and in a second, he sprung forward. His arm shot forward like a bullet, striking Black Moth in the throat, which took her by surprise. She stumbled backward, choking and gagging loudly. Kong did not pause in his assault, lunging again he caught the lion-beast’s rear left leg. Mustering up his strength, he twisted it violently as Black Moth let out an annoyed squall. Kong tried dragging the Frankensteined monster backward, but her hooked claws dug into the concrete, halting Kong’s game of tug-of-war.

    In Kong’s confusion, she managed to pull her leg free, whipping backward, she pounced, biting Kong’s shoulder. Kong wailed out in pain, but kept his composure, he lunged again, grabbing her head and rolling the griffon to the ground and on her side. With a furious roar, Kong hammered his mighty fists into the screeching lion’s ribs with acute accuracy. Beating fist after fist in the same spot as his foe helplessly cried out in pain, gnashing her teeth wildly as she tried to end the assault.

    As the two titans clashed, the bridge trembled beneath them. Each strike of their powerful fists and paws shook the pride of San Francisco like one of its famous earthquakes. Its steel supports groaned in protest as they were bent beyond their capabilities. Tensions cables went taut and snapped as the structure sagged, briefly whipping wildly like venomous serpents. If the battle continued, the bridge would not last much longer…

    Black Moth hissed through gritted teeth. The pain of bruised ribs sent her into a frenzy, seeking an end to Kong’s fury, she pushed against the beast’s stomach. The great ape’s stamina was not infinite. The speed of his strikes waned, granting Black Moth the mercy she required to retaliate.

    Her front clawed paws moved with unbelievable speed as they swiped Kong’s hairless, toned chest. Countless bloody rips instantly shredded the beast-god’s flesh, painting his light tan tone with streaks of crimson red. Kong howled out and clutched his chest. Black Moth moved like lightning, lashing out, slicing her claws into the ape’s sternum. Kong’s voice was drowned in agony as it boomed across the bay, sending a flock of seagulls flying into the horizon.

    Both mammalian titans moved back, determining their next course of action. Both sported scars as proof of their animalistic war. Of the two, Black Moth fared for the worse. She winced and moaned with each breath she took. She vowed to make Kong repay her bruises with more than what he delivered.

    Behind each shoulder, a brown feathered wing spread out to its full length. Her eyes narrowed and a sinister grin formed. They beat the asphalt with powerful winds, knocking away abandoned vehicles in a brisk windstorm.

    Kong raised his thick arms, protecting his face from the blinding hailstorm of automobiles. By sacrificing his sight for defense, he was not able to see Black Moth take off from the bridge and to the air. She flew straight at the towering deity, paws outstretched and pushing him down onto his back.

    Kong stared blankly at the sky above, seeking an answer for the surprise attack. A shadow fell over the fallen king, the roar of a lion echoing from above as Black Moth soared through the air. Kong’s rage intensified, but behind that, a tinge of curiosity about the arcane creature’s tactics formed.

    At first glance, Kong had assumed her as nothing but a mere mindless animal, driven by its instincts to survive. The fact that she could formulate calculated plans intrigued him. It had been a long time since he had encountered a beast with an intelligence that mimicked, or even rivaled, his. On his far away home of Mondo Island, he had only the likes of Gorosaurus and dangerous serpents, and the occasional migrating monster like a giant octopus or Ebirah, to defend himself from. They all lacked the intellect to match his, but perhaps Black Moth would be the true rival to test his status as a god.

    The thought worried him.

    He pulled himself to his feet and scanned the skies, mouth agape, awaiting the griffon’s next move. His large eyes locked onto her flying form as she circled overhead like a giant buzzard, waiting for the opportunity to attack. With a loud ferocious roar, she suddenly descended, taking Kong by surprise. The massive gorilla reacted too late to stop Black Moth from slicing her claws across his back. Kong’s hand moved to cover his wounds as he grunted in pain.

    Black Moth banked around for another pass. She soared toward the godly creature from behind, green feline eyes locked onto their target, forearms outstretched and claws unsheathed. Before her claws could find their mark, Kong spun around, his massive hands clenched together. Her eyes widened and she let out a surprised shriek, unable to stop. Kong’s hammer-locked fists bashed the side of her head, driving her into the asphalt with immense force. The bridge squalled and shook. Black Moth convulsed, her bruised brain running the last moments over and over.

    Kong grunted, proud of himself as he beat his breasts, roaring into the heavens. Black Moth clumsily crawled to her feet and with a single flap of her wings, she took off. Kong slammed his fists against his chest, roaring in a rage for the chimera to come back down and face him. Black Moth did not comply, and roared back at the ancient ape, her head stinging from her own cry.

    Snorting loudly in exasperation, Kong searched for a means to reach her. He looked over the supports for the bridge, a plan formed in his head. He walked over, placing his hands on the structure, then his feet, and began to climb. The metal groaned in protest under his weight, but Kong didn’t care. Before he could reach the top, the tower gave out and collapsed. Kong screamed as he fell and smashed into the tarmac, pinned under the mangled mass of steel. He pushed the twisted support off, grunting in exertion as he did. Before he had a chance to stand, Black Moth was on him.

    The lion-condor chimera lunged for Kong’s throat. Kong’s hands caught her jaws mere inches from his windpipe. He tried to shove the feline away, but Black Moth’s determination gave her the strength to resist the ape’s god-like might. Against Kong’s struggles, her jaws moved closer to his throat. Kong roared in panic as Black Moth resisted his efforts to deter her. If he could not repel her, it would be over for him soon.

    The two continued to struggle for dominance, unaware of the creaking and snapping coming from the bridge as their battle continued to destabilize the structure. In the midst of their struggle, their eyes met. Feline and simian orbs stared into one another, peering into the soul of their rivals. Kong couldn’t help but be entrapped by Black Moth’s eyes. There was something familiar about them. In the ape’s mind, it clicked.

    She reminded him of “her”…

    Kong’s eyes narrowed angrily, and he let loose a deafening cry of rage. Sorrow and anguish came flooding out as he remembered how she had left. He had played the memory back over and over until it had made him sick in the past. Why did this beast remind him of her?

    His gaze locked with Black Moth’s once more. He looked into her eyes, seeing the familiar sparkle that her eyes had had. But it paled in comparison. Black Moth’s eyes were filled with nothing but coldness. There was the sparkle of intelligence in them, but it was very faint. It was like this creature once had a consciousness, but it had been lost to time, and only a feral beast remained. In a way, Kong found himself sympathizing with her. But sympathy was not enough to spare her from his wrath. He had sought out to find what he had lost long ago, and this demon dared to stand in his way.

    With a defiant, deafening howl, Kong shoved Black Moth away. He got to his feet with astounding speed and smashed his fist across the hybrid’s head. Black Moth growled and backed away, preparing to take flight. Before she could leave the bridge, Kong grabbed hold of her left wing. Her eyes widened, and she cried out in agony as Kong ripped the appendage from her body. Tossing the spasming limb away, he pounded his fists against his chest in a display of dominance. Beneath him, the bridge buckled, causing the ape to stumble. He looked down, feeling the structure tremble beneath his weight.

    Black Moth pounced, sinking her teeth into the ape’s chest while Kong smashed his fists atop the beast’s back. The bridge swayed from the hectic combat. Wires broke. Metal creaked like a dying animal before the structure began to give. Black Moth realized it and released her grip, ready to take flight to escape the chaos, but Kong’s fury wouldn’t allow it.

    The ape raised his bloody right fist and smashed it against the back of Black Moth’s cranium. The impact buried the chimera in metal, trapping the beast as Kong ran to the center of the crumbling bridge. Kong wrapped his arms around the two main suspension cables and channeled all the rage he could muster. Then, Kong pulled.

    The muscles on Kong’s arms expanded and the beast yanked the human cables with all his might. His feet sunk into metal, his eyes expanded with adrenaline and a furious roar echoed demanding the human creation to kneel to the King. A final roar broke all resistance sending the Golden Gate Bridge tower falling forward. The structure smashed into Black Moth then continued through the bridge, taking the entire man-made icon into the ocean. Kong and Black Moth disappeared, allowing silence to encompass San Francisco.

    The water bubbled violently as the sun began to set. Helicopters swarmed the bay, scanning the rumbling waters for movement. There was none. A message came in over a base set up in the city. “No sign of targets, both are presumed dead.”

    As the waters settled, a cumbersome feeling swept over all the residents who watched the events on the news.

    As the sun finally set over the sea and dusk set in, Susan Watson took a moment of silence, she gripped Jiro’s hand, tears ran down her face as she stared out to sea. She had watched the whole thing. She covered her mouth as Jiro escorted her back to his car, sobbing as he opened the door for her. She stepped inside and the two silently left the scene. Head hung low, she whispered, “Goodbye, my King.”

    The two drove out of sight.

    Draw: Black Moth, King Kong (Showa)

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    K.W.C. // March 24, 2021
  • Author: Joshua Reynolds | Banner: Landon Soto

    – 1963 –

    Has it been weeks, or has it been months? The great ape had no idea, but he was tired. The battle against the King of the Monsters had taken a lot out of his ancient soul, but the journey home was an even more perilous nightmare. Kong had no sense of direction, no natural instinct on how to return to his beloved home of Faro. He just kept going, non-stop. He couldn’t stop. Unlike the radioactive abomination he had defeated, he was unable to breath underwater. Like all other apes, he’d drown. And soon, that fact would seemingly become his destiny. Every stroke of his arms and kick of his legs through the ocean felt like a million tons of pressure on his limbs. He needed a break. He also needed to eat… (more…)

    K.W.C. // March 18, 2021
  • Author: Dao Zang Moua | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    The night was warm around the volcanic island. Everyday he would follow the same routine of finding food and returning to his home, yet he always felt hollow inside. He felt as though a part of him was missing ever since she had left him alone in this world. He remembered her light brown skin and wonderful laughter before the image was replaced with a bloodied and shredded body lying over their broken eggs, with a demonic leviathan standing over her corpse.

    That horror had occurred just days ago, and Rodan knew he would always be stricken by the guilt of being too late to save his family from the clutches of a mad demon who rose from the volcanic depths. It was dead, but it had taken his family with it. He had considered joining his family into death’s embrace by diving into the volcano’s magma, yet he still found himself living on. He didn’t know whether this was due to the guilt he felt at being unable to save them or some other force at hand.

    Rodan flew around his island home, having very little to do since the demon attacked. Looking around, he saw where several acres of jungle were now ashen fields from their battle. As he overlooked the island, he caught a glint of white in the moonlight underneath some rocks and moved down to inspect it.

    Dropping to the ground, Rodan moved closer to the mound of dirt as he flapped his wings. The powerful winds quickly began to unearth the object, revealing a large egg the size of his leg. He knew this egg wasn’t one of his, as it had a different pattern and coloration.

    Looking around, he tried to find a parent, but realized that he was the only monster around. Any other kaiju had been driven off by the teamwork of him and his mate to create their nest. The longer he stared at the egg, the more he remembered his family and the feeling of emptiness within him. Picking it up carefully, he took the egg back to his nest to raise whatever would come from it.

    Years later.

    Rodan looked over his now green island in peace as he twirled out of the way of a small reddish-brown creature. Rodan cackled tauntingly toward his adopted son as he watched the small Baragon tumbling around. It had taken months for Rodan to garner the conditions needed for the egg to hatch but when it did, what came out surprised him as the creature imprinted upon him.

    Over the years of raising the creature, Rodan felt as though that emptiness in him was now filled with love for his adoptive son. A playful growling brought Rodan out of the past as he stared down at the juvenile Baragon scratching at the ground. Rodan watched as his son tried to fire his beam with no success. Usually, he would allow his son to play around the island, but occasionally he would play-fight with his son to allow him to be prepared should another monster appear if he was off hunting.

    Rodan was showing his son his own Uranium Heat Beam when a loud roar echoed across the island. Fearing for his son’s safety, Rodan flew up to survey his surroundings as he ordered his adopted child to hide. Baragon mewled silently in disappointment as it leapt toward their home. Rodan flew higher as he began to search the shorelines for a threat when he saw what had landed on his island home.

    King Kong shook the sea water off his brown fur as he surveyed the new landscape. Behind him were several wooden boats and rafts created by the remnants of his people. Nuclear testing had destroyed Farou Island and Kong knew his people wouldn’t survive the new conditions like he could. Thus, he took the people of his island out to sea and found them a new home, with them taking several seeds for the red berries he enjoyed.

    As the humans landed on the shoreline, a loud cackle instilled the villagers with fear as Kong turned to find the source of the menace. He watched as a large reddish bird perched on a nearby rock structure as it called out for him to state his reasons for intruding upon his island.

    King Kong roared back as he stood protectively over his humans. Seeing the humans, Rodan cackled for Kong to leave and to take his humans along with him. Turning to his humans, Kong knew that they wouldn’t last any more out on the open sea and this island was their best chance at life. Most of them needed food and water, while others were weak from the trip. Pounding his chest, King Kong roared for dominance over the island as he sprinted. Rodan cackled back and took to the air.

    The two giants charged toward each other for ownership of the island as the small humans below ran for shelter. Kong swung his fist toward the oncoming dinosaur, only for Rodan to twist sideways as his chest spikes scraped Kong’s arm, shredding hair and skin off the ape. Kong reeled back in irritation as he clutched the newfound injury. Rodan noticed this; its flesh was tough, but it wasn’t as hard as the other kaiju scales and natural armor that he had gone up against.

    The great ape lifted a boulder over his head and tossed it at the flying pterosaur. Rodan flapped once to shift his body upright before slamming his head against it, knocking the rock back toward Kong. The boulder struck the King of Farou in the chest, causing the ape to fling his arms up in fury.

    Charging the flying reptile once more, Kong jumped up to try to get a grasp on the smaller creature. Rodan screeched as he flew just above Kong’s range, his horns flashed with crimson energy. A purple beam launched from Rodan’s beak and struck the brown ape in the chest, causing him to backpedal. Kong looked at his burnt and smoking hair as he patted the fires off his body. Turning back toward Rodan, he roared out furiously as he ran toward his foe.

