D20 - Kiryu (God) [version 3.5: Pathfinder]

Kiryu (CR33, M10)

XP 157286400
Lawful Neutral Lifespark Construct (Kaiju, Mythic, Robot)
Initiative +20; Senses - Darkvision/Low-Light vision 600 ft


AC 58, Touch 8, Flat-Footed 54 (6 DEX, -8 Size, 50 Natural Armor)
HP700 (52d10+80) + 100 Mythic): Fast Healing 30
FORT +11, REF +18, WILL +22
Defensive Abilities – Ferocity, Recovery
DR 20/Epic IMMUNE Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Death Effects, Disease, Energy Drain, Fear, Mind Effects (Charm, Compulsion, Phantasms, Patterns, Morale Effects), Paralysis, Petrifaction, Polymorphing, Sleep
Weaknesses – Healing Immunity, Limited Energy, Vulnerability to Acid
Resist – Cold 30, Electricity 30, Fire 30, Force 30, Negative Energy 30, Radiation 30, Sonic 30
SR 54


Speed 125', Fly 200' (Average)
Melee – Bite + 50 (4d6+25), 2 Blades +50 (6d6 +25 + 6d8 electricity), Slam +50 (3d8+25)
Space – 774' long x 193' wide x 387' height; Reach 120'
Special Attacks – Ferocity, Hurl Foe, Massive Strikes, Mythic Power(10/day, surge +1d12), Trample (6d6+40, DC51)


STR 60 DEX 23 CON - INT 10 WIS 33 CHA 42
Base Attack +33 CMB +67 (+71 Bull Rush)
CMD 83 (+85 Bull Rush)
Feats – Clustered Shots, Deadly Aim, Deadly Aim (Mythic), Greater Bull Rush, Greater Vital Strike, Hover, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved Initiative (Mythic), Improved Precise Shot, Improved Vital Strike, Maximize Surge (Mythic), Multiattack, Opening Volley, Pinpoint Targeting, Pinpoint Targeting (Mythic), Point-Blank Shot, Point-Blank Shot (Mythic), Precise Shot, Precise Shot (Mythic), Trick Shooter, Vital Strike
Skills – Acrobatics +15, Craft +15, Fly +35, Perception +30
Languages – Draconic (can't speak)
Special Qualities – Divine, Massive, Spirit Within


Absolute Zero Cannon (Su): Kiryu's ultimate attack and one of the most powerful attacks known to mortals, the Absolute Zero Cannon is a devastating attack. Once every 2d4 rounds, Kiryu can charge a blast of cryogenic energy from within its chest, releasing the attack as a misty ball of energy from its chest. The blast fills an area 500' long by 60' wide , exploding on impact in a burst of freezing cold air and blue energy for 40d8 cold damage. The target and any other creatures caught in the line must make a reflex save (DC42), which reduces the damage to half.

If the target fails the save, it must make a secondary Fortitude save (DC52) or be frozen in a layer of ice which entraps it. Creatures that fail this save are considered entangled and is unable to attempt any action aside from trying to escape, unless it is capable of taking mental actions (psychic/psionic abilities, etc). Being immobile, the creature fails any further reflex saves unless it escapes from the ice. For every round that the creature does not escape from the ice, it takes 4d8 cold damage and is in danger of suffocating (as per the drowning rules).

To escape from the ice, the creature must make 3 opposed strength checks against a strength score of 50. Dealing 300 points of physical or fire damage to the ice also shatters it (this includes attacks made to harm the creature trapped within the ice).

Using the Absolute Zero Cannon consumes 1 hour (600 rounds) of Kiryu's activation time.

Berserk (Ex): Under certain conditions, the nature of which is carefully guarded by the Mechanytes, Kiryu's kaiju spirit will awaken within its metal body. When this happens, his original kaiju nature reasserts itself, causing him to go on a destructive rampage until his target has been destroyed or Kiryu has run out of energy. In this state, Kiryu's intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores revert to that of his original biological self as he enters a rage fueled state (INT 10, WIS 36, CHA 40). Kiryu still has access to all of its weapons and attacks while berserking.

Colossal Flier (Ex): Utilizing the rockets built into its rocket pack and in within its own body Kiryu is capable of flight. Because of its relatively aerodynamic form, Kiryu does not take penalties when flying in strong or more powerful winds.

