Colossal (Wide) Magical-Beast (Greater God, Law, Good)

Hit Dice: 80d10+1120 (1560 hp)
Initiative: +21 (+17 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 5ft., Fly 150ft. (Good)
AC: +84 (+20 natural, +20 Deflection, +20 Divine (sacred), +5 Luck, +17 Dex, -8 Size), +64 Touch, +67 Flat-footed
Base Attack/Grapple: +80 / +111
Attacks: Claw +87 melee (4d6+5) or 1 Slam +87 melee (5d8+7)
Full Attack: 2 Claws +87 melee (4d6+5) or Slam +87 melee (5d8+7)
Space/Reach: 20ft. / 30ft.
Special Attacks: Cross Heat Laser, Sparkling Pyre Road, Mega beam, Seal Energy, Sun Strike Buster, Excel Geo Crush, Windstorm, Energized Attacks
Special Qualities: Divine Qualities, Aqua form, Armor Form, Light-speed form, Micro Form, Energy resistance (acid, cold, electric, fire, force, radiation, sonic) 50, Fast healing 1, See Invisibility, Paladin Qualities, SR 83
Saves: Fort +75, Ref +78, Will +51
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 44, Con 38, Int 15, Wis 22, Cha 45
Skills: Bluff +72, Concentration +69, Intimidate +72, Listen +64, Spot +63, Tumble +75
Feats: Acrobatic, Alertness, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Dodge, Endurance, Flyby Attack, Great Fortitude, Hover, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative, Improved Precise Shot, Improved Spell Capacity (X3), Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Multiattack, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run, Weapon Focus (Cross-Heat Laser), Wingover
Climate/Terrain: Any Land or Sky
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 82
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Lawful Good
Advancement: -
Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Law, Magic, Protection, Radiance*, Sun, Travel, Transformation*, War, Water
Holy Symbol: A golden stylized circle
* New Domain

        Reckless, willful, and impulsive, these are all traits often assigned to the youngest of the Mothras. Valiant, honorable, carefree, and righteous are also things used to describe Leo. The Shining Guardian is all of these things, and quite a bit more besides. As one of, if not the, most powerful of the kaiju gods, Leo could be a deadly threat to all life on the world were he to turn his powers on its denizens. But, like his saintly mother, he uses his powers only to protect and nurture life. Fortunately for those that walk in the path of virtue, Leo's presence is a blessing. For those who walk the path of corruption and malevolence, his righteous might is a deadly curse. Truly, the Shining Guardian is a creature of many aspects.

        In his normal form, Leo resembles a massive moth with feathery antennae, slightly pointed eyes and three lustrous black jewels on his forehead. His body is sleeker than either his mother or aunt, and his body is covered in black and white fur. What makes Leo stand out the most is his gargantuan, rainbow colored wings. However, Leo has the capacity to transform into a powerful aqua, light-speed or armor form. His wingspan remains about 290ft. in any form, and his body is roughly 100ft. long.

        While he is much like the other Kaiju gods, Leo's existence is something far greater. More powerful than almost any other god, Leo controls a vast number of domains, which he can grant to his priests. Leo clerics can chose from the following domains: Air, Good, Healing, Law, Magic, Protection, Radiance, Sun, Travel, Transformation, War and Water. His favorite weapon is the katana or longsword.

        Leo can speak Mothra, a special language of chirps, whistles and shrieks shared between him and his mother and aunt. He understands Celestial, Draconic and Auran, but lacks the verbal apparatus to speak them.


Most creatures would rather slowly gnaw off all their own limbs than enter a battle with Leo. As a being of almost pure power and will, he is probably the last creature any being, including the other gods, would ever wish to fight. Leo, for his part, doesn't seem to mind this state of affairs, preferring to peacefully rest in his lair, or simply fly around, playing in the splendors of nature. However, when called into battle, Leo's normally peaceful and carefree nature almost seems to melt away, and his martial side manifests, for while he is normally a very gentle god, when angered, he is one of the most destructive forces known to exist. Many creatures have learned the hard way that Leo is not a being one should trifle with.