    Rodan wouldn’t let up though as he quickly maneuvered around the ape’s large arms and barreled into his bulky frame. Kong stumbled backward as Rodan quickly flew upward, slashing his spikes across Kong’s chest, leaving red scars on his flesh. Kong rubbed his damaged skin as he looked around warily for the crimson firebird. Rodan swooped down from behind the ape and began to viciously peck at his enemy’s unprotected back. Kong swiped behind him, but couldn’t reach the red monstrosity as he felt the sharp beak pecking his hide. Soon enough, Rodan had managed to draw some blood from the ape’s head, screeching in glee.

    Kong rolled across the jungle below him to get out of Rodan’s attack range. He risked a quick glance toward his people, finding them safely hidden within some nearby sea caves. Pounding his scarred chest, Kong roared out as he slowly walked toward the winged beast. Rodan stared warily at Kong as his attitude changed suddenly. Flying toward him, he was surprised when Kong suddenly swung with a speed he hadn’t used before, knocking him out of the air.

    Kong charged forth as he stared at the grounded Rodan. He was only distracting the bird until his humans were safe. Now that they were hidden from their battle, Kong could go all out.

    Baragon stared curiously at the volcano he and his father called home. The usual smoke pluming from the crater was less than usual and the lava flows that should be pouring from side vents had cooled completely. It was as if there was something absorbing the excess magma inside the volcano. Hearing the sound of battle on the shoreline, the smaller monster decided to see what was happening within the crater to the volcano.

    As he made his way toward the top, Baragon started to get a feeling of dread at what would await him at the top of the crater. Once he reached the top, he stared into the crater as what would usually be a large pool of lava, now seemed smaller as it bubbled. Walking into the volcanic chamber, he wasn’t prepared when a hand suddenly burst from the cooling lava. Backing up, he watched as a large humanoid shape made of magma pulled itself out of the volcano’s heart.

    The lava giant took in a deep breath of air as it stared into the sky. It had been years since he last surfaced, and it was all due to that irritating bird. Kumasogami had risen from the depths of hell to wreak havoc and destruction. When he had surfaced long ago, he had found himself facing a large brown bird who was protecting her nest of eggs. He had taken intense joy in ripping her apart and smashing the eggs, only to be relentlessly torn apart and tossed back into the volcanic depths. After years of healing, Kumasogami was prepared this time to get his revenge, having absorbed much more of the magma to increase his abilities and increase his size.

    A low growl attracted his attention to the side where he saw a much smaller creature pawing the ground as it stared at him. Kumasogami stared at the creature as the sound of battle in the distance entered his ears. This creature would have to do for now, until he could find that irritating bird and make it his trophy.

    Baragon didn’t know what was happening. One moment, his volcanic home was flowing with magma, and the next it was becoming a large demon. Baragon growled menacingly at this demon, attracting its attention. He watched as the creature seemed to smile, one of its arms began to morph, growing wider and wider as it formed into a shield. The other arm extended outward, spiraling into a point as Kumasogami formed a stance with his new lance and shield.

    Baragon leapt toward the lava beast, using the training his father had taught him as he struck the shield arm. A heavy smack to the chest knocked the smaller monster away to the side as he writhed in pain. Kumasogami laughed as he quickly made his way toward the smaller creature, morphing his lance into a duller weapon to prolong his fun. The spiraled lance started to morph in on itself. It extended outward forming a chain of magma with the end, pooling together to form a round thick ball with small blunt protrusions. Spinning his flail, he slowly made his way toward the downed creature.

    Baragon heaved for air as that last blow had knocked out all the air in him. As he lifted his head, a blunt ball smacked him across the face as he found himself flipping through the air going closer to the edge of the crater. As he landed, he got to his feet in time to see Kumasogami walking toward him, his shield now gone and replaced with his normal hand while the other still twirled its flail. The young kaiju stared warily toward the lava golem as it started to taunt him with its other hand.

    Baragon lifted himself to his full height to try to look intimidating only for Kumasogami to smack him across his now open belly with the flail, knocking the creature back. Seeing it in pain gave the demon joy as the chains fused into a rod, creating a mace. Grabbing Baragon’s horn, Kumasogami smashed the mace into the creature’s face multiple times, eliciting shrieks of pain from the diminutive burrower.

    The sinister fiend drew its mace-arm back to finish the job, until the small beast opened his mouth and fired a red blaze of searing heat, striking the lava golem in the face. Blinded momentarily, Baragon felt the grip loosen on his body. Slipping out, he rushed forth and knocked the giant off its feet, then promptly jumped back. He wasn’t ready to fight something of this caliber yet.

    Kumasogami got onto his knees as he turned to find the insolent reptile, finding it jumping away from the crater. Grumbling with anger at being blindsided by such a pitiful attack, Kumasogami held one hand out as it morphed into a bow, and his other hand created three arrows.

    Taking aim, he touched the two together as three flaming arrows fired toward Baragon’s back. Each two of the arrows missed, while the third managed to imbed itself into the smaller monster’s back, exploding flesh and knocking the small dinosaur out of the air. Baragon roared out in pain as he started to dig, the golem behind him slowly took its time walking toward him, laughing maniacally.

    Rodan was trying his hardest to avoid the rapid swings of the ape below him. Everytime he got close, Kong would be ready for him. Flying high into the air, Rodan twisted around in the air, watching Kong below as the massive ape lifted and tossed several rocks at the flying reptile. A crackling of his horns was all Kong had as warning as a Uranium Heat Beam fired down toward him. The beam lanced across the ape’s chest, burning the flesh and singing his fur as the primate attempted to pat down the smoking hair.

    Kong roared out furiously as he threw more rocks at the aerial target. Seeing the crackling of the horns, he was quick to dodge another beam, pounding his chest tauntingly. Rodan was about to fire another beam down at the ape when a loud pain-filled cry entered his ears. Turning his head away toward its direction, he was hit head on by a large boulder.

    Seeing that Rodan had been knocked out of the air, Kong charged toward the flying reptile and was quick to latch onto his foot as it took off. The Monster of the Sky screeched at Kong as another painful cry echoed across the island, along with the mad laughter of a demon. His son was in danger from the same demon that killed his family before. He began charging up his beam once more only for the once entitled Ruler of the South Seas to grip Rodan’s throat and attempt to suffocate the aerial monster.

    He could feel his vision fading the harder Kong strangled him as the cries of his child entered his ears once more. He would not allow his son to die. He would not let his tragedy repeat itself. Flapping his wings madly, the giant pterosaur began to bombard Kong with strong winds as he used his talons to slash and claw at Kong’s legs. King Kong wouldn’t release his grip on the bird monster, however, as he continued to strangle the scaly avian.

    Before the ape realized it, Rodan was hovering in the air as he embedded his claws into Kong’s legs. Rodan was fairly small among kaiju, but he had the strength to lift and carry Godzilla across miles of land. Flapping his powerful wings, Rodan took off toward the volcano’s crater, though his vision began to blur as he struggled to keep his grip on the flailing ape.

    Kong released his grasp on Rodan’s neck as he noticed just how high they had gotten. If Rodan was knocked out mid-flight, both monsters would have fallen thousands of feet down onto the island. Now able to breath, Rodan took off faster than before toward the volcano. Aiming his head down toward the large ape, he fired off a beam point blank into the ape’s face as he released his grip on Kong’s legs. The beam forced Kong to release his hold on Rodan as he began to fall down, landing halfway up the large volcano.

    The situation boded poorly for Baragon, his eyes glaring at the monstrous golem before him. He was bleeding in some areas and his bones were aching in pain, but he still did his best to avoid the rampant firing of the demon before him. He found that he was slightly faster than the large golem and could jump away should the golem get too close, but he was tiring quickly. All he could do against the demon god was run. As another volley of arrows fired toward him, Baragon jumped away as several explosions burst from where he once stood.

    Midway through the air, Kumasogami rushed Baragon as its arm formed into a long spear. Thrusting forward, it impaled the small creature through the chest as two spiked protrusions formed beneath, turning the spear into a trident. Baragon roared in anguish as it felt the magma trident burning his insides. He fired off his Magma Heat Ray at the demon god, only for Kumasogami to laugh it off. Swinging his arm, he tossed the smaller monster off his trident as he stomped his foot onto the creature to keep it still. This time, it wouldn’t let the creature out of its grasp as the trident morphed, becoming smaller and wider until it formed a long axe blade.

    Holding it over the dinosaur’s neck, the God of Kumaso lifted the axe high above its head. It would enjoy having this monster’s head as a prize. As it swung down, a purple beam fired at the joint holding the axe blade to his arm, blowing it up in the process. Kumasogami reeled back in pain as it held its wrist, the hand reforming slowly. Turning to the sky, it noticed a crimson blur, its face contorted into a malicious grin.

    Rodan trilled in anger at the demon before him for injuring his son. Flying past him, the sonic waves coming off Rodan knocked the demon god away from his son and closer to. Landing near his son, Rodan prodded him carefully to see whether his son was alright. A small groan of pain from Baragon was enough of an indicator as he slowly got back up. His back was aching and bleeding along his chest.

    Turning to Kumasogami, Rodan roared at the lava monster in anger, ordering his son to retreat. Kumasogami roared back as his left hand morphed into a shield once more. Rodan took to the skies as he fired his beam at the demonic entity before him. Kumasogami was more prepared this time as his shield was far tougher, being able to resist the beam’s piercing power. Laughing maniacally, the demon god morphed his fingers into spiked pointed knives. Swinging his hand outward, several throwing knives were launched from his fingers toward the aerial monster.

    Rodan didn’t know what hit him as he felt several hot objects stab into his body. He began to spiral down toward the magma pool but barely managed to pull himself out of the dive just above the molten rock. As he entered the skies once more, he turned to see that Kumasogami had already reformed his fingers into sharp points and hurled more knives in his direction. Twisting in the air, Rodan avoided the sharp weapons as he fired another purple beam at the demon. Kumasogami was enjoying himself. The time he spent regenerating and rebuilding his body in the volcano had allowed him to grow in power and formulate plans against the creature.

    Wings formed on the lava golem’s back as he screeched in glee at the challenge that opposed him. They were merely decorative, however it allowed for a different feature for the wicked deity. Kumasogami burst into a sprint across the landscape as his shield transformed into a bow, while arrows formed in his other hand, with the uranium heat beam trailing behind him. Taking aim, the demon fired off a salvo of arrows at his aerial opponent. Rodan swerved around the flaming projectiles as he moved to attack the golem. The demon smirked as he watched Rodan flying toward him as he reverted his arms back into hands.

    Just as Rodan was about to strike, Kumasogami spun around and struck Rodan head-on with his wings. The giant pterosaur felt himself forced to the ground in pain as he flapped mercilessly to get airborne. A foot on his wing stopped him as he stared up into the eyes of Kumasogami. The demon formed his arm into a whip as he slashed at the downed bird. Sparks flew as he whipped across the sky monster’s tough scales, continuously burning and stinging the monster’s spiky chest and leathery wings. Rodan began to charge up his beam once more, only for Kumasogami to morph his whip into a fork-like object and imbed it into the ground around his neck, choking him.

    The demon laughed victoriously to the sky as he swung his other hand to the side, throwing knife fingers flying and stabbing into Baragon who was jumping toward the demon to save his father. He stomped on Rodan’s chest causing blood to begin bubbling in his beak. Forming a spear, Kumasogami stabbed Rodan through his chest, trapping the avian dinosaur to the ground as he shrieked in pain from the burning sensation the spear gave off. Kumasogami snapped the fork off his arm, leaving Rodan there to watch as he slowly made his way toward the injured Baragon.

    Rodan tried to call out to his son to run away, but couldn’t manage any words through his trapped neck. He was forced to watch as Kumasogami kicked his son in the side multiple times before smashing a sledge hammer arm into the smaller dinosaur’s head. He then changed his hands to normal and lifted the smaller creature above his head. Walking toward the magma pools, Kumasogami was prepared to throw the weakened dinosaur into the pits of hell when a loud deafening roar caught his attention. Before he could react, something had grabbed his wings. The creature forcefully turned his body as a large fist struck him across his molten face. Baragon fell to the ground just meters from the molten rock, unconscious.

    King Kong roared out as he turned to look at his injured foe pinned to the ground. His face was burnt from where the beam had hit him, but he would survive. The Ruler of the South Seas grasped the fork-like protrusion and the spear before tearing them from the dinosaur. The avian kaiju felt a sharp pain as the spear was torn from his body, the blood hissing on the tip.

    Getting to his feet, he thanked Kong for his assistance as Kumasogami roared angrily at the two. Forming a truce in the face of danger, Rodan took to the skies shakily while the Farou deity pounded his chest tauntingly toward the demon god. The God of Kumaso did not know what this new creature was, but it would pay for interrupting his revenge against the bird creature. Kumasogami held his arms out as he kicked the downed Baragon to the side to make room. King Kong roared as he too held his arms out for battle. The two stared at each other as Rodan lifted his unconscious son out of harm’s way.

    A large lava bubble burst from the lake as the two giants rushed toward each other. Kong lifted his fist to smash into the lava demon, while Kumasogami morphed his fist into that of a hammer. Kong was the first to reach his opponent though Kumasogami was the first to strike. With a powerful swing, Kumasogami struck the mighty ape across the face with his hammer arm, knocking the beast to the side. A beam struck Kumasogami from the side, causing chunks of molten rock to burst, alerting him to Rodan’s return. Forming his shield in his other hand, he turned back to Kong as the ape charged toward him again.

    This time, Rodan swooped in from the opposing side as his horns crackled with energy. The wicked deity twisted his body at the last moment allowing the Uranium Heat Beam to soar past him and strike the oncoming King Kong. Kong was sent stumbling backward from the sudden assault as Kumasogami took the advantage to transform his hammer into a whip. With a resounding crack, Kumasogami had the whip wrapped around Rodan’s leg as he pulled the bird to the ground with a crash. He saw Kong coming from the side as he lifted his shield to defend against the ape’s powerful blows.

