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  • Author: Andrew Sudomerski | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

    [Continued from Match 88]

    A new year dawned over the horizon. The brittle chill rushed to fill the void, brushing large trees aside. Snowy slabs shook loose from their resting place under the harsh winds and crashed down onto a sheet of thick ice. Native fauna ran with the wild gust down the mountainous slope and steered clear from the one who was climbing to its peak. (more…)

    K.W.C. // January 10, 2020
  • Creator: A. Sousa | Banner: A. Sousa

    Two mighty titans–the legendary Godzilla and the ferocious Biollante–duke it out in a fight for supremacy! (more…)

    K.W.C. // November 9, 2017
  • Creator: A. Sousa | Banner: A. Sousa

    In a flooded city, the MUTO seeks to expand its territory. But when another monster of the sea emerges for a challenge, the two titans put their agility and strengths to the test! (more…)

    K.W.C. // December 1, 2016
  • Creator: TheSciFiGuy | Banner: TheSciFiGuy

    The Hero of Light challenges a false impostor in the likeness of the King of the Monsters. Emerging from a nearby lake, Ultraman must put a stop to the disguised threat; but will he succeed? (more…)

    K.W.C. // June 15, 2016
  • Creator: A. Sousa | Banner: A. Sousa

    Emerging from beneath the city, Gomora threatens the populace by his mere presence! Now it is up to Kiryu to put a stop to the menace. (more…)

    K.W.C. // March 13, 2016
  • Creator: A. Sousa | Banner: A. Sousa

    Wandering the frozen plains, Godzilla finds himself under assault. When he retaliates, this provokes the Guardian of the Universe and the protector of humanity–Gamera–to step in and put a stop to this, leading to a clash of iconic giants! Then the question remains: Who will prevail? (more…)

    K.W.C. // October 31, 2015
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    [Continued from Match 13]

    A pervasive wind blew against the shores of Monster Island. Fields of lush, vigorous trees occupied the majority of the island’s terrain. At the apex of the island, buried beneath thousands of tons of rock and soil, the world’s most sophisticated center of technology monitored the island’s monstrous inhabitants. On tiny screens, scientists observed the magnificent, yet terrifying creatures known as kaiju. Despite years of working at the island, it was still a mystery to its employees on why the destructive, city-leveling kaiju conveyed a sense of wonder and fear.

    Recently, an alarm informed all of the employees that an emergency was underway. From the depths of Hell, the demonic anomaly, Kumasogami, had arrived to eradicate all life on the planet. Before the humans could contact the JSDF to dispatch Kiryu or the United Nation’s Mechagodzilla to assist them in dealing with this crisis, one of the island’s occupants had dealt with the threat: Anguirus. The armored saurian proved triumphant and forced Kumasogami to succumb to its hellish domain.

    Since then, silence had once again returned to the control center. But for some reason, the island itself was silent. Even its towering titans chose not to graze openly. A haunting chill polluted the atmosphere of the center. Tensions were stirring; everyone could feel it, until suddenly the power went out. As technicians rushed to repair the damages, nobody could have ever imagined that the island itself was going to become a theatre of war.

    Dark clouds bleached out the azure-tinted sky. Thunder wailed its defiance from the heavens. An eerie feeling forewarned all of the ever mounting danger that was at hand. Suddenly, a blinding light temporarily chased away the darkness. A burning meteorite separated the clouds, as it rapidly descended to meet the world below. While its size didn’t possess the capability of annihilating the island, it would still give a wakeup call. Its extraterrestrial shape plummeted deep beneath the island’s soil, powerful shockwaves disemboweling the earthly crust. Trees miles away were flattened by the devastating shockwaves. Plumes of smoke and fire enveloped the region. Its arrival was likely foretold by the instincts of the residential kaiju; however, an even greater threat was being born inside the impact crater.

    Elsewhere, another object from space arrived. Unlike a meteorite, this object was completely organic. Its three fearsome heads located the wounded island. Areas of where the meteorite had landed were now a smoldering conflagration, but the rest of the island still retained its rich foliage. Six devilish eyes eagerly anticipated the abundant energy the forests would yield.

    Armored gray scales coated the sinister creature. Its four muscular legs anticipated the warmth of the ground. A crimson luminance radiated from the entity’s demonic orbs. It had visited over a dozen planets, and single-handedly reduced them to barren worlds. A descendent of the tyrannical abomination of the cosmos, King Ghidorah, it earned its own reputation of Death. Only a handful of mythical beings could identify its presence: Desghidorah.

    Brawny wings propelled the three-headed titan downwards, its speeding form collided against the ground. Mounds of dirt defied gravity by ascending high up into the air. Upon landing, the devilish titan immediately sought to replenish its insatiable hunger. The devilish dragon extracted waves of emerald energy, which were the life force of the trees. It took only a few seconds for the extraction to be complete. For an entire hour, Desghidorah sapped entire fields of trees dry; all that remained was withered, empty shells of lumber.

    A horrible growl caught Desghidorah’s primordial attention. The tri-headed hydra searched for the bearer of the sound, and much to its surprise, a lumbering giant stood before it. Bat-like wings stretched out of the corners of its back, an amber-hued horn stretched out of its forehead. Demonic jaws filled with hundreds of razor teeth exhaled micro-oxygen. Thorny claws pointed out of the tips of its hands, and a crimson carapace covered its thick body. Unknown to Desghidorah, the creature before it was also a harbinger of death. Its main purpose in life was to destroy it.


    A screeching cry bellowed from the gaping maw of the horrific crustacean. For the first time in Desghidorah’s repulsive existence, it felt a sensation of fear. This giant of chaos before him was filled to the brim with malevolent anarchy, but such emotions quickly dissipated. Instead, Desghidorah yearned to destroy this impudent creature.

    Without further delay, the tri-headed serpent replied with its own defiant roar, and attacked. Balls of molten energy bolted out of Desghidorah’s mouths, pelting Destoroyah’s brawny carapace and imprinting smoldering craters. While the wounds weren’t severe, the pain was phenomenal. Strangely, Destoroyah enjoyed it. The pain brought more purpose to its miserable way of life. While it took great glee in exterminating other life forms, it had never experienced the very thing it wielded.

    In retaliation, the gleaming horn crackled to life. A lavender-hued beam made up of the destructive nature of the Oxygen Destroyer spewed out of Destoroyah’s serrated jaws. They lanced into Desghidorah’s legs, shredding the joints that were buried beneath mounds of flesh and muscle. Layers of flesh instantly dissolved.

    Desghidorah howled in agony.

    The two titans traded glances. Intense hate was exchanged between the leviathans. The only way to resolve such a conflict would be to overpower the other physically. Without another thought, Desghidorah galloped to meet its abominable foe. Destoroyah’s monstrous feet left giant footprints in its sprinting wake. The entire island vibrated as these two titans of chaos clashed.

    Desghidorah stood on his hind legs and struck Destoroyah’s chest with its frontal feet. The mutated terror’s powerful body withstood the seismic collision, though the added weight forced Destoroyah’s feet to sink deeper beneath the terrain. Enraged, Destoroyah impaled the dragon’s anterior ankles with its razor-sharp claws. The two grappled with one another, desperately hoping to usurp the other with strength alone.

    Desghidorah’s middle head deemed the contest void.

    Hot, churning flames sprayed out of the middle head’s mouth. It engulfed the devil’s entire face, vaporizing billions of microbes instantly, charred residue was all that remained. The region that would normally contain Destoroyah’s eyes had been burnt out. And yet, the fearsome creature would not be denied. Trillions of microscopic organisms, each making up Destoroyah’s grotesque figure, screamed for Desghidorah’s annihilation.

    Destoroyah cranked his body forward, arching its crackling horn down the sternum of the quadrupedal hydra. The pulsating energy left behind a deep cut, submerged beneath Desghidorah’s chest region. Internal organs were dismembered, forced to deal with the unnatural stress that had befallen upon them.

    A milky-white substance seeped out of the diagonal cut and kept the wound exposed, preventing Desghidorah’s magma-hardened skin from healing the damages. The grey-armored demon charged the foul beast before it and slammed its massive bulk against Destoroyah.

    Overwhelmed, the hulking demon tottered backwards, and was barely able to retain its composure. Destoroyah blindly searched for its enemy, no longer possessing the delight of just having the diabolical dragon in front of it. In unison, billions of microscopic organisms flooded Destoroyah’s eye canals, the tiny organisms evolving and manipulating their genetic structures to form two new eyes. Destoroyah howled defiantly, its sight now restored.

    Molten balls of energy erupted out of Desghidorah’s mouths. The barrage of fiery projectiles bombarded the wicked one in the frontal torso, smoke sizzled from the destroyer’s burnt armor, with a lingering putrid smell in the air.

    To most, the smell was repulsive, but to Desghidorah, it was an invitation to feed, but all six of its eyes conveyed an alarming response. Crackling energy coursed through Destoroyah’s mammoth horn, heralding the excruciating pain the dragon had barely endured previously. Desghidorah’s three mouths roared defiantly, hoping to make Destoroyah think twice about attacking.

    Destoroyah declared Desghidorah’s threats to be nothing more than a bluff. But before it could spew out its destructive power, a lancing bolt of electromagnetic energy struck the demon in the back. It instantly vaporized a large portion of Destoroyah’s backside, before erupting out Destoroyah’s chest. Green blood vomited out of the vile beast’s fearsome maw, its painful cries silencing the wind. Unable to withstand the agonizing pain, the crimson crustacean fell forward and slammed its massive figure against the ground.

    Desghidorah was in utter awe.

    While Destoroyah’s pain delighted Desghidorah’s sick and conniving mind, it was still a sight to behold. A sudden thought alerted Desghidorah’s demented mind to take advantage of the situation. In acknowledgement, the side heads unleashed a barrage of molten energy balls, while the central head spat a torrent of blazing flames. The frontal assault bombarded Destoroyah’s weak and helpless figure. To survive this brutal onslaught, an organic cloud engulfed the fallen demon, providing cover as its molecular structure broke down, sinking beneath the soil where Destoroyah recuperated. Above ground, Desghidorah roared triumphantly. The chaotic dragon’s arrogance blinded its memory from recalling exactly what harmed its opponent in the first place…

    …Or where it came from.

    An unearthly roar captured Desghidorah’s attention. Obscured by darkness, the possessor of the roar was barely visible. Desghidorah faced the invader, unaware of its destructive potency. The invader crawled out of the darkness, and revealed its invertebrate features. An ivory carapace covered its mysterious form. It crawled on several legs. Egg sacks were tucked inside its abdomen. A pair of five claws protruded out of its upper shell, and moved around its face. Two horns, clamped against one another, bulged out of its visage. Azure-hued eyes lividly glared out of their chambers. The creature before Desghidorah shared a destructive reputation. Its species had traveled the cosmos, implanting its seeds on unsuspecting worlds. Its cold, collective mind desired only to follow its instincts. In doing so, it had formed a large legion of barbaric entities.

    Thus, its name was known simply as Legion.

    Legion’s electronic roar vibrated the earth. A massive creature in its own right, the silicon organism immediately demanded the attention of the draconic cerberus. Compressed gas internally drove Legion’s muscles to move. Its silicon based visage deemed Desghidorah unworthy.

    Her monstrous horns latched open, exposing a yellow core embedded in-between Legion’s eyes. Intense light and electromagnetic energies flared to life. They emerged out of the core and erratically bounced off the protruding horns, that was until the extraterrestrial invertebrate discharged an electromagnetic blast. It struck the ground, hundreds of yards away from Desghidorah, as a cascade of electromagnetic bolts and fire pillaged the soil, vaporizing it utterly. The ground shook beneath the demon’s feet, finally learning the identity of Destoroyah’s assailant.

    Plumes of smoke crept out of the smoldering impact crater. Either the electromagnetic bolts sheer recoil prevented Legion from hitting her target or it was on purpose. Either way, Desghidorah wasn’t willing to give her another chance. Molten balls of energy burst out of its mouths, but electric bolts rippled out of the tips of the external claws. They sparked at the tip of Legion’s horns, forming an electromagnetic barrier. The fiery assaults struck the shield, but had no effect. The electromagnetic bolts shredded the volcanic energies, reducing them to a ghastly cloud of plasma.

    Desghidorah’s devious mouths parted, exerting an irritated growl. The chaotic dragon pawed the ground, prepping its muscles for a quick sprint to meet its opponent head on. Desghidorah’s galloping form shook the land, cracks splintered the soil, a testament of the dragon’s massive figure.

    Legion remained perfectly still.

    When Desghidorah drew closer, Legion’s hind legs dug into the earth. She hoisted her body straight up, using her hind legs to keep her balanced. Desghidorah prepared to slam its bulk against Legion’s own, but stopped right as she brought her hulking body down upon him, her superior mass drilling Desghidorah into the ground. The impact caused the entire island to tremble.

    Legion’s serrated legs complied with her command. They impaled Desghidorah’s sturdy legs and crucified them against the dirt. The grey beast was too dazed to cry out. The marauder of planets loomed over the helpless devourer of worlds. Her horns divided, allowing an electromagnetic surge to once again occupy its cavity. At point blank range, Legion’s destructive weapon would no doubt obliterate the three-headed dragon.

    Tiny tremors vibrated her burrowed legs. Legion’s electromagnetic activity disappeared. Another creature was stirring beneath her. Before she could determine the most suitable course of action, several devilish fiends crawled out of the soil and attacked her. These creatures resembled demonic entities that could only be found in nightmares.

    They were Aggregate Destoroyahs, crablike entities capable of overpowering even the mightiest creatures by sheer numbers alone. The spider-like crabs crept up on the silicon-based alien, their sharp, jagged legs failing to penetrate Legion’s thick exoskeleton; however, they eventually reached her spiky claws. Destructive energies sprayed out of the Aggregates’ demonic mandibles, shredding the vital joints and dismantling the outer claws.

    Legion’s painful cries informed the Aggregates of a job well done. Compressed gas sprayed out of the broken claws, signaling Legion’s inability to forge her shield. Unable to fend them off, the egg sacs started to squirm with life. By her command, thousands of Symbiotic Legions flew out of the womb. An organ located inside Legion’s cranium exerted an electronic frequency, which signaled the swarm to descend upon the arachnid-like crustaceans.

    They complied with their queen, and viciously landed on the Precambrian creatures. Sharp claws punctured the thick carapaces of the Aggregate Destoroyahs, green blood oozing out of their wounds. The Aggregates were forced to break down to a microscopic level, and it was at that moment they retaliated. Legion was horrified to see her beautiful swarm broken down by microscopic entities fueled by the destructive power of the Oxygen Destroyer.

    Legion ordered them to return to their sacs, where they’d be safe. But she was too late. From all around, she saw her swarm dissolve, with only silicon husks remaining. With her swarm destroyed, the electronic organ exploded. Legion’s screeching cries echoed across the vastness of Monster Island. She was unaware that Desghidorah’s middle head had wiggled itself free. A torrent of blistering flames struck her chest cavity, incinerating the empty egg sacs.

    Legion backed away, regrettably pulling her weight off of her downed foe. Desghidorah crawled out of the ground, no longer pinned by the enemy’s enormous weight. The horrible dragon turned to face the stunned Legion, igniting a barrage of blistering energy balls that erupted out of the winged hydra’s disgusting mouths, pelting the alien’s thick exoskeleton. While they failed to severely damage the outer shell, they did inflict significant burn marks. A furious look of disdain glimmered out of Legion’s cold, emotionless eyes. Desghidorah returned the sentiment.

    Legion’s horns widened, crackling bolts of electromagnetic energy blazed to life. The cerberus dragon nervously panicked, sensing its inevitable demise. It could not avoid Legion’s wrath, even if it tried. A blazing light harpooned out of Legion’s forehead, and struck underneath the dragon’s belly, the ensuing blast rupturing its underside. Desghidorah’s painful screams informed Legion that her miss wasn’t a complete loss. The electromagnetic bolts and napalm roasted the hydra’s underbelly, shredding muscles and incinerating the bodily organs within. Without the needed strength to support itself, Desghidorah collapsed onto its belly.

    Seeing that her foe was immobilized, Legion prepared to unleash her full wrath upon the helpless dragon. As electromagnetic energies gleamed brightly in between her horns, a horrible fate had befallen upon Legion. An energetic saber diagonally sliced down the top of her skull. It did not stop until it reached her ankles. This sudden attack interfered with the electromagnetic particles, causing them to fade away. Legion’s azure-hued eyes followed suit.

    Legion, the pinnacle of instinctual conquest, was dead.

    Her lifeless body slumped to the ground. Behind her, the identity of Legion’s destroyer was revealed. Desghidorah’s weary eyes identified Destoroyah’s grotesque shape, rejuvenated and at full health. A demonic laughter escaped its haunting maw, slowly lumbering towards Desghidorah’s helpless figure. Large, pronounced feet crushed Legion’s ravaged carcass along the way.

    Inside the command center, the technicians were able to restore power. In the control panel, scientists were stunned to see the damage that had occurred to the island. A quarter of the island had been annihilated by the meteor, but the aftermath of the impact isn’t what haunted the scientists. Instead, the stunning sight of a concluding battle of biblical proportions captured their attention. According to the ‘Kaiju Archives,’ the lumbering giant walking away from two unidentified corpses was Destoroyah. It left behind the hollow carcass of Legion and the skeletal remains of Desghidorah. A rumbling roar escaped the demon’s putrid jaws. It was a warning to all life on Earth…

    …A warning that promised death.

    Winner: Destoroyah

    K.W.C. // January 6, 2006
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The vast metropolis of Tokyo bathed in the shimmering fabrics of light that soared out of the Sun. In the land of the ‘Rising Sun’, millions awakened to carry out their daily chores. Hundreds every minute of the day strode through the packed streets. Those in cars waited for hours just to reach a destination that was only a few miles away. In this city, in this country, the daily chores kept the land alive and the people flourishing.

    But now the Sun crouched lower in the horizon. Dusk fell upon the land that was slowly fading into darkness. The gigantic sphere that controlled our every way of life pulled its fabrics of light away from the metropolis, allowing the blackness to pour in and take Tokyo as its own for one more night. Centuries ago, the land, and even the world, was used to having its light fade for several hours. But in the new modern era, the city produced its own artificial light that reduced the darkness. No longer would its inhabitants stride outside and be engulfed by the night.

    It was a new generation. It was a new time, a time that no longer dealt with the age old problems that once grasped the past.

    A young couple gazed up at the night sky, which twinkled with stars that gleamed brightly from a distance. To them, this was what life was all about. There were no problems in the world. Everything in the vast emptiness of space circled around them. Life was a gift, one they would not waste. But the stars weren’t the only thing in the night sky that gave off a glow. What at first was thought to be an aircraft was actually something much, much more. It rotated rapidly in place. Azure flames blossomed out of five separate parts of the object’s body, which left a trail of smoke behind.

    A howling cry shook the city block. The roar was louder than thunder and succeeded in not only stirring the ground, but sending pulses of fear into the minds of those who wished they had not heard such a horrible scream. But to this land, the roar did not belong to a mysterious entity. It belonged to the most infamous creature the world had ever known.