Leo often enters combat with his Cross Heat Laser attack, using it as a way to "test the waters" when it comes to his foe's strength. If the Cross Heat Laser seems effective, then he will simply continue to use it, rather than use any of his "big guns." Should the Cross Heat Laser seem less effective, he will continue to use the beam attack, while adding in his other special attacks to keep his enemy off guard, all the while using his feats to weave around his opponent to keep them off balance, or shifting into one of his other forms if the situation warrants it. Also, because he is more intelligent than the average kaiju god, he is capable of forming complex plans of attack.

Leos natural weapons are considered epic, good and lawful for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

        Cross Heat Laser (Su): As a standard action once every 1d4 rounds Leo fire three beams from the jewels embedded on his forehead, but they count as a single ray for the purpose of attacking. To hit, Leo must make a ranged touch attack, and if he hits, the beams inflicts 15d6 points of force damage. This attack has a range of 300ft. with no range increment. Leo can apply his Point Blank Shot feats to this attack, including Rapid Shot.

        Sparkling Pyre Road (Su): As a standard action once every 1d6 rounds, Leo can create a burst of energy that travels along the ground, manifesting as a series of blue energy spikes that erupt from the ground. The Sparkling Pyre Road starts at Leo's position and travels in a line 20ft. wide, 100ft. tall and 300ft. long in the direction of Leo's choosing. All creatures in the path of the Sparkling Pyre Road take 10d6 points of damage, but can make a reflex save for half (DC 64). Structures in the path of the Sparkling Pyre Road are affected as if subject of an earthquake spell cast by a 20th-level sorcerer. The DC is Constitution based.

        Mega Beam (Su): As a standard action once every 1d6 rounds, Leo can create a brilliant beam of light originating from the underside of his thorax. The beam measures ten feet in diameter, and reaches 400ft. long. Any creatures caught in the beam take 10d8 points of electrical damage. A successful reflex save (DC 64) reduces the damage to half. The save is Constitution based.

        Seal Energy (Su): As a full round action once every 1d10 rounds, Leo can create a field of negation energy. To use this ability, Leo must be flying at the time, and has to hover, but can maintain it indefinitely so long as he doesn't move more that 5ft in a round. All creatures under him at the time must make a will save (DC 67) or suffer the effects of a hold monster spell, even if normally immune to such effects. Beings of god status or those who make the save are instead considered staggered while within the area of effect, and can't move. Also, so long as Leo maintains the energy field, every creature within its radius takes 3d6 points of force damage, and 3d6 points of electrical damage, per round, regardless of whether or not they resisted the hold effect. If he takes more than 30 points of damage in a round, or is forced to move, the field ends. This save is Charisma based.

        In addition, any time an energy attack, such as breath weapons and spells, or effect enters the area, it dissipates into the field and affects all creatures within, regardless of the original dimensions of the attack. Thus, if a sorcerer were to resist the hold and managed to cast a lightning bolt would find the spell's electrical energy spread out through the field, dealing damage to him an all of his allies caught in the effect.

        Alternatively, Leo can create a binding circle. In order to do so, he must fly in a circular pattern at least 500ft in diameter for two minutes. After this time, all beings, including gods, within the field suffer the effects of a binding spell, with the effect of bound slumber. There is no saving through against this ability, but if Leo suffers damage during the binding circle's creation, he must make a concentration check or the effect fails. The effect lasts until a specific condition is meet, such as a specific item is removed from the area the like. Gods of equal status to Leo are merely bound for three years.

        Sun Strike Buster (Su): Once every 1d8 rounds as a full round action, Leo can take a double move action, but can only fly in a circle. If he ends his move on the same space he began the round in, all creatures within the circle take 15d6 points of force damage. If he wishes, Leo can continue to fly in a circle for up to 1d4 rounds, but can take no other actions. Each round that he continues to move in a circle, all creatures within the circle take damage.

        Additionally, for every round he maintains the Sun Strike Buster, every creature within must make a fortitude save (DC 67) or be stunned for that round. Creatures who make the save are only staggered. This save is Charisma based.

