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First Published
: 9/05/05
Updated: 10/29/15

A collection of references (either through memorabilia, characters or the movies themselves) in television programs to Toho's many produced and distributed releases.

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Sightings with at least one recognizable image of (or stand in likeness to) a Toho entity. This includes stock footage and unlicensed character appearances.


Sightings that imitate the style of (or subtly nod to) a Toho entity. This includes spoofing the properties with characters that are similar.


Sightings with only an audible reference to a Toho entity. This includes a verbal mention of a Toho character or film and also includes music.


Sightings where the only reference is a roar from a Toho character. Due to its nature, this may not always be an homage.