    The waters in Tokyo Bay normally would flow smoothly, only to ripple and stir when the wind was pushing against it. But there was no wind. Long, jagged spines sliced through the watery surface. The leviathan rose out of the water, the bright lights of Tokyo failing to reveal the identity of the mysterious creature that had landed on its shores. Under the cover of darkness, any witnesses that had not yet run away for their lives could only make out an outline resembling a dinosaur that stood on its hind legs, with sharp spines protruding out of its back and a tail waving across the water. Water profusely dripped down the body of the large creature. All anyone could hear besides the screams of fear was the unnatural sound of the animal’s breathing. Air that was inhaled into the animal’s jaws released a loud snarl.

    It was finally recognized as Godzilla.

    He trotted forward, his feet breaking through the concrete as footprints were left in his wake. Nearby structures that had survived the tremors rippling through the ground were soon demolished by Godzilla’s body. The atomic saurian stomped into the heart of Tokyo, unopposed. But the strange object in the sky started to spin towards the invading monster. The leviathan’s reptilian eyes glared at the incoming object, his prehistoric mind describing the animate object as a threat. The spines clattering together every time Godzilla walked stopped and glistened with a bright radiance of power. In the back of Godzilla’s gaping maw, flashes of nuclear energy pulsated. The spinning object stopped in midair a few hundred yards in front of the horror of nuclear warfare. The azure flames flowing out of the spinning object disappeared and were replaced by thick streams of smoke. The object was no longer spinning; instead it began to descend to the ground.

    A mammoth head burst out of the confines of its frontal shape. Reptilian flesh encased the head. Two long fangs curved out of its bottom jaw, not being able to be concealed within the maw of the beast when it closed. Its eyes were enriched with an emerald essence. Soon the bellowing fountains of smoke ceased and limbs sprouted out to take its place. The creature’s body fell towards the ground, where its feet grappled the street below to keep the body standing.

    It was huge.

    Godzilla’s reptilian orbs cast a livid stare at this new contender who had come to challenge his reign of imperialism over this land. His stare of animosity was returned by this giant tortoise of biblical proportions. People ran around their feet, flocking to escape the looming taste of dread that was about to erupt in the streets of Tokyo.

    Swinging his tail into a nearby skyscraper, Godzilla sliced into the skyscraper’s outer hull and made the building crumble to the ground. A thick cloud of smoke converged on a small portion of where he was standing. The nearby buildings that gleamed with artificial light bathed Godzilla’s dark skin. The radioactivity inside his body had already dried his skin after being submerged in water for so long.

    Godzilla’s spines still radiated with the atomic fury of Mankind’s own insolence.

    But the King of the Monsters did not know that he was about to tangle with a protector created by an ancient civilization eons ago. The Guardian of the Universe, known as Gamera.

    An orb of atomic energy churned in the gaping jaws of Godzilla. It allowed tendrils of radiation to escape in the region surrounding the mutant’s maw. His spines flashed with a blinding aura that no human had ever been exposed to. It shimmered brighter than before, intensifying every second. Throwing his head forward, Godzilla unleashed an atomic beam, which circulated out of his mouth and lanced into Gamera’s armored chest. He screamed in agony as the force of Godzilla’s beam dug into the plates of the tortoise’s chest. The nuclear leviathan’s feet embedded their claws into the ground, fighting desperately to not have the mutated dinosaur be thrown off balance by the discharge of his own ray. The searing heat had failed to affect Gamera, but the amazing force ripped into the organic plates that had been grown to withstand piercing attacks.

    It had never expected to go up against Godzilla’s wrath.

    Godzilla’s heat ray continued to flow into Gamera’s chest. With a loud, ear-shattering wail, the tortoise fell, his back shell slamming into the ground and causing the concrete to defy gravity by rising into the air. A large imprint of his body would forever be left in the street corner.

    Raking the ground with his thrusting claws, the guardian struggled to rise and meet the King of the Monsters. But the ground shook back and forth. It appeared Godzilla had other plans in store for the monster that had come to save the city of Man. Gamera met Godzilla and the two titans ripped into the other for the first time. The spawn of radiation crunched the defender’s shoulder, where no shell was present to fortify his defense against Godzilla’s slashing teeth. Fighting the pain those jaws inflicted, Gamera scurried his claws into the leviathan’s abdomen. Both monsters tried to use their own weight to dislodge the other. For a moment, Godzilla was the victor. He pushed his foe across the ground and attempted to ram the giant tortoise into the outer hull of an office building whose constructors had never envisioned it to be reduced to rubble by two fighting monsters. But Gamera’s shell was all that made contact with the office building. The windows shattered and the wall was pushed back, but he had managed to stop Godzilla.

    The tides had turned.

    Gamera thrust his body forward, pushing Godzilla backwards. Godzilla’s jaws were still ripping into Gamera’s shoulder, but the mighty tortoise didn’t allow the pain to overcome him. As the guardian pushed with all his might, he rammed his head into the side of Godzilla’s skull, attempting to break his foe’s mouth away from inflicting any more damage. The tortoise’s long fangs slashed into the mutant’s throat, peeling the skin away from the body. But the wound had healed instantly. The benevolent warrior’s eyes witnessed this folly in his plans of defeating the atomic saurian. Pushing his feet harder against the ruptured ground, Godzilla attempted to gain leverage over Gamera by leaning straight up and pushing his foe’s arms down with strength accompanied by the mass of his body. The mutant swiftly dropped his body down and hurled it forward; the guardian was temporarily overpowered by the atomic saurian and toppled to the ground. Godzilla looked down upon his foe, who was unable to impale the saurian’s hide with his claws.

    Godzilla’s own kept them at bay.

    Gamera’s eyes were blinded by the dazzling aura of light generated by the mutant’s spines. In the back of his gaping jaws, atomic flames wrought sizzling heat and approaching doom. Godzilla felt the atomic energies churn in his mouth and prepared to unleash the full fury of his nuclear beam upon Gamera at point blank. Hanging over the guardian’s skin, which steamed with splintering pain, Godzilla’s jaws parted wider and unleashed a stream of atomic power.

    Before the leviathan had expelled his devious power, Gamera’s legs disappeared in dense smoke. His arms were sucked into their sockets, no longer prisoner of his foe’s strength. The Guardian of the Universe blasted off from underneath Godzilla’s powerful grip, escaping him just as the atomic dinosaur spewed a beam of nuclear properties. The monster king’s beam lashed into the ground, incinerating a mixture of rock and metal, while at the same time the pressure the beam applied made the ground rise. Smoke filled his vision, but the creature’s instincts had already alerted him to his enemy’s escape.

    Glaring in the direction of where he sensed Gamera, Godzilla prepared to unleash another intensified blast. But to his dismay, the creature’s vision was blinded by the coming of a ball made up of fire. The fireball plummeted into the mutant’s face, instantly vaporizing the skin and releasing enough force to knock him off his feet. Godzilla’s body crashed into the ground, the spines splintering the terrain as the beast slid across it. The mutant’s scorched face became refuge for flesh that had been fried by Gamera’s power.

    Godzilla cried out in pain as his face began the process of regenerating. The mutated dinosaur’s eyes had been burned and reduced to a small shadow of what they once were. Crippled of vision, he lazily attempted to rise to his feet. Enraged at Gamera, Godzilla fired blazing streaks of atomic flame and prayed they’d connect with the giant turtle. But instead, the beams of energy eclipsed surrounding structures, ripping and toppling them to the ground. Pieces of what remained scattered across the region, unveiling a sheet of smoke, which blanketed the downtown district. All that could be seen were the colossal bodies of dueling titans.

    Gamera remained shrouded by smoke and used it to conceal him from his enemy. But even if smoke had not blanketed his body, the tortoise knew Godzilla was temporarily blinded and wouldn’t be able to see him. It would be best to inflict as much damage as possible. The guardian’s jaws were separated by crackling flames. Exerting pressure, Gamera exhaled a fireball that in its wake led a stream of fire.

    But he didn’t stop there; two other fireballs erupted out of his jaws consecutively. The first fireball burned into Godzilla’s chest and detonated, removing a layer of armored skin that failed to protect the leviathan from any harm. The force applied by the fireball nearly toppled the beast. But Godzilla’s sizzling wound had not suffered enough as two other fireballs struck the injured chest. Frying the coating of skin that tried desperately to heal itself, the mutated saurian’s massive form was hurled into the air. An office building that had been in business for the past several years was razed to the ground, reduced to rubble after being crushed by Godzilla’s form. There would be no survivors if any happened to be inside the structure when it was squashed.

    Rubble scurried off the mutant’s body, which was rising out of the mess it had made. Godzilla’s eyelids opened, revealing the inner orbs that had been nearly critically wounded. Vision all but a blur; he was still unable to locate the intruder. Aggravated by the wounds he had received, Godzilla’s spines became enriched with atomic energy. Atomic flames seared out of the reptile’s jaws, destroying anything he had deemed unworthy of existing.

    Buildings were slashed in half, crumbling down the slopes of its own remains. Nearby spectators mourned in despair as their homes were caught in the destroyer’s wrath. Entire neighborhoods had gone up in flames, along with the inhabitants who stayed with their loved ones to the bitter end. But Godzilla’s wrath clouded what judgment the creature would ever have. The nocturnal environment that brought darkness to the city had been exposed to bright flashes of light from his form. The long, jagged spines protruding from Godzilla’s back danced with the eerie essence of nuclear power; Godzilla’s atomic blasts seared out of his gaping jaws, repeatedly slashing the air and reducing the human structures all around to cinders.

    The King of the Monsters was out of control.

    Gamera crept towards the enraged saurian; his feet sank beneath the concrete, spawning low-level tremors. The vibrations in the ground jolted beneath Godzilla’s feet. The mutant’s predatory eyes searched for the one that created the ambiance in the ground, knowing it was a result of his foe being nearby. Gamera stopped and witnessed Godzilla turning his gaze directly at him. He spat a destructive roar at Gamera, warning the tortoise that the ability to see had returned to the King of the Monsters. The guardian’s feet disappeared in a column of smoke, which seeped out of the top layer of the legs. With a burst of power, he launched his body straight up, releasing large volumes of smoke out of his leg sockets. Gamera pointed his jaws at Godzilla and fired a barrage of fireballs.

    The leviathan ducked his head, allowing the first two fireballs to fly overhead. He felt the heat the fireballs gave off as they narrowly missed the aberration of nuclear origins. Consumed by fire and plasma, the last fireball singed Godzilla’s right shoulder. He cried out in fury at the escaping Gamera. Spewing forth a torrent of shimmering agony, Godzilla’s atomic beam hacked into his foe’s abdomen and burned a hole into the guardian’s body. Green blood oozed out of the burnt wound. Gamera satisfied the leviathan’s anger with an ear-piercing wail of pain.

    But Godzilla’s rage demanded more bloodshed.

    Firing another volley of atomic energy, his beam arced into the tortoise’s open wound and burned deeper. Losing control of his aerial flight pattern, Gamera was so concentrated on pain that the great beast lost control and plummeted towards the ground. Mustering all the strength in his prehistoric body, Godzilla charged across the street, leaving footprints imprinted in the concrete. He showed a running speed he had never been able to achieve; Godzilla arrived at the scene of where Gamera was due to land.

    The atomic saurian bent down, allowing his muscles to flex and prepare for the approaching physical strain. Using the ground as leverage, Godzilla leapt into the air and twirled his body, whipping his tail around to collide with the descending Gamera. The collision diverted the guardian’s falling body, sending it crashing into the ground.

    With his foe buried, the leviathan’s thorny spines blossomed with atomic fury. An atomic beam pierced its way out of the dinosaur’s divided jaws and punctured Gamera’s arm, tearing and searing it to shreds. Layers of flesh and muscle designed to safeguard the arm sockets popped upon contact with the blistering projectile, its destruction rang out across the entire area for all to hear. Such an assault wrought pain and suffering to Gamera, who constantly screamed in sorrow.

    The agony Gamera was feeling pleased Godzilla’s predatory instincts.

    Jagged spines occupying his back glazed with another prelude of atomic suffering. Teeth extending out of the upper and lower parts of Godzilla’s mouth glistened brightly after being exposed to the high temperatures of radioactive flames. The atomic saurian spat a destructive ray of atomic energy, which lanced into Gamera’s torso, piercing the reptilian’s outer shell. Literally melting the armored hide that had been exposed to the intense heat, all that remained was a smoldering crater embedded in his flesh. Godzilla’s cold, reptilian eyes gazed into the massive wound his foe had received. A neon-blue aura tainted Godzilla’s spines, embodying the colossal bony-spikes with the element that gave the saurian life. After witnessing the horrible aftermath of the mutant’s destructive power, the back of Gamera’s maw shimmered with the presence of churning flames.

    It was a standoff.

    Godzilla’s lip curled up, revealing the sharp fangs hanging down from the upper jaw. The azure light shining out of the back of his throat glinted off his teeth, casting a malevolent warning of the searing pain to come. Not willing to take any chances, Gamera stomped towards the atomic saurian, fireballs pulsating out of his jaws. A bombardment of fireballs covered Godzilla’s body in a cascade of flames. The force the fireballs inflicted was enough to cause the leviathan to fall to the ground, stabbing the ground with his serrated spines.

    Smoke whistled from the pores of his charred hide. The heat given off by Godzilla’s spines melted the asphalt that tried to contain it. He rose to his feet and allowed the azure light to ripple even brighter, promising Gamera the devastation he will soon endure. The Guardian of the Universe was blinded by the departure of Godzilla’s beam from his crackling jaws; the kinetic ray fueled by the mutant’s nuclear might enkindled the guardian’s fresh wounds. He howled in pain from the malicious attack. The glow embodying the atomic saurian’s dorsal fins faded and the ray disappeared into thin air.

    A ghastly residue of radiation lingered in the air like smoke. In a short amount of time, it would no longer be seen by human eyes. The spawn of Godzilla’s radioactivity would inherit the air for generations to come, polluting the lungs of any unfortunate enough to thrive in a hellish wasteland.

    Godzilla sought to make sure that if any in the future would venture into his territory, they would find the corpse of this fool who dared to challenge his authority.

    Instead of infesting his mouth with the burning taste of atomic energies, the mutant preferred to savor this moment by ripping his opponent apart with his bare hands. Stomping in Gamera’s direction, the earth shuddering with every step the dinosaur made, Godzilla’s eyes flared with animosity towards the defender. Still reeling from the assault his foe had bestowed upon his wretched body, the Atlantean warrior released an earth-shaking cry, warning Godzilla to not come any closer. But the King of the Monsters snarled a grunt of contempt, deeming the warning cry a sign of the creature’s farewell to this world.

    Looming closer, spikes slit out of Gamera’s elbows and waited for the perfect moment to strike. The monster king threw back his claws and plunged them forward, aiming to slice his target’s throat wide open. But such intent was never realized for Gamera knocked the arm away with his own, then ripped his foe’s torso wide open with his elbow blade. Hot, crimson blood gushed out of the fresh wound the atomic dragons received. It wasn’t the wound that made him furious; such damage could easily be repaired in seconds, but the idea of being harmed by such an inferior creature beckoned for an eternal life of suffering.

    Godzilla looked forward to staining this reckoned metropolis with Gamera’s remains.

    In quick succession, the leviathan inscribed gory trenches in his enemy’s throat. Green blood trickled down his claws, he felt the cold air freeze the warm blood. Like a starving jaguar, Godzilla slashed Gamera’s hide with his blood-stained claws. Slicing the air with his own claws, the last remnant of Atlantis grazed his foe’s throat with strategic accuracy. Godzilla’s painful groan gurgled in his throat, leaking out of his wounded neck.

    Striding forward, splintering the ground with each earth-shattering step, Gamera rammed his body against the King of the Monsters. Even the prehistoric strength surging in the leviathan’s body failed to usurp the warrior of peace’s attempts at dethroning him in a contest of pure strength. Godzilla’s feet dug into the asphalt, scraping it from its surface and leaving claw marks. If he tried to brush Gamera’s arms away with his own, the guardian would impale the monster king’s torso with his elbow blades. The leviathan snarled in contempt, frustrated that an inferior creature had him in a corner.

    Such frustrations spurred the growth of irradiation.

    Godzilla’s gaping jaws flourished with the radioactive essence of death. The illuminating awe of nuclear carnage was enough to manipulate Gamera’s strategic plans. Instead of using just physical force, he decided it would be best to implement a different type of strategy; Godzilla prepared to unleash his radioactive ferocity, but a staggering pain threw off his concentration. No longer were the mutant’s spines sizzling with atomic light. Gamera felt the atomic dinosaur’s warm blood bathe his hand. The guardian from an ancient past wriggled his claws, poking Godzilla’s innards. At last, the leviathan managed to glance down at the reason why his mind was throbbing to the point of insanity.

    One of his enemy’s claws had managed to pierce his abdomen. Godzilla’s body had literally consumed Gamera’s hand, and was now paying the price of having it within; Gamera thrashed his foe’s internal organs with his rampaging claws. With a firm hold on a host of organs, the benevolent warrior began to pull them out of Godzilla’s body.

    How dare such an insolent creature ever think about doing such a thing!

    It was a challenge for his own superiority, one Godzilla sought to win, even if he had to sprinkle his foe’s blood upon this tarnished metropolis. Gamera didn’t need to be a psychic to know what the mutant was thinking, just by staring at those feral eyes; he sensed the hatred and impending doom that flared in Godzilla’s nuclear orbs.

    Unable to hide the fury that was at this moment self-evident, the leviathan separated his jaws and allowed the blistering flow of radiation to lance into Gamera’s arm. The guardian cried out in pain, unable to hide his agony from his adversary. The atomic beam ruptured his elbow-joint, consuming it in an aura of searing purgatory. He realized that he had failed to pull his foe’s organs from his belly quick enough, and in the process, the wicked ray of death succeeded in singeing his arm in two.

    Gamera’s benevolent pupils were transfixed on the pieces of his arm falling to the ground. The asphalt that had been splintered by the tussling titans was now covered with his green blood. Chunks of what was once his arm now lay scattered upon the ground both monsters fought upon. It was a shame Godzilla’s atomic beam was filled with radioactivity; if it were just heat, the defender would’ve been able to absorb it. A furnace of smoke hissed out of what was once his arm. All that was left was an elbow, with pieces of burnt flesh dangling out of its pore.

    A thundering roar escaped Godzilla’s prehistoric jaws. The atomic saurian rammed his 60,000 ton body against Gamera. The Guardian of the Universe toppled to the ground. His incredible mass crushed any object it fell upon. Mounds of asphalt and debris splashed upwards, influenced by the tortoise’s impact with the ground. With one of his arms mutilated and his body suffering severe wounds from the leviathan’s atomic beam, Gamera recognized the position he was in; victory seemed unlikely.

    But he would never give up.

    Balls of fire erupted from Gamera’s maw and crashed into the surrounding environment. Entire districts went up in flames, buildings devastated by the force each fireball packed. The area he fired upon was now engulfed by a sea of fire. Godzilla acknowledged the flames, allowing his prehistoric body to feel the warmth they provided. The crackling inferno reflected its premonition on the savage pupils of the mammoth reptile, making it seem as if Godzilla’s eyes radiated with fire. Perhaps they were, for hatred still burned in his eyes as they focused on the injured guardian.

