KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 195 - Author: Tyler Trieschock, Alex Williams & Sal Gutierrez

Match 195: Star Godzilla vs. Shin Godzilla
Banner: Jackson Morris


It affected all. No being ignored its power. No lifeform could escape its grasp. Even creatures across the cosmos that were the essence of death itself could not escape their own futile mortality. The universe possessed this simple cycle since its creation, but in the dark waters of Japan, something changed…

A new lifeform emerged, a common place for the country, but within a week, the nation was reduced to nuclear ash. Death followed its footsteps. Fear overcame those that clung to life and remembered its irradiated form. As it made its way to the mainland of Asia, the creatures of the world took notice of this climatic shift. Even death itself.

Bagan’s claws slashed across the lifeform’s impenetrable hide before he unleashed a powerful diamond storm on the creature. Explosions surrounded the target, enveloping the lifeform in dust which glowed an eerie red.

For an hour, Bagan tried to kill this creature. For an hour, death would not embrace this lifeform’s presence. As the creature emerged from the cloud of dust, Bagan unleashed all of his remaining power through white hot plasma from his maw.

The remaining ruined cityscape vaporized in an instant. Even the ash on the ground atomized from the immense heat of Bagan’s final blast. The Earth boiled for miles and a bright white light encapsulated everything except for a feint red glow. No matter the power Bagan unleashed, he could not overcome the feint crimson light.

Bagan fell to its knees as the ray ended. The custodian of death had failed. In a purple flash, the dragon vanished from existence and a new custodian took his place.

Shin Godzilla remained motionless even in victory. The lifeform knew the result from the moment Bagan arrived, so what was there to celebrate? It was the apex of evolution. The new caretaker of death and an immortal god on Earth. These lessons and more it would spread to every corner of the globe or to the hundreds of monsters encroaching on him at that very moment. For Death, he would be its new enforcer and its true custodia…

"This is terrible! And I mean, stop using custodian!" The only girl on the internet known as Shippersdreamer yelled out in fury.

"Oh it gets worse. It’s basically a rehash of Match 51 just more boring, and repetitive," GodzillavsZilla, who somewhat of a smartass, criticized.

"I agree, the writer easily could have put Orga in, have him eat Bagan and become the new big bad. It would been so much better and far more interesting. But no! He just had to make Supreme Edgelord 2.0!" GodzillavsJason cruelly yelled out, clearly thinking his idea was automatically better.

"That's a great idea!" GodzillavsZilla complimented.

"Yeah! Hey KaijuX, do you think we can just remake this match and put it on the on the site?" Shippersdreamer asked with the intent of making the match with her ability to write like she was Sanic.

"Well, I don't know if you can actually remake the match with the exact story, but that does sound like an interesting idea," Kaiju affirmed.

“I think you guys are being pretty hard,” Greyshot151 asserted. “The detail is pretty great, the monsters are interesting and…”

“Nobody cares about your opinion Greyshot,” GodzillavsJason retorted.

“As the head of the K.W.C., your boss and co-host of this podcast I think you should,” Greyshot151 countered.

"Regardless, I think we can all agree that the first half was great, while the second half wasn't that great," Nagoda, the quietest member of the podcast, finally spoke up.

"This sucked! It was the most disappointing thing since my so.foijeofieifhei," One member of the podcast started to scream out till his or her response turned into an unintelligible response.

A figure sat on his chair as he watched the screen not move, but instead listened to the audio that accompanied the picture. These voices that the man heard immediately irritated him. The voices simply just spewing everything that came to mind, almost as if they had no respect for anyone, or themselves for that matter.

As the figure heard the final comment, he slammed his fist on the desk. He immediately turned to see his phone float toward him and soon after, he grabbed it. He dialed the numbers onto the phone, causing it to ring.

"Yes?" The voice asked.

"Christian, did you watch the latest Kaiju War Chronicle Committee Reads?"

"No, I have a life, remember? And you should too."

"Chris, don't lie to me. I know you've seen it, you posted an angry post of it on theTohokingdom Forum’s Nerves thread."

"Fine! What about it, Tom? It obviously irritated me."

"I think you'll find me in the same boat. The way they act in their little videos is disgusting," Tom said with a clear distain.

"Don't even get me started on the fans they've acquired since I passed it down to Shotgrey511 or something. They just won't shut up about certain questions! Can Godzilla swing his tail left, or can Baragon do cartwheels like in Save the Earth, or can we retire Godzillasaurus? I hate them!" Christian roared out with annoyance in his voice.

"Remember, the good old days where we would just write whatever we wanted and didn't have to worry about anyone else?"