        Excel Geo Crush (Su): Once every 1d10 rounds as a full round action, Leo can fly vertically from his starting position, and generate a field of intense gravitational disruption. All creatures within a 60 ft. burst around Leo when he uses this attack must make a fortitude save (DC 67), or suffer 20d6 points of crushing damage. A successful fortitude save reduces the damage to half. The save is Charisma based.

        Windstorm (ex): As a standard action, Leo can create a powerful blast of wind by flapping his wings. This blast creates a 200-foot cone of hurricane force winds. All flames within this region are extinguished. Ranged attacks are impossible to make while the windstorm is in effect (except for siege weapons or kaiju ranged attacks, which suffer a -8 penalty to attack). Listen checks within the area are impossible. Creatures of mediums-size or smaller on the ground are knocked prone and roll 1d4x10 feet, sustaining 1d4 points of subdual damage per 10ft. Flying creatures of Medium-size or smaller are blown back 2d6x10 feet and sustain 2d6 points of subdual damage. Creatures of large size on the ground are knocked prone. Flying creatures of Large size are blown back 1d6x10 feet. Flying creatures of Huge size are blown back 1d6x5 feet.

        Energized Attacks (Su): Once every 1d4 turns, Leo can charge his body with pure magical energy. This power lasts for 1d4+1 rounds, during which, Leo's melee attacks inflict an additional 3d6 points of force damage.

        Microform (Ex): Once per turn, as a standard action, Leo can break apart into a swarm of 2d10+80 medium-sized versions of himself. These smaller Leo have Str 15, Dex 44, Con 38, AC 52 and 5 HD (99 Hp each) the same special qualities as his normal form, and are able to use the Cross Heat Laser and energized attacks powers. While in his microform, all of the smaller Leo still act as a single creature. In this form each of his smaller body's claws inflict 1d6+3 points of damage, and his slam deals 1d8+5 points of damage, while his Cross Heat Laser inflicts 2d6 points of damage and has a range of 60ft. Each of the smaller Leo Mothra are capable of a full set of actions each, and because they are all controlled by the same intelligence, they can act in a highly coordinated fashion.

        When he returns to his normal form, the percentage of the microforms that are destroyed is deducted from his total hit points. Thus, if he broke up into 100 microforms, and ten were killed, he would reform with 90% of the hit points he had before breaking down into the microform. Returning to his normal form is a standard action, and he can remain in his microform for as long as he wishes.

        Aqua Form (Ex): Once per turn as a standard action, Leo can transform into his powerful Aqua form. Returning to his normal form is a standards action, and he can remain in aqua form indefinitely.

        Light-speed Form (Ex): Once per turn, as a standard action after taking the aqua form, Leo can assume his Light speed form. While in Light-speed form, he loses all other forms of movement save flight, which increases to 491,784,544ft. but his flight maneuverability drops to poor. While in this form, he cannot do anything except take double move actions, and effectively loses all of his attacks, normal or special. However, while in this form, he can use the Time slip special ability. Also, while in light speed form, it is impossible to hit Leo as he is moving. This form lasts for as long as Leo wishes. Returning to his normal form is a standard action, and he doesn't need to go through Aqua form to return to normal.

        Time Slip (Su): As a free action while in his Light-speed form, Leo can either travel back or forward in time up to 65 million years. To use this power, however, a 20th-level Elia cleric that is devoted to him must use her Song Calling power to grant a miracle. Because of this, Leo rarely, if ever, uses this power.

        Armor Form (Ex): Once per week, as a standard action, Leo can assume his Armor form. Returning to his normal form is a standard action, and he can remain in his armor form for 3d4 hours.

        Fast Healing (Ex): Leo automatically heals 1 hp of damage per round so long as he has at least 1 hp. Fast healing doesn't restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst or suffocation, and doesn't allow Leo to regrow or reattach lost body parts.

        True Seeing (Su): Leo is constantly under the effects of a True Seeing spell, as if cast by a 20th-level sorcerer. He can suppress and resume this power as a free action.

        Paladin Qualities: Leo has all of the special abilities, including spells but not including a special mount, of a 20th level paladin. He can substitute any of his domain spells for a paladin spell of the same level, and casts his spells as spell-like abilities.

