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    The original rematch revisited – a translation of Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla, as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658). Taking place sometime after the events of King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), the story introduces new human characters who get caught up in the inevitable grudge match between the world’s two most famous monsters. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

    ~ Joshua S.


    Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla
    Shinichi Sekizawa




    This tale begins with the disappearance of a regularly-scheduled African passenger plane.

    A search and rescue vehicle was immediately dispatched, resulting in the easy discovery of the lost passenger plane. The plane looked to be ensconced in the deep thickets of the jungle, laying crashed with surprisingly little damage. In such a state, could there perhaps be some survivors? …A rescue team was formed, and immediately set off for the site of the crash.

    Amongst the rescue team was one Nomura, an employee of Nichio Products. He had been scheduled to return to Japan in the near future. Nomura’s successor to his position was to have been one Higashi. Higashi and his wife, and the two’s newborn baby, had all been on the downed passenger plane.


    The rescue team, having arrived at the scene, assumed they would be able to quickly and succinctly declare that “there were no survivors.” However, Nomura noticed something unexpected. The baby was missing. When he mentioned this to the rest of the team, needless to say they looked inside the plane and searched the surrounding area, but could find no trace of the baby… So could it be that the child had not been on board the plane after all? No, the husband and wife were firmly grasping the baby’s clothing, even in death… If the child wasn’t there, it must have crawled off by itself, or been taken away by someone. It was unthinkable that a baby could crawl off into the jungle by itself, and if something had taken the child, it would have to have been a beast of prey or an inhabitant of the surrounding area… No matter which it had been, the baggage and such should have been correspondingly damaged and ripped apart, but there was no sign of anything of the sort.

    At that time, Nomura sensed a momentary flash of light in the sky above him. Looking upwards, there, in the tops of the huge trees of the jungle, he spotted something sparkling, reflecting the light of the sun. Confirming what this was, he saw that it was the baby’s toy, caught on a tree branch…

    It was decided that some of those from Nomura’s entourage would break off from the main group in order to continue the search for the baby. Mitsuko, the younger sister of the baby’s father as well as his colleague at the company, was Nomura’s lover. Thus, while of course respect for human life was important, it was not as though this baby was a pure stranger to Nomura…

    In a sense, the search party was heading down a straight path, intertwined with the site of the crash of the passenger plane and that of the child’s toy, caught on the branch of a tree.


    Elsewhere, in Tokyo, Mitsuko anxiously waited for word that Nomura had saved the baby. She was filled with a deep sense of worry for the safety of the child and her lover. With Mitsuko’s brother’s family having been lost in the airplane accident, Nomura’s safety was now the most important thing in her world… With such thoughts filling her head, she left for work with a deep weight upon her shoulders. During all this, the person who helped cheer her up in various ways was her friend, Yoshie.


    Yoshie had her own significant other, a man named Tsukida. Tsukida thought of himself as a handsome man; in reality he was more of a laughingstock. He was a self-acknowledged ideas man specializing in modern and exciting trends. At Amusement Center KK, Tsukida’s place of employment, his subordinate Toyoichi was attempting to set up what was to become his pride and joy, Hinomaru Land, on the Seto Inland Sea. Tsukida was trying to think up some novel idea for the park, but just couldn’t seem to come up with anything.

    Around this time, a report finally came in from Nomura to Mitsuko. The baby’s milk bottle had been uncovered…


    The reality was this: one part of Nomura’s search party had gone through the overgrowth and made their way deeper into the jungle. One night during this process, Nomura became aware that an individual from the plains dwellers they had brought along was trying to surreptitiously run away. Grabbing ahold of their leader, Bunbuku, Nomura attempted to have the man tell him the reason why…

    Bunbuku said that they could not go any farther into the jungle. These hinterlands were a cursed place, where within the tribe of the plains dwellers entrance was prohibited from time immemorial, and those who broke this rule were said to surely be met with catastrophe. However, Nomura was a firm believer in modern science, and he had no interest in falling for antiquated superstitions. Attempting to calm the natives, they moved deeper into the jungle, where they came upon some mysterious ruins; the remains of a city ensconced in grass and trees, which they thought may have been an ancient African kingdom that had once flourished in the region…. And there, upon some of the weathered flagstones, they discovered one of the baby’s shoes. Nomura decided to continue the search using these ruins as his base of operations. Then, in the windless night… once again, the plains dwellers began to act restlessly. Asking Bunbuku what was going on, the leader replied that they had heard the voice of an evil spirit… Normura could discern nothing of the sort, but then it was said that Bunbuku and his wild bunch could hear from a great distance… but when Nomura concentrated and listened closely, was there not some faint sound he too could hear…? …Was that the sound of…?!

    It wasn’t some indistinguishable noise. It was the wailing of a baby. Nomura flinched, and jumped up to spur his team on towards the place where the baby’s voice was emanating from. There, they ran into a mind-bogglingly huge wall hewn out of boulders. The wailing voice of the baby could be heard coming from above it.

    Just then, they heard an unsettling rumble in the ground and a fierce roar, and from above their heads boulders began to rain down like an avalanche. Nomura and his crew escaped from the path of danger in a state of deep confusion.

    When the sun began to rise, Nomura was shocked. There was no sign of the native inhabitants, who had clearly been overcome with dread the night before and had fled. Nomura had been abandoned.

    But Nomura couldn’t give up and go home just yet. Even if he was all alone, he would need to rescue the child. So, pulling a wireless radio out from the baggage abandoned by the natives, he called up Kenya Airport to request a rescue helicopter – and all by himself, he headed towards the rock wall.


    Nomura, climbing the rock face, perceived the same roar he had heard the night before coming up from behind him! …And then, the wailing of the child, crying as if in great terror!

    Nomura, looking towards the jungle, was shocked. A giant pair of scissors was pushing through the jungle thickets?! It was cutting down trees, chip-chop, just like one cuts the blades of grass on a lawn… and then, he was finally able to see the whole picture… a gigantic scorpion.

    The giant scorpion steadily approached the mountain rock wall…

    Then, a separate roar emanated from the direction of the cliff.

    Nomura, turning towards the roar, was shocked all over again.

    It was, unmistakably, King Kong! King Kong grabbed on to the scorpion, and a great battle began. Then, having dispatched the scorpion, Kong returned to the cliff, and staring at a corner of its rocky surface, lowered himself into the emptiness. Having done this, the baby, which had been crying ceaseless until now, became perfectly quiet, and then even seemed to begin laughing…

    Hiding himself in the shadow of the rocks, Nomura looked on at what was occurring.

    Just then, the form of the great scorpion, which had been briefly defeated, began nimbly to move again, latching on to King Kong’s leg.

    King Kong let out a shriek of “Gyeeeh!!” and as the great scorpion bent its body like a bow, its poisonous tail striking out at the base of Kong’s throat, Kong grabbed that lethal appendage with both hands, and a deadly battle of much greater ferocity than before began to play out.

    Nomura, watching the fierce visage of Kong, suddenly heard another roar; the rotor blades of the approaching rescue helicopter.

    Nomura grasped the baby, and standing on top of the cliff, shot off a rescue flare!

    King Kong, immersed as he was in his lethal battle with the giant scorpion, had taken no notice of Nomura. Finally, King Kong smashed the scorpion with a great boulder, and victoriously beat his fists upon his chest — but soon his expression turned to one of surprise.

    The rescue helicopter was lifting off along with Nomura and the baby.

    King Kong peered at the cliff where the baby had been, and groaning sadly, began to lash out as if crazed with rage. Then, he began walking forward, faster and faster, in a seeming attempt to chase the helicopter.

    Then, a few days later —

    Nomura and the baby were riding in a passenger plane heading towards Japan. Looking down from his airplane window, the eastern shores of Africa at night sparkled beautifully.

    Atop of one of those cliffs on the East African coast, King Kong appeared, moaning sadly as he began rapidly entering into the sea as if to further chase after the passenger plane.

    And then, the form of King Kong finally disappeared into the moonlit ocean.


    Tsukida, for so long tormented over what to propose as Hinomaru Land’s selling point, suddenly yelled out “this is it!” He was at an amusement park in the suburbs of New York. Tsukida had been gazing at a life-sized picture of a group of monsters from the last century the park had on display. They had reminded him that at amusement parks in Southeast Asia and Europe, such physical models of real beasts had been placed to great effect and popularity.

    “But are there such things in Japan?”

    “There are, but what I’m thinking of ain’t no concrete imitation. It’s the real deal.”

    “The real deal? …What sort of real deal?”

    “Of, you know, Godzilla… Godzilla, who sank and died in the waters off Atami… If I drag him up and displayed just his skeleton, it could be quite the thing to see… what about that for an idea, huh?”

    Thus did Tsukida, talking to himself, create a deep impression of what his park could be.

    Then, soon enough, when he sent down a diver to search it out, what did he find…?

    There was Godzilla! There he was after all, sunken in a sandbank, rot not having set in at all. The reason for this was said to be that of recent, up until the changing of the Japan current, there had been a great expansion of the famously cold waters of Sagami Bay. In other words, the cold waters had served as a sort of refrigerator, keeping Godzilla’s body intact.


    Hidden from view, the massive operation to raise Godzilla from the waters off Atami began. Strangely, this all went along as if it was par for the course. Just as in normal daily life, free from any oversight, Tsukida constantly advertised Hinomaru Land to great crowds of people.

    As the crowds were stirring, the body of Godzilla, pulled upwards by the swarming cranes, emerged from the sea.

    Veterinarians, dressed as if to go rock climbing, examined Godzilla. They confirmed the expected lack of breathing. Yet there had been firm directions from the relevant authorities, and just to be sure a strong tranquilizer had been injected, using what seemed like a pump, into the beast’s body. Then Godzilla was shipped by sea towards Hinomaru Land.


    Thus Hinomaru Land achieved an unprecedented PR victory, although what seemed to be smooth sailing was not actually to be. There were those secretly planning to crush Hinomaru Land. These were a cabal from Amusement Center KK’s rival company, Amusement Development KK. For some time within the world of the leisure industry, Amusement Center and Amusement Development were in a position to split the entire business between the two of them, and as they had competed against each other up until now, it was natural that they would be in a frenzy and try to come up with a plan to try to squash Hinomaru Land.

    Nomura had been repatriated to Japan holding his coworker’s baby, and he and his girlfriend, Mitsuko, had decided to raise the child together. Then, one day, Nomura heard something from a foreign telegram which somehow seemed to pull at his heart. On the coast of a certain Southeast Asian country, some children playing in the waters of the ocean had been overwhelmed by huge waves of unexplainable origin. It had been an exceedingly strange event, since there had been no earthquake or anything of the sort.

    According to eyewitnesses, something like a small mountain had suddenly appeared from somewhere only slightly off the coast. This form had been seen two or three times before disappearing, heading off towards the northeast.


    That monstrous phenomenon finally showed its form clearly in the Straights of Taiwan. The night in question there had been a full moon, and a passenger ship slid across the surface of the sea as it shone in the moonlight.

    From the first-class deck, the wailing of an infant could be heard. The baby had been jostled from its slumber, and the child’s young mother was attempting to lull the infant to sleep while feeling the salty breeze off the sea.

    As the mother casually look out at the surface of the ocean, her eyes suddenly went wide!!

    Something? …was headed their way… and as she watched on, a monster stood imposingly between the breakers!

    The mother let out a scream!

    It was King Kong… King Kong grasped onto the passenger boat, seemingly searching for something.

    The boat, rocking to the left and right, suddenly took on the manic appearance of a beehive.

    Holding on firmly to her wailing child on the first-class deck, the mother trembled with fear.

    The gigantic face of King Kong approached them. Then, he stretched out his arm …no, his fingers, towards them.

    The ship pitched violently to one side…

    The mother, sliding down the deck, reached out for anything to stop her fall – and in that moment, she let go of her child.

    The infant tumbled into the sea …and King Kong, just as though he was scooping up a goldfish, plunged his great fist into the ocean, lifting the baby out of the waters and staring, eyes narrowed, at the child.

    The crying child…

    King Kong’s eyes took on a surprisingly sad sheen, but he set the baby down on the deck…

    The passenger ship’s SOS was broadcast outwards, catching the attention of the American Eastern Fleet which was navigating the waters nearby, and the ships of the fleet immediately began firing upon Kong!!

    King Kong, finding the attack obnoxious, let out a great roar, and grabbing on to the bow of a destroyer close at hand, began pounding the ship with all his might!

    The destroyer, sucked into the waters, was lifted up horizontally, and sunk into the depths. King Kong followed suit, quickly diving into the sea, and was seen no more.


    King Kong had appeared in the Taiwan Straight!

    This news had enough of an effect to defeat any evil thoughts humans might have towards each other. In a frenzy, those camps in Asia amongst the Eastern and Western powers, which so recently at each other’s throats, came together in solidarity and incredible teamwork to participate in operations to search out King Kong.

    And then, the report came in…

    “King Kong had appeared in the Genkai Sea, and suddenly as we approached, he dove into the waves and we were unable to find him again. However, the direction at his time of diving led us to judge that he is likely heading to the Northeast at X speed, leading us to think he is likely aiming towards the coast in Kyushu”


    Anxiety suddenly swept over the residents of the Kyushu region.

    Then, the people began to argue the pros and cons of the return of this uninvited guest, King Kong…

    Considering the nature of animal homing instincts, King Kong might have felt the need to return to the small Faro Island… Could that be the reason he was heading towards Japan?

    Or had he previously learned how comfortable Japan was, and perhaps had felt like returning? The theories came one after another.

    No matter how much people pondered this question, nothing truly believable came to mind. The only thing they managed to do was to increase their own unease.

    However, Nomura had somehow managed to gain a flash of insight without doing any actual pondering.

    Could it be that King Kong had connected with the baby, and was heading to Japan for that reason? When Nomura had spied the baby on top of the cliff back in Africa, he had felt that Kong’s eyes had told that story. The innocent, unselfish, guileless laughter of the small infant had pulled at the great ape’s heart.

    That baby was now being raised by Nomura and Mitsuko… But if this was really the case, just why was King Kong trying to search out the location of that child? …Naturally, Nomura couldn’t make heads nor tails of it all. Although this entire idea was vaguely coalescing inside Nomura’s mind, he still felt the urge to reject the concept that Kong possessed some sort of supernatural, animalistic sixth-sense.

    King Kong, imprinted onto the baby, was coming!

    It was the sort of thing that no one would believe even if you told it to them, which is why Nomura told the extent of what he felt to Mitsuko. As could be expected, Mitsuko reacted with an expression that implied she didn’t believe a word he had said… but even so, she responded to Nomura’s desire to find some safe place to hide the child. They decided to leave the infant at Nomura’s family home in a village on the lakeshore of Lake Biwa.

    The day came for Nomura and Mitsuko to take the baby to his family home on the shores of Lake Biwa!

    A major event had suddenly happened at Hinomaru Land. A bomb had been planted on Godzilla by a cadre from their opposing company, Amusement Development KK!

    There was an attempt to contain the explosion… but Godzilla’s entire body has collapsed over, and was now lying on its side on the beach. Even now, the people gathered around were astonished by the immortal power of the great monster, said to be deep in slumber.

    No, that wasn’t all. Although only shallowly, its heart had begun to beat!! It appeared that the shock of the explosion had transferred some life back into Godzilla…

    The surrounding people flew into a frenzy, absorbed in trying to replace a wire rope torn from Godzilla with a new one.

    At that time, King Kong finally showed himself in the waters off of the Hachiman Ironworks… and then came on land!

    The great chimney stacks, standing close together, were broken just like the splitting apart of wooden chopsticks. Wakato Bridge, the symbol of Kitakyushi City, was smashed down into the waters below by a single blow.

    King Kong began to progress up the San’yo region from the Kanmon Straights.

    It was not as though the humans were simply standing there looking on, transfixed by surprise. They tried to apply the special Soma bullet attack that had succeeded the previous time, but just as they did so, it was blown away by the strong winds of an approaching typhoon, having no effect. Rather, the anesthesia was conversely blown out towards the direction of the humans, resulting in them toppling over one-by-one.


    Godzilla’s heart, which had begun to beat slightly, once again ceased its movement… Those involved with Hinomaru Land breathed a sigh of relief… If he were to suddenly come back to life, the situation would quickly turn bleak.

    King Kong kept moving forward in the high winds of the San’yo region. At this rate, the metropolises of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe wouldn’t stand a chance, and with the previously effective Soma bullet having failed, the only remaining path left was to have Godzilla beat back the great ape.

    King Kong island-hopped from Hiroshima to Shikoku, grabbing tightly onto high-voltage large-scale transmission towers, enveloped in electric sparks. He was storing up energy.

    On the human side, by this point they were rushing about, frenzied, attempting to revive Godzilla via electric shock.

    Godzilla’s neck, arms, core, legs, and tail were bound by wide metal rings connected to high-voltage lines. Then, the main switch was turned on.

    Violent sparks flew into the air!! Electricity like lighting radiated outwards!!

    The shock-treatment strategy ended… but Godzilla’s heart moved not even a beat.

    King King finally drew near to the planned site of Hinomaru Land in the Seto Inland Sea.

    Once again, the second shock strategy was put into effect! But still, Godzilla gave not a single sign of moving his titanic body… The strategy was attempted a third time… No, there was no longer even time to try again – King Kong was almost upon them.

    People hurriedly fled Kong’s approach. On the deserted beach, Godzilla lay all alone… and King Kong headed towards him. Looking at Godzilla, he roared out at his bitter enemy! Next came the expected demonstration of beating his fits on his chest.

    But Godzilla did not move… King Kong stared at his unmoving form, as if thinking “huh?” He began kicking tentatively at Godzilla, but still the great lizard did not move. He punched out at Godzilla’s head with his great fists….and still Godzilla gave no response.

    King King lifted up a giant boulder which lay nearby with both hands. The electric lines were torn off, giant sparks flying outwards!! Godzilla’s great body was bathed in electricity…

    King Kong smashed the giant boulder down onto Godzilla. He seemed to be trying to further hurt his downed opponent, like the heel in a pro wrestling match…

    Seemingly disappointed by the unmoving Godzilla, King Kong let out a yell, and turning his back on his unmoving rival, began to victoriously beat his chest.

    It was at that time… that the seemingly deceased form of Godzilla began to move its tail all at once… moving once again…

    His closed eyes suddenly snapped open… and in an instant, his tail lashed out like a whip, battering against Kong, his back still turned!!

    “GYAOHH!!” Before he knew what was happening, Kong was spun into the air, crashing down into the surf!

    Kong quickly recovered, heading towards Godzilla with a look of intense rage in his eyes, only for Godzilla to let forth a great blast of atomic breath from his maw.

    King Kong staggered backwards!

    Godzilla drew his body up off the sands and rushed at Kong. With a splash, it began. But this first match would be called off due to injury – and the true battle would have to wait until the next day.


    Here, it was the humans who proved to be a nuisance. With both giant beasts having decided on holding off their battle until the next day, and each moving off to do training by way of creating their own paths of destruction, things were not staying settled.

    This was all to say nothing of King Kong, who had once again recalled the infant, and began heading out to find it again.


    At this point, people could no longer afford to ignore Nomura’s claims of King Kong having imprinted on the child.

    At that time, Nomura and Mitsuko had taken the baby from the shores of Lake Biwa and were returning once again to Tokyo.

    Irresponsible public opinion had begun to angrily voice that if the infant had been removed from the picture, King Kong would never have come to Japan.

    These words inspired a great deal of anger in Nomura and Mitsuko. The child was blameless… More than that, it had been its almost beatific innocence and purity which had caused King Kong to imprint on it in the first place… Could not that serve as some sort of warning to this world, so full of wicked and greedy people?

    Thinking this, Nomura resolved to protect the baby no matter what – even more so from irresponsible public opinion than from Kong himself.

    However, on the other hand, there were those leery people who believed that perhaps the child really was what Kong had come for. It seemed plausible.

    Speaking of Kong, did he really have the ability to track down the infant despite having no idea where it was, when the child was not like some ball directly in front of his eyes? Based upon the academic postulations made by such people, it came to be the baby was flown to Kagoshima in Kyushu in the middle of the night.

    If King Kong was truly pursuing the infant, and he did have the unlimited detection capabilities to track down the child, then it was surmised that this tactic should prevent him from continuing on to Tokyo — which he was nearing closer to by the hour — by having him again switch directions.


    Nomura and Mitsuko, holding the child, headed off to Kagoshima in the dead of night onboard a military transport aircraft…

    As this happened, people were watching King Kong’s behavior with rapt attention… however, Kong did not halt his progress.

    So King Kong wasn’t actually interested in the child…? The people began frantically attempting to set up defense operation for the national capital region. It was at such a defense strategy meeting that a report came in that the transport plane carrying the infant had safely arrived at Kagoshima Airport… just in time!

    King Kong halted his progress on the spot. At last, groaning mournfully, Kong did in fact turn around, heading in the opposite direction… Although, to be precise, rather than heading perfectly in the opposing directions, he was actually heading towards Sagami Bay in order to gain access to the sea… it was in fact by this method that he could most quickly head towards Kagoshima Airport.

    Elsewhere, Godzilla had made landfall in Shikoku, and appeared to be lying in wait, watching eagle-eyed.

    As far as King Kong was concerned, the tactic of using the infant as bait and somehow getting Kong to leave Japan had been decided on, but an effective plan for Godzilla was still needed – up until now, all attempts at putting such operations into effect has ended in failure. In a last-ditch attempt, they had no choice but to plan out a similar baiting strategy. If Godzilla’s great rival, Kong, was to appear, he would surely serve as bait to draw in Godzilla. Even if they could not control Godzilla’s fate, they could draw him out into the Pacific Ocean. In other words, this would be like momentarily changing the course of a typhoon.

    And what method would they use?… They would manufacture a gigantic rubber facsimile of King Kong, and using it as a decoy, they would additionally pump the decoy completely full of high-yield, powerful gas, and provided all went well, this gas would blast Godzilla into atoms.

    Thus, the King Kong facsimile, hanging down from multiple helicopters, was flown into the skies above Shikoku!

    Sure enough, Godzilla set forth, seemingly remembering his last titanic battle with Kong at Fuji-Sanroku.

    The helicopters gradually drew Godzilla out into the Pacific.

    Godzilla dove into the sea accompanied by a great plume of water.

    Suddenly confused, a helicopter pilot let out an exclamation of “huh?”

    In an instant, Godzilla had appeared extremely close at hand, kicking off a huge wave.

    At this rate, the helicopters would be in danger. “Cut the ropes!” Obeying the commanding officer’s orders, the ropes were cut, and the helicopter unit just managed to escape…

    The King Kong facsimile lay spread eagle among the waves, floating on the ocean surface.

    Godzilla, not aware that this was a mere decoy, drew close, and just as earlier, when he himself had been at Kong’s mercy, began beating the decoy on the back of the head. Stretching out his tail, he began lashing out with it, slamming the decoy time and again. Yet the Kong decoy simply bobbed up and down, floating on the waves. Godzilla, vexed by the situation, let out a great roar and suddenly bit down on the decoy!!

    And with a huge blast, the high-yield gas erupted!!

    The ocean surface was blasted outwards, setting forth walls of water and torrents of spray! Following the blast, it seemed like Godzilla had disappeared — as though erased from existence…?


    Nomura and Mitsuko felt that keeping the child in Japan was simply too dangerous, and although they were trying all possible methods to get the infant overseas, no country had offered them asylum. They had been told that if they were to receive entry then King Kong would surely be arriving hot on their heels. But no matter what they said, the fact remained that the baby was blameless. Nomura continued to run around, attempt to convince various countries, all in vain.

    Even in the Japanese domestic sphere, there was a tide of public opinion stating that the baby should not even be brought back to its home prefecture, and thus the child could not even be moved from Kagoshima itself.

    On that day, King Kong arrived at Kagoshima, and reaching Kagoshima Airport, began rampaging and destroying the airplanes parked on the tarmac.


    Nomura put Mitsuko and the baby in a car, attempting to take an overland route to Fukuoka… However, moments before they could do so, something strange had occurred.

    Godzilla had appeared, breaking through the crust of the caldera of the dormant Mount Aso. Godzilla, who had disappeared in a blast of seawater, had tunneled under the earth, reappearing in the dormant volcano’s caldera!!

    What was unlucky was that Godzilla had appeared in the direction of the alpine roads which Nomura had taken to avoid the public gaze, preventing their car from moving any farther ahead.

    Just as he was about put the car in reverse, King Kong approached from behind.

    Nomura put the car in reverse and slammed his foot as far down on the pedal as possible, fleeing. Alas, the car stalled, and Nomura led Mitsuko, holding the baby, away on foot… and as Nomura and the others collapsed, hiding in the shadow of a cliff, King Kong drew near…

    Mitsuko, seeing Kong’s approach, lost consciousness… It seemed that they had come to the end of their road.

    King Kong began peering towards the cliff!! Just then, Godzilla’s tail, slicing through the air, slammed into King Kong’s face!

    King Kong tumbled downwards as though hit by a knockout punch!

    Godzilla, as if announcing his victory, let out a body-shaking roar.

    King Kong moved to make a fierce counterattack.

    Godzilla, attempting to head off this attack, bathed Kong in his atomic breath.

    A battle the likes of which would never be forgotten began to play out on Mount Aso.

    This was a brutal contest on a grand scale. Both beasts fought fiercely, and none could know when or how it would end.

    Nomura urged along Mitsuko, who had regained consciousness, and the two fled with the baby.

    The mortal contest between King Kong and Godzilla continued.

    Nomura and the others took flight! And then, suddenly, a great earthquake!

    “Ah!” Nomura and Mitsuko tumbled off a cliff into a valley… their rapid descent was saved from a grim end by overgrowths of vegetation, but as they looked around, the infant was missing… Hearing the wail of the child from further up the cliff, they realized that the baby alone had not fallen and was now all by himself on the cliff.

    Nomura tried desperately to climb the cliff face, but in vain. Just as this was occurring, the dormant volcano, perhaps shocked awake by the super-heavyweight grudge match between Godzilla and Kong, erupted with a great roar!

    The expelled magma, its heat reaching thousands of degrees, oozed towards the child.

    Nomura and Mitsuko, using a detour, ran up a separate path in attempt to reach the top of the cliff, only to find their path blocked by the lava.

    The infant’s life was like a small flame in the path of the wind.

    Yet what saved the child, ironically, was Godzilla and King Kong. Godzilla’s atomic breath dissipated the magma approaching the child.

    King Kong placed the child on top of his great fist, and stared at it fixedly.

    The child stared back innocently… and finally, King Kong placed the child back in a safe place, and returned to his grudge match with Godzilla.

    Nomura and Mitsuko ran to where the baby lay, gathering him up into their arms…

    As the giant earthquake shook the area where King Kong and Godzilla fought, a new volcano emerged, erupting in a massive volcanic blast. King Kong and Godzilla were enshrouded in smoke clouds as the ash turned day into darkest night. Nothing could be seen…

    At last… as the smoke cleared, both King Kong and Godzilla had disappeared.

    Could they have fallen into the new caldera and melted away? …Or had they perhaps been blown asunder by a concentrated jet made up of the volcano’s massive explosive energy?

    To this day, no one knows…

    Perhaps someday, in some form, the truth will come out, but as of this moment, no such evidence has come forward.

    The issue was how this all had unexpectedly exposed the ugliness of human society. As far as this went, Nomura and Mitsuko just couldn’t find it in themselves to hate King Kong or Godzilla… As the volcanic ash fell down upon them like snow, the two held the baby close, as they would for all time thereafter.


    The End

    Translations // February 15, 2020
  • A note from staff

    A complete translation of Godzilla Super Wars, as seen in the Japanese publication Tokusatsu Hiho Vol. 1 (ISBN: 4800306485). This early draft for what would eventually evolve into Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994) includes some familiar elements seen in the final movie, though “SpaceGodzilla” is referred to as “Space Godzilla” in the text, and the role of Moguera was initially intended for a rebuilt Mechagodzilla and Garuda.

    Reportedly, this story was heavily influenced by the SNES game Super Godzilla… hence “Godzilla ‘Super’ Wars”. Between an older professor who specializes in G-Cells, humans being able to control Godzilla, and even the inclusion of the Super-X as a G-Force vessel for transportation, the similarities make for a compelling case. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation, and a shout out to John LeMay for his book The Lost Films (ISBN: 1548145254)!

    ~ Joshua S.


    Godzilla 6 (Story Proposal)
    Godzilla – The Ultimate Decisive Battle (GODZILLA SUPER WARS)


    ・The NASA expeditionary shuttle discovers the wreckage of a spaceship on Planet **.

    Its outer layer is covered in a mysterious crystalline material. Inside lay the corpse of an extraterrestrial.

    Suddenly, short music begins playing over the transmitter repeatedly.

    The expeditionary shuttle collects this data to the best of their ability.


    ・Mikadaroi Island in the East China Sea. Little Godzilla had made this land his peaceful home.

    He had grown to a height of 20 meters, and it seemed all the elements were in order to make the island the perfect habitat for a Godzillasaurus. Godzilla himself was also living in the depths of the same island.

    Godzilla continued to protect Little based on the persistence of some sort of instinct. It seemed that Godzilla was willing to remain docile as long as he could provide Little with a peaceful environment in which to grow.


    ・G-Force’s mission was to guard and assist in navigation for the vessels that plied the seas near Mikadoroi Island.

    There were two young sharpshooters proficient in both arts of aviation and marksmanship: Isamu Sakura, called “Loose Hawk,” and Koichiro Doi, known as “Stray Eagle.” Just as those nicknames implied, these were by no means ordinary men.

    While their skills were acknowledged by all, they engaged in overmuch showboating, and their evaluations fell as result.

    The reason these two got along so well was because of Professor Yodobashi of the G-Center laboratory. Because of the older man’s wisdom, he was able to mediate the fights between the two. As the Professor would lackadaisically spend the majority of the day at the Salon Club (a G-Force food, drink, and entertainment facility), the young researchers would often make him the butt of jokes. Together, the three of them would haunt the salon’s billiards board.


    ・At NASA, the music which had been flowing from the transmitter on the spaceship on Planet ** was being analyzed.

    This was a signal of warning directed at all the planets of the universe.

    “…The Great King of Darkness shall descend…”

    Their planet had been destroyed by the mysterious monster in question.


    ・At the G-Center think tank, every and all the organization’s collective knowledge was being gathered together in order to research a new plan for dealing with Godzilla.

    Akiho Ishimaru was a young female member of that group. (The previously mentioned Sakura and Doi had both fallen in love with her).

    The project she had proposed was progressing.

    Her “Project T” strategy involved putting Gozilla under the control of a device, which could be brought about by powering up the apparatus by applying the telepathy of a member associated with the Psychic Center.

    The Telepathy Expansion Device was developed by Professor Jonan. He was Professor Yodobashi’s junior at the lab, but he held his superior with a cool disdain.

    The person who took the initiative on the project was Vice Commander Oki of the G Force. He often collided with his ruffian underlings, Sakura and Doi.

    Then, the person who was chosen for their telepathy was, of course, Miki Saegusa.

    ・Something had dropped down from outer space to Mikadoroi Island. This was no mere meteorite.

    There were five giant egg-like objects of 10 meters in diameter.

    Little’s interest was piqued.


    ・A reconnaissance team was sent in by G-Force, who were beholden to investigate such mysterious objects.

    It ended up being that, at the same time in order, they would also conduct field testing of the Project T to contain Godzilla.

    Amongst the escort troops were also seen Sakura and Doi, controlling their respective fighter aircraft, “Taranis” and “Belenus.”

    Both of them, infatuated with Akiho Ishimaru, had happily volunteered for the work.

    (In the myths of the Celts, Tarinis was the god of thunder, and Belenus was god of the sun. Since the time of Garuda, it had become in vogue for the G Force to name their fighter planes after gods.)

    From the G Warship Super X, the telepathy put forth by Miki Saegusa was being transmitted to Godzilla, having been powered-up by the device.  Professor Jonan, Vice Commander Oki, and Akiho Ishimaru looked on.

    Godzilla was now under their guidance. During that moment, the investigatory team was progressing with their work on the island.

    Suddenly, the mysterious objects began to crack open, one after another. From inside emerged monstrous aliens akin to dragonflies. They swooped down on Little. Little bravely fought back. In the primeval forests of this island, a battle between a dinosaur and giant dragonflies commenced.

    Just as in the prehistoric world of old.

    In order to provide relief for Little, Doi took control of his beloved airplane, Belenus. And yet, the swarm of aliens was able to seize on to Little, carrying him off into the sky.

    Godzilla began to go berserk. Sensing that Little was in danger, his uncouth nature came through, breaking the hold the Project T troops’ transmission had on him.

    Miki Saegusa lost consciousness. She had overworked herself over a short period of time by applying such an extreme degree of concentration.


    ・The American expeditionary shuttle collided with a gigantic object while in the void of space, and was destroyed.

    The final transmission fro the ship, sent in tandem with their SOS, contained the following words: “…A demon…”

    This demon turned towards Earth, drawing near.


    ・NASA had sent the data gathered on Planet ** off to Professor Yodobashi.

    Within this sample of organic matter, there were discovered cells which bore a striking resemblance from those of Godzilla (G-Cells).

    The same cells were found in the giant eggs which had crashed down into the jungles of Mikadoroi Island.


    ・Mount Aso, on the Japanese home island of Kyushu. The dragonfly-shaped aliens which had carried off Little had appeared.

    The creatures emitted a steam-like substance from their gaping mouths, surrounding the foothills of the mountain in crystal. Little was also entombed in the same substance.

    The world around the volcano had become one of crystal, and there had also appeared a sort of altar made to worship some unknown being.


    ・Professor Yodobashi’s Deduction.

    The demon which was nearing the Earth was none other than a Godzilla which had been born in space. [Space Godzilla]

    Up until this point, there had been two chances for the G-cells to be launched out into space.

    The granular remains of Biollante (which contained Godzilla’s DNA), who had disappeared after being ground into nothing in the vacuum of space.

    The pieces of Godzilla’s flesh that had been brought into space by the ascending Mothra.

    The G-cells, which maintained a tenacious life force, had a previously unknown space virus attached to them, spurring on the growth of the cells. Then, these cells were hit by the explosion of a nearby star. The incredible energy surpassed that of a nuclear explosion, and in the vacuum of space, a terrifying monster was born. This was Space Godzilla.