"Yeah, I remember that and they were fun times, minus me doing all the work, but I have a life and you do too," Christian reiterated.

"I get that, but I mean, what if we came back showed them how the K.W.C. should really be?"

"Hmm... go on," Christian stated curiously.

"We get rid of these comedians and the fast pacing schedule of releasing so many at a time. We make people appreciate each match much more, by having them coming around once in a while."

"And let’s not forget, forbid people from asking stupid questions," Christian said as he went silent for a minute before talking loudly, "I want it now! We need to take the K.W.C. back!"

"Yes! That's what I'm talking about!" Tom passionately replied.

"But, since I still want to have a life, I'd say we release the K.W.C.s more slowly than what you originally proposed. Also, you need to get serious if you want to run it again."

"I can, and how about one every six months?" Tom suggested.

"I love you, man," Christian said with happiness.

"Good, now let's kick them off their thrones," Tom said with a smirk on his face.

 “It’s time we go back to TK Ville.”


The largest Metropolis on Earth, TK Ville’s lights could be seen from Planet X.

Born from the internet sensation of Tohokingdom, the city’s largest skyscrapers represented the sections the site still proudly used to represent itself.

At the city’s core, the Monster Bio’s Building stood the tallest. Hundreds worked within to find the rarest of facts about Toho’s kaiju library. TV Tower housed the rarest collection of series ever to grace audience’s eyes, like that of its larger cousin, the Movie Bios Building. Massive theaters across the city hastily prepped for the newest blockbuster by Chris Mirjahangir; Transcendence 3: Rapture, while others worked to tear down the condemned TK Video Game Studios. All within the city worked to better the metropolis and no section better represented this lofty standard better then those that resided within the K.W.C. Headquarters.

 With massive letters glowing brightly in the night sky, the K.W.C. headquarters acted as TK Ville’s clear beacon to the world. The building acted as a magnet to the most sophisticated writers, artists, and visionaries of a generation. The output of these individuals usually attained critical acclaim, but on this night, those individuals were nowhere to be seen inside the largely empty structure. Most of TK Ville reflected this as well due to the holiday. No, on this night, only one group resided inside TK Ville and they were idiots.

"Hello, and welcome, I'm your host of this special K.W.C.C., Andrew Sudomerski or as Tohokingdom knows me, KaijuX. Today, I'm joined by some good friends of mine. So why don't you all introduce yourselves."

"Jackson Morris here, the guy who creates all those awesome banners."

"I'm Spanishbulldog63, I'm a Verifier for the K.W.C. and a person who's rarely on these things."

"I'm DinoMaster and I'm also those two things he mentioned."

"And I'm the third in command aka the Trashy Verifier, Alex Williams or call me, GodzillavsJason," the Verifier said with fake disappointment in his voice.

"Of course we won't get into the meat of this month's podcast since some people will be late," KaijuX announced.

"Oh, GvZ, Shippersdreamer and Nagoda won't be joining us due to going to some place. Don't remember where, but I'm sure they'll tell us all about in some sort of spin-off special," Alex answered.

"Well, we still have to wait on Tyler Trieschock or Greyshot151 as he is known, the head of the K.W.C., and....." KaijuX tried to say.

"He's going to take two hours to get here, like usual," Alex answered with annoyance in his voice.

"Exactly!" KaijuX chuckled. "I think we can discuss that later, but right now we've got to talk about the K.W.C. and those new matches!"

"I think what we need to discuss is all of you resigning... except for you Jackson. You can stay," a voice echoed, causing them all to turn and see two people standing in front of the elevator.

"This is a nice surprise, what are you guys doing here?" KaijuX asked with happiness in his voice. “For those listening, Thomas Fairchild and Christian Salabert, the previous leader and administrator of the K.W.C. respectively, have stopped by!”

"As I said, KaijuX, the majority of you are resigning," Tom said with a frown.

"And why would we do that?" Spanishbulldog63 asked.

"The short and simple: we want the K.W.C. back under our control, and we're going to get it one way or another," Tom replied.

"Is this because we have fun with the K.W.C.?" Alex asked.

"What? No."

"Oh... It's definitely the asking the whole ridiculous question thing right?" Alex asked again.

"Basically," Christian answered with a deadpan voice.

“But isn’t that basically the same thing as having fun?” SpanishBulldog63 pointed out.

"Getting back on track here, but I'm sorry to say, Tom, we can't really resign. The K.W.C. is bigger than ever and I really like my job as an Editor," KaijuX answered with a sincere response.

