D20 - Destoroyah - Aggregate (God) [version 3.5: Pathfinder]

Destoroyah: Aggregate (CR20, MR10)

XP 9830400
Neutral Evil Aberration (Evil, Kaiju, Mythic)
Initiative +7; Senses - Darkvision vision 600 ft


AC 40, Touch 5, Flat-Footed 37 (+31 DEX, +35 Natural Armor, -8 Size)
HP 510 (20d8+320) +100 Mythic): Fast Healing 30 (cold)
FORT +22, REF +9, WILL +17
Defensive Abilities – Ferocity, Recovery
Weaknesses – Cold Vulnerability
DR 20/Epic IMMUNE Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Death Effects, Disease, Energy Drain, Fear, Mind Effects (Charm, Compulsion, Phantasms, Patterns, Morale Effects), Paralysis, Petrifaction, Polymorphing, Sleep
Resist – Acid 30, Electricity 30, Fire 30, Force 30, Negative Energy 30, Radiation 30, Sonic 30
SR 42


Speed 100'
Melee – Bite +28 (2d8+30 and Oxygen Destroyer, 19-20, x3), Claws +27 (2d8+20), Slam +27 (3d8+20), Tail Claw +27 (2d8+10 and grab)
Space – 131' long x 101' wide x 196' height; Reach 60'
Special Attacks – Ferocity, Hive Mind, Hurl Foe, Oxygen Destroyer, Reformation, Trample (3d6+30, DC40)


STR 70 DEX 13 CON 50 INT 7 WIS 20 CHA 24
Base Attack +15 CMB +43 (+45 Bull Rush, +50 Drag, +45 Sunder)
CMD 56 (, +58 vs Bull Rush, +58 vs Drag, +58 vs Sunder)
Feats – Cleave, Cleave (Mythic), Critical Focus (Bite), Critical Focus (Bite, Mythic), Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (Bite), Improved Critical (Bite, Mythic), Improved Drag, Improved Drag (Mythic), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Power Attack (Mythic), Weapon Focus (Bite)
Skills – +21 Acrobatics, +32 Climb, +50 Intimidate, +19 Perception, +28 Survival, +28 Swim
Special Qualities – Divine, Massive


Cold Vulnerability (Ex): Destoroyah’s relationship with micro-oxygen gives it an extreme vulnerability to cold based attacks. Attacks which deal cold damage bypass Destoroyah’s damage resistance and deal an extra 50% damage to the crimson killer. Cold damage also negates its fast healing ability.

Hive Mind (Su): Though divided into smaller forms, each Destoroyah Aggregate is still connected as if they were all one creature. Though they do not share the same vitality while divided, each Aggregate shares the same sensory input and mind.  No member of the swarm can be surprised, flat-footed, or flanked unless the entire swarm is.

Mythic Power (Su): Each day, Destoroyah can expend a number of uses of mythic power equal to its mythic rank (10). This amount is its maximum amount of mythic power.

- Surge (Su): Destoroyah can expend one use of its mythic power to increase any d20 roll that it just made by rolling 1d12 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the original roll is made and the results are revealed.

Oxygen Destroyer (Su): Like its final form, Destoroyah can fire a destructive beam from its mouth to damage its target. Once every 1d4 rounds, this 10x10 foot beam can strike a single target within 600’ (or multiple targets if fired in a 180 degree arc, covering 300’) to deal 9d8 damage and 4d8 force damage. The typeless damage bypasses any damage resistance or damage absorption abilities that its opponent may have. The Oxygen Destroyer Beam ignores all cover. A Reflex save of 36 halves the damage dealt. The DC of the save is Constitution based.

Destoroyah may also inject this deadly energy into a foe via a bite. When grappling a foe, Destoroyah may bite them to inject micro-oxygen into their body. This disrupts the atomic structure of the target, dealing 3d6 damage to them each round for 1d6 rounds. If the target is slain by this affect, their body is disintegrated. A successful Fortitude save (DC 36) negates the damage for that round.

Reformation (Ex): Once divided, the Aggregate Destoroyah can return to their final form. As a full round action once per turn, the Aggregates can return to their final form once they have all gathered together. Doing so gives the Destoroyah 2d6 health points back per Aggregate form.

Environment Any (warm land or ocean)
Organization Swarm (Unique)
Treasure None

As a monster of murderous intent, there are times when Destoroyah prefers to take a more personal approach to the destruction it causes by dividing into a swarm of Destoroyah Aggregates. This allows Destoroyah to pay direct attention to smaller targets and to utilize its superior numbers to gain an advantage in combat.

In this form, each Destoroyah Aggregate becomes a crablike creature roughly 1/3rd of its size in final form. The Aggregates have multiple sharp legs, a long pincered tail capable of grabbing, and large pincered forelimbs. They lose their wings, but gain a long trunk like neck to support a massive frilled head. Its mandibled mouth hides within it a smaller, secondary mouth which it can use to inject deadly micro-oxygen into its foes.

Destoroyah Worship

Destoroyah's worshipers thirst for violence, driven toward it for the mere sake of it and attracted by foul acts ranging from murder to torture. The aggregate version of the beast attracts the same followers as Destoroyah's final form. This includes the Red Maw, a grouping of sociopaths united by their hatred and who believe pain and violence feed into Destoroyah's being.

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