    Godzilla deemed Gamera a desperate adversary, feeling his aim was lousy. The King of the Monsters was standing right in front of him, yet the tortoise still managed to miss. Where was the strategy? Did his foe share his animosity towards this city, which was built by creatures that taught him the meaning of hate? An apron of radioactivity separated Godzilla’s jaws, casting a brilliant aura over Gamera’s fatigue.

    Inhabitants scurried out of the rubble. Bruised and battered, they were lucky to be alive. But the radiation that lingered in the air would be their downfall. Flames devoured entire streets, burning everything in its path. Those who had the privilege of surviving this anarchy paid heed to the destruction all around them. They had only a few seconds to analyze the destruction unfolding around them, before they were engulfed by the light that emitted from Godzilla’s backside. The horrible cries of Gamera pervaded across the torn and battered metropolis. The horrible stench of roasted flesh sickened the nearby inhabitants. What atrocities did the Atlantean warrior endure in the wake of the destroyer’s atomic wrath?

    The question was answered.

    Godzilla ceased firing his atomic beam. The monster looked down upon his battered and withered foe. He paused, waiting for any signs of life. The smell of roasted flesh filled Godzilla’s nostrils. While it was the smell of victory, he shifted his gaze elsewhere, unable to cope with the terrible smell. He lumbered off in the opposite direction, towards the peaceful sea. Onlookers prayed the King of the Monsters would spare them of his wrath. Godzilla paid no heed to the ants crawling around his feet. All that was on his mind was the sense of victory and the promise of a long, peaceful sleep at the bottom of the sea.

    Frightened witnesses examined what was left of Gamera; the guardian’s skin had been incinerated. Charred strands hung from the pores of his body, dangling from the exposed muscles. Green blood dried out by Godzilla’s irradiation covered the majority of his body. Gamera’s eyes had literally melted out of their sectors, replaced by hissing smoke. It would take days, weeks, maybe even months, to remove the massive corpse. But the smell, the horrible stench of death, would reside here for years to come. The smell would only be a reminder of all the lives that were lost this night.

    The Earth trembled.

    Godzilla’s feet plowed into the asphalt, vibrating the entire district with every thundering stride. The sea was close, it wouldn’t take that long. His feral eyes examined the crackling flames. The fires had spread, and would soon engulf the city. Light radiated by the fire glinted off Godzilla’s bony spines. His eyes descended to the ground and caught a glimpse of all the fleeing people, frantically trying to escape. The King of the Monsters was a force of nature, only acting out of instinct. But as the towering behemoth observed the panicked crowd trying to get away, Godzilla felt an embrace of the truth; he was a God among insects.

    Unknown to the leviathan, the crackling flames in the district started to slither towards Gamera’s corpse. The flames submerged their fiery essence into the guardian’s body. Fire blanketed his stature, reconstructing the damage Godzilla dealt. A manifestation of fire temporarily took the form of his eyes. Gamera twiddled his fingers, trying to get the blood flowing. He paused, allowing his strength to rejuvenate; the charred remains of the tortoise’s skin started to dissolve. With one motion, he rose to his feet and stood erect, allowing the charred flesh to slide off the slopes of his body. A loud, rumbling cry escaped the Atlantean warrior’s gaping jaws.

    Gamera’s strategy was a success.

    Godzilla stopped, attempting to salvage the potency of the situation. The King of the Monsters angrily twirled his body around, and glared at his rejuvenated foe. He had underestimated his foe’s strategic plans in this battle. The atomic saurian would make sure it shall never happen again. A steady stream of wind gently blew across the ravaged terrain. The competitors stared intensely at one another, neither letting their guard down. Atomic power illuminated from within the inner-core of Godzilla’s spines. It manifested inside the chasm of his gaping jaws. Gamera’s reptilian eyes carefully observed the situation. Cauldrons of fire seeped out of his own fanged jaws, blistering the cold air around it.

    Godzilla curled his upper lip, allowing his nuclear plight to discriminate the air. In a savage display of dominance, he leaned his head forward, and spewed an atomic emission of desolation. Fireballs streaked out of Gamera’s separated jaws and blazed across the torn metropolis to meet Godzilla’s unholy power. The atomic beam collided with the first fireball; the azure energies lanced into the energetic sphere and ripped it asunder. The penetrated fireball detonated in a shower of fire.

    Godzilla’s atomic beam met another fireball and started to lose its momentum; Gamera’s fireball waded through the current of atomic fire, until it too failed to withstand the fury of the atomic ray. Another shower of fire bleached the sky of darkness, and replaced it with light. The mutant ceased all nuclear activity, unable to keep the atomic blast stable. But to his dismay, the third and final fireball singed his shoulder and a curtain of fire engulfed the atomic dragon.

    Cries of agony swept across the torn city.

    Crawling amidst the rubble, humans covered with dust and blood scampered to safety. Thousands of them were badly bruised, and every single one of them had witnessed the demise of another. Driven by instinct, none of them were willing to help one another; all that mattered was reaching sanctuary. But every time the ground rumbled and the loud, frightening roars of the monsters stirred their very being, all of the people stopped dead in their tracks to witness the battle of the century.

    Godzilla’s face was badly burnt. The blistering hide smoldered with scalding heat, a testament of the power wrought by Gamera. It would take a few minutes for his injuries to be completely healed. But the atomic saurian did not plan to wait so long to achieve vengeance. Fountains of smoke poured out of the tortoise’s leg sockets, propelling the Guardian of the Universe straight up into the charred sky. Godzilla’s heat beam devastated the land Gamera once stood upon. The atomic dragon snarled in disdain, angered by the fact that his foe narrowly avoided confrontation. A menacing howl escaped his maw, challenging the guardian to confront him.

    The challenge was openly accepted.

    Fireballs plummeted against Godzilla’s black, scaly hide, entrenching craters in the monster’s flesh. The leviathan’s scaly skin boiled and popped, unable to withstand the extreme temperatures; Godzilla’s panorama concentrated on the flying guardian, allowing atomic dread to seep out of his bony spines. Atomic energy shot out of his parted jaws, attempting to ravage the airborne Gamera.

    Immediately, the guardian sucked his head and arms into their sockets; azure streaks of light glimmered out of the cavern of the limbs. He rapidly twirled his body, avoiding the beam as he made his descent. Godzilla recognized the benevolent warrior’s strategy and decommissioned his atomic beam, then spun his body around; his long, muscular tail collided with his foe’s twirling form. Gamera uncontrollably flew across the landscape, attempting to regain control. Billows of smoke pounded out of the defender’s limb compartments and crashed into the ground, blowing cars and other pieces of wreckage away.

    Gamera’s head peeked out of its socket, attempting to examine the situation.

    The ground rocked back and forth, as the large and powerful Godzilla charged to meet his foe. Fire crawled out of the tortoise’s mandibles, morphing into a ball enriched with plasma. The fireball detonated against Godzilla’s chest, engulfing the charging beast in a sea of fire. But he sprinted past the fire, no longer influenced by its enkindled torment. The defender failed to prevent Godzilla’s counterattack; the dragon’s 60,000 ton body collided with Gamera, plunging the guardian deep into the earth. Asphalt transcended the limitations of gravity by ascending into the sky, then raining down in large cloisters.

    Horrified people sought refuge, but a blinding ripple of light captured their gaze. Jagged spines rose up out of the smoke, flickering with nuclear anguish. The atomic dragon’s body slowly rose out of the mist, revealing a strange phenomenon. Godzilla was resting on top of Gamera’s shell! The Guardian of Universe plowed the ground with his organic boosters, blowing the surrounding rubble away with unparalleled force.

    In a brief pause, the guardian’s body stopped, and Godzilla was given a chance to comprehend the situation at hand. He shrieked in confusion, trying to figure out what went wrong. Godzilla’s entire world started to spin; his foe’s body twirled in circles, moving faster by the second. Azure-flames blossomed out of Gamera’s arm and leg sockets, replacing the thick sheets of smoke. The leviathan’s claws impaled the surface of his foe’s shell, attempting to keep his stability. Cascades of irradiation glimmered within his jagged spines, consuming the monster’s gaping jaws.

    But Gamera had a different idea.

    The Guardian of the Universe slanted his rotating body, throwing off Godzilla’s balance. Godzilla’s claws raked Gamera’s shell, but eventually failed and detached. The King of the Monsters slid down the slope of his foe’s twirling stature, and bashed his head against the tortoise’s hard shell. Godzilla plummeted to the ground, and was engulfed in a sea of smoke. The atomic saurian tried to budge, but the painful ache in his neck prevented the beast from rising. The leviathan’s cold, reptilian eyes scanned the desolate region. The King of the Monsters released a small, painful cry of remorse. Fabrics of light blinded Godzilla’s scrutiny, a prelude to the fireballs colliding with the ground and surrounding him with crackling flames. The dragon’s dark, scaly hide basked in the heat the flames generated. The bones and muscles inside Godzilla’s neck snapped into alignment, attempting to repair the damage Gamera had caused.

    Godzilla’s hot breath steamed the air around his face. Light radiated inside his bony spines. The monster’s claws scraped the ground.

    Emerald eyes gawked at the injured, atomic dragon. Streaks of light burned out of Gamera’s leg sockets, leaving a torrent of smoke in its wake. His arms reached out and felt the cold air dampen his scaly hide. The Atlantean warriors’ arms morphed into long, slender flippers. The flippers worked like wings, assisting Gamera in his aerial travels. Soaring high above Tokyo, he circled the injured Godzilla. The tortoise noticed his foe’s movements, knowing full well his adversary was still alive. Not willing to concede any chance of the destroyer getting back on his feet, he unleashed a salvo of fireballs. The molten spheres plowed into Godzilla, incinerating chunks of his flesh and entrenching smoldering craters in the monster’s body. A painful scream reached his ears; his assault had increased Godzilla’s ratio of pain.

    The wounds embedded in Godzilla’s flesh failed to heal properly, part of the reason being a result of the intense heat Gamera’s fireballs radiated; it cauterized the wounds. Godzilla’s strong, muscular arms impaled the ground, and pushed with all their might. The King of the Monsters started to rise, ignoring the blistering pain his foe inflicted upon him. He cracked his neck, no longer plagued by its injuries. The atomic dragon spat a torrent of atomic energy, singeing Gamera’s airborne body. In retaliation, the guardian bombarded his foe with a barrage of fireballs. A few of the fireballs struck the ground, unleashing a hailstorm of ember. The fire served a purpose.

    It was cover.

    The fire fed off the oxygen, producing cauldrons of smoke, blanketing the environment in its perpetual elegance. Godzilla’s nostrils inhaled the churning scent, unable to locate his foe. To be safe, azure-light blossomed out of the corridors of the mutant’s bony spines. The atomic dragon’s mouth reeked with atomic urgency. Cold, reptilian primacy flashed in his eyes, carefully aware of the danger he was in. The leviathan’s yellow eyes skimmed the environment, attempting to adjust to this barbaric landscape. He surveyed the ghastly smoke; the monster’s instincts urging the leviathan to seek refuge beyond the ring of smoke and fire. The King of the Monsters considered this strategy, but a ball enriched with fire penetrated the ghastly walls, attempting to sear off Godzilla’s head. He managed to avoid conflict with the fireball, then spat his atomic heat ray in the direction from which it came. The King of the Monsters discontinued the release of his atomic beam, and hoped to hear Gamera’s cries of agony. Instead, he only heard the flames crackle.

    Godzilla scowled in disdain.

    Rage took its toll, overwhelming all common sense. The leviathan discharged his blazing nuclear beam, leveling any man-made structure it lanced into. People scurrying across the ground sought cover, wasting no time to inspect the hundreds of tons of asphalt falling towards them. Godzilla’s feet burrowed into the ground, splintering the surface with his mass. The enraged behemoth roared an unearthly howl, accusing his foe of cowardice. But Gamera was merely fulfilling the strategy he’d need to overcome a creature believed to be indestructible.

    Godzilla charged towards the haze of smoke, no longer warranting his foe the strategic high ground. The King of the Monsters demolished a building with his gigantic body and broke free of the ring of fire. An aura of azure-light blazed out of Godzilla’s jagged spines. He attempted to shoot his foe out of the sky, but the Guardian of the Universe made the first move; Gamera’s spinning body crashed into Godzilla’s sternum, packing enough concussive force to knock the wind out of his lungs. The Atlantean warrior toppled the destroyer to the ground, then ascended to the bleached sky. Godzilla rolled onto his belly, shoved the ground with his immeasurable strength, and rose in the ashes flickering around him. The King of the Monsters glared at the aerial creature known as Gamera, preparing to take aim. Godzilla mapped out the region, noticing his foe’s flight pattern would fly past Tokyo Tower. He curled his upper lip, revealing the carnivorous canines inhabiting the apex of his mouth.

    The King of the Monsters waited patiently.

    Gamera felt the wind press against his fatigue. The Guardian of the Universe wondered why his adversary wasn’t shooting wildly. Perhaps Godzilla’s energy was too low? If this was true, he would be free to summon the elemental forces needed to ultimately smite the atomic dragon. The psychotic nature of the destroyer posed a threat to not only the human race, but to all life. Godzilla was quite capable of hampering the flow of life on Earth. It would be futile to try and eradicate all life. Gamera knew the planet would endure in the long run, and life would find a way. But it was his intent to preserve things the way they currently were. No longer did azure-streaks blaze out of the tortoise’s arms. Instead, the reptilian arms stretched out, grazing the wind with their features. Organic boosters protruded out of the defender’s legs, increasing his speed. Gamera would need to circle Godzilla in order to unleash the full fury of his fireballs. By doing so, it should buy him enough time to summon the Mana.

    Photographers stood upon the balcony of Tokyo Tower. The devastation, however grueling it was, provided the photographs they’d need to become legendary. Godzilla’s gloom did not stir the photographers. It never occurred to them of the peril they were in. The most infamous creature the world had ever seen was only several hundred meters away. Considered to be a living nuclear weapon, Godzilla dwarfed the destructive power of the atomic bomb. Yet these humans, clouded by arrogance, had no idea of the danger they were in.

    Gamera was within range.

    Godzilla irradiated his bony spines. Atomic flames howled inside the fissure of his jaws. The time to act was now.

    The defender of peace glided in front of Tokyo Tower, and only then did he realize his foe’s intentions. The Guardian of the Universe attempted to divert his course, but Godzilla’s atomic beam pervaded across the desolate city, and lanced into the airborne Gamera. The heat ray unleashed enough concussive force to push the tortoise into Tokyo Tower. The photographers were grateful, proud to catch the closest picture anyone ever had of the guardian. It was the last thing they knew, before meeting oblivion.

    Tokyo Tower crumbled to the ground, unable to embrace Gamera’s incredible weight.

    Dark smoke consumed the ravaged landscape. Godzilla’s prehistoric stature moved amongst the dense fog, foreboding the role of a specter, surveying a world unlike the one it was born into. The King of the Monsters reveled in the chaos he had caused, howling in satisfaction with his ear-shattering roar. The Atlantean warrior answered Godzilla’s calling with a cry of his own. The Guardian of the Universe stumbled to his feet, casting an estranged glimpse at the mutant.

    There was only one way to exterminate the atomic dragon. Gamera knew of the distractions he’d need in order to summon the energies of the Earth. Fire filled his empty mouth, igniting in the form of fireballs, which seared into the region in front of Godzilla. The leviathan was blinded by the conflagration of multiple balls of fire.

    The King of the Monsters discharged an enraged roar, struggling to understand his foe’s strategy. The mutated dinosaur’s feral eyes barely managed to penetrate the crackling flames. A chaotic roar escaped Gamera’s maw as the towering leviathan ascended his gaze to the stars above. It was a cry unlocking the secrets of the world, which summoned cascades of energy spawned by the life force of the world itself! The energetic properties of Mana swept across the sky, gathering above the guardian.

    Godzilla examined the situation of this strange development. The King of the Monsters felt a strange tingling in his primordial mind, informing the atomic saurian that danger was brewing. It was then that he sensed it. The power Gamera was manifesting. The King of the Monsters was overcome with a feeling he rarely exhibited.


    This unworthy adversary was about to wield unimaginable power. Godzilla had to act fast, his survival depended on it! The King of the Monsters released a thundering roar, one that shook the foundations of ground beneath his feet. He felt blistering heat crackle from the core of his heart. The atomic dragon’s veins paid heed to the molten fury of his nuclear reckoning. Godzilla’s jagged spines blossomed with scarlet dread. The King of the Monsters stood poised in a predatory posture, manipulating his own power.

    Mana descended from the sky, enveloping Gamera in its benign aura. The benevolent warrior’s holy power increased dramatically. The guardian’s armored chest opened, revealing the pulsating energy within.

    The time was now or never.

    Godzilla’s divided jaws heralded a streak of crimson light, which blazed with enough heat and force to rupture the ground beneath it. Those unlucky enough to be scurrying beneath the beam were instantly incinerated in its wake of freedom. Gamera groaned in dissatisfaction, angered by the fact that he was too late to discharge a weapon that would ultimately annihilate his loathing foe. Godzilla’s fiery beam lanced into his open chest, igniting the gathering Mana with its blistering fury, setting off a chain reaction.

    Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe, disappeared in a blinding explosion. The destructive potency of the explosion leveled nearby buildings, and extended its radius instantly. Light triggered by the rupturing blast of the explosion glinted off Godzilla’s feral eyes. The King of the Monsters roared a cry of understanding, as he was engulfed by the explosion. Shockwaves generated by the explosion shredded the district. Godzilla, a creature of biblical proportions, had been lifted off the ground by the explosive force. The King of the Monsters’ skin was unable to deter the blistering heat, and as a result, it burned off. The leviathan’s steel-like muscles melted, and at times popped. When the wave of heat departed, Godzilla’s body fell limp against the ground, eventually bouncing off the surface and slid across the landscape, and came to a halt.

    A large impact crater took up a portion of Tokyo.

    Gamera’s burnt carcass laid inside the center of the crater.

    Godzilla weakly clenched the ground with his gigantic claws. The atomic saurian breathed a sigh of relief, thankful to be alive. He weakly fought to rise to his feet. The monster’s legs wobbled; desperately trying to support the rest of the body. Godzilla’s unparalleled wounds lingered with the scent of burnt flesh. The smell of it filled his nostrils and nauseated him. Godzilla’s body shook uncontrollably, the pain was that severe. His body began preparations needed to undergo the long, horrendous session of healing his bodily wounds. He growled a few painful grunts, the result of his eyes regenerating. They were incinerated amidst the explosion’s wrath. Godzilla’s pupils formed, bringing forth his ability to see. The vision was blurry, but it would do.

    The King of the Monsters noticed the charred body of the tortoise. Godzilla waited outside the outskirts of the impact crater, searching for any signs of life. His ears faintly heard a heartbeat. Gamera was still barely alive, and it would take time for the Guardian of the Universe to resurrect. Godzilla’s energy had been sapped during the battle. The King of the Monsters knew the time to act was now, but he was too tired. It wouldn’t be long until his foe retained his former health.