"Job? Anyone else here getting paid?" Alex asked causing his four "co-workers" to scratch their heads and whistle.

"After whatever this is, we're going to talk about this," Alex said with annoyance.

"Since none of you are willing to step down then we're going to do this the hard way," Tom countered with a yawn. “Not that you’ll be a challenge.”

"Does the hard way involve maximum edge like the confrontations you write in your matches?" Alex asked with a smartass tone.

Tom smirked with confidence.

"Christian, you mind taking care of KaijuX and the others? I'm eyeing to get rid of him first."

"I'm impressed! That's the first you actually said eye instead of orb! I'm really proud of you!" Alex exclaimed with happiness.

Tom slowly raised his hand and flicked his fingers. An invisible force slammed against Alex, sending him flying across the room. The Verifier smashed into a far off control panel while the others turned to the two former heads of the K.W.C. There was no other way around this situation. They would have to fight for their right to write for the K.W.C. Their eight fans depended on it!

Three of the staff charged at the two former heads. Tom easily sideswiped the charging staff and made his way toward the downed Verifier who staggered to his feet.

"Wait! Wait!" Everyone turned to face Jackson who then continued, "I'm sorry to delay this possibly epic confrontation, but I'm taking no part in this. Both of you have been good to me and I can't choose a side, so I'm just going to sit in the corner and make a banner involving Shin Godzilla and Star Godzilla for GVJ. Now you can all do whatever you're about to do."

"Thank you!" GVJ said out loud while still lying on the control panels.

KaijuX launched his fist at Christian, who merely ducked and delivered a kick onto the Editor's stomach, sending him stumbling back.

“Oy, Christian, there’s something on your face,” Spanish followed up with a wicked elbow to Christian’s nose, “IT WAS PAIN!”

Christian stumbled backward and looked at the two Verifiers with anger when KaijuX then said, "Hello and welcome to the K.W.C., today's episode features a special guest star, known as my fist!" Christian felt the impact of the Editor's punch, causing him to stumble and gain an even more pissed-off expression on his face.

Dinomaster jumped at Christian with his left leg in front, acting as an impending kick while he was dealing with KaijuX unleashing a volley of punches. Christian was already having enough of their endless attacks on him as he quickly grabbed DinoMaster's leg with his right hand. The former K.W.C.Kontroller began to spin DinoMaster in circles in attempt to disorient the Verifier. KaijuX was able to jump back without being hit by tornado like attack, but his luck soon ran out when Christian threw DinoMaster at him. The Verifier collided into KaijuX causing the two to be sent flying at Spanishbulldog who stumbled back.

KaijuX and Dinomaster dropped to the ground with a large thud with the Editor yelling out, "Ow! Gosh darnit!"

Christian swung wildly at SpanishBulldog63, missing more often than not, and the few that didn’t miss wound up blocked by the shorter Verifier.

“Someone’s having a hard time adjusting to fighting a shorter opponent,” SpanishBulldog63 mused when his instinct to grab the next incoming limb kicked in.

Sure enough, a wild right hook came his way and Spanish clinched with an over-and-underhook and threw the larger Christian to the ground like a ragdoll. Christian wriggled free and took on a stance one would expect from a bargain-bin martial arts film.

“Am I being pranked? Alright, which one is it: Ashton or Jamie? Oh please don’t tell me it’s Bam Margera!” SpanishBulldog63 jested, looking around for cameras before throwing him down once more with authority.

“Say uncle!” the grappler smirked after tying the arms in a barbed-wire technique, but instead of hearing the words, he got a headbutt to the solar plexus in retaliation. Shifting position, SpanishBulldog63 stood up and brought Christian up with him, only to fling him around in a succession of angry suplexes. After the fifth and final slam, he kicked the downed form to his fellow Verifier and gestured, “All yours, DinoMaster.”

DinoMaster brought his arm down upon Christian merely for him to evade and deliver an uppercut to DinoMaster’s jaw. The Verifier flew a feet into the air allowing Christian to grab his right leg, pull him and smash hisDinoMaster’s jaw with his rightarm again. DinoMaster dropped to the floor, moaning in agony, while Christian turned to his two other opponents.

Christian didn’t need any help or a special gift like Tom’s to defeat the trio around him. No… All he needed was the years of hard work and experience he accumulated to defeat the trio of imposers around him.

"Woah there buddy! You're getting way into my personal space," Alex said with a slight tone of fear as Tom pinned him to a large glass window that overlooked TK Ville.

"I'm here to inflict bodily harm on you and you expect the thing for me to be concerned about the most is your personal space?" Tom asked angrily while readying his fist to leave a crater in the third in command's punchable face.