    The shield was doing its job as King Kong struggled to penetrate its defenses. Slowly but surely, Kong was fracturing the shield, which the demon took notice of. The wicked deity wouldn’t allow for him to get any closer as he whipped the still ensnared Rodan into a nearby boulder, taking the reptile out of the fight momentarily. His whip absorbed into itself, reforming into a spiked mace as the demon smirked.

    Kong had his hands wrapped around the sides of the shield as he attempted to pry it off his opponent, even with how hot it seemed to be. As he was doing so, something sharp and blunt struck his leg. The giant ape roared out in pain as he held his bleeding and bruised leg. Kumasogami laughed as the mace transformed once more, this time spiraling outward into a point.

    Kong stared at his opponent with fury in his eyes as he strafed to the side. Kumasogami struck first as he lunged toward Kong with his lance held outward. Kong met his charge head on with a powerful roar. Kong moved around the lance only for Kumasogami to smack him back with a shield bash. He then started to repeatedly stab at the ape’s body leaving sizzling, bleeding holes. Kong grasped onto the spear in his body and lifted one arm up. He then brought it down on the center of the weapon, breaking the rocky exterior as the demon god reeled back in pain. Kong tore the molten spear out of his body and held it on one hand. Lunging toward Kumasogami, he stabbed the spear into the cracked shield, shattering off pieces of it.

    The demon roared out in pain as his shield returned to being a hand. Kong lunged forth, knocking the lava demon to the ground as he began to pound his fists onto its burning hot body. Kong didn’t care that his flesh was burning from sitting atop the demon. He just wanted it dead.

    Kumasogami could feel his body cracking under the ape’s enormous strength and held his arms out to defend against the blows. As Kong struck at the demon’s arms, they quickly morphed into spiked clubs just as one of the ape’s fists struck it. The giant gorilla reeled back in pain as his fist struck the spikes. His hand was now bleeding with several holes showing his broken knuckles. Kumasogami took this to his advantage as he kicked the ape’s feet out from under him.

    His arms morphed once more with one becoming a spiraled lance in one hand and the other a spiked whip. As Kong slowly got up, the sharp whip wrapped around his neck, forcing its serrated spikes into his flesh as the ape brought his hand up to tear off the tight weapon. The whip continuously burned the apes flesh as the loss of air slowly started to get to him. He could feel the tug on the weapon as Kumasogami thrust the lance into his shoulder earning a roar of pain from the mighty ape.

    Pulling him closer, the demon god placed one foot on the ape’s back as he shoved the ape’s body toward the hot magma. Kong struggled to keep himself from touching the hot substance when a sudden shove forced the apes left arm into the molten substance. A great roar of intense pain echoed through the island as Kong could feel his flesh melting off within the hot magma.

    Kumasogami laughed at the ape’s suffering when a purple beam struck the center of the whip. The wicked deity roared out in pain as he turned just in time for a speeding Rodan to smack him across the face with his chest spikes causing sparks to fly. Rodan flew about in the air as he began to bombard the demonic being from afar. Kumasogami growled out in pain as the beams continued to tear into his body.

    Getting to his feet, Kumasogami went to form his shield when a powerful hand grabbed onto his arm. With the combined might of Kong and a well-placed Uranium Heat Beam, the two managed to tear off one of the demon’s shapeshifting arms. Hot magma poured out of the demon’s wound as he turned to his two attackers. Anger filled his eye as the stump near his shoulder closed off. With his remaining arm, he formed a large double-sided blade from his elbow onward as he roared at the two kaiju.

    Kong stared at his burnt arm at his side before returning his attention to the giant demon before him. Rodan fired his beam at the kneeling Kumasogami, only for the demon to do something different. Instead of forming a shield or blocking it with the flat of his blade, Kumasogami slashed at the beam slicing it down the middle, causing it to split to the sides. Rushing forth, Kumasogami slashed at King Kong as the ape attempted to dodge the attack. The blade seemed to extend outward and become thinner as Kumasogami went past, slicing the ape across his chest.

    Spinning around, he sliced upward toward the ape as Kong was caught off guard. The mighty ape recoiled in pain as he went to hold his bleeding chest. He was then surprised as he felt an odd sensation in his other arm, or rather the lack of a sensation. Kong fell to his knees as his burnt arm fell to the ground with blood starting to leak from the stump. The great ape heaved for air as he stared at the demon before him.

    The wicked deity roared out as his bladed arm shifted once more as he moved back to avoid another uranium beam from an oncoming Rodan. As Rodan flew past, the demon swung upward with his flail arm knocking the air out of the airborne kaiju. Rodan struggled to keep himself airborne but found himself crashing to the ground.

    Kumasogami formed throwing knives as his fingers before tossing them at the staggered bird wanting to end his life. As the blades came ever closer, Kong jumped in the way of the knives as they embedded their burning hot blades into his body. The ape could feel the burning sensation in his body but stood protectively over the flying reptile. During the battle, he had realized why Rodan had attempted to flee their earlier battle. Just as he had the villagers of Farou Island, Rodan had his son to protect.

    Kumasogami screamed in anger that the ape would get in his way again as he threw more burning hot knives at the beast. Each knife impaled with intense sensation as Kong charged toward the golem. Forming a spear in his arm, Kumasogami thrust it toward the mammal’s chest. Kong groaned in pain as the sharp spear entered his body, the determined beast grabbing Kumasogami and pulled him closer. Roaring out to Rodan, Kong held on tight to the lava golem, grasping onto its body tightly as the spear burst from his back. Steam sizzled from both entry and exit points as they seared the ape’s innards.

    Rodan took to the sky as he began to fire upon the two below him with all the power he could muster. Kumasogami screamed as the beams washed over his molten flesh, blowing off chunks of his body. Kong withstood the beams striking his body as he continued to hold onto the demon tightly. Acting quickly, Kumasogami kneed Kong with a low blow, knocking the ape to the ground. Turning toward the lava pool, the demon started to run toward it as a beam struck his leg, blowing it up at the knee.

    Now on his chest, the wicked deity started to pull his way toward the molten pool of magma. More beams struck his back as his wings were torn off in the explosion. Molten fluids flowed from his wounds as he neared the volcanic center. Suddenly something had gripped onto his leg, causing the demon to turn his head.

    A bleeding Baragon stood over the demon as he began to use his powerful forelimbs on the demon’s back. Kumasogami roared in anguish as he felt the smaller dinosaur tunneling through his molten body. Soon enough, Baragon had completely torn the demon in half though his paws were now red from the intense heat. Rodan landed near his son as he stared at the upper half of the demon. Staring into its eye, Rodan fired one more purple beam into its head, blowing up and finishing the demon for good.

    Rodan cackled in triumph as he turned toward the injured ape. Kong laid on the ground breathing heavily as Rodan and Baragon walked over to him. He was bleeding in various areas and would die if left alone. Rodan cawed to his son as the younger kaiju stared at the ape warily before taking aim. He began to fire his heat beam at the ape’s shoulder, sealing the wound shut to prevent Kong from bleeding out.

    Kong looked at the two in surprise before deciding that it didn’t matter. Rodan knew that if it hadn’t been for King Kong, he and his son would have fallen victim to the wicked deity’s might. With his wounds now sealed, Kong knew that the chances of him surviving had increased vastly. He knew that he had lost this fight as Rodan still had the energy and could very easily finish him off. Grunting in defeat, he thanked the two for their kindness as he closed his eyes and allowed his fatigue to claim him.

    Rodan looked over to his injured son checking to see if he was alright. Finding that he would survive the encounter, the Monster of the Sky collapsed to the ground. Flying hadn’t helped his wounds in the slightest as they only made his wounds worse. Baragon nudged his father’s body as Rodan called out to his son. The smaller dinosaur moved underneath the larger pterosaur and started to lift him up onto his back.

    Rodan thought back all those years ago when he first found Baragon’s egg. He remembered the sorrow he felt back then and thought about all the happy moments he and his son had shared afterward. Placing his beak on his son’s back, Rodan fell into a deep sleep.

    Winner: Rodan (Heisei), Baragon (Showa)

    K.W.C. // March 12, 2021
  • Author: Harley Jameson | Banner: Landon Soto

    It was the harshest storm in the history of the Pacific Ocean. A vast expansion of thunderclouds loomed for hundreds of miles, lightning dancing across the sky and slammed into the ocean, sending waves of salty spray whipping and hissing in the air.

    But to the natives of Faro Island, each clap of thunder was the signal of death.

    The Chief of the island called his people together, face ashen as the rain lashed down hard across his people. He disliked having to call them out in this maelstrom, but the winds were so harsh that their homes had been completely demolished, and they had worked hard in the grueling and deafening night of the storm to erect enough of a shelter that could survive the harshness of it all. In the distance, he could hear the roars of their God as loud as the thunder, the sounds of battle echoing across the island like a curse. The smell of death in the air.

    He had a feeling, deep in his heart, that this would be their last night on their land.

    The Chief had to shout over the cacophony of noise, water spraying against the thick reeded walls of the hut. “My people, I know you are all hungry and cold from the storm. The food has been washed away, our homes have been picked up and carried toward the water. But together, we are stronger than the forces that wish to destroy us. Together, we can overcome-”

    The sounds of battle and roaring were getting louder. Everyone flinched and huddled together as the ground shook slightly. The Chief made a motion to signal everyone to stay put, and he cautiously stepped out into the raging inferno of rain and wind to see what was happening.

    That was when he smelled the thick, iron of blood and burnt flesh. Lightning spit across the sky before slamming down a few meters away from the Chief. He jumped back in alarm when the light revealed a charred and singed octopus. Another of the giant creatures that their God had often fought. The treeline shattered as a tall, green bipedal dinosaur was hurled out from the forest, landing in a heap at the beach.

    Gorosaurus heaved, his chest burnt and blackened and every breath he took made his chest burn like it was on fire. Slowly, the dinosaur pushed himself upright and glared daggers. He gave an ear-splitting roar that made the Chief cover his ears.

    When he heard another roar boom out from the jungle, any hope he may have had for his people surviving that night would be dashed.

    Lightning crashed through the thicket and set the forest ablaze but the fires were quickly extinguished by the severe rains. Black smoke curled in the air as two powerful hands shoved a couple trees aside, electricity dancing across the furry hands as another bolt raced down and crashed down on the beach.

    The Chief watched in silent horror and awe as King Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World, slowly stepped out of the forest. Electricity and lightning covered him like a cloak, his hands constantly awash with electrical energy. His breathing was ragged, and his face glowed a ghostly blue. His eyes were blood-shot and full of intense, insane rage. The rage a creature only gets into when it is dying and knows it. The thought made the Chief’s blood run cold.

    Kong was dying.

    Although the Chief was unaware of the exact process, he was aware of what was happening. Kong always had a natural affinity with lightning, but the storm had pumped him so full of electricity that his body was shutting down as his organs were being fried by the amount. It was a slow, painful death. Each heartbeat pumping more and more of the deadly power that Kong so often found strength in.

    And in that strength, came madness. Overcome by the pain, Kong had flown into an unceasing rage, desperate to find relief. Anything in his path was demolished and destroyed. Curling his lips, the big ape wasted no time and sprinted forward, shoulder-tackling the weakened Gorosaurus down on the sand. The dinosaur squealed as Kong raised electrified fists and beat down relentlessly on the creature.

    He didn’t stop until his hands were soaked in blood, and Gorosaurus lay as a mauled pile on the shore. Kong rose fully, and screamed out as another bolt of lightning struck down onto him, his fur singed and smoking as he beat his chest and howled angrily, before turning his attention toward the Chief, and the sole hut where the remaining villagers watched from the entrance.

    The Chief closed his eyes. In a small mercy, he was the first to die, so he didn’t have to hear the screams of his people as Kong slaughtered all of them.


    Jet Jaguar was not a fan of storms.

    Being a robot, he naturally had no real concept of emotions other than what his programming allowed him to simulate, but that did not stop Jet Jaguar from on a clinical level, being able to dislike storms. The lightning crashed down with alarming enough frequency that his programming dictated that unless a serious threat to life was going to turn up, he was to remain indoors in the lab where it was safe. Even his complicated and sophisticated circuitry was susceptible to the raw electrical power of a bolt of lightning. As such, his programming was content on allowing him to do more menial tasks around the household of his creator, tuning in every once in a while as best he could to the staticy and patchy radio frequencies of the world to see if his help might be needed. Although when the algorithms were sorted through, the probability of such a thing wasn’t very high.

    The radio hummed and whined, various radio stations tuning in and out. Various advertisements and music stations until…


    Wait. Jet Jaguar stood stock still, winding back to the radio station where he heard the name. The static burst into life and he wiggled his head around, extending his antennae as far as they could go to boost the signal. “I repeat, King Kong has appeared on the coast of Japan. We advise all members of the public to stay indoors. We shall provide updates when possible.”

    King Kong had come back to Japan’s shores again. Although Jet Jaguar doubted that his presence was needed, he looked out at the storm raging outside and his internal mechanisms were considering whether or not it was worth the risk to help the self defense force. Kong was one of the few kaiju that they could actually deal with without too much trouble.

    With a flash of lightning, Jet Jaguar threw open the doors and slammed them shut, lifting his arms and taking off into the dark skies.

    It wasn’t particularly difficult to find Kong, tuning into the choppy radios had given the robot enough of a guide, along with not being particularly bothered by the concept of darkness. Rain lashed at his eyes and his programs whirred in warning as he found the ape. Something was off about the beast…

    Lightning crackled across Kong’s skin, his face emanating a bluish glow. The ape gave a low groan, clawing at his chest before howling in rage and anger, stampeding forward and kicking at a tank which exploded on impact with Kong’s foot. The burning wreckage flew through the air and crashed onto the shores. His heart showed increased signs of stress that was steadily gaining, and in an instant Jet Jaguar knew what the problem was.

    The new problem was how to stop him.

    The dying Kong screamed out, snarling and beating his bloody and raw chest. Electricity shrouding him as a bolt of lightning smashed down onto him and nearly floored the mighty ape, but he remained standing and snarled angrily. Jet Jaguar’s programming warned him that exposed contact with the ape would certainly result in his immediate termination.

