D20 - Rodan (God)

Rodan (CR30, MR10)

XP 52428800
Chaotic Neutral Colossal (tall) Magical Beast (Air, Kaiju, Mythic)
Initiative +10 Senses – Darkvision/Low-Light vision 600 ft; PERCEPTION 27


AC 52 Touch 12 Flat-footed 42 (+10 Dex, +40 Natural)
HP 775 (165+510 (+100 Mythic): Fast Healing 30
FORT +34 REF +27 WILL +21
Defensive Abilities - Ferocity, Recovery
DR 20/Epic IMMUNE Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Death Effects, Disease, Energy Drain, Fear, Mind Effects (Charm, Compulsion, Phantasms, Patterns, Morale Effects), Paralysis, Petrifaction, Polymorphing, Sleep
Resist – Acid 30, Cold 30, Electricity 30, Fire 30, Force 30, Negative Energy 30, Radiation 30, Sonic 30
SR 41


Speed 125 ft Fly 250 ft (good)
Melee – Gore (Beak) +45 (6d6+23/19-20), 2 Talons +45 (4d8+23/19-20), 2 Wings +43 (4d8+35), Slam +45 (4d8+35)
Space – 100' long x 656' wingspan x 328' tall; Reach 120'
Special Attacks – Ferocity, Hurl Foe, Hurricane Flight, Massive Strikes, Sonic Boom, Swallow Whole (6d6+34 Bludgeon plus 6d6 acid, AC26, 77HP, DR20/Epic), Trample (6d6+34, DC48)


STR 56 DEX 30 CON 44 INT 10 WIS 32 CHA 36
Base Attack +30 CMB +61 (+63 Drag, +63 Sunder)
CMD 81 (83 vs Drag, 83 vs Sunder)
Feats – Critical Focus, Combat Reflexes, Death From Above, Death From Above (Mythic), Endurance, Flyby Attack, Improved Critical (Gore), Improved Critical (Gore) (Mythic), Improved Critical (Talons), Improved Drag, Improved Drag (Mythic), Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Iron Will (Mythic), Lightning Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes (Mythic), Multiattack, Power Attack, Quick Drag, Wingover
Skills - Fly +44, Intimidate +20, Perception +20, Survival +20, Swim +30
Special Qualities – Divine, Massive, Powerful Blow (Slam, Wings)


Colossal Flier (Ex): Rodan's mastery of the air allows him to fly unfettered by any opposing winds. Rodan does not take penalties when flying in strong or more powerful winds.

Hurl Foe (Ex): When Rodan strikes a Huge or Smaller foe with his natural attacks, he may make a CMB check to knock his opponent backwards in a straight line. For every 5 points by which he beats their CMD, they fly an additional 10 feet backwards. If they strike a wall, they take 1d6 additional damage per 10 feet moved.

Hurricane Flight (Su): Whenever Rodan takes to the sky, the winds produced by his colossal wings are greater than many storms. With gusts exceeding 170 miles per hour, Large sized creatures must make a DC10 Strength check or a DC20 Fly check to move against the wind while those medium sized and smaller are blown away by it. Ranged attacks are impossible to make except via siege weapons (which takes a -8 penalty on attack rolls). Perception checks based on sound are impossible to make over the roaring winds. These gusts of wind extinguish flames, uproot trees, and demolish houses within a 225 foot diameter of Rodan.

Hurricane Gust (Ex): Even when on the ground, Rodan's mastery of the wind is unparalleled. While standing on the ground, Rodan can flap his prodigious wings to produce a furious gust of wind. This gust of wind takes the shape of a 355' cone of hurricane force winds, staggering colossal enemies and blowing away all others. Colossal enemies must make a DC42 fortitude save or be blown away, rolling/falling over 100 feet away from the terrible pterosaur, taking 15d6 damage in the process. Passing the fortitude save prevents the colossal creature from being blown away, but it leaves them staggered for 1d4 rounds.

Massive Strikes (Ex): Each of Rodan's natural attacks can target all creatures within a 30 foot square. Rodan makes one attack roll; any creature in the area whose AC is equal to or lower than the result is struck by his attack.

Mythic Power (Su): Rodan can draw upon his incredible will to accomplish deeds normally beyond his strength. Each day, he can expend a number of uses of mythic power equal to his mythic rank (10). This amount is its maximum amount of mythic power. Rodan automatically has the surge ability, and can use this mythic power to activate it. It may have other abilities that rely on mythic power.

- Surge (Su): Rodan can expend one use of his mythic power to increase any d20 roll that he just made by rolling 1d12 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the original roll is made and the results are revealed.

Powerful Blows (Ex): Rodan's Slam and Wing attacks add 1-1/2 times his Strength bonus on damage rolls.

Swift Flight (Su): As a standard action twice per hour, Rodan can fly in a straight line at an incredible speed. He may travel up to 1 mile in this manner—doing so does not provoke attacks of opportunity. When Rodan activates this ability, his Sonic Boom ability is automatically triggered from the swift flight's point of origin.