"No, but you'll have something on your face here in a sec," Alex answered.

"Wait, what?" Tom asked before Alex spat in his face causing him to let go of the Verifier and yell in disgust as he rubbed the spit off his face. All the while, Alex then did an uppercut, sending Tom to the ground on his back.

The Verifier leapt on the downed Tom and sent a hail of punches on his face, but to Alex’s shock, the blows barely fazed him. An angry glare peered through the strikes, scaring even Alex as he continued to hammer Tom’s face.

“If you’re finished, I’ve got something for you.”

Tom placed his palm against Alex’s chest and summoned orange energy. The Verifier jumped away just as a bolt of energy burned a clean hole through the ceiling. As Tom arose, Alex panted before he yelled, "Oh shit! You’re a Sith!"

"Haha, no. The leader of the K.W.C. assumes the power of one Kaiju to protect the K.W.C. When I originally started all those years ago, I choose SpaceGodzilla. Since I let you idiots take my spot, I simply never lost them," Tom quickly explained.

"Tom. Are you doing drugs? That's not good, and while I don't agree with every decision you made, I want to help you," Alex said in a taunting manner, causing Tom to grind his teeth together in anger, as he was more than one-hundred percent done with this nuisance of a writer.

Tom's left hand began to glow orange, his fingertips crackled with orange electricity before he unleashed another corona beam at the Verifier. Alex ran to the left, but it was of no use as the beam tracked his movements. Alex's grunts of pain soon turned to screams of pure agony as Tom smiled wickedly at seeing the Verifier suffer.

Alex knew he had to find a way out of Tom's beam before being reduced to nothingness. He didn't want to be reduced to that, not yet, at least, as he slowly reached in his pocket to find a submission he received a few months ago.

"You may have not have been good for the K.W.C., but maybe you'll be good in getting me out of this jam," Alex said as he threw the paper with all his might at Tom’s face.

The paper splatted across the writer’s face, causing Tom to scream as it began to smoke.

“OH GOD!” Tom screamed as he tried peeling the match away from his face. “This is terrible! Gomora! Godzilla! Zilla! They lost the match to Monster X!”

Tom ended his assault upon Alex and turned his palm toward his face. A small burst of energy incinerated the paper instantly. Tom let out a sigh as the pain ceased, but his moment of relief didn't last long. Alex charged into him, paining Tom against a wall.

"What's the matter Tom, you tired?" Alex asked.

"Are you kidding?" Tom yelled out as he then pointed his finger at Verifier, "You're tired! I can do this shit all day."

"While that may be true, I just hope you still got it in you for this fight, when it's four against two."

“Make it three,” Dinomaster announced as he entered the elevator. “Just got a Monster X match from Joshua Reynolds and apparently he needs it reviewed ASAP.”

"What? No! You can't leave! We need you!" Alex yelled out.

"If you gotta go, you've got to go. I'm sure we'll be fine," KaijuX said in an understanding tone.

"KaijuX?! What the shit?" Alex asked in a panicked tone.

Spanish heard his phone ringing and grabbed it, suspecting the caller and holding a finger up to stop Christian from advancing any further. “This is Sal. ‘Sup Ross? Oh, so the fight’s still on? Good, brotha…”

Christian couldn’t restrain himself anymore and shouted, “Hey! We’re in the middle of a fight!”

“Hold on one sec, dude- AND I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF AN IMPORTANT CONVERSATION! WHAT DON’T YOU GET ABOUT THAT?!” He resumed his phone call as if he were never interrupted, “So the guy’s in town, and he wants to up the prize money from $10,000 to $20,000? I’ll be there in a few, dude.”

"Not you too!" Alex moaned.

The Verifier shrugged, “Sorry amigo, but it was already scheduled and the money’s good. Good luck with the rest of this...whatever this is.”

And with one final, albeit unnecessary, kick to Christian’s nethers, the Spanish Bulldog walked off into the elevator with DinoMaster.

"It was great to have you on today's episode, Sal, and have a great day," KaijuX said as parting words to the Verifier. All he got in response was a thumbs-up before the elevator closed.

"Oh come on!" Alex yelled out in anger.

With a flick of his finger, Tom blasted Alex to the feet of KaijuX. Smoke sizzled off his form as Andrew helped his friend back to his feet.

"Like reruns, I better get back to back with Andrew," Alex said to KaijuX as they now found themselves surrounded by the two former K.W.C. leaders.

"So, KaijuX you want to tell me why you're not so worried about having to fight a guy who hates questions and the other being an edgelord?" Alex asked as the two present K.W.C. staff members prepared to fight the two enemies.