    He grew to the size of Kong anyways and stood in front of the thin line of JSDF vehicles that remained alive. The thunder crashed overhead and Jet Jaguar cried out, thrusting his arm toward Kong. Jet Jaguar sympathized with Kong, but he couldn’t allow the ape to continue his rampage.

    Kong snarled, and another flash of lightning echoed out with his battle cry as the ape charged forward. He swung wildly, Jet Jaguar ducking underneath the clumsy swipe and the robot slammed his fist into Kong’s gut, staggering the ape. Jet Jaguar immediately yanked his hand away as sparks danced around it.

    Kong, unphased by the robot’s plight, lumbered forward and swung again wildly, grunting in irritation as Jet Jaguar easily rolled out of the way. He grunted, digging his hands into the wet sand beneath him and flinging his arms up, a great handful splattering against Jet Jaguar’s face. The robot jerked in alarm, hastily trying to wipe the sand off of his face and screeching when Kong shouldered into him in a massive shower of spark, sending him crashing down on the wet sand.

    He shuddered and twitched. Even with such minimal contact, Kong was so supercharged with electricity that it was enough to send his systems into overdrive. He barely had time to get his bearings before he had to quickly roll out of the way, toward the choppy oceans as Kong slammed his fists down, showering more sand around.

    Standing quickly, Jet Jaguar ran forward and punched Kong across the jaw, then quickly backhanding him and kicking out with his foot, knocking the ape right on his back.

    Under normal circumstances, he would have pressed the advantage. But in Kong’s current state, the machine knew that advantage was completely gone. As Kong rose up to his feet, Jet Jaguar’s computer brain began making calculations about how to properly defeat his supercharged foe.

    Kong panted hard, clawing at his chest and grunting in pain, heaving as he roared angrily and another bolt of lightning slammed down onto the ape. Jet Jaguar flinched back, looking up at the storm raging above him. Was Kong’s natural affinity for lightning causing bolts to be attracted to him?

    There was no time to ponder the possibilities presented to Jet Jaguar as Kong waved his arms wildly and sprinted forward, Jet Jaguar aiming a kick at Kong, who caught the foot and howled at Jet Jaguar.

    Electricity danced through the machine’s circuits as Kong pushed Jet Jaguar down on his back and began punching mercilessly on him. Jet Jaguar flailed around, having the robotic equivalent of a seizure as his body began smoking and sparking. His circuits were going into overdrive and it wasn’t long before he went limp, going into emergency shut down.

    Kong panted, watching his beaten and blackened foe fall limp. He prodded at Jet Jaguar, but upon seeing no response assumed he had died and stood back up, beating his chest and bellowing victoriously. Turning around, he began walking back toward Japan.

    When Jet Jaguar turned back on, the storm had somehow gotten worse. His eyes pierced the darkness with light and he slowly stood to his full height, brushing the sand off of his body. He looked around, seeing the wreck of Kong’s rampage and he knew that he had failed his mission to stop the ape. His internal clock was fried and he had no idea how long he was on the ground.

    If Jet Jaguar were capable of feeling horror, it would be that Kong was nowhere to be seen and his radio wasn’t operating properly either. With no way to determine where the ape had gone, he would have to start looking for him the old fashioned way.

    Jet Jaguar watched as the lightning crackled overhead, the thunder exploding around him as he lifted off the ground. Normally, he would conserve energy and shrink down to fly again but desperate times called for desperate measures. He needed to find Kong and stop him, no matter the cost.

    It was a clunky liftoff, but the robot protector paid it no heed as he soared through the air as fast as he could go, The winds and rain battered his giant form as he looked for Kong across the countryside, trying to repair his radio as quickly as he could. Lightning crashed around him, and he once swerved to avoid a bolt that struck out at him a few seconds after.

    The distant sound of tank-fire finally caught his attention. His optics zoomed in a little as he saw Kong battling the army. He held in his hand the charred remains of a few soldiers, throwing the corpses like ragdolls across the battlefield. His body was literally humming with how much electrical power he had stored up. Jet Jaguar could hear Kong’s heartbeat getting faster with each breath. He would die soon.

    This had to end.

    Under normal circumstances, his programming wouldn’t allow him to perform such a rash and illogical act. But as Jet Jaguar watched Kong slaughter the soldiers, he knew it had to be done to stop the ape. He had done it once before to stop Megalon, and he would have to do it again to stop Kong.

    Jet Jaguar began to grow again. Larger than he had done before until he was towering over Kong. His estimates was that he had grown a quarter of his size and the strain on his body was already starting to be felt. Metal groaned as Jet Jaguar took a thunderous step toward Kong, who looked dumbfounded to see the opponent he thought he had killed back and taller than ever.

    Swinging his arm, it smashed against Kong’s head and sent the ape crashing down against the ground. Giant lights pierced the blackness and shone down on the downed ape as Kong burst up and charged at the gigantic Jet Jaguar, slamming his bulk into the machine.

    He staggered back, but remained standing this time and instead kicked out viciously, replacing technique for raw power and he heard the sickening crunch of bones as Kong’s weakened body was tossed across the makeshift arena and landed in a heap.

    The strain was starting to wear on Jet Jaguar’s body but he refused to shrink back down until he knew Kong was no longer a threat. Metal groaned under the weight and smoke began to churn from his overheating body, the rain hissing against his hot coating. When he saw Kong was about to stand he moved over and viciously kicked at the ape’s side, sending the dying creature sprawling on the ground.

    Kong coughed, heaving as he rolled over and convulsed. The electricity around his body was starting to fade, and he gave a weak noise and looked up at the storm raging overhead. He could feel his heart beating slower, it was getting hard to breath. Closing his eyes, King Kong slumped over. Finally dead.

    Jet Jaguar turned, shrunk back down and in silence, and flew back home.

    Winner: Jet Jaguar


    K.W.C. // March 6, 2021
  • Author: KeSean Johnson | Banner: Matthew Williams

    He had heard of this malicious creature and its reign of terror, reeking havoc wherever it crossed. The malevolent beast shedding its ruthless evil and destruction across the galaxy.

    The three-headed horror of the universe was on a path of chaos. He laid waste to anything, mobile or immobile. Cruelty, destruction, pain and death was all he knew. Nothing else mattered but the end of the universe.

    A small planet located behind Jupiter had recently just been caught in the evil monstrosity’s road to annihilation. Like a fiery god angered by its people, the horrid monster rained destructive, cosmic lightning bolts upon the defenseless planet. A barren wasteland it was turned, erased of all natural resources, its people on the brink of extinction. The demon wanted—no, needed—to exact his revenge. His next target was planet Earth.

    The intergalactic king of terror known as Grand King Ghidorah cackled with evil glee, glaring at his new adversary. A lone knight, donned in silver armor had come to stop his reign of terror. A praised god known by his ancient people, his heavenly powers toppling that of the Earth’s defenders. Their combined might was only enough to replenish the galactic monstrosity. He would send this devil into eternal damnation. With the shining light of the sun and the masculine power of a supernova, there was no possible way this dragon could come out on top. It was not in its destiny as so it was for the divine knight.

    The all powerful Sun God known as Utsuno Ikusagami clenched his fists. Utsuno could not allow this tyrannical dragon to cause anymore obliteration. He sought to kill this terrible creature once and for all. Stretching his arms out, the silver warrior summoned a vast amount of gold blades on his back. These acted as his wings, giving him the wonderful ability of flight. Utsuno charged Ghidorah, only for the golden dragon to spew a volley of gravity bolts his way, halting his approach. The heavely knight used his arms to shield his face, resulting in burn marks and electrocution. He was not prepared for that attack. This battle was going to be a lot more challenging than he thought.

    Grand King Ghidorah laughed at his foe before charging more cosmic energy into his maws and firing it at his opponent. Utsuno was ready this time, forming an oval-shaped shield made of unknown energies. The otherworldly beams of destruction were stopped in their tracks. Grand Ghidorah wouldn’t let up, still shooting his lightning blasts into the shield. Utsuno became worried, knowing his blockade would falter at any moment, and he was correct. The shield cracked, then twisted, and finally shattered like glass. Yet, he was already on the move, dodging the gravity beams and flying overhead.

    By the time Ghidorah looked upward, Utsuno Ikusagami descended upon him, slamming his right fist into his central head, releasing a shriek of agony. Ghidorah’s left head shot at Utsuno, only for the knight to grasp its throat in his right hand. The right head sprang to action, but Utsuno caught that one as well. Ikusagami tightened his grip, squeezing as hard as he could and zapping them with his special energy touch. Afterward, he drove his right knee into the dragon’s liver, forcing the monster to shriek in pain and gag at the same time.

    The central head brought itself upward, uppercutting thr guardian in his armored chin and forcing him to stagger. Charging up deadly volts of electricity into the tips of his wings, Grand King Ghidorah then let forth twelve shots of crimson lightning into Utsuno Ikusagami’s body. His metallic armor acted as a conductor, cranking up the power of the wing lightning. Utsuno cringed in anguish, the lightning bolts giving him a painful shock treatment.

    Ghidorah flapped his gargantuan wings, charging at his stunned opponent. When Utsuno stopped cringing in pain, he was treated with a massive dropkick which sent him hurtling into a tiny asteroid. The impact dazed him, but he still managed to hold himself together. Grand King Ghidorah flew at his enemy once again, but Utsuno managed to sidestep the speeding demon at the last second, driving all three of his heads into the asteroid. Faintly, Ghidorah shrieked in pain, nearly knocked into unconsciousness by the crash.

    While his adversary was dazed and confused, Utsuno wrapped his silver arms around Grand Ghidorah’s long necks and bent them backward. Simultaneously, the Sun God drove his right foot into the dragon’s back, cracking it in all the wrong ways. This galvanized the beast, widening its six red eyes and blasting his opponent point-blank in his featureless face. The sudden gravity beams sent the warrior hurtling backward.

    Like a swimmer accelerating off a wall inside a pool, Grand King Ghidorah pounced off of the damaged asteroid, giving him a head start to his top flight speed. Utsuno tricked his deadly opponent into believing he was down for the count. Ghidorah was getting ready to maul the knight, only for the warrior from the heavens to leap up and snatch all three of his muscular necks. The dreadful dragon panicked, having no way to escape from his tightening grip. Utsuno Ikusamagi spun in a complete circle before releasing his foe upward. The galactic demon catapulted into a rushing asteroid, knocking the air right out of him and sending him further into the vacuum of space.

    Utsuno Ikusagami knew for a fact his opponent was nowhere near defeated and decided to give chase. The silver knight dodged every oncoming rock, spinning, twirling, and still keeping his focus on the one asteroid with his enemy on the other side. After floating behind it, he waited for his enemy to arrive from either above him or on either side of the space rock. What he didn’t come to realize was that Grand King Ghidorah was flying under the asteroid.

    Ghidorah lifted his three demonic heads, spotting the warrior’s feet. Utsuno Ikusagami was ambushed, being blasted in his soles, causing him to clutch his feet and become frantic. Grand King Ghidorah cackled with evil glee, seeing his foe struggle to overcome his pain. Flying up toward his opponent, Grand Ghidorah then sank his large fangs into Utsuno’s feet and tossed him downward into yet another oncoming asteroid. The satanic dragon followed the rock he laid on, erupting cosmic lightning blasts into his fallen foe.

    Utsuno lay stiff as the devastating bolts of lightning electrifying his limbs. The silver knight spotted his adversary flying overhead, but it was already too late. Grand King Ghidorah dropped onto his enemy, driving his scaly feet into his torso. Like a joyful child on a trampoline, the three-headed dragon jumped up and down, denting the deity’s armor and crushing him underneath his gigantic weight. Ghidorah grew tired of this act, deciding to hop off of his downed opponent.

    Bright, yellow flashes formed in his maws, charging up his gravity beams. The yellow bolts of devastation spewed from his mouths, exploding around Utsuno Ikusagami and forcing him to roll over onto his stomach. The golden devil chuckled at his foe’s suffering. Knowing his opponent would continue his assault, Utsuno activated his wing blades, spinning rapidly like a giant buzzsaw. After using his arms to lift himself up, the divine warrior spun to the right, his wing saw cleaving Ghidorah’s right foot from his ankle.

    Grand King Ghidorah cried out in anguish, falling onto his back, his ankle becoming nothing more than a bloody stump. His opponent was extremely tough, but the god knew he would overcome the odds. Utsuno looked to finish this battle, the war between knight and dragon. The metallic warrior lifted his arms out and focused on his energy. Channeling a high quantity of divine power into the medallion on his forehead, Utsuno Ikusagami then fired an awesome blast of raw energy into Grand King Ghidorah.

    Something seemed to be wrong. The terrible dragon never erupted into a great ball of fire. There wasn’t even an explosion. Grand King Ghidorah used his golden scales to manipulate Utsuno’s Sun beam into a light barrier!

    Ghidorah thanked the nature of his own body for saving him from oblivion. Utsuno couldn’t believe what just happened. That same energy beam was enough to turn the devilish, eight-headed dragon, Orochi, into a living inferno. What did it do to Grand King Ghidorah? Absolutely nothing.

    Grand King Ghidorah flew off of the asteroid, finally rejuvenating his strength. The terrifying monster passed by Utsuno Ikusagami, bombarding the knight with deadly gravity bolts. He spun around while cackling with insanity. When Utsuno turned to face his enemy, he was met with a massive wing to the face, knocking him back. Ghidorah then hoisted his forked tail over his groin area which connected to the sides of his opponent’s head. Bringing his tail down, Utsuno was forced to fly downward.

    He halted his decent. The warrior barely dodged the oncoming lightning blasts which manipulated gravity. His reflexes came into play. Grand Ghidorah continued his spam of gravity beams, yet not one blast hit their target. Utsuno flew in continuous circles as he was trying his hardest to not get blasted. Finally coming up with another strategy, the silver knight twirled upward, almost like creating a giant DNA strand. This confused and infuriated the three-headed monstrosity because he couldn’t land any hits on his enemy.