    Godzilla snarled in spite, despising the thought of not fulfilling his oath to murder the guardian. There was only one emotion present that represented retribution.

    They’d fight again.

    With that thought, the mutant turned away, and weakly marched in the direction of the ocean. Making it to the ocean would sap Godzilla of all his strength, leaving the King of the Monsters with no choice at all, but to hibernate. He disappeared beneath the watery surface, leaving behind a desolated Tokyo. Wind gently blew across Gamera’s ravaged body. His heartbeat pulsating with life, the noble mind of the guardian patiently waited to shed his burnt skin and rise to defend the Earth once more.

    Until that day, both Godzilla and Gamera would have to settle for a draw.

    Draw: Godzilla (Heisei), Gamera (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // February 20, 2005
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    A jet of wind blew gently across the land. Trees stood perfectly still, their branches wavering in the wind’s presence. In the distance, the sounds of water crashing against the shore echoed across the region. Bathing the land in all its glory was the glowing essence in the sky above. Bright fabrics of light radiated off the shimmering surface of the neighboring star and revealed the land that time had forgotten.

    Decades ago, the dominant species of the planet, Man, stored the mightiest creatures to ever scourge the planet on the island. In the distant shores, drones and barrier towers always watched and made sure the giant monsters could never escape the boundaries that were made for them.

    In a certain sector of the island, dubbed ‘Monster Island,’ the land rattled from the coming of a giant. Trotting across the soil, staggering the land with his claws and walking on all fours, was a beast whose courage outlasted any other creatures on the planet.

    Sharp horns erected out of the top of the animal’s back, gleaming in the sunlight as a testament of the natural beauty the animal showed. Eyes larger than the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex scavenged the surrounding environment, searching for prey. Residing in the creature’s mouth, which had a shape resembling that of a crocodile’s, were jagged teeth. Long tusks bent out of the creature’s mouth, an instinctual warning to nearby predators of the price to pay if they would ever pick a fight with the armored dinosaur.

    Coming to a halt, Anguirus sensed a strange presence that he was not familiar with. The dinosaur’s nostrils had already analyzed the scents of the other inhabitants of the island, aware of who was friend or foe; but this strange presence was neither. Whatever it was–whoever it was–it was intruding on his territory. Pushing his hands against the ground, the ankylosaur poised his body towards the heavens and opened his mouth, releasing a thundering roar. He wanted the intruder to know full well that if it was going to reside in these parts, it would have to deal with the savage brutality of Anguirus.

    Silence greeted the armored dinosaur. Out of all the monsters on the island, Anguirus was the first to be easily challenged. The behemoth opened his massive jaws one last time, issuing another roar that shook the ground. The continued silence drove the prehistoric creature’s mind into a frenzy, his senses tingling from the unseen force. But soon the ground shook on its own accord, no longer influenced by the sounds escaping Anguirus’ throat.

    The intruder was moving beneath the ground, creating seismic activity. Flames burst from the depths of the soil, reducing the surface to a state of chaos. Nearby forests had quickly fallen prey to the flames that now spread faster than one could possibly imagine. Smoke churned from the cascades of fire, blocking out the sun in only a matter of minutes!

    Anguirus stumbled back, taken off guard by these surprising turn of events. Wagging his tail across the ground, the horns that stretched out of the surface of the tail slicing the ground in the process, Anguirus snarled a distressed cry. The intruder was coming closer.

    From where the fiery streams of Hell erupted forth from the ground, the body of a demon ascended to the surface, in Anguirus’ line of sight. In a humanoid-like shape, the demon from the pits of Hell glared down at the armored saurian. The demon’s eyes were embedded with a bright xanthic glow, looking like a window for the hellish wasteland of the underworld itself! Its mandibles opened and closed, exhaling steam that hissed upon contact with the surrounding air. Rivers of lava, flowing in veins beneath the demon’s skin, gleamed through the armored hide. The demon took a step towards Anguirus, boiling the dirt beneath its feet soon after. Flexing its claws, the demon horrifically pointed its decrepit finger directly at Anguirus.

    Anguirus’ eyes had fallen upon a demon from the underworld, known as Kumasogami.

    Molten lava dripped from the pores of Kumasogami’s mouth, which fell to the ground and ate through the soil like acid. Bearing its chiseled teeth, the subterranean golem screamed an agonizing cry at Anguirus. The scream penetrated the beast’s ancient soul and caused the reptile to leap back. This immediate reaction surprised and appalled Anguirus himself, while it only amused the demon.

    Gathering courage, Anguirus gaping jaws exhaled a violent bark.

    A challenge.

    One Kumasogami accepted willingly.

    Kumasogami allowed Anguirus to make the first move. The ground trembled as the powerful dinosaur charged the demon from the underworld. Leaping through the air that had been warped by the heat generated from the hellish gateway, Anguirus brought his tusks and jaws down upon the demon’s shoulder. Anguirus’ teeth penetrated the demon’s exterior. Instead of tasting the warm feeling of animal blood, the armored dinosaur screamed in surprise as lava gushed out of the wound inflicted by the dinosaur’s teeth. Even touching the demon’s skin burnt Anguirus’ snout! But despite the painful reckoning of the overwhelming sensation, Anguirus’ jaws remained latched onto the demon.

    The cauldrons of smoke reduced the area to darkness, as if the Sun had already left this side of the world. Within the brief elapsed time since its arrival, Kumasogami had already turned this place into a duplicate of its home. Amidst the burning forest, Kumasogami staggered back and forth, attempting to free its shoulder of Anguirus’ vengeful teeth.

    Anguirus would not let go.

    Now the demon had grown tired of this dinosaur’s insolence and held the creature at bay, stiffening its shoulder and left Anguirus’ soft underbelly exposed. Kumasogami held up its right hand, which began to transform into a scythe! The demon’s fingers had been sucked into the hand, their claws used to form the sharp essence of the scythe-blade. Using specialized volcanic magic, the demon had forged the perfect impaling weapon.

    It was too late for Anguirus to counter.

    Kumasogami plowed the blade into Anguirus’ underbelly, easily piercing the dinosaur’s flesh. Blood to spray out of the wound, staining the vile scythe in the process. Despite being inflicted a horrible wound that overloaded his neural senses, the persistent ankylosaur didn’t release his hold. The volcanic golem examined the blood that dripped from its scythe, turning towards the open wound. The demon lunged its mouth and chewed into the open wound, eliciting a muffled cry as Anguirus kept his jaws clamped.

    Warm blood flowed down the demon’s throat, allowing the demon to quench its thirst.

    The courage that urged Anguirus to fight to the very end was usurped by the inner instincts of the ancient reptile. Anguirus released its gripping hold his jaws had on Kumasogami’s shoulder. Despite the demon possessing great physical strength, it failed to hold Anguirus with just one hand. The armored behemoth fell to the ground, its underbelly slipping away from the raking fangs of the demon from Hell. Anguirus landed on all fours, attempting to touch the dry soil with his underbelly, which still gushed with blood.

    Kumasogami looked down upon the hundreds of sharp spikes aligned on the shell. Kumasogami struck the spiky back with a swing of its scythe, erupting in a flurry of sparks and a staggering sound that would shatter glass. A few of Anguirus’ spikes had been fractured, but the thick carapace beneath remained unscathed.

    Relentless in the pursuit of victory, the demon morphed its arms and tried to get a hold of the nape, hoping to keep the dinosaur pinned. Before it could, the demon was met with a retaliatory strike from the armored quadruped, whipped by the thorn-pricked tail that scarred its volcanic visage. This unexpected blow forced the demon to stumble back, tumbling down to the ground.

    With dancing, blistering flames consuming the land behind him, the demon slowly began to rise to its feet. It noticed that Anguirus stood up in an erect posture, summoning all his inner-strength to leap backwards. The fiery orbs that represented the demon’s eyes had not expected the prehistoric foe to launch such an assault like this. Hundreds of sharp, pointy spikes drove into Kumasogami’s body, the dinosaur’s muscle and bone giving it everything to thrust the sharp spikes into the demon’s body.

    Lava-like blood sprayed out of the penetrations, upon whatever the demon’s blood made contact with hissed and sizzled! Kumasogami reared its unholy head towards the dark skies above, releasing a deep, horrible cry of unnatural origins. Anguirus wriggled himself free, shredding the demon’s hide in the process.

    Sprinting to put distance between them, Anguirus came to a commanding halt and raked the ground with his paws. Seconds passed and Anguirus had succeeded in submerging his entire body beneath the soil.

    The pain that had wrecked the demon ended and Kumasogami scanned the area, intent on killing the creature from a prehistoric past.

    Not willing to wait for the foe, Kumasogami morphed its left hand into a chiseled bow. The demon shifted its attention to the scythe that had once been its right hand, molding them into three long fingers. At the tips of these fingers, sharp ends formed into the tips of arrows. Within the central region, crimson light gleamed in an awe-inspiring manner.

    Kumasogami walked across the ground, shaking it with their mass and leaving smoldering footprints behind. The ground a few hundred yards in front of him shifted. Seismic activity influenced that specific region. Not willing to take any chances, Kumasogami brought its right hand together with its left, clanging to one another as if magnetically pulled. Taking aim, Kumasogami launched three arrows that flew swiftly through the air. Upon contact with the shifting earth, three great balls of fire burned the ground, the exploding soil instantly being incinerated by the searing flames.

    Kumasogami’s eyes watched with pleasure as it saw the flames rise higher and higher, the horrific scene reminding the demon of its home. Amidst the cherishing moment, Anguirus burst from the ground behind the demon and rammed his body into Kumasogami’s back. Stumbling forward against its own will, Kumasogami plummeted into the ground face first. Turning away from the demon, Anguirus crawled back down the hole it had made in the ground. As it descended into the darkness beneath the surface, Kumasogami rolled across the ground and launched three arrows directly at the fleeing dinosaur. They whizzed past the hole, avoiding contact with Anguirus a second after he had disappeared beneath the terrain. Those arrows struck an area a few miles away, sending it up in smoke.

    Rising to its feet and preparing for the next assault, Kumasogami angrily anticipated the demise of the reptilian filth that defied its wrath. The ground rumbled beneath the demon’s feet and spikes ruptured the ground. They sliced through Kumasogami’s feet and heaved him upward. Blocking out the pain, Kumasogami leapt off the back of Anguirus, leaving pieces of its hardened flesh behind. The demon’s body glided through the air until it slammed into the ground.

    Kumasogami swiftly turned towards Anguirus, aiming its arrows directly at the reptilian fiend and launched them. The arrows dug into the side of the prehistoric reptile, exploding on contact soon after and scalding the dinosaur’s flesh. Releasing a barrage of exploding arrows, Anguirus’ entire body was engulfed in fire, scalding flames burnt the flesh of Anguirus constantly. Kumasogami continued to release a salvo of exploding arrows, hoping to reduce the dinosaur’s body to charcoal.

    But still Anguirus fought the nerve racking pain. The mammoth dinosaur turned towards Kumasogami, flames flickering from every inch of his body. Screeching cries of agony bellowed from Anguirus’ gaping jaws as he strode forward. Anguirus made it his goal to at least end its life by ripping his claws into the demon’s hide once more. When Anguirus closed the gap, Kumasogami ceased firing its arrows and looked down upon the severely burnt creature before him, tattered flesh hung from separate areas of the creature’s body.

    And yet Anguirus was still coming.

    Kumasogami’s hands morphed into regular hands. In the demon’s mind, dismembering Anguirus with its bare hands would be better, to savor the torturous moment. Taking a firm step forward and bending over, Kumasogami grasped Anguirus’ skull and squeezed with all its might. Anguirus cackled a thrashing cry, pulling back and forth, trying to break the demon’s hold. With its left hand still squeezing Anguirus’ head, Kumasogami took its right hand and formed a fist. Exerting its monstrous strength, Kumasogami plowed it repeatedly into Anguirus’ face.

    Minutes passed and the physical blows continued, until finally, Kumasogami stopped and examined its foe.

    Anguirus was unconscious.

    Kumasogami now had a chance to finish the saurian off. But a strange tingling entered its demonic mind. Exactly what could bring about more agony to this abomination of the modern world? The idea had struck Kumasogami and immediately picked Anguirus’ prone body up. Kumasogami walked over to the opening that had split the ground asunder, holding Anguirus over its head. In the opening from which Kumasogami had come from, the demon looked down and could faintly see the flames that burned from the underworld.

    Hell would soon greet its new arrival.

    The demon prepared to launch Anguirus into Hell, but the charred monster opened his eyes and instinctively wrapped his tail around one of Kumasogami’s legs. Pulling with all his available might, Anguirus caused the demon to fall forward, on top of a ledge that kept them both from falling into the fiery sepulcher below. Anguirus crawled over Kumasogami’s back and walked forward, in the opposite direction of where the demon had tried to throw him.

    Anguirus stood up on his hind legs.

    Kumasogami slowly rose to its feet. The livid eyes of the demon described the emotions the demon was feeling; humiliation, anger, and a frightening revelation. But as Kumasogami turned around, Anguirus leapt back and nailed the demon in the back with his own. The collision was enough to send Kumasogami falling forward, into the hole in the ground.

    The demon screamed as it fell closer and closer to its origination, disappearing in flames that burned miles below.

    Anguirus gazed down upon the hellish flames from a world dedicated to carnage and misery. Raising his head to the heavens that had been shrouded by the dark clouds above, Anguirus howled a victorious cry that all of the monsters on ‘Monster Island’ could hear. His skin severely burnt and courageous attitude stretched beyond its limits, Anguirus walked away from where Kumasogami had fallen.

    The hole that led to Hell closed.

    Entire forests that were once bathed by the beauty of the Sun were reduced to charcoal by the flames wrought by Kumasogami. Anguirus slowly exited the region of the island that he had called home, intent on searching for a new habitat. Wherever it may be, Anguirus was determined to fight for it. As the armored behemoth walked away from a victorious battle that nearly cost him his life, helicopters soared over the sky, dropping yellow powders that quelled the flames. The humans had watched the entire battle and were shocked to learn that not only are there giant creatures in the world, but also supernatural entities from worlds unseen by the human eye.

    Perhaps it is a good thing to have these ‘Forces of Nature’ on the planet, to fend off these demonic beasts who threaten all life from extinction.

    Winner: Anguirus (Showa)

    K.W.C. // September 19, 2004
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The ground shook around the World’s Children Land from an unseen force. From beneath the ground, something was setting the area a stir; cracks splintered the terrain as nearby factories rocked back and forth. A pair of drills burst from beneath the ground and glistened in the morning sun. A long, triangular horn slit through the soil and reached out into the air. As if pulled out by gravity itself, the massive creature flew out of the earth.

    Its bulbous eyes scanned the area as it descended to the ground. The earth shook upon contact, while the massive beast examined its surroundings. Antennas that jolted from the creature’s forehead twiddled. Its sharp mandibles, poised in a horizontal position, closed uncontrollably.

    Resembling a gigantic humanoid beetle, the beast was none other than Megalon. An ancient god from Seatopia’s past, Megalon was its guardian and had been sent to oust mankind from its power over the world. The mega-sized beetle clattered his drill palms together, hearing its echo pervade across the terrain.

    Feeling as if there would be no hostility within the area towards Seatopia, Megalon looked up and saw that the sky was tainted with white clouds. Wings folded out from beneath the yellow carapace that covered the insectoid’s back and began to flap hundreds of times per second. Churning strong gusts of wind at the ground, the Seatopian deity ascended towards the sky.

    In the corner of his compound eyes, the archaic insect could see a large tower resembling a gigantic dinosaur that seemed to rest its arms over an elevator shaft. In a display of dominance, electrical currents set the triangular horn ablaze. With an incredible showcase of power, a rippling beam of pure energy arced through the air and cleaved the tower’s head. The inorganic head of the tower was incinerated and burst in a fiery ball of fire.

    A loud chuckle escaped Megalon’s throat, turning to fly towards the nearest city and leave it a smoldering crater of death. But then, Megalon suddenly caught the scent of another nearby. In fact, even while aloft, he could literally feel the ground shake. Nervously, Megalon peered down and was amazed to see a gigantic beast, covered with gray flesh, trudge across the ground. With one swipe of its massive claw, the nearest factory was sliced completely in half.

    Knowing this beast could pose a threat to Seatopia, Megalon released a battle cry and descended to meet this monster. Yet he remained unaware that this creature was not from this world, and was known only as Orga.

    Orga’s extraterrestrial eyes absorbed the bright fabrics of light that gleamed from the sun itself, making it look as if they were glowing. Orga’s hulking frame looked as if it were slouching forward, with a large lump on its back. Its shoulders were massive, and in the left shoulder was a massive hole. Orga’s teeth hung out of its jaws, visible to any who were unlucky enough to witness its gruesome appearance. Orga possessed long, dagger-like claws that had already shown to be capable of ripping structures to pieces.

    Megalon screeched across the sky, aiming his triangular horn at the alien beast. Torrents of electrical power rippled from his horn and daubed Orga in its might. The hunchback alien howled in pain, feeling chunks of its skin incinerated from the rest of its body. Megalon’s electric beam ceased and as the giant insect flew closer, Orga bent down and leapt through the air. Megalon, taken aback, stopped midair and braced himself as the freakish alien collided against the insectoid’s body!

    Orga snarled as it embedded its claws deep in the armored beetle’s exoskeleton. Megalon cried in pain, unable to support Orga’s weight and plummeted towards the earth. Planting its feet against Megalon’s abdomen, Orga’s eyes peered beyond and saw the ground nearing ever closer. Megalon screamed in pain as he felt the rooftop of a factory flatten beneath his back and driven deeper into the ground by Orga’s colossal weight.

    Clenching its massive claws to form fists, Orga smacked its fists against Megalon’s face. Loud, booming sounds screeched across the area after each time Orga batted his fists against Megalon’s skull. Tired of the pain, Megalon’s triangular horns radiated an amber glow. A bolt of electrical energy rippled from the tip of Megalon’s horn and struck Orga’s throat. Chunks of flesh were blasted off, and with another electrical bolt, succeeded in knocking Orga off of him.

    Orga stumbled back, his large shoulders struggling to keep the body balance so it wouldn’t fall. The alien creature snarled and released a hideous roar as Megalon rose to his feet. His compound eyes also witnessed a horrific sight; the shredded flesh sewing together, repaired just like new in a matter of seconds. Struggling to figure out what to do, Megalon dove down into the ground, plowing the soil out of the way with his drills.

    Orga’s perplexed eyes peered down into the hole, but the alien creature suddenly felt the ground beneath its feet vibrate. Cracks began to split the ground asunder and Orga bent his head down to examine the situation; until suddenly a drill poked out of the ground and struck Orga’s face. Taken aback, Orga nearly fell to the ground.

    The seismic activity stopped and Orga could neither hear nor see anything. Orga walked across the ground, surveying the land. The alien’s feverish eyes watched the ground, anticipating Megalon’s next move. Orga stood tall, feeling the eternal power flourish in the hole of its left shoulder. Particles of light, illuminating a bright amber glow, were sucked into the hole and the alien beast readied itself for anything.

