D20 - Mothra (God)

Mothra (CR30, MR10)

XP 52428800
Neutral Good Colossal (long) Magical Beast (Good, Kaiju, Mythic)
Initiative +7 Senses – Darkvision/Low-Light vision 600 ft; PERCEPTION 48


AC 51 Touch 11 Flat-footed 42 (+7 Dex, +2 Dodge, -8 size, +40 Natural)
HP 745 (165 + 480 (+100 Mythic): Fast Healing 30
FORT +33 REF +21 WILL +27
Defensive Abilities - Ferocity, Recovery
DR 20/Epic and Evil IMMUNE Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Death Effects, Disease, Energy Drain, Fear, Mind Effects (Charm, Compulsion, Phantasms, Patterns, Morale Effects), Paralysis, Petrifaction, Polymorphing, Sleep
Resist – Acid 30, Cold 30, Electricity 30, Fire 30, Force 30, Negative Energy 30, Radiation 30, Sonic 30
SR 51


Speed 50 ft Fly 200 ft (good)
Melee – Slam +42 (4d8+20), 2 Talons +42 (4d8+20), 2 Wing Attacks +40 (4d8+10)
Space – 120' long x 355' wingspan x 100' tall; Reach 120'
Special Attacks – Colossal Flier, Ferocity, Hurl Foe, Hurricane Flight, Hurricane Gust, Massive Strikes, Reflective Scales
Spell-like abilities (CL 30th, Concentration +45)


Constant: Prayer
At Will: Astral Projection, Breath of Life, Dream, Sending,
3/day: Break Enchantment (Mythic), Mass Cure Critical Wounds
1/day: Hallow, Holy Aura, True Prognostication, True Resurrection, Wish


STR 50 DEX 25 CON 42 INT 30 WIS 46 CHA 44
Base Attack +30 CMB +58(+65 Drag)
CMD 75 (+83 vs Drag)
Feats – Butterfly's Sting, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Dodge (Mythic), Flyby Attack, Gang Up, Hover, Improved Drag, Improved Drag (Mythic), Improved Sidestep, Iron Will, Iron Will (Mythic), Mobility, Mobility (Mythic), Multiattack, Persuasive, Persuasive (Mythic), Power Attack, Sidestep, Wingover
Skills – Climb +30, Diplomacy +51, Fly +40, Handle Animal +30, Heal +45, Intimidate +21, Knowledge (Arcana) +40, Knowledge (Geography) +40, Knowlege (History) +40, Knowledge (Nature) +40, Knowledge (Planes) +40, Knowledge (Religion) +40, Perception +48, Sense Motive +27, Spellcraft +40
Languages – Mothra, Telepathic (communicates empathically)
Special Qualities – Divine, Massive, Strong Flier


Hurl Foe (Ex): When Mothra strikes a Huge or Smaller foe with her natural attacks, she may make a CMB check to knock her opponent backwards in a straight line. For every 5 points by which she beats their CMD, they fly an additional 10 feet backwards. If they strike a wall, they take 1d6 additional damage per 10 feet moved.

Hurricane Flight (Su): Much faster in the air than on the ground, Mothra’s large wings produce prodigious gusts of wind whenever she takes to the air.. With gusts exceeding 170 miles per hour, Large sized creatures must make a DC10 Strength check or a DC20 Fly check to move against the wind while those medium sized and smaller are blown away by it. Ranged attacks are impossible to make except via siege weapons (which takes a -8 penalty on attack rolls). Perception checks based on sound are impossible to make over the roaring winds. These gusts of wind extinguish flames, uproot trees, and demolish houses within a 225 foot diameter of Mothra.

Colossal Flier (Ex): Mothra does not take penalties when flying in strong or more powerful winds.

Hurricane Gust (Ex): Whenever Mothra hovers in place, she can flap her wings in a furious fashion to produce incredibly strong gusts of wind. This gust of wind takes the shape of a 355' cone of hurricane force winds, staggering colossal enemies and blowing away all others. Colossal enemies must make a DC41 fortitude save or be blown away, rolling/falling over 100 feet away from Mothra, taking 15d6 damage in the process. Creatures who pass this fortitude save are not blown away, but are staggered for 1d4 rounds.

Massive Strikes (Ex): Each of Mothra's natural attacks can target all creatures within a 30 foot square. Mothra makes one attack roll; any creature in the area whose AC is equal to or lower than the result is struck by his attack.

Mythic Power (Su): Mothra can draw upon her tenacity to accomplish feats of amazing strength and fortitude which defy even her own godly standards. Each day, she can expend a number of uses of mythic power equal to his mythic rank (10). This amount is her maximum amount of mythic power. Mothra automatically has the surge ability, and can use this mythic power to activate it.

- Surge (Su): Mothra can expend one use of her mythic power to increase any d20 roll that she just made by rolling 1d12 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the original roll is made and the results are revealed.

Rebirth (Su): Unlike the other kaiju gods, Mothra is not unchanging. She grows and adapts through the various stages of a life cycle not unlike a natural butterfly or moth. Reproducing asexually, Mothra creates a large blue and yellow ringed egg. She places the egg within the safe confines of her Infant Island home. After the “death” of her current form, the egg will then hatch within 1d4 days. This “new” Mothra, now a larva, will then begin her the cycle anew. The time she spends in larval form varies, culminating in the goddess cocooning herself to complete the transformation into her familiar imago form.