    Utsuno stopped flying. Ghidorah seized firing. The hydra turned around only for his enemy to punch his central head, catching it off guard and releasing a shriek of agony. Utsuno backhanded his right head, then slapped the left one, zapping it at the same time. Becoming seriously aggravated, Ghidorah then constricted his middle neck around Utsuno’s throat. The ancient warrior was beginning to suffocate and so started to panic. He bashed his fists into King Ghidorah’s chest over and over, but nothing seemed to work. The outer heads then wrapped their necks around his arms, holding him still. His movements became slow and lazy. Now that his opponent was pained and slowed, Grand King Ghidorah relinquished his torture and vomited more destructive beams of galactic lightning into his stiff foe. He glared at his enemy who was now floating aimlessly in the vacuum of space. Curling his lips and snarling, Ghidorah then let forth a ferocious cry of triumphant victory. The demonic dragon added insult to injury by bouncing off of his unconscious opponent’s form and flying away.

    He decided to utilize the extracted life essences he had taken by will from every planet he had encountered beforehand. Grand King Ghidorah then began to form a meteor around his masculine body. This would definitely help him travel to Earth a lot faster.

    Images scattered inside Utsuno Ikusagami’s brain. Everything he saw were memories from his troubled past. He was once a rejected prince, being deceived as a child of the Devil himself. His kingdom believed that he himself had murdered his own sick mother after giving her his special amulet, its true power being nearly uncontrollable. Day and night, land-to-land, the dishonored prince searched for the three treasures of Yamato. After achieving the treasures, the prince and his new female companion journeyed to the moon. He did battle with the ruthless, almighty god known as Tsukuyomi. After being outmatched, the doombringer transformed into the humongous red hydra, Orochi. Yamato Takeru fused with the Sword of Snake Kerosign, a sacred mirror, and his partner; Oto Tachibana. He then morphed into a proud, heavenly God of the Sun: Utsuno Ikusagami. Using his amazing, divine powers, the warrior conquered the eight-headed dragon, his duty as a protector being successful.

    Now he had faced a new opponent. Another hydra, but more dangerous and more powerful. Even more powerful than the last. This dragon, despite having five less heads, was more cunning and possessed twice as much raw power in his arsenal. The dragon defeated the knight, but his mission of protection and balance was not over yet. No matter the circumstances, Utsuno had to beat the unbeatable! He had to conquer the unconquerable! Slay the unslayable! Utsuno clenched his fists. On this day, he would slay yet another hydra!

    The meteor was formed half way around Grand King Ghidorah’s body. All of a sudden, a massive, orange beam made of enhanced energies collided with the half-meteor. It was decimated in an instant, exploding all around its creator. Grand King Ghidorah roared furiously, fueled with inner rage. He was so close! The menacing monster charged his foe, but Utsuno stood his ground. The knight stuck his arms out and completely stopped the speeding dragon. Ghidorah’s left head shot out like a cobra, biting into Utsuno’s right bicep. Then came the right head, sinking its sharp fangs into his left bicep. Finally the central head bit down into his neck.

    Utsuno struggled to escape from his triple death grip, but with this new sudden power surge, there was no way he would be defeated again. Ghidorah’s fangs sunk deeper, yet he could not break the holy armor. The golden dragon’s bloodlust was still not quenched. Utsuno stuck his right arm out to the side while Grand Ghidorah charged up yellow, cosmic lightning into his three maws, and a sword made of holy energy materialized in the noble warrior’s right hand. Right as Ghidorah was about to end his life, the blade was plunged into his chest like a hot knife through butter, seizing his lightning bolts.

    All three of his heads lifted upward simultaneously and shrieked in absolute anguish. The holy blade was extremely close to piercing his black heart. Utsuno Ikusagami relinquished his sword from the dragon’s chest and swiped it down his right wing, ripping through the appendage like tissue paper. Ghidorah released a cry of agony, shooting off strands of purple lightning at his foe. Utsuno spun around and activated his wing blades, using them to bounce and deflect the oncoming bolts of electricity into the empty vastness.

    Ghidorah growled at his relentless opponent. The demon summoned more gravity-manipulating lightning into his maws while the silver knight channeled more particles of intense energy into his forehead. Grand King Ghidorah released the destructive gravity beams from his mouths, uniting them into one super gravity beam. The medallion ray ruptured from Utsuno Ikusagami’s forehead. The two awesome blasts of raw power smashed into one another, looking to overpower each other. Ghidorah spewed more cosmic energy into his combined blast, causing his opponent’s ray to be pushed back. Utsuno summoned more power into his beam, forcing his enemy’s blast to fall back. The runaway energy coming from both giants erupted, a massive explosion of astronomical proportions being created.

    Both Utsuno Ikusagami and Grand Ghidorah were sent hurtling backward as the galactic explosion was formed in between them. Upon stopping himself, Utsuno caught a glimpse of Ghidorah speeding toward him like a living bullet. That was all he needed. Before Ghidorah could tackle his foe, the silver knight turned ninety degrees to the left. Grand King Ghidorah’s eyes widened, panicking as he could not stop himself. It was at that moment when Ghidorah’s left wing was completely shredded in half by Ikusagami’s wing saw.

    The demonic dragon turned around, squealing in insane agony. Almost instantly, a zero gravity field formed around the hydra so that he could still possess the ability to fly. Out of nowhere, Utsuno Ikusagami slammed his bulk into Grand King Ghidorah. Pushing him backward, the hydra was forced through one side of an asteroid and straight out the other, forming a gaping hole in the space rock.

    Utsuno continued his forward rush, finally driving Ghidorah into an asteroid three times their own size. An impact crater was formed from the collision, holding the dragon in the rock as Ikusagami materialized another sword of enhanced power in his right hand. Ghidorah’s right head shrieked its last as it was severed from half way down its neck, vile blood spraying everywhere. Utsuno, with his free hand, grasped the severed limb and slapped the other two heads with it in utter disgust before casting it aside. Ghidorah roared in frustration, unable to overcome his enemy’s deadly assault.

    Grabbing the central head’s lower jaw, Ikusagami electricuted it and hoisted the neck upward. He plunged his heavenly sword into its throat, locking it with the asteroid and spewing nasty blood. Staring at his ruthless enemy made him angered, something a god should not feel in the sight of others for bad things would come. Bringing his right arm upward, Utsuno summoned a spear of static holy light and chucked it at Ghidorah. Unlike the holy beam, it managed to penetrate his light barrier, slicing straight through his left shoulder, restraining his joints and causing a huge explosion. Focusing more power into his left hand, Utsuno formed another deadly spear and threw it at the dragon’s other shoulder. A third spear was flung, piercing the demon’s left knee. One last spear connected with Ghidorah’s right knee. The satanic dragon was crucified on an asteroid, sapping him of his legendary power and siphoning all the evil that lurked inside of his body.

    Grand Ghidorah let forth a weakened cry of distress. Utsuno channeled holy energies into his medallion, seeking to end this monster’s reign of destruction. The blast was fired, but was halted by Ghidorah’s still active light barrier. Two more beams shot out, but were unsuccessful in damaging their target. Utsuno brought his arms up and slowly dropped them, focusing even more godly energy into his forehead. Another medallion ray erupted from his head, even more massive and powerful than all the rest. Instantly, Ghidorah’s light barrier shattered, letting the beam of holy energy collide with his body. Ghidorah cried one final roar of retribution upon his adversary. Some of his scales, along with some inner organs, evaporated at a rapid rate. His insides overheated and began to combust. Finally, the three-headed dragon exploded into a brilliant ball of flames, being completely set ablaze by Utsuno’s mega medallion ray.

    Utsuno seized his blast, giving his unlimited energy a chance to replenish itself. The once horrible beast, the galactic doombringer, the planet destroyer, the devilish obliterator, the King of Terror, Grand King Ghidorah…was no more. The divine knight, the Sun God, Utsuno Ikusagami, had conquered, and slain the dragon.

    The denizens of Earth would live to see another day, thanks to a god they never worshipped…

    Eternal damnation the dragon was sent into… The heavens above the knight ascended to.

    Between God and Devil, this is how it always should be and will be.

    Winner: Utsuno Ikusagami

    K.W.C. // February 28, 2021
  • Author: Connor Clennell | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    For years, mankind had been plagued by monsters. No matter how hard they fought back, it seemed as if they had no hope to fully repel the larger-than-life beasts that shared the same soil as them. Had no choice but to watch them tear down their homes, steal away their loved ones, tear down everything they had worked hard to achieve.

    Yet in the carnage and chaos, one nation had managed to avoid the conflict between man and monster. Whilst the governments of Japan and the United States sent out their armies and arsenals against the likes of Godzilla and King Ghidorah, the United Kingdom hung back, leaving its military and civilians out of a conflict that didn’t involve them…at least, not yet. As the other nations of the world suffered from the heavy loss of life and the costs of repairing the damage and building new weaponry to take down their gargantuan neighbors, they flourished. Rebuilding their economy, improving their quality of life, strengthening their defenses. What was once a tiny, insignificant island was quickly growing into a new international superpower.

    The people of Great Britain had grown to believe they were safe from the terrors of kaiju. None had ever tried to set foot in their waters or on their soil before. Why would they now?

    Today, they would be proven wrong.

    In Blackpool, crowds of people carried on with their daily lives, not giving a care about the dangers that existed outside their waters. Atop the Blackpool Tower, a young boy was on the verge of crying as he watched his balloon float away from him into the sky above. He barely paid attention to the sudden shouts and screams around him, as people pushed and shoved each other aside in a desperate rush to get to the elevator. It wasn’t until his mother lifted him up to carry him and he could see over her shoulder that he saw what the cause for all the commotion was.

    Few people saw the object flying in over the ocean at an astounding speed. Even fewer survived its arrival.

    Hurricane level winds swept up helpless cars, trams, buses and people, scattering them across the town like garbage. Massive waves engulfed the beach and the promenade, wiping away treasured landmarks and memorials. Sonic booms shattered every window within Blackpool’s limits and reduced less structurally sound buildings to tons of concrete rubble. All this in the span of a single minute. Maybe even less.

    When the carnage had died down, the town was unrecognizable to the survivors. Mangled bodies of vehicles and people littered the ravaged streets, obscured by dust and debris. Across the city, the cries of people in agonizing pain and in mourning of their deceased filled the air. No one could have expected this. Blackpool had been torn apart by forces brought about by the advent of Rodan.

    The crimson pterosaur circled above the ruins of Blackpool, scanning for a place to roost after his long voyage. His sharp eyes found a suitable target, and he made his descent. Rodan came down atop the Blackpool Tower, crushing its observatory under his titanic weight. The rest of the structure wobbled and groaned in protest, but managed to support Rodan’s form. In the giant’s beak, a bottlenose dolphin flailed helplessly in its dying moments. Throwing his head back, Rodan opened his maw, allowing gravity to send the dolphin down his throat. He closed his beak with a loud clapping sound, only to open it again a second later, spreading his wings and releasing an echoing, challenging cackle. Blackpool was his domain now. Let any other creature challenge him at their peril.

    His moment was interrupted, however, as the tower began to tremble beneath him. Rodan looked down, tilting his head in confusion. The streets below shook violently, the tremors bringing down buildings not fully obliterated by Rodan’s sonic booms. Huge jagged cracks appeared in the concrete and tarmac, spewing violent flames. From his perch, Rodan watched the cracks grow larger and the flames engulf the ruins below. Suddenly, the tower itself began to sink, disappearing into the inferno. Screeching in surprise, Rodan escaped a fiery fate by taking to the skies. He and the pockets of survivors watched with anticipation as the Blackpool Tower was consumed by the Earth, vanishing into a hellish pit of fire and brimstone.

    Rodan looked down at where the tower had just stood, warily observing the gaping chasm that had appeared in its place. Unholy sounds escaped the sinkhole’s molten depths, filling the reptile’s soul with dread. Forms moved around within the flames, neither human nor monster, but creatures from another world. Thousands of tortured souls cried out, begging for freedom from their eternal prison. This gateway to the underworld was something beyond even Rodan’s intelligence and comprehension. He was sure of one thing, however: he was going nowhere near it.

    To further compliment the pit, a colossal, inhuman form began to rise from the depths. A large four-fingered hand composed of rock clamped down on the chasm’s edge, followed by another, pulling a demonic creature out of Hell itself and to the surface. Kumasogami reared his hideous visage back, letting loose a haunting, atrocious bellow that pierced the souls of those present with fear and dread, announcing his return to the mortal realm after centuries of slumber. The former God of the Kumaso Kingdom had returned to walk the Earth once more and burn civilization to ashes.

    Though as the molten beast scanned the broken shell of Blackpool, it seemed something had razed the town to the ground before him. Recently too, judging by the still setting smoke and burning fires. A screech from above caught Kumasogami’s attention. The demon’s single triangular eye regarded Rodan’s airborne form not with fear or anger, but boredom. While he enjoyed tearing apart his enemies and drinking the blood out of their still beating hearts, the pteranodon hardly looked to be a worthy foe. Still, if it wanted to die so badly, who was he to deny its final request? Kumasogami spread his arms wide and roared a terrible roar at Rodan, accepting the Lord of the Skies’ challenge.

    Pulling his wings close, Rodan dive-bombed the molten titan at incredible speed. Taken by surprise by his foe’s speed, Kumasogami was left with little time to defend himself, and raised his arms to grab Rodan’s own as he closed the distance. Gripping the aerial predator’s arms tightly, Kumasogami grinned in sadistic pleasure as his superheated touch burnt and seared Rodan’s flesh, earning several painful cries from the mutated pteranodon. In retaliation, he brought the tip of his beak down atop Kumasogami’s head with extreme force. Kumasogami relinquished his hold, clutching the top of his head and hollering painfully. Molten lava dripped from his cracked cranium, corroding the ground below. Rodan used his foe’s distraction to ascend into the air, his natural realm. With a single flap of his wings, he created a powerful sonic boom that knocked Kumasogami back onto the beach behind him. As the dark one’s feet disappeared under the waves he growled painfully. But while the cooling waters doused his flames, it was not enough to wound the beast from Hell.