    Megalon’s drills broke through the ground behind Orga. With amazing speed, the insect god propelled through the ground and stood on its surface. As Megalon took a step towards Orga’s back, the alien’s eyes widened and with quick agility, Orga turned around and unleashed a powerful energy ray from his shoulder. The ray struck Megalon dead in the chest and swept the Seatopian guardian off his feet.

    The ground shook violently after Megalon’s figure collided with the ground. Mounds of dirt were kicked high into the air as he skidded across the soil. As the arthropodic giant finally came to a halt, Megalon’s bulbous eyes widened in shock; Orga’s body descended from the sky, the alien’s claws yearned to rip into his natural armor.

    Electrical surges of energy rippled down the star-shaped horn, but before Megalon could fire, Orga’s feet plowed into the Seatopian guardian’s abdomen. A screeching wail echoed for miles, for Orga’s assault had shattered Megalon’s ribcage.

    The sweet nectar of Megalon’s DNA was refreshing, the feeling Orga felt after embedding its teeth deep into the deity’s armor. Already Orga could feel the genetic material being assimilated; a triangular horn began to stretch out of its forehead, pulsing with electrical power. The horn itself glistened in the sunlight, casting a bright radiant of light in all of World Children’s Land.

    Orga felt its left hand mutate and manifest into an exact duplicate of Megalon’s palms. The mutant alien’s left hand became a long metallic drill, which glinted the sunlight off its shiny surface.

    Orga wasn’t satisfied.

    It needed more.

    Megalon watched in horror as Orga’s jaws separated and enlarged. From out of the bowels of Orga’s throat, an organic web slit out of Orga’s jaws and widened. Megalon’s frightful cries could not be heard, for the organic web tissue joined with Orga’s jaws and closed in on the insect’s entire upper body. The two-toed feet kicked back and forth, trying to fight back.

    But it was inevitable.

    Orga’s skin tissue began to morph into a dark mixture of green and brown. Its eyes began to enlarge, mimicking Megalon’s own. Orga’s once massive back twisted and cracked, forming a new layer of carapace that manifested into insect wings.

    Before the transformation could be complete, Orga’s eyes widened; a large object had been shot down his throat. Orga panicked, not sure of what to do. The only thing Orga could do was prepare to feel the agonizing pain. Bright, strokes of fire broke through his chest and back, raining his flesh on the entire region. Orga’s painful screams and moans were agonizing to hear.

    Immediately, Orga relinquished the grip its jaws had on Megalon. While Orga’s jaws returned to their normal stature, the space monster lazily stumbled back. Already, the serious wounds it had sustained began to rapidly heal. Orga’s extraterrestrial eyes glazed up at Megalon, who now was clapping his metallic claws together. But when just as the taunting began, it ended as quickly as it started. The Seatopian guardian glared at Orga, afraid of the monstrosity standing in front of him.

    Hesitant, Megalon’s triangular horn gleamed with electrical surges of energy and shot a torrent of power into Orga. But unlike before, Orga stood unharmed. But now the horn that rested on top of his head crackled with the same surge of power. Even more disturbing, particles of light were swallowed into the empty hole inside Orga’s shoulder.

    Megalon bellowed a mighty cry, knowing he had failed Seatopia in stopping a creature that could easily destroy all life on the planet. Unable to close his bulbous eyes, Megalon braced himself for oblivion. An electrical beam and concussive energy blast lanced into his body, ripping the Seatopian guardian apart.

    Orga continued to unleash its devious assault, until Megalon no longer stood or breathed. Smoke rose from the charred carcass and with its new accessories, Orga released a loud, terrifying cry that shuddered even the spirit of the Earth itself.

    Winner: Orga

    K.W.C. // May 12, 2004
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The dark recesses of space looked down at the jagged and twisted terrain of Planet X. Hovering in an orbit of its own, the gigantic presence of Jupiter loomed over the insignificant moon. Streaks of light glistened off the shiny rocks of the alien world–only they were not the light of distant stars or Jupiter, but the illuming awe of a three-headed beast.

    Covered with golden scales that wrought beauty and terror, the creature released a hideous cackle. Long, slender heads swayed back and forth; three heads, covered with golden scales that gleamed with divine power, hung on top of three separate necks that stretched out of the beast’s chest. On each head, three horns stuck out; on each side of the dragon’s body, were long, bat-like wings; in each mouth, hundreds of sharp teeth poked out from the top and bottom shafts of the jaws. Red eyes blazed from each of the dragon’s eyes as it observed the mysterious land.

    In one dimension, the creature’s counterpart had ravaged this land and claimed it as its home. But now, in this universe, the creature was superior. Massive in frame and towering over the alien landscape, the ground itself struggled to hold the creature’s weight. Another cackle escaped its reptilian vocals as the three headed beast claimed this world under its heel.

    King Ghidorah now had a place to call its own in the ever expanding universe.

    But something was amidst. King Ghidorah hissed as it sensed the arrival of another. Its stench was repulsive, even from a great distance away. Flapping its mighty wings, the dragon lifted its body off the ground and manipulated gravity itself. Now flying through the skies of Planet X, Ghidorah sought to meet this intruder head on.

    If the dragon had the eyes of a human, all it would’ve been able to see was the blackness of space; however, equipped with the keen eyesight it possessed, King Ghidorah could spot a meteorite-like object. Only its surface oozed with sludge and decay. The three-headed beast cackled and cleared out of its path, allowing it to descend to its planet. Striking the ground, cauldrons of smoke rose from where it landed. Even in an environment without oxygen, the stench was still there. King Ghidorah’s shared conscience wished that this thing would have landed somewhere else. But it hadn’t.

    With an ear shattering cackle, Ghidorah dove from the sky and circled the extraterrestrial object. From its six prying eyes, the dragon could see sludge detaching from the sizzling space rock. At first, the sludge was only the size of the dragon’s foot. But it gradually grew and became larger. Whatever it was, it was alive, and the vicious hydra was not the type to share its territory with another. Saliva dripped from each of Ghidorah’s jaws and surged with electrical power. A torrent of gravity beams discharged from each head and struck the sludge, covering it with sparks and bright flashes of light. But when the light show diminished, the sludge was still expanding and enlarging itself.

    King Ghidorah hissed with rage and flew to the unearthly ground. Bending all three heads down, drool dripped from the serpent’s carnivorous jaws as it inspected this strange organism. But to its surprise, the sludge morphed into a strange octagon shaped creature. Toxic exhaust propelled out of the creature’s abdomen.

    King Ghidorah howled in pain as it felt its lungs burn from the creature’s exhaust. In rage, the three-headed monster wildly spat a barrage of gravity beams at the flying creature. The energized bolts washed across the creature and a shower of sparks became the result of the dragon’s assault. This was no ordinary creature. No, this was the smog monster, Hedorah.

    Hedorah turned and flew towards the golden terror, leaving a toxic trail in its wake. In this form, the towering vile beast was covered with decayed flesh. The flesh, if exposed to light, was dark brown and made up of trillions of microscopic organisms. In the center of the red eyes were tiny black pupils. Ghidorah didn’t care what the beast looked like; all he wanted was it to be slain. Clenching its sharp teeth, King Ghidorah flew straight up and continued to spat his gravity beams. Only showers of sparks blocked Ghidorah’s vision of Hedorah. But like before, when the sparks died down, the smog monster remained undeterred and unaffected.

    A scarlet laser shot out of the top of one of Hedorah’s eyes and slit into the terrible beast’s hide. Golden scales were blasted away from the rest of the dragon’s sizzling flesh. Bellowing screams of pain and agony escaped each of King Ghidorah’s mouths. In retaliation, the winged creature flapped his gigantic wings and created a strong gust of wind. Like being struck by a hurricane, Hedorah was blown out of the sky and splat against the ground.

    King Ghidorah furiously rained down gravity beam after gravity beam, turning the entire area of where Hedorah had fallen into a light show. Now the terrain of Planet X had been spliced into dozens of smoldering craters. From all those craters, sludge oozed out and sought the other, and they soon formed and merged into one. But as King Ghidorah flew through the vacuum, cackling with rage, Hedorah took on another form.

    Neon glows quickly enveloped the edges of Hedorah’s body as it grew larger and larger. Within only a few seconds, the smog monster stood larger than before. King Ghidorah’s feet slammed into the planet’s crust, which caused it to stir. The sight of the three-headed dragon caused Hedorah to lift its left palm up and howled a watery gurgle. Was it a sign of peace? No, to King Ghidorah there was only death. Gravity beams tore into Hedorah’s body and blasted chunks of its polluted flesh off the smog monster.

    Another gurgle came from the polluted abomination, but this time something strange was happening. The skin around Hedorah’s shoulder manifested and formed an opening. With a loud splat, a ball of smoking acid flew from the smog monster’s shoulder and struck Ghidorah’s abdomen. Its red eyes narrowed at his forming wound, which was sizzling with smoke and flesh. The three-headed dragon reared its jaws back and released a blistering cry.

    Now King Ghidorah’s wings were slashing through the empty void at thrice the speed of sound. The dragon rammed its body against the tower of rotted pollution and slashed its claw-tipped wings through Hedorah’s flesh. But just as Ghidorah had dipped any of its body parts into Hedorah’s skin, it had no choice but to pull back. Whenever it touched the smog monster, its skin would burn its own!

    Anger flourished in King Ghidorah’s combined conscience and the three-headed fiend fluttered his wings and leapt back. The vile dragon spat another torrent of gravity beams, which struck Hedorah’s body. Illuming crimson eyes widened and a loud watery cry came from the smog monster. As Ghidorah continued to douse Hedorah’s body with its plasma beams, smoke churned from the putrid creature’s contaminated flesh.

    While Hedorah’s exterior was being blown off, waves of condensed power flashed across the smog monster’s body. A horrible stench, even viler than the last, filled Ghidorah’s nostrils. The stench was enough to cause Ghidorah to cease his spree of attacks.

    As the three-headed beast pulled back, Hedorah raised both of its arms and released a loud, painful cry. The energy bolts that had raided its body had stopped and now Hedorah turned its frightful gaze towards King Ghidorah. From each eye, a bolt of rippling power was released and grazed Ghidorah’s body. Golden scales ruptured off the demon’s body, and the three-headed beast could only cackle in agony.

    Never before had King Ghidorah felt such pain and anger. No matter what it did, it couldn’t injure this hideous beast! Was this newfound planet really worth it? King Ghidorah was beginning to not care anymore. Flapping its mighty wings and manipulating gravity itself, the golden monstrosity hurled its magnificent body through Planet X’s atmosphere and disappeared in the blackness of space. Hedorah stood and watched Ghidorah flee. A loud, sickening laugh escaped the smog monster’s contaminated throat.

    It had won. Now Hedorah turned towards its new home, never knowing it was being watched by the citizens of Planet X. Inside an underground chamber, the controller of the Xilien smiled at this new beast that would become the instrument of their desire.

    Winner: Hedorah (Showa)

    K.W.C. // January 24, 2004
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    Clouds settled around the peak of Mt. Fuji. Covered with snow and rock, the ancient volcano looked down at the land covered with green and man-made structures. Groups of climbers struck the pickaxe into the hard, cold granite and tugged on the rope, pulling their bodies up with each step. In order to ensure their survival, the climbers all had to work as one and depend on the other. Mt. Fuji’s peak loomed in the distance, indicating they still had ways to go, but their climb was almost over. The climbers imagined themselves standing on top of the summit, standing on the highest point in all of Japan.

    But then a shadow loomed over head. With climbing sunglasses shielding their eyes from the sun, they could only see the dark and benevolent form of a giant moth. A large shriek escaped the great moth’s mandibles as her wings continued to beat strong currents of wind to propel her body through the air. Her fur was a mixture of bright colorful lights that gleamed with beauty. The bulbous eyes glistened in the sunlight, casting a blue glow that filled the climbers’ hearts with courage. They faintly recognized the magnificent beast was none other than the Guardian of the Cosmos itself–Mothra.

    Mothra flapped her mighty wings and propelled her body to the top of the volcano, resting atop the summit. It would take hours for the climbers to successfully make it to the summit, but for Mothra, it only took a few seconds. Her antennas twitched back and forth, as if picking up the presence of another. Sure enough, the climbers could hear the distant screeches of an object soaring through the sky. At first, they thought it was a jet, but the shape was all wrong.

    Fear then hit the climbers.

    It was the sky demon itself, Rodan. Sunlight reflected off its red scales and a blistering cry escaped its beak, sounding like thunder. Rodan’s feral eyes looked down at the large inactive volcano and could see the giant moth that mocked it. A loud screech once again shot out of the reptile’s beak as it made its descent. Long, triangular horns that curved out of its skull crackled bolts of crimson power.

    Mothra released a loud shriek, trying to warn the climbers to seek shelter. But it was too late. A beam that radiated a bright glow shot out of the pteranodon’s beak and arched through the air. Mothra flapped her mighty wings, attempting to avoid the oncoming strike, but was unfortunate. Rodan’s uranium beam cleaved her head and a shower of sparks burst from the moth’s white fur.

    Mothra screamed in agony but kept flapping her wings, escalating into the air. Faster than the speed of sound, Rodan dove through the air and clipped its wings across her back. Another scream escaped the benevolent moth’s mandibles as she felt a staggering pain pulse within her back. She turned and saw Rodan fly across the mouth of Mt. Fuji, charging her own beams in preparation.

    Orange streaks of power rippled from Mothra’s antennas and struck Rodan, showering its body in sparks. The winged demon screeched in pain, smoke churning from its scalded flesh. Rodan banked a hard left until it faced its insect opponent and flew straight at Mothra. She responded in kind, soaring directly at the vicious pterosaur. They flew straight at the other, colliding over the mouth of Mt. Fuji. Sonic booms screeched from the two titanic monsters and shook the mountain itself. Avalanches tumbled down the sides of the volcano and the climbers were thankfully not caught in its wrath.

    The ruler of the skies shrieked as it struck the fluffy exoskeleton with its sharp beak, popping with a shower of sparks. But Mothra backed away and revealed her beautiful wings, which crackled with golden hues of light. Rodan screeched in pain as Mothra’s lightning bolts electrocuted its body. From a distance, if anyone was to look up at the peak of Mt. Fuji, they would’ve been baffled by the bright auras of light.

    Antennas twiddled and pointed directly at Rodan, who was still recuperating from the assault, and fired another pair of golden-orange beams. They struck the pterosaur’s throat and was sent plummeting towards the top ridge of the volcano. Cauldrons of smoke and snow burst into the air, enveloping Rodan’s figure. Violent chirps ceaselessly barked from the downed pteranodon, its eyes gleaming with vicious intent.

    The benevolent moth circled overhead, blindly unleashing a barrage of her antenna beams. Bright sparks flashed from the dense smoke, bombarding the area until she stopped firing. Her compound eyes scanned the scorched earth, hoping the beast would be no more. But as the smoke was cleared from the flap of her wings, Rodan was nowhere to be seen. Viewing through hundreds of ommatidia, Mothra still couldn’t locate Rodan, that was until the pteranodon’s uranium heat beam struck Mothra’s backside.

    The lepidoptera cried out in pain, sparks flashed on her back as strands of fur caught fire. The great moth turned to see the fire demon fly right over her, releasing a salvo of shockwaves within its wake. Mothra was helplessly hurled through the air and crashed into the side of Mt. Fuji, her large body proceeding to slide downhill.

    Rodan circled overhead, its curved horns gleaming with power. The pterosaur dove towards the immobile moth, taking the chance to strike. Another torrent of Rodan’s uranium beam discharged from its beak and slit into Mothra’s abdomen. She shrieked in agony, but it only satisfied Rodan’s bloodlust even more.

    Desperate, Mothra flapped her wings and generated golden pollen that scattered around her. Rodan recklessly flew through the cloud of pollen and cackled in pain, skin being burnt by the particles. Now able to roll on her belly and stretch out her wings, Mothra flew straight up and turned to see Rodan ensnared by her trap, its eyes bloodshot and skin sizzling from her golden pollen.

    Rodan released a barrage of its uranium heat beams, but all of them were reflected back and forth by the pollen and tore into its body. Howling from its injuries, Rodan flapped its wings and generated strong gusts of wind that blew the sparkling pollen away. Without giving the dinosaurian menace a chance to rest, Mothra flew straight in and knocked the beast against the mountainous slope, which shuddered from the impact.

    Mothra’s antenna beams rained down from the sky and blasted Rodan’s scales, further injuring the mutated pteranodon. Spreading out its magnificent wings, Rodan followed its vicious instincts and flew through the air, ascending to the sky. The pteranodon’s feral eyes pulsed with hatred, scanning for its airborne rival.

    Sensing a presence from behind, Rodan banked a hard right, redirecting its original trajectory and flew up. Its chest spikes raked across the insect deity’s thorax, forcing Mothra from the sky as she fell head first into the volcanic crater. Even though the entry to molten rock was blocked by years of forming rock and ice, Mothra’s impact shattered it from the immense force. A shadow fell over Mothra and felt Rodan’s fortified beak pierce her exoskeleton. Helplessly, Mothra flapped her wings, but was only pushed down by Rodan’s strength and rage. The fire demon hollered in pleasure, cleaving Mothra’s cranium with its beak soon after.

    The climbers who were lucky enough to survive and make it to the summit were baffled to see the battling titans, still fighting to the death. Mothra’s painful cries echoed on for miles as the great moth was being ripped apart by a vicious monster.

    The pterosaur hopped up and embedded its talons deep into Mothra’s furry hide. Crackles of light sparkled around Rodan’s triangular horns and another wave of its uranium beam scalded Mothra’s body. The pain became too much after a relentless barrage, as the guardian felt her life force beginning to deplete.

    Rodan’s reptilian eyes turned and focused on Mothra’s vibrant, spastic wings, and a terrible thought appeared in its prehistoric mind. Once again, Rodan powered up its uranium heat beam, but this time they tore into Mothra’s wings, puncturing scorching holes in its wake. Smoke rose from the torn wings and the fallen guardian continued to groan in agony.

    Rodan enjoyed Mothra’s suffering.

    The pteranodon flapped its wings and ascended to the sky, unleashing a barrage of uranium heat beams. Mothra’s body jolted up from the pain, but promptly fell back down. With her wings injured, Mothra was unable to take flight. Deep down, she knew her life was going to come to an end. Her bulbous eyes stared up at the sky, marveling at its beauty–before Rodan descended from the skies and struck the final blow.

    Days passed when news of the battle between the two kaiju became public knowledge. A brave group of climbers scaled Mt. Fuji to show their bravery. But when they reached the summit, they were disgusted by the putrid remains of the former Guardian of the Cosmos, Mothra.

    Winner: Rodan (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // November 29, 2003
  • Author: Thomas Fairchild | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The terrain was flat and barbaric. Only looming, jagged mountains could be seen amiss the area of where two titanic monsters were present. On one side of the battlefield was the mechanical behemoth that closely resembled the abomination that laid waste to Tokyo in 1954; while on the other, stood the intergalactic cyborg whose only intent was the annihilation of the human race.