"Just give it a minute or so and we'll have something to give us an edge," KaijuX said with a smirk on his face.

"That's just edgy, man," Alex replied.

"If you can't handle the edge, then that's okay!" KaijuX said as he sent a punch at Tom leaving just Alex and Christian.

"Thank god, I'm fighting you instead of your friend who's only a few feet away, or in his words, miles away."

Christian lunged, but to Alex’s relief, he proved extremely slow compared to his ally. Alex dodged Christian's many punches as he quickly got to his side and delivered a kick on his hip. The former K.W.C.Kontroller dropped to his knees in anger as the Verifier went in for another punch when Christian backhanded him, sending him flying onto the round table used for podcasts.

KaijuX used both of his fists to collide into Tom's head, but unlike Christian, Tom didn’t move an inch. His eyes kept their focus on Andrew’s orbs without ever moving.

“Huh... That um… That usually packs more of a punch if you get my drift.”

Tom smirked. “Here, allow me.”

A swirling mass of green energy suddenly surrounded KaijuX. It quickly grew twice the size of Andrew and before the Editor could do anything about it, he found himself spinning in mid-air.

KaijuX attempted to get out of Tom's gravity tornado, but it was a fruitless effort as he then felt extremely nauseous. Tom smiled wickedly at the Editor's suffering and he continued the intensity of the attack as his foe spun helplessly.

"If it brings you any comfort KaijuX, know that you are one of two people I would have rather avoided killing tonight," Tom said as he prepared to spin his attack even faster, but a tap on his shoulder caught him off guard.

Tom turned to discover not a figure, but a fist flying toward his face. The punch struck across the attacker’s jaw, removing the smug look that once resided on it and sending Tom flying across the room. His body smashed through the podcast’s table, chairs, and eventually a wall before coming to a complete stop with his body embedded in a metal beam.

Everyone except for Jackson, who was still busy doodling on this match’s banner, looked to the newest combatant. A man who was loved by some, hated by others, but one thing was for certain, he was the author of the worst match of all time: Match 164.


“Sorry I’m late, but I guess my entrance still packed a punch!”

Tyler smiled, waiting for applause or laughter, merely for silence to overtake the room and Jackson to leave in disapproval.

“Come on guys! It took me like five minutes to come up with that!”

“I… liked it,” Andrew moaned as he stumbled to his feet while Alex rolled his eyes.

The sound of metal drew everyone in the room to Tom’s position as the previous K.W.C. leader pealed himself off of metal. The old leader dropped to the ground and looked up toward Tyler. Tom’s neck cracked as he twisted it back and forth before his sinister smile returned.

"First thing I felt all night! But now that you're here, this fight has just gotten more personal. I like it!" Tom said as his hands began to channel raw power. “Before I kill you though, I have some trash to remove!”

Tom launched forward like lightning, his fist mere centi-meters in front of Alex who possessed a look of shock as he realized the fatal blow about to strike. Suddenly, Tom’s fist pulled back as Tyler right leg struck across Tom’s furious face, sending the former leader through a nearby wall.

Everyone in the room could feel Tom’s impact against a nearby structure. Tyler, however, knew it wasn’t enough.

“Zone Double Fight!” Greyshot151 exclaimed.

Tyler’s jeans and button-up shirt were instantly overtaken by a blue and silver suit. The armor manifested itself across all of Tyler’s body except for his head, but to those watching, the monster he chose became very clear. It was Zone Fighter.

“You two stop Christian, I got Tom!” the K.W.C. leader yelled before dashing through a wall and into the open air of TK Ville.

Tom peeled himself off another sheet of metal inside the condemned TK Video Game Studios. No blood dropped to the floor. No bones were broken from the strike, but the previous head of the K.W.C. couldn’t deny he felt that punch.

Tyler landed in front of Tom, withholding his attack for a brief few seconds.

“Leave now or I won’t hold back any longer,” Tyler ordered, yet Tom ignored the offer as he summoned cosmic energy to his palms.

Two corona beams discharged toward Tyler, vaporizing the room in an instant, but their target seemed to phase out of existence in a blue flash. An uppercut struck Tom’s chin, rocketing him through the studio in less than a second. Tom’s body spun as it jettisoned from the roof of the building. The challenger could barely make heads or tails of his current position until he noticed the blue flash return above him. Greyshot151 reappeared using his Jet Speed ability and slammed his unified fists against Tom’s chest. The building quaked uncontrollably as Tom hit its basement, but Tyler’s attack proved far from over as neon energies channeled to his right hand.

