Colossal (Long) Magical Beast (Lawful, Evil, Legion, Intermediate Goddess)

Hit Dice: 57d10+1083 (1396 hp)
Initiative: +3 (+4 Improved Initiative, -1 Dex)
Speed: 30 (6 squares), Burrow 30 (6 squares), Fly (Poor) 50 (10 sqaures)
AC: +51 (+20 natural, +20 deflection, +10 divine (profane), -1 Dex, -8 Size), Touch +31, Flat-footed +51
Base Attack/Grapple: +57 / +90
Attacks: Claw +76 melee (3d6+17)
Full Attack: 2 Claws +77 melee (3d6+17), Gore +75 (4d8+8/18-20, X3)
Space/Reach: 20ft. / 35ft.
Special Attacks: Trample, Improved Grab, Beam Attack, Energized Tendrils, Spawn Swarm, Spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: Divine Qualities, Blindsight, Energy Shield, Queen of the Legion, Energy Resistance 50 (Sonic, Electricity, Fire, Cold), SR 74
Saves: Fort +42, Ref +29, Will +21
Abilities: Str 45, Dex 9, Con 48, Int 3, Wis 14, Cha 37
Skills: Concentration +39, Listen +24, Spot +24
Feats: Ability Focus (Beam Attack), Alertness, Augmented Summoning, Awesome Blow, Cleave, Diehard, Endurance, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Hover, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (Gore), Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improved Sunder, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-like Ability (Summon Monster IX), Weapon Focus (Claws and Gore)
Climate/Terrain: Any Land
Organization: Solitary or Colony (1 + 2d100 Symbiotic Legion)
Challenge Rating: 58
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Lawful Evil
Advancement: -
Domains: Animal, Death, Evil, Law, Legion*
Holy Symbol: A crystalline insect

* New Domain

        Legion is one of the oddest of the evil gods, which is difficult to say, considering the aberrancy of the gods in general. While most of the other evil gods are in part interested in creating destruction or pain, Legion's only goal seems to be to spread her influence to all areas of the globe, and either subjugate all other life or introduce it into her massive swarm. While this might seem more benign than the destructive rampages of Destoroyah or King Ghidorah, Legion is not a benevolent god, for she and her followers are brutally efficient and ruthlessly cold when it comes to bringing new organisms into the swarm and slaughtering those who are not subjugated to its will.

        Legion superficially resembles a massive insect with a glassy, silver exoskeleton, a large crown-like crest behind its head, and a long blade-like horn. Below her head there is a massive bulb, which contains her ovaries, and is capable of spawning a massive swarm of symbiotic legion insects at will. When attacking, Legion can open her horn, revealing an energy matrix capable of creating a powerful particle beam. Also, she can extend a dozen energetically charged tendrils from this spot to burn and pierce her foes to death. Legion measures close to 200ft. long and has a width of about 75ft.

        Legions clerics can chose from the following domains: Animal, Death, Evil, Law, Legion. Her cleric's favorite weapons are the light and heavy lance.


Legion, like most other kaiju gods, revels in combat. Her preferred method of attack against other kaiju is to keep at a distance and use her particle beam attack. Against non-kaiju, Legion prefers to simply trample her opponents. If foes show an ability to harm her, she will release a swarm of symbiotic legion and cast a Quickened Summon Monster spell to deal with the problem, or at least provide a distraction so that she can gain an advantage. If seriously injured, Legion will retreat below ground to heal and fight another day.

Legion's natural weapons are considered epic, evil and lawful for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

        Beam Attack (Su): Once every 1d4 rounds, Legion can open her nasal horn and release a powerful particle beam attack. The beam forms a line 300ft long and 10ft. in diameter. Any creature caught in this line takes 20d8 points of force damage, but can reduce the damage to half with a successful Reflex save (DC 59). The beam always continues to its maximum range, regardless of any obstructions, including enemy creatures. The save is Constitution based.

        Improved Grab (Ex): In order to use this ability, Legion must hit an opponent of colossal size or smaller with her claw attack. If she hits, she can start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If she gets a hold, she deals claw damage each round the hold is maintained, and gets a +10 circumstantial bonus to her gore attack. If she chooses to use her beam attack on a grappled foe, the creature held does not get a saving throw to reduce the damage to half.

        Trample (Ex): As a standard action during her turn, Legion can run over an opponent of Gargantuan size or smaller. To use this attack, she merely has to move over her foe.

        Any creature Legion tramples takes 4d12+17 points of crushing damage, but can make a Reflex save (DC 55) for half damage. Those who don't chose not to make a Reflex save can make an attack of opportunity against Legion, but the attack receives a -4 penalty. The DC is Strength based.

        Energized Tendrils (Su): As a standard action once every 1d4 rounds, Legion can release up to twelve searing tendrils from the particle lens inside her nasal horn. In order to hit with the tendrils, she must make a ranged touch attack for each tendril. For each tendril that hits, it inflicts 3d6 points of fire damage and 1d6 points of piercing damage.

        Legion can either use this attack instead of her beam attack. After using either one, she must wait for 1d4 rounds before using either of them again, but she can alternate between the two at will. However, if her nasal horn is somehow destroyed, she can only use this attack, and loses her beam attack.