    Rodan’s cackling cry echoed around the area, seeming to come from all directions. Kumasogami looked around frantically as he tried to locate the reptile, to no avail. Rodan cackled again, the sound closer this time, but before Kumasogami could react, the oversized pterosaur slammed his spiked chest into the back of the titan’s head, sending him crashing to the ground. Kumasogami quickly got back onto his feet, only for Rodan to slam his feet into his face, causing him to fall backward into the ocean. Both the demon and the waters hissed as his superheated form made contact, steam rising from all sides. Pulling himself out of the now boiling water, Kumasogami was knocked to the ground once more as Rodan swooped in low and sliced the demon’s leg with his wing.

    Kumasogami groaned as he pulled himself off the ground. Rodan was just too fast to face while in the air, and if Kumasogami wanted to win this bout he’d have to force the crimson terror out of his element. The dark one’s arms fell to his sides as his hands began to shift and change. His left hand took on the appearance of a bow, the other morphed its fingers into three deadly arrows. Kumasogami joined the arrows with his bow and took aim. Rodan issued a cackle and dive-bombed Kumasogami again, but this time the demon was ready, spinning on his heel to face the pteranodon and fired his arrows. Skillfully twisting his form, Rodan avoided the molten projectiles and continued his attack, striking Kumasogami in the face with his wing before retreating once more. Kumasogami snarled angrily and turned to face Rodan’s retreating form as his fingers formed into another set of arrows.

    He raised the bow and arrows to target Rodan, but did not fire, waiting for the pteranodon to get closer this time. Rodan began to pick up speed as he approached Kumasogami, cackling wildly, as he prepared to slam his beak into the molten titan’s cranium. Moments before he could, though, Kumasogami launched his arrows, striking the giant pteranodon’s armored chest. Crying out in pain as plumes of fire and smoke rose from his chest, Rodan swerved midair, abandoning his attack run. Kumasogami lowered his arms, letting out a low, sinister laugh at his foe’s pain.

    Suddenly, Rodan stopped mid-flight and turned to face Kumasogami. The demon’s laughter died in his throat once he noticed Rodan’s crown of horns glow a bright gold, as flashes and sparks of energy crackled across them. Rodan cackled angrily before opening his beak and unleashing a violet beam of atomic energy, striking Kumasogami dead center in the chest. The dark one howled as chunks of molten rock and lava blood fell to the ground and staggered back. Rodan was not finished, however, and fired another blast of his uranium ray. Kumasogami’s left hand exploded into chunks as the beam struck, causing more agonizing pain to course through Kumasogami’s body and earning another deafening cry from his molten throat as he clutched the stump of his hand. Rodan’s mocking cry filled the demon’s ears as his hand regenerated, vengeance clouding his mind. As Rodan dive-bombed him again, Kumasogami reverted his right hand back to its normal state and broke into a sprint toward the giant pterosaur. The demon bent his legs, leaping into the air toward the descending Rodan. The mutated pteranodon cried out in surprise as Kumasogami planted his foot atop his head and kicked down, sending him plummeting to the ground hard. Kumasogami landed mere meters away and turned to face Rodan, still dazed from the impact, growling cruelly as he prepared to deal the finishing blow…

    Pulling himself upright, Rodan spun around and blasted Kumasogami square in the chest with his uranium heat beam. Kumasogami stumbled backward from the blast and tripped on a pile of rubble, falling back and crushing Blackpool North Station under his bulk. As the demon flailed about trying to get back up, Rodan lifted himself into the air and approached Kumasogami. The molten titan lashed out in an attempt to grab Rodan, but the Lord of the Skies managed to stay just out of his reach and began pecking furiously at the dark one’s skull. Kumasogami roared in pain as each strike of Rodan’s beak worsened the damage already inflicted to his cranium, threatening to crack the demon’s head open like an egg. His hands desperately sought out a weapon to use against his crimson foe, eventually finding an abandoned DMU train. His right hand closed around the two vehicles, the heat from his body quickly turning them to molten slag, and he swung his arm upward, smashing the deteriorating train into Rodan’s face. The DMU exploded on contact, embedding shards of glass and twisted metal into the right side of Rodan’s head. Rodan ceased assaulting Kumasogami, rearing his head back and crying out in pain as shrapnel pierced his eye. He flew back and landed, trying to claw the debris out with his fingers.

    Kumasogami stood up, using the time Rodan spent removing the shrapnel well. His right arm fell to his side, the fingers of his hand fusing together and extending to form a deadly blade. Raising his new weapon, Kumasogami swung it at Rodan, striking the reptile on his armored chest and drawing a shower of sparks. Rodan cried out in shock and leapt back, but Kumasogami swung faster, his sword cutting through the membrane of Rodan’s left wing. The crimson pteranodon cackled in anger and pain as he ascended out of Kumasogami’s reach. He observed his torn wing, assessing the damage. His wing was still capable of granting flight, obviously, but he could no longer harness his true speed, lest he damage his wing further.

    Out of the corner of his good eye, Rodan watched Kumasogami’s hands morph into a bow and arrows once more. He quickly moved, avoiding the first trio of arrows. Kumasogami could tell Rodan was in distress, as he was moving a lot slower now. It made tracking him much easier. He raised his bow, firing another set of arrows at the mutated pterosaur. Two arrows struck Rodan’s underbelly, the other exploded against his neck. Rodan let out an angry cry and swerved toward Kumasogami, grasping the demon’s head in his talons and dragging him across the town. The Lord of the Skies released his grip, sending Kumasogami crashing down atop Bloomfield Road Stadium, partially burying him in several tons of concrete and steel.

    Furiously, Kumasogami pulled himself up and glared at Rodan. The pterosaur’s horns glowed once more as he fired his uranium beam, blowing off Kumasogami’s bow-hand, then repeated the action with the demon’s other hand. Kumasogami shook his arms wildly, his stumps spilling lava across the area, as Rodan swooped in and smashed him in the face with his chest. Kumasogami fell back, roaring in fury. Already his hands were regenerating and morphing into new shapes. His right hand grew in size, his fingers sinking into his rocky hide to form a large ball. Several spikes grew out of the ball, finishing the weapon’s completion. His left hand took on a similar shape, then detached from his wrist, dangling on a rock-formed chain. Kumasogami swung his new morning star and flail, testing their weight and air resistance, then spun around and slammed his morning star into Rodan’s face, who had been sneaking up on the molten titan.

    Wearily, Rodan opened his eyes. Kumasogami’s blow had been strong enough to not only knock him unconscious for a few moments, but send him flying halfway across Blackpool. Rodan felt the ground beneath him quake, and he looked up to see Kumasogami sprinting toward him, bellowing in rage. Flapping his wings, Rodan began to take off, firing a uranium ray at the charging demon. Kumasogami raised his morning star to take the blow, sacrificing the limb to continue his charge, and swung his left arm. His flail slammed into Rodan’s chest, breaking several ribs with an audible cracking sound. The crimson pterosaur’s cry of agony was literally drowned out as blood gurgled out of Rodan’s maw as one of his lungs was punctured. He blasted Kumasogami with his uranium beam, incinerating rocky armor and lava blood alike, as he clawed at the dark one’s face with his talons, ignoring the burning pain that shot through then with every strike.

    By now Kumasogami’s morning star had reformed, and he smashed the medieval tool into Rodan’s side, sending the oversized pteranodon crashing to the ground. He leapt atop the fallen reptile and began pounding his face with both morning star and flail. Rodan beat his wings and kicked out, cackling painfully as he was crushed and burnt underneath the demon. His efforts were futile, and only served to increase the severity of the dark one’s beating.

    After several minutes of non-stop smashing, Kumasogami finally relented. He stood up off Rodan to observe the Lord of the Skies’ broken form. His chest was singled completely black, raw red flesh poking out of several gaping wounds. The pteranodon’s head lay in a puddle of his own blood, his beak crackled and missing several pieces, which were scattered all around his head. Yet the slow but steading rise and fall of his chest proved Rodan was still alive. Kumasogami’s hands morphed into blades as he raised them above his head, ready to deal the killing blow. But then a much more sinister thought struck him. Why kill him and end his suffering, when he could make him suffer for all eternity?

    His blades morphed back into four-fingered hands, and he bent down to pick up Rodan. Carrying the mutant reptile above his head, Kumasogami marched over to where he had come into this world. As he stood at the edge of the opening, he glazed into its fiery depths, disturbed glee filling his tainted soul. The moans and cries of the underworld, along with Kumasogami’s vile laughter, was enough to rouse Rodan from unconsciousness. With a surprised screech, the Lord of the Skies was cast into the pit, vanishing into the cloud of fire and smoke. Kumasogami’s laughter rose to a horrifying, booming volume as he turned away from the gate to Hell and focused his attention—

    With a triumphant cackle, Rodan flew out of the pit, escaping the terrors of the underworld. Kumasogami spun around, his twisted visage frozen in shock. Rodan’s bruised and battered eyes narrowed as a furious cackle emanated from his throat moments before he expelled a beam of atomic hate on Kumasogami’s face. The dark one’s cries died in his throat as it was torn away by the force of Rodan’s heat ray, alongside most of his facial feature. As Kumasogami clutched at the remains of his face, Rodan blasted open the ground beneath him with two more uranium rays. The ledge Kumasogami resided on crumbled away, and he fell screaming as best he could into the pit, continuously being assaulting by uranium beams. Rodan never saw or heard him hit the bottom, if there even was one, and breathed a sigh of relief. With its only connection to the mortal realm severed, the hole to Hell closed up, leaving no trace that it was ever there.

    Exhausted but victorious, Rodan made his leave. His new territory now reeked of the underworld’s dark presence, and he wanted to be as far away from it as possible, taking to the air and heading toward much greener pastures.

    Winner: Rodan (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // February 20, 2021
  • Official Continuity Registry

    Hello new user or long time fan of the K.W.C. and welcome to the Official K.W.C. Continuity Registry. Essentially, you may have noticed certain storylines or plot threads carried over from one match to another. Well, the answer to how far a certain storyline reaches can be answered here! Storylines, arcs and different universes are broken down below: (more…)

    K.W.C. // February 16, 2021
  • Author: Harley Jameson | Banner: Matthew Freese

    Earth’s outer atmosphere, 1991.

    The space shuttle Jiraiya glided soundlessly away from Earth on its way to the moon. The blue planet the astronauts called home nothing more than a picturesque landscape of pillow-like clouds and crystal clear blue ocean. If they squinted a little through the viewport, they could just make-out Japan, hundreds of miles below them.

    The leader of this brief tour of the globe, Arakaki Jiro smiled over at his comrade as he drifted away from the view port and smiled at him. “Quite a sight, huh Funai? To think we won’t be seeing it up close like this for a few months.” Arakaki was an old veteran of these space missions, and had a relaxed ease about him that spoke of years of experience being up in the dark emptiness of space. (more…)

    K.W.C. // February 9, 2021
  • February 9th, 2021 update

    The results are in so without further ado, here are the winners for 2020!

    The 5 Best Writers of 2020:

    1. Andrew Sudomerski
    2. Tyler Trieschock
    3. Matthew Freese
    4. Dao Zang Moua
    5. Michael Allen

    The 5 Best K.W.C. Matches of 2020:

    1. Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)
    2. Match 300: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Everyone
    3. Match 281: Anguirus (Showa) vs. Anguirus (2001)
    4. Match 285: Godzilla (Legendary) vs. Zilla
    5. Match 318: Sanda & Gaira vs. Attack Titan & Armored Titan

    The 3 Most Original K.W.C. Matches of 2020:

    1. Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)
    2. Match 281: Anguirus (Showa) vs. Anguirus (2001)
    3. Match 311: King Ghidorah (Heisei) vs. Zone Fighter vs. Ganimes, Gezora & Kamoebas (Showa)

    The 3 Best Banner Creators of 2020:

    1. Andrew Sudomerski
    2. Landon Soto
    3. Dao Zang Moua

    The Best Custom Banner Artist/Creation of 2020:

    1. Christian Gonzalez / Match 299: Godzilla vs. Gamera: Round 2

    The 3 Best K.W.C. Banners of 2020:

    1. Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)
    2. Match 310: Bagorah vs. MUTO Prime
    3. Match 318: Sanda & Gaira vs. Attack Titan & Armored Titan

    The Best use of a New Monster/Form in 2020:

    1. Anguirus (2001) – Match 281

    The 3 Best uses of Kaiju in a K.W.C. Match in 2020:

    1. Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)
    2. Match 281: Anguirus (Showa) vs. Anguirus (2001)
    3. Match 300: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Everyone

    The 3 Best use of Human or Alien Character/s in a K.W.C. Match in 2020:

    1. Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)
    2. Match 318: Sanda & Gaira vs. Attack Titan & Armored Titan
    3. Match 311: King Ghidorah (Heisei) vs. Zone Fighter vs. Ganimes, Gezora & Kamoebas (Showa)

    The 3 Best Story/Narrative in a K.W.C. in 2020:

    1. Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)
    2. Match 318: Sanda & Gaira vs. Attack Titan & Armored Titan
    3. Match 300: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Everyone

    The Best New Writer of 2020:

    1. Joshua Strittmatter

    Best Writing Duo/Trio of 2020:

    • Dao Zang Moua & Matthew Freese – Match 313: Bagan vs. King Ghidorah (Legendary)

    So those are the winners of 2020! But I am also happy to announce the following:

    New K.W.C. Additions (The following have been approved to be added to the K.W.C. for the future. Feel free to submit a match with these fresh faces!):

    • Baragon (Millennium)
    • Godzilla (Showa)
    • Greater Rathalos
    • Kaishin Muba
    • King Cobra (GTS)
    • King Kong (Legendary)
    • Ts-Eh-Go

    New K.W.C. Retirees (These are monsters that will be soon be entering retirement. Please do not submit matches involving them):

    • Baragon (Showa)
    • C-Rex
    • Frankenstein

    K.W.C. Survey Match Request Winner:

    • Kiryu vs. Mechagodzilla (Heisei) vs. Mechagodzilla (Showa)
      • Release – Late 2020

    In any case, thank you to everyone who participated and gave us your feedback. There were a ton of great ideas submitted and the first I can announce to be added is a Continuity Page which should be up in Mid-February to help keep track of ongoing storylines! More is on the way, but until then, a massive thank you to the staff who do such a fantastic job, and the K.W.C. wouldn’t be where it is without them. So thank you again to every Writer, Banner Creator & Reader! See you all next year with the 2021 Awards! (more…)

    K.W.C. // February 9, 2021
  • Author: Matthew Williams  | Banner: Matthew Williams

    During the huge climate change of El Niño that warmed the waters of the western tropical Pacific Ocean, the city of San Francisco was in the middle of an invasion by the Xiliens. The people of the highly populated city ran in fear as the sphere-like mothership ascended above the damaged buildings while thousands of starships flew around, rapidly firing their laser turrets at the buildings and inhabitants. They were engulfed in explosions that incinerated the populace and caused the skyscrapers to topple to the ground, with countless civilians meeting their fates as they were crushed to death.