    ・Suddenly, back where Miki Saegusa was lying unconscious, there appeared a tiny  Mothra the size of the palm of her hand.

    This was indeed Mothra, turned into a fairy after her lifeforce had been scattered across space.

    Mothra reached out with the voice of the Cosmos. Space Godzilla possessed a raging instinct to conquer, and had already destroyed a number of planets. This time, he was targeting Earth. The G-cells have a homing instinct that could not be overcome. No matter what happened, the monster needed to be stopped before it entered Earth’s atmosphere. If not, Earth would be in danger of being brought to ruin.

    Mothra disappeared. Hereafter, the creature would appear in front of Miki numerous times in order to be able to communicate warnings.

    It was just like Peter Pan and the fairy Tinkerbelle.


    ・Gathering together the most cutting edge of technologies, Mechagodzilla F—.

    Space Godzilla needed to be stopped, and Mechagodzilla launched into space to do just that.

    The fighter plane formation “Mars” was an escort unit made up of the elite of G-Force. Sakura and Doi were two from amongst that formation. (Mars was the Greek god of war.)


    ・Space Godzilla made his imposing form be known.

    It used its wings to fly at rapid speeds, and had evolved horns, a carapace, fangs, and other such violent appendages as a result of its bellicose instincts.

    This was a threatening form, more full of rage than Godzilla, more armored.

    From his mouth came atomic breath and a beam that could crystallize any matter.

    He could truly be called a demon.


    ・In outer space, Mechagodzilla and Space Godzilla were putting on a grand dog fight.

    Using the Mars formation, Sakura, Doi, and G-Force provided covering fire.

    However, they could not hope to contend with Space Godzilla.

    Mechagodzilla dipped its head, its battle functions spent.

    There was nothing to do but retreat.

    During the battle, Sakura had ignored orders in order to do some gratuitous grandstanding, and had fallen into danger as a result. Doi, forced to save him, suffered grave injuries for his troubles.

    G-Force returned back to Earth.


    ・Sakura was hit with a suspension from duty.

    Doi was hospitalized.

    Akiho Ishimaru stayed with Doi as he was hospitalized as much as her limited time would allow.

    Seeing that, Sakura surreptitiously backed away.


    ・Godzilla had made landfall in Fukuoka.

    Needing to free Little, he headed towards Mt. Aso, cutting across Kyushu.


    ・Space Godzilla was storming Earth’s atmosphere. At long last, he arrived at Mt. Aso.

    The volcano would become the staging area for his conquering of Earth.

    The dragonfly-shaped aliens, symbiotes of Space Godzilla, had been sent in as a sort of vanguard. They had been setting up all that was necessary for their master’s arrival, creating a crystalline lair for him.

    The conquering of Earth could not be completed without first taking down the mightiest being on the planet, Godzilla. Space Godzilla’s instincts told him as much.

    Then, they had schemed to gain the home field advantage in the coming battle with Godzilla, something they had achieved by kidnapping Little in order to lure in the King of the Monsters.


    ・Sakura, suffering from a guilty conscience, went to visit the hospitalized Doi.

    Conversely, it was Doi who ended up trying to console Sakura, telling him “man, you sure are a troublesome guy, aren’t you?”

    Doi, in his own way, felt an incredible responsibility towards Mikadoroi Island. This was because he had been unable to protect Little, who had been kidnapped by the aliens, and had thus caused Godzilla to go into a rage and had led to the failure of Project T.

    Subsequently, he had been plagued with doubt. Hadn’t it been too early for on-site experimentation? Additionally, from some time before, he had perceived an undercurrent of secrecy amidst the movements of Vice Commander Oki and Professor Jonan, who had taken the initiative on the project.

    Wasn’t this all placing Akiho Ishimaru and Miki Saegusa in undue danger?

    And beyond that, the fighter plane Doi had boarded had broken down a number of times. Could this have been an artificial problem?

    Doi, unable to leave from his hospital room, found himself more and more taken over by feelings of doubt.

    Sakura, having been convinced by Doi, decided to take on the investigation.


    ・Godzilla had arrived at Aso.

    Space Godzilla’s advance guard, the dragonfly aliens, rushed to attack. They were annihilated in a single instant.

    Godzilla and Space Godzilla’s battle would be one between the universe’s apex predators.

    They grabbed on to each other in a brutal hand-to-hand battle. Their two atomic breaths clash against each other.

    Space Godzilla shifted from land to space, attacking Godzilla from far in the heavens.

    At the end of the fierce fighting, the two pulled apart in an apparent draw.

    Godzilla had rescued Little, and yet had taken on considerable damage in the process.

    Space Godzilla disappeared beyond Earth’s atmosphere.


    ・Still suspended from active duty, Sakura was making progress in his investigation.

    Akiho Ishimaru, Miki Saegusa, and Professor Yodobashi were all assisting with the inquiry.

    What this brought to the surface was a line that connected Vice Commander Oki, Professor Jonan, certain politicians, and the board of directors of various international concerns.

    Project T was being used for the pursuit of profits. If Godzilla could be controlled, cities and nature could be destroyed and redeveloped to one’s satisfaction. The face of the Earth could be remade to fit one’s desires.

    Unknown to Akiho Ishimaru and Miki Saegusa, they were being used by a group of conspirators.

    According to these conspirators, it would appear that Project T would end in public failure. However, in the shadows, Professor Jonan had schemed to collect as many samples as possible of Miki Saegusa’s telepathic waves, and to put forth an artificial version of the same. In other words, he would use Miki as a human guinea pig.


    ・At last, the badly hurt Godzilla collapsed.

    Little went about strenuously trying to nurse Godzilla back to health, placing water on him and packing earth around him.


    ・Professor Yodobashi and Akashi Ishimaru were looking through materials at the G-Center when they found proof of the conspiracy.

    The enemy side, inferring a crisis, confined Miki Saegusa in Professor Jonan’s laboratory, using her as a hostage. At the same time, Jonan was attempting to forcibly harvest the data of her telepathic waves via his device.

    Fairy Mothra appeared, telling Sakura the location where Miki had been imprisoned. Sakura, with a gun stolen from Doi in hand, infiltrated into the laboratory. Breaking through the defenses, he rescues Miki.

    The section of G-Force controlled by Vice Commander Oki is just like the Nazi SS. He could not allow Sakura and Miki to escape the laboratory alive, and thus let loose a rain of bullets.

    A firefight ensued.

    The two were cornered, but were then saved by a single bullet. From the direction of the smoke, the form of Doi, covered in bandages, appeared. “Geez, you really are a trouble-maker, aren’t you? I wish I could say this was only the second time I’ve had to save you!”

    The relief troops arrived right behind Doi. They had been convinced to join the fray and guided to the location by Fairy Mothra, Professor Yodobashi, and Akiho Ishimaru.

    The conspiracy had been destroyed.


    ・Space Godzilla had appeared once again, assaulting the localities of the Japanese Peninsula one after another.

    Setting up his lair in the city of **, he covered a multitude of modern buildings in crystal. A bizarre world had arisen.


    ・Sakura’s suspension of duty had been rescinded, and he had been returned to G-Force.

    Doi had also left the hospital, having taken down the doctor who had tried to stop him.


    ・The right strategy for attacking Space Godzilla was being investigated.

    Surely Mechagodzilla would not be enough by himself. Could not the strength of Godzilla be used? With this idea in mind, a strategy of using a combined attack with Mechagodzilla and Godzilla came into effect.

    In order to carry out the plan, they would need to entice Godzilla out to the battle zone. How would they do that? Should they use Little as a decoy, despite the cold-heartedness necessary to do so? Or perhaps, although it was still at the experimental stage, could they use the strengthening device to send out the waves of Miki’s Saegusa telepathy?


    ・”There is no need for such secretive planning,” intoned Miki. “Godzilla is already headed towards the battleground. Godzilla knows. If he doesn’t take Space Godzilla down, then someday he shall be taken down himself.”


    ・Aiming towards the site of a decisive battle, Godzilla, in high spirits, headed directly into the seas.


    ・”Shall we just leave it to the two of them?” At Professor Yodobashi’s counseling, Sakura embarked on Mechagodzilla, with Doi heading out on Garuda. The ultimate unit, consisting of “Stray Eagle” and “Loose Hawk,” had come together at last.

    Professor Yodobashi had secretly reconstructed Mechagodzilla. He then whispered into Sakura and Doi’s ears, telling them of his plan.


    ・Godzilla makes landfall at ** Harbor.

    Mechagodzilla, Garuda, and G-Force head out on a sortie.

    They engage Space Godzilla.

    In ** City, the final decisive battle had begun.

    Godzilla attacks from land and Mechagodzilla from the sky, engaging in a ground-shaking, grand battle with Space Godzilla.

    Atomic breath, beams, missiles, a hand-to-hand grappling… it is a truly fierce fight.

    Mechagodzilla forces Space Godzilla’s arms behind his back, binding him hand and food with anchors and wires. In that state, he began rising into the sky.

    In the cockpit, Sakura set all systems to full throttle.

    When Godzilla’s atomic breath blasted forth onto Space Godzilla, the chemical fusion brings forth a magnificent explosion. This was the secret strategy that had been given them by Professor Yodobashi. A dangerous strategy that would turn Mechagodzilla itself into a bomb. The professor had believed that only these two pilots could pull off such a mission.


    Having readied Mechagodzilla for the explosion, Sakura needed to bail out, and attempted to transfer over to the Garuda. However, with the destruction brought about by the fierce battle, the connecting route had been blocked off. Doi moved in to rescue Sakura.

    Until they could escape, they couldn’t let Godzilla fire off his atomic breath.

    Miki Saegusa, using the strengthening device, sent forth her telepathy with all of her strength.

    Could Sakura reach Doi’s hand…?

    Miki collapsed.

    Godzilla let forth his atomic breath.

    It hit Mechagodzilla head on. An explosion let out a piercing, vivid light. Space Godzilla was ripped up, scattered into tiny pieces.

    On the battlefield, the only being remaining standing was Godzilla.


    ・Miki came to at the hospital.

    In front of her very eyes sat Sakura, smiling. He had been able to safely escape just moments before the explosion. Tears streamed down Miki’s face.

    Doi, Akiho Ishimaru, and Professor Yodobashi were all there, too.

    Doi pointed at Sakura, saying, “That’s three times I’ve saved him. He really is a troublesome fellow. Take good care of him, Miki.”


    ・The sea at twilight.

    From the cliffs of Mikadoroi Island, Little stares off into the distance.

    Off towards the horizon, Godzilla’s silhouette floats up on the sunset.

    Together, the two let out a twinned, reverberating roar.


    Translations // October 13, 2019
  • A note from staff

    A complete translation of Godzilla, Red Moon, Erabus, Halfon: No Man’s Land of the Monsters, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla Toho Champion Festival Perfection (ISBN: 4048669990). More commonly known as “Godzilla vs. Redmoon“, this early Tsuburaya Productions/Toho collaboration is said to have had some influence over Daigoro vs. Goliath (1972). Following this story, there is a bonus interview from the same book that was done with Kazuho Mitsuda of Ultraman, Ultra Q, and Ultraseven fame. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

    ~ Joshua S.


    Synopsis for movie for theatrical release
    Godzilla・Red Moon・Erabus・Halfon
    No Man’s Land of the Monsters

    ☆Planning (stocks): Tsuburaya Productions
    ☆Production: Tetsuo Kinjō, Kazuho Mitsuda
    ☆Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes
    ☆Manufacturing (stocks): Tsuburaya Productions

    ☆Producers: Noboru Tsuburaya, Toyoaki Wada
    ☆Director: Shohei Tôjô
    ☆Special effects director: Kazuo Sagawa
    ☆Hoped-for period of release: Summer break

    Shoji Uchida (25 years old, journalist for a boy’s magazine)
    Keiko Igawa (21 years old, camerawoman)
    Minoru Agarie (Elementary school 5th grader, child of Habu Island)
    Ippei Suzuki (Elementary school 5th grade, Tokyo youth)
    Onassis (a prospector who dreams of grabbing a thousand gold pieces)
    Guchi-ken (25 years old, Onassis’ henchman)
    Company commander​
    Editor-in-Chief Hatakeyama
    Minoru’s father
    Moon expedition party (A)
    Moon expedition party (B)
    Moon expedition party (C)
    Moon expedition party (D)
    Houston official
    Redmoon (appears from the depths of the moon)
    〔※in this text, this shall be mostly written as “Red Moon”〕
    Erabus (appears from Habu Island)
    Halfon (the child of Redmoon and Erabus)


    “Hey, Norman, take a look at that!”

    From the bottom of the ravine in the gigantic northwest crater, a single ray of light, almost akin to a searchlight, flashed like a streak of lightning across the pitch black world of the moon.

    Just as the expedition member who went by the name of Norman had stuck his head out the ship window, the beam of light which had lit up the desolate ground surface had disappeared, vanishing as if it had never even been there.

    “What could that have been?”

    “Report! Are there are any abnormalities within the expeditionary vessel?”

    Although there had been communication carried out between the command module and the expeditionary vessel, located at a distance of five kilometers, the origins of the flash of light remained unknown.

    The crew, though they were now pervaded by a slight tinge of unease, when confronted by the thought of the intense cold of the lunar night saw no choice but to lay back down on the module floor in order to seek out some sleep.

    During its unprecedentedly lengthy long-term stay of two weeks on the lunar surface, the United States Lunar Expeditionary Vessel Apollo XX had been given the duty of investigating the base of the crater and the makeup of the depths of the moon.

    It had been on the third night of the expedition that they’d seen that mysterious beam of light, so akin to a searchlight.

    And then, some days later at the Houston Space Center, strikingly abnormal wave readings came in from the seismograph that had been installed on the face of the moon.

    Those in charge abruptly felt their nervousness increasing, and sent out instructions to those in their spaceships in the region of the moon to find out the origins of the seismic activity.

    On the surface of the moon, the occasional earthquake caused some of the crew to wonder of at any moment the lunar surface might collapse.

    So, the question was: to return home, or to investigate?

    In the command module, discussion teetered back and forth on that subject. And yet, when the decision had been made, with what was unmistakably overwhelming courage and decisiveness, to continue with the investigation, the expeditionary vessel was launched towards the epicenter without a moment’s delay.

    For the crew, there was a sort of mutually born desire to conquer the unknown world that stretched out in the depths of the moon.

    The reason for this was that there were contained within the materials held as confidential by Houston the bone fragments of some mammalian, and these fossils had given proof to the existence of some creature up there on the moon. The bones had been discovered from amongst the lunar soil carried back by another expeditionary vessel.

    “In the depths of the moon there lies a world apart.”

    Every one of them imagined the above to be true. The mysterious beam of light and the earthquakes that even then shook the lunar surface made such imaginings seem even more conclusive.

    A fearsome reality unfolded directly in front of the eyes of the crewmen as their expeditionary vessel alighted upon a certain crater.

    Just as a protruding mountain burst forth like crumbling sand, a monstrous tornado emerged.

    Without a moment of pause, the expeditionary vessel and the four souls aboard it were swallowed up like scraps of paper.

    Then, from out of that sandstorm emerged a creature so large as to defy imagination – its face savage, one-eyed, and upon its back, wings, – a great monster (this was Red Moon).

    Receiving word of these goings-on, Houston immediately sent out an order of terrestrial repatriation to Apollo XX.

    The Apollo XX managed to successfully escape the surface of the moon upon which they had lost four of their crewmates. The lunar surface grew more and more distant as the propulsion exhaust on the ship’s stern blasted forth crimson jets of flame.


    After some time, one from amongst the crew let forth a monstrous scream. In the direction to which the crewmember’s finger, quaking in fear, pointed, was none other than the great monster Red Moon, soaring towards them!

    “Go ahead!”

    As the spaceship increased its speed, so too did the great monster.

    “I have no intention of bringing that beast home as a souvenir!”

    So had a crewmate yelled out. And yet, the spaceship contained not a single weapon capable of fending off the monster.

    Nor was there anywhere in the vastness of space where they could hide themselves from the beast.

    The great monster, while maintaining a degree of distance from them, still refused to give up the chase.

    At this rate, it seemed inevitable that the creature would follow them all the way till they arrived at Earth.

    “We must not land on Earth!”

    “What can we do?”

    “We need to remove ourselves from orbit! That’s our only option!”

    The spaceship veered off from their orbital course towards Earth.

    It was at this time that orders came in from Houston to cut their ignition and attempt to switch to inertial flight.

    Perhaps the great monster, seeing the flames of the ignition, was chasing after the bright light of the conflagration – this decision has been based upon the judgment of an academic who has said as much. As it happened, his judgment had been right on the mark.

    As the ignition flames stopped, and the starship entered into a steep curve, the giant monster simply continued to fly straight ahead.

    “It worked! It worked!”

    Apollo XX, having managed from escape from the evil clutches of the great monster, corrected its orbit and headed full speed towards the earth.


    By this point in time, Agarie Minoru (elementary school 5th grader), a young boy living on the solitary Habu Island in the Ryukyus, and Ippei Suzuki (elementary school 5th grader), an efficient little boy raised in Tokyo, had been pen-pals for two years.

    The contents of their correspondence was perhaps only a little stranger than the normal. If one were to describe it, one could say their letters were like scientific papers in the form of a list of research reportage.

    To put it simply, the two were snake devotees.

    Young Agarie specialized in the Habu pit viper, with young Suzuki doing so in mamushi pit vipers and exclusively in other such poisonous snakes.

    One day an important research report was delivered to Tokyo from Habu Island.

    Normally, a Habu pit viper can survive perfectly fine for around a year without eating any food, and the Habu pit vipers on Habu Island have particularly strong life forces, and were possessed of the power to live for three or even five years on water alone.

    The nature of this phenomenon had still remained a mystery at both Tokyo University and the Habu Island research facilities.

    And yet young Agarie had managed to explicate that exact mystery. The accumulative results of biological experiments carried out by the youth showed that those Habu vipers that lived in a valley known as Chiibishi in the jungles of Habu Island had particularly long lives, with the results of the investigation into the region in which these vipers dwell being that the snakes would absorb the sap from the roots of the trees that protrude from the valley floor. In other words, the secret key to the mystery of their long lifespan was in the extract of that sap.

    Not a single person would believe what he was saying, and yet the boy had written “it’s the absolute truth!”

    Ippei showed the contents of this report from Habu Island to his uncle Shoji Uchida, who worked as a journalist for Boy Magazine. Uchida, who had felt positively about the pen-pal relationship the two children had from some time before, yelled out a sudden “I’ll take it,” stuffing the letter from Habu Island into his pocket and heading out.

    A few days later, Uchida set off with a camerawoman from the same magazine named Keiko Igawa towards Habu Island. When Uchida found his shoulder being tapped from behind on the passenger ship, he was surprised to see that the young Ippei had boarded the ship as well.

    The three switching over from a jet plane to a small local line, then charted a smaller boat, and then finally arrived at Habu Island.

    The two boys, finally meeting face-to-face for the first time, made quick work of the usual interpersonal communication and headed out towards the trees which excreted the sap in question.

    The Agarie boy guided the three others to the habitat of the Habu vipers known as Chiibishi, and there he let out a gasp.

    Two strange men stood there, loitering around the tree’s roots with guns slung from their shoulders.

    These men had arrived in order to gather up the Habu pit vipers in order to make a “Habu Drink” that would become an elixir of long life, allowing the drinker the unnaturally long life of the Habu snakes of Habu island. So the Agaraie boy said.

    They had just so happened to have heard about the tree roots from Agarie and had been searching for them by themselves, and had just at that moment finally found them.

    “This is the tree! So that means that this red sap is the elixir? Boy, I’ll be taking this for myself!”

    This is what Onassis, the senior thug from among the two, had said.

    As Onassis said he wouldn’t allow the group to come any father and as Unchida argued with him, Onassis’ junior thug let out a scream.

    A Habu pit viper had just jumped on to him.

    “Guchi-ken! Shoot!”

    At Onassis’ words, his underling called Guchi-ken started to rapid fire his gun.


    The Habu vipers clinging to the roots of the tree fell to the ground, shot through.

    Then, in the next moment, the roots of the tree abruptly began to move of their own accord. Onassis and Guchi-ken, standing nearby, were sent cartwheeling back to the ground.

    “The roots of the tree moved!!”

    Ippei yelled out, his eyes fixed forward and astonished.

    “Keiko-chan, photograph it!”

    Uchida yelled out to Keiko, who, beyond shock, had been standing dumbfounded.

    The roots of the tree, moving like some living creature, then disappeared into the ground.

    That night the three of them, having returned to their lodging, heard a strange roar from the earth like some rumbling in the ground, deep in twilight.


    At a Tokyo radio station, the early morning broadcast, “Good Morning, This is Ryuzo Katayama,” was in the midst of being on-air. All sorts of city-centric information came rolling in one after another, from the photochemical smog​ information to the overhead traffic report, and more.

    Then, an emergency report came in from a listener telling of the outbreak of a mountain forest fire.

    The Early Morning FM car headed towards the scene. Strangely, nothing more was heard from the FM car, even after it should have already arrived at the scene.

    The radio station, finding the absence of contact strange, ordered the helicopter on sky patrol to search for the car.

    As the helicopter drew close to the mountains, it caught sight of the FM car, burning. Looking farther ahead into the valley, it discovered a giant monster lying on its side! The helicopter crew let out a yell.

    “A monster has appeared!”

    The monster in question was the very same that had come from the lunar surface – Red Moon. From wherever it had wandered and however it had ended up on Earth, it now seemed to be fast asleep, resting its completely exhausted wings.

    At Uchida’s company, “Boy Magazine,” crew after crew of data collecting parties headed off to gather information on the monster’s appearance, an event so loved by children.

    A phone call came in for Uchida, still on Habu Island, from his Editor-in-Chief, who was all of a flutter.

    “This isn’t the time to be focusing on pit vipers! There’s a m-m-monster! A monster has appeared!”

    “Chief! That m-m-monster showed up in Habu Island, too!”

    “What did you say? There too?!”


    The huge tree roots of Habu Island had in fact been the tail of an elder beast (written name: Erabus). Guchi-ken shooting off his gun had awoken it from its long, long hibernation.

    The “red sap” that the Agarie boy had pegged as the source of the Habu pit viper’s long life had in truth been the extract of an ancient beast.

    The two youths confirmed with each other that they had in fact solved the mystery of the Habu’s life force.

    Uchida and Keiko were busy with the collecting of photos of the monster and taping its roars.

    Besides them, the boys discussed how the monster seemed to have an extremely docile manner.

    The beast made no attempt to harm those humans that it saw around it and lay out, exposing its giant, glossy body to the sun of the south seas, all the while letting out a comfortable-sounding roar.

    On the other hand, the men who had been after the Habu Drink, having seen that there was a huge amount of the life elixir inside the body of the monster, began to make a “monster drink” and started selling it on a large scale. They soon became eager to move that one step closer to making Onassis the envy of all.

    Then, skirmishes broke out time and again between the youths, who were trying to protect the monster, and Onassis and his men, who were trying to bring down the beast.

    Of course, knowing that the people of the island stood no chance if the monster began to act violently, Uchida and Keiko also went about hindering Onassis’ group’s plan to kill the great beast.

    During all this, the beast Erabus once again dug into the earth.


    The envoy from the Moon that had appeared in Tokyo, Red Moon, was taken aback by an all-out attack by the Self-Defense Force, and began using its exhausted body to carry out a counter-attack.

    It employed a terrifying battle tactic in which it flew into the air, eating up whatever was near its body.

    Red Moon, having come to the skies above the city center, for some reason found its attacking power dulled. Finally the great winged beast toppled into the skyscrapers of downtown Tokyo.

    “What could have happened?”

    It was just at that moment that the paratroopers’ assault began anew.

    Just then, Red Moon’s eye, thought crushed, began to slowly open, shining forth a powerful and mysterious beam like a searchlight!

    The paratrooper’s advanced machinery burned up and disappeared one after another.

    The mysterious pillar of light that had been seen by the American lunar expedition had been the mysterious death beam of this monster. The fact that it kept its eye closed had meant that it had been hiding this greatest of weapons.

    Red Moon flapped its massive wings, almost weakly, and flew into the sky, heading off to places unknown.

    However, the citizens of Tokyo – and, indeed, of all Japan – shivered in fear, not knowing when the monster would appear again.


    On Habu Island, Onassis and his crew had been using money to mobilize villagers, and having gotten ahold of a massive quantity of dynamite with which to try to kill the monster Erabus, they had already started operations to dig up the depths of the earth into which the monster had disappeared.

    For Onassis, killing the monster had become an obsession.

    At that same time, a battalion from the American military, having learned of the appearance of the monster on Habu Island, had landed on the island in order to defend it.

    This battalion has arrived in order to protect a top-secret base that stored poison gas, as well as the missile base on the nearby A Island, from the monster. If the beast was to perhaps force itself into the base, there would be the danger of it bringing about a state of emergency.

    One night, Uchida, Ippei and their crew were visiting young Agarie’s house, and were being treated to dinner.

    There, they were surprised to hear from the boy’s father about how he overheard Onassis’ crew’s plans to kill the monster using dynamite.

    Watching the living room television, they become aware of the news that the monster Red Moon had appeared over the skies of Tokyo. However, the news also added the information that Red Moon had once again crashed to earth for causes unknown, and had weakly flown off.

    Ippei said, “I wonder if it could be because of the smog.”

    Smog – somehow, it would seem that when Red Moon came in contact with smog or photochemical smog​, it experienced a sort of brain paralysis, something which was being spoken about at the Self-Defense Force emergency headquarters.

    It had been figured out that at the instant of Red Moon’s arrival, the highest records yet seen had been made for photochemical smog.

    To defeat Red Moon, a huge amount of photochemical smog would have to be produced. In other words, a lethal dose of smog.

    This would mean the complete cooperation of Tokyo Prefecture. Governor Minobe ordered the evacuation of the citizens of the Tokyo.

    Then, he went about giving a strange speech to the various industries and car manufacturers.

    “I implore you to scatter as much smoke as possible from your factory chimney stacks into the skies of Tokyo. In order to save Tokyo Prefecture, there is no other way but to pollute! There is no other way but through photochemical smog! Managers of the factories, ladies and gentlemen car producers, please do as I have said!”

    A few days later, Operation Photochemical Smog had gone into effect, and a few fighter planes had been dispatched to the environs near Mt. Mihara to provoke Red Moon, guiding the beast towards the skies above Tokyo.

    Having done this, at the signal of the roar of a single cannon, the industrial zones and all the factories began to spew out dark smoke from their chimneys, sending the exhaust into the sky. Equipment had been installed in the automobiles which had been tightly parked in the roads that would automatically spew out exhaust fumes.

    The PPM gauge slowly rose up.

    Just as they could ascertain that the strategy would appear to be a success, the skies above Tokyo became cloudy, and drizzle began to fall down.

    All those involved were aghast.

    Without the light of the sun, the photochemical smog could not be produced.

    Red Moon, having regained its might, overran the city in a seeming fit of rage.

    Because of an error in the weather report, the photochemical smog strategy has ended in abject failure.

    The results of this were a ruined city and an eventual battle of recrimination of responsibility amongst the humans.


    Boom! Boom!

    The dynamite sticks exploded one after another, shaking Habu Island.

    The concussive sounds of the explosions shocked Uchida, Ippei, Keiko, and young Agiarie, sending them running, and there they saw Erabus.

    Onassis and his cronies were firing two guns at the monster of all things, trying to bring it down.

    “I’m begging you, die already!”

    Onassis was deadly serious. However, the bullets being shot out of the guns had no results beyond those of a child’s fireworks.

    However, Erabus reacted to this by becoming more violent.

    Onassis and his crew, shocked, withdrew, and the American troops moved in. Using flamethrowers and firearms, they seriously laid in to the creature.

    Erabus responded by going crazy with rage.

    Onassis ran out directly in front of the troops, begging them to sell the body of the beast to him in the event that they brought it down. He had previously made a killing buying the US military’s scrap metal, and he requested that the monster scrap certainly be sold to him in the same manner.

    However, the troop commander wasn’t in a position to do this.

    Surrounded by the sensation of being assaulted by the power of the monster, soldiers were struck down by giant boulders flung by the beast.

    It was then decided that the poison gas stored on A Island would be used, and that a strategy of dropping poison gas from the sky would be put into effect.

    The poison gas so feared by humanity had suddenly become of use in a most unexpected way. Just as had been the case with the photochemical smog, this was a reality that could only be described as ironic.

    However, not a single person would have imagined that this poison gas strategy would rather transform the beast into a poison gas monster, capable of putting forth an enormous power.

    Having inhaled the gas shot forth from the poison gas squad, Erabus faltered not at all; rather, it began to utilize the poison gas it had inhaled as a weapon with which to attack the humans.

    The boys, knowing the behavior of animals as the adults did not, directed their anger at the behavior at the adults in their midst.

    At the same time, a strategic meeting was taking place in Tokyo. They knew not when Red Moon, lurking in the Mihara mountains, would again attack Tokyo.

    Far-away Houston was keenly aware of their responsibility regarding the appearance of Red Moon, and they had dispatched a three-person investigative team.

    As their discussion was reaching its climax, there came a proposal asking about sending forth Boy Magazine Editor-in-Chief Hatakeyama to stage a showdown with the monster of Habu Island. An eye for an eye and a monster for a monster; what could be better?

    If everything went well, perhaps the two would destroy each other. However, for the Editor-in-Chief, the purpose of this all was simply to obtain photos of the monster-on-monster duel.

    However, this proposal gained the support of all the members and was put into action.

    The problem was the place where the battle would be made to occur. As it was thought that there would be few places better to prevent danger to others that on a lonely island in the south seas, it was decided that this would all take place on Habu Island, where Erabus currently was. An additional reason was the theory that had arisen stating that it would be easier to guide the winged Red Moon than to convey Erabus elsewhere.

    Now then, the next question would have to be how to lead Red Moon to Habu Island?

    This was a rather difficult question.

    “I’ve got it!”

    One of the academics from Houston slapped his knee. They just needed to set off jet propulsion flames. After all, hadn’t Red Moon come to Earth following a spaceship?

    So it came to be that they would make it so that a jet fighter plane could let off a light similar to that of spaceship propulsion flames.

    And thus they initiated the Red Moon Transport Strategy.

    While Uchida and the gang expressed displeasure at the selfish methods of the Editor-in-Chief, he yelled back that “Boy Magazine will sell more than 2 million copies!”

    He had flown out to Habu Island, one step in front of those who were setting up the strategy that he himself had proposed, intending to use the gathered materials to create a great sensation.

    Here, at this missile base known as A Island, the standoff between the American troops and Erabus continued as the beast slunk ever closer.


    The F6s, flying in formation, flew towards the skies to the south, spewing forth their jet propulsion flames.

    Just as predicted, Red Moon trailed behind their formation.

    The strategy was progressing perfectly.

    But then?! The propulsion flames of one of the F6s seemed to suddenly malfunction, spewing out black smoke. Something abnormal had happened with the engine.

    Taking a steep angle, the fighter careened down towards the sea.

    An unlucky 25,000 ton-class tanker was happening to pass by. The F6 crashed directly into the ship’s prow.

    The flames reached the crude oil stored therein, and the massive tanker sunk amidst a gigantic explosion. Ah, what a terrible thing to happen during an oil shortage!

    A part of the south seas had been turned to an ocean of flame. Red Moon, spotting the inferno, changed course, enraged at the sight of the fire.

    A true, terrifying coincidence, the tanker just so happened to sink deep into the ocean floor of the south seas where at that very moment lay Godzilla himself. The ship landed with a bang! directly on the slumbering monster’s head.

    Godzilla was suddenly awoken as the surface of the ocean became a literal sea of flame.


    As Godzilla let out a roar, looking up towards the sky, the monster began to follow after Red Moon, chasing the squadron of F6s.

    However, soon Godzilla, seemingly uninterested, again disappeared beneath the waves, returning to his peaceful slumber.

    As the fires on the ocean surface abated, Red Moon once again began his chase of the F6 squadron, heading directly towards Habu Island.

    “It’s here, it’s here!”

    The squadron leader yelled out as he looked towards the north skies.

    At last! The death match of the two great monsters could commence. The Editor-in-Chief, of course, as well as Uchida and the rest, the company commander, Onassis’ crew, and the villagers were all watching over the the fight of the century.

    Red Moon, having seen Erabus, stilled its wings and descended to earth.

    The two great creatures let forth unnerving roars at each other! Perhaps a tactic of pre-battle intimidation, the roars of the beasts shook the south skies and rang in the ears of the people.

    As the they had sized up the other’s strength, glaring while they circled each other, it had looked as though the two great beasts were closing the distance in order to challenge their opponent.

    “They’re gonna do it! They’re gonna do it!”

    Onassis gripped Guchi-ken’s shoulder and yelled.

    The soldiers of the American military surrounded the beasts from afar, watching over the scene in the hopes of the two creatures destroying each other.

    Ten minutes passed, then thirty, and finally an entire hour had gone by.

    Just as they thought the titanic battle was finally about to ensue, a strange thing occurred. The two gargantuan monsters suddenly dipped their heads and, rubbing their shoulders together, began to display the loving expressions of a couple of young lovers.

    “This is a love scene!”

    Uchida and the boys informed the company commander that the beasts had no desire to fight one another, appealing to him to not engage in any more attacks.

    Red Moon, who had come from the lunar surface, had fallen in love at first sight with the beautiful Terran monster Erabus.

    Onassis and the Editor-in-Chief were unwilling to let that happen. They were in a tizzy over the idea of a peaceful resolution — something which would result in a situation in which not even a single lucrative photo could be taken.

    The two were all worked up over assuring that the two beasts somehow end up doing battle, and yet the two lovers –- no, the two great beasts — had not a speck of aggression in their eyes.

    The two creatures then fled from human sight, disappearing deep into the jungle.

    Under the fervent appeals of the two boys, who swore that if the humans did not attack that the monsters would cause no more harm, even the American army had no choice but to withdraw.

    Finally, even the Editor-in-Chief and the others had no choice but to leave Habu Island, praying for the peaceful lives of the two monsters.

    Young Agarie returned to his everyday life.

    And yet, the only one who refused to give up was Onassis. Having already poured a significant amount of money into the enterprise, he could simply not reverse course.

    “I won’t give up on my Monster Drink!”

    Every day, Onassis would head out into the jungle.