Hurl Foe (Ex): When Kiryu strikes a Huge or Smaller foe with its natural attacks, it may make a CMB check to knock its opponent backwards in a straight line. For every 5 points by which it beats their CMD, they fly an additional 10 feet backwards. If they strike a wall, they take 1d6 additional damage per 10 feet moved.

Limited Energy (Ex): Despite the powerful divine energies contained within the biological source of Kiryu's construction and life, its physical form requires power of a more mundane function to operate. Charged by exotic energies administered by the Mechanytes, Kiryu is capable of operating of its own accord for 2 hours (1200 rounds) before requiring recharge. Until Kiryu's energy is brought back to a sufficient level of power, it is helpless and incapable of defending itself (though it's impressive armor and resistances will protect it from most harm). While out of power, Kiryu can be recharged by any number of sources. Typically this is handled by a vanguard which accompanies Kiryu into battle utilizing a microwave energy emitter. In the absence of this, Kiryu will begin to run an internal process to regenerate to minimum power and return to base, which takes an additional hour (600 rounds).

Massive Strikes (Ex): Kiryu's natural attacks and blades can target all creatures within a 30 foot square. It makes one attack roll; any creature in the area whose AC is equal to or lower than the result is struck by its attack.

Missile Pack (Su): For additional offensive power, Kiryu is equipped with a munitions pack for use in battle. Specially mounted around Kiryu's dorsal plates, the pack is filled with offensive missiles to use against enemies. Once every 1d4 rounds, Kiryu can launch either 2d6 concussion missiles from his shoulder launchers, or 1d8 heat seeking missiles from the sides of the missiles pods. Concussion missiles can travel up to 1000ft in a straight line, while heat seekers can travel for a total distance of 1500ft.

Concussion missiles require a ranged touch attack to hit a specific target, and explode in a 60ft. burst. All creatures caught in the burst take 5d6 points of fire damage and 4d6 points of force damage. Creatures can make a reflex save (DC42) for half damage. A creature hit directly with the attack does not receive a Reflex save. Damage from multiple bursts overlapping stacks. All concussion missiles must be directed within a 90 degree arc in front of Kiryu.

Heat seeking missiles automatically strike one creature that Kiryu can see within their maximum range. The missile deals 3d6 points of fire damage and 2d6 points of force damage to all creatures within a 30ft. burst. As with the concussion missles, creatures can make a Reflex save (DC 42) to take half damage. The creature hit directly does not receive this save, and damage from multiple overlapping bursts stacks.

Both save DCs are Charisma based.

Mythic Power (Su): Each day, he can expend a number of uses of mythic power equal to his mythic rank (10). This amount is its maximum amount of mythic power.

- Surge (Su): can expend one use of its mythic power to increase any d20 roll that he just made by rolling 1d12 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the original roll is made and the results are revealed.

Type 99 Maser Cannons (Su): Within its metallic maw, Kiryu houses terrible engines of destruction in the form of two Type 99 Maser Cannons. These deadly armaments unleash twin bolts of lightning as a 20x20 foot beam. With a range of 2400 feet or a 1200 foot arc covering 180 degrees in front of Kiryu, the beam deals 20d6 electrical damage on impact. Kiryu's beam ignores all cover as the bolt of energy washes over and destroys any material. (Reflex DC42 to save for half damage).

Wrist Attachments (Su): Mounted on the wrists of the massive steel dragon are two versatile weapons of destruction. Within the adamantine housing of the wrist attachments are a pair of laser cannons, capable of firing bursts of thermal energy. The lasers fire twin bolts at a time, each one dealing 5d6 points of fire damage on impact. DC42 Reflex save allows for half damage.

In addition to the lasers, the wrist attachments also house Kiryu's hidden blades. These colossal swords blades deal 6d6 slashing and piercing damage to their target. Additionally, the blades can be used to conduct electricity directly into the target, causing 6d8 electricity damage to their target.

Environment Any
Organization Solitary (Unique)
Treasure None

A blasphemous fusion of metal and bone, machinery and spirit, the Mechagodzilla Kiryu is a controversial deity. Like a reflection of the monster king, Kiryu is all that he is not; bound by law, the metal monster will only act when the conditions are met for his intervention in defense of those under his protection. And yet contained within a prison of armor and armaments which is its body rests the spirit of a destructive force, willing and ready to spread catastrophe and despair to everything in its path. Kiryu is the god of duality, protection, law, technology, and destruction.