Reflective Scales (Su): As a full round action, Mothra can flap her wings and release golden scales from her wings. These glittering scales can reflect the energy attacks of any creature back upon it's source within a 355' cone in front of Mothra (or behind her if she is flying away from the source of the beams while using her scale attack). The effect lasts for 17 rounds and reflects all energy attacks, dealing 20d8 force damage against everything within the cone in a massive explosion. This burst of energy does not effect Mothra. After the 17 rounds are ended, Mothra cannot use her scale attack again for 1 week as her wings must heal from the attack. This reduces her flight speed to 100 feet (poor).

The scales also disrupt the functioning of electronics within the area, dealing an additional 20d8 electrical damage to robotic creatures and technological implements. Robotic creatures within the area of effect receive a DC31 Fortitude Save or they become staggered for 1d6 rounds. Technological weapons/equipment caught within the area of Mothra's attack will not work until out of the cone and are disabled for 6 rounds afterwards if they have not been destroyed outright.

Environment Any (island or sky)
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Treasure: None

The undisputed goddess of good, Mothra is a beautiful bastion of hope in a world often plagued by strife and unrest. With a fathomless capacity for understanding and forgiveness, Mothra acts as the foil to Godzilla's rage; she is kind, caring, and protective of all life, ready to defend it at any cost. Mothra is the goddess of community, good, healing, and protection.

Mothra's form is awe inspiring and beautiful. Her wings, spanning 354 feet total, are covered in patterns of red, yellow, white, brown, and black. Long white fur coats her 118 foot long abdomen, hanging down in tufts along the forward edges of her wings and her gray underbelly. Like other insects, Mothra possesses 6 legs, each one ending in a grasping 3 clawed hand. Her head is dominated by 2 luminous blue compound eyes, above which set her slender white antennae. Below her eyes is her mouth, flanked on each side by a feeling appendage.

No other kaiju god is as approachable as Mothra, and this extends to her interactions with the other gods. Since her first interactions with the civilization, Mothra has stood as a stalwart defender of the innocent, the weak, and the planet itself. This has long lent her a good rapport with Gamera and even Biollante (though she is careful not to anger the plant monster). Despite this, her staunchest ally is one who was once her greatest rival: Battra.

When her dark counterpart first emerged, eager to punish the people of the world on behalf of the planet, Mothra did battle with him. The battle was fierce, but she outmaneuvered Battra and managed to defeat him after a long struggle. Victorious, she entreated him, desperately trying to convince him that civilization deserved a chance to make the world a better place. Her unabashed sincerity was enough to sway Battra, who has aided her ever since.

Mothra's relationship with Godzilla is much more complicated. The King of the Monster's first encounter with Mothra resulted in her death and rebirth as a lara. It was only the arrival of King Ghidorah that turned them into allies, as Mothra lacked the strength to defeat Ghidorah on her own and even Godzilla himself would be hard pressed to battle such a foe alone. Her tenacity having earned Godzilla's respect, the pair set aside their differences and defeated the King of Terror. Since then the duo have battled infrequently, but they are always willing to set aside their differences when faced with a common foe. Among the other neutral gods, Mothra has the most easygoing relationship with Rodan, who quickly came to her aid in the battle with King Ghidorah long ago. With Kiryu she is unusually distant, seemingly conflicted by the unnatural Mechagodzilla. Despite this, she has been willing to lend him aid if it is needed.

With the evil gods, her mission is straightforward. There is not one of them that she will not battle against, whether alone or with an ally. From the destructive desires of King Ghidorah and Destroyah to the the tyrannical ambitions of Spacegodzilla, there is not one which she will not oppose. This desire to defend against evil has been distilled into her followers, creating a powerful force for good within the world.

Mothra Worship

Only entering combat when she must, Mothra spends the great majority of her time on Infant Island. There she makes herself available to those seeking her wisdom and help. This is facilitated by the Shobijin, a pair of Elias who have acted as her heralds for thousands of years. They communicate Mothra's will directly to her followers while also serving as the leaders of the Elias. The vast majority of Elias in the world worship Mothra, and they do seem to hold a special place in the Guardian Moth's heart. In addition to the Elias, many Elves, humans, and halflings worship her. Despite the majority of her followers coming from these races, there are none whom Mothra will turn away from her following. All life is special and sacred, and no one should be turned away who desires to walk the path of good and peace.

As the goddess of good and aid, many of Mothra's worshipers are clerics and healers. From Infant Island, they travel to major cities and distant villages to spread the light of their goddess. These clerics also serve as guardians, fighting against the forces of evil and chaos that would harm the innocent. Often times they set up shrines to Mothra, if not outright temples, which are always open to the public. These holy sites are often beautifully constructed of stone bearing the holy symbol of Mothra above their entrance. Within, a small garden of beautiful flowers and flowing water rests at the center. This place of peace and prosperity allows for quiet reflection and healing.

In battle, the followers of Mothra are most comfortable engaging their opponents from a distance. They utilize their magic to aid their allies and heal their opponents while also harrying their enemies with arrows from their shortbow (the favored weapon of Mothra). Despite their effectiveness in battle, it is afterwards where they shine the brightest; happily doling out healing and aid to the wounded and the sick. For to follow the teachings of Mothra is to allow hope to reside within oneself and to instill it into others by example.

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