    However, the two monsters had disappeared somewhere, and refused to again show themselves to him.


    The hot summer months had arrived on Habu Island.

    During one of the Agarie boy’s regular gathering expeditions into the jungle, he found a young monster the size of a human.

    “Huh? This is kinda weird!”

    The boy chased after it. When he did, the young monster dropped down into a valley towards the island’s headland. While he looked onwards, young Agarie saw Red Moon and Erabus lying on their sides, as the young monster rushed to snuggle into the space between them.

    The boy’s eyes sparkled.

    The two gargantuan monsters had come back to the island with their child in tow. The young monster (written as Halfon) had undeveloped wings passed down from his father, and his face was like that of his mother’s.

    The boy surreptitiously wrote what he had seen in a letter to Ippei, back in Tokyo, and sent it off.

    Rumors that the monsters had returned reached the ears of the villagers, eventually making their way to Onassis and his crew on the Okinawan mainland.

    Onassis rushed off to Habu island.

    In the insular jungle, Onassis witnessed the pleasant, intimate life of the parents and child.

    Young Agarie kept a detailed journal of the daily life of the monsters and sent it off to Tokyo.

    One day, something terrible occurred.

    Onassis and his underlings had killed the young monster Halfon.

    Erabus clung to the body of her child, expressing great sorrow. Then, taking up the fleeing Onassis and his cohorts in her grasp, she squeezed them to death.

    Because Halfon had been murdered by humans, Red Moon and Erabus, showing clear hostility, were transfigured into violent monsters. They set out, attacking the village and assaulting its people.

    Habu Island was once again transformed into an island of fear, and hearing the news of these events, Boy Magazine writer Uchida, camerawoman Keiko, and Ippei all headed back to the island.

    Young Agarie informed them that this had all occurred because of the evil actions of Onassis.

    However, it was impossible to persuade the two giant beasts. They had given in to rage and were on a rampage.

    Then, there also arose the possibility that the two great beasts would invade the missile base, A Island.

    The American military was mobilized.

    Red Moon and Erabus approached from sky and sea, smashing through the A Island guards posted to prevent the invasion of the military base.

    A terrible battle commenced!

    At that time, young Agarie and Ippei spotted Godzilla approaching from the seas to the far north.



    The people began to go berserk. They had already been dealing with the two great beasts, and now they had no choice but to contend with the violence of Godzilla on top of all that.

    The American military also looked on with unease.

    A Island had now become an island of monsters, a monstrous no man’s land.

    “Godzilla has come to take care of both of them.”

    As young Agarie spoke, Ippei nodded.

    The ones who had truly been evil were the humans. However, there was simply no choice but to defeat the two monsters who had now been made so barbarous. These boys were not the sort of simple children who could not understand the truth of the world.

    The gunpowder magazines of A Island exploded. Red Moon had attacked them from the skies.

    Erabus had also come ashore, and had begun her attack.

    Seeing the fire, Godzilla furiously headed to make landfall on the island.

    The three giant monsters clashed!

    The American military retreated, seemingly giving over the fight to Godzilla, moving to watch over the two-against-one grudge match.

    While Godzilla fought Erabus, Red Moon hovered above the King of the Monsters, showering attacks down on him from on high.

    Godzilla is struggling!

    Looking at the sky, Godzilla let his atomic breath burst forth, and Red Moon answered with his mysterious light beam.

    Erabus also had her poison gas. All those watching could only admit that that this would be an unexpectedly difficult battle for Godzilla.

    Godzilla, having taken on their attacks, was finally pushed by the two monsters back into the sea.

    The onlookers were in an uproar. Even Godzilla couldn’t beat them?!

    But Godzilla, the King of Beasts, no, the Kind of Monsters, was not the sort of weakling to be beaten by an attack of such a measly order. No monster could best him in willpower.

    Godzilla, having washed his face off in the waters, kicked off against the seafloor with a crash, and climbed back into the ring.


    Godzilla, with rage in his heart, reversed the tide of the battle in a flurry of fierce attacks against his two giant opponents.

    Suddenly A Island had become Godzilla’s territory.

    Godzilla threw Erabus into a sea of flame, finishing her off with his atomic breath.

    Finally, Red Moon, with his wings half burnt, lost his fighting ability.

    Ippei yelled out, saying “Godzilla, that’s enough – let Red Moon return to the far-off moon!”

    Perhaps those words had moved him, for Godzilla let the ferocity of his attack slacken.

    As Godzilla backed off, Red Moon used its weakened wings to fly upwards, heading in the direction of the moon.

    Red Moon, who had chased humanity to Earth after they had ravaged his native Moon, had found a wonderful love on that Earth, and had even raised a child with the mixed heritage of both Moon and Earth on that planet.

    However, his dreams had again been turned to dust by humanity, and, injured and exhausted, he fled to his distant home on the lunar surface.

    The egoism of humans is a terrifying thing.

    Godzilla turned his face to the sky, and let out a great “SKREEEEEE-ONNNNNNNK!!”

    “Never return to the land of the humans again!”

    Young Agarie and Ippei knew in their hearts that there was no doubt that that’s what Godzilla had meant to say.




    Kazuho Mitsuda

    Kazuho Mitsuda

    An invaluable reflective interview about the background of the writing of this synopsis

    Mitsuda: Back when I was involved in this synopsis, because Tsuburaya Productions was a subsidiary of Toho, there was this discussion within Toho of how it might be alright to put forth a plan for a new production from our company in the “Toho Champion Festival.” But, at that point in time Tsuburaya Productions was lacking a planning department, and at the time I was directing “Chibira-Kun” (1970), and the result of talking with Hajime Tsuburaya, who was doing the planning of the project, was that if we were going to go to the effort of using Godzilla characters, we should ask Tetsuo Kinjō, who had returned to Okinawa, to do it. Then it ended up that I would be going to Okinawa, but Okinawa in that post-war period was still under American control, and for Japanese citizens to go to there they needed a special sort of passport.

    When I arrived at the airport in Okinawa on August 8th, 1970, Koichi Takano and Yoshio Suzuki, who just so happened to be involved with work in Taiwan, met up with me, and together the three of us headed to Kinjo’s house, which was called “Matsukaze-En.” At the time, Kinjo had a Monday-through-Friday live broadcast radio show, so even though we’d stayed in Okinawa for a period of five nights and six days until the 13th, we were only able to hash out the synopsis by bits and pieces during Kinjiro’s free time. He wrote it up for me in a single flash on my last day staying at the Ginza Hotel in Kokusai Dori street after being at Matsukaze-En. So, Kinjiro thought up the plot, and I made it into a proposal document.

    Having said that, although we hadn’t done any scenario hunting in the actual location, because the names and images of the new monsters and the characters on the human side that appear in this synopsis and the love story between the two monsters were all things Kinjiro came up with, it’s pretty incredible that I can remember the names of the likes of Yamashi’s lackey, “Guchi-ken.”

    This story used Kinjiro’s radio show as a starting point, encompassing the “military base problem” found in the true story of the American military storing poison gas on Okinawa, as well as the episodes of pollution that were happening at that time back in 1969. By taking these together, our story really portrays the greed of humans who are so fixated upon making money, making it quite the Kinjiro-esque screenplay. Really, the title itself was also something Kinjiro came up with. Back then, the Ken Takura-starring yakuza movie series “Abashiri Prison” (1965~) was very popular, and Kinjiro was quite the fan.

    While there may have been a feeling that Kinjiro wanted Tsuburaya Productions to come to Okinawa for a filming location, at the time Okinawa wasn’t exactly a realistic place to film. If we had actually made the film, we might have just done scenery filming in Okinawa proper and would have done the real filming in another place that appears similar to the scenery of Okinawa.

    From there, this synopsis was of course only meant to have been delivered to those involved people, and I’d guess that only around 20 copies were printed. At that stage, we needed to go ahead and at least put down the names of the main staff, like the director and the special effects director. We had the name of producer Toyoaki Wada, and as he was in the initial stages of creating “Mirror Man” (1971), he was like a cooperating producer working together with me for TBS.

    At the time, Toho was doing their best to move towards the production of new tokusatsu films in-house, and perhaps they had thought to devote themselves to only distributing our film. And even though the Tsuburaya Productions films being shown at the “Toho Champion Festival” at the time were the revised version of “The Return of Ultraman” (1971) and the blowup version of “Mirror Man,” with the only new film making an appearance being “The Monsters’ Desperate Battle – Daigoro vs. Goliath,” (1973), it would likely have finally been made after those.

    If this synopsis had seen the light of day, and if the film had been completed and released, it may have changed the course of the new products Tsuburaya Productions made from then on out in a variety of ways. Even so, I can safely say that I never thought I’d be interviewed about this for “Abashiri Prison”…

    (From Tsuburaya Productions, Shibuya, on September 2nd, 2014)

    Kazuho Mitsuda …… Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1937. Started work at Tsuburaya Productions by way of his work as an Assistant Director at TBS. After his early work as a director for the Ultraman trilogy, his later work was generally focused in managing production planning.

    Translations // September 21, 2019
  • A note from staff

    Now, here’s something a little different. Below is a translation of pages 48-49 from Space Magazine Uchusen Quarterly Vol.66 (1993). I thought it would be fun to showcase some stories from Japanese G-fans… Needless to say, they have their own share of creative – and sometimes absurd – tales to tell! As usual, very special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

    ~ Joshua S.


    Our Big Forecast for Godzilla, NEXT in USA!

    GvsMG” design staff are illustrating stories thought up by our readers!!

    Our magazine has been continuing to recruit the “Big Forecast NEXT Godzilla Story.” As the whole story of “GvsMG” has become more clear, we were shocked at how spot-on your predictions were (those who caught on from the “Spaceship Library Collection G vs MG Corner” were especially amazing!). Now then, with G-stories having been requested from our foreign edition simultaneously, our readers have been sending us interesting things that only they could have come up with, one after another. And specially for this one and only time, we’ve gone ahead and had the Kawakita Group design staff illustrate four of them.



    Kagawa Prefecture

    Koichi Kabashima

    An American private research group has been attacked by Godzilla while investigating offshore oil fields. A nuclear submarine that had been patrolling the waters nearby receives the SOS call and attacks, but standing no chance, retreats. Godzilla gives chase, heading towards the mainland USA. After a huge battle takes place in LA, the US forces bring down Godzilla using a satellite cannon. Godzilla, who has fallen into a state of false death, is carried by the US forces to a secret military facility to be made into a cyborg. They mean to make Godzilla, who can withstand nuclear strikes, into the US military’s trump card for localized battles. Five years later, Godzilla receives applause from the masses thanks to his new role as the watchman of world peace, and it’s been decided that there be a military review set up in the waters off New York for the president to observe the cyborg monster. However, during those five years Godzilla’s great brain, which had been completely cut off from his spinal cord, has seen its functions shift to the second brain he possesses in his lower body.

    During the very height of the military inspection, Godzilla destroys his nerve switch with the use of violent interior radiation, and having regained control of this body, bathes the president in his atomic breath, and then emerges from the ocean unto Manhattan. With Godzilla having been outfitted with high-tech weapons, America is completely at a loss.


    Aoi Kunio (青井邦夫)

    Aoi Kunio (あおい・くにお) 〇 Works as a mechanical designer for “New Astro Boy.” “UWW,” which was serialized in “Hobby Japan,” became quite the hot topic, bringing new ideas to the Ultra Mecha genre. Designed “Mother” and “Kids” for “G vs. K” as well as Hummer for “Ultraman G.”  Also currently contributing to the covers for Tokuma Shoten’s “Eight Eight Fleet Series” (Koshu Tani).



    Tokyo Prefecture

    Naoya Sato

    The mysterious giant life form Ruska is said to inhabit the seas off Bermuda. The creature uses its massively long tentacles to pull passenger vessels to the ocean floor and eat the humans within. Receiving a passenger ship distress call, a rescue team moves to the scene. Somehow, at the site of the event a number of Ruskas rush in to attack Godzilla. And yet, Godzilla is able to repulse them with ease, and he moves on to invade the Gulf of Mexico. Hit by a two-pronged strategy on land and by sea by the American military, Godzilla momentarily disappears from view, but he once again comes up on land in Mexico, advancing on America. In the midst of the turmoil, Mexicans are smuggling themselves into America. Godzilla pulverizes Dallas, and although he attempts to return to the sea via the Florida Peninsula, just at that time a Ruska even larger than Godzilla appears out of the ocean. In the previous fight it had been changed bodily via sucking on Godzilla’s blood, making it even more gigantic, and even more brutally violent. It has come to suck Godzilla’s blood once again. The battle between the two gigantic beasts begins to unfurl, leading the US armed forces HQ to decide to make use of their newest weapon, the freeze bomb.


    Shinji Nishikawa (西川伸司)

    Shinji Nishikawa (にしかわ・しんじ) 〇 Has been writing Godzilla manga since his doujinshi self-published era under the pen-name MASH (appearing under that same name in Vol. 39 of this same magazine). Among other things, he managed the final manuscript image of the design of Biollante.  In addition to his usual work on the Rinpu Shobo Encyclopedia Series, he established his reputation via super-deformed illustrations.



    Hiroshima Prefecture

    Masaaki Shindo

    In the near future, the Spaceship Mayflower, having departed on mankind’s first outer-space expedition, arrives at Planet G. That planet, with its hot temperature and humidity, is controlled by 5-meter tall dinosaur-like life forms. The crew of the ship are killed one-by-one. The sole survivor, ethnically Japanese Jeff Goto, explodes the reserve fuel, burning up the dinosaurs’ planet as he makes his escape. However, one dinosaur, mutated by exposure to atomic rays, has boarded the Mayflower. At the end of the the life and death struggle, Jeff manages to drive back the monster. Jeff, having returned to earth, has become a worldwide hero overnight, but one day, he notices that changes are occurring in his own body, and he begins to hide himself from others. A piece of organic material from a monster that had clung to the partially salvaged Mayflower has begun cell division, and while it absorbs the body of an attacked NASA employee, taking on a gigantic form just like the Thing, it begins to wreck destruction upon the city. At that time, standing in the way of the monster appears Jeff, who has been turned into Godzilla as a result of being covered in the spurt of a monster’s blood.


    Minoru Yoshida (吉田 穣)

    Minoru Yoshida (よしだ・みのる) 〇 Thanks to his participation alongside Mr. Aoi and others in the HJ Magazine “UWW,” managed the monster design for “Ultraman G.” Within the Godzilla Series, his name appeared on the final manuscript images for Battra (adult and larva), among other works. In addition to “B-CLUB” cover illustrations, he’s also actively engaged in creating illustrations for science magazines and pictorial books.



    Saitama Prefecture

    Teruhiko Sato

    Once again, Godzilla has appeared in Tokyo. The Japanese people are in danger! The United States of America, wishing for world peace and the happiness of humanity, dispatches the genius Professor Maximilian and the young Jim. Professor Max hatches a plan to use an anti-gravity missile to launch Godzilla into space. Just as he believes his strategy is about to pay off, Mount Fuji suddenly explodes in a massive eruption. Godzilla is sucked in through a rift in space-time created by the eruption. At this rate the entire history of mankind will be thrown into chaos at the hands of Godzilla! Professor Max and young Jim give chase after Godzilla in the time-boat they have emergency shipped from America. Around that same time, Godzilla is crushing Napoleon’s forces at Waterloo. The Professor and his young charge rush on, but Godzilla’s form suddenly disappears from view. It would appear that somehow the anti-gravity missile that stuck into Godzilla’s tail is affecting space-time. Godzilla appears in different eras, one after another. The Professor finally manages to remove the missile in the world of Jurassic Period.


    “Hurricane” Ryu Hariken (破李拳竜)

    Ryu Hariken (はりけん・りゅう ) 〇 We don’t believe we really need to introduce him to the readers of this magazine, but he’s a fighting manga artist and first-class fool for stuffed animals. Having worked on Heisei Ghidorah as well as Battra Larva, he’s now in charge of Baby Godzilla. He provides a large amount of image boards previous to filming within the Kawakita group. He fulfills an important role in reviewing the materials used for the images that actually go to film.


    How did you feel about all these? Weren’t any and all of them quite interesting as works that minimize the sorts of stereotypes Americans (?) might have towards Godzilla? Now that we’re done with this part, let’s go ahead and introduce a few more of our readers’ works.

    ・TriStar Pictures, fed up with the strictness of Toho’s checking, assassinate their Japanese counterparts. The embodiment of that persistent grudge, G, attacks Hollywood. The American side attempts to oppose him, but Irwin Allen and Bert I. Gordon’s blundering monster had no chance at rivaling Godzilla…

    Aichi Prefecture Koichi Irizawa

    ・“Godzilla vs. the Superhuman Ant”  Godzilla makes landfall in LA based on the scheming of North Korea and Iraq. While Japan is involved in disputes over peacekeeping operations, G encroaches on the Detroit nuclear power plant. At that time, G’s body floats into midair. “It’s that atomic power! The Superhuman Ant!” With the death of Superman, America must turn to the atomic ant, Superhuman Ant. By the president’s request, the Ant carries G to North Korea, thinking to destroy the Pyonyang Nuclear Reactor and to protect world peace. However, being told to next take Godzilla to Iraq, the Ant’s friendly feelings towards humans are all used up, and he sets out into space with Godzilla.

    Osaka Prefecture Naoya Tatsugami

    ・ “Godzilla vs. The Führer”  Izumi, a Japanese traveler, loses her way in an alternate-dimension America that became controlled by the Nazis following the World War. The Nazis capture Izumi, use her power as the queen of an underground kingdom that was destroyed in an ancient nuclear war to revive Godzilla, and plan to attack Izumi’s people’s world. However, the revived G destroys his controller, and he begins to attack the Nazis. The Nazi’s Bio-Monster Führer moves to attack G!

    Kyoto Prefecture Masahiro Muroyama

    ・ “Godzilla, what is this with you attempting to get farther in the world than me, I won’t forgive you! Uuuooooohhhh!!” Enlarged to a tremendous height of 100m by the power of pure rage, Eisaku Yoshida, working on instinct, moves towards the foot of Mount Fuji and clashes with Godzilla!

    Chiba Prefecture Kan Hasui

    Thanks for all your entries, everyone.

    Translations // July 13, 2019
  • A note from staff

    After having started work on this in late 2017, it is done – a complete translation of 2075: Meister Titano’s Counterattack, as seen in the pages of Tokusatsu Hiho Vol. 5 (ISBN: 4800311276). Written by Yukiko Takayama, the same screenwriter behind 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla, and featuring two pieces of art by Shinji Nishikawa, this 7-chapter story takes place 100 years after the events of the movie and centers around Titanosaurus – now revived as a cyborg monster named “Meister Titano” – and an undersea colony of humans and robots. It’s a tale of discovery, sadness, and acceptance, and of course it has plenty of nods to the 1975 movie.

    HUGE thanks to Noah Oskow for undertaking this massive translation project; to John LeMay and his fantastic book, The Lost Films (ISBN: 1548145254), I would have never found out about this story without it; to LSD Jellyfish in the forums for looking into translating early on; and especially to Ryu in the forums, a very passionate and patient individual who is the primary reason this story saw a translation to begin with.

    ~ Joshua S.


    2075: Meister Titano’s Counterattack

    Yukiko Takayama

    Shinji Nishikawa = images


    A “brand new” SF novella written down by Terror of Mechagodzilla screenwriter Yukiko Takayama



    A glittering evening sky moves onwards towards night, a violet dusk stretching across the heavens.

    Soon, in just ten or twenty seconds more, the stars would be twinkling…

    But in the mind of the Doctor, letting himself sink into his huge leather-covered sofa, his eyes closed, those minutes could have stretched many times longer.

    “Ahh, this moment…”

    He contrived to control the fluid flow of the falling grains in an hour glass, bending it to his will.

    He was indulging in a specific sensation humans have managed to develop.

    Just like a a boy who takes the strawberry cake in front of him and stuffs it into his mouth in a single bite, bending time to stretch out the moment when the cream melts so slowly but steadily inside of his mouth.

    But no matter how much one curves time, the end will arrive.

    In the end all this was nothing but an illusion. Nonetheless, the Doctor had been able to properly enjoy the violet glow of the sunset, and he was satisfied.

    Looking upwards, the ceiling above him was but a mass of concrete, just as were the walls and the floor of the room he occupied.

    The ceiling had been ornamented with the subtle colors of the cobalt (Co27) used in the composition of the building materials, but in the end it was all simply a mass of inorganic matter. He knew that even now, if he were to press a button on his desk, an entire sky full of stars would surely stretch out before him… But even such an ornamentation as that, if allowed to become matter-of-fact, would not set his heart to dancing as had the planetarium he had seen in his youth.

    From amongst the tightly-packed throng of buildings on the coastal areas of Tokyo City, the one that most draws the eyes is a single structure that seems to rise, half-submerged, from the sea itself. This building is the headquarters of a corporation held under the umbrella of the Cobalt Excavation listing.

    The buildings of this period, rather than boasting of their height above the ground, instead extended deeper into the confines of the earth — just like how an iceberg shows only its smallest part above water, while its true mass lies hidden underneath the waves.

    The Doctor sat amidst a huge panel chair whose wonderful appearance brought to mind the image of a cockpit stretching out underground, the seat like some fused captain’s chair.

    There was nothing to report at the moment. Everything was going well.


    At the beginning of the century, beginning with Methane clathrate, the hope for a vast amount of valuable mineral resources – the so-called rare metals – began to be held by more and more people. These ambitions were focused on the area from the Izu-Ogasawara Trench, which connects southwards with the Japan Trench, to the Nankai Trough, and all throughout the vicinity around Japan.

    The hydrothermal vents on the seafloor are covered in wide-rangingly useful metals, and around the vents are built up massive “chimneys” that reach as high as ten meters, resulting in deposits of usable ores. There slumber huge amounts of important resources that no one had yet to get their hands on.

    And yet, the extraction of these would take even more time. Even the towering Himalaya mountain range, if sunk under the sea upside-down, would fail to touch the bottom of the seas where these chimneys lie near such precipitous cliffs, and would simply sink into the depths.

    What did rapidly advance, however, was something that came about because of the evolution in artificial intelligence.

    The emergence of robots that could think for themselves and could carry out problem solving meant that those problems that made the extraction so difficult could be dealt with.

    A private firm began to undertake extensive excavation of these resources.

    In short, the power of science was forced to grow until it could be properly connected to economic efficiency.

    With the discovery of so many valuable mineral-bearing ore deposits within the area around Japan,  more than 20 major deep-sea excavation factories sprung up.

    Seven years ago, the chemical element no. Co27 cobalt, which had been said not to exist in the seas around Japan, was discovered. This silvery-white metal was slumbering at the very point where the Japan Trench continued into the Izu-Ogasawara Trench. A major corporation acquired the rights of interest to it, going as far as to establish a deep-sea excavation factory.

    The Doctor had taken over the position of general manager for this company a year ago.

    Since then, his office has been this command center in the excavation center 2,000 meters deep under the sea.

    The lower reaches of the factory were a further 3,000 meters deeper, at the very site of the excavation of the protruding cobalt minerals, wrapped in the darkness of the abyss.

    Every day, many thousands of tons of rocks were mined from the site. These are carried to the deep-sea factory where they are refined, and then sent to the surface.

    “Those thousands of robotic individuals that support the company…”

    Muttering this, a unspeakably wry smile floated onto the Doctor’s mouth.

    He was wondering if one should should refer to robots as though they were living individuals or simply inanimate objects.

    A thousand robotic individuals, or a thousand robot units…

    Images of the forms of those robots who worked in the deep sea flashed through his mind.

    80% of those things that toiled in the abyss did not have the form of a human. Things that excavate, things that set the gunpowder, things that looked like tanks and carried rocks, and things that probed the ore deposits using a pointed edge made from water pressure…

    But whether their forms were different or not, all the robots were possessed of intelligence beyond that of humans.

    In short, the things called robots in this era were things that possessed artificial intelligence.

    They thought by themselves, and learned by themselves. They learned, and when they had become possessed of a large enough vocabulary, their knowledge would become even deeper, allowing them to reason, to make deductions… Perhaps they even engaged in flights of fancy, thought upon the future, and dreamed.

    Suddenly, the Doctor felt as though something cold had run down his back.

    Thinking, learning… Didn’t that mean they had something we could call a “soul?”

    The doctor felt a small shudder go through him as he muttered:

    “Robots that have their own souls…”

    The Doctor’s handsome face took on a slightly warped expression.

    This was because a doubt had welled up inside him. If the robots possessed their own souls… and if robots likely had their power sources blithely cut once they’d run out their usefulness…


    The Doctor stood up, as if to shake this thought off. He had raised his voice loud enough as to surprise even himself.

    “Mere worthless delusions that serve no useful purpose.”

    After all, once the Doctor had accepted his position as the general manager of the Cobalt Excavation listing, he had likely also gained the right of decision regarding the cutting of robotic power sources. No, rather, he had in fact accepted the duty to do so…



    The robots that worked in the deep-sea excavation factory were built to specifications that matched the work assigned to them. Arms, legs, heads; they need not adhere to such anthropomorphic parts. Their sizes were similarly diverse, with some being possessed of gigantic bodies weighing more than ten tons.

    From amongst these, it was the deep-sea excavation robot U-Types whose form most resembled those of humans.

    The form of the U-Type was human-shaped, and its vocation was to perform the daily servicing of labor robots. It was tasked with the mission of making the robots’ lifestyles more comfortable and to befriend them.

    This was all so that the robots would not forget about humans, down there in the dark depths of the sea. All so that they would maintain a self-consciousness of humans as beings of the utmost kindness.

    On occasion, humans would make visits to the Factory.

    The Factory was an immense dome, fully-equipped with a pipe that connected it to the world above the waves. Even so, it would be hard for humans to call a depth of 20,000 meters especially comfortable.


    A year ago, the Doctor, having taken on the job of general manager, made a visit there.

    Initially, with the Doctor acting as though he meant to shake hands with every single robot, U-Type Little-1 (One) was left fully in anticipation, nervously rubbing at its pants with its palm.

    But just the act of shaking hands with the supreme commander of the deep-sea excavation factory, Meister Titano, caused this entire event to be curtailed in a hurry.

    At a location some tens of meters removed, Little-1, staring up at the dais from the line-up of his fellow robots, felt disappointed. And yet he seemed to grasp why this had transpired.

    Compared to the Doctor, who measured not even two meters in height, the decorous and majestic form of Meister Titano, many tens of times larger than the Doctor, had been quite the splendid sight to see…


    The recreation room had a small one-room library adjoining it.

    Little had opened up a tome by the name of “The History of Livings Things.”

    “The earth, which had been born 4,500,000,000 years ago….”

    It is known that there is a theory that states that life already existed 4,500,000,000 years ago.

    “Ah, so life first began in the sea.”

    That first form of life had been called bacteria.

    Little, full of intrigue, began voraciously turning the pages.

    The creatures had evolved to move from the sea onto land, continuously changing.

    He kept on turning page after page…

    Suddenly, his eyes jolted to a stop.

    A huge, eye-catching creature was drawn on the page in front of him.

    In large letters, the text besides the image read “the epoch of the dinosaurs.”


    Ahh… What a magnificently attractive creature this was.

    Its long neck sturdily supported its skull, and its hind legs which supported its body, so full of symmetry, were rippling with muscle. Finally, its long, mighty tail seemed to grant its whole body a wonderful balance.

    The scales which covered its skin seemed to shine brighter than any armor.


    Little-1 let out another sigh of admiration.

    “Truly, a beautiful exemplar of creation.”

    And not only that. It seemed so similar in form…

    To Meister Titano.



    U-Type Little-1 was ascending from the depths of the sea. Up and up and up…

    It was not as though Little-1 was running away from the excavation factory. He did not feel even a shred of an impulse to flee his station. Rather, what had guided him away from the factory was curiosity. A curiosity he could not deny or suppress.

    In his ears reverberated the words of Meister Titano…


    The time zone at the seafloor dome moved synchronously with time in the world above.

    This was despite the lack of morning or night caused by the dark environment that surrounded the dome.

    Even so, there was a giant clock affixed in the central hall. Although the internal chronological mechanisms inside of each robot made this clock superfluous, it served its purpose as a sort of course-corrector by which they could come to know the way life was being lived on the surface. Once the needle reached the dial emblazoned on the top of the big circle, it was time for their beloved noon break.

    That day, Meister Titano had approached Little-1. His conversation was always a source of true value for his interlocutors, always allowing for tales of the unknown outside world and history to unfold before them as though right in front of their eyes. The U-types, with their frames just like those of boys and girls, would let out a happy cry and gather around his massive body.

    One from amongst these had asked the following.

    “Hey, does this ocean that surrounds us have an end to it?”

    “Yes, I do believe so.”

    Titano had answered.

    “East, West, South, or North, no matter which of the cardinal directions you decide to move out towards, you will encounter great cliffs rising up from the ocean floor. Not only this, but if you go up and up here in the sea that encircles us, your head will eventually pop up in a world of air completely unlike our water. There, on the face of the earth, are great fields, and mountains that are as tall as our oceanic abyss is deep.”

    “Ahh, I know about this. I saw this map of the earth in the library. It’s super wide…”

    Little-1’s eyes had sparkled.

    “You’re quite the diligent student, aren’t you.”

    Titano’s huge face suddenly lurched towards Little-1, his kindly eyes peering at him.

    “To gain in knowledge is a commendable thing. Just as you say, the world is indeed very wide.”

    The boys and girls nodded, looking up towards that world they had never seen.

    “Mountains wreathed in green soar upwards, the sun sparkles, and when night falls, the moon, changing its shape from a full circle to a small crescent, shines a light on the darkness.”

    The boys and girls listened with rapt attention.

    Titano’s gaze moved towards the ceiling, as if suddenly thinking of something.

    “However… I cannot truly say that even that is so comparatively expansive. Far above the atmosphere that envelopes the earth, the stars sparkle, and an endless, boundary-less space spreads ever outwards… Even higher… No, to say ‘even higher’ sounds strange. Rather, I should say we simply do not yet understand the extent of it.”


    Little-1 stared at Titano, vibrating with inspiration.

    “I’d really like to see that world. Flying through the space between the stars…”

    Titao held his tongue, perhaps taken aback.

    He was ashamed at having blurted out his feelings so unthinkingly.

    But soon, restoring his usual dignity, the massive creature laughed.

    “Hahaha, that’s but a dream within a dream. Every one of us who lives in this world has had their place in it predetermined.”

    “But, I… I want to try going there.”

    “Come now, the time for resting has ended. Go ahead and get back to your work. After all, our work here is done for the sake of all who live in this world.”


    2,000 meters beneath the sea is a world of darkness.

    Of course he knew about this darkness, but this was his first time directly touching this seawater.

    He wanted to see that world Titano had told him about with his own eyes. This had fanned the flames of what had now become an unquenchable curiosity, one which had lured Little-1 out into the sea.

    Gently, something brushed against his shoulders.


    For a second, he thought he saw a shadow.

    A shadow amongst a world of pure darkness was a rather strange concept. Perhaps it was just some fish swimming in the deep sea.

    Little-1 was reminded of a story he had heard from an inspector who had returned from a excavation site at a depth of 50,000 meters.

    “When I came back to the Factory, at times I would see, dimly, the faint outline of some fish in the water. That by itself is proof that even in the deep sea that some amount of sun was filtering down.”

    “Ahh, the light of the sun…”

    Little-1 felt his courage well up.

    “The light, the sun, it’s guiding me…”

    He used all of his body’s power, all that power, to push against the water. Upwards, upwards…

    As his eyes became used to the darkness, he was able to notice the varied forms of the luminescent jellyfish around him.

    The color around him had slowly changed.

    On the reefs that jutted out on one side, sea sponges stuck to the walls, their giant tentacles stretching out, floating upwards, their color whitish.

    “Ahh, I can see. I can see inside the sea.”

    By stretching out his neck and looking all the way up, the world which had been so dark began to sparkle, turning into a shining world, spreading outwards. Light was filtering through the layer of blue water beyond.

    A ray of light suddenly scattered about, setting the water all around his vision to sparkling, spreading out just like the cut ore he knew so well from the Factory. In the center of all this poured a white light, almost blindingly bright.

    That must be the star called the Sun that the Meister had told him about… The star most close to the earth, around which the Earth maintained a fixed orbit…

    “Ahh… How incredibly beautiful.”

    He gazed at it for a time, moved by the sight.

    But at that very moment, all of this, everything, was lost to Little-1.

    Without him even having noticed it, the thing called “death” had arrived…


    * * *


    “Ahh, that was a close one. We almost let Little-1 get away.”

    The Doctor was shaking violently.

    Robots who abandoned their post were to be obliterated.

    For the Company, which controlled the deep-sea excavation factory by telecommand, the first duty of all robots was to be obedient beyond anything else, no matter what occurred. For those that did not obey, there was no choice but to push the kill switch.

    Despite all this, the Doctor had still hesitated for a moment as he observed Little-1’s crime of leaving the factory and fleeing towards the surface.

    It had been a mere second of fleeing out to sea, and yet he somehow felt shaken.

    It was perhaps that question of whether a robot possessed a soul or not that lead him astray.

    The Doctor was supposedly a man who himself possessed a strong will.

    He wasn’t supposed to believe in things as vague as a soul, and yet…

    He remembered when he had visited the Factory, 2,000 meters below the sea, upon taking on his position as general manager last year.

    As he had shook hands with Meister Titano on that dais in the great hall. Titano had bent down his gigantic body — half-beast, half-machine — and had dipped his head respectfully. The deepness of the color of those eyes he had briefly glimpsed had somehow stayed in his mind ever since.

    Somehow, those eyes seemed to say that the ability for the robot to learn by itself and to grow by itself was inherent in Titano. He had come to theorize that this could only be explained by the base animalism that was part of Titano’s past, implicit in the nature of the core creation of thinking robots.

    When he had tried to push the kill switch, could it have been Titano who had overcome that depth of 2,000 meters to try to stay his hand…?

    “Pure nonsense.”

    The Doctor allowed this thought to be drowned out by others.



    In the center of the meeting room stood a circular table built in the classical mahogany style that give off a dignified light.

    The table was reserved for the use of the chairman, the director beneath him, the vice president, and the various of those who sat on the board of directors, and the Doctor had been granted a seat directly in front of the chairman himself.

    “Thirteen at the circular table, huh.”

    The Doctor moved around the table, muttering to himself.