    The situation for the civilian’s survival from this invasion soon worsened as the Xilien Carrier Gamma detached from the mothership, hovering above the center of the burning city. The aircraft fired a beam straight down, bringing down a huge entity like a tractor beam before it ceased and returned to the mothership.

    The entity was a bipedal creature with features superficially identical to a human, though this thing was distant from any mere creature. Most of the monster’s exposed skin had the texture of muscle tissue, all of which was covered in thick bony armor from the chest, back, dorsal, arms, and legs. The creature had long, slender, black forked tail that swished around while the creature let out a sinister, draconic snarl. Two half skulls latched onto his shoulders, both glowed with sinister air. The head of this humanoid monster highly resembled a skull of a dragon with two long black horns latched on the head in a row, and like the two halved heads on the shoulders, the eyes of the main head were glowing a crimson red light.

    The entity let out another unsettling growl, instilling powerlessness and fear among the survivors; a cruel realization that they were unable to escape the wrath of the Xilien’s latest weapon, Monster X.

    Monster X gazed upon his surroundings, seeing the once populated city of San Francisco was now being terrorized by the starships that were invented by his masters. Given the order to demolish everything in this doomed city, Monster X was ready to satisfy his sadistic desires to give everyone, and everything, hell. Monster X levitated and spun in the air, whipping several burning skyscraper down to the ground with his forked tail. Every scream, every life taken brought unparalleled satisfaction to the fiend and with a world filled with such meager creatures, what was there to stop his pleasure?

    A grueling hour passed. The human fighter burst into an explosion of flame and with its destruction sealed, so too was the last means of defense to save the doomed city. The only thing that remained were the people of San Francisco, who could only hope that the Global Defense Force would deploy Kiryu, Mechagodzilla, Moguera, the Gotengo, or anything that could fight back these invaders and their draconic alien. With mobilization being troublesome, hectic, and spread thin across the globe, it would take awhile for even one of the GDF mechs to respond to the distress signal. The only thing that the survivors could do was to endure the hellhole they were stuck in.

    * * * * *

    Inside the Xilien mothership, the newfound leader of the Xilien race watched the chaos that ravaged California as he gave off a confident grin.

    “Excellent,” X spoke as he boasted to himself. “Once this city is reduced to rubble, I will be able to build a new base for my people. And if there are any survivors, they will become our slaves as well as our food source.”

    The Xilien cackled like a madman with the mind of an ignorant child as he enjoyed his plan falling into place, only to be interrupted when one of his communication officers alerted him. “My Leader! There is an unidentified lifeform detected!” they reported.

    “Could it be Godzilla? Mothra?” X questioned.

    “No. It’s nothing like the beasts we have on record! And worse, it has no traceable M-Base genes!” One bold officer within the group answered.

    Curious to know what this approaching unidentified organism was, X looked back at the screen and ordered the unidentified beast be brought onscreen Just as the monitor detected its location, the unidentified being sped past and left a trail of destruction behind it. “What the- What did I just see?!” X exclaimed.

    * * * * *

    The unknown kaiju was running on all fours at unbelievable speeds that outmatched hypersonic. Buildings exploded into rubble in front of its defiant charge, not even slowing down the creature as it continued to sprint toward Monster X. The alien warrior turned, only to feel the creature colliding with his chest at the force akin to a human being rammed by a Shanghai Maglev train. A concussive shockwave rippled across the city while the actual hit proved powerful enough to send the colossal fiend flying several kilometers away before crashing against a tall skyscraper. Before Monster X could even look up, the towering building collapsed on him, burying the skeletal alien underneath a huge pile of fresh rubble. The witnesses were speechless for what they just saw and looked back at Monster X’s attacker, hoping the GDF had finally arrived. Yet the terrified gaze of the populace discovered not any mech, but a being shrouded in a electrical shroud, growling to all in its presence of its arrival.

    Then the rays of the sun revealed its true form.

    Words could not describe of what this new, never before seen kaiju was supposed to be. It resembled a mammalian-like reptile creature that lived long before the dinosaurs ever walked foot on the planet, but its appearance also gave it an otherworldly, celestial visage. A heavenly appearance that merely looking at him made everyone feel like an angel of hope had arrived to put an end to this horrendous destruction.

    The mammoth creature was covered in white smooth plates and spikes, adorned with purple hues, and two large, wing-like protrusions on its back. The monster was quadruped, standing on all fours in a similar fashion of a speedy animal like the cheetah with the grace of a wolf. In fact, the draconic face of the monster carried honor and nobility. The graceful creature had several horn-like spikes arching on the back of his head, as well as two yellow tusks on the sides of its jaws. The monster had a long whip-like tail with yellow spikes and an orange diamond shaped pattern on the end of the tail.

    Raising its head high up, the mythical monster let loose a howling roar that echoed through all of San Francisco. It was unknown of what this noble, yet beautiful creature was or where it came from. There weren’t many myths of its existence unlike most ancient guardian monsters, like Mothra, Gamera, or King Caesar. Rumors had it that there was an ancient Japanese legend recounting a celestial deity that had been the creation of the mythical Kirin and the Thunder God Raijin. Speculation as to what happened alluded to the idea that it flew into the skies and lurked in thunderclouds and hurricanes. Up until now, select few meteorologists speculated that the El Niño phenomenon may not have been as natural as once thought…

    If all of this was true, then this would be the first time that the world managed to lay their eyes on the legendary mythical kaiju known as Balkzardan. But the only question was why did he only now decide to show up? For that, the world would never know. What was important now was what he would do next.

    * * * * *

    X watched Balkzardan howling into the air, infuriated of its seemingly effortless disposal of his people’s greatest creation. He tried in vain to control the new beast by the slim chance it inherited M-Base, yet to no avail. Therefore, this made Balkzardan a threat.

    “Give the starship pilots a new order: kill this monster,” X commanded.

    “Yes master!” the Xilien members of his crew in his presence replied.

    * * * * *

    The Xilien starships ceased their assaults on humanity and brought their attention on Balkzardan. The celestial being gave off a glare, but the starships began firing crimson lasers upon him. Balkzardan took a few blasts on his armored body before he leapt in the air and took flight, surprising everyone of how the beast was capable of flying without a noticeable pair of wings. The pursuing pilots  ignored their wild thoughts and gave chase, even as Balkzardan ascended high into the atmosphere.

    A maneuver which ensured their very doom.

    Enormous, dark thunderclouds spontaneously appeared out of thin air over the ruins of San Francisco, blotting out the sun and darkening the land in palpable rage. Lightning crackled from the dark gray clouds followed by the deafening bellows of enraged thunder. Pilots panicked within their cockpits merely for lighting to engulf their vessels, illuminating the air with fiery wreckage and molten debris. Satisfied with destruction, Balkzardan descended upon the charred earth and glared at the remaining, larger Xilien crafts, his tusks twitching in anticipation of thei annihilation. With a burst of light, the tusks generated immense energy which morphed into the celestial monster’s primary weapon, the Tornado Bolts. Loud thunder cracked through the air as the tusks discharged powerful electricity that swirled through the starships, leaving only the Mothership to defy the god’s will.

    * * * * *

    Whisper like gasps echoed within the Mothership’s control center at the destruction with even X partially shaken at the display of power.

    “So this… thing, can manipulate the weather.” X’s eyes narrowed with curiosity. “Interesting but ultimately, useless,” X nonchalantly quipped, as he grinned and raised his hands. “Monster X! Rise, and show this monster no mercy!”

    * * * * *

    Crimson pupils alit beneath a grave undeserved of what lay beneath. Effortlessly, the pile of rubble exploded upward as Monster X let loose a spine chilling growl. Cracking his neck side to side, the warrior gradually turned his soul piercing red eyes directly at Balkzardan. The warrior proved un-impressed with the appearance of his attacker and decided to demonstrate its own immense power. The four red eyes instantly lit up a bright yellow light as they unleashed powerful Destroyed Thunder Beams at the weather monster, giving him little time to react. They pelted against Balkzardan’s white armor and brought the quadruped to his heels, bringing a slight smirk of pleasure upon the fiend’s face. Now confident the battle would be handedly won, Monster X casually strolled toward the downed kaiju and grabbed the beasts tusks, using all of his might to break them merely to snap the god out of his trance.

    Balkzardan swung his head straight into Monster X’s abdomen and propelled the alien abomination skyward, yet as the fiend extended its arms, gravity amplified around the armored warrior. Within seconds, Monster X  rapidly descended and extended his left foot down upon Balkzardan, but Monster X proved too slow, striking only human pavement. An annoyed scowl peered to where the god evaded to and shockingly discovered extended claws. One swipe chipped precious armor across the fiend’s central head while another slammed Monster X on the ground. The beast brought his right claws down upon the warrior once more to cave its head in merely for Monster X to grab the ancient creature from underneath and throw Balkzardan at full force using his immense strength. Balkzardan’s wingless body ascended into the storm filled skies before he reappeared and dove down toward his foe. Wishing not to succumb to another earthshattering ram, the skeletal fiend’s four eyes fired their Destroyed Thunder Beams, but this time Balkzardan’s soaring body evaded the explosive attack. To the alien’s dismay, the weather monster slammed into Monster X, knocking the wind from its lungs, and immediately grabbed onto him like a panther latching onto its prey.

    Monster X caught the quadruped beast and tossed him aside into a nearby damaged building. Balkzardan let out a howl of pain and frustration, gritting his teeth to ignore the agony he felt when he collided against the building. With his foe distracted, Monster X grabbed his challenger’s long tail and lifted Balkzardan in the air to slam him down on the debris. Balkzardan’s back protrusions suddenly emitted energy and generated an electrical shield, the Thunder S. The protective barrier caused a huge explosion that engulfed Monster X’s arms and forced him to release his grip with a hellish scream. His skeletal carapace that protected the arms was burnt to the bone which drove the skeleton into the feeling of pain and anger; he would make his wrath known!

    As Balkzardan’s thunder shield faded away, Monster X unleashed a barrage of Destroyed Thunder Beams to stun the weather monster. The Xilien’s powerful pawn jumped in the air and delivered a roundhouse kick at Balkzardan’s face, followed by his fork tail whipping the monster. Monster X landed on the celestial being’s back to crush him, quickly jumping off of Balkzardan before he could activate the Thunder S again. The draconic alien’s eyes fired more Destroyed Thunder Beams at the mild monster, but Balkzardan’s tusks quickly fired the Tornado Bolt at the fired eye rays. Both electrical beams collided and triggered a massive explosion, launching each combatant away from one another. Balkzardan skidded into a pile of rubble while Monster X crashed into a familiar pile of debris. Upon realization it was the same mound of rubble he escaped from earlier, Monster X’s four eyes twitched in subtle irritation.

    Shaking off the annoying scraps of mankind’s structures, both monsters recovered their footing and turned to face the other without showcasing a hint of weakness. Neither one of them were willing to lose this fight and each would ensure their victory no matter the cost.

    Balkzardan re-ignited the clash with a thunderous bellow and sprinted toward the skeleton with tremendous speed. Monster X snorted in excitement and hunched over like a defensive lineman. The impact ushered a shockwave which rattled the nearby Xilien Mothership, but instead of the alien warrior sailing through the air like their initial encounter, Monster X remained standing, sliding backward with Balkzardan furiously continuing its charge. A plume of dust followed Balkzardan’s mad dash. Dirt sped by under Monster X’s clawed toes until he felt solid material beneath his footing, causing the fiend to smile in anticipation. Shifting the momentum of the raging beast, Monster X pivoted his body and swung the weather god over his head down upon the suburbs of San Francisco. A cataclysmic eruption of debris followed. Building exploded from the shockwave, dirt burst into the air and those hiding from the rampaging creatures soared into the air from the immense wind pressure. To any human fortunate enough to survive the impact, they were treated to no sight of rampaging titans, but the grisly sounds of boney fists striking Balkzardan’s body.

    Monster X unleashed a torrent of mighty blows so intense the dust of his recent maneuver vacated the space around him. He could feel the stress of his burnt hands reaching their limit from his pummeling, but he would need to make due. He was used to injuries like this, no matter how severe they were. Besides, the fight was surely at an-

    Balkzardan’s taloned paws grabbed Monster X’s arm, allowing him to clamp his maw down on the limb like an angry feral cat. The skeletal fiend’s hands grabbed the mythical beast’s neck in response, hoping to strangle him to death. Balkzardan tried to roar, but the crushing grip of Monster X’s strangulation made it hard to emit a sound or even breathe. Balkzardan made an attempt to break free by swiping his claws at Monster X’s exposed neck, carving a nasty gash.

    Monster X covered his claw-marked slash on his neck, black blood squirting from the wound as the alien tried to cover it. Balkzardan swiftly recovered and scourged Monster X with his whip-like tail. The alien was down on the ground, taking the brunt of the punishment. Monster X’s four glow red eyes grew even brighter, letting out a frightening snarl. The enraged alien’s black blood-soaked hands let go of the bleeding wound on his neck. Monster X quickly got onto his feet and grabbed Balkzardan’s tail. The skeleton lifted his surprised opponent in the air as he levitated in the air, all before slamming the weather monster down on the ground.

    By the time Balkzardan landed on the ground, he quickly turned around and swiped his claws deep into Monster X’s injured stomach. Monster X clenched his rows of sharp teeth, trying to ignore the pain as he clung onto the tail. Balkzardan used all his might to swish his tail, forcing the demon to trip and fall to the ground. Before the alien could recover, Balkzardan rammed his head against Monster X’s chest like a bull, burying the fiend’s head under the dirt.