        Spawn Swarm (Ex): Once every 1d3 hours, Legion can spawn a swarm of 20d10 Symbiotic Legion insects from her abdomen as a full round action. Such a swarm can act immediately, and appear directly in front of Legion, filling a cloud 5 feet x 5 feet x 5 feet per insect in the swarm.

        Spell-like Abilities: At will: Dominate Monster (DC 32), Legion's Boon (DC 29), Legion's Gift (DC 31), and Summon Monster IX (evil or lawful creatures only). Caster level 57th. The save is Charisma based

        Blindsight (Ex): Legion perceives the world through sensing the flow of energy thought all mater. Her vision is not impaired thorough darkness, as that does not mask the flow of energy though the objects around her.

        Energy Shield (Su): On any round, Legion can forego her normal attacks by taking a full round action. If her foe uses an energy attack, such as a breath weapon, spell or beam attack, Legion can create an energy shield around her that negates the attack's energy. The shield negates the first 200 points of energy damage that Legion would suffer that round, which does not count towards her normal energy resistance.

        Legion can't use this special power if she has lost over 167 hit points, for such damage would mean that her crown has been injured, and thus disabled.

        Queen of the Legion: Legion has the ability to communicate in the Legion tongue with any creature that also possesses the Legion subtype. All other creatures with the Legion subtype are incapable of attacking Legion directly or indirectly, and will always act as though under the effect of a charm spell while in her presence, even giving their lives if necessary to protect their queen. If Legion attacks another creature with the Legion subtype, that creature is considered to have AC 0, and does not gain any saving throws to avoid damage from her special attacks, so strong is Legion's influence over her "children.

Legion's Worship and Worshipers

        Among one of the most widely worshiped of the evil gods, Legion and her followers are exactly what her name suggests: they are legion. Her agents cover the globe; from simple vermin to monstrous aberrations to humanoids debase enough to worship her. Aptly nicknamed the Slaver Queen, Legion's worship has spread like an infection through the heart of all life on the planet. Nothing living is save from the Slaver Queen's influence, as her worshippers have been granted special magical powers to introduce new creatures into the swarm, by force if necessary.

        Legion has barely any informal worshippers. Few creatures want to draw the attention of the Slaver Queen, for such attention would bring her followers down upon them, forcing them either to join the swarm or be killed.

        However, among her formal worshippers, Legion is the be all and end all of existence. Any creature with the Legion subtype, or that joins (by choice or not) Legion's faith is devoted to her in heart and soul.

        The symbiotic legion insects, Legion's own spawn, are her most loyal and devoted servants. Though lacking intelligence, these insects act as almost an extension of Legion's will, destroying those who have displeased her, or heralding her appearance when she is on the move. The appearance of these silvery beetle-like creatures is often a sign that Legion is approaching.

        Other creatures that worship Legion include many insect-like monsters, such as Chuul, Ettercaps, evil Remorhaz and a large number of Fiendish Vermin. Also, a sizeable number of Formian nests serve her, along with several Gelugon devils. Like all other creatures in her swarm, these creatures are fanatically loyal to their queen.

        Among the humanoids that worship her, humans are the most common, with a fair number of evil dwarves as well. Such worshippers work in secret, slowly corrupting those around them and eventually introducing them into the swarm.

        Finally, thanks to the powerful spells Legion's Boon and Legion's Gift that she grants to her followers, as well as the magical potion Legion's Blood that her strongest clerics produce, Legion has a large number of creatures that would normal not have the temperament or nature to join the swarm under her sway. Thanks to these dangerous spells, Legion has many beings under her sway, including numerous communities of humanoids, a large number of powerful outsiders, several dragons, and even, as unlikely as it might seem, at least two non-divine kaiju.

        Because Legion has such a diverse group of worshippers, there is no typical appearance that they take. Anyone can be a part of the swarm, from a simple street beggar to a powerful political figure, such as the leader of a nation. Most humanoids that worship Legion show their devotion to the Slaver Queen by wielding lances in combat. Some worshippers also tattoo images of insects over their hearts to show their loyalty to the swarm.

        Legion and her swarm have, not surprisingly, very poor relationships with the other gods and their worshipers. The good gods, particularly Gamera and Battra find the Slaver Queen's nature abhorrent, as it is dynamically opposite of their own. Both Leo and Mothra find Legion to be a blight upon the world, and the worshiper's of Biollante find Legion's followers enslavement of natural creatures repulsive.

        The neutral gods are fairly indifferent to Legion, though Kiryu's worshippers oppose Legion quite often, as the Slaver Queen's actions run counter to the values of protection that the Metal Guardian's followers believe in.

        Among the evil gods, only Iris seems to have any respect for Legion, though he also covets her power and ability to inspire such fanatic loyalty in her followers. SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah, because of their chaotic nature, often run afoul of Legion's plans, and thus the followers of these gods are often at odds with each other. Often this conflict leads the followers of Legion into skirmishes with the servants of the other evil gods. Such conflicts often cost either side a great deal of warriors, but Legion's followers are often the quicker to recover, because of their ability to work together as a coherent whole. Despite this, Legion's followers, and the goddess herself, prefer to avoid open conflict with SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah's followers, as such battles cost them precious resources, and also risk drawing the attention of the two more powerful destruction gods.

        For the time being, Legion seems content to amass power and grow stronger, until one day she is dominant enough to take control of all life on the face of the world, including the other gods.