    So they mean to war with a god… That thought passed through his mind, but in this age, with these people in such a rush to accumulate wealth, he doubted these thirteen would have the elegance nor free time to bring such a thing to fruition.

    The agenda for this day had to do with dealing with the U-Robots.

    A U-Type Little-1 had fled the Factory without permission, swimming of his own accord towards the surface.

    “For the moment it’s only a single unit, but it may well affect around a thousand of the factory robots. Shall we not nip this worrisome problem in the bud?”

    One from amongst the board of directors stood up, turning to face the chairman.

    “Is it not that we simply built these U-Types to resemble humans too closely?”

    “By which you mean to say…?” asked the chairman.

    “If they’re too similar to humans, it only makes sense that they would begin to feel unsatisfied with those things which are different for them from humans.”

    “I see…”

    The Doctor thought this was a vast leap and far too much of a one-sided opinion, but held back on stating as such. The Doctor felt that if he were to speak of the souls of robots or perhaps the unease that Titano had filled him with, he would only be putting himself at a disadvantage.

    “Perhaps it also behooves us to cease creating them with such anthropomorphic forms, so that they might better understand what they truly are.”

    The voices of all the other directors could be heard.

    Eventually, it was decided that the 60 U-Type units that worked the seafloor factory would be dismantled, given up as failed products.

    The Doctor cast his eyes downwards, refusing to voice his opinion.

    It was then that the vice-president spoke towards the Doctor.

    “Doctor, I believe you hesitated a moment when it came time to push the Little-1 unit’s kill switch.”

    The Doctor, surprised, looked up.

    “Even such a moment’s hesitation could easily have lead to a major accident.”


    “Now, now, Mr. Vice-president.”

    The Chairman’s mild face had crept its way into the conversation.

    “We are not robots. For a human, a delay of mere seconds is merely something which cannot be avoided.”

    The meeting ended with the sound of the chairman’s laughter.


    Returning to his company quarters, the Doctor enveloped himself in his leather-bound chair, breathing a sigh of relief.

    The Vice-President’s comments during the meeting had been on point.

    He had indeed hesitated, even if just for a moment.

    The Chairman had managed to save him by way of turning it into a joke, and yet…

    It was not as though he could count on the Chairman to save him every time.

    The Chairman had likely weighed the words of his vice-president, and had simply decided that the Doctor could still be of use.

    “I have no desire to give this comfortable chair over to anyone.”

    He felt this desire very strongly.

    And what were his weak points or enemies compared to his ambition?

    Surely it was the very weak-willed idea that these robots had souls that was his greatest enemy.

    When he finally rose, he used his terminal to freely gather data.

    Data about Titano.

    An ancient creature had been discovered on the seafloor.

    The scientist who had succeeded in installing its control device was…


    * * *


    A roar echoed in the deep…

    Titano let forth an earth-shaking cry of sheer sadness, full of all his quivering rage at the merciless final moments of the U-Types.

    At Titano’s feet lay a heap of broken-down metal that had once been young boys and girls.



    When her blurry vision found its focus, the soft face of a woman was gazing at her.

    Staring into her eyes.

    “You can go home, Lady Kei.”


    “It’s, your name.”


    “You were sleeping.”

    An hour later, L. (Lady) K. (Kei) set her feet down from her white-sheet ensconced bed onto the tile floor.

    She felt somehow out of sorts, and yet she was able to stand up firmly and confidently.

    “My legs, my body…”

    She felt like some lost memory was just on the cusp of her awareness, and yet she could not recall what it was.

    “You can take your time trying to remember.”

    The nurse had said that, and yet…

    She stood in front of the full-sized mirror situated on one side of the wall.

    What she saw was, beyond a doubt, her own body. She even remembered that light pink shade of her skin.

    “My body…It’s just as it was before I fell asleep.”

    Muttering again, K happened to find her eyes fixed on the scar on her arm. The scar made it appear as though her skin, injured by a heat ray, had been duly stitched back together.


    The gears of her memory began to grind backwards…

    “Ah, what lies beneath this skin isn’t a body. It’s machinery…”

    The memory came on like an assault.

    It had been that day. That day when she had said, “please kill me.”


    L.K. had been moved from her hospital room to a single in a glamorous hotel.

    In the early afternoon, a knock came at the door.

    The Doctor had come to visit her, a rose in his hand.

    “It’s a good thing, getting used to this world.”

    The nurse let out a boisterous laugh, then whispered quietly in L.K’s ear.

    “This is the man who brought you back to life. He’s a military officer who belongs to the Company.”


    The helicopter descended, its rotary wings reverberating as it headed towards the Miura Peninsula.

    The terminal, situated as it was amidst a sea of green, became larger and larger as the helicopter approached.

    As they landed, the white doors opened, soundlessly.

    As the Doctor lowered his slight body down onto the ground, he held out his hand in a clearly learned gesture, catching L.K. in his arms as they touched down.

    “It would seem you know this vehicle.”

    “Yes. But…”

    “Yeah, that’s what I would imagine.”

    Without asking her to elaborate, the doctor let out a burst of laughter, nodding. There surely had been some major changes that had occurred.

    He guided them towards the headland of the peninsula.

    “This is the place where you used to live with your father, the professor.”

    “Yes… I suppose…”

    “I’m guessing that neither the shape of the bay nor the waves that crash against it have changed all that much. But that’s because the nature we designate for preservation and the nature for we designate for destruction has been made so very distinct. This area might have scenery even beyond the lushness you may remember.”

    “Yes, I see, but…”


    “There’s no black-tailed gulls.”


    Seeing the Doctor’s bewildered expression, L.K. raised her voice and laughed.

    “I was just making a joke. Only, it might have been a century old joke.”

    Since waking up from her slumber, L.K. had come to know that the majority of her body had been mechanized. Even so, she supposedly still had some of her human body remaining. The question was how much of that truly remained. Perhaps she was 20% human, or 10%, or maybe less than even a single percent. Considering this filled her with unease.

    A door was revealed as the two walked around a huge rock that soared above its surrounding. This was an elevator that had been bored into the the cliff wall. It dropped them down 80 meters in a matter of only a few seconds. The place that they arrived in made her think of a palace carved of chalk. A shower room like that of a single room in a hotel was lined up as well.

    Climbing up the stairs, the rock wall revealed an amazing view.

    Everything was so breathtakingly beautiful…

    The Doctor stared at L.K., whose surprise and delight shone on her face.

    The view of her in her swimsuit was simply perfect.

    Whether her beauty was something that had been built into her form, or something K had possessed since birth, the Doctor could not be sure.

    “This is a practice zone for freediving. It’s a competitive sport in which you simply dive under the ocean in a straight line, but…”

    L.K., having seated herself on a boulder, was staring intently into the azure waters of the sea. As she did so, she felt as though she could see a research vessel continuing down an unfathomable path. And all the marine organisms that cowered on the ocean floor… The control system her father had built that allowed communication between the mind and gigantic beasts, causing them to move in the way one wished… Memories from so very long ago all passed through her mind.

    That was right… These were all the memories of a hundred years gone by. L.K. stretched out her spine as if to shake off these thoughts.

    She began to be aware of the sound of the Doctor speaking.

    “…They achieved a record of over 130 meters fifty years ago. However, it’s not a very active sport anymore. The reason is that the depths of the sea no longer mystify us as they once did. Science may have progressed, but what lies inside the human heart does not seem to be able to shift so swiftly. Rather, we might be able to say that the flesh has in fact degenerated. Recently, I’ve finally managed to overcome my plateau of 100 meters, but I doubt my personal record will get much better.”

    The Doctor stared at L.K., his gaze soft and kindly.

    Her lightly colored irises were beautiful.

    “And yet, it may be exactly because we can’t do something that that thing has meaning…”

    The Doctor was just about to continue while saying, “…for us humans,” but he quickly closed his mouth, swallowing his words.

    He felt as though he had seen L.K.’s eyes cloud over.

    She might have been more sensitive then he had realized. The Doctor stared at her again, this time attempting a more thorough observation.

    L.K., seemingly having recovered her good mood, let out a burst of laughter.

    “You’re acting quite considerately towards me, aren’t you?”

    Leaving a pause, the Doctor spoke again.

    “I… I know everything about you.”


    “I read the data.”

    “What do you mean by ‘the data?’”

    “If we were to go to the central laboratory… you could see any data you might wish to.”

    “Such a thing is…”

    “Of course, it’s not as though just anyone can search through those files.”


    “I found them by complete chance.”


    “I’m sorry…”

    L.K. scanned the skies as though searching for words with which to reply, but still her silence lingered.

    The Doctor took her arm, pulling her closer to him and peering deeply into her eyes.

    “But your soul is that of a human. And that’s the very thing that makes a human what they are.”


    “One hundred years ago, you were crying, weren’t you? As you told the person you loved to kill you.”


    “I read that phrase over and over again.”

    “You are…”

    “You need not say anything. Your soul is that of a human.”

    Gently, the Doctor pulled L.K.’s body into an embrace.

    He would make her understand. He would bend time itself…

    Surely L.K. would feel this moment had lasted an entire eternity.

    It was at this time that the terminal hidden by the towel affixed on an out-of-the-way part of her body began to blink on and off.

    Twenty minutes later, the helicopter bearing the two of them was heading towards the coast.



    Despite the emergency call, the Doctor had still brought her back to her hotel room.

    L.K. was looking over the deep crimson roses that he been set on the glass of her table…

    The scenery of that cape, seen for the first time in a hundred years, kept appearing in her mind.

    It had been a wonderful time.

    The sea, the sky, and the forests… That clean, fragrant scent that had filled her lungs and her heart…

    And then she had a dream…

    She was carried away, lost in the Doctor’s embrace…

    He had told her that her soul was the very soul of a human.

    And yet…

    Despite all the that, the question of “why” kept on welling up in her heart.

    Why had she awoken from her century-long slumber?

    Perhaps she had in fact been made to wake up.

    A nurse had shown her to her high-class hotel after she had awoken in that hospital.

    And then, the Doctor.

    Everything seemed to be connected in some sort of circle.

    “But for what purpose?”

    Suddenly, with the harsh sound following a shockwave, L.K. was sent flying from the sofa.


    The ground itself was shaking.

    Her arms, outstretched in panic, grasped only air, as she felt her field of vision slide into nothingness…


    * * *


    It looked just like an underground fortress.

    Within the giant circular dome, uniformed people were moving about restlessly.

    The terminals densely set into the surrounding walls flickered like uncountable stars in a sky.

    The 260 large screens set into the ceiling broadcast a single, huge video. This video, its reverberations shaking the very dome itself, was for the benefit of overwhelming them with a view of the advancing robots.

    “Could this perhaps… be a movie? This era’s style of movie?”

    L.K., who had lost consciousness following being hit by the shockwave in the hotel, had awoken inside of a car speeding down an expressway. The car had entered a long underground tunnel, and had then taken her to this dome.

    The image on the screen was stuttering.

    The giant walls crumbled as the ground shook. From the cracks gushed water, and suddenly the screen had filled with water. The robots, in battle mode, converged on the rapids.

    Just then, she thought she had caught sight of some gigantic creature just behind the screen.



    She looked over her shoulder towards the source of this sudden voice. The form of the Doctor was suddenly standing close to her.

    His eyes, with those lightly colored irises, came in close to K’s face.

    “Are you alright?”

    Such feelings seemed inappropriate to the situation, but she couldn’t help thinking how beautiful his eyes were…

    At that moment, a shockwave raced through her entire body, from her feet to the crown of her head, and L.K.’s body was flung into the air.  The Doctor, still standing his ground, caught her firmly in his arms.

    A harsh siren began to blare throughout the dome.


    * * *


    While Titano, spearheading the mobile robot troops, whipped up a surge of sea spray towards Tokyo Bay, the fully forces of the mechanical beasts made themselves known. Suddenly, the coastal industrial areas of Tokyo and Yokohama were wreathed in flames, ominous smoke billowing up to the skies. All the while, individual unit by individual unit, the robots collapsed, felled by the Company’s remote controls.

    Each time a robot fell, Titano let out a shuddering roar, and increased his savagery.

    He crossed the Tama River estuary, and began to head towards the city center.

    Within moments, Haneda Airport was no longer operative. Technological innovation had made the runway usable, with takeoffs and touchdowns happening at intervals of every few seconds on the ten different concurrent 5,000 meter runaways, but these were being reduced to mere rubble underneath Titano’s feet.

    The central station towards the north of the airport had become a symbol of Tokyo following its construction in 2060. The ultra-sonic maglev bullet train had become a main aorta of the archipelago.

    But when faced with the Titano’s wrath, all resistance was futile. The maglev cars he hoisted aloft were like mere animal crackers to him, to be bent and manipulated with ease.

    The bombers which had been sent on emergency dispatch bathed Titano in bullets.

    Throughout this all, the battle in the center of the city gave no quarter for those humans who found themselves caught up in its fury.


    * * *


    The lights were cut, and for a moment the dome was blanketed in darkness.

    The emergency lights blinked on a few seconds later, revealing L.K. huddled against a wall. The Doctor had moved quickly to help her, but she could still feel a mechanical buzz reverberating in her ears like some form of tinnitus.

    The Doctor took her, hand-in-hand, to his office, but his expression was like stone.

    “I should have told you sooner.”

    “What do you mean, tell me?”

    “I should have told you about the robot rebellion at the Deep Sea Excavation Factory. We had assumed we had more time, but their movements were simply too quick. The first explosion came…”


    “You had lost consciousness in your hotel… What happened afterwards is exactly as you saw on the screen. It all means that Titano’s intelligence has progressed at an astounding rate.”


    “A marine organism you knew well. Although he’s now known as Meister Titano.”


    So that shadow she had so briefly glimpsed really had been the very same from a hundred years earlier… And yet…

    “The origin of all this was the obliteration of one robot with the form of a young boy who had escaped the Undersea Excavation Factory. Eventually the Company decided upon dismantling the entire U-type stock, viewing them as a failed product. The supreme commander of the thousands of robots who worked in the factory, Titano, gave out a terrible cry of rage, and set the rebellion into action. The explosions on the coast were carried out by those robot troops under Titano’s command.”

    “You say that Titano is the one who brought about this rebellion. But if this Titano is the same creature I used to know, he should have a very docile nature. For someone like him to command an army of rebellion…”

    “Ah, that’s correct. Or it was a hundred years ago, at least. But for Titano, everything has changed in the intervening century. Because now, Titano is a mechanical beast with the intelligence of a human.”

    “A mechanical beast…”

    A sudden thought welled up inside of L.K.’s mind.

    Perhaps she had been awoken for the purpose of this very battle.

    “Doctor, you told me you had come upon my data by complete accident.”


    “Perhaps it wasn’t as much of an accident as you say… Perhaps while hypothesizing upon this battle, the research data you were reading through lead you directly to me.”


    “All carried out in order to discover Titano’s weakness.”

    “It’s nothing as simple as all that.”

    The Doctor answered in a voice that seemed to be struggling to exit his throat. His hand went to a terminal and flipped a switch.

    Instantaneously, a screen opened.

    Multitudes of Titanos roared upon the various screens set into the wall. He had suddenly shown his gargantuan self. The mechanical beast had given himself over to fury, becoming rather a beast of destruction, trampling upon all structures in front of him. Flames were burning upwards towards a sky blanketed by dark smoke.

    L.K. stared, transfixed by the display in front of her.

    Over half of Titano’s body was covered in machinery. Despite this, there was no mistaking the creature she had once known.

    “They turned you into a beast of destruction…”

    On the screen, heat rays flew about, bursts of flames billowing upwards. The industrial zones were destroyed. The sparkling white bridge that spanned the waters off Shinagawa was transformed, all too quickly, to mere scrap metal.

    From behind L.K., opposite the screens, the Doctor’s voice sounded darkly.

    “I don’t believe U-Type Little-1 was attempting to start an insurrection or anything like that. He probably just set out into the sea out of pure curiosity, hoping to see the outside world. For a human child, that’s something that would be considered completely normal. But we couldn’t forgive something like that. You could call it the arrogance of humanity… But now, we have no choice but to win. Titano’s rebellion may be against a single corporation, but if this chain reaction is allowed to continue its progression…”

    L.K. cut him off.

    “His weakness was towards supersonic waves.”

    “We already tried that.”

    L.K. stared at the Doctor. Her feeling that it really had been as she suspected grew.

    “Doctor, you knew about it. You knew everything.”

    The creature she had controlled a century earlier. The circuits her father had envisioned and which had been completed by that visitor from space. It had been hooked up to K’s brain, thus perfecting the control mechanism.

    The Doctor had known about it.

    “You… You want my circuits, don’t you…”


    The Doctor’s face, staring at K, was an earnest one.

    “It’s just as you say. I knew everything. I gathered all the data and refined a strategy for this battle. I intended to use you as a pawn in that battle.”


    “But what I told you at the coast was the truth. That your soul is that of a human. And then I felt this sympathy with you, and we shared that dreamlike time together.”

    “Please, don’t say anything more…”

    On L.K.’s downturned face, tears ran the length of her cheek.

    Then L.K. finally turned her face to stare at the Doctor, and then she spoke, enunciating each word.

    “Use… me.”

    The Doctor said nothing in reply.

    Finally, he muttered a few words.

    “I… refuse… to let you die…”

    The voice that said those words was so quiet it was almost impossible to discern.



    The anesthetic should have been working properly by now, but L.K. was feeling her consciousness slip away under the barrage of an intense headache…

    She wondered how much time had passed.

    Slowly, she regained consciousness…

    Still, the area around her was simply too quiet.

    She slowly stood up, but found not a single person.

    Gingerly, she stepped out into the corridor, but there too she found no sign of humanity.

    L.K., wondering how the battle had gone, halted for just a moment where she stood.

    This quiet, it could mean…

    But in this moment, she felt that either result would be fine by her.

    But beyond that, she had something she had to do.

    She made herself concentrate. The thing she needed to search for was so very far away, and she could sense only but the faintest of signals from it.

    She ran down the corridor, making her way to the subterranean tunnels. Once she continued onwards to the caverns, she knew there was supposed to be a submarine waiting for her.

    All this she knew from the map of the labyrinthine subterranean tunnels that she had stolen from the Doctor’s mind at the last moment.

    In order to retrieve her circuitry, she had undergone a surgery that had seemingly ransacked the contents of her head – and yet the records were all still safely within storage.

    L.K., jumping into the submarine, was brought instantaneously down into the depths of the sea.

    For some reason, the Doctor’s words rose once again in her thoughts. He had said that he had overcome that hundred-meter plateau in his free diving. And he had said that “it may be exactly because we can’t do something that that thing has meaning,” and had said “for us humans…” before swallowing whatever words he had meant to continue with.

    But this was something L.K. could do.

    Precisely because she wasn’t human.

    A thousand meters… Twenty thousand meters… She set her course towards that faint signal.

    Suddenly, she was swamped by a violent shockwave.

    The waves had become like huge ripples, crashing down again and again, shaving off and collapsing parts of reefs, the jumble of which had crashed directly into the submersible. Knocked about like a leaf in a storm, the sturdy walls of the submersible, made with all the principles of modern science, were torn asunder, the submarine sucked into the center of a maelstrom…

    Perhaps, this would be the end of her battle…

    This time, too, had ended in human victory.

    Just as she had that thought, L.K. felt her consciousness fade away, and she knew no more…

    When she came to, it seemed she was at the bottom of the deep sea.

    Even for L.K., this degree of water pressure was unbearable. She could feel the pressure, already nearly at the point of bursting her lungs.

    Suddenly, she became aware of something supporting her.

    Its gargantuan head drew close, a huge, black eye – larger than L.K.’s head – peering at her.


    His face jerked towards her, as if trying to recall some lost memory.

    Coming more to her senses, L.K. realized that she was lying, stretched out upon Titano’s palm.

    But Titano said not a word.

    As she glanced about his gargantuan body, she saw that the majority of his robotic parts had been destroyed. It seemed the life-force inherent in his original form as a living being was the only thing keeping him, just barely, alive. That life, too, it seemed, was nearing its final moments.

    “I’m sorry…”

    L.K. began to speak to Titano, who sat wordless.

    “I betrayed you then too, a hundred years ago. And now, a century later, it seems I’ve only betrayed you again… But now, here, at the bottom of the sea, we’ll be together… always…”

    A luminescent jellyfish flitted by, disappearing into darkness like some shooting star.

    “So beautiful…”

    Within L.K.’s body, her life-support system gave out, never making a sound.

    2075: Meister Titano's Counterattack Story Translation

    Translations // April 28, 2019
  • A note from staff

    A translation of Yoshio Aramaki’s draft God’s Godzilla, as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658). Submitted in 1979, this short but bizarre draft starts off with some author’s comments before jumping straight into the story. For future reference, The Null Space of the Continent of Mu (ISBN: 4396320957) is a book authored by Aramaki. As usual, VERY special thanks to Noah Oskow for the following translation!

    ~ Joshua S.


    God’s Godzilla 神々のゴジラ
    Toho Movie Draft by Yoshio Aramaki


    (1) If, for example, Tadanori Yokoo were to be installed as director, he should aim to create a new Godzilla product.  This new Godzilla would wipe out the image of a grotesque future Godzilla, and I believe that this Godzilla must be both aesthetic and modern.

    (Modernity) Previous Godzilla → (up-to-date) New Godzilla

    Finally, this New Godzilla will be developed for the future (the 21st century), and should carry forward with it a sense of post-modernism. The circumstances involved should see us strive to imitate characters such as Tarzan, King Kong, Frankenstein, Fantômas, etc., whose images have continued to thrive and to be shown from generation to generation.

    (2) In order to accomplish (1), we must most likely engage in the following discussion…

    (A) We must thoroughly recognize the discrepancy within the grotesque, i.e. between supernaturalism and surrealism.

    If we do not uphold this recognition in regards to the script, screen layout, and the creation of characters, we will not be able to create this New Godzilla film.

    (B) Having a sense of the cosmic.

    The staff shall be trained to be able to immediately allow 4-dimensional images to come to their minds.

    Horizontal and diagonal thought as well as reversals in thought are already behind the times.

    We must take our thoughts to warp speed.

    A big jump

    We shall make a huge leap!!




    For the story, the simpler it remains, the better it will likely be.

    At precisely the moment of World War III (Middle East = a struggle for energy resources in the 1980s)

    Visitors from outer space that, since time immemorial, we have called “gods” have come to visit Earth. They’ve appeared before us to issue a warning.

    However, these gods possess a true essence that cannot so easily be shown, and thus they do not show themselves.

    This is because they are consciousness-based galactic life-forms, or, in other words, they’re something like a form of mental energy.

    Their starship, which has come here from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, arrives in the year 198X and heads towards a newly discovered dinosaur-shaped figure found amongst the Nazca Lines in South America, letting out flashing lights as it does so. (In regards to the spaceship’s approach path, employ the Aramaki theory. “The Null Space of the Continent of Mu”)

    Thus is Godzilla resurrected.

    This Godzilla is not an ally of justice. In other words, he is a malevolent god, a god of destruction, a being akin to the Hindu god Kali.

    Just as Kali is a dark god, this Godzilla is truly dark.

    Thus, the final days of judgment as recorded in the Book of Revelation has begun. Could it be that the great prophecies of Nostradamus are coming true…?

    The countries of the world, with the UN at their center, are all running wild in an attempt to create countermeasures, but Godzilla remains invincible.


    The gods send down a humanoid who goes by the name of Jesus, Son of God. Godzilla is being manipulated by this humanoid.

    Their relationship is akin to a Jungian schema.

    The humanoid is the Superego, and Godzilla is the Unconscious (the Node).

    So, based on this composition, humanity is the Ego. Thus, humanity (the Ego) is, unbeknownst to themselves, under the binding spell of the Superego.

    (In other words, the giant dark Godzilla of this film is the Unconscious given flesh, and the humanoid (Jesus) is the Superego given flesh).

    These people who have been put under this binding spell are afflicted by nightmares and hallucinations.

    The spaceship destroys Earth’s Van Allen radiation belt. Thus falls down the “formless great ball” as prophesied by Nostradamus…

    The spaceship sends the various cities of Earth into chaos. A torrential downpour continues unabated. Coastal cities are destroyed by Godzilla’s tsunami attacks.

    The war is heading towards a decisive loss for humanity.

    “Behold, your future!!”

    An image of humanity’s future is projected using the open skies above Giza in Egypt as a giant screen. Upon the screen squirm our mutant descendants…

    The voice of the Son of God, Jesus (the Humanoid), reverberates. His form is golden and shining. He stands at the very peak of the Pyramid…

    Godzilla crouches down, Sphinx-like.

    The Humanoid ascends on a stairway of light towards the heavens…


    Translations // March 24, 2019
  • A note from staff

    A complete translation of Kazuki Omori’s take on a “Godzilla versus Ghost Godzilla” type movie, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Perfection (ISBN: 4798615811). Based off the proposal pitched by Shogo Tomiyama and referred to as “Story Plan A“, the plot largely revolves around the malevolent spirit of the 1954 Godzilla causing havoc in the present day.  There isn’t too much to say about this one, other than characters feel a bit rough and plot threads seem come and go as they please, but it still manages to introduce some pretty wild scenarios. Once again, a very special thanks to Noah Oskow for his translation of this story!

    ~ Joshua S.


    “Godzilla vs. Godzilla” Story Plan A ― Kazuki Omori

    〇 Tokyo・1995

    Giant bones have been unearthed at the construction site of the Ariake Coastal Subcenter Undersea Tunnel.

    Could they be the bones of some dinosaur? Or those of a mammoth?–

    XX University’s itinerant professor, Kazuhito Kishima, is called to the scene.

    Kishima doesn’t see the bones as those of either a dinosaur nor of a mammoth.

    The huge bones are brought to the National Institute of Bioscience in the metropolitan area.

    Kishima was separated from his wife when she died in an accident, and lives with his only son, Sumito, a twelve year-old elementary school 6th-grader. Kishima cunningly collects a piece of the bone, gifting it to his son Sumito, telling him that “this is a dinosaur bone key holder.”

    〇 Footsteps resound late at night in the city

    With neither form nor footprints, a huge mass emerging from a shockwave assaults the city.

    In a single night, areas all over the city show its scars –

    And yet no one had seen the form of the thing that caused the damage.

    The people are overcome with unease –

    The police and Self-Defense Force assemble strict guard organizations, but despite this, the translucent entity continues to attack the town.

    Attacks from heavy weaponry only incite the presence to increase the damage it causes.

    Newspapers and television repeat frenzied headlines – “It’s Just Like an Unseen Godzilla,” and “Ghost Godzilla.”

    “Godzilla?” – A wild idea enters Kishima’s imagination. “Could it perhaps be that those bones are in fact the remains of Godzilla (I), consigned to oblivion in Tokyo Bay 40 years ago by the Oxygen Destroyer?”

    Then comes the third attack by the invisible mass.

    Drawing a line on the map between the three points of attack reveals the National Institute of Bioscience at the center of the destruction –

    Kishima’s imagination runs even wilder. “Godzilla’s ghost means to take back his bones.”  Kishima goes to a psychic researcher who works at his university to inquire regarding his bold ideas about Godzilla. This researcher does not deny Kishima’s theory.

    He says that he’s been half convinced by Kishima’s explanation, but despite this, he still no idea as to how to destroy the invisible mass.

    Eventually, the huge bones are taken from the land to the sea. They’re carried to an uninhabited island off the Miura Peninsula.

    – Then, the invisible mass stops its attacks on Tokyo…

    Whether this has all been coincidence or not, there is simply not enough evidence to confirm whether Kishima’s theory was indeed correct… but Kishima still naturally takes this as proof that he was right. Kishima speaks to his son, Sumito, regarding his feeling of proud discovery.

    The bones of Godzilla call to him – Hearing his father’s theory, Sumito reaches out to his classmates, and together they hatch a plan. Their scheme is to have the invisible mass destroy the venue of a trade fair for new computer games being held at Makuhari, allowing them to take any of the games they want. Of course, their method for calling the invisible mass to Makuhari will be to use the Godzilla Bone Key Holder gifted to Sumito by his father. At night, the brats gather at the Makuhari trade fair. Their leader, Sumito, holds the key holder in his hand.

    And then, it comes. The invisible mass.

    In spectacular fashion, the Makuhari trade fair is destroyed.

    Sumito and his gang descend on the destroyed fair to get their hands on the new games. They’re overjoyed.

    Kishima knows that the invisible mass coming ashore at Makuhari is the work of his son, Sumito. While he’s glad that his theory has been substantiated, he gives his son a good scolding for his prank. Confiscating the Bone Key Holder, he locks it away in a quarantine box back at his university.

    〇 The Bone Key Holder is stolen from Kishima’s laboratory at the hands of some mysterious person.

    〇 One night, suddenly, a giant silhouette of light floats upwards from the depths of the waters off of the Miura Peninsula. At first appearing akin to the curtains of light seen in an aurora, it comes to take the form of Godzilla (I). It’s just as though an apparition of the deceased Godzilla has appeared, floating upon the sea – an Aurora Godzilla.

    A transport ship that plies the waters off the peninsula happens to enter into the aurora; in an instant it’s enveloped in a beam of light and disappears.

    However, as long as the Aurora Godzilla stays in that area of the ocean, it poses no further danger.

    Television and mass communication are going wild for the Aurora Godzilla, which appears standing there nightly. Ships pull out to sea full of people for whom the Aurora has become a sightseeing spot. The shores are crammed full of onlookers gazing across the sea, and local restaurants are doing a roaring trade.

    With patrol boats surrounding it, the seas around the Aurora Godzilla have been roped off as a danger zone, and reckless youth flock there as well. In an instant, one of the youth’s motorboats disappears.

    〇 A woman director from Station XX, Yuriko Miue, puts forth a certain plan of action.

    Her plan is to have the Aurora Godzilla and Little Godzilla face each other.

    She suggests they should bring Little Godzilla from Birth Island to the waters off the Miura Peninsula and film a live broadcast.

    Miki Saegusa is vehemently opposed. What a horrible idea, to use Little Godzilla for the sake of a television show!

    However, Yuriko has laid the groundwork with the related departments, and she forcibly pushes forward.

    〇 Little Godzilla is taken from Birth Island by ship (perhaps a conveyance ship designed specifically for Little Godzilla).

    Then, Little Godzilla draws near to the waters off Miura Peninsula under the watchful eyes of the television cameras.

    Little by little, the form of the Aurora Godzilla begins to change.

    It seems that something had begun to change within Little Godzilla as well. His eyes and mouth have taken on a ferocious quality.

    Suddenly, the light from the Aurora Godzilla begins to burst forth in a way resembling mist, and these concentrations of light begin to be absorbed into the body of Little Godzilla.

    As we watch, Little Godzilla begins to morph into a form akin to a mass of lava, and suddenly – he has become Godzilla (I)!!

    〇 Godzilla (I) slowly begins to head towards Tokyo.

    The nightmare of those 40 years ago has reemerged –

    Godzilla (I) walks through a Tokyo engulfed in flame, his footsteps echoing a reverberating, stomping noise.

    Tokyo Tower is destroyed, followed by the Tokyo Dome, and as more and more buildings fall the city becomes a sea of fire.

    People run about, trying to flee.

    The Defense Force is dispatched.

    Filming crew trucks are stomped on and crushed as well –

    Having sent the people of Tokyo to the pits of despair, Godzilla (I)’s form disappears into Tokyo Bay.

    〇 It is around this time that Godzilla (II) (Heisei Godzilla) begins to move.

    His path leads to Tokyo.

    Could Godzilla (II) be motivated by worry for Little Godzilla’s safety? Or could it just be heading for a chance meeting with Godzilla (I)? –

    〇 The theft of the key holder from Kishima’s laboratory was done at the hands of Hideki Ogata (29), a physicist​ returning from America.

    Hideki Ogata is the son born to Emiko Yamane and Hideto Ogata, and at one time he had attempted to understand the research regarding his mother’s one-time fiancée, Dr. Serizawa’s discovery of the Oxygen Destroyer.

    Hideki believed Godzilla (I)’s bones could hold the key to solving the mystery of the Oxygen Destroyer, and to that aim he was analyzing the key holder.

    The answer his state-of-the-art computers revealed were the unbelievable powers held by oxygen. That power is that to change the atomic energy from nuclear fission caused by uranium into temporal energy. A dreadful degree of temporal power – a single second of temporal power is worth 10,000 years. In short, physical forms exposed to its temporal powers are jumped forward 10,000 years. As a matter of course, the physical body thus exposed is destroyed. This is indeed what had occurred to the corpse of Godzilla (I). However, if that physical body happens to be a living being, its life-force shall remain even if its body is destroyed – it seems that somehow, the true form of the Ghost Godzilla is this sort of invisible mass. The only thing that can destroy this life-force is the Neo Oxygen Destroyer. And Hideki has finally completed it.

    However, Hideki’s body has also been exposed to the oxygen pollution, and he is heading towards death.

    〇 Tsukishima Waterfront

    Godzilla (II) comes ashore.

    Godzilla (I) appears, seemingly lifting up the Kachidoki Bridge.

    The battle of Godzilla (II) VS Godzilla (I) takes place, destroying the high-rise buildings of Tsukishima. Godzilla (I) is about one size smaller than Godzilla (II).

    By hiding behind high-rise buildings and disappearing below the water’s surface, and by using his high speed, he plays around with Godzilla (II), although their difference in size cannot be overcome.

    Godzilla (I) finally collapses. His life-force quietly seeps out of his body and begins to float up towards the sky. Simultaneously, Godzilla (I)’s form begins to revert to that of Little Godzilla.

    Seeing the lifeless form of Little Godzilla, Godzilla (II) lets out a tragic roar. With a heavy gait, he puts Tokyo to his back and heads towards the sea. –

    〇 Miki does not believe that Little Godzilla has died

    Miki insists that since what has risen out of Little Godzilla’s body is the life-force of Godzilla (I), Little Godzilla is in fact in a state of suspended animation. She bullies her way into getting Little Godzilla shipped to the docks of Yokohama and puts his body under quarantine.

    The only way to bring Little Godzilla back to life is to bring about nuclear fission within his body.

    However, is it truly worth bringing Little Godzilla back to life? This kaiju, if brought back to life once again by her hands, might go on to cause pain and suffering for humankind – No, moreover, seemingly Little Godzilla himself knows not the difference between good and evil. Miki’s heart wavers.