    A loud, shrieking cry escaped the cyborg’s beak as the space monster identified as Gigan ran towards the mechanical leviathan that stood before him. Kiryu answered Gigan’s cry by opening his metallic mouth, which rippled with plasma energy and doused the air with a swirling wave of power.

    Gigan’s crimson eye flashed as the cyborg leapt into the air, avoiding the plasma beam that passed beneath its feet. Kiryu’s maser cannon collided with a canyon that stood erect out of the ground and blasted it into two. As the remnants of the canyon plummeted towards the chasm, Gigan had ascended to the bright sky and looked down upon the machine created by man.

    The machine’s amber glowing eyes observed Gigan as the glowing gem on its forehead began to absorb particles of light. A digital cry escaped Kiryu’s metallic lips as the machine’s artificial mind alerted him of the unusual event that was transpiring before his very lenses.

    A beam of energy darted from Gigan’s forehead and slit deep in Kiryu’s armored chest, stripping it in rapid succession. The metallic skin began to glow bright orange, the metal melting from the intense heat.

    The crimson beam faded and torrents of smoke burst from Gigan’s wings. The cyborg dove straight towards Kiryu, whose sensors were reporting the damages. The machine lifted his head at the last second and felt the impact of Gigan’s lethal hammer claws. The MechaGodzilla of the new millennium was knocked off his feet and slid across the ground, until he came to a stop. Kiryu’s razor sharp claws scraped the ground as the mechanical lifeform slowly rose to his feet.

    But just as Kiryu prepared for another Gigan encounter, the cyborg was nowhere to be seen. Kiryu’s optic eyes scanned the area, searching for Gigan. As Kiryu’s alarm system activated, the great machine whirled his head in the opposite direction and saw Gigan fly by. Another jab hammered into Kiryu’s face once again, plastering his posterior into the rugged ground.

    Kiryu pushed himself up enough so that it could at least see Gigan flying away. With the target locked on, rockets burst from their compartments and seared through the air, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake. Just as quickly as they left their ports, the missiles struck Gigan’s flying form in a shower of sparks that enveloped the cyborg.

    A split second later, Kiryu saw Gigan collide head first into the ground, and erupted in an explosive blast upon impact. With only the cover of dust and rubble, Gigan recuperated and prepared for another strike; however, Kiryu had once again locked onto Gigan’s position and wasted no time to carry out his next assault.

    Bright flashes of energy torpedoed out of Kiryu’s mouth and streaked towards Gigan’s position, bombarding the alien cyborg. Only the high pitched shrieks of the cybernetic lifeform could be heard, and strangely enough, this pleased Kiryu.

    Raising his claws and pointing them directly to where Gigan had fallen, the artificial lifeform prepared its next assault. Gigan’s claws raked the ground and pushed up, now kneeling and bracing itself for the inevitable. Dozens of energy beams were released from the two laser cannons mounted on each of Kiryu’s wrists, bombarding the cybernetic monster with searing pellets. The space creature flailed wildly, deflecting some measly shots with his metal claws.

    Kiryu parted his jaws and twin beams twirled around the other, striking Gigan’s golden scales. Gigan stumbled back and fell into the side of a canyon that supported its weight. Already, the cyborg urged itself to fly away and forget about fighting the mission, but the onslaught had not ended. Maser cannons, missiles, and energy beams continued to pour into Gigan’s form in a scalding fashion.

    Rearing its hind legs up and using the only ounce of energy it possessed, Gigan charged at Kiryu, even when it was being bombarded relentlessly. Missiles imploded against its thick hide and blew up in an explosive display. Yet this did not deter as the cyborg approached its metallic foe. Wielding its hammer claws, Gigan knocked Kiryu across the face.

    A loud clamoring sound echoed across the distant terrain after both bone and metal clashed in an unsporting fashion. A sonic cry escaped Kiryu’s metallic lips as Gigan continued to swing with its hammer claws, further denting Kiryu’s armor and forcing the robot retreat.

    Alarms flared in Kiryu’s sensors, but Gigan had successfully knocked Kiryu off his feet. The ground shuddered as Kiryu’s body bounced off the ground and rolled on his side. There was no movement as Gigan crept towards Kiryu, the latter who remained motionless. Looking down at the fallen machine, the intergalactic weapon released a shrieking cry. Particles of light glimmered around the red gem on its forehead, eager to fire away.

    Just as the energy beam tore through with its full fury, the rocket boosters on Kiryu’s back and legs sprang to life and blasted out of harm’s way. The mechanical dragon hovered in the air and observed Gigan, who railed the ground with its energy beam. When the cyborg learned that it wasn’t Kiryu that it was firing at, it was too late; Kiryu’s rockets pierced the air and detonated against Gigan’s thick hide. Dense smoke and tiny sparks of explosions shrouded Gigan’s body, distracting the cyborg.

    The compartment on Kiryu’s chest opened up, revealing a port that was glowing with a bright orb of light. Bolts of energy dazzled around the shining sphere and a blue aura began to glisten around Kiryu’s chest. Just as Gigan’s cycloptic eye found Kiryu, the cyborg was taken back and sensed fear. Every natural sense in Gigan’s body urged it to run, but it was too late. Gigan backed away until a large canyon held it at bay, and the screaming cries of Gigan echoing across the area.

    A meteor-like object burst from Kiryu’s chest, signaling the launch of the Absolute Zero Cannon. Gigan’s shrieks ceased and the area went dead silent. The canyon that held Gigan at bay was a huge block of ice, which contained the frozen corpse of the cyborg itself. Satisfied by his initial victory, Kiryu turned and walked away from Gigan’s graveyard.

    No more than a few hours later, both man and beast were aware of Gigan’s demise that occurred on Monster Island. All at the metallic claws of the new generation of MechaGodzilla, Kiryu.

    Winner: Kiryu

    K.W.C. // November 27, 2003
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    On the shores of Birth Island, a tragedy of nature had taken place; a pod of sperm whales had beached ashore. As the leviathans lay dead and dying, the charnel stench seeped into the water and air, drawing in thousands of scavenging seabirds. It also drew the attention of something from the depths. His sense of smell titillated by the odor of decaying flesh, Gezora swam towards the scent. Reaching the beach, Gezora crawled out of the water and lumbered towards the mass of dying whale meat. Thousands of seabirds scattered as the massive cuttlefish pulled chunks of whale meat off the dying animals and began to feed.

    Meanwhile, deep in the interior of Birth Island, the scent of dying whales reached the nostrils of another creature. Rousing from his slumber on an outcropping of rocks, Baragon’s nostrils twitched in anticipation, as the smell of whale meat awaited him. Slowly standing up, Baragon shook himself lazily and lumbered towards the scent.

    When Baragon climbed over the crest of the hill that led to the enticing scent, he noticed that he was not the only creature who had followed the smell. Driven by instinctual ferocity and hunger, Baragon screeched a challenge at the creature feeding on the dead whales and charged at the gargantuan mollusk.

    Gezora, startled by the sudden noise, turned to see what made it. Noticing the other creature charging towards him, he likewise began to charge, determined to protect his meal from the newcomer.

    Once he was within range, Baragon used his powerful leg muscles and leapt into the air. Gezora was stunned at the sight as Baragon landed on him, driving his claws and teeth into his flesh. However, Gezora recovered quickly and wrapped his tendrils around Baragon. Exerting his strength, Gezora constricted Baragon onto his freezing body.

    Baragon screamed out in pain as the numbing cold of his foe’s touch slowly leached the life giving heat from his own body. Baragon struggled to break free, but the strength of his foe, along with the numbing cold, made it impossible. Gezora tightened his arms around Baragon, making it harder for him to breathe and drawing more heat from his body.

    Baragon, realizing how much trouble he was in, opened his mouth and fired his volcanic flame blast. The searing heat struck Gezora, causing his flesh to blister and crack. Reflexively, Gezora released Baragon as he rubbed the burnt patch of flesh in an attempt to stop the pain. Landing on his feet, Baragon took the opportunity to leap away.

    With distance between them, Baragon turned to face his enemy, who had stopped slapping the burnt patch of flesh and directed his attention back on him. Crouching low to the ground, Baragon hissed ferociously, demanding the meal. Gezora croaked at Baragon and moved towards him, tendrils lashing.

    Baragon, not wanting to get caught in his foe’s tendrils again, rapidly tunneled underground. Gezora reached Baragon only seconds after he had completely disappeared underground.

    Gezora, believing that he had driven Baragon away, returned to the dying whales and lumbered back towards them. He resumed feeding; because of this, he failed to notice the small furrow in the ground that was heading towards him. Suddenly, Baragon’s head emerged from under the sand and fired his heat ray at Gezora. Gezora was taken aback, completely off-guard as the heat beam charred another patch of his flesh.

    Gezora groaned in pain and turned towards the source, but Baragon had already retreated underground. Gezora began to wander about, his massive eyes looking about for the creature that dared hurt him. Baragon, sensing Gezora pass over him, waited till his foe was some distance away. He poked his head through the sand again and shot Gezora with his heat ray again.

    Gezora turned just in time to see Baragon’s head duck under the sand. Somewhere in his brain, Gezora made the connection to the subterranean terror and the heat-induced agony. Gezora lumbered towards the water, leaving his meal open. Once under the surface of the water, Gezora plopped in the cold shores and covered himself with sand, concealing his massive bulk. Now, he had to wait.

    Baragon, having sensed Gezora slipping into the water, emerged from the safety of the underground and surveyed the beach. Gezora was nowhere to be seen, and the feast of whale meat was his for the taking. Waddling over to the whale carcasses, he picked up a large one in his fore-claws and began to gnaw on it.

    Seeing Baragon distracted by the whales, Gezora launched his arms from the water. Baragon was caught by surprise as Gezora’s arms wrapped around his legs and tail. Pleased by his ambush, Gezora tugged on Baragon, trying to drag him into the water, where he would have the advantage.

    Baragon tried to twist over his own body to reach the tentacles that slowly dragged him into the watery depths. When that didn’t work, he rolled onto his back and curled his body up. Now within reach of the arms grabbing him, Baragon savagely chomped and clawed at them. Below the water, Gezora winced in pain, releasing his grip on Baragon and withdrawing his arms into the water.

    Baragon quickly rolled back onto his feet and bombarded the water with heat rays, trying to drive his enemy into the open. Gezora, shielded by the water, swam away from where Baragon was firing, instead moving to flank his right side.

    After a little while, Baragon stopped firing and looked around to see if Gezora had emerged elsewhere. Convinced that he had driven his foe away, Baragon turned back towards his meal. Gezora suddenly rushed out of the water towards Baragon. Caught off guard, Baragon barely managed to move before Gezora wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into his freezing grip.

    Baragon, driven berserk from the icy pain of Gezora’s touch, ferociously bit and clawed at his foe. This time, Gezora refused to let go, and instead slithered back to the water with prey in tow. Baragon came to the realization that he would drown if Gezora managed to get him underwater. He thrashed about more furiously than before, determined to break free.

    As Gezora almost reached the edge of the water, Baragon noticed a patch of charred flesh from one of his earlier heat rays. Taking a desperate gamble, he thrust his horn into the blistered tissue. Throwing his head back with all of his might, Baragon tore the hardened flesh free, revealing a hole to the internal organs of his foe. Gezora shrieked in pain, constricting down tighter on Baragon.

    Baragon’s vision began to swim as his body was leached of its heat. Hearing the sound of water below his enemy, he panicked as time was almost up. Opening his mouth, Baragon stuck his head into the torn hole and fired one last heat beam.

    Inside Gezora, there was a hideous burst of steam, the sickening sound of rupturing organs. A hellacious scream of the giant cuttlefish resounded as he was cooked from the inside by his foe’s attack. As a stream of liquefied viscera burst from Gezora’s siphon, the massive cephalopod’s grip slackened and he collapsed into the water.

    Baragon slowly pulled his head free of his deceased foe, shaking his face rapidly side to side, blood and organ bits splattering everywhere. Backing off of Gezora, Baragon grabbed his fallen enemy’s arms in his mouth and slowly dragged him onto the beach. Once he had brought Gezora’s carcass to the sandy shore, he began to tear great chunks of the cooked flesh off and consume them.

    Several hours later, after feasting on most of his foe’s body and several of the dead whales, Baragon curled up on the warm sand and fell asleep, purring contentedly.

    Winner: Baragon (Showa)

    K.W.C. // August 21, 2003
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Matthew Williams

    The waters around Birth Island began to turn a deep crimson red as thousands of Barems floated to the surface, heralding the arrival of the bane of the depths, Dagahra. The toxic beast emerged from the now polluted water around Birth Island and waddled towards the interior.

    In the sky above, something stirred, as if reacting to the toxic beast that now befouled the purity of Birth Island. Dagahra suddenly became aware of a golden flashing in the sky, and he raised his grotesque head to examine the strange occurrence. As he did, the sky opened up and began to rain golden dust in a gentle, hypnotic cloud. This caused the corruptor to stop in his tracks and stare at the lovely sight. Purring slightly, Dagahra was entranced as the beautiful golden snowflakes gently tumbled down from the heavens. Then, the powder eventually vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. Dagahra stared in bewilderment as the enchanting display came to an end.

    The tranquility of the scene is suddenly shattered as the Earth trembled, as though some great creature were moving below. Dagahra roared in surprise as the rumbling turned into a violent shaking, as long, snaking fissures ruptured under his feet. Then, he heard a moaning sound as the fissures broke open and a long, thorny tendril emerged from the Earth.

    Dagahra retreated for the safety of the ocean, but when he turned to run, he found the vines binding his legs. Roaring in rage, Dagahra tried to wrestle free of the bindings. In the midst of his struggle, he heard another great surge from under the ground. Turning his head, he watched in mute shock as the ground literally exploded outward, a mammoth head emerging from the soil. Biollante, goddess of the Earth, made her enormity known.

    Biollante bellowed out a challenge to the toxic wyrm she had entrapped in her tendrils, demanding that he leave this pure place and to never return. Dagahra roared defiantly, refusing to leave. Opening his mouth, the toxic one fired a crimson-ebony beam at the tendrils that bound him. The beam severed the vines, releasing a hissing spray of burning green fluid into the air.

    Biollante growled in anger and sent another swarm of tendrils after the corrupted one, who was still trying to retreat towards the ocean. Her tendrils emerged from the ground, clamping their jaws onto the corrupt one’s legs. Biollante gave a purr of pleasure as Dagahra was dragged and hauled back towards her.

    Dagahra, taking the offensive, took to the air and was yanked free of the choking tendrils the Earth goddess tried to bind him with. Turning, he flew back towards Biollante, roaring in anger. He parted his jaws and fired his Poisonous Jet Stream at his opponent, the bolt of energy raked her across the top of her enormous alligator-like head. Biollante snarled in pain as they seared her scaly leaves, but otherwise did not seem to be adversely affected by the attack.

    Dagahra, confused, fired another beam, as well as a volley of Barems from his shoulder cannons. The beam scraped across Biollante’s body, but once again failed to have any discernible impact on her. Yet, when the Barems struck, the small patches where they made contact seemed to shrivel from their acidic toxins.

    Biollante, not wanting to take another hit from the burning echinoderms shot by the toxic one, lashed out at him with her spiked tendrils. Seeking to take him out of the sky, Biollante whipped a group of decoy tendrils, seeking to divert the toxic one into her spear-tipped trap.

    Dagahra, seeing Biollante’s choking tendrils approaching, banked hard. The flailing lashes sailed past him, but the sense of accomplishment was short lived. The vile dragon suddenly felt a burning, stabbing pain burst through his right wing. As he turned his head to see what had happened, he was violently tugged out of the sky as Biollante viciously pulled her tendril in. Dagahra crashed into the ground with a sickening thud, blood erupting from his nostrils.

    As he lifted his head, he looked over at the spot where he felt the stabbing pain. With a groan of despair, he witnessed the damage sustained to the wing, which crippled his ability to fly. Yet, he didn’t completely lose hope, as he noticed that his shoulder cannons were still intact. Regaining his footing, Dagahra rose and turned to face the Earth goddess.

    Biollante saw the polluted serpent rise and began to advance on him. More tendrils emerged from the Earth around the toxic one. The foul beast responded to the attack by firing his energy beam at the vines, severing them. Yet, Biollante refused to let him escape, and sent more vines after the vicious monster.

    Dagahra, surrounded on all sides by the vines and Biollante’s lumbering form advancing, decided to try and play his trump card. Crouching low on the ground, he began to spin in place. As he did, a maelstrom formed around his twirling figure. The cyclone fully engulfed him, and he opened his shoulder cannons that released a stream of Barems into the tempest. Lifting off the ground, he charged towards Biollante.

    Biollante, seeing the toxic one forming a corrupted vortex of poison and acid, opened her maw. As the wicked twister closed in, the great plant-like leviathan summoned energy that arced towards the center of her mouth. Then, when the tempest was almost within striking range, she vomited forth a stream of her own acidic fluids.

    Directing the stream into the cyclone, Biollante drenched the toxic one and his foul spawn in her purifying sap. Dagahra fell from his cyclone, corroding Barems splattering all around him. Biollante advanced on her prone foe, and when she came within reach, she lowered her jaw and crunched on the toxic one’s head. Hundreds of sword-like teeth that line her maw drove into the body of the foul one.

    Suddenly regaining focus, Dagahra realized where he was, and how close he was to losing the fight. With only one vital shot at his disposal, Dagahra parted his shoulder cannons and fired a volley of Barems at the Earth goddess. The toxic starfish bombarded the hulking super-plant, who gave off a satisfying wail of agony as her grip lessened. Digging his heels into the ground, Dagahra pulled as hard as he could, tearing himself free of the Earth goddess’ maw. Yet, the cost was high, as he lost a good deal of flesh in the serrated jaws of Biollante. Screaming out in pain, Dagahra turned and began to retreat towards the ocean once again.

    Biollante watched as the toxic one retreated. Refusing to allow the vile beast to escape, Biollante sent several dozen mouthed tendrils through the ground, which emerged from below the beast, clamping onto him and pinning him to the soil. As the toxic one roared out in pain, Biollante decided to land the finishing blow.

    Underground, her spiked tendrils met up and braid themselves into a single, massive spike. Summoning all of her strength, Biollante drove the spike upward, impaling the toxic beast on its tip. The sheer force lifted him through the air, piked by the violent rupture. Dagahra’s last screams echoed as he was skewered on Biollante’s tendril, his foul blood falling to the ground in a grisly shower.

    Dagahra stopped moving, and Biollante released her grip. Then, snapping her tendril, flung the corpse into the ocean. As the water engulfed the body of its tormentor, Biollante looked on with detached pleasure. As the last traces of Dagahra sank beneath the waves, Biollante dissolved into her golden pollen form, and vanished into the beautiful sky.

    Winner: Biollante

    K.W.C. // July 8, 2003
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    Downtown Tokyo was inundated with water, its streets filled to accommodate a violent and ravenous swarm. All over the city, the Meganula swarm returned from their hunting expeditions to finish charging their queen, Megaguirus, with stolen life force energy. As each of the Meganula returned and dove into the water, they plunged their energy filled stingers into a giant chrysalis, giving up their lives to revive their queen and make the city hers. Slowly, the queen Megaguirus emerged from her chrysalis in the murky depths. The fearsome insect climbed out of the womb of her birth and spread her wings, taking to the sky to survey her new domain.

    Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, something approached from below the ground, tunneling towards its new nest. Drawn by the enraging hum of neon lights and radio-towers, the creature drew ever closer. As it did, it sensed another presence in through the din of EM radiation. The thing was not making noise like the rest of the nest site, but instead made a different sound, one that signaled a threat. Realizing that there would be a fight, Legion chirped to itself with bloodlust.

    Megaguirus’ senses twitched as she felt the presence of an intruder in her domain. Flying above the line of the building, the queen of killers flew around her territory, searching for the intruder.

    Legion sensed that the other presence was on the move, probably trying to find her. Not wishing to give up her advantage at the moment, Legion continued to burrow underground further into the territory of the other. Once she felt the enemy about to pass overhead, she thrust her rear-limbs through the ground in the other’s direct path.

    Megaguirus banked hard, suddenly confronted with a massive pair of bladed legs rising from the ground directly in her path. The queen’s agility and aerial mobility won out, and she avoided the bladed trap in her path. She flew straight upward, out of the reach of the ivory limbs, and out of danger.

    Below the ground, Legion sensed the other dodged her legs. In a fit of pique, she emerged from the ground, shrieking in rage. As she pulled her body from her earthen tomb, she looked up and saw her prey.

    Both creatures stared at each other for a moment.

    Megaguirus, now able to see her opponent, shrieked out a challenge and charged her wings with sonic energy. Then screeching out again, flew straight at the intruder.

    Legion was shaken by the speed of her opponent. Still, she did not back down as her nasal horn opened and energy began to arc between the tips. Taking aim, Legion released a charged particle beam at the other.

    Megaguirus, seeing the beam, banked hard as the deadly blue stream of light blasted by. Still rushing forward, the supersonic dragonfly buzzed the intruder and buffeted it with ultrasonic energy.

    Legion screamed out in pain as the hypersonic dragonfly flew overhead, and rained down a wave of vibrating screams. Turning, Legion tried to strike the other with her claws, but the prey was too fast and dodged the deadly tip of her legs.

    Megaguirus wingovered and dodged the intruder’s limbs, coming back for another pass. Flying past her opponent again, Meganula queen sent out wave after wave of piercing sonic energy. Her opponent released a satisfying screech of pain as she passed over. As the intruder tried to turn around to face her, Megaguirus flew over its back and lashed out with her fore-claws. Yet, when she struck the creature’s body, her claws rebounded off of the intruder’s exoskeleton.

    Legion, having recovered from the attack, whipped backwards with her rear legs. Piercing limbs tried to strike at the ravenous insect, while the Meganula queen struggled to break through her shell. Legion sensed the creature had flown backwards, out of her reach.

    Legion turned around and opened her horn, charging another particle beam. As she sighted her prey, she unleashed the charged particle blast. Still recovering from the retreat, Megaguirus managed to dodge the beam, but only by a hair’s breadth.

    Megaguirus, furious that she couldn’t rend the intruder, decided to try a different tactic. Bringing her stinger to bear, the queen of killers charged up a plasma sphere and, taking aim at the intruder, launched the deadly blast of energy.

    Legion, seeing the other charging up an energy attack, extended the limbs on her crown and closed her horn. The other launched the sphere of energy, but instead of trying to dodge it, Legion instead stood completely still. As the energy sphere was about to strike her, Legion sent out a shell of energy from her crown and caught the blast on the tip of her horn. The Meganula queen recoiled in shock as the blast dissipated harmlessly on her foe’s shield. Screeching, Legion opened her horn and fired another charged particle beam. Though Megaguirus was able to evade the lethal blast, she had lost her two rear left legs in the process.

    Megaguirus, blinded by rage and pain, charged her wings and flew directly at the intruder. The invader was taken aback as the queen of killers flew overhead and drove the point of her stinger into the side of its crown. Still dispersing hypersonic energy from her wings, Megaguirus flew forward with such force that the part of the extremity was torn from the intruder’s head. The queen was given the satisfaction of hearing the intruder scream out in pain as part of its body was violently wrenched free. The intruder fell to the ground, its eyes dimmed black.

    However, overtaken by pure rage, Legion rose up as her eyes burned with a deep crimson. She looked up at the other, who had turned around in midair, and now was hovering out of reach. Legion focused her energy onto the ovaries on her midsection for a moment. Suddenly, her ovaries flashed as internal larvae began to hatch and mature. Then, leaning backwards, she released a black cloud of her brood into the air. Gently humming to them, she told her spawn where the other was, and that they were to tear it limb from limb.

    Megaguirus, mesmerized by the flashing on the intruder’s body, suddenly came to her senses as a massive cloud of smaller creatures emerged from the intruder’s body. Realizing that the intruder had just introduced a new element into the conflict, she felt nervous. Still, she would not abandon her territory.

    Charging her wings with sonic energy, and powering up an energy ball in her stinger, the queen of killers charged at the swarm. Just as they were about to make contact, she banked hard and whipped her tail down, launching the energy ball. The blast connected with the swarm, burning several hundred to ash. The remaining creatures continued to pursue her. Megaguirus turned suddenly, and flew over the swarm, obliterating some of them with her sonic vibrations.

    Legion, furious that her children were being decimated so easily, sent out another call to her spawn. As she did, she opened her horn and fired a charged particle beam into the direct path of the other. The dragonfly banked sharply, avoiding the blast, but instead flew directly into the path of the swarm of her children.

    Megaguirus was blinded as the intruder’s swarming spawn attached to her by the dozens. Her flight was slowed as the swarm clawed and bit her repeatedly. Then worse pain flared through her body as she realized that the intruder had shot another one of its beams at her, this time clipping off her right wings. No longer able to fly, the queen of killers began to plummet from the sky.

    Legion, seeing her chance, opened up her horn and charged up another beam. As the other fell, she carefully took aim. Then, she unleashed the charged particle blast, striking her prey square in the chest, throwing it backwards. The once fierce dragonfly screamed out in pain as it caught on fire and slammed into one of the buildings, embedding itself in the surface.

    Legion sensed that victory was near and charged up one more blast. Then, with great satisfaction, fired the final blast, blowing off the head of her prey and bringing the building down on top of it. Her prey screamed out once more before dying, as the husk of the building and the queen of killers collapsed into a pile of rubble.

    Legion then walked into the newly won territory to begin her new nest.

    Winner: Legion

    K.W.C. // September 28, 2001
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The sun rose over the East Side of New York City. As the citizens slowly roused from their sleep, a tremor emanated from Central Park. Within ten blocks of the park, people panicked and ran, screaming in every direction. The ground under the park began to buckle, and with a roar, Zilla burst out from under the Central Park Auditorium. The reptile smashed it to bits, sending shrapnel into the sky. As its roar thundered through the city, the people’s panic solidified into terror as they ran frantically away from the monstrous beast.

    Meanwhile, in the harbor, the coastguard picked up something enormous on sonar. The creature was easily longer than a freighter and moving coastward rapidly. The harbor patrol called out an evacuation order as the creature closed in on the city. The surface of the water flashed a brilliant white, then Titanosaurus exploded out of the water, launching himself into the air and onto the dock.

    Titanosaurus wheeled his arms and torso as his warbling cry screeched into the heavens. In the distance, Titanosaurus heard a noise, one that sounded very familiar, and yet subtly different from the one he remembered. Old memories of pain and humiliation flooded back to him as he recalled how he was forced by the small being to fight against that other monster, then was nearly driven to madness by the screams from the tooth that the other small beings shot into his neck. Titanosaurus hissed as the memories of pain came flashing back to him. Thirsty for revenge, he began to stalk into the city.

    Titanosaurus weaved through the buildings, listening for the other monster. On top of one of the nearby structures, Zilla spotted Titanosaurus and quickly roared out a challenge before leaping down to the concrete below.

    Titanosaurus heard the roar and reflexively leapt straight up into the air. Zilla surged past him and landed on the pavement below, overcompensating and staggering forward because he missed his mark. Titanosaurus landed with a crash that caused the buildings to shake, then turned around to face his opponent. As he did, Titanosaurus realized that this creature wasn’t the one that humiliated him. Just the same, it had sounded enough like it to take some aggression out on, if only by proxy.

    Titanosaurus screeched out a challenge to Zilla, who also roared back in response. Titanosaurus dropped his shoulders and charged. Zilla responded by arching his back and also advancing head-long at his foe, roaring defiantly.

    The two behemoths connected with each other, Zilla landing the first blow by landing a headbutt into Titanosaurus’ chest. Titanosaurus chirped in pain, then responded by dragging his claws across Zilla’s left shoulder and lower portion of his jaw. Zilla roared out in pain, and then bit Titanosaurus in the right leg. Titanosaurus screamed as Zilla clamped his jaws down onto his thigh.

    Titanosaurus hammered at Zilla’s head with his fists and claws, trying to get him to release his jaw lock. Zilla, in response to the assault, merely tightened his grip and twisted his neck, trying to tear out Titanosaurus’ thigh. Titanosaurus screamed out in pain, then reached down and grabbed Zilla by the top and bottom jaws.

    Screeching and pulling with all of his might, Titanosaurus began to pull Zilla’s jaws open, until he freed his leg. Titanosaurus let go of Zilla’s jaws, which snapped shut. Titanosaurus shuffled backwards, then kneed Zilla in the throat. He then grabbed his jaws shut and, lifting him into the air by his head, shoulder tossed him through one of the nearby buildings.

    Zilla struck the building, and with a roar of pain, crushed the front half, knocking it to rubble as he fell to the ground. Zilla rose and roared at Titanosaurus, who screeched back at him defiantly. Zilla charged at Titanosaurus and leapt into the air, landing on Titanosaurus’s chest as he recoiled from the attack. Zilla then pushed off with his back legs, jumping off Titanosaurus, throwing him backwards with the force. Titanosaurus screeched as he was thrown backwards into one of the skyscrapers behind him, sending a shower of glass shards into the air like a crystalline rainstorm. Titanosaurus shrieked in pain as the glass bit into his skin. Pulling himself free of the damaged building, he charged at Zilla.

    Titanosaurus bowed down as he charged. Then, when he came within reach of Zilla, brought his body up quickly, striking Zilla with his neck. Zilla was thrown back slightly by the force of the blow. As he staggered back, Titanosaurus lunged forward, then turned around quickly and struck his opponent with his tail. Zilla was thrown to his side by the blow, staggering to his left.

    Titanosaurus turned around quickly, and reaching forward, grabbed Zilla around the neck. Screeching, Titanosaurus lifted Zilla from the ground by the neck. Tightening his grip, Titanosaurus choked his prey. Zilla began to foam at the mouth as he started to lose consciousness. Titanosaurus chirped with pleasure as he saw Zilla beginning to go under.

    Zilla lifted his hind legs and kicked out, striking Titanosaurus in the gut. Titanosaurus loosened his as Zilla kicked again, driving his claws into the tough hide on Titanosaurus’ belly. Zilla raised his legs again and kicked out, this time pushing free of Titanosaurus’ grip. Titanosaurus shrieked in pain and clutched his bleeding stomach. Zilla took the opportunity, and rising, turned and ran around the corner of the street, and out of sight.

    Titanosaurus wheezed for a few seconds as he regained his wind. Noticing that his foe was gone, the aquatic dinosaur began to pursue. As he turned the corner that Zilla went around, he came to a stop in front of an immense hole in the pavement. Titanosaurus looked around anxiously, not knowing what to make of the situation.

    Titanosaurus backed away from the hole. As he did, he craned his neck up as high as he could and looked around, watching for Zilla.

    As Titanosaurus set his foot down, the ground exploded as Zilla burst from the concrete and latched his jaws onto Titanosaurus’ injured right leg. The agile lizard began to pull him into his burrow, purring softly at the success of his ambush. Titanosaurus fell to his hands and knees as Zilla dragged him towards the hollow in the ground. Titanosaurus dug his hand and foot claws into the ground in an effort to avoid being pulled into the underground, where he would have a distinct disadvantage.

    Zilla shook his jaws violently, sending Titanosaurus’ blood onto the street as his teeth dug deeper into the wounded limb. Titanosaurus craned his neck around and screeched at Zilla. Then, lifting his free left leg, Titanosaurus kicked backwards with all of his might, driving the heel of his foot into Zilla’s muzzle. Zilla grunted in pain, but didn’t let go. Titanosaurus kicked again, this time causing Zilla to slacken his grip, yet not enough to shake free. A third time, Titanosaurus kicked his foe in the muzzle, this time cracking the bone with the force of the blow. Zilla shrieked out in pain and released Titanosaurus as blood ran out of his nostrils. Titanosaurus took the opportunity and leapt away.

    Zilla was almost blind with rage as he erupted from his burrow and charged at Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus turned his back on Zilla and opened the sail on his tail. As Zilla closed and leapt, Titanosaurus violently waved the fin back and forth. Instantly, a gale force wind picked up, throwing Zilla backwards as he flew through the air. Zilla rolled on the ground for several blocks before regaining his sense of balance and digging his claws into the pavement. He roared as he dug his fore-claws and hind legs into the ground.

    Titanosaurus did not stop fanning, but instead picked up the pace, causing the wind to increase its speed. Trees uprooted and cars parked on the street flew through the air, slamming into Zilla. One car slammed into the shattered portion on his muzzle, causing him to screech out in pain and loosen his grip. His claws relaxed slightly and he was thrown backwards and into a skyscraper, sending glass and metal flying.

    Titanosaurus stopped fanning his tail, causing the maelstrom to stop, and then turned to finish Zilla off. As he did, he realized that Zilla had retreated underground again. Titanosaurus lumbered forward to where Zilla fell, and found one of his foe’s dorsal spines had snapped off from the impact. He was not very interested in this, however, but the hole in which he assumed Zilla had retreated down. Titanosaurus backed away, again looking around nervously, but instead of looking for Zilla, he listened for him.

    Titanosaurus heard a faint rumble behind him and leapt into the air. Zilla burst from the ground and snapped his jaws in empty space. Surging out of his burrow, Zilla looked around for Titanosaurus. He heard a crash behind him as Titanosaurus landed and grabbed onto his tail.

    Titanosaurus heaved with all of his might and swung Zilla off the ground and into one of the buildings. Not letting go, he swung Zilla again, and slammed him into an adjacent building. Zilla tried to pull away, but was badly wounded from the blows.

    Titanosaurus maintained his hold and slowly worked his grip up Zilla’s body until he had both hands on his skull and jaw. Zilla tried to struggle, but was still weak from the previous blow. Titanosaurus, digging his feet into the ground, began to twist his adversary’s neck. Zilla groaned in pain as his neck vertebrae were twisted violently. Then, with a sickening wet crack, the bones in Zilla’s neck separate as they broke and his spinal cord was severed.

    Titanosaurus chirped with delight to himself as he released the carcass of his foe, which dropped to the ground with a sickening thud. Titanosaurus kicked the carcass with his good leg, testing to see if his opponent was truly dead. Then, satisfied that his foe was not going to get back up, he turned and limped back towards his home in the ocean to heal.

    Winner: Titanosaurus

    K.W.C. // April 30, 2001
  • Author: James Webster | Banner: Christian Salabert

    The cool stench arose from the canopy treetops on Monster Island. The sounds of birds silenced at the approach of a giant. The ground quaked as the black form trampled through the foliage. The deadly beast, Kumonga, with its eight ruby-like eyes, gleamed with hatred as it moved forward. Mimicking a machine, the grotesque spider crawled. The black pole legs, spearing into the ground like daggers. The arachnid had felt the presence of another. The tainted smell of blood flew through the air. But the prey was nowhere in visible sight.

    Yet Kumonga knew better. He could literally taste the essence of the beast. Each corrupted thought of feeding flesh, and spilled blood, threw the tension into frenzy. The meal would be soon. Great ribbons of lusting foam dripped from its hollow bony fangs. Its sense of bloodlust rising like crashing waves on a shore. Adrenalin now coursed in its veins. The kill was near and it would be something for him to savor.

    Suddenly the giant spider’s thoughts were broken, shattered by a loud beastly roar. Kumonga quickly turned its body just in time to see the tyrant charging. The jade green scales, glimmering in the sun. The ivory teeth, flashing with savoring drool. Powerful strides on ropes of muscled flesh moved the titan’s mass in blinding speed. The might of Gorosaurus was met.

    The mammoth spider raised up and was in momentary shock at the sudden appearance of the creature. But even more so when the beast too rose into the air, rearing its hefty weight upon its barreled scaly tail. The taloned back legs, pulled against its oily skin, as the chiseled stone body lifted higher and higher. Fear bored into the eight-legged behemoth when it realized the true nature of the show.

    A loud bone cracking sound shattered the air. The saurian slammed full force with its coiled legs upon the exoskeleton body of Kumonga. The arachnid screeched a banshee cry of maddening pain as its body was sent backwards, slamming into the ground. The huge dinosaur hissed and then began to mirthfully crush its downed foe. Stamping, raking, and clawing with its powerful three scythe-like clawed feet. And with each step and each cut, another shriek of torture bellowed.

    Gorosaurus roared in frustration and quickly jumped off the battered arachnid. Howling again, the leviathan swung its massive tail into the mutant spider’s lifeless shell. The fevering whack sent the spider hurtling through the stale air. Moments of ebbing sands of time ticked by, before the many-limbed foe landed hundreds of meters away. Tearing through the earth, sliding on it’s back, Kumonga plowed through. Leaving only an open stretch of wounded earth in its wake. Dust and dirt hovered in the blue sky, surrounding and blinding the spider’s half glazed view.

    Then, without warning, another tonnage of weight bashed against the mutant. A sharp, numbing pierce of icy torment raced through its body. Followed soon by another and another. Waves of pain flooded the arachnid’s tattered mind, only the cries of screeching horrible rage seemed to relieve what little it could. The dinosaur, though, continued to beat the spider’s soft underside with its fleshy tail. Kumonga’s legs flailed wildly at the attack. Sneering a fence of ivory sword teeth, the emerald lizard placed one of its massive clawed feet upon the prone body. New flashes of horror assaulted the downed black creature as Gorosaurus opened its rowed dagger mouth and prepared to grab hold of the beast with pike-like teeth.

    Death raced through the spider’s mind in the next few precious seconds. Willing its body, the creature moved every limb it could. Only by luck of the slimmest chance, two of the arachnid’s dagger-like legs struck the enraged behemoth. Gorosaurus howled in pain and immediately released its hold. The creature’s legs were like swords, slicing deeply into his upper leg. Weeping wounds now graced the tyrant lizard’s thigh, wounds that were too much for the animal to stand on. Roaring in utter defiance, the being fell to its side, losing its balance.

    At last, the tide of battle had turned, and Kumonga summoned its strength to flip back over. The sky next, was filled with the sound of a low hissing noise, as the Spiega began to spray the fallen titan. Thousands of sticky white strands leapt from the beast’s fanged mouth, extending hundreds of feet. Gorosaurus watched in pain as the sticky eggshell wisps of silk floated down and made contact with his pebbled skin. The milky gossamer substance was cold and dried almost as soon as it touched him. The huge dinosaur fought back fiercely, but it was fruitless. The web was too strong, and far too thick.