“Meteor Proton Beam!”

A powerful laser followed Tom’s re-entry into the studio. As it hit Tom, the first few floors vaporized in an inferno of destruction. The top half of the building uplifted itself from the shockwaves, but slammed back down as gravity took full hold. A sea of dust washed over TK Ville, and as the area cleared Tyler landed at center of the pile of rubble.

Tyler looked upon the grave of Tom. A fantastic writer. A friend. A valued member of Tohokingdom now passed. The leader of the K.W.C. turned away, ready to return to the K.W.C. Headquarters, but Tom’s story was far from over.

Like the undead, Tom arose from the rubble, taking Tyler by surprise. His body sizzled as molten slag fell off his now cloth-less chest. His bare feet walked across the glass-filled ground with no sign of impairment while a maniacal laughter echoed throughout the city.

“Finally!” Tom laughed into the night sky. “Finally a challenge! You know how boring it has been the last few years? I wanted to kill all of you in revenge, but now… NOW I can finally enjoy it!”

“You know if you would have helped Christian a lot more maybe you wouldn’t have been so bor…”

Tom ignored the comment and focused on unleashing his true power. The old K.W.C. leader continued to laugh, but it slowed as his body underwent unsettling change. Muscles expanded across his physique as cosmic energy fueled their growth. Small crystals ripped through flesh as they formed on his shoulders and back. Tom’s eyes grew even more malicious as they flashed crimson and now glowed an evil orange. As the changes finalized, a wave of lightning washed over his form bathing Tom in ungodly amounts of pure energy.

Tyler took a fighting stance and readied to fight. He didn’t know if he could win. He didn’t know if he would survive, but one thing was clear. He should have picked Bagan instead of Zone Fighter.

As the two super-powered nerds clashed across TK Ville, Alex and Andrew watched the devastation from their respective human sized holes in the K.W.C. Headquarters. Each ate popcorn as multi-colored energies tore the city asunder.

“Boy, I wish the K.W.C.C. was televised. This would get at least 100 views on my channel!” KaijuX ecstatically remarked.

 “Only Greyshot would pick a Kaiju that’s power lasts for, like, 3 minutes,” Alex countered."But at least he didn't choose Ultra-Lard."

"It's Ultraman,"KaijuX quickly corrected.

 "Oh whatever! They're all the same thing, hell they even look the same!”

KaijuX gasped.

Greyshot and Tom gasped.
The whole Tohokingdom Forum gasped.

"What? It's true! They're basically the same thing!" Alex yelled into the air to silence the world.

“Your outburst aside, I think Zone Fighter could take on SpaceGodzilla,” Andrew noted before he poured the bag of popcorn into his mouth.

Alex sighed. “This is Tom Spacegodzilla, though. It probably has Orga genes with nanobots.”

Andrew shrugged and placed another handful of popcorn into his mouth. “It’d be a cool match at the very least.”

“Not if Greyshot wrote it,” Alex quickly countered. “I have no doubt it would cut randomly to people talking and miss out on the fight. Need I bring up 164?”

Andrew shivered as the memory crossed his normally upbeat mind.

“Thank you, but speaking of bad things - where is Christian?” Alex inquired.

“Oh, he left due to work. But don’t you worry, I invited him back for the next show!” KaijuX happily noted.

“He tried to kill you!” Alex responded.

“Yeah… that happens a lot.”

Alex looked at his phone as he refocused on the battle still unfolding in the city. “Well, Greyshot has a minute left to win this. I think it’s time someone refocused on that fight instead of ignoring it.”

Andrew froze and walked back over to Tom’s hole in the wall. “I’m getting a refill and I don’t want to be rude. What if our other guest shows up and I don’t greet them?”

“I doubt it will matter much,” Alex countered before looking out to the quickly deteriorating metropolis.

The two titans of the K.W.C. clashed with unmistakable fury. Their blows shattered buildings. Their movements ignored any material placed in front of them. The shockwaves from their strikes alone created creators in their wake. TK Ville wasn’t a city any longer, but a quickly deteriorating battlefield.

Tom launched his knee forward, striking Tyler’s chest and unleashing a shockwave powerful enough to vaporize the TV Series Tower hundreds of feet behind his opponent. The leader of the K.W.C. rocketed into the sky, but recovered and summoned his meteor bracelets to his wrists. Thousands of missiles blasted forth toward Tom, but the edgy human-kaiju laughed as he outstretched his palm. Green waves intercepted the barrage and redirected the attack across TK Ville, setting it ablaze. For a moment,Tom focused on the carnage, the destruction, the edge!