    And not only that, but in order to revive him she’d need to get ahold of some plutonium…

    〇 Hideki, having completed the one-and-only Neo Oxygen Destroyer (from here to be referred to as the NOD), is watched over by his parents as his brief life as a scientist comes to an end.

    〇 Godzilla (II) traverses the sea

    A JSDF submarine equipped with the NOD approaches.

    The NOD has approached close enough to Godzilla (II) and is fired.

    Godzilla (II)’s body is destroyed amidst a great and violent upwards eruption of bubbles.

    Thus, Godzilla (II) has died –

    〇 Miki resolves to bring Little Godzilla back to life

    Little Godzilla is injected by the secretly obtained plutonium. Now they need only to wait for the nuclear fission to begin within his body. Having finished with the operation, Miki finds herself overcome with unease and regrets.

    〇 An island in the waters off the Miura Peninsula

    Suddenly, the gigantic abandoned bones blow into smithereens, scattering like a glittering dust.

    And then, the life-force of Godzilla (I) which had come floating downwards began its next stage of materialization, ensconced in that light –

    Next, the shining, invisible form of Godzilla (I) begins to float upwards.

    A Godzilla like the most beautiful of carved glass sculptures, the most beautiful in Godzilla history = This is the birth of Crystal Godzilla. Crystal Godzilla, its translucent body shining, slowly makes its way towards Tokyo.

    〇 Yokohama Bay

    Crystal Godzilla assaults the harbor.

    The heat rays that Crystal Godzilla spits forth burn up the tankers in their moorings.

    The harbor is a sea of flame.

    Miki and her crew have dropped off Little Godzilla at the docks and flee the scene. But Little’s nuclear fission has not yet begun –

    Crystal Godzilla’s heat rays scorch the docks.

    The docks explode.

    Within the flames, Little Godzilla’s eyes slowly open. The glint in his eyes are more acute, closer to those of Godzilla (II). Little Godzilla has been reborn – while he isn’t as large as Godzilla (II), it’s obvious his age as “Little” Godzilla is over, and he has now come closer in nature to Godzilla (II).

    〇 Miki can sense Little Godzilla’s rebirth

    “Is Little Godzilla our enemy? Or our ally?”

    〇 The Final Battle at the Ariake Waterfront City

    Crystal Godzilla, with its beautiful body and its contrasting violence, moves forward with its destruction, obliterating the International Exhibition Center and the Ariake Coliseum.

    Little Godzilla appears, seemingly chasing after Crystal Godzilla.

    The battle between Crystal Godzilla and Little Godzilla commences.

    This is a battle between the shining light of the old generation and the unknown, still-secretive new generation.

    Moving from Ariake to Tennozu Isle, the two spit forth heat rays at each other, their interlocked tangle towards death continuing.

    Then – suddenly, Crystal Godzilla falls, shattered just like a crafted piece of glass.

    A victory for Little Godzilla.

    Little Godzilla slowly turns his back on Tokyo Bay and heads out towards the Pacific Ocean.

    Miki watches his retreating figure disappear – As to whether Little Godzilla will become an enemy or an ally to humankind… For now, she can only pray that the future will see no reason for her to regret her actions this day.


    Translations // March 17, 2019
  • A note from staff

    A complete translation of Shogo Tomiyama‘s pitch for Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla, as seen in the Japanese publication Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Perfection (ISBN: 4798615811). There isn’t as much to see here compared to the draft penned by Kazuki Omori, but I always found the basic idea extremely enticing, and I really wanted to share the text in full even if most of it was already covered in the movie’s cutting room bio. A very special thanks to Noah Oskow for his incredibly proficient translation of this proposal!

    ~ Joshua S.


    “Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla” Proposal ― Shogo Tomiyama

    What do we mean by “Ghost,” and just what is “Ghost Godzilla?”

    Godzilla, who first made his way into our history in 1954 in Tokyo Bay, was defeated by the underwater-oxygen destroying power of the Oxygen Destroyer.  However, the real truth is that as a result of the time powers (powers that can alter the length of time) that came into being at the moment of the destruction of the oxygen, in that single moment 10,000 years passed by, annihilating Godzilla’s body and bones alike. In this way, Godzilla was destroyed physically and corporally, and yet the life-force stored in that gigantic body remained on the seafloor of Tokyo Bay as residual living energy.

    40 years onwards, that residual living energy that had been scattered along the seafloor slowly began to bind back together. And at the moment when the energy became one, that aggregation of energy, invisible to the eye, begins to move with the goal of obtaining a body and consciousness.

    The mysterious phenomena that have been terrifying the citizens of Tokyo (bridges suddenly collapsing, buildings crumbling, the ground caving in, rivers reversing course, the sky darkening, etc.) are all being brought about by this invisible, wandering aggregate of residual living energy (Ghost) of the original Godzilla.

    ※Ghost – An ethereal body created by the concentration of the agony and rage of the original Godzilla at the moment of his annihilation. He cannot be seen by the eyes of men, and yet he is an intelligent and demonic being.

    This ghost has found its ultimate opponent: Little Godzilla. The ghost, sensing that inside of this young 30-meter tall monster are a body and consciousness that resemble its own, takes ahold of him in an instant, taking over Little as if by possession.

    ※Ghost Godzilla – The body of Little Godzilla that has been taken over by the specter of the original Godzilla. Its consciousness is that of Ghost, violent and malevolent. A paranormal (viper-real) monster the likes of which we have never yet seen.

    Ghost Godzilla’s special abilities and characteristics

    Because Ghost Godzilla is an amalgamation of the life-force energy Ghost and the monster Little, it possesses paranormal powers.

    1. Special abilities that go beyond the physical laws of the universe.

    a. Teleportation.

    b. Levitation.

    c. Phasing through matter.

    d. Changing its form.

    2. Methods of attack

    a. Can spray forth the original Godzilla’s atomic heat beam, melting its target.

    b. By spitting ectoplasm from its mouth, it can create duplicates of itself.

    c. Based on that life-force energy, it can alter its environment at will (temperature, wind, light, etc.).

    d. Penetrate its opponent’s body, taking over their mind.

    3. Form

    a. Similar to that of the original Godzilla, but its ferociousness shows in its appearance. Its talons and fangs are long, large, and demonic.

    b. Height, 80 meters (original Godzilla + Little).

    c. When in danger it takes on Little’s form, weakening Godzilla’s attacks.

    4. Behavior

    a. Hates daylight.

    b. Speedy, moving instantaneously.

    c. Can only move within the range of the area in which the original Godzilla moved.

    5. Psychology

    a. Strong sense of resentment. The objects of his destructive actions are not limited to buildings, as he persistently targets humans as well.

    b. Little’s kind heart may appear momentarily. The demon and the pure heart of this child are in conflict.

    Why do Godzilla and Ghost Godzilla come to fight?


    In order to save Little, Godzilla must defeat Ghost Godzilla and expel him from Little’s body. This will be a battle using the magical technique of “exorcism.”

    Ghost Godzilla

    The ghost, having stolen Little’s body and having re-emerged into reality, has developed a taste for this powerful existence, and with that goal fights Godzilla.  By defeating Godzilla and stealing his body he can become an invincible god of destruction.

    Translations // February 18, 2019
  • Eager to follow up the success of Shin Godzilla (2016), which has surpassed ¥3.3 billion at the Japanese box office, Toho has announced an animated trilogy on the King of the Monsters. With the first hitting in 2017, and two sequels to follow in 2018, there is a lot to cover on the productions. This article works as a news roundup for the Godzilla Anime trilogy, which are being created by Toho and Polygon Pictures.

    January 9th 2019 update

    The final chapter in the Anime Godzilla trilogy, Godzilla: The Planet Eater (2018), is now available on Netflix. Currently, there has not been any word on whether or not the movies will see DVD or Blu-ray releases outside of Japan.

    October 10th 2018 update

    A trailer for the final film in the Anime Godzilla trilogy, Godzilla: The Planet Eater, has been released. Running at around 97 seconds, the trailer heavily features the summoning of the enigmatic King Ghidorah in a long-awaited monster battle with Godzilla Earth. The trailer also announces how advanced tickets will come with a special “Gundam X Godzilla” collaboration item.

    September 14th 2018 update

    The official Anime Godzilla website has released a brand-new poster and plot details for Godzilla: The Planet Eater. The news section also confirms the return of the artist XAI, who will be releasing the theme song for the movie titled “live and die”.

    SOME STORY SPOILERS AHEAD — The king of destruction, Godzilla, and the god of the void, King Ghidorah, will clash in the final chapter of the animated Godzilla trilogy. In the previous movie, Haruo abandoned his only chance of defeating Godzilla Earth, killing Galu-Gu and witnessing the end of Mechagodzilla City. However, his childhood friend Yuko fell into a brain dead coma due to the forced nanometalization of her body by the Bilusaludo. With their hopes dashed and a sense of defeat spreading among the humans, Metphies, the commander of the priestly alien race Exif, declares Haruo’s survival of the battle a “miracle” and draws in a greater following – this outcome secretly being the “ultimate goal” of the Exif. The Houtua twins Miana and Maina remain wary of Metphies while Haruo deals with his own personal struggles, as the super-dimensional battle between Godzilla Earth and King Ghidorah begins.

    The poster for the upcoming movie can be seen below.

    Godzilla: The Planet Eater poster

    July 31st 2018 update

    A new teaser trailer for the final entry in the series is now live. Posted by Toho Animation, the trailer is noteworthy for listing an English title as well for the upcoming movie: “Godzilla: The Planet Eater”.

    July 7th 2018 update

    Nearly a month after its screening in France, multiple news outlets including Deadline are now reporting that “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle” is set to launch on Netflix starting July 18th, with the movie’s Twitter account also confirming this news. The date was announced by Netflix during their panel at Anime Expo 2018.

    June 14th 2018 update

    Although the lead was somewhat buried, it’s been announced that the next entry in the Anime trilogy, “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle”, is set to be screened by Netflix in the United States later this week, allowing critics to see the movie early to review it. This is presumed to be anytime from June 14th-16th. [note: this report earlier said released, but it appears the earlier article was mistaken]

    April 20th 2018 update

    A trailer for the second film in the Anime Godzilla trilogy, “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle”, has been released. The movie sees a theatrical release in Japan in a little under a month on May 18th. Running at around 96 seconds, the trailer shows off brief scenes of the survivors of the first movie, as well as a look at the winged power suits named “Vulture”. The trailer also announces how advanced tickets will come with a special “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle VS. Pacific Rim: Uprising” collaboration item.

    November 22nd 2017 update

    With the first Anime Godzilla film in theaters, promotion has already begun for the movie’s sequel and the second entry in the trilogy. Called “GODZILLA 決戦機動増殖都市” (GODZILLA Kessen Kido Zoshoku Toshi) in Japanese, the title roughly translates to “Godzilla: City Mobilized for the Decisive Battle”. Toho has already started touting the movie to theaters, which opens in May of 2018. The includes the release of a poster and available theater promo material, listed on their site here. Found on the site is mention that it includes a “Mechagodzilla Clear File” promo, which clarifies that the creature on the poster is Mechagodzilla.

    The poster for the upcoming movie can be seen below.

    Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle poster

    August 26th 2017 update

    A longer, 75 second trailer has been released for the upcoming animated Godzilla film.

    This trailer shows a clearer view of Godzilla, and also once more uses the Showa series roar for the titular creature. To help promote the upcoming movie, Toho has also started to truck around large statues of the new Godzilla. One of these is seen below.

    Godzilla Anime Statue

    Although the creature has the general outline of the one from the American Godzilla (2014), the face and texture of the beast is totally different. In the case of the latter, the monster has an almost root-like exposed muscle system. Its dorsal fins are also unique, almost leaf-like in their appearance as well. In addition, a new poster was also released for the title, seen below.

    Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters poster

    July 7th 2017 update

    A short, 30 second trailer for the film has been released. It ends with a shot of Godzilla, and uses the roar from the 1960’s and 1970’s version of Godzilla from the Showa series.

    While the King of the Monsters is shown during the trailer, it also briefly showcases a new monster as well. This is the creature Servum, who was also revealed on the Twitter account the day the trailer broke.


    June 20th 2017 update

    Although late to the party, another poster has been released for the animated movie. This one shows off Godzilla, in the first look at the design of the character for the animated title.

    Godzilla Anime

    March 26th 2017 update

    The upcoming Godzilla anime movie has just become an upcoming trilogy of films.

    At Anime Japan 2017 in Tokyo, which was partially sponsored by Toho under the listing of “Godzilla Store”, a “Animation Film Godzilla Special Stage” keynote was provided. The biggest bombshell was the that this project now encompasses three movies. However, a lot of details were given on the first film, now known as “GODZILLA: 怪獣惑星”, which roughly translates as Godzilla: Monster Planet (Godzilla: Kaiju Wakusei).

    News from the keynote is currently flooding the movie’s Twitter account , such as the inclusion of a new poster seen below. Their website has also been updated to add a lot more details about the movie. This includes the following plot synopsis, shockingly was listed in English as well as the following:

    Godzilla Anime

    “The last summer of the 20th Century. That day, the human beings learn that they are not the only ruler of the planet Earth.

    The appearance of the giant living creatures “Kaiju’s” and the ultimate existence that destroys all monsters: Godzilla. Through the battle against kaiju’s that lasted for half a century, human beings has experienced continuous defeat, and finally plans to escape from the Earth. And in 2048, only those who were selected by the A.I. managed under the central government boarded the inter-sidereal emigrant spaceship “Aratrum” to head for “Tau Cetus e”, the planet beyond the distance of 11.9 light-year. However, the environmental condition differences between that of the Earth and Tau e, which they finally arrived after 20 years were far beyond the predicted numbers, and was not an environment considered to be habitable by human beings.

    The young man on the emigrant ship: Haruo, who saw his parents killed by Godzilla in front of his eyes when he was 4 years old, had only one thing in his mind for 20 years: to return to the Earth and defeat Godzilla. Shut out from the possibility of emigration, as the living environment in the ship deteriorates, the group of “Earth Returnists” led by Haruo became the majority, and determines to head back to Earth through a dangerous long-distance hyperspace navigation. However, the Earth they have returned has already passed the time of 20,000 years, and has become an unknown world with the ecosystem reigned by Godzilla.

    At the end, will human beings win back the Earth? And what will Haruo see beyond his fate?”

    The synopsis mentions a few details, including the idea of multiple monsters. However, it seems to indicate they might have perished before the events of the movie, given the both cryptic and exciting for fans due to the wording nod that Godzilla “destroys all monsters”. The synopsis also highlights Haruo Sakaki, the lead who will be played by Mamoru Miyano.

    The revealed cast, which were given English names as well, include the following, from left to right:

    Godzilla Anime

    · Haruo Sakaki – 24 years old – Japanese – Captain (played by Mamoru Miyano)
    · Metphies – 50 years old – Exif alien – Lieutenant Colonel and civilian priest (played by Takahiro Sakurai)
    · Yuko Tani – 19 years old – Japanese – Sergeant Major (played by Kana Hanazawa)
    · Martin Lazzari – 34 years old – Italian – Environmental biologist (played by Tomokazu Sugita)
    · Adam Bindewald – 21 years old – German – Ensign (played by Yuuki Kaji)
    · Mulu-Elu Galu-gu – 60 years old – Bilsard alien – Lieutenant Colonel and technology officer (played by Junichi Suwabe)

    The first movie has been given a release frame of November of 2017. Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita are directing the movie, while Gen Urobuchi is scripting the movie. Naohiro Yoshihira is the movie’s technical director, and Hiroyuki Morita will act as an assistant director. Production design will be handled by Naoya Tanaka and Ferdinando Patulli, with the exception of CF character design which will be managed by Yuki Moriyama. Yukihiro Shibutani is the art director on the project, and Hironori Nochi is the color key artist. Model direction will be managed by Mitsunori Kataama and sound direction will be handled by Satoshi Motoyama.

    In addition, below is some more concept art that was released on the Twitter account:

    Godzilla Anime

    Godzilla Anime

    March 14th 2017 update

    It has been announced that, worldwide, the upcoming Godzilla anime will be released through a joint venture with Toho and Netflix. The announcement mentions a theatrical release, presumably just in Japan, before being distributed later in 2017 over Netflix.

    As of this moment, a release date for the movie in Japanese theaters is still not specified. In fact, it’s the only 2017 movie on Toho’s lineup without a release date. The main website for the movie has been updated, though, with the addition of a “In association with NETFLIX” notification in the lower right corner.

    March 9th 2017 update

    The movie’s Twitter account has been slowly publishing concept art related to the project, showing the alien and futuristic settings of the movie. That concept art is found below.

    Godzilla Anime

    Godzilla Anime

    Godzilla Anime

    In addition, the movie’s primary voice cast was revealed, which are led by Yuki Kaji, who has done voice work for the Pokémon movies and Beserk Golden Age, who is joined by Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokazu Sugita, Junichi Suwabe, Kana Hanazawa, and Mamoru Miyano.

    August 19th 2016

    As  Shin Godzilla (2016) continues to be a smash at the box office, an anime movie based on Godzilla has been announced. The project is being directed by Kobun Shizuno with animation by Polygon Pictures, both of which worked on Knights of Sidonia. Writing duties are being handled by Gen Urobuchi while Hiroyuki Seshita will join Shizuno in directing the production. The film is currently slated for a 2017 release.

    Godzilla Anime

    Toho has launched an official site for the upcoming movie as well:

    News // January 9, 2019
  • A note from staff

    After hitting several unexpected roadblocks and over a year of work later, it’s finally here – a complete translation of the story draft for Mothra vs. Bagan as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658), where it was condensed to 26 pages. Being a draft, the story is written rather erratically, so some text was altered to make for a more coherent and enjoyable read. Also, minor spoilers, but while the site’s synopsis mentions Godzilla, he was never incorporated in this draft as he was only put into consideration at the time. Just something to keep in mind! Naturally, I’d highly recommend checking the site’s page in the link above for plenty of history and trivia. A very, VERY special thanks to Ashley Southworth for her translations in the last half of this story outline, to John Ruffin of MyKaiju Godzilla for also looking into translating parts of this story, and to the incredibly talented dopepope for his recreation of the Bagan concept intended for this work. Without further ado, please enjoy Kazuki Omori and Tomoyuki Tanaka’s lost project!

    ~ Joshua S.


    Examination Draft
    Mothra vs. Bagan          Kazuki Omori
    Onward to a world featuring fantastic monsters in a thrilling action-adventure movie


    Production ・Tomoyuki Tanaka
    Screenplay / Director ・Kazuki Omori
    Special Effects Director ・Koichi Kawakita
    Producer ・Shogo Tomiyama


    Masako Tezuka (26) Global Environment Conference Staff
    Kenji Andoh (30) Japan Documentary Center, Director
    Takuya Fujita (24) Japan Documentary Center, Photographer

    Jyoji Minamigaki (40) Local Coordinator
    Ryuzo Tashiro (45) A certain trading company’s Bangkok Branch Manager

    Shigeki Fukazawa (50) Global Environmental Conference, Chief

    Puto (9) Local boy
    Somna Payak      Thailand・Chulalongkorn University・Professor of Paleontology
    Sūn Shì Jī      Peking University・Professor of Archeology
    Sajit Singh      Director of Nepal National Museum
    Ramada      Singapore Army Commander
    Thailand Secretary of Defense

    Miki Saegusa (18)

    Shobijin (twins)


    1 A blue star floating in space, Earth

    —Camera zooms in.

    The continent of Asia comes into view, zoom in.

    Various sound effects can be heard—

    2 Himalayan Mountain Range

    A certain mountain. Loud sounds, and an avalanche starts to occur. An intense amount of snow smashes into rocks, and tears down trees. In the snow cloud, the black shadow of something huge has started moving.

    3 Japan・Tokyo・XX Hall

    A “Thinking About the Earth’s Future Symposium” billboard is in front of the building.

    4 Same・Inside the venue

    Pictures taken from the Landsat (Resource Exploration Satellite) are reflected on the podium by slides — a huge iceberg melting away from Antarctica, a tropical rainforest where large-scale logging is happening, etc.

    Masako Tezuka (26) is speaking about global warming, standing next to the podium.

    5 Same・Lobby

    Masako, who has finished her speech, talks with staff, foreigners.

    A man・Kenji Andoh (30) calls out to Masako as she passes by.

    Masako speaks in a delighted tone at the sight of Andoh,

    Masako: “You came! I thought you weren’t in Japan anyway.”

    Andoh: “I just got back yesterday from collecting data on Colombian narcotics.”

    6 Andoh’s car cruising through the city at night・Inside

    Andoh is driving with Masako next to him.

    Masako: “Busy travelling all over the world as usual, I see.”

    Andoh: “No rest for poor people. It’s the fate of subcontract production, you see. Well, I was the one who quit the TV program, so I can’t complain.”

    Masako: “Do you regret it now?”

    Andoh: “Stop it. You too, quitting the hospital, working on stuff like environmental problems, aren’t you the one regretting it?”

    Masako: “I’m not that weak! (cutely angry)”

    7 Tokyo Bay Area・Restaurant Bar

    Two people eat.


    Photographs are put on the table.

    Photos from the Landsat — a huge white egg-like object in the back of the jungle is visible.

    Masako’s voice: “I found it while investigating the deforestation’s actual condition from a space camera. The location is deep inside Borneo Island.”

    Andoh looks at the photos.

    Andoh: “A huge dome in the jungle.”

    Masako: “No one ever talked about the natives there playing baseball.”

    Andoh: “Then, it’s a UFO.”

    Masako: “Come on, be serious. I think it’s an egg.”

    Andoh: “You too, are you being serious? An egg this big?”

    Masako: “Dinosaur.”

    Andoh: “A dinosaur egg? No way…”

    Andoh, once again, looks at the photos. His face is serious.

    8 Tokyo・Global Environment Conference Headquarters・AV Room

    A slide picture is projected on-screen — a bunch of cuts from the remains of the Himalayan avalanche are compiled,

    Fukazawa’s voice: “How’s that possible? It’s like the mountain is gone.”

    The lights in the room come on.

    Shigeki Fukazawa (50) — Global Environment Conference Chief, and Masako.

    Fukazawa: “(sigh) Not even in the South Pole has there ever been drifting ice this big.”

    Masako: “With global warming progressing this far, you can’t say it’s just science fiction. It’s an undeniable reality.”

    Fukazawa: “(stands up, walking around) The country has to think about this more seriously, too. With just this much money, we won’t be able to catch up with reality and that’ll be a terrible thing.”

    9 Same・Office

    Fukazawa and Masako come out from the AV room.

    Masako: “Chief, about this thing from back then…”

    Fukazawa: “Oh, the dinosaur egg, right?”

    Masako: “About the investigation.”

    Fukazawa goes to his seat. He packs up his bag with books, various documents, etc. on the table,

    Fukazawa: “Sorry, but can’t it wait until I get back from Himalaya?”

    Masako looks dissatisfied.

    Fukazawa: “(to calm her down) A special budget, no matter where I knock, won’t come right away. Isn’t it fine, anyway? If it’s really an egg, it won’t move or anything.”

    Masako: “(even so) If I find a sponsor myself, can I go?”

    Fukazawa: “You’re quite stubborn, aren’t you? Fine, go ahead.”

    10 Nepal・Mountain village — Night

    Many houses are illuminated by the dim light of the moon.

    Suddenly, they are covered by the shadow of a huge monster.

    Like a unicorn, there is a big sharp horn.

    A flash goes off, and at the same time the whole area is engulfed with fire and a bursting explosion.

    11 Tokyo・Old building in Shinjuku

    “Japan Documentary Center” can be seen on some overhanging signboards.

    Andoh’s voice: “Game Soft Company is the general incorporated association, though—”

    12 Japan Documentary Center・Office

    Stacks of video tapes, photography equipment, editing equipment — a room that looks like a combined warehouse, office, and editing room.

    Andoh and Masako arrive at the sorry-looking lounge suite.

    Andoh: “When I told them that it might be a dinosaur egg, and that we could monopolize commercialization and stuff, they were sold.”

    Masako: “Isn’t that good?”

    Andoh: “But, that’s half the budget. If we bring the other half to the TV station, sure enough, they’ll want to see the end result first. Bargaining hard for the finished product is their tactic.”

    Masako: “Then…”

    Andoh: “No, I’ll go with however much there is, no matter what. That is my gamble.”

    Masako: “(happily) I see.”

    Andoh: “But, we have to limit our scale to a minimum. If we include a coordinator and staff from their side, then two people is the limit on our side.”

    Masako: “Andoh-san and me?”

    Andoh: “(shakes head) You can’t roll a video camera, can you?”

    Masako: “Eh?!”

    Andoh: “Me and someone else I know, someone who’ll be able to roll the camera and drive, someone young who can do anything. We’ve traveled around Africa before.”

    Masako: “Give me a break, I’m the one who brought this up, how can you not take me along!”

    Andoh: “I’ve checked the map, it’s quite deep in the jungle. A little too hard for a lady to go to.”

    Masako: “I’m way tougher than what you imagine me to be. And…”

    Andoh: “And?”

    Masako: “Deep in the jungle and rivers and such, you don’t know what kind of viruses might be there. Are you planning to go to such a place with just one first aid kit? I am a doctor.”

    Andoh, thinking — I guess I have no choice.

    13 A temple in the outskirts of Kathmandu・Panoramic view — Late at night

    14 Same・Inside

    A flapping noise from an open window.

    A monk who seems to have awakened to the sound comes to close the window.

    The monk looks out the window — !!

    A black mountain is outside the window.

    Monk: “Was there a mountain in such a place…?”

    Suddenly, two eyes shine on the black mountain. The eyes glare at the monk.

    The monk is unable to stand up or utter any cry. He runs away crawling.

    The black mountain rises with a boom.

    15 Giant black shadow looms over the temple

    An arm from the mountain appears. Its claws gleam gently, extending to the temple.

    With one nail, the temple crumbles noisily.

    16 Malaysia・Certain port city of Borneo Island

    17 Bar-like restaurant outskirts

    Local boy Puto (9), and Jyoji Minamigaki (40) with worn out jeans, jacket, and stubble, play Shogi on the table. Puto is winning, Minamigaki’s clicking his tongue.

    The door opens, and three shadows enter — Andoh, Masako, Takuya Fujita (24). All three are consolidating themselves in an outdoor style.

    Minamigaki rises upon seeing Andoh.

    Minamigaki: “Are you Andoh-san?”

    Andoh: “Mr. Minamigaki?”

    Minamigaki nods, and the two shake hands.

    Minamigaki: “I couldn’t come pick you up at the airport, sorry.”

    Andoh: “Likewise, the plan for 2 suddenly became 3. We’re on a budget, so pardon me for the inconvenience, (points at the 2) cameraman Fujita-kun and producer Tezuka-kun.”

    Minamigaki: “Jyoji Minamigaki, the world-wandering photographer. Allow me to be the coordinator this time.”

    When the greetings end, each takes a seat.

    Andoh: “(to Minamigaki) The guide’s not here yet?”

    Minamigaki: “He’s coming.”

    3 people — ?

    Minamigaki points to Puto.

    Puto: “(with a smile) Nice-to-meet-you.”

    Andoh: “This kid?!”

    Minamigaki: “(nods) Since you brought 1 more person there, we couldn’t hire a local man.”

    Andoh, as if trying to say it’s all your fault, looks at Masako.

    Masako: “(ignoring Andoh, to Minamigaki) Is it okay with a kid?”

    Minamigaki: “There’s no one as qualified as this one. This child was born and raised in the village closest to our destination.”

    Masako: “Inside the jungle?”

    Minamigaki: “(nods) After losing both his parents, he was taken care of by a priest in this town. He was also taught a little English in the church. He himself is very happy to be able to go to his village, and the church also says they don’t need money as long as they can help.”

    Andoh: “(feeling better) It’s the best cast, then.”

    Masako — anxious.

    Minamigaki: “So, when are we heading out?”

    Andoh: “As soon as possible.”

    Minamigaki: “Understood.”

    Takuya: “What about a car?”

    Minamigaki: “Since we have some leftover money from the guide budget, I’ve prepared a good one. (grins)”

    18 Panoramic view of Kathmandu


    19 National Museum of Nepal・Panoramic view

    20 Same・Conference room

    Surrounding a conference table, Fukazawa, Sajit Singh (Director of Nepal National Museum), Sūn Shì Jī (Beijing University・Professor of Archeology), Somna Payak (Thailand・Chulalongkorn University・Professor of Paleontology), and others are lined up.

    Fukazawa: “Well, regarding that huge avalanche, if global warming melting the ice wasn’t the cause, then…”

    Somna: “Of course, there is no doubt the cause was something big, plus—”

    Fukazawa: “Plus?”

    Somna: “Something with huge power worked its way out from under the snow.”

    Fukazawa: “But, what on earth…?”

    Sajit: “After the big avalanche, this is what happened in my country (then, pulls out several pictures).”

    Photo — a mountain village burned in Nepal, a monastery destroyed in the outskirts of Kathmandu, huge footprints left, traces of claw marks, etc.

    Sajit: “A huge creature. It was asleep under the snow all this time.”

    Somna: “(picks up the photo) Could it be the legendary Abominable Snowman?”

    Sajit shakes his head unknowingly.

    Sūn: “(speaks quietly) Bagan.”

    Everyone looks at Sūn — “Bagan?!”

    Sūn: “Make an empty vow, misconstrue your prayer, in other words, Bagan, it will overtake your path — it is a monster written in our ancient documents, the Wen xuan. It will appear from the mountain, dive in the water, and soar through the sky.”

    Fukazawa: “Are you saying that such a monster is real?”

    Sūn: “(shakes head) I don’t know, either. But when the country’s in disorder, the world is dirty, and people’s hearts are filled with evil, Bagan will appear from the depths of the earth.”

    21 Borneo Island・Jungle

    A piece-of-junk truck with a tarp roars its engine and runs.

    22 Truck・Driver’s seat

    Takuya is in the driver’s seat, while the young boy Puto gives directions in the passenger’s seat.

    Takuya: “Dammit! Where is a better car, this piece of junk.”

    23 Same・Luggage carrier

    Next to the stack of luggage sits Masako, Andoh, and Minamigaki who has a camera hanging around his neck.

    Trucks carrying logged trees pass by quickly.

    Masako: “So many big trees cut down…”

    Minamigaki: “It’s all being sent to Japan.”

    Masako: “To Japan?”

    Minamigaki: “Yes, they will be exported to noodle shops and made into disposable chopsticks.”

    Masako: “…”

    Minamigaki: “Me, ever since I rushed out with a camera at the time of Vietnam War, I haven’t returned to Japan at all.”

    Andoh: “So, 20 years.”

    Minamigaki: “(nods) During that time, I’d heard rumors of Japan here and there around the world. Japan, which was gradually growing bigger like a monster. Before I knew it, I’d become scared to return to my own country…”

    The truck bounces off the road, and straight into the jungle.

    Andoh: “(to the driver’s seat) What’s wrong?”

    From the driver’s seat, Takuya looks back.

    Takuya: “The boy knows a shortcut.”

    24 Truck running through the jungle along a trackless path

    — And it is piled up,

    25 Night, natives emerge on the other side of the headlights

    The truck arrives at Puto’s village.

    26 Puto’s village — Night

    Poor houses made of logs can be seen around the field.

    The people come out of their houses, run up to Puto like they missed him, and are calling out to him.

    Puto introduces Masako’s group to an elderly man who is like the head of the village.

    27 Same・House of the village chief

    The village head holds a hospitality banquet — whole roasted monkey.

    Masako, Andoh are appalled.

    Minamigaki and Puto eat it deliciously.

    Takuya hesitantly tries it — it’s good.

    Takuya: “(to Masako) It’s good. Why don’t you try eating some?”

    Masako: “I’ll pass.”

    Masako reaches for the vegetables and fruits instead.


    After the meal —

    Masako shows the photo taken from the Landsat to the village chief.

    Takuya turns the video camera.

    The village chief, who looks at the egg in the photograph, talks to Puto about something.

    Minamigaki, who hears the conversation, tells Masako.

    Minamigaki: “He seems to be saying that it is the egg of the guardian deity of the forest.”

    Masako: “The guardian deity of the forest?”

    The village chief nods, and speaks in a low voice.

    Village chief: “Mothra.”

    Masako, Andoh look at one another.

    28 The next day — Morning

    From the riverbank of the village, two canoes go out.

    Andoh, Puto, Minamigaki are in one boat. Masako, Takuya, and the equipment and luggage are in the other.

    29 Canoeing up the river

    Into the depths of the jungle. The current is becoming more rapid.

    Minamigaki controls the canoe with his trained arms.

    Takuya’s arms are also pretty strong.

    Steep riverbanks.

    Puto reviews the surrounding landmark’s rocks.

    The two canoes go deeper down the river, and deeper.

    30 The canoes anchored in front of a big waterfall

    The party lands and unloads their luggage.

    31 The party climbing a cliff

    32 Tents set up on the river beach (Base camp) — Night

    Takuya makes a fire, while Masako warms a meal.

    Andoh, Minamigaki, Puto return from their reconnaissance of the vicinity.

    Andoh: “(to Takuya) Prepare the camera.”

    Masako: “…? Is there something?”

    Andoh: “It’s a cave.”

    33 Cave・Surface

    Cutting loose the ivy entwined on the entrance, the party goes inside.

    34 Same・Inside

    While shining a flashlight, the party proceeds through the narrow tunnel.

    Finally, they come out to a wide space that couldn’t have been imagined from the entrance.

    Masako shines the light of the flashlight — part of a painting is illuminated.

    A huge unicorn-like creature’s head.

    Takuya illuminates the entire wall with a battery light.

    The unicorn and many large insects with giant wings look like they’re fighting (the sizes of the unicorn and large insects can be grasped from the humans drawn together with them).

    Masako: “What on earth is this…”

    Andoh: “(to Takuya) Camera, roll it.”

    Takuya sets up the camera.

    The party stands before the mural illuminated by light.

    In the dark behind them, there are ten or so shining eyes, 4 among them being small little shining eyes — and they are watching intently. Masako and the others don’t realize they’re being watched, they’re fascinated by the strange wall painting.

    They’re simple lines, but the unicorn drawing shows plenty of its ferociousness.

    35 India・Calcutta — Night

    The Hooghly River — a giant black body appears in the large stream.

    It’s Bagan — a face that looks like the devil down to its prominent horn, a back like a rocky mountain, chest like black armor, hands and legs with sharp nails that look like artificial arms.