Sonic Boom (Su): When Rodan uses his swift flight ability, he creates a thunderous sonic boom. This cacophonous explosion of sound occurs at his location when he activates swift flight, filling an area equal to his space and reach combined—resulting in a 225 foot diameter burst of sonic energy. All creatures in this area of effect take 20d10 points of sonic damage, are permanently deafened, knocked prone and are stunned for 1 round. A successful DC42 save halves the damage, reduces the deafened condition to 1d4 rounds, and negates the knocked prone and stun effects entirely. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Environment: Any mountains
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Treasure: None

The master of the skies and lord of the winds, Rodan is a majestic and noble kaiju. Never staying in a single place for too long, Rodan’s home is on the wing. Free, proud, and without fear even when faced by the strongest of opponents, Rodan is the god of air, flight, liberation, and travel.

Standing 328’ tall and weighing 30000 tons, Rodan is instantly recognizable thanks to his bright red, leathery hide and iconic features. Rodan is one of the largest flying creatures to exist, his 656’ wingspan greater than even King Ghidorah’s. Each of his wings possesses 3 short fingers, though they are often unused in favor of his talons and beak. His short, sharp beak sets just below his piercing green eyes. Above his eyes are 2 spikes curving up from his brows, giving him a streamlined and regal appearance. Despite being built for speed, Rodan is surprisingly well armored; rows of thick bone plates run down from the base of his long neck, across his chest, legs, and down to his 3 clawed feet.

Given Rodan’s predilection for roosting on the highest of mountain peaks, interactions with other kaiju do not occur regularly. Of the most prolific kaiju gods, Rodan is most friendly with Godzilla. Once rivals, the pair long ago put that conflict at rest to face off against the more dangerous King Ghidorah. Since then, they have been on agreeable terms.
Amongst the good Kaiju gods, Rodan has had little to do with the lot of them, preferring to soar amongst the clouds to becoming a guardian of good (though he does have a working relationship with Mothra, who helped to settle his feud with Godzilla). Rodan’s relationship with Kiryu is strained at best. Its artificial nature and likeness to Godzilla seems to anger Rodan, who does not interact much with the Mechagodzilla. Occasionally the pair have tussled, but the more powerful Kiryu typically drives of Rodan before the battle can get too destructive.

King Ghidorah and Legion are the main opponents of the terrible pterosaur on the side of evil. King Ghidorah and Rodan have been enemies since the first time the hateful hydra made landfall. Though King Ghidorah is more physically powerful than Rodan, the giant pterosaur is far more agile in the air. When they battle, Rodan often uses his superior mobility to confound King Ghidorah with hit and run tactics. However, the two of the rarely battle alone due to the nearly overwhelming strength of the space monster.

Legion is another matter. The ultimate invasive species, the swarm destroys all semblance of normalcy when it terraforms the lands it has conquered. To make matters worse, they clouds the sky at the will of their queen, much to the anger of Rodan. Because of this, Rodan has often been seen to attack them when they attempt to expand their territory. Feeding on those he can, Rodan will use his ability to produce sonic booms to knock them from the sky after he has eaten his fill. He will typically flee when faced by the Legion Queen, however, being unable to cope with her superior fire power.

Rodan Worship

Wild and free, Rodan has long attracted admirers as he gracefully flies through the sky. In his streamlined form there is something untamed and almost beautiful to be observed by those who see him. With his ability to traverse the skies so easily, Rodan is often looked to as a god of travel; prayers are often sent to him for safe and speedy trips by those about to undertake long journeys.

Formal worshippers of Rodan are an interesting lot. Thanks to the nomadic nature of their god, many of the followers of Rodan are also wanderers and vagabonds. Many are the names and tribes of Rodan, but the largest of is simply called The Flock. A large group of barbarians, shamen, and tribesmen, they travel through mountain ranges and plains with the changing of the seasons. Their numbers wax and wane with each passing season, but for every person lost to their journey, another one joins, ready to feel the true freedom that can only be offered by the master of the skies.

The followers of Rodan use a simple sigil for their symbol: the outline of Rodan’s wings and head in profile. When made into a holy symbol, they are typically made of wood or bone (the spoils of a life lived always on the road). Their holy weapon is the boarding axe, a multipurpose weapon useful for chopping wood, climbing, and fighting that also calls to mind the spikes and plates of Rodan himself. Major cities typically do not maintain a shrine or church dedicated to Rodan. Instead, his followers typically seek out the high and wild places to pray for his blessing.

When fighting alone, the followers of Rodan utilize hit and run tactics to tackle strong foes and superior numbers. Preferring light armor, they utilize their superior speed to confound and dazzle their enemies with well placed strikes. In addition, the shamans of the Flock will utilize their abilities to give their warriors flight and call on the power of the wind to destroy their enemies. Working in tandem, there is little that can resist their combined efforts.

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