    Hours ticked by before the gigantic spider finally stopped. Stepping forward on the motionless saurian, the creature finished the job. Extending from its mouth, a small needle like barb plunged into the tough skin. Injecting the helpless creature, the spider had won. The venom clogged the veins and arteries of Gorosaurus, running through its blood stream like light across the voids of space. Great gouts of air blasted from the lungs, and the stone idol-like mountain of bone cracked.

    Cold flesh now covered the beast. The once powerful kaiju whipped its armored tail limply, and twitched its crocodilian jaws before falling as still as a great fallen oak. A sea of sanguine fluid spurted from its throat while organs burst from deep within. Gushes of drenched black blood, flooded the parched earth like rivers of insanity. Red and glistening the plants remained, their surface tainted by the loss of Gorosaurus. The dinosaur was a hill of dead meat, the organs all but shutting off, one by one.

    Moving forward, the spider Kumonga fed on its hard fought meal, warming its mouth with the cup of victory.

    Winner: Kumonga (Showa)

    K.W.C. // February 20, 2001
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Christian Salabert

    Mechagodzilla arrived on Planet X, its retro-booster rockets kicking up a cloud of dust and rock debris as the titanic mech came to a landing. The crew that piloted the machine pivoted the battle robot’s head, looking for the creature that it had been sent to eliminate. The crew did not have to wait long. Mechagodzilla’s sensors picked up a blip on the radar, and the pilots realized that the creature was almost as big as they were, and approaching rapidly. Its crew turned the mech and saw the mammoth creature barreling down from the sky, its three heads screeching like the songs of hell.

    The multi-headed hydra landed approximately 100 yards from the mech. Its wings folded up, while a shower of dust was blown into the empty void as its bulk came to rest. With horror, the crew recognized the target that they had been deployed to battle; an ancient and lethal organism codenamed Desghidorah, the destroyer of worlds.

    The black and red serpent eyed the metallic creature opposite of it with detached malice. The mighty machine brought its arms up and locked them into battle position. Screeching out in a synthesized cry, Mechagodzilla eyed the deadly opponent. Suddenly, Mechagodzilla opened up its mouth and released its Mega-Buster attack, blasting Desghidorah in the right head. Startled by the sudden attack, Desghidorah screamed out in pain as the compact beam seared its flesh.

    Screaming out defiantly, Desghidorah launched a volley of plasma-beams from its three mouths. Mechagodzilla stood its ground, bolts of crimson flame bombarding the great machine. Mechagodzilla’s armor drew in most of the energy, dissipating it harmlessly. Though the impact forced the bulky robot to stagger, struggling to maintain balance. Spotting an opening, Desghidorah unfurled its wings and took off, barreling towards its metallic enemy.

    Mechagodzilla recovered from Desghidorah’s blast, just in time to see the monster bull rushing toward him. Its vile heads screamed bloody death as it advanced. As the demonic dragon was almost on them, Mechagodzilla dove to the side. Desghidorah surged overhead and past. The metallic doppelganger got to its feet and fired the Mega-Buster and optic beams at the hell-beast.

    Furious at missing its mark, Desghidorah was struck in the back by the energy beams, erupting in a shower of sparks. The assault angered the beast even further, who made a wide turn and headed back towards its enemy. As Mechagodzilla unloaded more of its arsenal, Desghidorah swerved and maneuvered, avoiding the relentless assault as it closed in on the battle weapon.

    Once within range, Desghidorah fired another volley of plasma-beams at Mechagodzilla. The bolts collided with the mech, one connecting with its face, one the right arm, and one in the chest. Once again, the beams forced knocked the mech back. Just as the mech tried to regain its footing, Desghidorah rammed into the powerful machine. A shower of sparks erupted as Mechagodzilla collapsed and smashed into a mountain of basaltic rock, scattering stone in all directions.

    Desghidorah landed on Mechagodzilla, pinning the machine down by placing its bulky forelegs on the mech’s chest plate. The destroyer of worlds shouted out with rage as the demon ruthlessly stomped its enemy into the ground, pounding them with deadly blows from its forelegs. The armor of Mechagodzilla’s chest warped and dented under the demon’s wrath. Desghidorah lowered its central head and spewed a torrent of volcanic flame into the machine’s visage. Mechagodzilla tried to focus on the target, but the visual sensors were useless with the wall of flames blocking them.

    Realizing they were in deep trouble, Mechagodzilla’s crew relayed commands and parted the Plasma Grenade port on its stomach. The energy lens flashed blue, then a beam of golden-hot energies erupted from the orifice on its stomach. The force hurled Desghidorah through the vacuum and into a ravine several hundred meters away. Seeing their chance, Mechagodzilla activated its thrusters and took off.

    Closing in on the ravine, the superweapon landed and walked up to the fissure. Mechagodzilla spotted the savage demon lying in the bottom, its chest and heads twitching sporadically.

    Mechagodzilla set its arms towards the unconscious foe, and fired the G-Crusher cables, piercing Desghidorah in the right leg and stomach. The sudden jerky pain revived Desghidorah, who screeched out in agony. Seeing Desghidorah resume activity, Mechagodzilla discharged a deadly electrical current through the G-Crusher cables. The vicious hell-beast screamed out and tried to get up, but the G-Force weapon shot it back down with the Mega-Buster, continuing to electrocute Desghidorah.

    After a few moments, Desghidorah stopped and became still, and Mechagodzilla ceased fire. Then, without warning, Desghidorah’s body glowed and an electrical current was sent back through the G-Crusher cables. The sudden jolt threw Mechagodzilla backwards, and the mech landed gracelessly on its posterior. As it fell, the G-Crusher cables became overheated and snapped, whipping about.

    The heavyweight machine rose to its feet, only to notice that the tri-headed terror was climbing out of the trench. The G-Crusher hooks were still embedded in its right leg and stomach, both wounds seeping quantities of blood. The look on Desghidorah’s faces read unmasked fury and hatred as it trudged towards its enemy.

    Desghidorah closed the gap and assailed the recovering mech, taking its good left leg and stomped on the idle machine, knocking it back down. Desghidorah released a torrent of volcanic flame onto the prone robot. Mechagodzilla tried to move, but the heat began to overload its circuits. The machine and its crew heard a creaking sound, and with horror realized that the heat resistant plating was melting under the intensity of Desghidorah’s assault.

    With little time and options left, Mechgodzilla tried to aim for its target. The servos in its neck mechanism screeched in protest, but managed to turn its head. Targeting Desghidorah, Mechagodzilla fired its optic blasters. The beams struck the G-Crusher hook embedded in Desghidorah’s stomach, causing the creature to cease its attack and stagger back in reeling pain. Mechagodzilla used this opening to activate its thrusters and parted distance. Mechagodzilla was several hundred meters away before Desghidroah recovered. Seeing its enemy fleeing, Desghidorah opened its wings and pursued its prey.

    The mechanical titan saw the pursuing demon chasing after them. Knowing that it couldn’t be outrun, Mechagodzilla instead turned around and fired a volley of paralyzer missiles from the shoulder ports. The missiles streaked towards Desghidorah, who was startled by this new attack. The missiles struck the ebony plating in its right neck, injured right leg, and left wing. Desghidorah shrieked from the pain and was suddenly gripped with paralysis from the cadmium toxin in the shells. Desghidorah plummeted to the ground, sliding along the rocky surface and into a cliff of basalt. Desghidorah struggled to rise to its feet and glared at the machine with utmost hate.

    Mechagodzilla opened fire with all of its remaining weapons. Paralyzing missiles, Mega-Busters, optic beams, and Plasma Grenades bombarded its grounded enemy. Desghidorah was forced to its knees by the impact of the beams and missiles before collapsing. The assault kicked up a massive wall of dust and rubble, obscuring the gargantuan serpent. Mechagodzilla ceased its thrusters and landed on the moon rock, held on standby for what was to come next.

    Suddenly, the monster sprang to life, launching two plasma-beams from its two functional heads. Mechagodzilla tried to dodge the bolts, but the beams blasted through its armor, which had lost its heat resistance. In a shower of sparks, Mechagodzilla’s left arm was blown off, and its chest plate shattered. Mechagodzilla staggered back, almost losing its balance as it tripped on a small hill. Desghidorah charged at its foe, overrunning him and pinning the mech to a cliff of basalt. Desghidorah bit down onto Mechagodzilla’s remaining arm with its left head, while the central head breathed volcanic flame into Mechagodzilla’s face.

    Mechagodzilla, losing power fast, attempted to reach up and grab Desghidorah’s left neck. The mech’s arm shrieked under the strain, but it managed to grab Desghidorah’s left throat and squeeze down. Desghidorah lessened its grip a bit, but the central head continued to hurl flames into Mechagodzilla’s anterior. The armor plating melted under the strain, the eyes cracked from the thermal stress.

    In one last bid for escape, Mechagodzilla charged up its Plasma Grenade. Focusing all the remaining energy it had, Mechagodzilla fired a searing beam of plasma energy into Desghidorah’s chest, throwing the creature backwards several hundred meters, through a mountain and into another ravine. Nearly blind, Mechagodzilla tried to move, but was losing functionality.

    Just as they were about to signal HQ for a retrieval squad, Desghidorah dragged itself out of the ravine. The demon bled from the chest, an immense burnt crater imprinted as a result of the last attack. Its right leg had been broken, and its right neck torn off in the process. Desghidorah heaved itself onto level ground, screaming bloody murder, and fell to its knees. The savage beast shuddered and collapsed, keeling over. Mechagodzilla relaxed, smoking from what was left of its joints, and shut down from internal mechanical failures.

    Draw: Desghidorah, Mechagodzilla (Heisei)

    K.W.C. // January 22, 2001
  • Author: Forrest Freund | Banner: Dao Zang Moua

    Iris and Destoroyah both landed on Birth Island, each knocking over trees and blowing up enormous clouds of dust as they came to rest on the rocky ground. Both monsters began to eye each other. Destoroyah eyed the smaller Iris with the desire to kill, while Iris had an unreadable expression on his stoic visage. Both monsters began to circle each other, both tensed for the coming battle.

    Destoroyah broke the stalemate by firing his Oxygen Destroyer beam at Iris. The blast struck Iris full force in the chest, caught off guard by the sudden assault. Iris screeched out in pain as the blast seared his flesh with white-hot agony. Iris, after recovering from the attack, retaliated by lunging at Destoroyah, right arm raised to drive the jagged spear point into his opponent’s flesh. Destoroyah braced himself for the blow, but it never landed, as Iris flew up and over Destoroyah just before he was within striking range.

    Before Destoroyah could recover, Iris performed a quick 180 degree turn in midair, sending two of his bladed tendrils through the base of Destoroyah’s wings. Then with a burst of speed, Iris thrust forward and tore huge gaps in Destoroyah’s wing membranes, snapping the bones before the blades ripped free. As Iris tore the blades out, Destoroyah screamed out in pain and rage. Iris pulled his tendrils back in and pivoted in midair, only to find Destoroyah charging towards him, screaming bloody murder. His tattered, bloody wings flapped ineffectually behind him.

    Destoroyah’s claws connected with Iris’ left arm, tearing an enormous, ragged, bloody gash into it. Iris shrieked out in pain and reflexively took to the air, trying to escape his enraged opponent, trailing blood in his wake. When Destoroyah tried to follow, he only snarled with pain as he tried to get his ruined wings to work. Iris stopped ascending and gazed down at his grounded opponent. Gaining confidence, Iris lashed out with his tendrils again, aiming for Destoroyah’s head.

    Destoroyah sensed the tendrils approaching, and fired an Oxygen Destroyer beam at them, knocking them off-course. One tendril swerved past the beam, striking Destoroyah in the right half of his faceplate. Destoroyah shrieked and responded to the attack by grabbing the tendril, pulling on it with all his might. Iris was pulled from the sky and struck the ground, causing small fissures to open up. Destoroyah then began to pull the tendril, using it to reel in Iris. Iris sensed that he was in danger, and responded by deploying two of his tendrils. They wrapped around his foe’s legs and pulled with all of their might. Thrown off balance, Destoroyah fell to the ground.

    At the moment of impact, Destoroyah dissolved into a swarm of Juvenile Destoroyahs. Just as suddenly as Destoroyah broke apart, the Juvenile Destoroyahs began to swarm the downed Iris, who was still recovering from the fall. The creatures began to claw, bite, and sting Iris as he tried to get to his feet.

    In desperation, Iris took to the air once again, flying at top speed to try and dislodge the Juvenile Destoroyahs from his body. The sudden acceleration managed to dislodge half of them, but the rest remained and continued their assault on him. Iris lashed out at the Juvenile Destoroyahs with his tendrils, knocking them off. Then, he lashed out with one of his tendrils, impaling one of the falling crabs. Iris brought the beast up to his right claw, and then drove the point into the creature’s shell. The Juvenile Destoroyah screamed out in pain, but quieted as Iris drained its life energy. As Iris absorbed the crustacean’s life energy, the multitude of small wounds the other crabs had caused to him stopped bleeding and closed up. Iris dropped the desiccated husk of the crab, which crumbled into dust as it fell.

    While Iris fought off these smaller bodies, Destoroyah used the time to regain some of his energy, and had rejoined into his flying form. Noticing that Iris was distracted, he flew up towards the other monster, murder burning in his eyes. Iris was stunned to see that his foe had not only changed form again, but was now flying directly towards him! Destoroyah flew past Iris, slashing his damaged left arm with his wing blades, and circled around for another run.

    Iris waited patiently till the last second, and then suddenly dove out of the way. As Destoroyah flew over, Iris brought up two of his tendrils and fired his energy beams at his foe. The beams raked across Destoroyah’s belly, and Destoroyah plummeted towards the ground. Iris pivoted in midair, so he could watch his enemy splatter on the ground. But when Destoroyah hit, he broke apart into the many Juvenile Destoroyahs again.

    Iris stared with amazement as Destoroyah once again reformed into his giant form, with wings perfectly intact. Destoroyah took to the air with such speed that he was upon Iris before he could react. Summoning all of his strength, Destoroyah folded his wings up and body slammed into Iris, knocking the both of them out of the air. The two behemoths plummeted towards the ground in a tangle of wings, tendrils, teeth, and claws, both snarling and shrieking as they fell. They hit with such tremendous force that enormous fissures opened up, snaking away from the fallen monsters.

    Destoroyah, having landed on top, pinned Iris under him. Iris struggled to break free, but Destoroyah used his tremendous bulk to force him down. Destoroyah lunged with his jaws at Iris’ head, but Iris managed to shift just enough to move his head out of harm’s way. Instead, Destoroyah clamped his vicious jaws on Iris’ left shoulder, biting down hard.

    Iris screamed out in pain as Destoroyah’s teeth punctured his shoulder muscles and reached the bone, causing a small torrent of blood to rupture from the bite wound and into Destoroyah’s mouth. Enraged that anything would dare hurt him that severely, Iris managed to wrestle his right arm free and drove it into Destoroyah’s left eye. Iris twisted the tip and drilled it in further, causing a grisly spray of blood to erupt from Destoroyah’s eye socket. Destoroyah, enraged by the pain, was forced to release his grip and fly backward to escape. Iris got to his feet and flew backwards, so as to distance himself from his rabid opponent.

    The two monsters stared each other down, Iris examining his ruined left shoulder and now useless left arm. Destoroyah fumed at being half blinded and roared out in uncontained fury. He then began to advance on Iris. Iris brought up his tendrils to prepare to fire, but noticed that Destoroyah’s horn was glowing. Realizing that Destoroyah was about to use a new attack, Iris evaded barely in time as Destoroyah’s horn cutter beam sliced past his left flank. The beam missed Iris’ body, but did sever one of Iris’ tendrils, cauterizing the wound as it went.

    Destoroyah flapped his wings and charged Iris, who was preoccupied by the pain of his ruined tendril. Iris’ orb gleamed blue with anger, then thrust one of his tendrils straight at the flying demon. Destoroyah, blind in his left side, didn’t notice the tendril and was struck in the throat. The blow acted like a clothesline and Destoroyah fell to his right and crashed, rolling through the trees as if they were toothpicks. When he came to a stop, Destoroyah tried to regain his bearings, but instead felt a searing pain in his right arm and wing.

    When he tried to move them, he couldn’t. As Destoroyah looked over, he saw Iris floating above him. Destoroyah roared when he realized that two of Iris’ tendrils had rammed through his right arm and wing, pinning him to the ground. Iris thrust another tendril out, this time through Destoroyah’s left wing membrane and arm. Destoroyah tried to pull free, but Iris landed on his chest. Still furious about losing one of his tendrils, Iris drove his good right arm through the bottom of Destoroyah’s jaw, pinning the demon’s mouth shut. Iris began to siphon off Destoroyah’s power, the latter showed signs of wither as the former restored his injured left arm and shoulder.

    Suddenly, caught off guard to what came next, Destoroyah suddenly divided into his Juvenile state again, freeing himself from Iris’ grasp. Destoroyah’s crab bodies distanced themselves and then rejoined into their final form. The two monsters stared each other down. Iris was visibly recharged from feeding, while Destoroyah had been considerably weakened from so many shape changes and taking so much damage. Iris brought up his tendrils and began to charge them up with Destoroyah’s horn cutter.

    Destoroyah, barely able to keep himself up, could only half-heartedly retreat. Iris lashed out with a virtual storm of cutting beams, most of the beams failing to hit. But two found their mark. One took off Destoroyah’s left wing and arm, while the second sliced his right leg off at the knee joint. Destoroyah collapsed to the ground, blood pooling up around his severed limbs. Destoroyah tried to get up, but couldn’t, as he realized that he was fatally wounded. He managed to call up enough strength to raise himself up on the bloody stump of his right leg and his remaining arm.

    Destoroyah looked up and saw Iris slowly advancing on him, tendrils lashing about in anticipation. Destoroyah tried to gather enough energy for one last Oxygen Destroyer beam, but the blast fizzled out in his mouth as his arm slipped in his own blood, collapsing under his weight. His eyes peered at Iris, who now loomed over his prone body. Destoroyah growled once, but was struck by one of Iris’ tendrils across his muzzle. Iris brought all of his tendrils to bear on Destoroyah and, opening the tips, began to charge up several Oxygen Destroyer beams.

    In a blaze of purple-white energy, Iris began to immolate Destoroyah’s prone form with a torrent of energy. Destoroyah screamed out in pain, but grew quiet as his mind slipped into oblivion. Iris continued to unleash the brilliant streams of destructive energy until there was nothing left of Destoroyah’s corpse but an ashen husk. Iris lowered his tendrils and slapped the brittle Destoroyah, causing the blasted shell to crumble like burnt paper.

    Verifying his foe’s demise, Iris raised his head and shrieked at the heavens, taking to the air. His tendrils whipped up a cloud of ash as he vanished into the sky.

    Winner: Iris

    K.W.C. // October 14, 2000