    Towards the moonlit night, it roars. It heads to the city of Calcutta.

    36 Kathmandu・Hotel room

    Beside a bed, a phone rings.

    Fukazawa, awake, picks up the receiver.

    Fukazawa: “What?! It appeared!”

    37 India・Calcutta

    Bagan proceeds to destroy the city.

    It releases an intense light ray from its horn. There is an explosion, and a building burns up.

    38 Helicopter point of view

    As Calcutta rises up in flames, like a giant mobile black rock, Bagan advances.

    39 Inside the helicopter

    Fukazawa, Somna, Sūn watch overhead, their breath taken away.

    Fukazawa: “That really is…”

    Sūn: “It is Bagan.”

    Fukazawa: “I can’t believe it.”

    Somna rolls the 8mm video camera that he’s holding.

    40 Bagan

    It submerges into the Bay of Bengal.

    41 Borneo Island・Outback

    Andoh, Masako advance, wading through tall thickets of grass that reaches above their backs.

    The party eventually comes out of the thicket and stops.

    Masako, Andoh — !!

    Takuya involuntary sets up the camera.

    A huge egg towers before their eyes.

    Masako: “(involuntarily) It’s so huge…!”

    Takuya: “(looking through the viewfinder) This won’t fit on the camera.”

    Andoh: “(joy gradually rising) All right! It’s the greatest discovery of the century!”

    Andoh rushes over to touch the egg, becoming hyper like a child.

    Masako also approaches the egg.

    At that moment, singing voices can be heard from the direction of the egg—

    The words are indiscernible, but it is a beautiful melody.

    All present — ?! Everyone looks around.

    Andoh: “Who is it?”

    Takuya searches around the direction of the singing voices with his camera.

    There are figures at the bottom of the egg.

    Takuya: “Hmm?”

    Like the lens had mistaken the figures of the people — there are two little small girls.

    Takuya zooms. Two small beauties (Shobijin) are singing.

    Andoh, Masako find the Shobijin.

    Minamigaki also clicks his camera shutter rapidly.

    Andoh: “What… is this?”

    Masako: “You girls, just what…?”

    Minamigaki approaches his subjects while peeking through the finder, gradually inching closer to the fairies.

    Frightened, the Shobijin flee.

    Masako: “Please wait!”

    Minamigaki chases them.

    The Shobijin run away, into the palm of a big hand. Suddenly, seven strong men appear from behind the egg. The Shobijin are in the hand of one of these men. With muscles and skin the color of iron, the men’s bodies are wrapped in beast skins. Each holds a spear in their hands.

    Masako, Minamigaki are breathless.

    Takuya takes his eyes off the camera.

    One of the men calls out to them.

    Minamigaki seems to understand some of his words.

    Minamigaki: “(to Andoh) “What are you here for, what are you doing,” he seems to be saying.”

    Minamigaki speaks in their weird local language with the help of Puto.

    It looks like their words got through. The man replies.

    Minamigaki: “When I said that we’re with a Japanese TV station, and that we came here to record this egg, they said it’s an important time as this egg’s about to hatch. We’re being told to leave quickly.”

    Masako: “Hatching?”

    Andoh: “Ask them to let us film it while it’s hatching.”

    Minamigaki tries to talk.

    The men yell roughly and hold up their spears.

    Andoh, Masako — Shock!! and tumble over.

    Puto hastily persuades with the men in a panic.

    The man lowers his spear and speaks.

    Minamigaki: “He says they will kill us if we don’t leave soon. Puto said even if we go back now, it’ll be dark halfway through. Tomorrow, as the sun rises, we will leave, I beg of you.”

    The man says one, two words with a gesture showing “understood”.

    Minamigaki: “It seems he understood our reasoning. We absolutely have to leave tomorrow morning. Otherwise, our lives will be gone.”

    Masako bows her head as if to say “Thank you” the men.

    The Shobijin in the man’s palm respond to Masako with smiles.

    The men turn around to leave.

    Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

    Andoh, Takuya look at the camera.

    Andoh: “(still somewhat excited) Taku, the video’s still rolling, right?”

    Takuya gives the OK sign.

    Andoh: “I win. The people at the TV station, it’ll be fun to see what kind of faces they’ll make!”

    Minamigaki orders something to Puto in a low voice.

    Puto runs to where the men left.

    Masako: “(to Minamigaki) Where is Puto going?”

    Minamigaki: “I sent Puto to tail them.”

    Masako: “(unpleasantly) You had him do what?”

    Minamigaki: “Knowing the enemy’s location is necessary for our safety. Lady.”

    Masako: “(annoyed) Are you saying they’re enemies?”

    Masako glares at Minamigaki.

    42 Cave with the wall painting・Inside

    The Shobijin and seven men enter.

    Puto watches from the cover of a rock.

    43 Base camp — Night

    There are 3 tents — one is Masako and the luggage, another is Andoh and Takuya, and the last tent has Minamigaki, Puto, and the video equipment.

    Everyone is asleep. Only Minamigaki’s sleeping bag next to Puto is empty.

    44 Waterfall near base camp

    Minamigaki throws the video camera and finished tapes into the waterfall and leaves.

    45 Cave・Front

    Minamigaki takes out two cans from his pocket and goes to the entrance. He throws the cans inside. There is the sound of cans breaking.

    46 Same・Inside

    White smoke fills.

    47 Same・Previously

    Minamigaki, who is watching his wristwatch, waits for a suitable amount of time to pass, then puts on a prepared gas mask and goes inside.

    After Minamigaki enters, there is a figure under the shadow of a rock — it’s Puto.

    He watches warily.

    48 Same・Inside

    A cave with a wide space.

    Seven men are lying unconscious on the ground.

    Minamigaki, turning on a flashlight, checks the number of men, then begins searching for the Shobijin with great haste.

    He searches the inside of the cave’s rocky cavities one by one.

    He finds them — the two Shobijin collapsed on top of each other.

    Minamigaki wraps the two in the palm of his hand and heads outside.

    49 Same・Previously

    Out comes Minamigaki, who gently puts the Shobijin in a prepared case.

    Puto, who has been hiding in the cover of a rock, understands the plot of Minamigaki. He runs back towards the tents.

    50 Base camp

    Masako’s tent.

    Puto jumps in, waking Masako.

    Puto: “Masako, Masako!”

    51 Cliff

    Minamigaki climbs down with the case in hand.

    52 Base camp

    Andoh and Takuya come out of their tent.

    Andoh: “(to Masako) What happened?”

    Masako: “That man!”

    53 Waterfall

    Two canoes are anchored.

    Minamigaki splashes one of the boats with gasoline fuel. After dousing it plenty, he grabs his case and rides in the other boat.

    After lighting his lighter, he throws it into the gas-drenched canoe.

    The canoe burns with a roaring sound.

    54 Base camp

    Masako approaches Andoh.

    Masako: “He used the chloroform, it’s gone.”

    Andoh: “What a guy!”

    Takuya comes.

    Takuya: “That guy, he also threw away the video camera and recording tape somewhere.”

    Andoh: “What did you say—!”

    Puto comes running back breathlessly.

    Puto: “Fire, fire!”

    The three people rush towards the waterfall pointed to by Puto.

    55 Waterfall

    The three people and Puto approach.

    A canoe is burning.

    The canoe carrying Minamigaki is nowhere in sight.

    The three people are stunned. Puto is shouting angrily in a loud voice.

    56 Base camp

    The three people and Puto return.

    Andoh: “Quick, if we don’t get away from here too, when those guys wake up it’ll be dangerous.”

    Masako: “It was Minamigaki who kidnapped the Shobijin. If we just explain properly—”

    Andoh: “You think they’re people who’d listen and understand?!”

    As expected, Masako is also convinced.

    Takuya: “But without another canoe, how?”

    Puto: “I, know, I know, another way.”

    Masako: “There seems to be another way.”

    57 Morning sun rises in the jungle

    58 Party moving on the cliff path following the river

    A suspension bridge comes into view ahead.

    59 Suspension bridge

    It is considerably aged, and the hanging ropes appear insecure.

    Andoh: “Is this all right?”

    Puto: “Only one, okay?”

    Masako: “You mean only one person at a time?”

    Puto nods and crosses the suspension bridge quickly to the other side.

    From the other side, he shouts: “Only, one, okay!”

    Andoh: “Well, I’ll go first.”

    Andoh crosses over. As expected, when the grown adult Andoh crosses over, the rope creaks.

    Still, he manages to reach the other side.

    Andoh: “(towards Masako and Takuya) Taku, let Masako go first!”

    Masako: “I will go.”

    Masako crosses over. In the middle, (it always happens at times like this) a bridge plank breaks.

    Masako’s leg slips down. She shrieks.

    Andoh: “Masako!”

    Takuya: “Masako-san—!”

    Masako tries her best to pull her leg back while standing on one leg somehow.

    Masako is relieved. After she’s alright, she turns to Takuya and—!!

    Seven men follow the cliff path. They are approaching Takuya.

    Takuya, Andoh also notice the men.

    Andoh: “Taku, cross over quick!”

    Takuya: “But, if 2 people cross over…”

    Andoh: “Run across, Masako you run, too!”

    Masako runs.

    A spear brushes against the hesitant Takuya’s body.

    Takuya decides to run.

    Two people are now on the bridge.

    Puto: “No!!”

    The rope on Takuya’s side tightens and snaps, splitting off as it’s unable to bear it anymore.

    Masako shrieks, and grabs ahold of the bridge’s rope.

    Takuya, the moment he falls, grabs onto a plank.

    The suspension bridge, swinging in an arc to Andoh’s side, crashes into the cliff below.

    Masako and Takuya endure the shock and are barely clinging on.

    Andoh: “Get up quickly!”

    Masako musters her willpower to climb up.

    Takuya also goes up, using the bridge planks like a ladder.

    Men toss spears at the 2 people.

    A spear pierces nearby, barely hitting them.

    Another spear hits the rope, 1 of the 2 ropes splits.

    Masako — it’s hopeless.

    And, at that moment.

    Behind the seven men, a light bursts over the mountains.

    A loud sparkling noise —

    The men turn around facing the mountain, loudly chanting “Mothra” “Mothra”, and run back in a hurry through the cliff path from where they came.

    60 Mothra’s egg

    Light forms in zigzags around the shell.

    Along with the light, the shell starts cracking open.

    61 Suspension bridge

    Masako and Takuya use the rope, finally climb up.

    Standing on the cliff, Andoh, Masako, Takuya, and Puto look toward the flash of light over at the mountain.

    Masako: “Mothra’s egg is hatching.”

    62 Minamigaki’s canoe proceeding in the river

    Minamigaki also looks back, staring at the flash of light over the mountain.

    The Shobijin in the case sing sorrowfully.

    The song continues into the next scene.

    63 Mothra’s egg

    The shell splits open along the cracks.

    7 men watch over (hitting the drums, dancing and such are okay…).

    Flicking off eggshells, Mothra Larva emerges from within.

    64 The Shobijin singing in the case

    Their song gradually becomes louder — in hopes of Mothra’s help.

    65 Mothra’s egg

    Responding to the singing voices of the Shobijin and breaking the remainder of its shell, the Mothra Larva reveals its whole body.

    Mothra gives her first cry.

    ― F ・ O

    66 Puto’s village

    Led by Puto, Masako and the others arrive.

    Masako staggers and collapses.

    Andoh is also very tired. He sits down.

    Takuya checks for the truck.

    67 Same・Where the truck was parked

    There is no truck.

    Takuya, who came to check, clicks his tongue in annoyance.

    68 Jungle road

    The truck drives on.

    69 Truck・Driver’s seat

    Minamigaki drives, looking triumphant.

    The case of the Shobijin is on the other seat, covered by a sheet.

    70 Puto’s village・Plaza

    Andoh and Masako are sitting and talking.

    Masako: “Is he really going to take those girls to Japan?”

    Andoh: “He must be. It’d be his greatest souvenir for his return to Japan. Television, the press, agencies, they will all come rushing to him.”

    Masako: “Such a dirt bag.”

    Andoh: “Definitely. (lies down on his back) But, it’s not like I don’t understand.”

    Masako: “… (looks at Andoh)”

    Andoh: “Even scum have stubborn pride. Before that pride, as you can see, they are powerless. They can’t help themselves.”

    Masako: “(sighs) By the time we reach the town on foot, the airplane will be heading for Japan.”

    Takuya and Puto come with the village chief.

    Takuya: “Andoh, there seems to be an airplane.”

    Andoh: “(getting up) What?! In this village?”

    Takuya: “According to the village chief, in the past, it fell nearby and they picked it up.”

    Masako: “Really?”

    Takuya: “(to Puto) Sky, flight, okay?”

    Puto: “(pointing to the sky) Okay, okay!”

    71 Same・Excavation hut

    The village chief opens the creaky door.

    Inside is a deflated, dusty balloon.

    Andoh: “What is this?”

    Masako: “Isn’t that a balloon?”

    Takuya: “That shocked me. You said the past, but it was actually from the 19th century, wasn’t it?”

    Puto: “Sky, flight, sky, flight!”

    72 Same・Plaza

    The balloon is swelling.

    Takuya examines the equipment.

    Takuya: “It seems to be okay.”

    Andoh: “Hey Taku, are you for real with this thing?”

    Masako: “Can you fly it?”

    Takuya: “Back in my school days, I did this.”

    Masako is half-anxious, half-excited.

    73 Above the large forest

    The balloon emerges, floating in the sky.

    74 Inside the balloon basket

    Masako, Andoh, Takuya, Puto.

    Takuya: “See, it flew!”

    Masako: “(delightfully) So great, I’ve always wanted to ride in something like this at least once.”

    Puto: “(happily) Sky, flight, sky, flight!”

    Andoh: “But, can we fly this to where we want to go?”

    Takuya: “If the wind is on our side.”

    Masako: “(pointing down) Look, it’s Mothra!”

    Everyone looks to see where Masako is pointing.

    75 Looking from the balloon

    Mothra, who broke out of her egg, proceeds through the forest. She heads towards the sea.

    76 Balloon in the sky

    Floats, slowly, but it is definitely moving forward.

    ― F ・ O

    77 Bay of Bengal・Underwater

    An Indian nuclear submarine is in motion.

    78 Submarine・Inside

    Fukazawa, Sūn, Somna are on board. They look at the radar with the crew.

    The radar does not detect anything.

    Somna: “The radar is unable to tell the difference between it and the undersea rocks…”

    Fukazawa: “(nodding) It was originally something of a mountain monster, after all.”

    79 Underwater

    The nuclear-powered submarine advances.

    On the rocks at the bottom of the sea — two eyes shine eerily.

    80 Singapore・Panoramic view

    81 Changi International Airport

    82 Same・Airport building・Departure counter

    Minamigaki is beginning the boarding procedure — dressed up in a businessman-style suit, in his hand is box-shaped luggage.

    83 Same・Airport building・Front

    A jeep being driven by Andoh comes to a stop. Masako, Puto exit the vehicle.

    Takuya, who was waiting in the building, comes out and meets with the three people.

    Takuya: “On the passenger list for the next flight to Narita, there’s Minamigaki’s name.”

    Andoh: “He really is taking them back to Japan, isn’t he…”

    Masako: “It was nice to have made it in time.”

    The four people enter the building.

    84 Same・Control tower

    An air traffic controller watching over the runway — “What, what is that!”

    85 Same・Runway

    It is Mothra Larva.

    Landing from the sea to the runway.

    She steadily advances on the runway. A stopped jumbo aircraft is crushed, causing an explosion and flames.

    86 Same・Waiting lobby

    Passengers who are watching the sight on the runway start screaming and running away.

    Sirens echo throughout the airport.

    An announcement is made informing an emergency situation.


    87 Same・Stairs to the lobby

    Masako is caught in the crowd of people running away and cannot proceed.

    Andoh: “What happened!”

    88 Same・Waiting lobby

    A stunned Minamigaki stares at the figure of Mothra, away from the noisy crowd.

    Minamigaki: “No way…”

    Minamigaki opens the bag. The two Shobijin are inside — singing.

    Swearing under his breath, Minamigaki closes the bag and quickly leaves.

    89 Inside the bag

    The Shobijin continue singing.

    Their song continues into the next scene.

    90 Runway

    Mothra heads toward the airport building.

    After crushing an airplane standing by at the airport apron, she approaches the building.

    91 Airport building・Front

    People are running away, flooding all the exits.

    Masako and the others come out as if being pushed back by the flood of people.

    Masako: “He’s here among this crowd! We’re so close to catching him…”

    Andoh: “(pulls Masako) The airplanes aren’t even flying. That dude cannot escape this town, either. Let’s go.”

    Andoh takes Masako back to Takuya and the jeep.

    92 Highway

    Blocking out general vehicles, army troops enter — tanks, armored cars, rocket artillery, trucks, etc. head for the airport.

    93 Airport as seen from a helicopter

    An airplane bursts into flames.

    Mothra begins destroying the airport building.

    94 Airport building・Front

    Breaking apart the airport building, Mothra looks up.

    An attack helicopter formation of the Armed Forces is flying overhead.

    The attack helicopters assault Mothra all at once.

    Fired missiles, Vulcan cannon.

    Explosions wrack the body of Mothra.

    Mothra’s body tenses and shakes as if surprised.

    95 Jeep leaving the airport

    Takuya drives. The jeep cannot proceed due to a traffic jam.

    Masako is looking back towards the airport.

    She can see the figure of Mothra being attacked by helicopters.

    Masako: “Somehow, I feel sorry for it. Mothra isn’t at fault…”

    Takuya: “(nodding) Mothra only came here to take back the Shobijin, surely.”

    Andoh: “If that’s so, then Minamigaki’s boss’s sin is deep.”

    Masako: “How can we find him?”

    Andoh: “Until he can fly to Japan, he has no choice but to wait here. He would have needed to book a hotel somewhere.”

    Masako: “That’s right.”

    Takuya: “Let’s examine the guest lists of the city’s hotels.”

    96 Mothra at the airport

    Mothra, just as she is caught in the attack of the attack helicopters, spits thread from her mouth.

    The discharged thread entangles an attack helicopter.

    The attack helicopter stalls and crashes, creating a big explosion.

    Mothra proceeds to spit thread at the remaining attack helicopters, one after another.

    Attack helicopter units fall, and explode.

    Ground troops go in to attack.

    Tanks, howitzers, rockets, anti-aircraft missiles are fired.

    They land on Mothra’s body, one after another.

    Mothra spits thread at the ground troops mercilessly.

    The ground units are trapped in the thread and cannot move.

    Mothra moves. Her large body is enveloped by tank, rocket, missile attacks.

    97 Armed Forces headquarters

    Commander Ramada is responding via radio.

    Ramada: “What?! Annihilated?!… The monster is headed towards the city!”

    Ramada cuts off the radio. He instructs his subordinate.

    Ramada: “All remaining troops go into the city.”

    Subordinate: “Understood.”

    Ramada makes a phone call.

    Ramada: “Oh, is this Mr. President? With our army unable to put up resistance, this could be considered a worst-case situation. I would like to request a support order to the United Nations. … Thank you.”

    98 Singapore city・XX Hotel・Lobby

    Masako and Andoh are on a lounge table.

    Takuya and Puto arrive. They shake their heads as if saying it’s no good, then take a seat.

    A list of hotels in the city is placed on the table —

    Most are crossed out.

    The last 3 are erased.

    Masako: “Is that all?”

    Andoh: “That guy, where could he be hiding…”

    Announcement — “The monster is heading towards the city. All remaining guests in the hotel, please evacuate to Fort Canning Park at once.”

    The lobby starts becoming busy.

    A guest with children is behind Masako, bumping into another guest.

    A child drops their locomotive toy.

    Masako picks up the locomotive that fell at her side and hands it over to the kid—!!

    Masako: “…Railway.”

    Andoh, Takuya — ?

    Masako: “The Malaysia Railway.”

    Andoh: “! — The Malaysia Railway from Singapore to Bangkok.”

    Takuya: “If you go to Bangkok, there would be a number of flights to Japan. (rising) I will go to Singapore Station.”

    Puto catches up with Takuya.

    99 Central Area, Singapore・Jalan Besar (Night)

    Mothra comes up.

    A defense line of troops are mobilized along the canal.

    Mothra enters the canal.

    An underwater missile that was set in the canal explodes.

    Along with an intense water column, Mothra springs up.

    For a moment, she floats in the air, then strikes the surface of the water again.

    The water column is higher than a skyscraper.

    Mothra’s cry.

    Weapons such as missiles, rockets, etc. lined up on the defense line are fired all at once.

    Mothra is engulfed in fire and smoke. She cannot move.

    100 Armed Forces headquarters

    Ramada watches Mothra on a monitor.

    Ramada: “We did it!”

    101 Jalan Besar

    In the smoke —

    Mothra moves.

    Again, weapons lined up on the defense line are fired.

    Mothra is aggravated. Her upper body unexpectedly contracts, and springs to hit the row of tanks, grenades, rockets, and anti-aircraft missiles lining the canal.

    The defense line has been pummeled by Mothra, and weapons explode sequentially, one after another.

    Mothra, fairly wounded, seems exhausted and advances slowly.

    102 Armed Forces headquarters

    Ramada is watching the monitor.

    Ramada: “(to his subordinate) Connect me to the president.”

    103 Singapore Civic Centre

    Mothra approaches slowly.

    In front, the 73-story Westin Stanford Hotel comes into view.

    Mothra, as if she has decided on that as her target, heads for the Westin Stanford Hotel.

    104 Malaysia Railway・Singapore Station・Home

    It is crowded with many people evacuating.

    It is just before the departure of the Asian international train.

    Takuya walks along, checking each train window.

    105 Same・International train・Within a passenger car

    Puto walks down the aisle, carefully looking at the seats on both sides.

    With a bag on his knee, the figure of Minamigaki appears, who is waiting for departure.

    Puto — !!

    106 Same・Home

    Puto comes down from the train and calls Takuya.

    Train departure bell.

    Puto sees Takuya rushing over.

    Takuya tries to catch the train, but the train starts moving.

    107 Fort Canning Park

    A small hill overlooking the city.

    People who evacuated are gathered.

    Among them are Masako, Andoh. Mothra begins climbing up the side of the Westin Stanford Hotel.

    108 Westin Stanford Hotel

    Mothra seems to cling to the building. She spits thread from her mouth.

    The discharged webbing gradually envelops Mothra.

    109 Fort Canning Park

    Masako: “Cocoon?”

    110 City Hall・Roof

    Army soldiers are monitoring Mothra with binoculars.

    Ramada arrives.

    Everyone salutes.

    Ramada gazes at Mothra, who is turning into a cocoon.

    111 Westin Stanford Hotel

    A huge cocoon now wraps Mothra — it is attached to the building.

    112 Fort Canning Park

    The people cannot help but notice Mothra’s cocoon.

    Masako, Andoh —

    Takuya and Puto arrive.

    Takuya: “He was there. The train destined for Bangkok at XX hour XX minute just left.”

    Andoh: “Is that so?”

    Masako: “If you drive the jeep at full speed, can we get ahead of it?”

    Andoh: “I can try.”

    Everyone heads to the jeep.

    113 Train running on Malaysia railway at night

    Minamigaki sleeps on the booth’s seat.

    In the bag on the shelf, the Shobijin sing.

    The song flows into the following scene.

    114 Westin Stanford Hotel

    The cocoon of Mothra is lit up by military floodlights, appearing pure white.

    The music becomes instrumental —

    115 City Hall・Roof

    Ramada watches the cocoon through binoculars.

    A messenger soldier arrives.

    Soldier: “(to Ramada) In response to the request of the United Nations, today, four Maser tanks have arrived at the Air Force base from the US Army in the Philippines.”

    Ramada: “(appearing content) OK. At dawn tomorrow morning, we will start a heat ray attack on Mothra’s cocoon.”

    116 Jeep running on the national highway in Malaysia at night

    Takuya is driving. Andoh spreads open a map next to him.

    Masako is in the back seat. Beside her, Puto is sleeping peacefully.

    Music ends.

    117 Off the coast of the Strait of Malacca (Night)

    A large ship is proceeding.

    The quiet wave front suddenly winds into a vortex and the seawater rises.

    From the center, Bagan appears.

    Bagan snatches the large vessel in its ferocious claws.

    The large vessel is destroyed like a toy.

    118 Indian Army Submarine・Inside

    A wireless SOS is sent.

    Radio staff call for a response. Behind them are the figures of Fukazawa, Somna, Sūn.

    Radio staff: “The signal has fallen. It seems it was sunk.”

    Fukazawa’s group looks at each other.

    Sūn: “Bagan.”

    Fukazawa: “It’s off the coast of Malacca… (he looks it up on the map)”

    Somna: “Are you planning to come to my country?”

    119 Singapore (Morning)

    The morning sun embraces the cocoon on the Westin Stanford Hotel, shining brightly.

    120 Westin Stanford Hotel front

    Four Maser tanks are in place.

    The heat ray guns aim at the cocoon.

    121 City Hall rooftop

    Ramada has a tense look on his face.

    122 Malaysia

    The jeep runs along Chaoyang. It runs through an overpass crossing the track.

    The international train passes under the overpass a little after the jeep.

    123 Singapore・City Hall rooftop

    Ramada: “Commence the heat ray attack!”

    124 Westin Stanford Hotel front

    Heat rays are fired all at once from the Maser tanks at the cocoon.

    125 Cocoon of Mothra

    The area receiving the heat ray attack gradually heats up, eventually a fire rises.

    The cocoon burns.

    126 City Hall rooftop

    Ramada: “Alright! Stop the attack!”

    127 Cocoon of Mothra

    Only a portion of the surface burns away, exposing the inside.

    The heat on the inner surface causes a sharp crackling.

    128 City Hall rooftop

    Ramada’s other military superiors — ?! They breathe in and watch.

    129 Cocoon of Mothra

    The cracked parts break down, and from inside, the head of the adult Mothra appears.

    Furthermore, giant wings appear from the cocoon.

    130 City Hall rooftop

    Ramada’s group — !!

    131 Mothra

    Raising a high-pitched cry, she spreads her wings and soars into the sky.

    In the sky, twice, three times, her large wings flutter.

    A gust of wind occurs.

    132 Westin Stanford Hotel front

    The Maser tanks get caught in the gust of wind and crash into a church. The church collapses.

    133 City Hall rooftop

    Ramada’s group is knocked down by the terrible wind.

    134 Running train・In the passenger cars

    Minamigaki wakes up and sits up in his seat.

    In a bag placed near his feet, the Shobijin sing Mothra’s song.

    135 Mothra

    As if she could hear the song of the Shobijin, Mothra makes a large turn in the sky and flies northward.

    136 City Hall rooftop

    Ramada sees off Mothra as she leaves.

    Ramada: “(anxiously) Where to now? There is even more evil awakening…”

    137 Station near the Thailand・Malaysia border

    Andoh, Takuya, Puto, and Masako wait in the hub.

    The international train arrives.

    Everyone climbs aboard.

    138 Mothra flying in the sky

    139 International train running

    140 Same・In the passenger cars

    Puto leads Masako and walks through the aisle. On the camera, the edge of a seat comes into view. They approach it.

    Masako stops.

    Minamigaki and Masako notice each other. Minamigaki hugs the bag and walks down the aisle.

    Masako: “They’re inside the bag, huh?”

    Minamigaki: “What is?”

    Takuya: “Don’t play dumb.”

    Andoh: “Give it back.”

    Minamigaki: “This is mine. I have the right to take it.”

    Andoh: “Don’t say such stupid things! Minamigaki.”

    Minamigaki: “(interrupting) In the 20 years of warmth and prosperity that you were born into, things like rights existed, did they not?!”

    Masako: “Of course we do not have such a right. (strongly) In the same way, you have no right.”

    Minamigaki: “Don’t be cheeky, lady. Do you understand my feelings? Me, who has been wandering outside the country for 20 years?”

    Takuya: “You’re just agitated! It’s over, so let it be.”

    Takuya approaches Minamigaki.

    Minamigaki pulls a gun out of his pocket and raises it.

    Takuya — ! He stays in place.

    From the seated guests, there is screaming and yelling.

    Andoh causes Takuya to fall down.

    Minamigaki: “You threw away half of my life. I can’t wait.”

    Masako, Andoh, Takuya — all glare.

    141 Mothra’s appearance (From the sky)

    A train runs between the rocky mountains along the coast facing the Gulf of Thailand.

    — Mothra gradually heads towards it.

    142 Train・Conductor’s seat

    Assistant: “(looks out the window — !!) What, what is that!”

    143 Same・In the passenger cars

    The figure of Mothra approaches from outside the window.

    — A passenger looks out and shouts.

    Hearing the voice, everyone in the passenger cars look out the window.

    Minamigaki also looks.

    In that moment, Takuya kicks Minamigaki’s gun with his feet, and jumps.

    In the bag rolling on the floor away from the hands of Minamigaki, the Shobijin flip about, and scream.

    144 Mothra

    She grazes over the upper windows of the train.

    145 Train・In the passenger cars

    Window glass cracks due to the tremendous wind pressure.

    Screams resonate from the guests.

    146 Mothra

    U-turns from the mountains to the sea.

    She flies over the train again, this time closer than before.

    147 Train

    Its wheels are momentarily lifted off the rails.

    Some of the rear portion is torn away from the coupler and is blown away.

    148 Same・Masako’s passenger car

    The parts that were not blown out shake in shock. A person falls from their seat, another falls down.

    Takuya and Minamigaki are entangled, and knock into people.

    Takuya loses his balance and collapses.

    Minamigaki picks up the bag and staggers, escaping towards the deck.

    149 Same・Conductor’s seat

    Assistant: “(to the conductor) If you try that again, it’ll be a mess. Head for the tunnel.”

    The conductor nods and speeds up.

    150 Focused on the train

    A tunnel comes into view in front of the rocky mountains.

    151 Mothra

    U-turns over the sea.

    Begins approaching the train for the third time.

    152 Train running at tremendous speed

    Rushes into the tunnel.

    Immediately after, Mothra grazes over the tracks.

    153 Same・Conductor’s seat

    Assistant: “(to the conductor) Brake! We’re leaving the tunnel again.”

    Conductor: “It’s too short, I can’t stop it.”

    Assistant: “That’s the next tunnel. Stop there.”

    154 Focused on the train

    The tunnel exit approaches. Beyond the exit, the rocky mountains come into view.

    However! The mountain tunnel has been blocked!

    155 Same・Conductor’s seat

    Conductor: “Wh-what! There is no tunnel!”

    Urgently brakes.

    156 Wheels squeezing brakes

    Sparks scatter.

    157 Train

    Against the huge rocky mountain that blocks the tunnel, thud!

    158 Same・Deck

    Minamigaki is crushed by the impact into a wall. He raises his voice in a deathly cry. His arm breaks the window.

    Inside the bag that rolls on the floor, the Shobijin topple over and over.

    159 Same・In the passenger cars

    Passengers are knocked down while screaming.

    Masako, Takuya hit the floor and the wall and faint.

    As Andoh and Puto are tottering up, they are hit into their seats.

    Andoh, wondering what happened, takes a look outside the window.

    160 Huge rocky mountain opens

    What looked like a rocky mountain was actually the foot of a huge monster.

    Camera pans up from the leg. With a torso like armor and a ferocious face with a sharp horn — Bagan.

    Andoh — !!

    Bagan roars. It looks up at the sky. In the sky is Mothra.

    161 From the sky

    From the first camera, Bagan enters towards Mothra.

    Mothra notices Bagan.

    162 Mothra vs. Bagan

    Bagan fires a light ray from its horn. A direct hit on Mothra’s neck.

    Mothra, instinctively letting out a cry, retreats.

    Bagan fires more light rays from its horn.

    Mothra lifts her body, abdomen — her abdomen becomes keratinized like steel, reflecting the light ray, safeguarding her. Mothra returns to her former posture, wholly spreads her wings, and glides towards Bagan like a glider.

    Bagan stands alert, Mothra’s attack comes at it again, this time even stronger, and Bagan loses its footing on the rocky cliffs. Without delay, Mothra flies towards the falling Bagan.

    The tail of Bagan bends like a whip and hits Mothra directly.

    Mothra staggers greatly in the air.

    Bagan roars. Standing up, it shoots a light ray from its horn at Mothra’s back.

    Mothra tumbles out of the way of the light ray, and swoops over Bagan’s head, gliding downward.

    Bagan points its ferocious horn upward.

    Furthermore, it raises both its hands, and prepares to skewer Mothra with its extended sharp claws.

    Mothra — !! She makes a sharp turn at the last minute.

    The steel-like abdomen of Mothra and the horn and claws of Bagan rub against one another, creating a resonating metallic sound while sparks fly.

    Mothra rises sharply.

    From the back of Bagan, wings like a bat protrude and spread.

    Bagan jumps. It stretches out its hands towards the rising Mothra.

    Bagan’s sharp claws capture Mothra’s wings.

    Like that, the two monsters fall toward the earth with a boom.

    Bagan still has both of Mothra’s wings in its grasp.

    Mothra desperately flaps her wings, trying to get away, but Bagan does not let go.

    Using all its strength, Bagan forcibly turns Mothra to face it.

    Bagan’s wide-open, eerie mouth follows Mothra’s face.

    At that moment, Mothra fires a powerful Prism Beam from its compound eyes.

    The rays hit Bagan’s oral cavity directly.

    Bagan lets out a cry and releases both of Mothra’s wings from its grasp.

    At close range, Mothra irradiates the face of Bagan with its Prism Beams.

    Bagan staggers.

    Mothra spreads her wings and rises.

    Enraged, Bagan jumps high. One arm reaches for the tail of Mothra.

    Mothra rises.

    Bagan floats in the air while grabbing her tail with one arm.

    Mothra flies out over the sea.

    Over the ocean, Mothra flutters her wings at full power.

    She beats gale-force winds towards Bagan, where her tail is still caught.

    As expected, Bagan braces itself, but is unable to withstand the tempest and releases its grip.

    Bagan crashes into the sea. A huge splash rises.

    Over the sea where Bagan sank, Mothra turns.

    ― F ・ O

    163 Thailand・Bangkok・Panoramic view

    164 City hospital・Hospital room

    Masako wakes up on a bed.

    Masako: “(lightly shaking her head) Where am I?”

    Andoh is standing next to the bed.