Using his Jet Speed ability, Tyler punched Tom across the face and launched him at Mach speed. Tom’s body blasted through a movie theater like a Tank Shell. Using his levitation ability, Tom slowed himself, merely for Tyler to unleash an Uzi Punch. Thousands of strikes connected with Tom, but the former leader needed only one to end the assault. Tom’s strike tore open the very ground, forcing both to recover fifty feet apart. As their movements stopped, Tyler and Tom both took deep breathes. Both could go on, but one did not have time on their side.

“This has been fun, but just die,” Tom insinuated as his body pulsated with bolts of cosmic energy. “I have no limit to my power. You on the other hand… do!”

Tyler ignored the comment, but knew it to be true. Thirty seconds or maybe one massive combo. He had one last shot to win or else the K.W.C., TK Ville, and even the world itself would be lost.

“You want to know why I choose Zone Fighter,” Tyler declared as his fighting stance intensified.

Tom laughed at the remark. “Please, humor me.”

Tyler disappeared in a blue blur, racing behind Tom before he could blink.


A thousand punches launched at the same time from Tyler’s fists, but unlike the last few times he attacked, individual crystalline shields blocked each strike. With no opening, Tyler used his Jet Speed ability to run around Tom. Uzi Punches launched from every direction, but a miniature shield blocked each attack.


Suddenly, Tyler’s fists no longer only unleashed force, but detonated with each kinetic hit. The pavement under the pair fractured. Dirt and fire spread in all direction eviscerating blocks of the city, but Tom remained unharmed. The being began to laugh at the futile effort around him.

“THIS is it!” Tom arrogantly remarked. “Come on,Greyshot! HIT ME!”

The assault ended. Tyler launched backward, giving himself a mile of space before he sprinted toward Tom with one final use of his Jet Speed ability. His right fist channeled massive amounts of raw power. Everything he had. All of his energy into one final strike.


Tom’s laughing intensified.

“Maybe don’t tell me your attack every time!” Tom proclaimed before creating a dozen shields in front of him to ensure his safety.

Even with the barriers, Tyler retracted his fist and launched it toward Tom. To Tom’s surprise, the fist never struck the barrier. The hand unraveled directly in front of the shield showcasing Tyler’s elongated right hand and the arrow beam that discharged from it.

An Arrow Beam sliced through the shields with ease and then Tom’s head. Tom’s laughing ended. His movements turned stagnant. Finally, his head split down the center. Tyler let out a deep breath of relief while Tom fell to the ground.

“Maybe you shouldn’t believe me every time I do,” Tyler suggested before he turned to walk away.

Tyler took a few steps, but a familiar laugh began to resurface. The leader of the K.W.C. turned around in shock as Tom stood up. His head fused back together in front of Tyler’s eyes, leaving him speechless as Tom walked toward him.

“You know, I didn’t pick SpaceGodzilla,” Tom clarified. “I picked a nano-byte infused Orga after he ate SpaceGodzilla.”

Tyler didn’t have time to react before his armor faded away, giving Tom the opening he needed. A swift kick launched Tyler out of eyesight while the shockwave that flowed through it ensured the kill. With victory achieved, Tom grinned evilly for there were still two more targets to kill.

A wall of the recording room exploded as Tom re-entered the K.W.C.C. floor of the K.W.C. tower. Andrew and Alex cautiously turned their attention toward the victorious challenger, whose burning orange eyes were focused on them.

“Told you Greyshot would lose,” Alex happily announced. The Verifier took a fighting stance then assured KaijuX, “Don’t worry though. I won’t fail like…”

A fist stuck Alex before he could finish, launching the Verifier to the moon. As KaijuX realized the Verifier was gone, Tom began to laugh maniacally.

“I’ve won! You losers couldn’t stop me! None of you even compare to my level! I own the K.W.C. and here, I AM GOD!”

Cosmic bolts of power danced across the room wildly. Tom laughed indulgently, ignoring KaijuX who focused not on Tom, but the still intact elevator behind him that glowed the purest of white. KaijuX then smiled confidently and waived his hands crazily to get Tom’s attention.

“What do you want, insect?” Tom inquired.

“Hey, I’m still in charge of the K.W.C.C. and the show isn’t over! I’d like to introduce you to our final guest of the night who just arrived!”

Tom continued to laugh. “Why should I care?”

A white light enveloped the room as the elevator doors parted. KaijuX looked away from the brightness, but Tom instantly knew what it shielded. A corona beam discharged from his palm, striking the aura, but the beam seemed to phase out of existence as it reached its target. From the light, a man walked out. A smile greeted Tom, but a scowl was the human-kaiu’s response.