Like the kaiju that he resembles, Kiryu is an imposing and awe inspiring sight. Whereas his namesake is craggy and textured, Kiryu's form is streamlined and sleek. Standing on two powerful legs, the towering steel titan measures 387' tall and 774' long from the tip of his snout to the end of his silver tail. His powerful legs and arms each end in 4 digit appendages, the nigh-indestructible claws made even stronger by the fusion of metal and bone. A row of dorsal plates runs along Kiryu's spine, the craggy spines made uniform in their now armored state. However, the streamlining effect of the armor takes nothing away from the fearsome appearance of the Mechagodzilla. Kiryu's gleaming golden eyes radiate power and energy like a furnace, their light gleaming across his silver snout. His mouth is lined with teeth larger than greatswords, the only visual hint that Kiryu is more than a machine. Further augmenting the power of the mechanical marvel is the wrist and shoulder mounted cannons he has been adorned with. When used in conjunction with his own natural abilities there are few creatures more deadly than Kiryu.

Among the other kaiju gods, Kiryu is an outsider. Its power and strength can rival even the greatest of the pantheon, but even kaiju that would seem compatible with its mission of protection regard it with trepidation. Mothra, a staunch ally and protector of life, seems reluctant to engage with Kiryu except in the face of a much greater threat. Battra and his followers are suspicious of the metal kaiju and its motives, suspecting that its mission would encourage the growth of civilization and the destruction of the planet. However, there has yet to be any hostility between the dark moth and Kiryu. Biollante seems to sit somewhere in the middle, cycling from mistrust and outright aggression to indifference. Many kaiju scholars attribute this to her connection to Godzilla. The only virtuous kaiju god who seems willing to stand by Kiryu is Gamera. The burning guardian, though initially hesitant about the machine god, seems willing to work with Kiryu despite its unnatural form. There is not a strong tie between the two, but they do not seem openly hostile to one another.

The relationship between Godzilla and Kiryu is the source of much debate. Rumors circulate that the pair are brothers, that Kiryu is a younger member of a species of gods come to replace Godzilla. Others insist that it is a sinister fusion of divine flesh and technology, created via dark magic. Despite these and wilder claims, the truth is unknown. The origin of Kiryu is told to only a chosen few and the continued aggression on behalf of Godzilla himself does very little to set the minds of general populace at ease. Despite this, battles between the pair are rare. Kiryu seems hesitant to engage Godzilla in battle and often will not fight him. On the occasions when they do fight the pair seem evenly matched, though Kiryu cannot bring itself to destroy Godzilla. Often Kiryu will retreat before the battle can result in its own destruction or Godzilla's. This seems only to infuriate the monster king, who will pursue Kiryu for some time after a battle before returning to the ocean.

Concerning the evil kaiju gods, Kiryu would destroy all of them should it be in its power to do so. Of particular note to the machine god are King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, and Legion. These three horrors represent all that Kiryu opposes: chaos, death, and corruption. King Ghidorah and Destroyah would destroy all of civilization, reducing the world to an anarchic state where the weak are used by the strong, where right of law is nonexistent. This clashes with the measured purpose of Kiryu. Despite this, battles between these hated enemies are rare. King Ghidorah spends most of his time in the cold reaches of space while Destoroyah stalks the waters of the world away from Kiryu's mountain home. As for Legion, she represents the threat of outside intervention. As a being from beyond the stars, Legion and her brood prove the necessity of Kiryu's existence. Battles between the Legion queen and Kiryu are extremely rare, as the Legion Queen prefers not to engage the powerful Kiryu in battle.

Kiryu Worship

Of all the kaiju gods, Kiryu seems strangely the most alien; a familiar form and function combined with unknown technology. From Mechropolis, the city of machines, it draws followers in from all over the globe. Calling themselves the Mechanytes, these zealots live inside the mouth of a dormant volcano. Harnessing the energies produced deep within the caldera via steam and geothermal power, the city is a filled with the sound of pistons and forges. Technological wonders are produced within the city, ready to be used by those willing to bring their allegiance to the Mechagodzilla. A steady trickle of humans, dwarves, and gnomes come to Mechropolis each month, each eager to learn the secrets of the machine god and its technology. But these are just the first few. In its patience, Kiryu knows that progress will not take long to spread throughout the land once the masses accept its place among the other gods.

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