    Andoh: “A hospital in Bangkok. Taku is in the next room.”

    From behind Andoh, Fukazawa’s face appears.

    Fukazawa: “Hey, did it go okay?”

    Masako: “(alarmed) Chief!”

    Fukazawa: “After chasing Bagan, I came from Nepal all the way to Thailand. (wry smile)”

    Masako: “Bagan?”

    Andoh: “A monster that doesn’t seem to be of this world that appeared earlier.”

    Masako: “(remembering) Where are the Shobijin?”

    Andoh: “Still missing at the scene of the accident.”

    Masako: “Huh? Then, Mothra…”

    Fukazawa: “We don’t know the whereabouts of the girls, while Mothra is still dealing with Bagan, as she’s not moving from over the Gulf of Thailand.”

    Puto comes in.

    Puto: “(looking at Masako’s face happily) Masako, you, okay?”

    Masako smiles and nods.

    Andoh: “(to Puto) Taku?”

    Puto smiles while giving a thumbs-up.

    Masako: “What about Minamigaki?”

    Andoh: “He was crushed by the train. We weren’t able to save him.”

    Masako: “(In a small voice) I see…”

    Andoh: “Still, because it seems that the other two are okay, I’ll return to the hotel. I’ll leave Puto here.”

    Masako: “I will go as well. I have to find the Shobijin quickly and return them to Mothra. I can’t sleep in a place like this. (gets up)”

    Andoh: “(directed at Masako) For today, you’re a patient.”

    Fukazawa: “(nodding) You understand the troubles of a patient who doesn’t listen to their doctor, don’t you?”

    Masako nods.

    Fukazawa: “I will also be leaving soon… (looking at his watch) I have to head to the airport to welcome our guest from Japan.”

    Masako: “Guest from Japan?”

    165 Don Mueang International Airport

    An airplane lands.

    166 Same・Arrival lobby

    Miki Saegusa (18) appears.

    Fukazawa greets her.

    167 Sheraton Hotel・Panoramic view

    A 28-story high-rise hotel.

    168 Same・A room on the upper floors (Andoh’s room)

    Andoh is on the phone.

    Andoh: “…If you keep saying that after seeing the real thing, then I’ll decide if there’s a real story… 20 million? (laughs) Aren’t you off a bit? Kanto TV is saying 100 million and that…”

    The camera moves to the white basket placed for a pet in the corner of the room by the window.

    Inside the white basket — the Shobijin. They have fainted and are sleeping.

    169 Chulalongkorn University・Main gate

    Fukazawa’s voice rises from the previous scene.

    Fukazawa’s voice: “This is Miki Saegusa of the National Mental Sciences Development Center.”

    170 Same・Professor of Paleontology Office (Somna’s room)

    Fukazawa introduces Miki to Somna and Sūn.

    Fukazawa: “She says that when Godzilla appeared in Japan last time, she accurately tracked the position of Godzilla’s spirit under the volcano and in the sea. I think that she can find Bagan’s position in the sea.”

    Somna: “(nodding) Let’s take a look at a video with Bagan for now.”

    Somna rises, switches on the video monitor.

    Video screen — Bagan in Calcutta.

    171 Same area・Full view — Sun is rising

    172 Same・Professor of Paleontology Office

    After watching the video, Fukazawa and the rest are considering their plan.

    A map is spread out on the table — the position where Bagan sank is marked in the Gulf of Thailand.

    Somna: “Then in the morning, we’ll go.”

    Fukazawa: “(wondering) Is that okay?”

    Miki’s eyes and expression are distant.

    Fukazawa — ?

    Miki gently closes her eyes.

    Fukazawa: “What’s up?”

    Miki: “…”

    Somna: “(anxiously) What?”

    Miki: “Somewhere, there are voices calling… They are calling for help.”

    Fukazawa: “Help? To who?”

    Miki: “(opens her eyes) Mothra.”

    173 Sheraton Hotel・Andoh’s room — Evening

    In the basket, the Shobijin are singing out the window — sorrowful singing voice.

    Andoh is not in the room.

    174 City hospital・Corridor

    Masako’s hospital room door opens. Masako, Miki, and Fukazawa emerge from the inside.

    Afterward, Takuya and Puto follow.

    Everyone walks into the corridor.

    Masako: “(to Miki) We’re not far. How long?”

    Miki: “(as if touched) It’s close, within 10 to 20 kilometers.”

    Takuya: “Then it’s somewhere in the city…”

    Masako: “So does that mean Mothra will come to Bangkok?”

    Masako and Takuya’s faces match each other.

    175 Mothra whirling over the Thai bay as it approaches dusk

    —The Shobijin are singing.

    176 Bangkok・Department of Defense・Table — Sunset

    177 Same・Secretary’s office

    Somna explains directly to the Secretary of Defense that Mothra will come to Bangkok. Fukazawa is also a section chief.

    Secretary of Defense: “(in disbelief) Mothra to Bangkok?”

    Somna: “It is certain. If you don’t respond fast, this town will be just like Singapore — it will cease to exist.”

    Secretary of Defense: “How do you know such a thing will happen?”

    Somna: “What Mothra is looking for is in this city.”

    Secretary of Defense: “What indeed? This is…”

    Fukazawa: “We need to discover what we’re looking for quickly.”

    178 City of Bangkok・Rama IV Road — Night

    Takuya’s car is driving slowly.

    179 In the car

    Puto sits next to Takuya, while Masako and Miki are in the back seat.

    Miki closes her eyes, concentrating with all of her soul.

    Miki: “It’s becoming more distant.”

    Masako: “(to Takuya) We’ve already been here, turn back.”

    Takuya turns the steering wheel.

    180 Rama IV Road

    The car forcibly makes a U-turn. A horn sounds from the opposite lane.

    The car swerves from Rama IV Road onto Phaya Thai Road.

    181 In the car

    Miki: “We are close.”

    182 Phaya Thai Road

    A luxury vehicle passes by Masako’s car.

    — The figure of Andoh is in that car.

    Masako and Andoh do not notice each other.

    183 Sheraton Hotel・Front

    Takuya’s car comes to a stop.

    Miki: “(looking at the building) They’re here.”

    Masako comes out of the car and looks up at the hotel in a very telling way.

    Takuya, Puto also exit the vehicle. Takuya sees Masako’s face, who looks as if she’s noticed something.

    Takuya: “This place, could it be…”

    Masako: “That’s right, this is the hotel Andoh’s staying at.”

    Takuya: “No way.”

    Masako: “Perhaps, there is one answer.”

    184 Silom Road・Japanese restaurant

    A small parlor style room.

    Andoh and Ryuzo Tashiro (45) — a certain trading company’s Bangkok branch manager.

    Tashiro presents a check to Andoh that has no amount written on it.

    Tashiro: “Please fill in the amount of money. There were instructions from the Tokyo head office.”

    Andoh: “(satisfied) Always selling everything from missiles to instant noodles. No way, it’s a trading company.”

    Andoh raises his beer glass. Tashiro also takes his glass, a toast.

    Tashiro: “(drinking beer) It’s a shame, I haven’t heard anything from the main office yet…”

    Andoh: “It’s human.”

    Tashiro: “A human! Is it a corpse?”

    Andoh: “(peppy) It’s two people.”

    Tashiro: “2 people… Am I finally buying and selling humans? Haha… (laughing, not sure if proud or lamenting)”

    From outside the window facing the street, a public relations car can be heard repeating a fast-paced announcement in Thai.

    Andoh: “What?”

    Tashiro: “It’s saying Mothra is heading to Bangkok, and that we have to evacuate the city.”

    Andoh: “!…”

    185 Air Force base

    F-15 Eagle and F-4 Phantom jets scramble, one after another.

    186 Pattaya Coast

    Ground forces continue to gather.

    Anti-aircraft missile Hawks, anti-aircraft cannons, etc. line up along the coastline.

    187 Mothra turns towards Bangkok as she flies over the sea at night

    188 Ministry of Defense・Large revolving radar

    189 Same・Central Command room

    The shadow of Mothra is on the radar screen.

    Room member: “Mothra is 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya. It has an ongoing speed of 960 kilometers per hour.”

    The Secretary of Defense is listening nearby.

    Secretary of Defense: “(tense) So, it has come?”

    190 Dogfight

    Mothra is flying over the sea.

    A fighter plane formation intercepts. Sidewinders are fired one after another.

    Missiles explode on Mothra’s body.

    Mothra, raising a high-pitched cry, turns slowly while rising at incredible speed.

    Pilot A: “Mothra has risen to an altitude of over 25,000 meters. Impossible to pursue.”

    Mothra, now over 25,000 meters in the sky, reverses rapidly. She descends at breakneck speed.

    Mothra appears — a fighter plane formation comes closer with a whoosh.

    Pilot A: “!! Mothra is approaching rapidly overhead!”

    Mothra jolts just above the formation.

    — In an instant Mothra makes contact with several aircraft, which crash and explode.

    Mothra returns to horizontal flight. Behind her, another crew follows from the south.

    Pilot B targets his missiles ahead at Mothra.

    The figure of Mothra suddenly slips downward and disappears.

    Pilot B: “!! The target has disappeared!”

    Behind the formation, Mothra reappears.

    Mothra’s compound eyes shine. Prism Beams irradiate the fighter formation rapidly.

    Fighter aircraft explode in the air one after another.

    191 Pattaya Coast

    Mothra comes close above in the sky.

    Surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft cannons, etc. begin firing.

    Various missiles and munitions strike the body of Mothra.

    A rocket bomb leaves black smoke in the air, and the sky is enveloped in heavy smoke.

    Mothra, while greatly moving her wings up and down, rushes the ground troops in a low-altitude assault.

    Tanks, missiles, anti-aircraft cannons, rocket artillery, etc. are blown away by gusts.

    Mothra, now rising higher into the air, heads toward the Bangkok mainland.

    192 Bangkok・Sheraton Hotel・Front

    People evacuate the streets.

    A car stops, and Andoh exits it in a hurry.

    Guests are evacuating from the hotel one after another. Andoh passes the guests to enter into the hotel.

    193 Same・Room corridor

    Exiting the high-rise elevator, Andoh heads to his room down the hall.

    There are no customers left to be evacuated.

    In front of the room. Andoh takes out his key, but notices the door is already open—?

    194 Same・Andoh’s room

    Andoh comes in — !!

    Masako is sitting in a chair, as if she had been waiting for him to return.

    Andoh: “(breathless) Masako…”

    A basket is on the table — the Shobijin are inside, looking at Masako and Andoh uneasily.

    Masako: “Since when did you join the ranks of scum?”

    Andoh: “… (gives a snarky smile)”

    Masako: “This is the scum pride you talked about?”

    Andoh: “I am different from Minamigaki. I don’t intend to get myself rich with this.”

    Masako: “(sarcastically) Were you going to do it for charitable projects?”

    Andoh: “(in a fit) I didn’t mean it like that. It’s only that I don’t want anyone to take care of me. It is painful for me to lower my head to someone who gives me money or buys things for me. I only want to make my own documentaries with my own money.”

    Masako: “I’m disappointed. You’re that kind of person, aren’t you? No one sees what those kinds of people make.”

    Andoh: “How could someone like you understand me?”

    Masako: “Minamigaki said something similar. You say that you are different than him, but in the end, you are the same.”

    Andoh: “(staring at Masako) …”

    The two people remain silent —

    195 City of Bangkok

    Looking up into the night sky from between buildings, Mothra appears.

    196 Mothra’s point of view

    The Sheraton Hotel, 28-stories high, towers ahead of the Chao Phraya River.

    She approaches with a whoosh.

    197 Mothra rams into the Sheraton Hotel

    198 Sheraton Hotel・Andoh’s room


    The ceiling falls and the room tilts.

    Masako holds the basket, and they fall to the floor together.

    Andoh also falls. Objects from the ceiling land on his right foot.

    He involuntarily frowns.

    199 Same・Panoramic view

    With the hotel wobbling and shaking, Mothra drops down near the vicinity of the hotel.

    Mothra stops in front of the building.

    200 Same・Corridor

    The ceiling has collapsed. The walls are torn and pillars have fallen.

    Takuya is coming.

    201 Same・Andoh’s room

    Andoh holds onto one leg and cannot stand up — it seems to have broken.

    With the basket in her hands, Masako stands, not knowing what to do.

    Takuya comes into the room.

    Takuya: “Get out, quickly!”

    Takuya puts Andoh’s arm around his shoulder.

    Andoh stands up while being supported by Takuya.

    202 Same・Emergency stairs

    Masako with the basket, and Andoh whose body is supported by Takuya, go down the stairs.

    Takuya: “The rendezvous point with Mothra was decided to be the Royal Racecourse. Miki and Professor Fukazawa are already waiting there.”

    A view outside of the stairwell. Part of the large body of Mothra can be seen through it.

    Inside of the basket, the Shobijin look at the Mothra — “Be still,” they wished.

    203 Same・Front

    Surrounding the hotel, tanks, short-range missiles, anti-aircraft guns are gathered.

    Hotel entrance—

    Masako appears. The waiting Puto rushes towards her.

    Andoh is handed over to a medical team, while Takuya, Masako, Puto, and the Shobijin enter a jeep prepared by the military.

    204 Ministry of Defense・Central Command room

    The Secretary of Defense is on the phone.

    Secretary of Defense: “Currently, a contact operation with Mothra is in progress, so I do not want to agitate Mothra. For now, until further notice do not attack unless instructed.”

    The Secretary holds the receiver and talks.

    Secretary of Defense: “If possible, I do not want to turn this town into a battlefield. I hope that somehow contact can be made.”

    205 Royal Racecourse・Panoramic view

    The military jeep comes to a stop, and Masako who is holding the basket gets down.

    206 Same・Stands

    In the entire venue — there is a vast light floating throughout.

    In the vicinity of the center box seat, Fukazawa, Miki, Somna, the other troops and government officials are on standby.

    Everyone looks at the Shobijin in the basket, who rise.

    Fukazawa: “(to Masako) Quickly, we need to take the two to the landing place of Mothra.”

    Takuya receives the basket from Masako,

    Takuya: “(referring to the open space out on the course) That is the center of it.”

    — And, at that moment, voices say, “Here is fine.”

    Masako, everyone — ?! They look inside the basket.

    The Shobijin look at everyone, smiling.

    Shobijin: “Thank you, everyone.”

    Masako: “! …You can speak our language?”

    Miki: “Language conversion ability.”

    Masako: “(to Miki) What is it? This…”

    Miki: “They speak in a different language, but to our ears it sounds like our language.”

    Takuya: “Psychic powers?”

    Miki: “(quietly) Rather, it could be said that it is in an alien language.”

    Takuya: “(loudly) Hey! These two are people—!”

    Masako shushes Takuya!

    The Shobijin speak. (mouths and voices are out-of-sync)

    Shobijin: “If we sing a song here, Mothra will come down wherever you want. If you return us, then Mothra will no longer rampage.”

    Masako: “(seeming happy) I will return you to the Mothra. I am truly sorry to have done bad by you.”

    Shobijin: “(seeming to not be worried) We are fine. But… (it gets darker)”

    Masako: “? But?”

    Shobijin: “But, Mothra now has to fight Bagan.”

    Fukazawa: “What! Bagan?”

    Sūn: “Why?”

    Shobijin: “On our island, Mothra was the protector of the forest from long ago, and Bagan was the god of darkness.”

    Sūn: “God of darkness?”

    Shobijin: “When the island was still connected with the continent, Bagan came to our forest where Mothra lived. He burned the forest named “the Himalaya Forest”. In order to protect the forest, Mothra fought against Bagan.”

    Masako: “I saw the mural in a cave.”

    Shobijin: “(nodding) Then, Bagan was sealed in the Himalayas. Since then, Mothra has been watching over the Earth’s green on that island as the god of the forest, but… (talking becomes difficult)”

    Masako: “This time, it was humans who have been steadily destroying the forest.”

    Shobijin — nod silently.

    Fukazawa: “Deforestation raised the temperature of the earth, once again reawakening Bagan… What a thing to happen.”

    Shobijin: “Mothra’s egg hatched because Bagan appeared.”

    Sūn: “Would Mothra and Bagan still fight after these hundreds of millions of years?”

    Somna: “A foolish man pulled the trigger.”

    Miki — feeling something.

    207 Off the coast of Thailand

    A devilish roar echoes.

    Breaking the surface of the sea, Bagan spreads its black wings and takes off into the sky.

    208 Royal Racecourse・Square

    The Shobijin sing —

    From the sky, Mothra spreads her wings and lands gently.

    209 Same・Stands

    Everyone watches with relief.

    The Shobijin stop singing, then turn and smile at everyone from inside the basket,

    Shobijin: “Everyone, good-bye!”

    They stand, wrapped in a peaceful air.

    Takuya picks up the basket and faces Mothra — at that time…

    There is a devilish roaring and a dazzling light.

    Miki: “Bagan.”

    Fukazawa: “Bagan?”

    210 Same・Square

    On top of Mothra whose wings are spread and has quietly landed, a black mass comes down.

    Bagan’s surprise attack!

    211 Same・Stand

    Everyone — !

    212 Same・Square

    Bagan rides on the torso of Mothra.

    Mothra flutters her wings trying to fly, but her body doesn’t rise.

    Bagan’s arms encircle Mothra’s neck. The claws on its feet scrape and crack Mothra’s wings.

    Mothra sways her body greatly from left to right, but Bagan does not let go.

    With all her power, Mothra raises her tail.

    Bagan is hit and falls off, then turns once and beats the ground.

    Mothra spreads her wings, flying with great difficulty.

    Bagan gets up, then fires a light ray from its horn toward Mothra.

    The light ray scorches Mothra’s wing, burning right through it.

    Mothra climbs into the air with her wounded wings marked by rays and nails and rises, turning.

    213 Same・Stand

    Shobijin: “(calling out) Don’t fight anymore, Mothra! You’ve already fought enough!”

    Everyone looks at the Shobijin.

    Shobijin: “(as if apologetic) Originally, Mothra was born without attack instincts. Going against her normal instincts and becoming aggressive exhausts her life span. In this state, Mothra is—”

    214 Same・Square

    Mothra rushes towards Bagan, as if not hearing the voices of the Shobijin.

    Bagan hits Mothra’s body hard with a sweeping tail attack.

    Mothra crashes, decadently, and rolls to the ground.

    Bagan triumphantly approaches Mothra, slowly.

    215 Same・Stand

    Shobijin: “Mothra!”

    Masako: “Run away, hurry!”

    Takuya: “Fly!”

    216 Same・Square

    Bagan grabs the torso of Mothra in both hands. Sharp claws dig into her body.

    Firmly holding Mothra in both hands, Bagan headbutts.

    A fierce horn pierces Mothra — once, twice…

    217 Same・Stand

    Masako, Miki scream.

    The faces of the Shobijin are filled with anguish.

    218 Same・Square

    Bagan raises its horn further, as if to end it with one more strike.

    At that moment, powder rushes from the body of Mothra.


    Shobijin — !!


    Bagan, now bathed in the powder, is in agony. It releases Mothra reluctantly.

    Mothra desperately flutters her wings, and escapes into the sky.

    219 Same・Stand

    Puto & Takuya: “You did it!”

    Masako nods in relief and joy.

    Shobijin: “…Mothra is not long for this world. That poison powder is a sign that the end is close for Mothra.”

    Masako — !! She looks up at Mothra in the sky.

    Takuya: “The end of Mothra?”

    Fukazawa: “When Mothra dies, who will be able to defeat that monster?”

    The Shobijin sing with tears flowing.

    220 Borneo Island

    — Thunder.

    221 Same・Jungle・Panoramic view

    Along with thunder, a flash of light strikes the jungle from the sky.

    Again, thunder and a flash.

    A part of the jungle begins burning up.

    From the burning flame, a white spherical surface appears.

    Mothra’s egg!!!

    222 Montage

    The following scenes will be stacked according the the Shobijin’s song.

    ・ The Shobijin sing as if praying

    ・ A flash of light surrounds the egg. The egg cracks and another Mothra Larva appears.

    ・ The seven men are watching over it

    ・ The wounded Mothra turns towards the racecourse

    ・ Mothra Larva emerges from the egg

    ・ The singing Shobijin

    ・ Mothra Larva heads from the jungle to the sea.

    Advances through the sea towards the continent.

    223 Royal Racecourse・Square

    Mothra is circling in the sky.

    — Music ends.

    Bagan fires a light ray from its horn.

    Avoiding the beam, Mothra goes behind Bagan whose movements have been slowed.

    Mothra, holding its six legs out firmly, rams into Bagan from behind.

    At the moment of the collision, Mothra’s feet catch the wings of Bagan tightly.

    Bagan’s feet float off the ground.

    Mothra lifts Bagan and flies.

    Even though Bagan flails its limbs, it cannot match Mothra’s end-of-life power.

    224 Same・Stand

    Everyone looks up.

    With the Bagan hanging from Mothra, they fly towards the sea.

    Masako: “I wonder where it’s going.”

    Shobijin: “It’s the sea. Another Mothra should be heading towards the sea.”

    Masako: “Another one?”

    Shobijin: “(nodding) A newborn Mothra.”

    225 The larva of Mothra going off to sea

    A small island is coming into view.

    And in the sky beyond that —

    With Bagan hanging from it, Mothra flies slowly.

    226 From the sky

    One camera focuses on Mothra and Bagan as they move to the front of the screen.

    The island can be seen below. It goes from the island to the sandy beach, and then to the sea. The Mothra Larva can be seen approaching the island.

    227 On the island coast

    Mothra releases Bagan.

    Splash. Bagan slams into the coast.

    Mothra Larva heads toward Bagan.

    Bagan gets up. It fires a light ray from its horn at the approaching Mothra Larva.

    The light ray hits the Mothra Larva directly.

    Bagan fires more rays at the Mothra Larva in quick succession.

    The Mothra Larva cannot help but jump up.

    Mothra approaches Bagan from the sky. She fires Prism Beams from her eyes.

    Bagan roars. Ascends.

    Mothra shoots a thorough ray attack.

    Bagan staggers and falls.

    However, the Prism Beams of Mothra gradually become weaker and finally disappear —

    Mothra is debilitated.

    The Mothra Larva spits thread while moving to the fallen Bagan.

    The upper body of Bagan, arms are bathed in the silk, and are gradually wrapped in white.

    Bagan rises.

    It tries to extend its arms to the Mothra Larva who has moved in close, but the silk sticks and Bagan’s arms do not come free.

    Bagan roars. Mothra Larva suffers a heavy kick from Bagan’s feet.

    The Mothra Larva is blown away all the way out to the sea.

    228 Watching from a helicopter

    Bagan is standing on the coast. Mothra Larva is kicked into the sea.

    Mothra is flying in the sky overhead.

    229 Inside the large helicopter

    Masako, Fukazawa, Takuya, Puto, Miki, and the Shobijin in the basket.

    Masako: “The Mothra Larva is…”

    230 Two large helicopters landing on the island

    231 On the island coast

    Mothra approaches Bagan from the sky — her speed has dropped considerably.

    Bagan begins a light ray attack.

    Mothra, with wings burning, flies up to Bagan. She showers her poison powder.

    Bagan staggers.

    From above Bagan, Mothra continues to relentlessly scatter the poison powder.

    232 A hill overlooking the coast

    Masako, who is now off the helicopter, comes over.

    Takuya: “So much poison powder.”

    Masako: “It feels like she’s giving up her life…”

    Shobijin: “Mothra knows that her life is gone.”

    233 Off the coast

    Bagan continues to try freeing its immobile arms as it chases after Mothra.

    Mothra retreats towards the sea.

    Bagan enters the sea.

    Mothra Larva dives underwater. It spits thread towards the legs of Bagan while beneath the water.

    And in that moment, the thread catches Bagan’s feet.

    Bagan falls.

    Mothra Larva emerges. It approaches the fallen Bagan.

    Mothra also approaches Bagan from the sky.

    The Mothra Larva spits more starch silk over Bagan’s body.

    Mothra also attacks, using the last of her poison powder.

    Bagan, while suffering, has its face, horn wrapped in a white cocoon.

    With a raised roar, Bagan, who had been stumbling, soon becomes quiet and does not move.

    Its wings which had also been moving until the end have also stopped.

    234 Hill

    Everyone cheers, they look at the spectacle in front of them with excitement and exhilaration.

    235 On the beach

    Mothra grips the still form of Bagan wrapped in the white cocoon with her feet, lifts it up slowly and flies out to sea.

    236 Hill

    Masako: “Mothra and Bagan…”

    Fukazawa: “Now, it will be sealed in the bottom of the ocean.”

    Shobijin: “It is Mothra’s last act.”

    237 Off the coast of Thailand・South China Sea

    The sea surface of Chaoyang is shining and sparking.

    There is a long silhouette —

    Mothra comes flying, carrying Bagan.

    Mothra releases Bagan.

    A large water column rises on the surface of the sea.

    As if to watch the end of Bagan, Mothra circles several times over the spot and breathes her last.

    Mothra falls to the water’s surface as if dancing.

    238 Coast of the island・Morning

    Mothra Larva is waiting on the beach.

    The Shobijin who have left the basket are standing and smiling, with Mothra behind them.

    Everyone sees them off.

    Masako: “This time, it is truly farewell.”

    Shobijin: “Good-bye, everyone!”

    Fukazawa: “Be safe on your way home.”

    Shobijin: “(nodding) We have one last wish for everyone.”

    Masako and the rest — ?

    Shobijin: “Please do not awaken Bagan again. Our… Our Mothra bet her life and confined it in the sea. Please, do not waste Mothra’s death.”

    Masako: “(tightening) I understand. Although we may not be able to change things by ourselves, I will do so always.”

    Fukazawa: “(nodding) I promise.”

    Shobijin: “(looking happy) Thank you. Then…”

    The Shobijin run to Mothra.

    Fukazawa: “Make an empty vow, misconstrue your prayer, in other words, Bagan, it will overtake your path…”

    Masako: “Director, what is it? This…”

    Fukazawa: “The “Wen xuan“, you don’t know it, do you? You, don’t worry about it.”

    Sūn, Somna laugh.

    Everyone lined up on the beach watch Mothra as she heads out to sea.

    239 Borneo Island・Outside of Puto’s town

    Looking from the helicopter – Puto and the priest shake hands, and slowly walk away.

    240 Helicopter going over the sea

    It hovers and stops.

    241 Same・Inside

    Masako, Andoh, Takuya are on board.

    The three people look outside.

    On the sea — Mothra’s dead body is floating in the sea.

    Masako: “We have polluted our planet and awakened Bagan… I’m sorry.”

    Masako throws down a bouquet.

    Beside her, Andoh tears apart the check he received and throws it away.

    The broken pieces are tossed outside.

    Masako: “What? That…”

    Andoh: “It’s nothing. (to Takuya) You got an 8 mm video camera, right?”

    Takuya: “Yes.”

    Andoh: “Turn it. It’s the new first scene.”

    Takuya — ?? He takes the video camera out and points it down.

    Masako glances at Andoh.

    Ending theme plays.

    242 Over the sea (Overhead view)

    Mothra drifts over the waves on spread, vivid wings —

    The helicopter begins moving, out of frame.

    Staff and casting title rolls.


    Translations // January 10, 2018
  • A note from staff

    After months of research, writing, translating, and reviewing, it’s finally done – a complete translation of an 11-page story summary for Resurrection of Godzilla (Tanaka Proposal) from the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658). The text here is part story, part script, so some sentences may sound a little rough, while the events of the story take place sometime during 1980. The only noteworthy change I made from the original text was changing the name of “Bagan” to “Bakan”, to keep it consistent with what’s on the site regarding the shapeshifting monster. Oddly, while “Bagan” is used throughout the project summary, “Bakan” appears in the author’s comments several times. But for now, if you would like more insight into this story’s history, I’d highly recommend checking the linked page above! A very special thanks to Digiwip for creating the models of Bakan’s forms, his work went above and beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. This was a challenging but exciting undertaking, and I hope you all enjoy everything Akira Murao and Tomoyuki Tanaka’s fantastic story has to offer.

    ~ Joshua S.


    (1) Brainstorming
              Mitsutoshi Ishigami (Dentsu)
              Yoshio Shirai (Movie Critic)
              Akira Toyama (Yomiuri Shinbun)
              Masashi Nishizawa (Tokyo Shinbun)

    (2) Story Writers —one part each—
              Yoshio Aramaki (SF Writer)
              Shinichi Sekizawa (Scenario Writer ・ Music Lyricist)
              Akira Toyama (Tokyo Shinbun Reporter)
              Taku Mayumura (SF Writer)
              Ryuu Mitsuse (SF Writer)

    (3) Scenario Writers —one part each—
              Ryuzo Nakanishi (Scenario Writer)
              Akira Murao (Scenario Writer)


    “Godzilla” “Bakan” “Super-Weapon” important action scenes

    1 Northern Alps ・ Mount Ontake
       Explosion, Monkey God Beast, news heli
    2 Shinshu-Matsumoto skies
       Dragon God Beast, F-4EJ Phantom
    3 Kujuukuri Beach “Kanto Nuclear Research Facility”
       (Futuristic city buildings)
    4 Pacific Ocean ・ Iwo Jima offshore
       Large whirpool, cargo ship “Shigefuku-Maru”
    5 Kuroyon Dam
       Self-Defense Force attacks, Water God Beast, news heli
    6 Dam’s downstream canyon
       Tank army, Monkey God Beast
    7 Over the sky
       Army fighter planes, Dragon God Beast
    8 Iwo Jima offshore ・ Undersea cavern
       Godzilla, Shockirus
    9 Southern Alps ・ A canyon ・ Over the sky
       Super-Weapon ・ Super-Weapon
       Monkey God Beast, Dragon God Beast
    10 Undersea cavern offshore ・ Godzilla resurrection
       Nuclear submarine, Godzilla
    11 Over Pacific Ocean
       Small twin engine plane, Dragon God Beast, Godzilla
    12 Kujuukuri Beach’s battle
       Support submarine Giant Bus
       Flying Angel
       Self-Defense Force elite army, Godzilla, Bakan
    13 Space ・ Earth orbit
       Military satellite Red Bird
    14 Tokyo Bay ・ Miura Peninsula
    15 Bayonnaise Rocks
       Laser cannon, laser nuclear fusion, Godzilla
    16 America ・ West Coast
       Nuclear power plant, Godzilla


    Resurrection of Godzilla

       Masao Inamura (61) Atomic Physicist
       Akiko (27) the daughter, Ancient Biology Assistant Professor
       Reika, Inamura’s wife who passed away 28 years ago
       Shinpei Muraki (31) Big Newspaper Company’s Photographer

       Isao Kagami (28) Cargo Ship Crew

    Monster Characters
              Water God Beast
              Monkey God Beast
              Dragon God Beast

       Shockirus, blood-sucking mite living off Godzilla
       Meat-Eating Plant

    Mecha Rapport
       Flying Angel
              Japan-US joint development VTOL plane.
              Equipped with Super Napalm Bullets as its main attack weapon.
       Giant Bus
              A giant Trident submarine’s support submarine, it has several giant arms for working that are capable of withstanding up to 200,000 horsepower.
       Red Bird
              Military satellite in space orbit with a laser cannon.
       Super Nucleus “Reikanium”



    The Northern Alps are shrouded in dusk. Mount Kiso Ontake, a place worshipped as a sacred mountain, explodes with an earth-shattering boom, awakening from what’s possibly tens of thousands of years of sleep, and begins showing signs of volcanic activity.

    To investigate this sudden wonder of nature, photographer Shinpei Muraki (31) of the big news company World Press rushes to the location in a helicopter. In the middle of collecting data, he finds and rescues a female hiker who was running away from the downpour of volcanic ash.

    Muraki carries the fear-stricken girl to a safe zone. Curious about the big fern-like plant the girl holds tightly in her hands, Muraki flies back up again for more data collecting.

    Suddenly, slipping in and out of view from the crater of erupting smoke jumps something huge, a beast resembling a dinosaur. Catching sight of it, Muraki clicks his camera shutter in a panic—

    “A monster?! It can’t be…”

    Because of the approaching darkness and the helicopter running out of fuel, in the end Muraki is unable to confirm the appearance of the creature.


    Deep in the Northern Alps and completely wrapped in darkness, something huge can be seen in the developing photos, though not very clearly. It is disappearing into the dark while knocking down many trees. However, growing near the roots of the fallen trees are giant ferns, the same plant that the female hiker Muraki saved was holding.

    Then, that night—

    Because radar spotted a sudden “UFO” appearance in the skies of Shinshu-Matsumoto, a Self-Defense Force jet plane F-4EJ Phantom is scrambled to survey the area. Not long after, the plane crashes into a pterosaur-like flying organism. However, as the creature was unidentified, the incident and the pilot’s death are treated as an accident via unknown circumstances.


    The pictures of the dinosaur-like “something” that Muraki photographed at Mount Ontake finally develop. While off-focus, Muraki is able to determine that whatever the creature may be was indeed captured in his photographs, and that it is absolutely huge. After hearing of the F-4EJ Phantom that mysteriously crashed in the Shinshu-Matsumoto skies, Muraki discovers that a giant flying organism was captured in the plane’s gun camera, and comes to a shocking revelation.

    (It really is a monster…!)

    While worked up, Muraki cannot prove the existence of the monster with just his pictures alone.

    (Something is happening…)

    Following his intuition, Muraki strongly pushes for his story to gain attention at his place of work. However, no one at World Press news heeds Muraki’s words, and his story goes unpublished.

    Muraki is prepared to fight alone when out of the blue he is contacted by someone from the T University Ancient Biology Laboratory, who takes his plight seriously and wishes to see his pictures.

    And upon seeing the assistant professor coming to retrieve the photos, Muraki raises his voice in surprise. The female assistant professor, introducing herself as Akiko Inamura (27), turns out to be none other than the female hiker Muraki rescued at Mount Ontake.


    Muraki’s story about the possible existence of a monster is what Akiko showed a curious amount of interest in the most. According to her, the truth was that while she was performing series of tests herself, Akiko began to suspect something strange was happening at the mountain.

    As for where Akiko’s research led her, she was holding it in her hands when Muraki rescued her: the big fern-like plant.


    From the Paleozoic-Permian Period to the Mesozoic-Triassic Period, the earth was covered with fern-type plants. The ancient plant from about 230 million years ago was, somehow, beginning to grow in the modern day, but only at one particular place.