“Anthony Romero…” Tom moaned as he turned to fully face the owner of the city. “I should have known.”

Anthony remained calm, his focus primarily on the destroyed room, smoking city, and the demented figure in front of him.

“Well… this wasn’t what I expected of the K.W.C.C.,” Anthony commented.

“It’s usually worse,” Andrew answered honestly.

“So I take it you destroyed TK?” Anthony inquired to Tom.

The man-kaiju let out a demonic laugh then summoned cosmic energies to his palms. Bolts of lightning coursed across his bare chest. Sparks fired rapidly around the office. A smile of confidence returned to Tom’s face.

As orange lightning danced around him, Anthony rested his forehead in his own palm.

“Well… I’m sorry to do this then…”

Tom took a fighting stance. The ceiling and the upper floors of the building tore apart from the chaotic winds flooding into the room from Tom’s energy. His long, orange hair blew with the wind while Tom’s crimson, glowing orbs focused on Anthony. For a brief second, Tom disappeared from existence, only to return with a kick aimed directly for Anthony’s head. The attack struck like lightning, but instead of a head, it struck Anthony’s arm. The owner of Tohokingdom did not flinch. He did not move.

Tom back flipped meters away and launched an energy charged palm strike toward Anthony’s face. The owner dodged right, easily avoiding the strike and caught Tom by the throat. Tom clutched Anthony’s right arm, struggling to free himself even as he conducted all of his power across his adversary.

“Tom,” Anthony remarked coldy as he turned his left hand into a fist, “you’re fired!”

Anthony’s fist struck faster than light itself. The strike reverberated reality around it before the city finally felt the shockwaves. Half the K.W.C. tower vaporized in an instant from the tremors alone. A vortex of pressure ripped through the city like tissue paper. Cars, debris, buildings; all flew outward for dozens of miles and rained across the country side. A distant mountain range exploded as Tom’s body struck it with enough force to propel it skyward. 

Anthony retracted his fist, his serious expression turning into one of annoyance as he glanced over his wrecked city.

“Well… crap,” Anthony commented as he looked over TK Ville.

“Ugh, Anthony?”

The owner of the site turned around to discover Andrew hiding underneath the remains of the table. Anthony quickly helped the Editor to his feet before looking him over.

“You okay?”

“Oh totally,” Andrew happily replied. “This will make a great episode of the K.W.C.C.”

A puzzled expression took over Anthony before he refocused.

“Well I guess I need a new head of the K.W.C. Want the job?”

Andrew’s eyes grew to the size of baseballs and tears began to flow down his cheeks.

“Really? Oh gosh, I would totally!”

Anthony smirked as he said, “Good luck then!”

The owner took off into the sky, leaving Andrew awestruck. The new leader of the K.W.C. could barely feel his heart, his fingers, or the building giving way as the supports finally collapsed.

Anthony flew over the desolation that was once TK Ville. Smoke billowed into the skies, buildings crumbled and the sun rose in distance detailing the rest of the destruction. The owner of the metropolis let out a sigh at all of the desolation until a humanoid figure in the distance caught his eye. The owner of TK Ville touched down next to the person leaving the city, discovering it to be none other than Tyler.

“I thought you were dead?” Anthony inquired, attracting the attention of Greyshot151.

Tyler smiled and stood tall for a second merely to hunch again as the pain grew too strong.

“I’ve gotten really tough skin over the years from 164,” Tyler laughed before the pain became too great. “Plus if I die, pretty sure a friend of mine in Tucson would kill me again.”

“Why 164? It’s a good match,” Anthony countered, before he returned his gaze to the desolate metropolis.

“So, how long is it going to take to fix?” Tyler inquired before he continued, “And I am sorry about the destruction.”

“No, it’s fine, and a day, tops,” Anthony honestly answered as he continued to stare blankly at TK Ville. “It usually ends up like this every year around this time, but I can’t help but feel I’m forgetting something.”

At the center of the rubble that once was the K.W.C. Headquarters, a hand broke the surface. It belonged to Andrew, who after the initial movement, remained stagnant under the sea of debris. Red patches slowly developed across the appendage, signaling to the world what had become of the Editor. It would not happen today, his body was still developing and I’m getting tired of writing this, but in time, he would resurge and take what was his. For death could no longer affect his being. The world would bestow upon him the mantle of K.W.C. Kontroller or face a certain, edgy fate.


Ultraman (and Anthony Romero & Tyler Trieschock)