        Typical Paladin Spells Prepared: (5/5/4/4/2/2/1; DC 16 + spell level): 1st- Color Spray, Cure Light Wounds (x2), Obscuring Mist, Protection From Evil; 2nd- Heat Metal, Light Bolt, Remove Paralysis, Spiritual Weapon, Zone of Truth; 3rd- Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, Searing Light (x2); 4th- Break Enchantment, Holy Smite (x2), Spell Immunity; 5th- Flame Strike, Ice Storm; 6th- Chain Lightning, Prismatic Spray; 7th- Omni Light Bolt

Leo's Worship and Worshipers

        For such a powerful god, Leo has only a modest following, at least compared to his mother and aunt. While he has many worshipers, he is not one of the most widely worshiped gods in the world. Many creatures, even those of good alignment, fear Leo, simply because he is so powerful.

        Most common folk consider Leo a symbol of justice and honor. His informal worship often includes those who pray for justice, and who believe in a code of honor. "Leo give me strength" is a common expression when someone is faced with a situation where his or her code of honor is tested. As the only lawfully good god, Leo has a large number of law enforcement officers and officials among his following. Also, he includes many sailors among his following, due partially too his aqua aspect. Many metal workers and miners revere Leo, due to the metallic nature of his armor form.

        Leo's formal worshipers are most commonly monks and clerics. However, the most well known and blessed of all of Leo's followers are his holy champions: paladins. More than any of Leo's other followers, paladins embody all that is noble and true about the shining guardian, and are blessed by him with extraordinary powers to be used in the defense of the innocent and as tools for the destruction of evil. Like his blessed mother and aunt, Leo's emissaries are welcome in almost all nations and lands, due to their reputations as healers and protectors of the innocent. Leo paladins and monks can freely multiclass with the cleric, monk and paladin classes.

        Leo is also highly revered among the Elias. In fact, many Elias that chose the life of an adventurer follow the youngest member of the triad. Elia paladins are quite common in communities that are devoted to the shining guardian, and even communities devoted to one of the other members of the triad often have one of Leo's representatives present. Elia holy orders of monks are almost exclusively devoted to Leo, and many of the Elia craftswomen and smiths are also followers of the shining guardian.

        Among the other humanoids, the dwarves, gnomes and halflings follow Leo the most often. Humans also frequently follow the Shining guardian, as does the occasional elf.

        Other creatures that revere Leo by and large are blink dogs, couatl, lammasu, guardian naga, assimar, and quite a few gold and silver dragons, as well as many of the lawfully good celestials. Any creature with a lawfully good alignment pays at least some tribute to Leo.

        Leo's relationship with the other gods is quite simple. He and his followers get along well with the other members of the triad, as well as Gamera's priests.

        The neutral gods have little to do with Leo, though Godzilla priests and Leo priests occasionally clash with each other, due to the Triad's long standing rivalry with the King of the Monsters. Young Leo's worshipers seem to be the most disinterested with the conflict with Godzilla's followers, but they will not hesitate to assist the other members of the Triad if they are needed.

Leo's priesthood is, by and far, the most likely of the triad to actively seek out and attempt to destroy the followers of the evil gods. Those that they often attack the most viciously are the followers of the destruction gods, particularly Desghidorah, Dagarha, King Ghidorah and Destoroyah. The battles between the champions of these evil gods and the followers of Leo are legendary in their ferocity. It is often due to the power of Leo's paladins and monks that the Leo factions are able win such battles, but Leo's followers do not believe themselves invincible, and fight with a fierce desire to protect the innocent and preserve life.

        Among the evil gods, Leo seems to respect Iris the most, and the Assassin seems to return the sentiment. Though Iris and Leo's followers often come into conflict, there is a sort of respect among the paladins of Leo and the assassins of Iris. Both follow a code of conduct, and both have disciplined, rigorously trained minds. Despite the fact that the two factions often come into conflict, when these two groups square off, they each show the other side both the honor and respect that the other is due. Despite the moral dichotomy between the two gods and their followers, Leo and Iris seem to regard each other as worth foes.