    Monster X regained his footing in a second, letting out a furious growl as he looked around to see where Balkzardan had gone to, but to his surprise he found no trace of the creature. Taking the moment to catch its breath, Monster X moaned in confusion. Had his opponent retreated? Surely not. But if it wasn’t nearby, it gained ground for some type of move. But what would require such dist…

    Monster X’s eyes widened in epiphany as Balkzardan’s howling cry echoed through him. Four eyes spun in time to discover Balkzardan shrouded in a torrent of energy mere meters away from him and approaching at speeds seemingly hypersonic. Electricity crackled across every fiber of the quadraped’s body while its light shined off his armor with such radiance the beast could easily be misidentified as another sun. With no time to react, Balkzardan’s glowing body tackled Monster X, transmitting currents of electricity into the skeletal alien as it felt his figure being electrocuted congruent to explosive bursts setting off. Monster X screamed a banshee’s wail, unable to feel anything as he soared into the horizon and plummeted upon a pile of rubble he knew all too well.

    * * * * *

    X clenched his fist in anger, sighing in frustration that his most powerful tool was… losing. Enough was enough. If Monster X could not win then it was time for himself to enter the battle, even if it was not physically. “That is it!” he shouted to all those within earshot, “I have had just about enough with this foolish monster’s meddling and everyone’s incompetence!”

    The leader of all Xiliens snapped his hands into the air and focused his diving power. Golden energy cascaded across his body with its destination not the meddlesome beast which interfered with his invasion, but the monster which demonstrated its inability to kill it.

    “Monster X! Take my power. Finish your enemy off as Keizer Ghidorah!”

    * * * * *

    Monster X instantly got up to his knees, firing his eye rays at Balkzardan. They struck and stunned the massive dragon, giving the skeletal warrior the chance to quickly transform into his true form. Monster X fell onto his hands as his body begin to shift. Large draconic wings unfolded, followed by the alien’s two half skull heads starting to form actual heads. Monster X’s bony carapace morphed into dark, golden scales while the feet morphed to turn the bipedal creature into a quadruped dragon. Balkzardan got up and quickly fired a bolt of lightning from his tusks but the transforming Monster X looked up and spewed an arc of lightning from his central head’s mouth, preventing his enemy’s attack from disrupting his metamorphosis that was almost complete. The main head, along with the now fully formed shoulder heads began to extend their necks, transitioning into demonic dragons. The thunderclouds crackled lightning from behind as Monster X finished its transformation into his unrivaled and terrifying original form, Keizer Ghidorah!

    The thunderclouds crackled as the Keizer hydra’s three heads let loose horrifying shrieks before he lifted himself into the air and smashed the pile of rubble which consistently annoyed him. Gazing through the dust of his destroyed grave, Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads all fired Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams that now took the form of arced lightning. The electric beams made contact with Balkzardan, caressing the white beast in their harsh glow. Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads guided the spewing electrical beams as they dragged Balkzardan’s body like a ragdoll. The golden dragon stopped spewing the gravity rays and watched the immobile creature fall on a building, easily crushing it.

    Balkzardan shrieked painful cries as he felt Keizer Ghidorah scorch him with another barrage of his telekinetic beams, this time throwing him all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. A group of evacuees screamed as Balkzardan’s body was flung toward to the bridge and could only brace themselves for impact. But Balkzardan regained control and took off in the air, flying high into the skies. Keizer Ghidorah fired another round of their Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams again. One of the bolts caught the wingless creature during its flight, while the other two heads moved their telekinetic bolts at Balkzardan and brought him down on the Golden Gate Bridge. The sadistic dragon cackled as he watched the iconic bridge collapse when the mythical kaiju plummeted onto it, killing the fleeing people as they, along with the monster, fell into the ocean.

    Keizer Ghidorah stood and waited patiently, expecting for Balkzardan to emerge. Within a moment, Balkzardan burst out of the ocean, sprinting at mach speed. Keizer Ghidorah saw the charging creature firing its Tornado Bolt at him yet remained static, unimpressed by the tired tactic. The hydra’s two heads spewed their Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams to block the swirling lightning, while the middle head fired its gravitational bolt at the speeding Balkzardan and pulled the celestial creature to him. Keizer Ghidorah’s forelegs lifted his quadruped mass as he slammed his frontal feet down at Balkzardan, crushing his body down into the ground that pressed the holy beast due to sheer weight alone.

    Before Keizer Ghidorah could repeat stomping the electric dragon into the asphalt, Balkzardan unleashed his Thunder S barrier when Keizer Ghidorah was about to slam his feet down, which ignited a whirling blast upon contact. Keizer Ghidorah stepped back, cackling a chorus of frightening shrills of hatred and wrath instead of expressing emotion or reaction by the blast. The Keizer lowered his three necks, opening his many jaws. Balkzardan looked up as his tusks delivered more currents of swirling lightning at the hydra’s chest. Keizer Ghidorah’s three draconic heads all let loose horrifying shrieks before it kicked the celestial being’s neck, then proceeded to punish it with more Destroyed Thunder Beams. The Xilien’s Keizer dragged Balkzardan’s body against the ground before it stopped firing the telekinetic bolts. The sadistic fiend watched the screaming monster slide against the ground until it stopped between two ruined skyscrapers.

    Balkzardan groaned weakly as his injured body laid still on the cracked streets, covered in bruises. He spat some blood from his maw while the scraped wounds bled out. But before he could move a muscle from his tired legs, he heard a faint sound of screaming and crying.

    Balkzardan’s eyes rolled to see where the crying was coming from, until he noticed a small alleyway where he saw a woman holding a frightened little girl. The woman looked back at the staring monster, frightened by it being up close to her. The way how the human was bracing the crying child close to her and how old she was, it would have assumed that the child was hers. Looking at the scenario of the two frightened humans gave Balkzardan this odd, nostalgic feeling, something that he had never felt in a long time…

    Balkzardan’s low breathing turned to loud screams of pain when he felt another blast of lightning from the cruel hydra, frightening the woman and the child even more. Keizer Ghidorah’s spewing gravity rays pulled the shrieking mythical creature toward him until he was directly in front of the hydra. Ghidorah ceased fire, and the three heads clamped onto Balkzardan’s flesh with their serrated teeth. Balkzardan struggled to break free, but Keizer Ghidorah’s three draconic heads held on tightly as their vampiric teeth begin to drain the life force out of him, causing Balkzardan scream even louder.

    * * * * *

    X watched with a demented smile as Keizer Ghidorah drained the enemy monster’s life force away, with the back of the hydra’s three necks pulsating with blue light, circulating the life energy of the monster through Keizer Ghidorah’s veins.

    “It’s over now, how delightful,” X spoke with pleasure and satisfaction. “All it took was the power of a Keizer.”

    * * * * *

    Balkzardan let loose a dying groan, feeling his life force slowly dimming away the more Keizer Ghidorah sucked him dry. Finally, Balkzardan’s limbs went limp, unable to move and doomed to die. In his dying moments, the noble deity thought about what would become of this planet without him once these ungrateful aliens took over this planet. The thought was too grim for Balkzardan to think about as he tried to get it out of his mind. But then, he thought about the woman and the child. Balkzardan had no intentions on intermingling with humanity, but the moment he saw those two, he felt compassion for them. A feeling he had thought was long gone. In an odd way, he felt a sense of appreciation, even if it was during his last moments, one that invigorated his spirit.

    Balkzardan’s eyes flared up as he used the last of his energy to generate another Thunder S shield, giving the gnawing heads of Keizer Ghidorah a painful taste of a flaring detonation. Keizer Ghidorah’s three heads shrieked painfully as they let go, their mouths severely burnt from the explosive aftereffects, enraging it even more. Balkzardan let out a tiger-like growl, pouncing on the hydra’s necks to claw at them. He ignored his fatigue and focused on killing the three headed dragon.

    * * * * *

    X looked back as soon as he heard Keizer Ghidorah’s painful cries, annoyed that the white beast still had the diminished strength to fight back. “What is this? Come on, fight back Keizer Ghidorah! End him!”

    * * * * *

    Keizer Ghidorah’s middle head lunged for Balkzardan, but the weather monster quickly leapt backward from the alien, barely avoiding the rows of sharp teeth. The Keizer charged toward the mythical beast, attempting to bite down on him to sap the last bit of energy left. Balkzardan hunched his quadruped body down, giving the dragon a whip from his tail. Keizer Ghidorah flinched, but later responded by firing another ray of Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams, pulling Balkzardan toward him.

    In the midst of pain, the guardian beast yowled weakly to the skies above. The demon was eager to sap the last of his prey’s strength and put an end to this once and for all. Before Keizer Ghidorah could end its telekinetic stream, several bolts of lightning rained down from the thunderclouds, which reacted with the yellow casing that surrounded the white beast. A brilliant flash of light and electricity overcame Keizer Ghidorah, temporarily blinding the gargantuan hellspawn and ceased its gravity rays, which freed Balkzardan.

    With whatever strength he could muster, Balkzardan got himself to his feet and kept a hefty distance away from Keizer Ghidorah. He was tired from this fight, but he couldn’t let that get to him. With another call to the thunderstorm, lightning bolts struck the two protrusions on the mythical monster’s back, causing Balkzardan’s body to glow and crackled with electricity. The legendary kaiju let out a roar and burst into mach speeds, charging toward Keizer Ghidorah. The alien noticed and tried to fire his Antigravity Destroyed Keizer Beams, but Balkzardan quickly fired his Tornado Bolts at the dragon and cut off the attack, which yielded fine results as it detonated in the demon’s faces. Pressing his hind legs, Balkzardan leapt onto the middle head.

    Keizer Ghidorah felt his body electrocuted by Balkzardan’s touch and engulfed by miniature explosions. The heads tried to sink their teeth into the electrifying monster, but the pain was too great, even when he moved an inch. Keizer Ghidorah painfully charged into a damaged skyscraper, trying to get the electrocuting kaiju to let go. Balkzardan held on tightly, bracing the impact while frying the Keizer’s muddy, golden scales. Keizer Ghidorah’s screams grew louder as the electricity was burning him to crisp, causing him to collapse against the skyscraper. The towering building slowly toppled down upon Balkzardan and Keizer Ghidorah, burying the two titans underneath a giant pile of smashed concrete, steel, and rubble.

    The woman covered her child for protection as the the ground shook violently from the skyscraper’s impact, blotting everything in a cloud of ash and dust. With some fortunate luck, both the woman and the child were still in one piece. She turned around slowly, startled to see one of Keizer Ghidorah’s charred heads exposed from the rubble. It stared at them with its two crimson eyes that dimmed away. The woman, along with the frightened daughter, looked back at the head, noticing the draconic head wasn’t showing any signs of movements or breathing. The all-mighty Xilien trump card, an off-shoot of the infamous Ghidorah lineage, was now no more.

    The pile of debris shook as the injured Balkzardan slowly crawled out of the debris that buried most of Keizer Ghidorah’s body, which became the demon’s grave. Balkzardan let out a painful groan and stumbled onto the ground. He laid down and panted heavily. The whole fight had pushed him to his limits; Balkzardan couldn’t even lift his head. He noticed the woman and the girl, along with several other survivors coming out of the wreckage that they hid in. Balkzardan watched as the humans approached closer to him, not moving a single muscle so he wouldn’t frighten them. The little girl, along with the mother, got closer to the wounded savior of San Francisco. Balkzardan stared at the child, who walked up close to his face.

    Despite the massive damage on the city that Balkzardan had done, nigh equivalent to the Xilien invaders and Keizer Ghidorah, the child believed that it wasn’t Balkzardan’s fault. She believed that all it wanted to do was to end the invasion. The little girl hugged Balkzardan’s face and smiled a bit as she spoke to the mythical monster. “You saved us all.”

    Balkzardan heard those faint words spoken to him. He did not understand what she said, but felt the meaning to her words. Balkzardan let loose a low purr as the child let go of his face in a playful spark of static electricity that frizzled her hair. The mother walked to him.

    “Thank you, for saving my daughter,” said the woman as she warmly smiled at Balkzardan.

    The two backed away from the injured kaiju. Balkzardan’s reptilian nostrils blew as the celestial deity slowly got up on all four of his feet. The woman and her child, as well all of the survivors, cheered for the rising mammalian-like reptile that ended the invasion. Balkzardan looked around and saw all the damage that he, the Xiliens, and Keizer Ghidorah had brought upon San Francisco, as most of the buildings were crushed or ignited in flames. Wanting to repay humanity for most of the destruction that he had done, Balkzardan began to manipulate the weather once more.

    The thunderclouds were still lingering and from them birthed a soothing rain. The calm showering rain drops extinguished any traces of fire that burned. Balkzardan stood on the burnt carcass of Keizer Ghidorah. The ancient legendary kaiju, Balkzardan, let loose a loud howl of victory that could be heard throughout California. The survivors all watched their celestial savior leap in the air to take flight, disappearing in the clouds so he could recover his injuries. And like a cryptid of old, he vanished, nowhere to be seen.

    * * * * *

    X yelled in anger, slamming his fist on the wall in a fit of rage. Peeling his arm away, the Xilien leader discovered a massive dent, a physical representation of his failure.

    “That damn, uncontrollable monster managed to kill my best kaiju… How? How did it managed to kill Keizer Ghidorah?!”

    The leader tightened his shaking fist, wanting to send one of his controlled kaiju to torture Balkzardan in the most painful way that he could ever imagine. But with all of the starship fleets destroyed, the Xilien leader sighed in frustration as he had no other choice but to abort the mission, issuing the command to retreat. At least, for his vessel.

    “Send in Hedorah, I want him to find this weather controlling kaiju and give him hell!”

    * * * * *

    One of the special spacecrafts detached from the mothership, hovering a few miles away to release Hedorah from the tractor beam. The smog monster let out a gurgle cry when it materialized from the beam of light, quickly shifting into its flying form to pursue its newest target, the slayer of Keizer Ghidorah.

    Winner: Balkzardan

    K.W.C. // January 30, 2021