    The Fossa Magna fault line, which runs from Shizuoka to Itoigawa, is especially prominent near the mountain district of Mount Ontake, all the way up to Mount Shirouma in the Northern Alps. It was here where the ancient fern could be spotted. Moreover, in this particular area plenty of dinosaur fossils have also been previously excavated.

    With the ancient fern’s rapid increase in numbers, Mount Otake’s explosion, and the sudden appearances of a dinosaur and giant organism resembling a pterosaur—

    Muraki and Akiko promise one another to further investigate these puzzles that share such common ground, and to discover what else ties them together.


    That night, because he saved her life, Muraki is introduced to Akiko’s father, Masao Inamura (61), a nuclear physicist representing Japan, and once again Muraki finds himself surprised.


    In the pine forest of Kujuukuri Beach where the Kuroshio Current washes ashore, a futuristic city filled with groups of buildings spreads all over.

    As part of a future energy policy, the government gathered its wisest minds and built the “Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute”.

    With a nuclear power plant and various attached facilities, the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute performed its business using a large number of the latest researching equipment. Marking the start of a new generation of nuclear power plants, this research institute first made waves by experimenting with a “Laser Nuclear Fusion Plant” – a project carried out and advanced by Inamura himself that captured the world’s attention.

    Laser nuclear fusion – in other words, hitting the nucleus of deuterium, tritium, etc. with a powerful laser beam to raise a mild nuclear fusion, and using this reaction to power a safe nuclear power plant, free from the danger of explosivity and radioactivity.

    The key to the success of this “laser nuclear fusion” process was the nucleus in the middle, made possible by the long-time research of the not-yet-invented superatom of Inamura’s design: the one new material that led to the success of the laser nuclear fusion plant.

    Inamura named the superatom nucleus “Reikanium”, but refrained from making the manufacturing method public. This was due to his fear of what the military would do, as the laser nuclear fusion plant’s research could be used to create a “laser hydrogen bomb” – a weapon far more powerful than conventional nuclear weapons. In fact, there were already movements starting in the military forces of every nation, pressuring Inamura to make the manufacturing method made public.

    However, Inamura firmly refused to give into these demands, taking his own research of the laser nuclear fusion plant, and devoting himself to “the peaceful use of nuclear energy”.

    “Aiming for an absolutely safe source of nuclear energy—”

    Knowing the true form of the nucleus, Inamura also kept watchful eyes on its continued peaceful use.

    Looking back at movements commonly against the construction of nuclear power plants at various locations, the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute was constructed on the basis of understanding of its local residents, and the reason the facility and the locals could coexist so peacefully was due to the trust the residents had in Inamura.


    Akiko introduces Muraki to Inamura—

    For quite some time, Inamura’s way of life, with his unshaken composure and firm stance on the peaceful use of the nucleus, has had Muraki hold deep feelings of respect towards the scientist.


    That night, father, daughter, and the daughter’s savior have fun and lively conversations, and open their hearts to one another. Among their discussions, the topic of Akiko’s mother is brought up – and, for a moment, Inamura’s face shows deep sorrow. Seeing this, Muraki changes the subject, though he still had questions about it.

    Afterwards, Muraki is told about “Reika” from Akiko’s own lips. Her mother, a beautiful Chinese girl who had been tied in a deep love with Inamura, died while giving birth to Akiko, but Akiko herself didn’t know many details about her mother.


    While the three are sitting in a circle, news of the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute’s charter cargo ship the Shigefuku-Maru’s disaster bursts into their location.


    Not long before this—

    On the Pacific Ocean, while sailing over the coastal waters of Iwo Jima, the Shigefuku-Maru encounters a sudden giant whirlpool accompanied by thick fog. The ship is swallowed up by the watery vortex, which resembled the leaves of trees—

    Before long, the hull breaks in two just as an “SOS” transmission is sent, and the wrecked ship sinks deep into the sea while carrying her crew.

    The place where the ship sank is referred to as “Japan’s Bermuda Triangle”, or the Devil’s Sea triangle, and is feared by sailors.


    The news of the Shigefuku-Maru’s disaster reaches the ears of research institute staff and citizens, shocking everyone.

    Because of the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute’s construction, many of the ship’s crewmembers were locals who gave up their poor fisherman lives to aid the institute’s cause. In addition, the cargo consisted of radioactive waste, which in accordance with an international agreement was to be dumped into the Mariana Trench at a depth of nearly 11,000 meters.

    And because the ship’s disaster site was way off course, Inamura gains suspicions like “Illegal waste dumping?” as a possible reason. Inamura appeals for a large-scale investigation from the government, in order to search for the disaster’s cause and to collect the radioactive waste as soon as possible.

    However, despite the investigation being started immediately after the disaster, no traces of the Shigefuku-Maru in the area of the ocean around the site could be found.


    Meanwhile, while chasing the monster of the Northern Alps, Muraki and Akiko discover the silhouette of a giant organism from their helicopter, a strange silhouette residing at the bottom of Kuroyon Dam. Surprisingly, the shape of the silhouette at the bottom of the dam is totally different from the one Muraki saw at Mount Otake, or even the one that attacked the Self-Defense Force’s Phantom jet in the Shinshu-Matsumoto skies. The mysterious creature appears to be some kind of sea dragon.

    A third monster?—

    A formation of Self-Defense Force’s F-4EJ Phantoms come flying in after Muraki’s report, and they swiftly launch a missile attack at the giant silhouette at the bottom of the dam.

    The giant silhouette resembling a sea dragon squirms out of the bottom of the dam, eventually letting out a sharp roar, and finally reveals its disgusting form on the twilight surface.

    It has a length of over 60 meters, green slimy skin all over its body, a face somewhat reptile-like with a wide-opening mouth, and hands with fish-like fins for swimming—

    “That’s the Water God Beast! A monster that appeared in the legends of my mother’s country – the Water God Beast!”

    Akiko, standing dumbfounded, lets out a voice almost like a shriek to Muraki upon seeing the beast.


    With Chinese blood running through her veins, Akiko held a deep admiration for her mother’s homeland.

    Akiko’s interest in ancient Chinese literature was indicative of this.

    Amongst her many books was a religious-type legend called the “Chu Ci”, which described the appearance of the “Water God Beast” – and, at that moment, the creature revealing itself on the Kuroyon Dam’s surface was exactly the same thing.

    The legend had it that there were two more monsters named the “Monkey God Beast” and the “Dragon God Beast”, and that which ruled the three monsters was the powerful magic beast named “Bakan”.

    At Mount Ontake, the one Muraki saw was none other than the “Monkey God Beast”, while the flying monster above the Shinshu-Matsumoto skies was the “Dragon God Beast”.

    The Sidewinders launched by the F-4EJ Phantoms are sucked into the dark waters of the dam by the Water God Beast’s giant body and eventually burst. The Water God Beast, enraged by the assault, turns to counterattack with a sharp roar.

    A liquid beam bursts forth from its mouth, striking the Phantoms one after another as they attack in waves. Touched by the liquid, the Phantoms’ wings start to melt as smoldering white smoke rises from the fuselage, and the supersonic jets finally explode in a burst of flame.

    And then, in the middle of the battle, the surface of the dam’s wall starts to crack, eventually collapsing with a loud noise, pouring forth huge amounts of lake water-turned-muddy waves as it slowly swoops down towards the residents living downstream.

    In the middle of this disaster, the Water God Beast is swallowed into the muddy rapids and disappears.

    Soon after this, the Self-Defense Force’s tank unit carrying evacuating residents on the road along the downstream canyon are attacked out of nowhere by another monster.

    With the features of a Tyrannosaurus, and the body of a pithecanthrope—

    It is undoubtedly the “Monkey God Beast”, as told in the Chinese legend, and the same beast that Muraki saw at Mount Ontake.

    The Monkey God Beast, with swift movements, breaths flames at the transport truck unit and the convoy tank unit, causing them to blow up in blazing flames. And just as soon as it had appeared, the Monkey God Beast disappears elsewhere.

    However, moments later and up in the skies, a fierce aerial battle was beginning.

    The Phantom fighter unit that had come to reinforce the transport truck unit attacked by the Monkey God Beast suddenly comes into contact with another monster, a flying creature rising from the ground.

    Retaliating against the Phantom unit’s air-to-air missiles and Vulcan cannon attacks with a lightning beam fired from its mouth is, undoubtedly, the “Dragon God Beast” of legend itself. And after downing several Phantoms, the Dragon God Beast retreats, leaving behind a sharp roar before disappearing into the night sky of the Alps.


    With the appearance of the three monsters – the Water God Beast, the Monkey God Beast, and the Dragon God Beast – the people of Japan are in an uproar.

    Monsters that couldn’t be defeated by the Self-Defense Force’s conventional weaponry—

    Pictures of Muraki’s scoop decorate newspaper pages every day, while Akiko commentates from the viewpoint of ancient biology:


    About 230 million years ago, the Japanese islands weren’t like the current island formations, but were instead connected to land, right at the coast of the Asian continent. The Fossa Magna was exactly where the coastline used to be.

    The coastline was thickly covered by a fern-type plant, and for creatures walking the path of evolution from amphibians to dinosaurs, this was exactly the place they needed to thrive.

    Among these, there were some that by total chance went into deep sleep while still alive, dinosaurs that ended up being shut deep underground while their relatives moved more inland. The birth of the Japanese islands was caused by a change in the earth’s crust, and while those above ground went extinct, the traces of those who survived sleeping within the earth were eventually passed on as legends.

    However, the dinosaurs that fell asleep underground were awakened from their slumber due to the shifting of the earth’s crust. And upon awakening, the ancient fern multiplied due to the abnormal weather of the present day environment.

    And now, the three monsters currently awakened are most likely hiding somewhere near the Fossa Magna due to following their homing instincts.

    These comments from Akiko are picked up by the government’s “Monster Task Force”, and Muraki and Akiko are invited to become a part of the task force’s members, and ordered to divulge more detailed information regarding the three monsters.


    In the middle of all this, Isao Kagami (28), a crewmember of the doomed Shigefuku-Maru in the Pacific, is miraculously rescued, and his mysterious personal experience yields a truly astonishing testimony.

    It is exactly as Inamura feared. For the sake of profit, the Shigefuku-Maru had been going to that area of the ocean a number of times to dump radioactive waste illegally. Moreover, in the undersea cavern he was brought to by the big whirlpool, Kagami claims to have seen something horrifying.


    A giant cavern with faint gas drifting around the whole screen

    As part of the undersea cavern is connected to the outside, clear blue seawater steadily flows in, and a light coming from this hole in the water faintly illuminates the cavern’s insides.

    Kagami, who was washed up on the rocky area of the undersea cavern, confirms the survival of several other low-ranking crewmembers, and the surviving men regroup and rejoice with one another.

    However, the bizarre plants growing on the cavern’s beach come swooping down on them with countless whip-like, long tentacles.

    In this sudden attack, one of the crewmembers is caught by the tentacles, strangled, and dies immediately. His body starts to melt due to a mucus secreted by the plant, and a hole like a mouth near the plant’s trunk begins to feast upon him!

    It was a giant meat-eating plant.


    At the cruel death of their companion, and with the countless tentacles of other meat-eating plants aiming for their next prey, the surviving crew flee the beach in a panic. Not knowing what to do, they eventually arrive at a rocky area where the meat-eating plants are not growing.

    However, at this rocky area, another terror is waiting for them.

    They are arthropods as large as cows. These mysterious mite-like creatures pounce upon the men retreating to the rocky area, sucking up all the blood from their bodies.

    The unfortunate victims shriveled into what look like mummies and perish—

    With a picture of hell unfolding before his very eyes and unable to do anything, Kagami runs desperately from the mysterious creatures and arrives at strangely zigzag-shaped rocks sticking out from the water’s surface, and is startled.

    The row of strangely-shaped rocks move slowly up and down as if breathing, and further down something that looks like a giant arm—


    Kagami is left in shock, realizing he was standing on top of a giant monster. The blood-sucking mysterious creatures were sticking to it as well, and begin closing in on him.

    Kagami takes a deep breath and, to escape from everything, dives into the water and heads towards the light under the sea.


    “Giant monster-?!” Everyone present is stirred by Kagami’s story, and the monster Kagami sketches is something totally different from the Water God Beast, the Monkey God Beast, and the Dragon God Beast.

    It has hideously burned skin on its charcoal-colored body, with sharp claws and dorsal fins similar in appearance to strangely-shaped rocks. Inamura, who is holding the sketch, mutters in a low voice.

    “It’s Godzilla!! I can’t believe it’s sleeping in a place like this…”

    Years ago, because of accumulated nuclear tests over time, the tests awakened from ancient sleep “Nuclear’s Incarnation: Godzilla”—

    As if condemning the illegal dumping of radioactive waste, Godzilla has now made it clear that it exists. Moreover, if Godzilla were to awaken, it would pose as an immense threat, for the nuclear civilization that humanity has peacefully built up would be targeted.

    Wanting to confirm Godzilla’s existence himself, Inamura joins an investigative team heading to the Devil’s Sea triangle and departs.


    Meanwhile, the search for the three hiding monsters continued. Centering around the Self-Defense Force and Akiko, after noticing the increased state of the ancient fern and the instinctive behavior of the creatures, it is deduced that the monsters are lurking somewhere in a canyon in the Southern Alps, and a team is sent out to investigate with the help of Muraki. It doesn’t take long for the search to yield results as, inside a zigzag-like crack in the canyon, Muraki and Akiko find the Monkey God Beast hiding within the wide-open trench.


    Hearing this, the Self-Defense Force once again launches an assault, this time using the Japan-US Army joint development Super-Weapon, Flying Angel. With an angular airframe, Flying Angel is a VTOL support fighter that looks like some kind of sci-fi vehicle, contrary to its gentle name, and carries with it an assortment of powerful weaponry.

    Passing through the zigzagging canyon with great speed, if there is anything that can effectively attack the hiding body of the Monkey God Beast in the lengthy hole in the earth, it is surely none other than Flying Angel.

    Upon finding the ape-like monstrosity, Flying Angel begins launching its Super Napalm Bullet attack against the Monkey God Beast.

    At the same time, the government-dispatched investigative team heading towards the Devil’s Sea triangle falls into danger near the undersea cavern where Godzilla sleeps, as a teardrop-shaped nuclear submarine of unknown nationality starts attacking them.

    Their aim was Inamura—

    Since Inamura won’t publicize Reikanium’s manufacturing method, the unknown perpetrators resort to desperate measures: finding and capturing the scientist. The only person willing to risking his life to save Inamura is the Shigefuku-Maru’s survivor, Kagami.

    Kagami, realizing not only that he committed a conduct violation by the illegal dumping of radioactive waste, but also how he betrayed Inamura’s trust, was filled with deep regret.

    While screaming “The doctor’s nucleus is to be used for the sake of creating peace for humans!”, Kagami rushes towards the perpetrators and, because of this action, startles them into turning their submarine the wrong direction. The nuclear submarine crashes into the undersea cavern, causing a huge explosion.

    At that moment, a huge amount of strong radiation is released into the cavern.

    And almost instantly, from the water’s stirring surface, a huge black body stands up.

    A piercing roar shakes the air.

    Godzilla has been revived.

    Another roar—


    Flying Angel’s Super Napalm attack is concentrated on the hole where the Monkey God Beast resides, covering the canyon’s insides with the exploding napalm’s flames.

    And, suddenly, the Dragon God Beast leaps out of the hole and rushes to the Flying Angel’s formation. Flying Angel, with fast movement being its specialty, immediately flies away to safety – but why was it not the Monkey God Beast but instead the Dragon God Beast?!

    In that moment, as if feeling some kind of presence, the Dragon God Beast heads south while roaring aggressively over and over, breaking away from Flying Angel’s attacks.

    Right then, south from that area, Godzilla begins moving.

    The radioactivity of the destroyed nuclear submarine is washed up by the Kuroshio Current towards the Pacific Ocean.

    The destination of this spilt radiation is the Japanese islands—

    And now, Godzilla is once again lured by the radiation…

    “Human’s greed has now revived Godzilla.”

    Inamura’s words resound hollowly.


    In the skies above the Pacific Ocean—

    To search for Godzilla who is supposedly heading for Japan, a small twin engine plane seating Muraki takes off. All of a sudden, dark clouds appear in the sky, and with the striking of lightning comes the form of the Dragon God Beast, who attacks Muraki’s twin engine plane.

    Diving down while sharply turning, the twin engine plane evades desperately while a lightning beam from the Dragon God Beast’s mouth closes in.

    The twin engine plane narrowly escapes while grazing the surface of the sea—

    The sea ahead violently starts to ripple, and the sea level suddenly rises.

    A roar shakes the atmosphere!

    Standing there is Godzilla.

    Godzilla, with its pure fighting instinct, shoots an atomic ray at the Dragon God Beast as it pursues the twin engine plane. Disengaging from the plane, the Dragon God Beast returns fire at Godzilla with a lightning beam attack while in the sky. But in their brief duel, Godzilla eventually catches the Dragon God Beast by its wings, firmly wrestling with it and plunging with it into the ocean.

    And just like that, the two monsters disappear into the sea and don’t resurface.

    “The Dragon God Beast in the sea…?”

    Muraki has a bad feeling in his heart about the Dragon God Beast, the Water God Beast, and the Monkey God Beast.

    That same day, Muraki makes the scoop yet again with pictures of his near-death encounter with the flying monster filling up pages, and a report about how Godzilla is definitely moving closer to Japan.

    However, Akiko expresses her dislike of Muraki’s reckless data collecting through tears of distress.

    Around this time, a flame of love towards Muraki had already started to burn in Akiko’s heart.


    “The three monsters – the dragon god, the water god, and the monkey god… Why do they never appear at the same time?”

    This question puzzles Muraki. While peeking through a microscope, Akiko mutters an answer.

    “Bakan holds the answer, I’m sure of it…”

    The cells magnified under the microscope are those of the Monkey God Beast, and yet, when exposed to water or air, the cells change subtly.


    Akiko’s face strains.


    The next morning, a floating wreck resembling a nuclear submarine washes up on Kujuukuri Beach, and from the seawater, high concentrations of radioactivity are detected.

    Along with giant claw marks left on the floating wreck, various objects from the submarine of unknown nationality that exploded at the Devil’s Sea triangle have made the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute’s staff and local residents familiar with the incident fall into despair, as they believe Godzilla is definitely coming closer.

    Kuroshio Current arrives carrying radioactivity—

    Lured by that radiation, Godzilla heads to Japan—

    And soon, Godzilla will be setting foot on Kujuukuri Beach, no doubt prepared to assault the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, Japan’s symbol of nuclear civilization.

    Inamura’s worst fear is about to come true.


    Thus, at Kujuukuri Beach, led by the Flying Angel unit, the Self-Defense Force’s elite – their strongest line of defense – is deployed, while offshore, the Trident submarine’s support submarine Giant Bus hides its super giant hull.

    With its strong giant arms, Giant Bus is used to holding Trident submarines with a total length of 200 meters while underwater. The underwater Super-Weapon spreads out its arms while waiting for Godzilla, like a sea anemone waiting for its prey.


    The defensive line’s gun barrels are all pointed to the coast, where finally Godzilla’s slow, heavy, stomping body appears.

    All gun barrels fire, while Godzilla’s atomic ray counterattacks.

    At that moment, both of Godzilla’s arms and legs are clamped onto firmly by the extended arms of Giant Bus from under the sea. The arms, capable of holding a Trident submarine of 200,000 horsepower, don’t even flinch at Godzilla’s desperate struggle.

    And so, with Godzilla unable to move, the Flying Angel unit’s Super Napalm Bullets engulf Godzilla in a blazing hot fire.

    Then suddenly, the sea surface nearby violently bubbles and rises, and the Water God Beast somehow appears.

    The Water God Beast proceeds to spit a liquid beam from its mouth – a beam capable of melting anything and everything it touches – against the immobile Godzilla. The atomic monster’s body begins bubbling with white smoke as the skin struck by the beam starts to melt.

    At the same time, the Flying Angel unit’s Super Napalm attacks strike both Godzilla and the Water God Beast.

    However – the Water God Beast’s liquid beam also melts Giant Bus’s arms.

    Godzilla roars as it immediately destroys Giant Bus and proceeds to wrestle with the Water God Beast. During their bout, Godzilla’s atomic ray and the Water God Beast’s stray liquid beams take down the Flying Angels one by one, until finally the entire unit is wiped out.

    With Godzilla having the upper hand in the fight, the Water God Beast finally retreats into the sea, and for the moment the battle appears to be over.

    The Water God Beast suddenly leaps from the ocean and takes to the air, and its face and body transform quickly, somehow shapeshifting into the Dragon God Beast, which launches its attack against Godzilla.

    People watching nearby stand still, dumbfounded—

    Godzilla falters for a moment from the sudden attack from the sky, but then fixates its gaze on and starts making its way toward the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute.

    The Self-Defense Force’s gunfire concentrates heavily on Godzilla—

    The Dragon God Beast also fires its lightning beam at Godzilla’s body.

    At last, Godzilla’s atomic ray takes down the Dragon God Beast, and it flies towards Godzilla – but as everyone watches, the creature’s form somehow changes into the Monkey God Beast!

    The Monkey God Beast, with its quick movements, uses its flame attack on Godzilla repeatedly, to the point where Godzilla is forced back into the ocean. The Monkey God Beast’s form turns into that of the Water God Beast moments later as it pursues its foe, continuing their fight at sea.

    Akiko tells Muraki while shaking in fear.

    “That’s Bakan! The three-form monster Bakan!”

    The “Water God Beast”, “Dragon God Beast”, and “Monkey God Beast” thought to have been three monsters were in actuality one monster – “Bakan”.

    The one as told in Chinese legend, the ruler of the “Water God Beast”, “Dragon God Beast”, and “Monkey God Beast”: the Demon Beast Bakan—

    That Bakan is, at the moment, fighting against Godzilla while transforming its body into its three forms, one after another.

    In the water it turns into the Water God Beast, on land it becomes the Monkey God Beast, and when ascending into the sky it transforms into the Dragon God Beast…

    Bakan’s fighting instinct allows it to freely transform its cells of its own will, changing its form and even its special characteristics – truly a magical beast.

    The grand battle continues.

    However, due to the constantly-changing and repeated attacks from Bakan, Godzilla is rapidly exhausted. Even so, the atomic mutant continues to be guided by its instincts towards the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, all while simultaneously fighting Bakan. The Self-Defense Force’s gunfire continues.

    Wounds cover Godzilla’s body—

    And finally, just before the research institute’s nuclear reactor’s building, Godzilla runs out of energy and collapses on top of the facility.

    The nuclear reactor breaks into pieces—

    Seemingly dead, Godzilla doesn’t move a muscle, and Bakan roars triumphantly over and over.


    The Demon Beast Bakan has defeated even Godzilla—

    Before the rampaging Bakan, the Self-Defense Force’s desperate, futile attacks continue.


    At the nuclear reactor’s building where Godzilla collapsed, the still-functioning “radioactivity detector meter” does something unusual, right around the time the building crumbled.

    The deadly radiation that should have burst forth destructively instead disappears while dispersing into the atmosphere, as if being absorbed by something, while the meter continues to detect it. Suddenly, the unmoving Godzilla’s dorsal fins, which look like strangely-shaped rocks, begin to luminesce strangely.

    And then, amidst a piercing roar, the giant black body covered in wounds moves!

    Because it collapsed on the nuclear reactor’s core, it absorbed the radiation into its body. Godzilla is revived once more.


    Godzilla and Bakan’s grand battle begins again—

    Because Godzilla absorbed so much radiation into its body, the battle progresses in Godzilla’s favor, and finally Bakan’s giant body is taken down by a powerful atomic ray.

    Bakan, whose entire form is flooded by the intense ray and covered in white smoke, sinks into the sea.

    Godzilla has defeated the Demon Beast Bakan.

    Godzilla, too, disappears into the sea, as if to tend to its wound-covered body.


    And so Bakan, who struck fear into the hearts of Japan’s people, is defeated by the revived Godzilla.

    However, this time a new fear in the form of Godzilla weighed on people’s hearts.

    The Japan Self-Defense Forces and Western forces were now totally powerless as their Super-Weapons were lost in the fight against Godzilla, a monster who could appear again anywhere at any time.

    The Self-Defense Forces eventually discover Godzilla lurking at the bottom of the entrance to Tokyo Bay, healing its wounds and seemingly aiming for Tokyo.

    If Tokyo were to be attacked…

    It would be catastrophic for not just the Japanese economy, but for the worldwide economy, leaving humanity in a crisis.


    Because of this imminent threat, an appeal from the Western forces through the Japanese government is made to Inamura, who at the time was bedridden from a sickness of an unknown cause, requesting for his research regarding the “Laser Nuclear Fusion” system and that of the super nucleus Reikanium, so to be used as a weapon against Godzilla.

    Making use of the special characteristics of the super nucleus Reikanium, Godzilla’s body would be turned into a giant nucleus and fired at from earth’s orbit with a laser beam from the military satellite “Red Bird”, triggering nuclear fusion within Godzilla’s body itself.

    Against the immortal Godzilla who can withstand the explosions of atom and hydrogen bombs, to trigger a nuclear fusion using its own body —

    It would indeed be an ultimate weapon beyond imagination to defeat Godzilla, and the last hope for humanity.

    However, Inamura stands fast to his beliefs, using them as an excuse not to go through with the plan and stubbornly refuses the appeal.

    Though Tokyo is still safe, Godzilla’s movements continue to be observed, and the many criticisms from people against Inamura’s decision are handled by Akiko, who pitifully apologizes for her father’s attitude.

    While the Japanese government continues to persuade Inamura, trajectory changes and preparations are made to the laser-firing device equipped to the military satellite Red Bird by the Western military.

    Then the worst case scenario occurs: Godzilla rises from the depths, its target indesputably being Tokyo. After setting foot on the Miura Peninsula, heavy damage is sustained, and the bodies of many victims begins piling up.

    With Godzilla on the move, Akiko returns to her family house on the Miura Peninsula to get her mother Reika’s keepsake, but is put in imminent danger as Godzilla draws ever closer.

    But even with the knowledge of his daughter being in imminent danger, Inamura remains in one of the research institute’s rooms, standing by his unwavering decisions through his own stubborn determination.

    Inamura’s attitude makes Muraki jump to the conclusion that this stubbornness is a result of Inamura wanting to monopolize his research and the new substance. Muraki hurls insults at the man he once respected, then rushes out to rescue Akiko alone.

    Burning wooden houses with an atomic ray, and using its powerful arms, legs, and tail, Godzilla mows down skyscraper buildings and other structures in its way with ease!

    And in Godzilla’s path is Akiko.

    Godzilla approaches.

    While roaring flames engulf Akiko’s family home, Akiko finally escapes while carrying her father’s thick diary and the picture of her mother, Reika.

    However, the whole neighborhood is already in a sea of roaring flames, just like in the air raid 30 years ago.

    Flames become like the wind and travel the ground, burning people trying to escape.

    Godzilla slips in and out of view inside of the flame—

    Akiko, in an attempt to evade the burning flames and the approaching Godzilla, escapes through a manhole leading into a sewer tunnel, joining other people who have already taken refuge there, all of whom wait while half-praying for the hell on earth to pass.

    However, the devil’s arms are reaching out towards Akiko and the others.

    A large number of rats gather out of nowhere, running through the sewage hole like they’re terrified of something. Then, from behind, there is the loud whooshing noise, and a yellow gas approaches.

    The rats that fail to escape the gas are engulfed by it, and lay twitching on the ground as if slowly dying.

    The yellow gas was leaked from an industrial complex that Godzilla destroyed – the deadly poison gas was now flowing freely into the drainage pipes.

    The gas closes in on Akiko and the others taking refuge in a corner of the sewers. But as she was able to sense this danger before the others, Akiko manages to escape with the least possible causalities. Accompanied by a handful of survivors, Akiko proceeds deeper into the sewer system—

    The drainage pipes are like a maze—

    Behind them, the yellow gas keeps closing in, while on the surface, Godzilla’s destruction continues.


    However, through hard work and a collaborative effort, Akiko and her group manages to escape the ensuing danger, and finally reach the surface safely.

    The place they are now is the starting point station of a mountain-climbing ropeway to 〇〇 Mountain, which overlooks the whole view of the Miura Peninsula.

    A totally undamaged neighborhood—

    However, the roaring flames engulfing the city are gradually closing in on the place where Akiko and her group escaped to.

    The group decides to use the ropeway to cross the mountain.

    And so, with the generator’s power, the ropeway Akiko and her group ride starts to move towards the summit.

    Burning down the untouched town, the flames move closer to the foot of 〇〇 Mountain —

    Slowly, the ropeway continues climbing towards the summit.

    The fire approaches—

    And then, the fire finally engulfs the power room with the generator, and the ropeway stops dead in its tracks, leaving Akiko and the others stuck hanging in midair.

    The locked room stuck in the middle of the ropeway offers no escape, leaving everyone trapped inside.

    Before long, the flames that burned down the power room gradually begin spreading to the mountain forest.

    It’s a desperate situation.

    A child cries while being held by their mother—

    (If only father bit the bullet and used the Reikanium, these people wouldn’t have to die…)

    Her father’s face, her mother’s face, and Muraki’s face all flood Akiko’s heart.

    The fire spreading to the mountain forest slowly but surely approaches the suspended ropeway box.

    Akiko and her group prepare for certain death.

    Suddenly, near the ropeway’s window, a single rope ladder smoothly unfolds and drops down.

    The rope ladder dangles from a helicopter hovering in the air—,

    And the one flying the helicopter was Muraki, who had come to rescue Akiko.

    One by one, people climb up the rope ladder and enter the helicopter.

    And finally, one last person—

    At that moment.

    GOOOH-!! A booming roar shakes the atmosphere.

    Before the hovering helicopter stood Godzilla, who had circled around 〇〇 Mountain.

    With one last person about to climb, the helicopter is unable to move the dangling rope ladder away from the suspended ropeway.

    Godzilla’s giant body slowly approaches the hovering helicopter.

    An instant later, as Muraki’s helicopter rescues the last person, the chopper barely manages to escape Godzilla’s reach, narrowly missing crashing into the monster’s face.

    Muraki immediately lands and drops Akiko and her group off in a nearby safe zone. But just as Muraki is about to exit himself, Akiko screams as the helicopter is caught in Godzilla’s atomic ray and explodes into flame.

    Caught in the explosion, Muraki flung to the ground and left seriously wounded, on the verge of death…


    Delivering her father’s diary and her mother’s picture to Inamura, Akiko reports about the increasing casualties while in tears, begging her father to consent to the army’s appeal — to use the Reinconium and the laser nuclear fusion as a weapon against Godzilla.

    “Father please, Mr. Muraki might die. But, he saved us with his life on the line, so don’t let his sacrifice be for nothing—”

    Akiko breaks down crying while speaking.

    In Inamura’s heart, he recalls those happy days he spent with Reika. And in that moment, the world goes silent, and something that had been heavily weighing on his mind dramatically crumbles away.

    Finally, Inamura accepts the appeal.


    Godzilla, who was heading to Tokyo, is lured by plutonium carried from the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, and begins changing direction from the Tokyo harbor back out towards the Pacific Ocean.

    Around the same time, in space, the military satellite Red Bird focuses its laser cannon onto one point: an area on the Izu Islands on the Bayonnaise Rocks.

    And then, with three spots on the earth’s surface used for making a triangular shape based on that one point, the laser cannon’s reflecting device is set up.


    Despite his sickness, Inamura works day and night to the point of exhaustion, all while keeping watch from the escort vessel’s bridge, which patrols the waters where the plan is set to take place. With the plutonium bait set, Godzilla finally arrives at the designated point.

    As Godzilla is enveloped in small explosions of the super nucleus Reikanium, in that instant, a button on the switch Inamura holds in his hands is pressed.

    The three spots on the earth’s surface are concentrated, fired, and reflected as they converge from a single point from space into a long beam that surrounds Godzilla.

    While the laser’s light forms a beautiful pyramid-shaped triangle, in the center the Reikanium’s reaction begins, transforming Godzilla’s body into a nucleus and turning the monster white-hot.

    A tremendous nuclear fusion is occurring inside Godzilla’s body.

    And then, Godzilla’s body turns even more white-hot – an instant later, its generates a massive fireball, which rises into the sky before everyone’s eyes.

    A giant nuclear fusion explosion occurs at the Bayonnaise Rocks.


    The explosion terminates Godzilla, along with everything in that area of the ocean—

    On the merry escort vessel’s bridge, everyone onboard is cheering. Meanwhile, Inamura sees the illusion of his wife, Reika…

    Bending his strong determination, Inamura took his own research for military use as a laser hydrogen bomb. As if understanding his agony, Reika’s phantom nods gently, reassuringly at him.


    Suddenly, Inamura collapses to the floor, and a nearby military physician raises Inamura’s arm – and is shocked to learn that Inamura has already passed away.

    35 years ago, Inamura was exposed to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, and that same radiation continued to eat away at Inamura’s body throughout his life. His wife Reika, too, was a victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, and the true reason for her death during childbirth was due to an atomic bomb disease.

    Enchanted by the great energy that is nuclear power, Inamura started walking the path of nuclear physics. But the radiation that continued to invade his body and that had consumed his wife’s life, he hated it more than anything.

    Akiko, feeling deep sorrow for her parents, holds her father’s diary tightly to her chest.

    “That’s why father couldn’t allow Reikanium to be used as a weapon. Nuclear power took his beloved wife, and he wanted to investigate its true form. Aiming for a truly peaceful use…”

    Akiko, breaking down crying, is held gently by Muraki.

    And then, on the last page of Inamura’s diary, the following words are written.

    “Godzilla is immortal. As long as there’s a nuclear threat in the world, Godzilla will be revived however many times.”—


    On the spot where the laser hydrogen bomb exploded, Muraki and Akiko toss a small bouquet from their hands.

    And then, elsewhere in the Pacific, on the West Coast of America—.


    The surface of the sea suddenly begins to ripple. Water rises, a great splash ensues, and a familiar giant black body emerges.

    It’s Godzilla!! A tremendous roar!! A nuclear power plant stands on the coast—

    Godzilla, as if to prove that it will continue to live as long as there are nuclear weapons on Earth, tenses all the muscles in its body to the point of trembling, and musters continuous, earth-shattering roars.


    Translations // January 22, 2017